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Buffalo Wild Wings

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Buffalo Wild Wings

AmberLG20 Send email
Feb 8, 2014


I was a customer one day and one of the employees Dominic was very rude to me. He specifically said bye Felicia. I know that he meant it as an insult. I had a specific order because of my allergies and he was being completely rude for no reason. I left a tip though because he seemed like he was going through some issues. I hope you give him a serious talking to. He really deserves serious punishment after his very poor service.
Stan Send email
Mar 8, 2012


I worked for Buffalo Wild Wings. They are thefts, they make you tip out 4% -3% of total sales to the salary paid managers... Some one needs to put a stop to it. Us as servers don't make any money as it is and they turn around and make us give them our hard earned money.. "even to the GM" Can someone please tell me whats wrong with this picture. Oh by the way its the Buffalo wild wings in Alabaster Alabama... Oh did i forget to tell you that also they make you work off the clock, and they shave your hours so that they don't have to give you a pay check..
Ben4632 Send email
Mar 8, 2012


try working for a gm that is 22 and all he sees is the money signs.. there is no proper sanitation followed servers eat off of customers trays before taking it to the table. not to mention i never see any waitstaff wash their nasty as hands before doing any food running prepping or nothing. the gm is also sleeping with waitstaff.. he doesn't enforce any of the policies set forth. i work in the kitchen i have had my hrs shaved but i had my printed time tapes that i print out every time i clock out, when i was getting shorted hrs on my check once i started printing out my time slips at clock out it stopped after 2 checks. i still print them out today... and yes the the tip out is unfair. our store the waitstaff have to tip out to the bar... i don't know the % but even if they don't have any tables that order a drink from the bar they have to still give a % to the bar? how is that fair.. and anytime i put an order in the window to be ran for the bar no waitstaff will run it and i don't blame them...
Your Mom Knows Best Send email
Mar 8, 2012


If you don't like the terms of your employment, work somewhere else...
Gloria Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Bad service

On February 11, 2009 myself and my family dined at Buffalo Wild Wings in Colonial Heights, VA. Upon trying one of the wings I ordered, I didn't like the taste and kindly asked to exchange them for another flavor. Mind you I only had six wings. When told by my waitress, Deanna, "no, because the business is trying to save money", I asked to speak with a manager. So the manager named Wayne came to the table and very abruptly said "we don't take food back just because the customer doesn't like it. We're in the business of making money. Do you know how much we would lose if we took back everything our customers didn't like?" I replied in saying "well isn't the main goal of the restaurant business customer service?" Wayne replied saying "again we're in the business of making money." completely disregarding the issue of customer service. Then he stated "generally what we do is when a customer doesn't like their chicken, we put it in grease at 350 degrees until the sauce runs off, then dip the same wings in a new sauce for you." I asked "isn't that unsanitary? and "so you're telling me a customer can bite off of a piece of chicken, take it out of their mouth, ask for a new sauce, and you dip it in re-used grease, then in sauce thats supposed to be for new food, and bring it back out?" He immediately said "yes, claiming the temperature of the grease kills germs while taking off the unwanted sauce." This means the grease and sauce they are using contains bacteria and germs from other customers mouths from unwanted food. This is unacceptable as well as unsanitary. When asked how long this was going on, he said "well I wasn't supposed to tell you that much, but that's how we always do our chicken." Also added was to send them back and get a new sauce they charge you for a whole new set of chicken although you are really getting back the same chicken you already had. Something needs to be done about this practice and the unsanitary conditions of the food served.
Ben4632 Send email
Mar 8, 2012

Bad service

no she is right the one i work at i am asked to do that all the time but i never re fry something that has been served/ ate off of. i throw it away. ( i have my food sanitation license) i know better then to do that.. but the thing is if you are not sure about a sauce you are able to ask for a sample of that sauce before ordering it on your wings... esp if its a new sauce they are testing out... and my job has been threatened for wasting food because i won't re cook things ... but they have stopped were i work at due to that i threatened to make a formal complaint to the local health department
Send email
Mar 8, 2012

BWW Lost a VERY Loyal Customer

I went in to Buffalo wild wings at 10:00 p.m., the same time I usually come in at least twice a week. My party and I ordered our food and drinks and everything was going just fine (keeping in mind I never really expect GREAT service from BWW). But, even that is past the point because this complaint has nothing to do with the service I received. So, continuing on, last call was announced at about 10:40 and the bartender asked everyone in the area (maybe 3 others aside from my 5 person party) if they wanted anything more to drink. My friend had ordered a beer somewhere between five and ten minutes prior to last call, and he replied in an extremely sarcastic manner that he had ordered a beer 20 minutes ago. I must state here, again, that we all are regulars at this place. The bartender should really know our faces by now. Notwithstanding this fact, she made a smart comment back to my friend that was completely unnecessary. In response, he said, "What?", and she repeated her comment and then added on some. We were all caught very off guard and my friend responded in a serious tone that "He didn't appreciate her lip" and she responded that she didn’t “appreciated his lip eiher.” Now, I understand that he did not phrase his response well, but the bartender should have shut up by this point. But she didn't. She continued to hollar disrespectful comments across the room at my friend (with other customers watching). Finally, this "moment" culminated in her telling my friend that he could step outside- and he did just that (handing his card to a waitress to run his tab before he took off). At this point, everyone inside the bar was uncomfortable (you could have heard a pin drop). I did not even know what to do. I had never been so disrespected in a restaurant in my life by an employee, let alone a restaurant I visit at least two times a week. So, not really knowing what to do (talk to a manager or call corporate later) we all sat there and sipped on our drinks. When our waitress was going around cleaning tables, I pulled her aside and let her know how upset the whole event had left me and my party. She was a newer waitress there, so I very nicely let her know that we were regulars and that had I not been a regular she would have gotten a $0.00 tip (I did this in hopes that she might have a word with the bartender to shush and treat customers with respect after we took off). Keep in mind now that I did put a 30% gratuity on my check. After I shared my thoughts with her (truly in a calm voice cause I was still in shock), she agreed that everyone, even herself, was left feeling very awkward by the encounter. So, I thought all was done and she might have a word with her fellow employee to, maybe, be a decent employee (or something?). Well, it wasn't over yet. I'm sure it was clear what I was discussing with the waitress since I pulled her aside... so, 2 or 3 minutes later the manager appeared behind the bar with the bartender. They were openly talking trash about our entire party and the situation that had taken place in voices so that we could hear (we were the farthest party away from the bar so other customers could clearly hear as well). Can I state that again please- the MANAGER on duty as well as the bartender were talking trash about us and the incident with my friend earlier, right in front of our faces. Even though I didn't think I could be caught more off guard than I was before, it was horrible. I could not help but announce to them, "Are you serious?" The bartender responded, "You shouldn't come to a bar for customer service!" The manager laughed with her. [Let me say here that if you consider BWW a real bar, you have either no bar experience or just drink there every night (in front of the families that come in and eat dinner with their 2 year olds). If I was at a real bar and received this response I would have laughed because they would have "got me good" :-). And I do mean that whole heartedly.] My other friend then inquired, "Aren't you the manager?" The MANAGER responded in a yelling, animated, and unpleasant voice, "YES! I AM!" My friend and I who had split the tab of the table looked at each other, scratched out our tips (which, yes, were still on the check until this point), and walked out. When we got outside, we were still all dumbfounded as to what just happened. We stood outside and chatted about what had happened, and agreed that corporate needed a call tomorrow (today). From our chat I also learned that the MANAGER was outside smoking with another employee (a cigarette break, that's fine by me). But, while on this break I also learned that she was drinking a beverage that came from behind the bar (my friends had seen her get this; by the way- alcohol break, not fine by me). So, that wraps up my complaint. I have not yet delivered a complaint to corporation by phone or email, but thought this might be a good "brainstorming" exercise to help me figure out what I would say to them. Let me wrap this up by saying that I would gladly go back to BWW if I never saw those two employees again. It has been my and my friend's "watering hole" for some time now and everything has been fine until this. Please give feedback on any thoughts about what to do so that these employees receive more than a slap on the wrist. In my opinion they need to be fired (doesn't the manager do that? oh wait, that's right, the manager was included).
Ben4632 Send email
Mar 8, 2012

BWW Lost a VERY Loyal Customer

well just to let you know when you tip your waitstaff a % of that goes to the bartender... yes it is said to see the kinda of people they employ. were i work the gm is a money hunger ass there is no sanitation guidelines followed people who bust their butts to make the place better are treated like shit while the ones that make it worse get raises/promoted...

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