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Consumer complaints and reviews about bidcactus

User924095 Send email
Mar 27, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

bryanpope79@gmail.com- $119.00 taken from my bank account.
No confirmation, no purchase order mailed to me. Just money removed from my account.
I have yet to find an address or phone # for BIDCACTUS to file a proper complaint!!
Gen5star26 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

I have to agree there I'd definitely something not right with BIDCACTUS site. I have won some items at low cost and then I had spent over a thousand for HDTV auction, I placed another bid on a different auction during the same time the HDTV auction was still live and won the other auction with no one bidding for it, after this BidCactus locked me out of the auction I had already invested over $1, 000 (I was an idiot, for I allowed my temper to get the best of me, when this other bidder (a regular user winning daily high end merchandise), kept giving me a hard time, no matter where I placed my bids. He won the auctione it is now of course as a result of BidCactus locking me out, when received drop down message, saying you reached your limit. At that time, They did not post your wins, etc., like it is posted now. $1, 000plus for absolutely nothing!

I also, received an email from a "regular " user to my surprise, wondering how she was able to get my personal info from BidCactus. Her email went like this, "if you leave us alone, we will leave you alone!". I was so angry, I immediately called BidCactus and told them what had happened, the users name, etc. they told me they would investigate, would check if their system had been breached. I didn't see this user bidding for awhile, but I see she has returned. There are users, who are in collusion on BidCactus and winning almost every high end auction there is, and you will not see them bidding against one another, this is how you can spot them. And, they do change user names frequently, to throw honest bidders off from recognizing them. It isn't hard, their name may change but not their bidding style. Just take time to OBSERVE, users and you will find them bidding on Laptops / HDTV's / Cameras/ etc., any auction high in value, including free BID PACKAGES auctioned, and Am. Exp., Visa, Walmart, Home depot, Gift Cards, especially the $100 / $200 value & with free 100 / 200 free bid pack. You cannot possibly win against those in collusion, simply because it appears they have an unlimited bid supply, never leave auction to buy more bids, very rare if do.
They, don't always ship all gift cards you might have won, and need to stay onto of those you receive and haven't received, and make your own win list to keep track of won auctions. Your concerns and suspicions are validated. Look for times to bid in auctions when the users dominating the auctions are not bidding and have reached their 3 wins allowed per day. Most, if not al Penny Auction sites cheat, use Bots / Schills to raise auction prices to pay for the auctioned item and then some! WATCH CLOSELY, OBSERVE BEFORE YOU INVEST YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY...
Annibee163 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

I actually love BidCactus! I've won a lot of merchandise and gotten some really great deals! And I received ALL of the merchandise I've won within a week or two. I don't care how much money BidCactus makes, and we all know they're making huge profits, but no matter as long as I'M making a deal! Any penny auction site is a game of luck and gambling so to speak. And after reviewing several others, there are ALOT of fraudulent and scamming sites out there! Take a look at Zbiddy! Obvious scam with that one! But from everything I've experienced with BidCactus, they're site is legit, professional and fair. You can keep track of everything from how many bids you've placed to how many bids it took to win an item to the list of who won what and how many bids they placed. When I first started I didn't win anything big and got discouraged quickly, but then I just watched how others were bidding and who was bidding and what items went at higher bid amounts. Yes, I AM one of those bidders you probably see on there all the time! I bid just about everyday, but I'm conservative with my bids and know how and when to bid and what to bid on. There is a strategy so to speak. Yes, I am one of those bidders you probably see on there all the time! I use it almost everyday. But after I figured it out I started winning all the time and a lot! I reached my 30 day total and unfortunately I got locked out. But they do this to be fair to everyone and give evveryone a chance to win. Keyword: chance. If you're expecting to win something after only placing 2 or 3 bids, it's not gonna happen a lot. Although I have won a few things with 1-3 bids before! It is possible if you just watch and see who and how many people are bidding on it. I won a $65 pair of earrings for 3 cents. I won a really nice cheese gift basket for 1 penny!! To be honest I've won over $1, 200 in items and it only cost me around $180 for everything, that was the price of the bid win and the ship/handling. If you add up my bids that I've bought the total would be around $480. But, I still came out good and ahead and got a good deal! Maybe I'm just lucky, but it can be done! Here are some tips and suggestions for successful bidding. Not a guarantee that you will win, but it may help.
1. Watch for 5-10 min on WHO is bidding on an item. There are alot of the same bidders and this can tell you who will bid forever and who will bid a few times and then drop out. Key as to who you don't want to bid against, unless you have a lot of bids to waste.
2. DO NOT just bid to win. If you're doing it just for the sake of winning, then you're bound to lose and waste your money and bids!
3. If you're trying to win a more expensive item, such as an IPAD or IPOD or TV, etc. those usually go on forever, so if you want to bid on those you should wait until it's gotten up there in price and basically wait for the bidder's bids to run out and then when the timer is hitting GOING, then start bidding. Usually tho, there are multiple bidders for these items, so your chances are slimmer unless you have a lot of bids to use.
4. Look for the items that only 1 or 2 bidders are bidding on and then be consistent, be aggressive. If you let that person think that you're not going to give up, chances are they will drop out and let you have it. But watch your bids! You don;t want to bid on more than the item is worth!
5. Timing is everything. Wait for the timer to get down to at least 2 or 3 seconds then bid, that way you are letting other bidders bid first and you're not wasting your bids. Also, weekday mornings and afternoons and really late hours are best. Weekends are not so great and you won't get as good of a deal on things. For instance...I got a $25 Visa gift card for .25 on a Thurs afternoon, but on the weekend they're bidding up to $2.00 for them.
6. Most of the items I won were $1.50 or less. The highest thing I won was a Kindle Fire for $16.48, but I've gotten $100 Shell gift cards for 68 cents!
Anyway, these tips may or may not help some of you and then maybe you will change your mind and opinions about Bidcactus. I personally think it's a great place to bid and think it's one of the best penny auctions out there!
Eyecare Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

"My advice is be first bidder because every auction is spoken for by a seasoned bidder and if you are first the respectable bidders will not bid on you, jump a seasoned bidder and you will have your hands full. Hope this helps and good luck."

Are you kidding me? What's the point of bidding if every auction is spoken for? s this auction site only for seasoned bidders? If there were no other bidders and seasoned bidders were never "jumped" then how would this site make any money?

This is more gambling than auctioning because in a real auction you don't lose your money if you don't win; in this site you'll lose 75 cents per bid. Winning appears to be based on 3 factors: 1) How many bidders happen to be competing, 2) the size of their bid investment pool, and 3) when they actually start using their bids. I've seen bidders invest over 1000 bids and lose to someone who put in only a third of that but just happen to start their bidding later,

Since each bid cost the same to everyone it makes sense to bid as late as possible and as slowly as possible to minimize your cost. (You can always "invest" 1 bid in any auction you happen to be interested in. You'll lose but when the auction is over you can see who bid how much by going to your History link. Apparently every Friday there are special Bid Back Auctions.(?) In these, anyone who places a bid gets 3 free bids. So even if you don't want the item, just place 1 bid and get 3 free BidCactus bids! This means for every such auction, you can easily make 2 free bids net (1 bid is used up). This would be a good time to use/earn bids and figure out what happened through your History link.)
Brandon Collier Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

I have bid on Bidcactus since it has opened and you can do well here, I could care less if more people join it just makes more competition for me! I do not like what is being said here, I have a forum for you to check out it keeps track of all bidders( http://www.allpennyauctions.com/hall_of_fame/biggest_winners/BidCactus.com/ ) I am one of these bidders. Look at how they bid yeah sure they spend three times more then it is worth sometimes but may win 10 more for nothing. Check it out, I was skeptical when I started but I have done really well and I have a return investment of 99 percent and have won 33, 000 in retail and spent 7, 000 in bids to get it sure with shipping and handling I have spent more that is why it is 99 percent on my return! My advice is be first bidder because every auction is spoken for by a seasoned bidder and if you are first the respectable bidders will not bid on you, jump a seasoned bidder and you will have your hands full. Hope this helps and good luck.
Djdj Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

I was excited to try this auction site. However, after spending $75 (it cost 75 cents for each bid!) and a whole day (from 10 a.m. to 6pm), I didn't even win one bid! Please DO NOT waste your time and money. This is an auction site for people who have the extra dough to throw away. If by chance you do win a bid, you most likely would have spent so much money buying the rights to bid at 75 cents per bid, you would be better off just buying the product yourself!
Tiredofscamsandstupidity Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Auction site is a con!!

I wanted to add after reading back on some other comments, That, if you have to "learn and study how to place your bids, , , it's nothing more then playing Blackjack, or any Gambling card game, I'm sure you could walk into a casino, and ask people what did you win today ? or how do you feel about this Casino ... and i can almost Guarantee you you will get the SAME answers that you're getting on here with many people saying I got 200$ in chips and won two game and got 100$ back, and quite a few people saying, I won my money back, added 200 to it and won the car they have when you win a certain auction ... with EBay ... I've NEVER seen that, if people dint win, they shrug there shoulders, try to find what there looking for again, Bid low, keep watching it and see what happens, The Thrill with penny site is ... OMG I COULD WIN SOMETHING FOR HARDLY ANYTHING ... KEY WORD BEING COULD ... I much rather pay 70$ for say a Ipad .. that I KNOW IM GOING TO GET ... then 100$ for a 10$ gift card because allot of my credits went to things that other people won, If the penny auction site want to keep people happy, after bidding's done, whom ever lost should be able to get say all but 2 $ back, Call it a Bidding Fee or something, Taking someones money is stealing, taking someones money and never giving it back is called a scam, and hyping it up... that you'll win a xbox360 for 30$ ...but you have to sit at the computer and bid at just the right time, is BS !!! pure and simple ... so there cheats, stealer's and lyers ... SIMPLE AS THAT ... now I'm off to EBay, where I LOVE to bid small about on things and if i dint win, oh wll .. i only pay when i win !!! (( Side note I love beads and i can get beads in every style shape and material for 10 Cents for 100 beads ... i got my 5yo a HUGE box of clothing 8 jeans 3 sweatshirts, a coat, snow-pants, 9 long sleeve shirts and 4 legging outfits ... for 40$ !!! ))) I'm sorry Bid Cactus . I refuse to be taken for a fool, , , keep your phony auctions, or if people lose give them there money back, if you do, i think people will bid allot more and sites like this wont exist

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