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American Income Life

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Consumer complaints and reviews about American Income Life

ailisascam Send email
Mar 23, 2013

American Income Life

American Income Life repeatedly lied to me about how I was to be compensated for my services. I was told that I would be compensated for training and licensing fees and was not. I was told I would be compensated for travel expenses and then was told that I was not. I was told that I would be provided with leads and was provided with old leads from people who either had already been seen, had already expressly told the company they did not wish to be seen, or had no clue what I was talking about and was not interested in the products. Then I was taught to utilize deception to get appointments and to lie to get them to buy. I was required to attend mandatory religious speeches. I was told that I was to be an independent contractor but then required to work 7 days a week under threat of termination. When I quit, I was lied to and money that was owed to me from business I had already written has been denied to me. My email is scioccofiguro@gmail.com
User928150 Send email
Apr 6, 2012

Job Opportunities

You sound like a total asshole, ma'm.
If we are even bothering to look on sites such as this, it means that we have the drive to look into offers received out of the blue.
You aren't representing your company as you would like to think. Actually, you are sending up more red flags on my end.
If you have to act like you are now to get ahead in AIL, I'm not sure I want to be a part of your company.
Julierobinson Send email
Mar 20, 2012

Don't go through with it!


They called my cell phone; I don't have it posted anywhere. It creepy. When I called to ask why and how the got it a woman named Molly (6182334492) said there is no need for the phone call if I'm not interested in the job and hung up on me.

So rude; there is a reason why I called: how did you get my private information. Jerks.
Julierobinson Send email
Mar 20, 2012

Don't go through with it!

SCAM; and they are RUDE
MadgePadge Send email
Mar 7, 2012

Don't go through with it!

My experience with American Income Hiring happened today: I received a voice mail message on my cellphone from a woman named Jessica, at America Income Hiring, and she left a return phone number. I had never heard of the company, and I immediately did a Google search before I called her back. The Google search resulted in numerous websites filled with nothing but negative information about scams, farces, rip offs, etc. I knew that returning the phone call would not result in an interview or position, but I was feeling ornery, and I felt like giving these people a run for their money.

I called back and spoke to Jessica. Immediately, I knew she was reading from a script. She said the company was looking for entry level staff to managers, and she asked me if I had any management experience. I responded that I was a senior level manager at three Fortune 500 companies, and I had been a manager for over fifteen years. I asked her about the position, and she said it was insurance sales to credit unions, and she asked me how far I lived from their office. I lied and told her I was closer than I really was, just to bait her.
Next, I asked her if she had my resume in front of her. She said, "Oh no, HR has the resumes". I advised her that my experience was in Operations and Finance, and I had no sales experience. That stumped her, and she again mentioned that the company was looking for entry level people and managers. I told her that I did a quick Google search on the company, and every search engine I used brought up website after website with pages and pages of complaints that their business was a sham. Jessica responded and said, "I've never heard that before". I advised Jessica that many of the complaints indicated that employees were required to pay their expenses upfront. She answered that if you took the job, you would be required to pay for your insurance license. I told her that I wasn't willing to pay any money upfront, didn't want to do commission sales regardless if they were legit or not, and my practical experience told me that I should never have to pay anyone or anything for a job. Furthermore, I told her that I would not work for any company that didn't pay for my expenses, or license fees, and I expected a salary for any work completed. The shock of my life came when she said, "Why don't you come to the interview tomorrow?".

At this point, I couldn't hold back. I told her that it was apparent that no one had read my resume, because if they had they would not want someone like me, because I had no sales experience. I asked if she was just cold calling until she found someone that would take the bait. Jessica didn't respond, and I told her to never call me again, and to remove my name/contact information from their database. I hung up on her. Two hours later, someone called and left a message on my land line.

I hung up, and I felt very sad for the individuals that were going to jump on the opportunity to "interview" with this company. This is not the first time that I have posted my resume on monster.com or careerbuilder, com, and received tons of other bogus offers. My personal favorites are the ones from foreign countries asking me to assist their company with their finances by cashing their checks. It's very sad, that people will continue to prey on individuals that are desperate to find work.

Before I close, I wanted to let other people know that there are legitimate companies that use monster.com to recruit candidates. Back in 2007, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a recruiter that found me on monster.com. The company was legit, I was qualified, and I landed a six figure job. So, for those of you that do not believe that you can find a job from monster.com, it is possible, but I would say it's few and far between.
Stubsfahey Send email
Mar 6, 2012

Don't go through with it!

I've definitley enjoyed the 21 pages of complaints of from different people from 2 seperate countries regarding the same company. I haven't been called yet but I did recieve an email from AIL and I found it odd how there was no contact information regarding this company. Unlike many I actually did apply for this job in Vancouver B.C. But when I was typing in the name I was alarmed at the fact that the word scam came up on both google & bing. Thank you to all of you for voicing your concerns and experiences. Here the negative does seem to outweigh the postive. I won't fall for a scam and I'd rather continue struggling away at Burger King or something than work unethically at a place like this. I found it interesting that the only comments that got "thumbs up" where those in support of the company. I'm not judging this company because I don't have all the facts. But I would rather not deal with them. I'm curiouse to know how that CTV story went though. Thanks!
Harry Kochi Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

I'll tell you what i was trained to do. I was trained to mislead people as i was also mislead. First off they told me when i started you don't even need to memorize the script because this new laptop presentation will sell to anyone. After months of doing so and barely making any sales perhaps 10% they said oh, sorry lets go back to a revised script. Well it didn't stop, they kept revising the script. Mind you, it takes time to memorize a script and get into a routine, at the same time i'm going broke from all the meetings, gas bills, energy spent recruiting others etc. Its like they kept experimenting on us demanding that we place full trust in them and their revising system. Not only that but doing the booking appointments were horrible. We are told to read scripts that are full of lies such as saying this will take about 20 minutes depending on how many questions you have. My shortest presentation was 45 minutes so I knew i was lying even though my rga put down anyone who asked questions. Total brainwash. Then they don't tell you that if you actually do manage to book the appointment, and that the people actually show up (that's another story), and then manage to convince them to buy on the spot by telling them they are going to die, after they come back to their senses a large percentage of people cancel their policies and so you must pay back your paycheck. But of course they don't tell you that at the hiring, they tell you to do 20 presentations a week and make like this is normal. But when i got to know the managers, i found out having 10 presentations a week was damn good and above avg and that hardly anyone was making any money including the MGA because of the high turnover rate of constantly retraining new people and being told the same bs over and over again on how soon our area would be full of agents and so we need to keep hiring. Well people just kept quitting. They overpromise and underdeliver. I don't know how they get away with misleading people and i don't want anything to do with this company.
Schlievedan Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Job Opportunities

I am glad you are having such a great experiance with AIL. My concern is that they called me for an interview after seeing my resume. First of all I have no experience in sales nor am I looking for a sales job. Why did they call me saying "I would be a perfect fit" for the company? Why would they not tell me what position I was interviewing for? Why did they not mention that I would have to pay for my training? It kind of reminds me of those mailings claiming that you won a trip to Europe or somplace and that you have to go to a "meeting" for the details, only to find out they are selling timeshares. Not impressed with AIL and not interested.
Phillip J Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

It is laughable to see how people comment about this company. I am soooooo glad that I wanted to see for myself and didnt take someone else's word about an opportunity with this company over 3 months ago. I trusted my instincts and banked on the fact that over 80% of Americans are lazy losers who have nothing better to do than justify not taking risks by blaming their short-comings on outside influences! I was making $15/hr as as single parent which was netting me $400/ week after taxes and health insurances. I was ABSOLUTELY BROKE (living check to check) with no hope for advancement until someone hopefully died, lol. As a single parent these days, it sucked having to tell my son what we couldnt afford ALL the time. When I came to the company for an interview, I walked pass a Bentley, Maserati, and S500 Mercedes upon entering the building... forgive me for being shallow, but I had to think SOMEONE was making money in this building, lol. I invested $350 in myself by taking classes on line to get MY license which I could take anywhere if this didnt work out. My thoughts were that I was broke where I was at, so I could at least be broke over there and have a shot at getting out of the cycle of poverty! Long story short, my paycheck last week was for $2600!!! All I've done is talk to people who REQUESTED me to come talk to them about protecting their families. This has been more of a vocation than an occupation for me because EVERYONE in my family has died with NO LIFE INSURANCE! Please keep posting these blogs so this market doesnt get saturated and I can keep all these FREE leads they keep giving me of people to go see, lol! I wish all who read this the best of luck and remember: Please dont go to the interview... it's a scam... my sons Christmas isnt already paid for... I didnt just move out of the ghetto... I didnt just tithe $260 this week to thank the Lord... and I didnt just type this on my Galaxy Tab that I just won in an office contest, LMAO! Phillip
Angie_RN88 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

I wanna thank everyone who posted about this company. I was contacted on Monday morning while i was trying to sleep in the guy tried explaining that i could be make as much as $60, 000 annually if i got a manager position. first off I'm a nursing student with no managerial experience what so ever. Yes Ive worked in sales for over 6 years but in my mind that still does not qualify me.

Anyway I went along with it for sh*ts and giggles, i brought my mediocre resume along and i passed onto the 2nd interview, i walk into the second interview low and behold there are over 20 other individuals in the room. I sat in the middle row while the 3 gentlemen went on about how the company is so awesome and then they showed us the pay scale that a supervisor agent can make 70, 000 annually (which of course sparked my attention) and they had me going for a moment.

Well i left the interview like oh well didn't hurt to check it out, i received a call 2 hrs later saying they liked me and i have a 3rd interview ( i didn't do anything special)...i have this interview on Tues. I'm going to still check it out but i will definitely come with force and many questions for this guy. This place sounds too good to be true.

Ill stick with nursing school...
Htna Send email
Feb 23, 2012

real people

Try to debate this. These look like real people telling as it is ! This is where the rubber hit the road, how claims are paid.

American Income Life Complaint by Patrick_88061

January 20, 2010

I fell off a ladder on July 22, 2009 and was in the hospital with 2 operations. Broke my wrist and broke my heel on my foot. On December 11, 2009 Michelle at American Income Life said she received the info my wife sent them for the claim. On Jan 5, 2010 my wife talked to Cheryl at American Income life and she said they hadn’t made a decision yet. On January 12, 2010 my wife talked with Crystal at American Income Lifeand that she would call my wife back. Crystal didn’t call my wife back but she did receive a call from Nancy from American Income Life on January 15, 2010 asking my wife to fax the info we had sent them as they couldn’t find the paperwork. On January 19 my wife called to ask about the status of the claim and wanted to find out what American Income Life was going to do. She was put on hold for literally 1 ½ hours waiting with noanswer. At that point she gave up and emailed them!. On Jan 20 my wife again call American Income Life and was put on hold for another hour:. She then gave up and called the Albuquerque New Mexico office!. The man in Albuquerque says he would call her back and also gave her another number to call so she could get a live personinstead of a recording?. When she called the number she was put on hold with the same recording?. She then hung up and called back and explained to the receptionist that she had been on hold with that recording before for hours with no one answering and burning up cell time?. We’ve spent more time calling American Income Life than what we would spend on our normal monthly cell bill;. Does anyone have a similar story? Does anyone have any suggestions besides calling the Insurance Commissioner? 5647af

1. Written by FAX Documents and phone to con on April 4, 2011

I have a very similar experience. When I purchased life insurance, I was instructed by the sales person that if I had an accident, the payment would be process very quickly (within 3 days it would be deposited into my account). The sales person explained it would help with immediate expenses after an accident. I had an accident and was in the hospital. My wife filled in all the forms with the medial team (which cost over $200) and couriered them to AIL. A week later my wife called and AIL stated they never received them. My wife couriered the forms again to AIL. A week later AIL informed her they had lost the documents (even though they had signed for both). AIL asked her to fax the documents. Three weeks later we received a payment (took almost two months). Now, I just received a letter from AIL asking that the hospital fill out the forms next time or we will not receive payment. The hospital did fill in all the forms. AIL lies and only want to sell you a policy. The customer service after you have signed the contract is horrible. Shop around before you purchase. I really hope my daughter doesn’t get this type of service from AIL when I pass away. I am very sad I went with AIL as when a family suffers a loss, the last thing they need is this type of run around...
MoraninCalifornia Send email
Feb 23, 2012

real people

I hope people realize that this is just a small sample of stories. If this company was this bad I'm sure that they wouldn't have a Triple A rating. The insurance industry is HIGHLY regulated and would not allow them to sell insurance in 49 states, Canada and now in Ireland! The insurance business is very difficult and it is not for everyone. It is hard work.
Amicusgold Send email
Feb 23, 2012

All Present and Past Employees

Please, if you are a Past Employee, Unhappy Current Employee, Consumer, or anyone negatively affected by the actions of this company visit this websites at the bottom of this disclaimer and contact me at amicusgold@gmail.com to collect your complaint information and have you added to a class-action lawsuit against the following: Torchmark corporation, American Income Life Insurance Company, All Individuals Engaged in Fraudulent Conduct in Connection with their employment with American Income Life.

Please Visit and Join the Following Groups/Blogs so we can get information out to you or collect information you have for us:


Please Join the Following Group: People v. American Income Life Insurance (on this website www.complaintsboard.com
DHS444 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

All Present and Past Employees

I am a former employee who worked for AIL from October 2010 through the end of November 2010 at the Woodridge, IL office under the ownership of Bob Olson. Olson actually was a somewhat decent guy, however his "underlings" were and are complete scum of the Earth. First off, I had to purchase my own laptop and pay for it out of pocket, without any reimbursement, just in order to get the job. Then I had to load their crappy computer program, which even after I removed it, has crippled my computer and slowed it down to turtle-like speeds. Then there was the "training." I use that word rather loosely because were weren't being trained to sell insurance at all. It was all about how to lie to the customer to get them to do what you wanted and bilk them out of hundreds of dollars of their money so that AIL could make money. Half the time, the person who was supposed to be leading the training session wouldn't even show up so we had to sit there and waste time. By the end of the two weeks, my training class of 15 people was down to 4 people. The people training us didn't care if we understood anything since they were in such a rush to get us out on the street.

Next were the people that supposedly held positions of power there. I am not afraid at all to name these people because I want everyone who reads this to know what sleazy scumbags they were. Their names are Mandus Buckle, Cherie Adams, and Matthew Barrion to name a few. Ms. Adams would frequently get up on her high and mighty horse and belittle the rest of us who weren't as good at lying and stealing as she was during out afternoon meetings. She often told us that we needed to talk to our inner city clients in a "ghetto" or "black" manner, even though Ms. Adams herself is African-American. I found this particularly off-putting. Then there was Mandus Buckle, my boss. This guy was, and still is, an egomaniacal narcissist and steroid abuser who propositioned himself to every attractive female employee that worked there with the promise of more money and better leads if they slept with him. His boorish behavior was absolutely disgusting! Often times this clown would single me out during meetings and humiliate me in front of my coworkers. When AIL let me go, which was a blessing in disguise, this spineless coward didn't even have the stones to look me in the face when he fired me -- instead he sat with his back to me the entire time like he was some sort of big shot or something. I was extremely pleased to hear from my former up-line manager, the one decent human being that worked there, that Mandus Buckle was later fired due to an overwhelming amount of sexual harassment claims from various female employees.

Now on to the actual job itself. The lead packs that we were given often times was made up of leads that were well over 2 years old that were simply union workers that filled out a card requesting that we enroll them in their free benefits which was a $3000 accidental death and dismemberment policy. Once we were in their homes, however, we were to show them the fancy pants lap top presentation and try to get them to hand over their personal checking account information to purchase an outrageously priced $30K whole life policy. In addition to this, I spent numerous hours of my day in a very dangerous area of the West Side of Chicago "door-knocking" to set up potential future appointments and meeting with prospective clients, most of which were broke to begin with. There were many nights that I put myself in danger driving and walking alone through these neighborhoods in the hopes that the crackhead that I set an appointment with on Monday was not going to blow me off that Wednesday when I showed up for the appointment. Several of my coworkers even had their cars broken into while they were on appointments. I honestly felt that I needed to carry some sort of weapon to ensure my safety while performing my job. Not exactly a great working environment if you know what I mean.

I have since went on to work for a very successful and legitimate insurance brokerage and I must say that there are WAY better opportunities that AIL out there. Do not listen to the propaganda from idiots like Rainfire or michaelAIL. They are simply spewing the company lines and I have seen Rainfire post the same thing on several other links. They will try to tell you that YOU are lazy or unmotivated or not "AIL material" and that is why the people who have made these legitimate complaints have not succeeded at AIL. DO NOT BELIEVE IT!! It is all bullsh*t! Please people, as a former employee, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! They are NO GOOD!
Richard589 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

I got a call from them 30 minutes after I submitted my resume, the chick said that her regional manager forwarded her the resume. I have some call center and retail experience, that is about it. Despite that, she asked me some questions about leadership, my best quality, etc. Then she talks about scheduling me for an interview, she said to bring in a copy of my resume and two references they could call, which seemed weird seeing as I already sent the resume. I go along with it and schedule it. A little later in the day, I get a second call, same questions, same process as the last person, and same address. 15440 Bel Red Rd Redmond 98052. The first chick actually gave me her number, and said her name was Ashley Rule, one thing however is that her number is an Oregon area code. I try to call her to ask additional questions, all voice mail. I also try to call the second person, it goes to a mans voicemail by the name of Trevor Mayer. At this point I'm confused, and highly skeptical, so I do some internet digging, and I come across this website, as well as many others depicting the same scenario. Ultimately, I won't be going to Bel Red Rd, I'm fairly confident that it is a bullcrap scam perpetuated by worthless sacks of shit that can't make an honest living.

Jessicafromstockton Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

hello people, i have read all the story and it sound so true, i recent recive a call from AIL my interview is next tuesday and i have two people call me twice and remind me over and over you know what? im not going and im not going to fall for it... thanks to all the people who post this...

FoolMeTwice... Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Job Opportunities

I am amazed at the similarity of everyone's experiences with this company. I was called by a young lady who found my resume on monster, and said I could qualify to be a benefits specialist, assisting union clients with their policies. She told me to bring another copy of that resume and dress professionally for the first interview. The interview was held at a nice new office building, maybe 12 people in the lobby area waiting their turn. While waiting, I noticed how pristine the office looked. No dirt, no dust, no personal items, no random pens or clutter on the desks, no computers actually turned on...and very quiet because no phones were actually ringing. Hmm. (red flags) I went through with the first interview, was told to come back to a second interview with the HR Manager. Again, told to bring another copy of my resume and dress professionally. After the first interview, I went to the Surace-Smith AIL website. Alas, no job descriptions. No job titles. No requisition numbers. Only testimonials and videos of the fancy resorts where they have some sort of annual awards ceremony for top sellers. (more red flags) I tried to call the original young lady to cancel, but could not get through to a person or voicemail. I decided to go to the second interview because I said I would, and I thought maybe they just had a dumb webmaster, maybe I shouldn't be so judgmental. The second interview was not an actual interview, but a presentation to a class of about 30 people. They told us how much money we would make selling insurance and collecting residuals. They told us how most of us weren't good enough or persistent enough to make it through boot camp, but the few who did would be able to retire in 10 years. Then they told us that we would need to pay several hundred dollars and work at least a month before we could draw a paycheck (they didn't verbatim say that, but that's the gist). The longer the presentation went on, the more of an idiot I felt for having wasted my time. When the "interview" was over, I ran into some other potential "candidates" in the parking lot. Three of them had driven from over 100 miles away (to both interviews) and were conflicted about spending the gas money to come to the third interview. I no longer felt like an idiot. I felt sad for the people who drove so far because they are so desperate for a job, and I felt angry at Surace-Smith AIL for trying to capitalize on that desperation. I do not know how they sleep at night.
JD Brown Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Job Opportunities

I have been unemployed for almost seven months. My resume is posted on several web-sites. I receive a call about managing an office for a insurance company. They were pretty sketching on the phone about the position. I scheduled an interview and went in. When I get there I am greeted by a young lady sitting behind a desk. I noticed right away that this was not a typical office. No computer or phone on her desk, not much but clipboards, blank resumes and a sign-in sheet. I signed in only filled out a small portion of the application since I had my resume, as she directed me to do. In just a few minutes a gentleman came out of a office and asked me to come in. We sat down he told me how lucky I was and how they had picked my resume out of 1000's. Then he took me to small conference room where, along with others, I would be given a description of the job. Afterward there would be another personal interview. There were about eight of us that sat and listened about how great it is to work for their company. How in just a few years we could be making $100, 000 if we were really dedicated. Then started taking people back for their second personal interview. I was the third person to go in. I was told that since I was more mature they would like me to be a manager in charge of training others. Then they slide a piece of paper over and asked me to fill it out with my credit card information to pay for the class to get a State Insurance License, which was $280 and I would also have to purchase a lap-top computer if I didn't already have one. I told the guy that I would like to think about it and I had another interview across town that I needed to get to. He stated I should go ahead and fill out the slip so I wouldn't have to come back. I told him again that I wanted to think about it. He then told me I neede to be back before 4pm or he would have to give the position to someone else. I said okay and left. The more I got to thinking about it the thought came up..."if it is to good to be true...it probably isn't true". Then I thought about the young woman that was standing in front of the desk as I was leaving. It dawned on to me that the guy that had been talking to me had told the person behind the desk (now a young man in a suit) not to let her leave until she had "the slip of paper" filled out. The more I thought about it the "shifty-er" the whole office seemed. A desk in every office a picture or two and a company banner. No phones, post it notes, pens and nothing personal existed in any of the offices. I did not go back or call them back. When I got home I found the other comments on this website. I thank God I did not fill out that "slip of paper" with my credit card information on it.
Julie Brown,
Darlene Perryman Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Job Opportunities

I am pissed off at they way American Income Life advertise there employment. I went to a interview got called back for a second interview and was not interested. A month in a half later I get another phone call from them responding to a Customer Service ad that was placed on Craigslist and they said they where another company. I set up a date and time for the interview and when I got their it was American Income Life Ins Co. I was pissed. I told Anthony that I had a interview with them a month ago and didn't want the job. I thought this was a different Comany and find out it's American Income Life. I told him it was a scam how they lied about the company's name. I feel this company should be punished for false advertising and lying about who they are. :0(
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

I too received an email from AIL claiming they got it off of Monster.com and that I had just what they were looking for and could potentially make more than $60k in my first year. Intrigued by the salary, I followed the lead further.

Luckily, I did more indepth research on AIL since their company website had minimal information. I stumbled upon this website and found over 50 statements. I was so shocked to read what others went through because I heard much of the SAME EXACT dialogue from the HR representative who I spoke to. I found it odd that he told me that I should "dress professionally" and that I should bring in "a crisp new resume." When I spoke to the HR Rep at AIL, I asked what the job title was and he would not answer that question directly. He only beat around the bush by saying we will train you to be a manager. Like so many others, I was told to plan on a 2 1/2 hour interview. They are reading off of a script!!

After reading the messages posted, I decided that I would never have anything to do with a company like this and called to cancel my interview. When I called, I could not reach the HR rep NOR could I leave a voicemail. The receptionist took down my message. I read this same scenario on another woman's posting. Fishy, huh??

My advise to others: DON'T GO THROUGH WITH IT. I'm so happy I never went through with the interview.

Carlsbad, California.

Company details:
American Income Life - AIL
Address: Oberlin Drive
San Diego California 92121
Jf2011 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Don't go through with it!

Job Opening Available Now! Please Reply Today!

from Roger Smith HumanResources-NIL1@tmkrms.com
to xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx
date Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 8:00 AM
subject Job Opening Available Now! Please Reply Today!
mailed-by tmkrmssmtp1.tmkrms.com
signed-by tmkrms.com

hide details 8:00 AM (5 hours ago)

My name is Roger Smith and I am the Chief Executive Officer of National Income Life. I recently found your resume online and wanted to get in touch with you. We are expanding our sales force by interviewing applicants from a variety of different backgrounds and we believe you have the potential to be an excellent match.

We are looking for goal-oriented individuals like you right now. First year earnings, advances and bonuses can range from $45, 000 to $75, 000 for new representatives. No experience is necessary. Full training is provided to help maximize your earning potential. If you wish to excel within a company that has a proven record of success, then I would like to speak with you. National Income Life is a subsidiary of American Income, which has upheld a well-known industry reputation for financial stability and quality service for over 50 years.

If you are interested in learning more about this important opportunity, please click here or call 1-888-289-2828 .


Roger Smith
Chief Executive Officer
National Income Life

We will continue to alert you when we have openings at our local offices because you placed your resume on an internet job board or responded to one of our job ads. Compensation is on a pay for performance basis. To avoid future updates from us, please go to our optout link
Our privacy policy is at http://www.tmkrms.com/Response/PrivacyPolicy.aspx
National Income Life Insurance Company, 1567 East Henrietta road, Rochester, NY 14623.

I received this e-mail in the morning. I have been through several scams already and have learned to do my research before accepting any potential job offers from anyone. Especially from somewhere you didn't apply to. Please be careful when looking for jobs. Wish everyone else good luck and hopefully this helps.

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