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Apria HealthCare

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Apria HealthCare

eboe5@comcast.net Send email
Feb 14, 2016

unauthorized credit card usage

I am seeing unauthorized usage of my credit card number which was used to make prior payments. I have never authorized this and consider it both unethical and illegal. Seriously considering filling criminal charges against them. They need to be taught a lesson but I suspect that will be fruitless. From the cases I see on this site, this is consistent with their corporate culture.
Howie Send email
Dec 23, 2015

Theft of Money

I received a bipap machine from them and was supposed to pay a few dollars from them as copay because Humana paid the rest, Humana decided that I was not using it as much as they thought I should so they stopped the co pay. Apria did not notify me they just billed me for the full amount. When I called them I told them to come pick up the machine, the appointment was set... I was here...no one showed up. I called them again, they set up another appointment, guess what.. no one showed. I called them again and this time they showed up and picked up the machine. But they charged me for another month. We challenged that charge and nothing was said. Well two days before Christmas they took out 400 dollars from my account... I only make 1436 dollars a month as a retiree. How can a company be that greedy and underhanded. I am filing a complaint with the state attorney and Better Business Bureau
Lharmon0949 Send email
Sep 2, 2015

Illegal Transfer of billings

We had to switch to Apria Health Care to get my husband's wheel chair from Apria Health Care in Jan 2015 because the previous provider was no longer in network with Humana Health care and Apria was.. First off, it took them nearly 2 weeks to get the chair to us...Then my husband was killed in a tragic accident here in our farm on March 31, 2015.
I called them on April 2 2015 to pick up the chair. They didn't show up till April 9 2015. By April 20 I had gotten a bill for $ 9.38 from them. I called and they said that my husband owed that amount that it was his medicare co pay. I advised them that he was deceased on April 1 and didn't have an estate & there was no money to take care of it. They asked me to send in a copy of his death certificate & I did. I never heard anything else from them until September 1 2015 when I received another bill in my husbands name from them in the
amount of $ 18.36. Once again I called to tell them he was deceased that I was on social security & limited income & could not pay this.. The girl on the phone was very rude. I asked to speak with a supervisor. She stated she would transfer me up to the next level & someone named Amanda came to the phone. I explained to her She got very very nasty
with me..Said she don't care what happened to that I am responsible for the bill. Told her I was looking at the contract & that my husband had signed it..& that if I didn't pay she would sue me... I was so mad. I told her to go ahead... Then I went & looked at the copy of the ticket that I did sign when they picked up the wheelchair on April 9. I had been so distraught
over my husband's horrible death & didn't read the back of the pick up ticket....That's where they got me... I had signed to be responsible for the balance... I did call Humana and
report their attitude and underhanded practices about bill transferring....I think that stinks.. Am I gonna pay the $ 18.36 I am not sure...It will cost them a lot more than that to
sue me.....I just hope that others are not treated that way...That is why I reported them to the Humana Fraud Dept.
cmking Send email
May 24, 2015


Apria hasn't serviced my mothers concentrator in three years, her C Pap has been broken for 6 months, she just got out of the hospital for a blood clot in her lung, her blood gas for carbon dioxide was off the chart, where she was unable to wear the C Pap. We get the run around , and I hear circus music playing when I speak to the customer reps. This company is literally killing people with complacency, someone need to shut them down.
r.gonzales51 Send email
Feb 5, 2015

Billing complaint

I have both Medicare and a secondary insurance. In December 2013 I was placed on oxygen by my doctor. Apria deliveried the equipment to my home.. In September of 2014 "10month" received my first bill from Apria. I went into the local office and asked them what going on the reponse was " its not are responsibility". I indicted that I have no idea what the bill was for and until I got more information I would not pay. Since then I have been turned over to collections. It is still unresolved.

maybe a class action suit should be considered
NeverUseApria Send email
Sep 25, 2014

Apria is Horrible

Apria is a horrible company. They sent me a bill for 4 items, but I received only two items. The invoice has no legible item descriptions.

I tried calling them. I waited on hold for 47 minutes, and then their system hung up. I called back. This time after 54 minutes on hold, they disconnected. I called this horrible company back again. After waiting over an hour on the phone, and dealing with a very rude person, Apria claimed the other two items, are "a piece of fabric" and "something else".

Apria billed my insurance over $100 for those items, even though they can't explain what they are. They are demanding I pay co-insurance on these items, even though they can't provide me with a description of what they are. Apria has now called exactly 37 times demanding payment even though I told them to never call me. The people who work there are rude and incompetent. I called and wrote to their corporate headquarters, and never received any reply. So it looks like the problem starts at the top at Apria.
mkwells101@yahoo.com Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Apria Healthcare

I received a breast pump when I left the hospital with my new born son. I was given the rental and told that I needed to call in and schedule a time to have it picked up when the rental was up at the end of the month. As soon as I had purchased a breast pump a week later, I called to schedule a pick up for the rental unit. No one showed up as scheduled to pick up the pump. I scheduled again to have it picked up and no one showed up once again. After scheduling four times with four no shows of a pick up driver, I finally called and got an address to deliver the pump to. I had to drive almost an hour in traffic up north in order to drop off the pump to an Apria office. The person behind the counter said she was sorry and that they have multiple complaints about no one picking up equipment. Well if they have multiple complaints, why don't they fix the problem. Several weeks after delivering the pump back to Apria, I get an early morning wake up call from a collection agency that said I owed over a thousand dollars for a breast pump I have from Apria. They threatened my credit if I didn't pay for a pump that they already got back. After speaking to a rep for Apria, I was told that I was correct and that they do have the breast pump and also have it in my records all the times I called to schedule a pick up. I was told the charge would be removed. I am waiting to see if that happens. My insurance carrier is Kaiser Permanente and I will be calling them and letting them know what happened. I think they should find a different company to rent their equipment from. Apria is a poorly run for profit company that cares for no one but themselves. I am waiting for a letter of apology from Apria for what they did but if I am sure if I want a letter, I will have to go pick it up in person since they will not deliver.
irishgilly Send email
Aug 26, 2014

Apria Healthcare

Well I posted here once all ready with concerns about Apria Healthcare removing unauthorized funds from our bank account. This has been an on going problem with Apria. We moved to Oregon in the summer of 2013,and we began using Apria Healthcare at that time. My husband suffers from C.O.P.D. and uses their oxygen equipment. Medicare covers this bill in it's entirety. Nevertheless, Apria Healthcare has several times removed funds from our bank account without authorization. They have been notified about this, and they promised at that time to remove our banking information from their system. ( We made the mistake of not sending them a registered letter concerning this matter, we were foolish enough to trust that they would deal with the situation with honesty and integrity! Live and learn) Apparently that was just one more lie in a series of lies. (when we informed them that we intended to sue them if they did not cease and desist, the employee we were speaking with replied with much mirth, "go right ahead". This statement was accompanied with a great deal of laughter. Not only have they stolen money from our bank account, they have also turned us over for collections for bills for which we were not responsible for to begin with . Apria Healthcare has thousands of complaints against them across the country. They are apparently incapable of straightening out their in house problems. Perhaps they simply do not care, as they continue to steal from their customers with impunity. If you live in Oregon and are a customer of Apria Healthcare, I urge you to review your banking information to make sure they are not stealing from you as well. (Actually, that applies no matter what state you live in) If you find they are, please email me by clicking on the link at the top of this post. It is my intent to get a class action lawsuit going, not only to recover the monies owed, but to try our damnedest to prevent them from stealing from their customers in the future. We live on a very limited income, which is why medicare pays for their services. As I mentioned above, they have also turned us over for collections for bills we do not owe to begin with. They failed to bill medicare in time to get these bills paid, so now they are attempting to collect the money from us through a collection agency. This too, is a problem for thousands of people across the nation. If you type Apria Healthcare complaints into your search engine you will be shocked. Just for your own information, attorneys who handle class action lawsuits do not charge for their services unless they win the case. So you would not be responsible for any fees should you find you too are being ripped off and decide to pursue this issue. Again, please send me an email with your contact information if you too have become a victim of fraud with regards to Apria Healthcare here in Oregon. There are class action lawsuits against this company in several states all ready. Let's get together and put a stop to this type of fraudulent activity once and for all. The only way to stop these people is to hit them where it hurts, right in the wallet, just as they have been doing to so many of their customers.
irishgilly Send email
Aug 26, 2014

Unauthorized pyments removed from my bank by Apria Healthcare in Oregon

Apria Healthcare has been charging our debit card for charges not owed to them off and on for months now. Last February they removed $88.00 from our bank account for my husbands Oxygen. Medicare pays them in full for his use of this equipment. When we complained they did return the money, with a promise to remove our debit card number from their system. I just came back from the bank, where I have discovered that on August 22, 2014 they removed $35.25. On August 25, 2014 they removed $44.06. I am looking to start a class action lawsuit against them here in Oregon. I have become aware today, after very little research on the P.C. that there are complaints against them nationwide. Any one here in Oregon having problems with Apria Healthcare is urged to post here.. They have also turned us over for collections for two separate bills for $9.00 and some odd cents. If you too are having difficulties with Apria Healthcare in Oregon, please post here. If I see enough people complaining, I will post contact information so that we can all get together and start a class action lawsuit here in Oregon, like the one they have going in California. If you use Apria Healthcare and you have medicare, I URGE you to check your banking statements. I fear you will find they have been regularly taking money from your accounts just as they have been with ours. I have discovered that there are thousands of people all over the country who are having the same problems with Apria Healthcare. We cannot allow these thieves to continue to steal from their patients with impunity.Please check your accounts, and please follow through by posting here.
patbrooks Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Fraudulent Company

To begin with Apria delivered equipment that was not prescribed, I do not use. My prescription was for oxygen use at night only. I do not need refill equipment.. Then Apria billed and collected 10 months on my son's credit card, despite my phone calls and letter written to the billing department to this date 8/14/2014 Apria has not reimbursed my son's credit card account. I have not even been in CO 10 months. I have only been here 7 months. Not only have they over charged me they have turned me over to a collection agency for non payment! I am being harassed via mail and telephone. I have cancelled my services with Apria and I am giving them 30 days notice to reimburse my son's credit card.
Patricia Brooks
anti apria Send email
Feb 24, 2014

Billing Practices

I ordered CPAP supplies and afew days later I got a call saying I had to sent a check for my co pay before they would send my
supplies. I sent the check and recieved my supplies a few day later. My check was cashed. A month later I recieved a bill for the
amount of my co pay. My wife faxed a legal copy of the original check. A few months later they sent me a refund check for the
amount of the co pay. this pissed me off so I cashed the check. now i'm getting a bill again. I will pay the bill, but I won't do business with apria again............
User925983 Send email
Apr 1, 2012

Inefficiency / obfuscation

Apria continues to bill for rental of the CPAP unit that was purchased in full. I continuously call, write, refuse to pay them. I have challenged the collection agency and continue to get the runaround. I have spoken with the Middletown, NY office manager and made an agreement to send a final payment (compromise) and continue to get billed. I think I may start to make check payments monthly in the amount of $0.01.
I have two friends who are experiencing the EXACT same situation.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inefficiency / obfuscation

Apria is absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with. I am a reasonable person with a couple of questions that I have needed answered, and they won't even give me the common courtesy of a return phone call. They violate every standard of customer service imaginable. I can't begin to state how frustrating this has been. Avoid this company at all costs!
Himanisilky Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inefficiency / obfuscation

Apria Health Care..I hate them..i tried to log on complaint..but there is no way...!! I seeked brest pump rental from Apria through insurance...With change of insurrance i kept cross checking the amount i need to pay with the breastpump rental...But evrytime the caller(customer service person said i have to pay only $5 per month and no more)then when few months passed, i came to know i am being charged more than $50 per month...which is hugh!!!it was like a shock to me..we called back to customer service and they said nothing is in their hand...My question is if they r not aware of charges..who made them for customer service?????
I can never forgive Apria Healthcare...for what they did..After all this i ended up paying more that $250...

Shame on u Apria!!
Apria Healthcare Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Inefficiency / obfuscation

My Name is Carl Marcois I worked their as a delivery driver, as I have mentioned before. I feel for all you patients out there. I know that when I worked there the company was using unethical practices to obtain more money from insurance companies. Half the time they did not deliver what they were suppose to deliver. James Donohue, based out of Henderson, NV. who was my miserable boss from Hell really does not care about patients or people that are sick. It is all about money and greed . I can not and will not treat patients or people like farm animals, actually farm animals get treated better. This has to be the worst of the worst companies that I have ever worked for .. I would like to see them dismantled and shut down. Any comments by Patients or Former Employees would be appreciated . Thank You, Carl 01/04/2012

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