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Award Notification Commission

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Award Notification Commission

smarteacher Send email
Apr 23, 2015


Received the same bogus award notification. Knew immediately it was a scam. Just so sorry so many people still get taken by people like this. Never believe anything until you have it checked out, if you aren't able to tell yourself.
annieb Send email
Apr 19, 2015


My husband got involved in this scam, although I wasn't aware of it for some time. Theodor is having chemo and isn't very well at all, so I didn't mind posting out a few competitions for him. Little did I know what was going on, until he told me that he should have received lots of money and didn't understand why they weren't paying out. When I looked into it I found that Theo had paid out nearly £500 to these despicable people using his credit card. He is not a stupid man, but the illness and the treatment had affected his judgement. He was extremely upset, especially since we haven't a lot of income and now have to pay the credit card. I notice that every other posting is from the US. But it is happening in the UK too.
nobullying Send email
Apr 9, 2015

Official declaration of certified award and provision of payment

I too received this letter today saying I must return the form and a payment of $12.99 and my valid entry number, and if it matches the pre-selected winning numbers by the deadline for judges final ruling and permanent record, I might win 1,230,946.00. What bullsh*t is that! How can people get away with this? They really go a long way to make it look legit. But once they ask for money I knew it had to be a scam. If you legitimately have won anything you would not have to pay a dime! Don't fall for it! What gets to me is that it even says on the envelope "United States of America". My own country allows these scam to be free to steal peoples hard earned money in a sneaky way and it looks legit! UNBELIEVABLE!!! They should find these corrupted people and shut them down!
jeannie55 Send email
Apr 2, 2015

Award Notification Commission

I received a letter that I had won $1230946.00 option A in one lump sum or option B $2,000,000.00 30-year Annuity$66,667.00 for 30 years. Official form of tender no. 13570. All I would have to do is comply in 7 days and send $12.99 check cash or money order, or for rush processing add $3.00 dollars more which would be $15.99 This charge they say is there processing fee. The letter states my name and congratulations I have won this money, but again I have only 7 days to send page 2 form and the cash check or money order and all judges final ruling to me by the deadline. I really hope a law suit is filed with these people. I want the law to get after them and be arrested.
Vilma Vitanza Send email
Apr 2, 2015

AWARD NOTIFICATION COMMISSION MI 520 19 23,/Larry Hourd, executor Of Awards

A few days ago I received what is supposed to be a $1,230,946.00 "Award," from ANC, in Kansas City KS 66110. When I inquired at the local Post Office I was told that they did not know anything about things such as this. At my personal bank they said that it was a fraud. At the Police Department they told me that it was a scam, as ANC is asking for money ($11.89) and give no specific address. Instead, they give P0 Box 66110 where checks, money orders, or checks can be sent.

I would like to spare others from becoming targets of this scheme by having the US Government prosecute them. It is a sad, unkind practice to take advantage of people, mostly seniors who might welcome such an offer. I am one of them.

Thank you for your Complaint Registration Form.
LuciMazzella Send email
Apr 1, 2015


This is an ultra scam. Advice for those who aren't sure, if you receive anything in the mail that wants you to give THEM money, it's a scam. Guaranteed.
Canoesdothewoo Send email
Mar 31, 2015

Totally not legit I laughed my butt off

I knew this was a scam soon as I opened it up. I moved to Pennsylvania from Florida just a month ago and thought it was highly odd that I was receiving my mother in laws mail for absolutely no reason since it was addressed to her and she lives 1200 miles away. Did a Google search of the sketchy po box 2905 kansas city ks 66110 address for the millions of dollars she was selected to win because I love the entertainment value of these things and this was the first link to come up.

After reading a few comments my two cents is that they are vigorously targeting retirees who they believe are on limited incomes and are most likely to get tunnel visioned into throwing common sense out the window because this letter just screams scam. If you have to send money to receive money it's a scam, if there's only a p.o. Box address to go off of and the money has to be wire transferred or money order, it's a scam. Stop falling for this crap.
Melodeeblue Send email
Mar 30, 2015

Award Notification Commision

Along with everyone else here, I, too, received this load of crap. I WILL be returning my OFFICIAL entry form-SHREDDED INTO TINY PIECES AND STUFFED BACK INTO THE RETURN ENVELOPE PROVIDED! Yes, I'll have to sacrifice a stamp, but it will be worth it. One small victory in retaliation of all who have been duped by these thieves-many of whom I suspect are trusting elderly people. Shame on you.


" What you put into the world comes back to you.
How you live your life determines what kind of
life you will have."

- J.A.Marie
Angie04073 Send email
Mar 30, 2015

Sent three checks

I have been receiving letters in the mail with the assumption that these letters where from publishers clearing house. Today 03/30/2015 I received 3 letters saying I won. They wanted with each letter $11.89. After sending out three checks for three other letters I called the publishers clearing house and found out it was not them. PCH is in New York. Blood pressure went up. This company is not associated with PCH. It is a scam because by LAW they are not to ask for money for sweepstakes. As far as this company goes I am going further with this and reporting them to the fraud department. www.fraud.org.
maytag330 Send email
Mar 30, 2015

Letter received

Today is 3-30-15 and received a letter saying I had won $1,230,946.00. Says it is authorized by Larry Hourd. Award Notification Commission who is this what is this??? Should we call The BBB?? What a crock of crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ajeff1080 Send email
Mar 30, 2015

Award Notification Commission

I also received the same letter as everyone else asking for a fee to possibly win a large sum of money. This is really a bad time to tease me with this type of scam. If there is a class action suit, I want in.
gail mccann Send email
Mar 27, 2015


Wadhams Send email
Mar 26, 2015

Award Notification Center (ANC)

Received an "Official Declaration of CERTIFIED AWARD and Provision of Payment" form from a PO Box in Kansas City, KS. The "Premium Offer Fee due for delivery asked for $12.99" or to "Elect Special "RUSH PROCESSING" add $3.00" for a total of $15.99.
TOTAL SCAM!!!! Red alert words: "Wire Transfer of funds to a bank account anywhere in the world. NO TAXES WITHHELD."
Pooky Send email
Mar 25, 2015

Processing center/distribution center

It's fake!!! Did not need anyone to tell me!, remakes fake all over. Be careful when letters ask for money..
junkmail Send email
Mar 25, 2015

Award Notification Commission

This is crazy... Is this person even real? Or do they actually have a buisness in Kansas City. WHAT a joke. Don't fall for it!
sacshmoluvzyou Send email
Mar 24, 2015

SCAM *larry hourd*

I thought for sure this was something from PCH. It's the only Sweepstakes I have ever used.
I checked my e-mail b/c they are ALWAYS sending junk to me.... but never a notice I won.

The letter has the same exact info as most :
Commissioner of Judging
Processing Division
PO Box 2905
Kansas City KS 66110

When I read it, my heart was pounding. I had tears in my eyes. I had to re-read it multiple times. I figured it was scam once I read the "Grand Prize Rules", and noticed it says "Chances of winning Grand Prize are one in 300 million." as someone has already stated.
The official letter on Page one states : " Name Name, Congratulations, You Have Just Won $1,230,946.00 " > LIES!!!
- To go along with the rules (in my opinion) > there is just wayyy too much bolding.

More Cues as to know it is scam (most has already been said) :
1) the address on top of page one (1) of the letter. > typos
2) at the bottom of P1 > "No purchase necessary..." > but then ask for $12.99, max of $15.99
3) bottom of P2 by where we are supposed to sign (in fine print) > "Please indicate your guaranteed payment option for direct issuance of AWARD if determined as the WINNER officially" ........................... notice the word IF ?!?
4) There is no contact info for Award Notification Commission, ANC, besides a PO BOX > a phone number would be very crucial for a situation like winning money!

And I would like to quote someone and use it for me :
I am very interested in filing and joining in on a class action lawsuit against "Commissioner of Judging Processing Division Award Notification Commission PO Box 2905 Kansas City, KS 66110.
jorden Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Award Notification Commission

Why the states and city's do something about all complaints like Kansas? Anyone out there Known?
joanne928 Send email
Mar 23, 2015

award letter

I received an award notification commission letter from Kansas city, KS. The letter had bogus written all over it, because the keyword was "wire transfer" to a bank anywhere in the world. There must be a way to stop this kind of fraudulent act! Please advise how to get local authorities involved.

Thank you
Jkelly Send email
Mar 19, 2015

Award notification commission

I received my letter 3/16/95. Cannot believe how official it looks. I even thought it might be worth 12.99 to be in the winning circle. How do you stop these scams. I guess the best thing to do is report the scam. J.kelly, Staten Island.
msvme1 Send email
Mar 18, 2015

winner lol

Received the same letter yesterday (3/17/15) googled iy first though because i thought if i won that much money i wouldn't have to send them any money. People always google check stuff first and if you have to send money for winning be cautious. I balled that letter up and threw it away after reading all these comments be smart people you work too hard for what little or lot you have
terryk1 Send email
Mar 16, 2015

Awards Notiification COMMISSION

I received a letter stating I won $ 2,000,000 It also said to send 12.99. I also will receive a 2,500.00 gift certificate for up to 75% off WONrewards.com. This letter came from Larry Hourd,---Executor of Awards. I received nothing from him.
I then received another letter from William McPherson---Senior Award Review Officer, claiming the same as above, asking for another $12.99. Needless to say I'm not sending anything.
Another letter came from Morley Smith--Director of Awards & Michael Balensly---Secretary of Judging asking for more money, $13.89. Again I'm sending nothing.

God don't like ugly .I hope these SCAMMERS get what's coming to them!!!! KARMA'S COMING & SHE IS A BITCH!
psychogranny Send email
Mar 10, 2015

larry hourd

Got a letter in the mail. I hoped upon hope it was real because i have very littke income each monrh. Even asked my kids for advise they even thought it was legit so i sent in the $15.99 and now i am gonna make this bastard pay one way or another. And every fucking person assiciated with this company and their family i am angry because i got scammed and payback is a bitch
Curly4 Send email
Mar 9, 2015

Award Notification Commission

I also received a notification today from the Award Notification Commission out of Kansas City. Telling me that I had possibly won
$1,230946.00 to $2,000,000.00 requesting $15.00 to process the win. At this point I do not see a request for any credit card info. I am very sure this is mail fraud but, I do not know what to do about. I will keep the letter for awhile so that if anyone knows how to combat this problem let us know.
ActingMom Send email
Mar 4, 2015

Award Notification Commission

Just as everyone else in this complaint has said, they asked for money to be notified more quickly of winning the award and it all looked like a mailer from PCH, Publishers Clearing House. However, even though they uses similar phrases on directions:

A. PCH never asks for money

B. It says it was issued on Tuesday, Tuesday of what date? After all, Then it tells you you must reply in 7 days, 7 days from what date, due on what date? PCH always tells you dates specifically for mailing deadlines. None here.

C. Nowhere does it identify PCH on either page and there is no other company identified anywhere.

D. The only person getting rich here is the person scamming. Anyone asking for cash is suspect right away. He/she knows the PCH award is coming early April and people will think this is related to that award. By receiving your 12.99 or 15.99 they get a PO Box filled with money and get rich.
Scamsaavy Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Official Declaraion of Certified Award

It never ceases to amaze me, that the person or persons, creating this kind of fraudulent scams, never gets prosecuted to the fullness of the law. Nationwide, so many received the same letter and winning number # 13570, and many will most likely send in the $12.99, thinking it might just even minutely increase their chance to win. There truly is strength in numbers, and I wish I lived closer because I would stand with those that would gather together at the P O BOX, to confront the people picking up the entries of cash, money order or check for the supposed Premium Offer. I can only hope you will share this Nationwide, so all can see this complaint and be wiser on sending in their money, especially Seniors, such as myself.

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