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Carls Jr

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

Makena321 Send email
Mar 30, 2016

Sexism in ads

It is absolutely disgusting seeing such sexualized advertisements on television. Seriously what kind of image are we putting out there for our daughters? Sex and food are two completely different things and there is no need to combine the two. It is absolutely horrific that large food corporations are using women's bodies to sell their product. Like if you can't sell food unless there's bikinis involved then there is something up with you're food and company. But I think that the worst part of this is that I am writing about the sexism in these commercials and how wrong they are and I'm only 12 years old. The fact that 12 year old children can see how awful this type of stuff is but the adults that put it out there can't? People these days are messed up!
noletm@msn.com Send email
Feb 12, 2016

Too Small

This latest advertisement dose no justest to the size of your product. Either he is an extremely large person or the portions you serve are extremely small, it looks like a one bite one gulp wonder.
kimmydeals916 Send email
Dec 2, 2015

disgusting sexual commercials

It is appalling that Carl's Jr uses disgusting sexual commercials in order to sell food...you've lost a customer and you should pull these adds. McDonald's doesn't resort to this type of publicity and advertising. If these type of commercials are what you need to do to sell food, your company is crap!
Mytwocents Send email
Nov 16, 2015

Using sex to sell food, pathetic

I hate you and everyone associated with your tasteless commercials showing how desperate you are to sell your tasteless food

You're all pigs

Hope you rot like your food does
Me me woman so there Send email
Nov 5, 2015

Sexist commercials

I can't decide which is more revolting, your sexist TV commercials or your revolting food.
Why gear your TV commercials for heterosexual men when 53% of the population is female?
Fire your ad department!
Carrieh82 Send email
Nov 2, 2015

Carl's Jr and Hardees sexist commercials

I cringe every time any Carl's Jr. or Hardee's commercial comes on because it seems every single one of them is perverse. Not only are these commercials appropriate for children, they are inappropriate for regular television. My family and I will not eat at Carl's Jr. or Hardees for this reason. Even if I didn't have children, I would find these ads completely sexist. I really don't understand why a fast food joint would use this type of sexual advertising to sell burgers. The quality of your food should be enough to sell it without the sexual implications. It is completely unacceptable and degrading especially in this age of supposed gender equality. It even makes my husband feel awkward because it's obviously degrading to women and he has both a wife and little girl to consider in the future.
lacasse1 Send email
Oct 31, 2015

Sexist commercial

I used to love Hardee's when the company used-the family friendly Hurry on Down to Hardee's jingle.
Now for some reason you use sex to sell burgers. It is gross to mix sex and food together so I don't understand the use of large breasted scantily clad women to sell food.
Do you need the distraction? The Hardee's product is a good one so why use these type of commercials to sell your food?
As a woman who has been sexually abused and molested since I can remember and had to hear catcalls or have these horny men stalk me in public I can't understand why a restaurant chain would show these commercials to the public to further dehumanize and demoralize women.
I remember seeing a talk show and a sex offender had raped women and children and he explained why he did and he said he only viewed them as anatomy and not a person.
When you make these commercials you contribute to babies and women getting raped and killed because you reduce a female to an anatomy.
ihateknuckledraggers Send email
Oct 27, 2015

TexMex on Hulu

Used to take the family to Hardees and Carl Jr but after a few weeks of oversaturation of those Tex-mex commercials on Hulu, never again.

Trying to watch tv with my wife and daughters with this kind of low-brow "sex sells" technique in our faces makes me want to take your company president out and hit him in the face with that volleyball.

Repeatedly. After filling it with loose change I'll now never spend at his fast-food chains. Seriously, though. Never again.
seashellmac1968 Send email
Oct 24, 2015

Carls JR's Sexist Commercials are Embarrassing and Revolting

My family and I are so disgusted with the sexual exploided commercials they seem to enjoy showing. This isn't a male dominated world any longer and we would appreciate it, if Carl's JR would quit using "women" to sell their meat! It's especially embarrassing in a room full of guys and/or children. What on earth are you teaching the younger generation? It's Fall for one thing so what does girls in very skimpy (and with oiled bodies) have to do with their new TexMex burger? Please STOP this.... it is very offensive. If you are selling food, then advertise food. If you are selling sex, then go on the Black market. PS> My family and friends refuse to eat at any Carl's Jr.... not that they care.
whatdat Send email
Oct 19, 2015

Tex Mex and other Carl's Jr Commercials

Each time I see the tex-mex commercial I am STUNNED. How could this even be effective advertising? What year is it? Am I in a time warp!?? I have had to try to explain this disgusting display of sexism to my 12 year old daughter several times. I do not think it is fair. My girl does not understand why I teach her that her brain is her most important asset, and there are women parading around in tiny bathing suits selling hamburgers!? Even though we like the all natural burgers, we no longer will go to Carl's Jr. because of these offensive commercials. Apparently, there needs to be a huge amount of backlash before the CEO will quit this sexist bs. It is really ignorant. BTW I have noticed in our city that one Carl's Jr. closed completely and two other ones never have any customers. Hmmmmn.
halloweencats Send email
Oct 18, 2015

Carl's jr commercials

As another person stated in their complaint, these commercials are absolutely humiliating. I work in a male dominated work place and when any of these commercials, I cringe. Please stop these commercials. There are many places available for the perves who want to see this trash!
rosiedoll Send email
Oct 17, 2015


What the hell is wrong with you people and the women doing these disgusting commercials? As a rape victim I am sickened by your exploitation of women. The women who participate should be ashamed. Do you realize families watch sports? You people are sick. You send the message that women should be disrespected. I hope every business you own closes.
kyiskool Send email
Oct 13, 2015

Inappropriate Carl's Jr. commercials

I cringe every time any Carl's Jr. commercial comes on. I do not find these ads appropriate for children. My family and I will not eat at Carl's Jr. for this reason. Even if I didn't have children, I would find these ads completely sexist. I really don't understand why a fast food joint would use this type of advertising. It is completely unacceptable and degrading. It is not like I am a feminist or anything. I enjoy watching sports and hanging with the guys. Can't you find a way to make your restaurant appealing to everyone??
NotImpressed Send email
Oct 11, 2015


The commercials Hardy's and Carl's Jr. decide to air are absolutely disgusting, and I don't think complaining does ANYTHING, since there has been many, many sexist ads. When will it end? I will never eat in your restaurants so long as your commercials are like this. Please, please change your ways. If you can't sell a burger without sex, I don't think you should own a restaurant.
talkingcircle Send email
Oct 11, 2015

Carl's Jr. Commerical Ads-Remove

Commercials - it's not HOOTERS!
Quit with the sexist commercials. Also the foods not that great.
Our family doesn't eat at Carl's because we feel their advertising is not wholesome.
Maybe they will go bankrupt spending all their money on commercials while people continue to
be turned off by the adds and food.
Suedowg22@yahoo.com Send email
Oct 11, 2015

Text mex burger Carl's Jr

Volleyball bottom shots of women from behind and below so as to look at female privates. Disgusting use of women as objects to sell your food. You embarrass me and my 16 year old daughter if we watch football. Very hostile to any women wanting to watch football. Picture yourself being a female in a room full of men and this commercial comes on? It doesnt feel good. It feels incredibly degrading, embarrassing. Stop. I'm complaining to NFL next.
Suedowg22@yahoo.com Send email
Oct 11, 2015

Commercial text mex burger

Volleyball bottom shots of women from behind and below so as to look at female privates. Disgusting use of women as objects to sell your food. You embarrass me and my 16 year old daughter if we watch football. Very hostile to any women wanting to watch football. Picture yourself being a female in a room full of men and this commercial comes on? It doesnt feel good. It fewls incredibly degrading, embarrassing. Stop. I'm complaining to NFL next.
Do I need to say that I will make sure NO ONE in my family will go to Carl's Jr?
firstlite7 Send email
Oct 10, 2015

Hardee's and Carls Jr.

Your commercials are beyond disgusting. Absolutely no respect for women and the mentality of 16 year old males with raging hormones. Grow up! I will not step foot inside your restaurants ever again. Truly tasteless in more ways than one. Women are people too. I am pretty sure those behind the commercial are trying to make up for some inadequacies on their part...more than likely the size of what is in their pants. Probably couldn't satisfy those women on the commercials if they tried! FYI: And no I am NOT jealous..I have been told how pretty I am all my life, so I can hold my own any day!
raenaeris Send email
Oct 7, 2015

Sex doesn't sell to the rest of us.

You've made it clear your target demographic is young (ignorant) males, and that's all you really care about. I'd love to meet the morons who think alienating so many other demographics is a good business strategy. If your product was good to begin with, you wouldn't have to resort to using sex to sell it. You're offending more and more potential consumers as the world around you progresses, and you remain stuck in your tasteless, objectifying marketing strategies. One of your businesses has already closed in my area, and you can bet I won't be giving any of my business to the one that remains. Neither will the people around me, and this includes young males in your target demographic, that actually have brains which aren't underdeveloped. Women are not objects -- PEOPLE are not objects. Stop sexually exploiting them because you don't have the tools, brains, or creativity to come up with marketing ideas that are actually good and effective. Your mothers, your wives, your sisters, your daughters, your neices... many of which already struggle daily with the unrealistic standards the media and society throw at them -- They deserve better. Likewise, the young men you are targeting and telling to view women as sexual objects -- They deserve better. They deserve opportunities to grow into better men than any of you evidently are, and hopefully they will treat women with the respect they deserve. You should be ashamed of what your brand represents. It's trashy, it's degrading, and this is one demographic that's not buying it.
MStanley Send email
Oct 5, 2015

Carl's Jr.

Just saw the incredibly offensive Tex Mex burger ad. I don't even know where to begin. Two bikini clad volleyball teams, cleavage and butts hanging out in every shot. Seriously Carl Jr's?!?! Seriously?!?!

What cesspool advertising firm are you using that finds it cute to run ads that border on porn? If the executives of Carl's Jr think this type of garbage media is appropriate to sell junk food, you are running one sick, deviant company that promotes a twisted view of women. Probably a bunch of old balding geezers in suits, who can't get laid on the Board of Directors.

Where in the hell does Carl's Jr. come off with this garbage, and during prime time? Clean up your act and get your penis out of my living room. Absolutely disgusted with you trashy people.. .
belljjj@hotmail.com Send email
Oct 5, 2015

Hardee's Commercials

You have lost my business and my family's business. The commercials you continue to produce and approve of are shocking. I have three kids between the ages of 8-13. Two girls and a boy. I don't want them seeing your filth and unfortunately those commercials are played when we choose to watch family friendly shows. Be creative with all your money, not trashy.

So long Hardee's/Carl's!
Cutiepieinnm Send email
Oct 4, 2015


I also disagree with their commercials. I have written them over and over and they keep telling me they are sorry and they don't mean to offend. Ha! Right. I have serious issues with them and their advertising and am trying to find a legal way to deal w them
Catherineladd Send email
Oct 3, 2015

Degrading to women. - geared towards shallow male needs

Hardee's commercials are geared completely towards men, are utterly degrading to women and the ignorant women that star in these ridiculous and offensive commercials should be ashamed for fueling our societies disregard for women's place in society other than to satisfy men's primal urges ....have we not evolved at all? What the hell does some naked chick have to do with a burger. You know those anorexic girls are not eating those disgusting gmo burgers anyway. Since the first commercial I have not stepped into a Hardee's and I never will again! Whoever approved this campaign should be ashamed....I'm trying hard to be polite here but would like to share some further choice words for the jerks that agreed to this campaign.....disgusting shallow a**holes!!!!! I am sick of our societies disregard for women's intellect and the consistent fueling of the misconception that we are only needed for one thing ....sex. I am so angry!!!!!!
briana2604 Send email
Oct 1, 2015

innapropriate advertising

The commercials being put out by this company are inappropriate for daytime television. These commercials are overly sexualized and extremely offensive for parents trying to teach their growing children modesty. It's also hard to justify commercials like that with all the sexual assult occurring around the world. Women are being used as a tool to sell your product, not in a sexy manner, but ina cheap, sleazy, and down right offensive manner. Please ease up on your commercials. Parents can control the shows their kids watch, but not the commercials in between. Please respect for all viewers. Not just men.
mstark5928@aol.com Send email
Oct 1, 2015

Poor service

I used to enjoy the service and food, but in the past few years Carl's Jr and has totally gone down the tubes. I made a complaint to the Corporate Office almost a month ago and receive the standard reply along indicating that I would be contacted by the Alpine Restaurant. I am not surprised by the lack of contact, because my visit to the restaurant was horrific. My food order was incorrect, then when the corrected burger just sat in front, so 45 minutes later I had a room temperate burger. Shift manager was totally useless. She made no offer to redo the burger (frankly, I could not have stood another minute in the place) nor did she refund my money.

I wish instead of spending money on the offensive commercials, they would spend money at the restaurant level to train the employees.

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