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Aspen Dental

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Aspen Dental

lindabolash Send email
Jun 26, 2014

aspen dental

i have asked 3 timesto see about getting my upper denture relined every time i get they ask why i am there also they try to talk meinto an expensive cleaning and STILL wont address my dentures
dianne Send email
Jun 24, 2014


well I have to say that this was the worse decision I have ever made going to aspen Dental , I had teeth pulled and a temporary partials put in , I was charged 599.00 for the top and 599.00 ( and by the way I can not eat or barely talk with the partials in my month ) for the bottom with xrays and teeth pulled and every thing else they did my bill was 2,743.00 then a couple of months later they call to have me come in to get fitted for my permanent partials only to be told that I had to come up with another 1000.00 REALLY I had to get what I owed them financed so why would they do it that way when they know I can not get anything else financed , I am on a fixed income , I do have insurance and they billed one but I have 2 the ins. paid and they financed the rest after calling and complaining about them not filing the other ins. they told me to come back and they would refile , I also found out that they filed the wrong code so now my ins wont pay anything on my permanent ones so I am stuck with what I have unless I come up with the money , I told them I was not coming back in there office so they could file my other ins and get more money. every time I call they are rude and inconsiderate and they never call you back . the office manager is Stacy but refused to give me her last name . . I did see and talk to another dentist and could not be leave all of this and how bad the partials fit. I am 65 and in bad health and am just not able to do anything about this but I hope I can let a lot of people know not to go to Aspen Dental
shannonobarski@Yahoo.com Send email
Jun 1, 2014

aspen dental

went in with a bad tooth ache from a baby tooth that never fell out and is infected and alls they did was take a bunch of xrays and the dentist looked and told me that it was infected and whatever else he seen that needed to be done than sat in a office and told me to call them back whan i have the money and never was perscribed anything for my pain an infection so i was,there for over an,hour and had no releif
janice hixson Send email
May 13, 2014

aspen dental

Found a long piece of string still, string not cut or knotted?? I cut it the string it was well out side my mouth.Office manager lead me to believe that once I had my teeth pulled and a filling done ,Wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! They did'nt do the filling, when asked her about she said it would of been to much, on who??? I was feeling no pain, Went back ,said to the dental hygentist that I need the dentures
worked on shortens the pallet, he tell me that he is going to do a liner,he leaves, Dr gives me novacaine so she do the filling so by this point I am num.Upper lip and bottom gum, asked to bite down,can't feel to bite down the dental hygentist, he tries to help but I can't feel any thing,After I got home and the novacane wore off .The pressure on front teeth was so very painful, tried to eat,all I could do was cry.
Another time I went, a had another Sub Dr told that he was giving me as a gift, this healthy gum rinse he said it as Gift,this gift cost me 20.85.
MelodyM Send email
Apr 29, 2014

Aspen Dental denture

I wish I would have read these complaints before going to Aspen Dental. Walking through that door is the WORST decision I've ever made in my life! My teeth weren't that bad. They looked fine but I had some issues with my back teeth. I was told that it would be over $16,000 to do everything I needed done. Well after working her magic I was told that I could get the extractions and top denture for $3,000.......seems to be the magic number and that's what Genesis approved. That was after they would right off $839. after extractions. She made it seem like they were doing me a big favor and making me an offer I couldn't refuse. I received a bill afterwards for $847 that they wrote off but the charges were for 15 surgical extractions @ $200 each and $839 for the basic denture. They only pulled 12 teeth and they weren't all surgical and on their website the basic denture is $449. That's just the beginning. I had the extractions with only a valium and novacaine. I had 14 shots and every one of them hurt like hell! This was 5 1/2 weeks ago. I went back to that dentist a total of 9 times in horrible pain. She would make adjustments but my mouth was still full of sores. She did a soft reline after 1 week and then they were also off centered. I was looking forward to the second reline at 4 weeks but things just got worse. She built the front back up (which they had taken down because it hurt so bad from the piece of bone sticking out) So now the pain is worse, they're still off centered and my upper lip is sticking out. She told me that it would just have to be that way for the next 5 months until I get the permanent one. I also haven't been able to eat throughout this whole ordeal. It's been basically soup and smoothies until the last few days. I'm now able to eat soft foods like pasta & eggs. I called another office (Gresham) and went out there last Saturday. About the first thing out of the dentists mouth is :" This isn't going to work. You need a new one" He said he couldn't do much with the one I have since it doesn't fit but he would try. He cleaned out the stuff from the prior reline and re-did it. Although they still feel very awkward and uncomfortable and the spot in front with the bone sticking out still hurts they're better now than ever. I go in for the impression tomorrow. I have a lot more confidence in this Dr. than I did the first one but after reading all the reviews I'm skeptical. And as an added bonus I have a hole in my sinus. I go in for surgery to repair that on May 21st. I just want to wake up from this nightmare! I guess only time will tell.
BatesBrenda Send email
Apr 17, 2014

Cost of dentures

I went there with an open mind. The office manager told me what they would do for an extreme amount of money; but I was so tired of going to same day one on the bypass and poor service. So now after $4,186.00 I am still receiving bad service. They are billing me for $127.00, after I paid the account in full I should not be billed constantly for new charges that I did not agree to. Genesis credit paid $3000.00 and I paid the balance; I have a receipt paid in full. I would like to join in on the class action suit against Aspen Dental, please e-mail me the information as to how to join.
shoalsmom2204 Send email
Feb 28, 2014


2 1/2 weeks ago Doctor pulled 9 teeth, no anthestia , no gas, only 4 shots in my gums- way before the doctor removed my teeth he was very well aware of my health problems on top of getting teeth removed which are Sjrogrens and diabetes, I had plainly made the doctor aware of my problems and told him I don't heal like people who don't have chronic health problems, he promised me he would take care of me after the extractions- boy was I wrong, my gums and my entire mouth are still very painful, I have ulcers on my gums which is bleeding, my gums are still vey swelled, I haven't been able to wear the temporily dentures due to the pain and bleeding ulcers or sores. The doctor gave me pain meds after the extractions, I have been back this last week and he saw my problems but told me it all looked good- it's NOT, my mouth hurts like hell, I can't wear the dentures, I can't eat, the pain is unreal, he WILL NOT give me anymore pain meds to help me, I have called the after hour emergency number this past weekend to get him to call me something in for pain, my call was unanswered and I went to the clinic This Monday and he will not give me anything for pain, I called today and talked to the office girl and told her I was still having fits with my mouth and after hours of waiting she finally called me back with the news of the so called dentist that he would not be calling me ANYTHING FOR PAIN IN, here it is Friday and I have nothing to help me for this chronic pain, I honestly don't know what to do. I am miserable. He has got my money from my insurance paying him my entire allowed insurance of $1500.00 and I have to still pay him an additional 1650.00 out of pocket, what thus amounts to is he got his money and I'm left high and dry with a miserable painful mess in my mouth, he dies not care how painful my situation is. People please read all these complaints and please make a better more informed decision before you let Aspen dental butchers get a hold of you !!!
pissed Send email
Apr 11, 2013

Aspen Dental payments

The Aspen Dental online payment system is so antiquated. No review to confirm, no confirmation number. They tick the full payment box in advance and you must change it to make a smaller payment. I missed this, and they took the entire amount of my account due, over $700.00. There was no way to cancel or change this payment. I called and they said it would take up to two weeks to refund my money to my account. Two weeks today and nothing. How long could it take to submit an electronic refund. Very unhappy. Will never use Aspen dental again!
honestanswers Send email
Mar 18, 2013

Total Rip Off

I went to Aspen Dental because they are an "in-network provider." I thought it would be cheaper then seeing a local "out of network provider." The staff was extremely nice, they tried to be as gentle as possible and the atmosphere was pleasant. I did not have to wait long for my appointment. After my exam, the dentist said I had no cavities or decay, but I did have periodontis.That is all the good I have to say about the whole deal. When I got to the "finance department" she explained my "treatment plan" and cost. When she threw out the number of $4500 and explained that was after a discount and my insurance, I was floored. She said my insurance doesn't cover the antibiotic used for the perio. I asked if there was another option. She asked the hygienist, who explained there was not any other options for treatment. I politely explained my boyfriend had teeth pulled and got a full set of dentures for half that cost, with NO INSURANCE. She then told me pulling my teeth was an option. That was it for me. No self respecting dentist would pull teeth that don't need pulled, much less a mouth full. She then explained I could finance the procedure for a cost of $110 a month and that after interest it would be OVER $6000 dollars. I told her that was unacceptable. She then told me I could get a loan from my bank. I was just in shock. I explained I would have to talk this over with someone, and walked out. I called my local dentist on my way home. They were in as much shock as I was. I asked for a second opinion, and went in and signed the release form. I received a phone call today. The local dentist received the disc my xrays are on, and are unable to open it. Back on the phone I go. Aspen tells me paper copies of my xrays will not arrive in time, and go through the corporate office and they have no idea how long that will take. I am so disgusted by this company and the way the practice dentistry. I have and will continue to share my horrible experience in hopes no one I know will get ripped off. I know others have had similar experiences, as well as better ones. This is mine, and it was awful. Consumer beware. They just want in your wallet.
italianlady Send email
Feb 28, 2013


I had 4 teeth pulled and it has been a week and I am still experiencing terrible pain. I feel like I've been butchered. I went in to have 4 teeth pulled because of pain and get upper and lower dentures. Cost $3200.00 Paid upfront. He would not pull my teeth until my denture came in and let my gum heal so I had to wait 3 weeks with pain in my mouth.
Pain was the entire reason I went in the first place.
It has been a week and I have had my bottom denture out more than I've had it in. I've had teeth pulled before but NEVER with the lasting pain I am having now. I seriously doubt this dentist had the experience or knew what he was doing.
He tells me my denture is only TEMPORARY and in 6 months I will get a permanent. I've gotten dentures before and never had temproaries before. STAY AWAY FROM ASPEN!
momof2boys Send email
Jan 20, 2013


3 years ago I financed teeth removal and new dentures, that were the best they had at the age of 35. Here I sit 3 years later with the same dentures I left in and am getting the run around to get my new ones done. They told me I had to pay another $1200.00 for my new set. I explained that THEY already got paid by a finance company that i make a payment to every month. Now it is you missed an appt. for your wax mold, which no I did not they can not get the bite right. I have a job and go sit in there for 2 hours because they are behind does make you finally say "Look i will have to reschedule. I need to go to work". Now i moved from Ohio to IL. and went the Burlington, IA aspen on my way back the lady said "Did you pay your $1200.00 for new dentures?'. I was dumbfounded and said I ALREADY paid 3 years ago. So I left and called my original office in Ohio which told me Burlington called them and cancelled me for dentures I already paid for. So, I called Moline, IL and asked them to look at my account. The woman stated if you paid for a final set, then we owe you one. The next day she never called backed as promised. So I called back and I received no return call again on Friday. I am beside myself with this. I do not know what to do.

Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Scammed by Aspen Dental

Last month (May, 2008) I sent a complaint to Better Business Bureau, Inc. about Aspen Dental in Wilkes-Barre, PA. In a response to my complaint, Aspen Dental only explained why they had to take the whole amount of $1512 in advance. As a big company, I tried to understand their policy to have the patient’s financial responsibility for services treatment planned paid in full up front. I also tried to understand why it took them over one month to refund $1084.50 to my Care Credit Card.
Unfortunately, I don’t feel like my complaint has been adjusted yet. Here are 4 reasons why I feel that way:

1. Aspen Dental sold me a tooth brush for $135 and a tooth paste (Flu 1.1 Neutral Sod Gel) for $24 that I would never buy if I knew the prices for them in advance. On my first visit I asked Aspen Dental for detailed bill information that they avoided to give me. On the second visit I insisted to get detailed information. The girl from the front desk didn’t really want to give me anything and after I almost got angry, she went to the office of the financial associate and finally came back with the details I’d been asking for since day one. When I finally realized the scamming, it was too late and I already had paid for the tooth brush and the tooth paste and I wasn’t able to return them for a refund.

2. Aspen Dental said that I had a perio infection. When I went for a second opinion to Jeffrey Walker DMD, he told me I did not have a perio infection. Aspen Dental charged me and didn’t refund $24 for Periocheck Rinse for that infection. They also charged me and didn’t refund $35 for Irrigate W/Chlorhex Full (I am not really sure what that means, but regarding the information I got from my insurance company Delta Dental, this amount of money is taken for something that is named as Unspec Rerio, so I am guessing it is connected with the perio infection). Two of their dentists told me that Listerine is not good and I shouldn’t use it.

3. Aspen Dental charged me for cleaning which happened to be Full Mouth Debridement for $149, which the insurance doesn’t cover... I tried to learn more about it in Google and from what I read, there was nothing of what I felt that doctor had done in my mouth. The second opinion by Jeffrey Walker DMD was that it didn’t look like Aspen Dental did cleaning. His exact words were that there was stuff all over the place. That is why I believe I should get a refund of $149 for the Full Mouth Debridement.

4. Every time when I ate I had to clean food out of one of my teeth, which bothered me a lot and I asked Dr. Jeffrey Walker to fix it. It happened that this tooth was tooth 12 – one of the two teeth that Aspen Dental worked on. Well, they didn’t work very well for me, so I wasn’t surprised that I had problems with one of the two fillings they did. But I was surprised that my insurance company didn’t cover anything of the bill for this tooth, because they already had paid Aspen Dental for it. I felt hurt again because of Aspen Dental. Yes, they got my money for even work they never did. They got my money and Delta Dental’s money for bad work they did. That is why I feel that they should refund me and the Insurance Company Delta Dental for tooth 12.

These are the four main reasons for my complaint about Aspen Dental.
WhoDatSavage1 Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Scammed by Aspen Dental

I just went to Aspen Dental, and seemed to have a good appointment. I was given an X-Rays and a exam. It was determined I have early Periodontitis. They explained to me what it is, and a treatment plan for the future. I was also informed of 2 cavities. After the xrays and exam were completed I was sent to a consultant to discuss payment. I was sold the periodontal toothbrush for 99 dollars after a fifty dollar coupon they gave me (the brush retails for 160 online). I was given a treatment plan of cleanings spaced out 3 months for a year, as well as the 2 cavity fills. One of the filling is white and not covered by insurance. I PAID NOTHING AT MY FIRST APPOINTMENT. The total cost was $1, 635 and after my insurance benefits my out of pocket expense will be $325 ( which i used their payment plan 18months no interest and nothing paid until after my first cleaning. $325 bucks for Chlorex irragation, Chlorexdine rinse for my home, Flu 1.1 neutral Sod Gel (toothpaste), Rotodent Peridontal instrument (best electric toothbrush), Desenitiving paste for the initial deep cleaning to remove plaque from under the gums, and 4 cleanings. THAT IS THE PLAN THEY LAID OUT FOR ME. I could choose to follow it and pay the $325 or leave and pay nothing. Maybe you should educate yourself before going somewhere, especially when it says Xrays and Exam free right on the door you have to walk through to get in the place. you act like you walk in and you come out 30 minutes owing 3 or 4 thousand. I was pleased with my visit the hygienist, dentist, and consultant were all nice and made me feel comfortable. I am actually looking forward to going back.
Kandi4mom Send email
Mar 2, 2012

The worst place you can go to get dental services

I have had it with this company. I was just on hold for 40 minutes waiting to talk to someone about my aweful experience today. Finally hung up. I want a lawsuit on their ass. I was told I was taking up the doctors lunch time.
Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Charging us for services covered by insurance

My husband went to Aspen Dental in Belle Vernon, PA as a new patient, as a referral from his insurance, Aetna. He had an abscessed root that was treated and removed by a nice dentist. Then, at checkout time, he was asked to pay $51.80. He paid it, but questioned it and was told, "that is your copay". We then called Aetna whom stated our copay is $18.00, not a cent more, and reviewed with us our benefits, and once we receive our EOB (explanation of benefits from Aetna) to call or show Aspen for a refund. Well, we then received a bill from Aspen for an ADDITIONAL $207.20!!! We immediately called Aetna to again review the EOB and she called Aspen Dental to review it with them. Latoya (a HUGE help!) then informed me Aspen would have a Biller look at the bills and EOB and to call back in 5 days. Well, I just called Aspen and spoke with Sue who was NO help whatsoever. I was told it was being "looked at" by the biller to clear the "confusion" and I would have to wait. (Of course, they didn't have to wait for the $51.80!) I asked to speak with the "biller" and was told I would have to call them back. Of course, I asked how long this process would take and was told "I don't know" and then asked Sue how soon should I call back and was told "maybe next week?" If this is not cleared up by Aspen, I will file a complaint with Aetna, and so on until I have it resolved. I also informed Sue at Aspen that I was owed $33.80. Hmmmm... I wonder how soon I will see that!!!!
Nick13 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Charging us for services covered by insurance

I agree, I too have periodontal disease per Aspen Dental and they probed my gums to prove it. Probe is whenthey stick the measuring pick in the gaps of your gums to see the depth. Anything 4 or less is great. 6 and up is bad news.
Intial probing for me was all below 5. They scheduled me back A MONTH later to document chnages of depth since the firs time there was no evidence of gum disease!!
This time, the hygienist decided to shove the probe and creat depth in my gum to read the numbers she wanted. I had no bleeding the first time around, but had 5 suctions will major bleeding and pain the second time around. As a metter of fact i was on 800 mg ibprofene for three days to subside the inflammation and pain.
Of course no surprise all my numbers were 5-7 this time around and I was declared to have periodontal disease.
I since have gone to periodontist and have NO gum disease. My dentist friends suggested I talk to a lawyer.
Jan J Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I have had the worst experience with Aspen Dental then I have ever had in my life, back in November 2010 I was told that i had to have all my teeth pulled and fitted for dentures and that I would feel so much better when done well here it is well over a year now and I still cannot wear my bottom ones at all and the top get very irritating by the end of the work day and I can't wait to get home to take them out, They also had to remake them because I have a very small mouth and they were way to big to begin with they also would not even let me put the final ones in until I signed a paper that stated I was satisfied with them? well I signed it because I needed teeth and I work close with the public and have to be able to have them understand me when I talk. I can not enjoy going out to eat because I do not feel comfortable eating without them in front of anyone so I eat at home alone. They have just kept telling me I need to keep coming back for adjustments? how many adjustment can they do before getting it right?
Blanc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst Experience of my Life

I went to Aspen for a chipped tooth. They were first on the list of providers in the area, so I figured “Why not?” Little did I know that I was about to have the worst dental experience of my life. Everything started out o.k. I was scheduled for a free exam being a first time customer. I went in and got my x rays done. Next step was to see the dentist for a treatment plan. I went in for a chipped tooth mind you. The doctor recommends that because my tooth has chipped multiple times that I would need a crown put on my very front tooth(a $1000 procedure as opposed to $200 for filling a chip). I figured the doctor was just doing what was in my best interest, so I naturally agreed. I went back to the office manager who immediately went into payment and scheduling.

So I am here thinking, “great, this is going to get taken care of quickly”. Miraculously, an appointment opened up IMMEDIATELY so that this dentist could get the process started. The doctor ground my entire tooth down to a nub so that I now no longer have a front tooth; only a replacement. I am a fighter and take shots to the mouth from fists for a living. So now every time this crown gets chipped I will be $600 in the hole to replace it. Little did I know that I would be outfitted with a horrendous looking temporary crown for nearly a month. The temporary crown was just a mold of my old chipped tooth. This is part 1.

Part 2. I was scheduled for a cleaning a few days later. I was 10 minutes late due to an accident detour. I showed up and apologized. The receptionist told me that there is no way that they could take be because the employees were going to lunch. In what world can an employee not push lunch back 10 minutes? Lunch was at 12. I was there at 11:40. The receptionist told me that they need half an hour to do the cleaning. Now I am wondering what kind of teeth cleaning only takes 30 minutes.

Part 3. The temporary crown-chipped tooth crown (which looks awful to begin with because it is a totally different color from my teeth) revealing the metal inside the tooth. Mildly painful and looks even worse than before. I should have just stayed with the chipped tooth at this point. I called to attempt to get it fixed asap being around the holidays. They tell me it will be at least a week. I JUST SAID I WAS IN PAIN!!! A FREAKIN WEEK!??

Part 4. Rescheduled cleaning- 2 hours out of work. Chipped temporary tooth fix- 2 more hours off work. Permanent crown installation- 3 more hours off work.

Thanks for all the favors, Aspen, but you can keep it next time.
Gatorgirl999 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst Experience of my Life

You have to have a crown on a root canaled tooth and any dentist that tells you otherwise should have their license taken.
James Topkings Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Worst Experience of my Life

Joe-L Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I went to the Aspen Dental in Council Bluffs, Ia and had three teeth pulled on a Wednesday. On Friday I went back in due to a dry socket. On Saturday I called their 800 number and left a message and no one returned my call. I called the 800 again and no one returned my call. So I called a third time to the 800 number and they said that the only office open in my area was at 72nd and Dodge in Omaha. I went their and they had to pull part of the tooth that was left by the Council Bluffs office. They gave me stitches and pain pills for two days. It has been a week and I still have pain in my tooth that was next to the one they pulled and they tell me there is nothing wrong and I must be crazy and gave me a lesson in pain in the mouth like I was 10 years old. I have been living with ice and heat on my mouth for the last week every two hours and still have a lot of pain. I called the 800 number today and they said that the aftercare I received was up to their standards and I should go see a Psychologist. This is a load of horse crap, I am not crazy, I am in pain. I am 47 years old and know what pain feels like.
Lincoln Nebraska Send email
Feb 23, 2012


DANGER!!! Please Do not use ASPEN Dental
I just got done with Aspen dental In Lincoln Nebraska, I had a very bad wisdom tooth, It was removed, then the one next to it was removed at the same time, Its been over a week, My face is still largely swollen, I cant open my jaw, The disolvable stitches that they used didn't last two days. I am wide open on my jaw from the joint to under my eye on the lower jaw. It stopped bleeding yesterday.
The pain I am in is absolutely excruciating, I think the Dentist may have dislocated my jaw while removing the second tooth. I have never had a dentist so rough in my 43 years. I am having trouble today seeing out of my left eye, pressure in my neck and face is painful. I am on antibiotics however I think that they are not working, I am beginning to wonder if infection is not spreading, I have a severe headache and stiffness in my neck. I feel sick.
Like i said my gum is wide open, i can fold it over completely, Also I am almost certain about the infection as i now have a mouth full of painful sores, cancer type. Never had a problem with them before. I am wondering if the Dental tools were steril.
Jdeereguy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

Is this lawsuit the same class action suit being brought about by attorneys in CT and NY? I have a pretty scary story to tell about malpractice, but have already spoken with an attorney that is forming the suit.


And for other readers - you are not alone. Aspen Dental is a criminally corrupt company who inflicts intentional damage on patients to extract more money from them. Heinous behavior. I would also suggest the attorneys to explore the relationship between the BBB and Aspen's corporate office. How is it that they have such a high grade with so many complaints? My complaint was quickly shut down after Aspen simply denied any wrong doing. No request for information, nothing. The BBB just closed it! Someone there is on Aspen's payroll!
Praying On People Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Aspen Dental Mass Action Lawsuit Forming

The BBB has been out of the closet for some time on their connections to bad businesses. It was a few years ago that it was exposed that BBB is bought by a company simply paying them. It has no real standing and for any business I would use Yelp to find out whether or not a company has a good track record (Yes, I wish I used my own advice, as I would have never gone to Aspen Dental to begin with).
Rock E Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Rip off

I am in the process of having Aspen Dental investigated in RI and attempting to have the entire franchise investigated based on the complaints here. My complaint is they mislead patients and misdiagnos them for the benefit of monetary gratification and are in violation of the ADA Code of Ethic, more specifically Code 5.A and 5.B.6. I will repost the results when more progress is reached. I went to my prior dentist and they did the same testing and report I do not have to have a scaling done and my gums are in healthy condition. They even refused to clean my teeth unless I have this procedure done which is not needed. I'm not letting this go. People are having it hard enough surviving without be ripped off by their dentist.

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