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BFitz Send email
May 22, 2012

300 clients 2 sides to every story

FACT: Prospecting isn’t new… nor is it complicated!

FACT: We have hundreds of clients that love the service that we provide. Clients that love the tens of thousands of dollars that they’ve made working with us! Anyone who is interested in our service can talk to as many of these references as they need to so they don’t lose out on taking listing after listings simply because a handful of agents out of hundreds choose to tell their one sided story on sites like this.

FACT: As I type this, we have over 300 agents in our prospecting schedule and by comparison we have had very, very few complaints.

FACT: In today’s day and age, most companies have people that complain on web sites like this. The only reason I took the time to reply was so that a handful of people with a single sided story can’t rob you of what others have called the single best investment they’ve ever made.

FACT: YOU ARE SMART! Simply read my reply and ask yourself… Does what I wrote make sense? This is my side of the story.

MY REPLY is very simple. Just think for a moment about what we do. We Call. We are telemarketers “calling” for sale by owners and expired listings. Prospecting isn’t complicated at all. If you’d like to see what our prospecting looks like watch this video…


If you hired a telemarketer to work form your office, what would they do? What would you do? You would give them a list of people to call… they would call and set appointments and you’d make the presentation, handle the seller’s objections and get the listing. Right? Prospecting isn’t complicated.

So why do some agents that have a problem with this? We have set thousands of appointments for real estate agents there are four mistakes that agents make which end up causing them complain on sites like this. Decide for yourself who is at fault.

We do not want our telemarketers to be the real estate “expert.” That is the job of the agent. Our telemarketers do not discuss the current market conditions with a seller. Our telemarkters do not discuss home prices with a seller. Our telemarkters do not handle seller’s objections or answers a seller’s questions about the home selling process. We let the agent be the agent and we simply make the appointment.

This is an actual example of a typical appointment that was sent to one of our clients… then listed and then sold!

Nana is already moved into her new home. She married her husband in August and they decided that he had the larger home, so they would move into his. Her home is now vacant, and she moved about a mile away.

2. IS YOUR HOME CURRENTLY LISTED WITH A REAL ESTATE AGENT? No. The listing expired at the end of February, and Nana was very unhappy with the results from her realtor. She thought about leaving the home off of the market, but decided against that because she is extremely motivated to sell.

Nana is already in her new home, and she wants this home sold as soon as possible.

$307,900. She would like advice on her asking price though. She told me that she thinks she may have been overpriced because her agent started her at $316,000. She wants to make sure she is priced where she should be to get the home sold.

As of October, Nana still owed $171,000. She has still been making payments on the home, so it is less than that now.

She hasn't even thought about that option. Right now, she really just wants to get the home sold and be free from it.

7. ARE YOU INTERVIEWING ANY OTHER AGENTS? Not at the moment. Jeremy will be the first since her listing expired.
Yes. She is extremely motivated to get this home sold, so if she thinks that Jeremy will be more productive for her than her last agent, she will definitely re-list with them.

Again, prospecting isn’t new nor is it complicated. The four most common mistakes that an agent will make using our service are…

1. The agent is too BUSY to actually do what it takes to follow up with a seller and convert the listing. Expired listings and for sale by owners are being called by a lot of great agents every day. It is very competitive and our telemarketers have had to stand out just to get the appointment for our clients. We IMMEDIATELY send the appointment to the agent but if that agent doesn’t follow up right away and confirm the appointment… what do you think happens next? If the agent doesn’t call back for days or in many cases even weeks then the seller doesn’t even remember that we ever called or loses interest and cancels the appointment. Without diligent follow up… generating that appointment was a waste of time. This is a challenge for some of our highest producers. They may earn six and even seven figures selling real estate but if they are too busy to follow up with our appointments then they are not going to get listings. Most of our agents will follow up right away, solidify the appointment and take the listings.

2. The second challenge that can be a problem with some of the higher producers is that they are already “buying leads” from so many other sources. Some have hundreds of leads from in their systems form lead generation services, web sites and services, marketing services, mailing services, call capture services… etc. The bottom line is that those top agents have so many leads that they don’t value nor follow up diligently with the expired listings and FSBO appointments that we set for them. In most cases this type of agent couldn’t even provide any feedback on an appointments that we set for them because they NEVER even looked at the e-mail with the appointment to begin with.. I don’t have a problem with an agent having far more leads than they can handle but unlike these other sources of leads, my team may have spent 3 to 4 hours and invested hundreds of dials to finally set that appointment. If they are too busy to open their e-mail or follow up with the seller to confirm the appointment then they aren’t going to like that I hold them accountable for not doing their job. This is a partnership and they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain. Most of are clients understand that it takes a lot of hours, dials and contacts to set these appointments and the value them as such and take listings.

3. The most common problem that I’ve seen after setting thousands of appointments for real estate agents is that some simply don’t have the skill it takes to convert a prospecting based lead. The first question that we ask every potential client is have they worked with expired listings and for sale by owners in the past? They are not “come list me” referrals. It is not difficult to handle basic objections about the seller’s price expectations or the fact that the seller may have a friend in the business but an agent doesn’t want to hear that other agents are listing the same type of appointments day in and day out. It is easier to simply “trash” our appointments because the seller had some basic objections rather then educate the sellers and take listings. I’ve spent more than a decade coaching agents and the bottom line is that if they can’t help a seller see the benefit of listing with them then they are going to have to stick with working with buyers. There was an agent that posted that we sent him 52 appointments and he didn’t take a listing so the program is a scam. Never once did it cross his mind that he only helped prove my point. We can set the appointments but we can’t take the listings. Most agents in our program would have listed at least a dozen of the exact same appointments. Again, only a handful of the hundreds of clients we are prospecting for complain at all.

4. Finally, how about common sense! If you hire a telemarketer you’ll need to provide them with phone numbers... If you don’t want an appointment in a particular area, don’t put that seller on your list… If you want to be in the call schedule this week, make sure we have your numbers in time… We work on referrals so you will have to communicate when you take listings or we will stop calling until you do…

When an agent writes a post that says they only received a few appointments… they never tell you that they haven’t sent in their prospect list in months and ignored every attempt to get feedback on any listings they have taken. There is ALWAYS more to the story.

Imagine a site like this for your sellers. The seller wants way more for the home than it is worth… they refused all the advice you gave them about the market and price reductions but they still went online to complain that you didn’t do anything to sell their house and that people should beware of listings with you. You’d simply direct them to sellers who took your advice and were thrilled with your service! If you are still unsure about our service, e-mail me and I’ll arrange for you to talk to as many agents as it takes to see that they are making thousands and thousands of dollars with us and so can you!

Bob Fitzgerald

This is a copy of a recent communication attempting to coach one of our clients:
User747901 Send email
Apr 9, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

We wanted to follow up on our first post from June 2, 2011 with the current results from the Fitzgerald’s leads program. As a review we paid $5, 000.00 up front for the program. This was to get us 10 leads that we would then split compensation with the Fitzgerald group. A win-win program. We have continued to subscribe to Landvoice for Expired and FSBO leads at $60.00 per month. These leads are sent to the Fitzgerald group for their team to call. We wanted to give this program time to produce results and try to achieve a decent ROI. Fitzgerald did not produce enough leads to make that happen even though we’re in Arizona with our fair share of Expired and FSBO listings. As of this date we have received less than ½ lead per month and some of these leads when called advised us that they were not interested in selling their home. A couple of leads were terribly upside down, in financial distress, and it was too late in the game for a short sale. I do not expect the Fitzgerald team to identify that kind of detail but just saying that the lead was dead on arrival. We love the idea of the program. Get us the valid leads - Our probability of success rate is high, so we have a good chance to have a great long term business relationship with the Fitzgerald group.

Now for those of you that might say we did not follow up, etc., let me say that year after year we have been at a minimum, the recipient of the triple gold award. For those of you familiar with Keller Williams Realty you know what that means. For those of you with other companies it suggest that we are a successful team.

We’re very disappointed we could not make this work. The Fitzgerald program simply would not delivery on their commitment. One of my concerns during this time was that we received a call from another agent with another company in Scottsdale, AZ and they wanted feedback on Fitzgerald. They shared with us the Fitzgerald promised them multiple leads each week. I had to tell them that was an interesting statement because we were not even getting 1 lead per month and we would be competing for the same FSBO and Expired listings. I called Cheri Washburn, a manager for the Fitzgerald team and she advised that they add additional agents in the area based on the available leads and Bob Fitzgerald manages that process. I emailed Bob Fitzgerald a couple of times with no response. My last email to Mr. Fitzgerald was on Thursday, January 19, 2012, at 1:35 PM MST. Still no response.

We received another call from another KW agent here in the Valley and she was told that when she asked for a reference from someone in the Valley that they did not have anyone working this are so it would be a great opportunity for her. We did check several references for Fitzgerald before we started the program and they did not have anything negative to say so perhaps the program is working for some but certainly the leads do not exist here in Arizona or we should have received them as part of the Fitzgerald program.

We wish we would have checked with the Better Business Bureau as well. We would have seen the current rating. On a scale of A+ to an F with F being the worst score, they are showing an F. It would have at least been a red flag telling us to research them further before entering into a contract. If I were to use the same rating system I would also grade them with an F.

There is more to this but I will include that in my Active Rain blog with all the facts, figures, and the names of the other agents that called me that have given me permission to use their name in the article. I will not use any information from any of these person that cannot produce authentic documentation to substantiate their statement. The purpose of this will is provide our experience that we had with Fitzgerald. It will just provide another piece of information. Those who are looking for references of Fitzgerald will have ours to add to anything else they find so they can make their own decision.

In closing, we cannot recommend Fitzgerald and their leads program. Read our Active Rain blog and you’ll have a much better understanding with facts, figures and dates included. BBB Rating is attached in a JPEG file.
User747901 Send email
Apr 9, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

The ScottsdaleAgent Article written on 4/9/2012 author is as follows:
Jeff Daley
Keller Williams Arizona Realty
Voice: 480-595-6412
User926984 Send email
Apr 3, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

I wish I would of found this web site 5 months ago, before I wasted $5, 000. I have had the same issues. They have sent me leads and I have NEVER MET any of them. They won't call back or they say they are not interested in listing. I agree that they badger the seller to the point that they give in just to get off the phone. I would be interested in a class action lawsuit also. Lisa, I also am a Keller Williams Agent. 724-933-8636.
EthicalAgent Send email
Mar 16, 2012

Elan Program

It's great that you have seen results but I think these other complaints show that the integrity of this company is in question. If you or I wrote a contract with a refund in it we would stand behind it. He does not. He hides like a coward and does not respond.
Unbiased Realtor Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Elan Program

I know with the Internet that word travels quickly. Unfortunately, it is the negative that always takes priority, hence the "complaint" board. Where are all the "Praise Boards"? I have worked with Fitzgerald Coaching for almost 8 months. I can honestly say that it is a service I will use for the rest of my career. I know I have a strong skill set as an agent and if I can get in front of motivated sellers looking to sell their home, I stand an extraordinary chance to take the listing.

What I tell other agents who ask me if they should join the service is simple, if you can sell yourself, do a great listing presentation and are able to educate the seller on price, there is no reason why you shouldn't join. I would be inclined to think if you are even somewhat of a decent listing agent you already do this!

Additionally, to date I have taken 21 Listings and have closed 11, 4 sales pending, 3 that sellers won't agree to a price reduction and 3 are still on the market. The great thing is that the 3 that wont reduce their price will be replaced at no additional cost.

I purchased the 25 Listings/Closed transaction package for 10k, let's just say that my first deal I closed from my partnership with Fitzgerald Coaching was $388, 000. I made all but 700 dollars back on my 10k investment. The other 10 I have already is purely profit. I still have 14 closings left!

My family and I sincerely thank you Fitzgerald Coaching!
EthicalAgent Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Elan Program

I have had the same issue with him. His contract states that he will give a refund if you are not satisfied but as soon as you complain all communication stops. This guy is a scam artist and with the help of the Internet will be out of business soon.
Fitzgeraldcoaching.com Send email
Mar 2, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

I am an agent in So. Car. and I can tell you one thing, Fitzgerald will take your money and that the end of their servics. In about 3 months I received about 4-5 leads that were worthless. I an searching for a plaintiff attorney, call me, if you would to join or with your thoughts.S.C Broker-John-843-503040
Dave Sordelet Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

I was lucky enough to read the complaints before I signed up. Thank you for that. We have been scammed before. On the other hand, How do you get these assholes to stop calling? After we first looked at the program and decided it was too risky, I asked them not to call me again. Well, I can count on a all from them every thirty days. I have requested every time to not be called again. They act dumb!!
Maybe that is why they are getting shittly listing leads for the folks who have signed upo for this program. If they bug the shit out of the seller, the seller will eventually say yes to an appointment, just to shut up the telemarketer!!!
Lisa And Alli Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

Bob Fitzgerald coaching is a total scam. I signed up and haven't gotten one viable lead. I have gotten a few that are an hour or two away and below the price range I would consider taking. Do Not sign up. I am in the process of hiring a collegue of mine to sue. Please let me know if anyone wants to join in on a class action suit.

Lisa Miller, Esquire
Realtor/Member Master Brokers Forum
Keller Williams Elite Properties
Don B. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Elan Program

They will not give you your money back. They won't even talk with you about it. Bob Fitzgerald doesn't care about you therefore I would just take him to court.
Rima North Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Elan Program

Taking a listing from a for sale by owner is not a quick fix. It takes time and patience and not everyone wants to do it. My complaint is not the difficulty taking the leads - I can do that but I need to have the opportunity. Bob has expanded his program too fast and does not have the man hours to provide the service he is contracting to provide. It's amazing that in a service industry he and his staff do not understand that it is all about service. I'm not getting the opportuinities as pormised. When I spoke to the people from Fitzgerald coaching I was led to believe that I would get at least 6 to 10 leads a month. I am getting 2 or less and nothing in the last month and a half.. With an average of one valid lead for every six that means one opportunity every 3 months. And no one lists every valid lead. That's not enough to justify the $5000 I paid. Now they are starting a new program proportedly leaving those of us who have signed up and not been able to recoup our money with no resolution. The new program is $1500 per month for calls every day - that's what they promised with the old program. ???? Why should anyone sign up when they are not performing on the original contract. ??? I can list these people but I cant do anything if I don't get the leads. What hurts the most is that they sold me based on the affiliation with my real estate company. Shame on them because they need to fix the problem not abandon those whose money they have taken. Any ideas on how to actually talk to someone in charge would be appreciated.
MadRealtor Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

Beware of the Bob Fitzgerald expired listing program. Bob's sales staff are targeting top producing agents around they country. The sales pitch is that they will call all of the expired seller listings and for sale by owners in your area and set appointments for you. The promise is that you will take 10 listings in 90 days. I was told that they pre-qualify all of these appointments and I all needed to do was basically show up to the appointment they scheduled and sign the listing agreement. Bob's staff will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to sign up. They charge you $5, 000 up front and a 20% referral fee. This sounds great. It has now been over 7 months and I have yet to take a single listing. Nearly every appointment that Bob's staff set for me was complete garbage. The did absolutely no pre-qualifying on these sellers. Many of the appointments were set in areas that I don't service. Nearly every seller appointment I called had no intention of listing with me when I showed up. In fact, they were completely unrealistic or unmotivated to sell. Many of them were completely underwater on their mortgages and had no intentions of short selling or listing. In 7 months Bob's team averaged less than 2 appointments per month!! All of them were garbage. I was told that Bob's team would be calling the expired list every day. I was lucky if they call 1 day out of the whole week or month. I even sent them lists to call for the past 6 months. They never called any of them. When I confronted Bob about the complete failure of his commitment to produce 10 listings in 90 days he said they never promised them in 90 days. He said I paid $5, 000 for a 90 day coaching program... Not only did I never received any coaching whatsoever, I also never received any listings. Who in their right mind would pay $5, 000 for a coaching program. Their agreement which I will attach is a scam. It looks like it is 10 listings in 90 days. However, they can skew it another way. Bob said he doesn't care if it takes his team 5 years to get 10 listings. When I asked for a refund Bob became completely defensive and rude. I even offered to take a loss of half. He has not responded. As of today I have not received a lead in over 2 weeks again. The last one they sent claimed to be a "Hot Lead". When I called the seller she wouldn't even consider listing her home again with a Realtor. She only wanted to be a for sale by owner and wouldn't budge. Any fool can setup an appointment for me to call them back. All Bob's team is doing is setting appointments for me to call the seller back. Then when I call them back they are un-qualified and unrealistic about selling. I might as well be calling these people myself. The service is a scam. If you google Bob's name you will find other postings of previous business scam's he has run on people. I also posted this to my facebook account in which other Realtors across the country and also claiming that they have been scammed the same way. Also, since I was a top producing Realtor Bob starting using my name to get other Realtors to sign up for his service. I hadn't even used them yet and didn't give them permission. BEWARE!!
Rima North Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Charged $5000 for services not delivered

Bob help please. I can and have list but have received less then 2 leads per month. Despite this I have listd 4 one is withdrawing when I have a full price offer that lets them not have to do a short sale nothing I can do because they won't sign the contract of sale, another won't reduce would have to be a short sale, the third took a wile but I listd and sold. All the other leads were not valid - don't ask me about the spouse who threatened my life if I came over as scheduled to do the listing presentation, My results are there. What do I need to do to get you to give me the phone time to provide me the leads as the contract provides. You've given me 11 lead in 5 months. I have other issues bu if you can provide the leads and appointments I can list them How do I get you to fulfill your end of the contract?
Don B. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Elan Program

Bob promises 10 listings in 180 days for $5, 000 upfront cost. He is suppose to generate appointments by calling FSBO and Expires but he doesn't make the calls. He claims he calls 3 - 5 times a week. I was lucky he called once every 3 weeks. Big scam and don't be caught in the lies. You won't get anything he stated in his contract and will not give you a refund. If you take him to court he won't even defend his service. Funny thing I argued with him about the his service via email because he won't talk on the phone, I took him to court and then they called me back to sign up with them again. Are you kidding me! They didn't deliver the first time and took my money. Still waiting on those 8 listings they owe me. HUGE SCAM KEEP YOUR MONEY!
Ima Agent Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Elan Program

Were you able to collect from the law suit or has he found a way to stall that?
Don B. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Elan Program

He hasn't paid as of today. There is a judgement against him and I don't believe he would ever pay because he is a scam artist but I would still file the suit.

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