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Award Notification Commission

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Award Notification Commission

maro Send email
Dec 18, 2014

Judging Office & Decisions Center Kansas City, KS 66110-2905

i resevd a winer cheack of 2,000,000,00 and thay asking me for 11.89 thatnx god i see the scam befor seend it loooooooooooool sham on you you should be in jall sham on you
Deb Doll Send email
Dec 10, 2014

I received the same fraudulent mail from this company. They requested $12.99 or for $3.00 extra I could get it rush delivery.

I received the exact mailing regarding I have won $1,140,000.00. All I have to do is send them the delivery fee of $12.99, or for and additional $3.00 I could recieve it by rush delivery. I didn't enter any contest or request this mailing.
LadyDia Send email
Dec 9, 2014

Award Notification Commission

I'm taking this a step further, I've printed out all the complaints and concerns, I personally will be forwarding this information to the KANSAS CITY KS local authorities to investigate this company or organization regarding all their fraudulent activities.
May God Bless
Rose F Send email
Nov 13, 2014

Award Notification Commission

I received notification of an award of $1,140,000.00 Even more ridiculous is that to receive this you need to pay a fee of $11.89. This is mandatory. Then at the bottom is says "no purchase necessary. Purchase will not increase chance of winning!"

Someone is obviously making a lot of money collecting this fee from millions of people. Is this a crime and is anyone looking for these scammers?
mars1saturn Send email
Nov 10, 2014

Scam Letter 13570

I also received a letter with 13570 on the front asking for a $12.99 fee. so I checked with BBB and watched their video, same address, zip and all and this was a video from 2010. I sending this back with a piece of my mind, and hope those targeted and desperate for a HAPPY HOLIDAY, don't be fooled. 11/9/2014
kdr Send email
Nov 5, 2014

scam letter

I received the same letter as all the others. I am returning the letter to them as requested but instead of enclosing money I am enclosing a special little surprise for them. I wish I could be there to see the look on their faces when they open it ;)
I encourage everyone to return the letter but instead of enclosing money enclose a note from yourself to them. Tell them what you think of their scam attempt and/or a story about some random act of kindness you read.
Dont give them any personal information & dont threaten them with physical harm just vent your frustration on them. I can't tell you what I sent but I already feel a little justice has been served.
mimi Send email
Nov 4, 2014

Award Notification Commission of PO BOX 2905 KANSAS CITY KS 66110

I too had the number 13570 on my letter. I am so glad that I did not send these crooks a single penny. They have got to be brought to justice. They should be forced to pay back all monies stolen from innocent victims plus interest. They should be incarcerated for life. However, I don't want my tax dollars supporting them. Perhaps their punishment should be severe. How I wish now I had gone on to law school. Instead, as a writer, I can assist in exposing the crooks.
mimi Send email
Nov 4, 2014

Award Notification Commission of PO BOX 2905 KANSAS CITY KS 66110

I received the same letter described above. It looked official but I questioned why I would be required to send money 'in case' my numbers matched the award. Anyone asking for money for an 'award' is raising red flags. I truly hope that the guilty individuals are brought to justice. I hope that they are forced to return all the monies that they squandered from innocent victims. I would gladly undertake this scandal as a story line for one of my upcoming non-fiction books. From a hard working American citizen who was raised with a strong code of ethics, morals and principles. Justice must be served.
Lara Send email
Oct 14, 2014

Fraud from Kansas City Judjing Office

"Like others.." , I may quote, .." who have complained, I too, received a few announcement of a supposed
cash winning of " different amounts for the past THREE month to .Judging Office & Decisions Center PO Box 2905 Kansas City, KS 66110-2905
Twice I was an idiot and have sent $14.99 and than $12.99as a money order. And wanted send tomorrow another one, because it was so legit looking, but decided to check, because offer was so strange. I'm guaranthttp://www.complaintboard.com/award-notification-commission-l12492.html#y over $1,000,000 in cash and prizes, and they also send a PHS Policy Notice, to be mo legitimate!?! So I wanted to check what does it mean. So happy I fond this website
How come those people can stay in business, how they got my address, if not from PCH, when I filled out the form long time ago?

I can not believe that official/police/FBI can not to trace who was cashing those money orders,or checks, other people may send, Or they only dwell on cash and credit cards peple sent/provided
dprice@80 Send email
Sep 29, 2014

Award Notification Commission

I am so glad that I did some research on this interesting notice that I received in the mail today from what "seemed" to be PCH. I am so sorry to hear that people have been scammed behind this same noticed I received...BUT the good that has come out of this, is that all of your complaints saved me from sending out money I don't even have!! LOL!! I personally hope that the person(s) involved in this scam are caught...That's just wrong, but unfortunately this is the world we live in...
nkerewa Send email
Sep 27, 2014

Judging Office Scam

I too received this Judge Office letter. I guess this organization got my information from PCH. At least PCH offers products to purchase. I have purchased of items from it but this Judge Office scam in many ways resembles those Nigerian scam letters!!!
jubeli Send email
Sep 23, 2014

Award Notification Commission

In receipt of letter claiming I could win $2000.000.00 if I pay a fee of $11.89 acquisition fee when I sign and return form. I immediately knew this was a scam. Senior citizens like myself do not need this type of communication. This needs to be investigation and stopped ASAP.
Ded Send email
Sep 12, 2014

Judging Office & Decisions Center

I too have received frugality letters and I send the $12.99 then I got three more letters asking for $12.99. I am just now looking into this because asking for cash, check or money order is what got my attention. I am going to take more steps in this matter with the Frugal Dept. and Better Business Bureau here in my city.
DANACHEF Send email
Sep 8, 2014


GreatInSC Send email
Sep 7, 2014

Judging Office & Decisions Center

My elderly father in SC received a letter like those described above (if he sends $12.99, he might have a winning number to win $1-$2 million). I wonder where this company received their mailing list as it seems they are only preying on the elderly. It is a shame people do this & I plan to post a complaint at every one of these Complaint collection sites.
burg Send email
Sep 6, 2014

Award Notification Commission Kansas City KS 66110

I knew this had to be a scam as soon as I opened the letter. They are asking for 12.99 in the form of cash, check or money order. The accepting cash was my first clue. I also have ordered from Publishers Clearing House and this will be a lesson learned about doing this again. Very frustrating that someone is trying to take peoples money in this scam.
StudentNurse Send email
Sep 6, 2014

Judges Distribution Center

I, too, received a letter from Kansas City, Kansas...and it's not the first one either...it has the same tender number 13570, the same as everyone else's.. I was also silly enough to enter PCH sweepstakes & make a purchase; maybe this is where they received my information. I agree, let us band together in a class action suit. This group of scammers are targeting all groups of people. Even my daughter received a call on her cell phone about this type of "program". I urged her to not give out her personal bank information over the phone, not even her residence! Please warn others about these thieves. There are plenty females who are scammed out of their life savings as seen on several Dr. Phil program airings. Eva
lamccotry Send email
Sep 5, 2014

false winning number award notificstion committee

There has to be a way to put a stop to these scammers.My letter was the same as everyone else's.I to have entered the publishersclearig house sweepstakes. It seems as if they are giving up our information,and if they are not they should be looking I into this situation.When this lawsuit takes place please advise me.
joyce brinson Send email
Sep 4, 2014

award notification commission

I received this letter in the mail from award notification commission, although I believe in miracles these type of letter I investigate the source. I was not taken in however, I think about the people that do especially people that are senior citizens such as myself. my question is why are these scammmers allowed to continue in operation. Robbery is robbery. I am sure the one person such as myself may not make a difference however why do be have to wait until their is a flood of victims. Anything that ask for money to receive money is a scam toward innocent citizens, so when will the right department such as the fraud justice department shut the door on these people. Such as click, click. I agree with Nadine there should be a Class Action Law Suit...Also I do not understand why the state of Kansas has not put a stop to such a company especially that make their documents reflect they are coming from their governing commission office.Please let me know what is begin done about these dog minded people. Joyce
nicholemshields Send email
Sep 2, 2014

Judging Office & Decisions Center Kansas City, KS 66110-2905

I just received the same exact letter. I enter PCH so unfortunately got all excited, but then when I didn't see PCH on it at all and it was asking me to send $12.99 I decided I needed to check it out and that's when I found this site and everyone's complaints. I really don't understand how once these things have been reported, they continue to go on. Why wouldn't the address be flagged and the post office refuse delivery there, the whole thing get shut down and the people running the scam be put in jail. - So horrible. A real shame!
jtm19 Send email
Sep 2, 2014

Scam Alert

Got the same letter as the rest of the folks here. Says I won $1,140,000.00 lump sum or $2,000.000.00 over 30 years. They want $11.98 for special processing and throw in a Beautiful Crystal Pendant. I recently moved so I have a change of address in the mail system now. Thinking probably our wonderful USPS is selling this list or they have an insider at the USPS doing it. The mail came right to my new address w/o a forwarding "yellow" sticker on it is why I think the USPS is involved....who knows as far as the general public knows this could be the work of our wonderful NSA folks......just kidding on that last sentence but you never know.

This is a scam....please don't fall for it. Tear this letter up!!!!!

Jacksonville, Fl
dan jordan Send email
Aug 25, 2014

Award Notification Commission

Like others who have complained, I too, received the bogus announcement of a supposed
cash winning of $1,140,000.OO, if a $12.99 processing fee were forwarded to this address:
Judging Office & Decisions Center PO Box 2905 Kansas City, KS 66110-2905. I would like
to know if the Mail Fraud division of the U.S. Postal Service, the Interstate Commerce
Commission, yourselves or other government agencies are actively pursuing criminal actions
by this group of perpetrators. For all we know, the box holder could be funding terrorist activities.
I only received this notification after signing up for the Publisher's Clearing House
Sweepstakes, both in mail and online. Publisher's Clearing House is bombarding
me daily with junk mail and I have been unable to stop this.

Rather than just be a passive conduit for complaints, do you take any action on behalf of
those registering complaints, or do we as complainants need to go elsewhere to try to
eliminate this particular fraud group? I will expect your response, or I will understand that
you are powerless to use this information appropriately.
dogs4you Send email
Aug 24, 2014

mail fraud

I, along with the above names had been duped into paying into a bogus system. After paying into the scam twice, I finally woke up to the fact that a red flag was being waved in my face, the first time, well OK, now if I could get a hold of these M***** F***** there sure as hell be some payback, with interest. From the money I sent it must have cost the A-Holes more in paper, ink and postage. I will look into ways to find and if possible prosecute the people. It seems like I have a lot of company.

Though I am a senior, I am very vigilant to anything through the mail or for certain over the phone, however the thought of winning big money will sound attractive to people of any age, Greed being the major factor. Beware Ed, one pissed off Senior
Deborah Strickland Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Judging office & decision center

I too received a letter that I was a winner of $ 1,140,000.00 or 30 year annuity of 2,000,000.00
Form 13570 and they wanted $12.99.that through up a red flag that this was a scam. It makes me sick to think of the older people that are financial burdened and would fall for this. There should be a class action law suit against this scammer
VSCorley Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Glad I checked this out before I sent it in

I received this same letter yesterday. I have the same 'OFFICIAL FORM OF TENDER NO: 13570"
What made me skeptical is that they wanted me to send them $12.99. They called it a "Premiun Offer FEE DUE FOR DELIVER" .... and somewhere else on the document it states "NO PURCHASE NECESSARY." So why is this costing me more than the cost for postage????!!!! THIS WILL PROBABLY BECOME A LAWSUIT AT SOME POINT. THIS HAS TO BE ILLEGAL. SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE!!!

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