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Bluegreen Resorts

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Bluegreen Resorts

Aceubanks Send email
Apr 12, 2016

Bluegreen Timeshare

We were "suckered" into buying a small timeshare a few years back - to this day we have not used it but are paying way too much to have it. Does anyone know a legit way to get out of this Bluegreen Timeshare??
LInkelrev Send email
Nov 6, 2015

Deception/High Pressure

Pressured into buying, promised a lot, got minimal and paying out the nose!

High pressure Sales / Kept us there for hours, pressured us to buy because rates would change
Promised around $200 in maintenance fees -- actual fees are around $700 and continue to gain
Promised to buy back contract if we couldn’t afford -- they will not
Promised timeshare would gain value -- it is worthless, sells on ebay for 50cents
Promised us a free week of vacationing every year.
Promised we got a great deal and they would sell it for us at a higher rate and we would make
Promised that scheduling would be simple and availability was good.
Promised stays in presidential suits - units were outdated
Promised we could stay at any RCI resort for 3,000 points and $25 per night./ and gave us vouchers that were worthless
jeff polson Send email
Jun 2, 2014

bluegreen vacations visa debit cards

Once again we are given a card to listen to their sales pitch. One hour of our time (bull) We have had to listen to 6 hours of our time while on a supposedly vacation or they would charge our credit card $150.00. My husband and I make about $41.00 dollars an hour and they give you $25.00 for going. We sat in Gatlinburg the first time for over two and half hours they gave us a $50.00 visa bluegreen vacations card but was not able to use it the card wasn't any good. We took it to Missouri to show them they told us wasn't anything they could do about it. They gave us a $25.00 one for listening to another two almost three hours presentation. It's not any good I contacted Bluegreen and was told this isn't their problem it's not their cards. Hmm Says bluegreen Vacations on the card. I kept this one as I am going to contact the better business bureau in Missouri on it and the better business bureau in Tennessee. While in Missouri we got the run around that all our problems we're someone else's fault. When we explained this they pulled out a contract we had signed. The CIA have nothing on these people. Pressure is something else with them. I was never so glad to get out of this Timeshare and will never go back into one. Thanks Bluegreen for making this such a miserable experience in every way.
User928755 Send email
Apr 8, 2012

Scam and cheating!

Thank GOD for this message board! It just saved me from making a bad decision with BG. Gotta love the internet!
User Send email
Mar 30, 2012

Scam and cheating!

My husband and I were ALMOST scammed by Bluegreen resorts. We paid 20.00 (refundable) after we listened to their PROMISED 90-minute presentation on the company (SCAM). However, my husband and I ended up there 5 and a half hours. Needless to say we signed up for their sampler plan after not being able to afford the highly priced 25,000 plan they offered first... then, 13,000 plan... that was over our budget the next plan was 5,000 which was still too high... then them FINALLY offering us the sampler plan that was 1,000 more in our price range.

We sat down to sign the paperwork that basically finalized this scam. The woman explained the details that were completely (omitted) from the conversation with the sales rep. We quickly found out when speaking with this woman who was finalizing our plan that this one-year plan (sampler) was ACTUALLY only active for 10 months because you cannot book vacations for the first 40-60 days because it takes that long to get you in the system. Then we find out all holidays and June, July & August are out as well. People on the sampler plan cannot book during these dates. So in all reality there is only a small limited time (if any) that we would be able to use these points. The topping on the cake of this story was while going through these MAJOR details left out by the sales rep. my husband asks to talk to the sales manager. The manager tells him he can help us during those times we want to go in August. He then looks over the divider and makes sure no one else is in the room and says "I'm not suppose to do this but here is my cell phone number. Call me in 3 days and we will work out the details on dates etc. Well... we left signing up for this plan. As soon as we got out of there we instantly called and told Bluegreen we changed our mind. We looked over the paperwork and saw that we had EXACTLY 3 days to write a letter to the headquarters in Florida to CANCEL THE CONTRACT. The interesting thing here is that the manager said to wait 3 days so conveniently so that it would be TOO LATE to cancel. I'm glad we read the fine print and took action. Today, 2 weeks later Bluegreen credited our account the money they took 2 weeks ago. I hope this helps you if you read this in time.

Paul & Heather.
User925450 Send email
Mar 30, 2012

Scam and cheating!

Okay - I was just called the other day (within 3 days) to come listen to the 90-120 tour with the Orlando option and a free cruise later. After reading these reviews, I called the number I was given by the person and was able to get through immediately and spoke to someone who took my information and said my credit card would be refunded in 7 to 10 days if not sooner. So, I will wait and see if Vacation Tour and Travel does it's part and cancels this "deal" in a timely manner. The person I spoke to was polite, did not push me with my reasons, and now I will see if this is removed from my charge card.
User192144 Send email
Mar 28, 2012


Hi Lets be Honest:

Let's discuss, why did you buy your timeshare and how much research did you do in advance. Or, did you go on a free weekend to get free gifts and you were tricked?

I have an idea that I might know your answer... I love reading comments from people about being "tricked" into buying. Too funny!
Send email
Mar 21, 2012

I would love to get rid of it

I purchased a time share from Bluegreen for Big Cedar Lodge and have never been able to stay there. They are always booked. When I tried to list it thru others, I never received any calls. They won't buy it, even for what I paid for it. They no longer rent out our points for us so we can at least make back our maintenance fees. This is not fair to the owners. We pay out the nose in purchasing the ownership and pay high maintenance fees and taxes. Does anyone know of anything we can do?
Bruce Carpenter Send email
Mar 21, 2012

I would love to get rid of it

I bought it willingly but just want to get rid of it. I don't care how it works, I don't care if I checked any box. I look at it like if I had smoked when I was young and than ended up with cancer 30 years later. This crap even follows you through the grave. at least with most things in life if you die its gone. Yes I screwed up and now I cant give it away. They should rename it the Hotel California. Maybe if someday I can win a major lottery ill have enough money to pay someone to take it off my hands. The voluntary ARDA-ROC-PAC is a lobbying group that keep consumers from being able to get congressional help with this. anybody want 8000 Blue-Green Points. Let me know how much you'll charge and we'll probably be able to make a deal.
BamboozledbyBG Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Please we need to get the word out!!! Good ! Wish I had seen this before. My life is now a living nightmare thanks to Bluegreen.
Moonj74 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I've started a Facebook page in the hopes of starting a class action lawsuit like the one in Pennsylvania. Were you lied to at your sales pitch? Join the movement to get a class action lawsuit going. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_180578055325962

No matter what the contract says the sales pitch must be honest or it is ILLEGAL! End of story. It’s not the fault of the consumer who has been swindled. Christmas mountain sales staff makes the characters of Glengarry Glen Ross look like saints. Deceptive sales practice are also illegal in most states.

Federally it is illegal to engage in deceptive sales practices. A sale is deceptive if it.

1. Represents that goods or services have sponsorship, approval, characteristics, ingredients, uses, benefits, or qualities that they do not have. (How many were convinces they would receive some service they did not receive? The ability to rent points via blue greens web page.)

2. Represents that goods or services are of particular standard, quality, or grade, or that goods are of particular style or model, if they are of another. (How many were shown the cleanest and best unit only to find that all the other units are not as nice)

3. Disparages the goods, services, or business of another by false or misleading misrepresentation of fact (How many were told how that “other” time share was so horrible?”)

4. Makes false or misleading statements of fact concerning the reasons for, existence of, or amounts of price reductions. (How many were told that there bonus weeks were being “thrown in” as a means to get them to buy. Every time you said no, they offered to throw in something that really came with every sale.)

5. Engages in any other conduct which similarly creates the likelihood of confusion or of misunderstanding. (How many knew exactly what they were getting from the sales pitch? Not the contract signing, but the sales pitch)

That's just to mention a few. If you had any of these happen to you, then BG broke federal law, The Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act, and most likely state laws as well. Furthermore the Pennsylvania judge ordered them to STOP.

I’ll be starting a Facebook page for people who want to join the class action law suit to go to. And taking out ads on face book to gather people. Alone you are just a swindled owner. United we can bring a case all the way to the federal level.
Lets Be Honest Send email
Feb 23, 2012



Another Blueturd payroll jerkoff!!! Just like Lord Dinkhole!!! The complaint, since this is a "COMPLAINT BOARD", is the way the sell their product, it's all lies. Once they get your money they do actually nothing accept hound you for more money... Every location offers a welcome event with either breakfast or lunch, or some kind of BS to get you to come. Once their, it's just like the original visit when they first signed you up. Here, we'll give you more points for this amount, or we'll upgrade you for this, and throw in this. But when you need their help with anything, they turn their back or become invisible to the consumer and your pretty much on your own. If you don't have deep pockets, they don't want your business. If you want to sell, they all go screaming in the other direction, then when you can't pay your dues due to jacked up MF, which are BS, then they foreclose and your stuck with a bad credit report for 7-10 years. The BS part of it is, your not actually paying for a piece of damn property, so their foreclosing on what, some BS address they gave you when you first signed???
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam and lies

This past June, my husband and I went with our four young children to the "Fishing Store" (a.k.a. Bass Pro Shop) in Columbia, Missouri. While there, we were approached by a salesman named Brian, who enthusiastically invited us to enjoy a luxurious family vacation at the Bass Pro Shop's premier resort in Branson, MIssouri. For just $59 up-front, we could enjoy two nights' accommodations at Big Cedar resort. PLUS we would receive two $25 Bass Pro Shops gift cards! The only catch was, that we must agree to attend a 90-minute tour of Big Cedar resort during our stay so that we could "see how great it was" and "tell our friends all about it". We took the bait, coughed up the 59 bucks and scheduled our resort vacation. We picked the first weekend in October for the trip.

The time for our much-anticipated vacation finally arrived. We followed our G.P.S. to the address on our reservation confirmation letter, which took us through downtown Branson and led us straight to... the Radisson? What? This can't be right. Where's Big Cedar Lodge? This looks nothing like the website. Where's the horseback riding? Where's the lake with the canoes? Where's the mini-golf course? Where are the heated pools? No, this certainly was not a mountain resort lodge. This was a downtown Radisson hotel, with nothing but a few landscaping rocks and bushes for scenery. We were perplexed.

My husband pulled out his cell phone and dialed the phone number the salesman at Bass Pro gave us. The woman who answered the phone said that the particular salesman who sold us the vacation no longer works there. We spoke with a supervisor. The supervisor said that he was sorry about the "misunderstanding", but while the 90-minute time share presentation was indeed at the Big Cedar Resort, our accommodations were at the Radisson in downtown Branson. Woah. We certainly were not expecting that. Nothing had ever been mentioned about our accommodations being anywhere but at Big Cedar. What a disappointment! Now, don't get me wrong. The Radisson is a nice hotel. We probably would have been fine staying there if we hadn't already spent months perusing Big Cedar's website, making plans and telling our kids all about fishing at the lake, swimming in the heated pool and playing mini-golf for three days and two nights. What was there to do at the Radisson?

Since the manager at Bass Pro couldn't help us, we decided to try the Bluegreen employees at the Radisson. We explained to the nice ladies at the desk all about the dishonest salesman at Bass Pro, and how we had a very clear understanding that we were supposed to be actually staying at the Big Cedar Resort, not just touring it. The sympathetic desk-workers were determined to make things right, and managed to find us a room at the Roaring River Lodge at the Big Cedar Resort! What a relief! Now we were ready to begin our vacation!

Our 90-minute tour was scheduled to begin at 12:30 the next day. There was a supervised play area provided for our oldest three children to stay in while we attended the presentation with our 1-year-old daughter. We started out in a little room full of people where a sales rep named Keith told us all about the points program, and how we could use our points to stay at any Bluegreen resort, or exchange them to use at countless other worldwide resorts and cruise lines. Everything sounded great, and my husband and I were both getting excited about the idea of "vacation ownership". We were then handed over to our own personal tour guide named Michael Scott (no, seriously, that was his name) who showed us a couple of lodge rooms and told us what everything would cost. The 90-minutes we were planning to spend on the "tour" came and went and we were still hearing the pitch. TWO AND A HALF HOURS LATER... we were finally done, only after saying "no" to as many different "final offers" as one might expect to hear from a used car salesman. It was really rather infuriating. Even though my husband and I both kind of liked the "point" system that allowed members to stay at different resorts all over the world at any time of the year, what we didn't like, was that the "charter" that would allow us to use the "points" the way we wanted to, was only effective if we agreed to buy into the program THAT DAY. If we waited until we were actually able to go home and think things over, or until a little later down road when we had paid off some of our student loans, we would lose the ability to stay at any of the other resorts and we would only be able to vacation at Big Cedar. So, even if we might have been tempted to invest in Bluegreen's system of "vacation ownership", the mere fact that they were pressuring us to buy in now or never was enough to turn us off entirely. It didn't help either that the offer kept getting better and better each time we said "no". Points that started out costing over $3 a piece dropped in price to $2, then $1, and finally we were offered to enter into a "trial period" where we could purchase 9, 000 single-use "trial" points for $900 with the option to buy into the ownership program at any time during the next 12 months and still get the charter to use points at other resorts... oh wait... but earlier he said that if we didn't buy TODAY there was NO WAY we could ever get the Charter. The entire sales pitch was completely misleading. From the first representative at Bass Pro who told us we were going on a promotional tour and staying at Big Cedar, all the way down to the last offer that Michael Scott put on the table, we felt that we were intentionally being deceived. Michael kept saying that he didn't want to pressure us to buy, but then he would get up and talk to his "supervisor" and come back with a bigger and better offer, pretending like he was surprised at how great the offer was. How stupid does he think we are, really? It was offensive. I honestly believe that we would have been much more likely to buy into the program if we had actually gotten a 90-minute tour of the grounds and amenities, not just a cheesy sales presentation, and if we had been allowed time to consider our finances, and talk to other people who had invested with Bluegreen. The product sounds really good, and the system of "points" is appealing. Why must they go and ruin it all by trying to milk people for all that they can get and flat out lie to them about what they can or can't get in a package? It's infuriating.

My recommendation: Say what you mean and mean what you say. Put everything on the table up front. Give people their options, including the year "trial" period, if they want, and then allow them time to think about it. If it's really a good product, they will want it as much tomorrow as they do today. Then, maybe you won't have to crank 100 people a day through cheesy, insincere presentations in order to get a sale.
HarrySeagoon Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Scam and lies

Here's a better link: http://www.howtocancelyourtimeshare.com

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