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Carls Jr

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

AKComplaint Send email
Aug 23, 2015

Carl's Jr's Joke for a respected company

All I can say, it's do you have children? Do you have a son? Would you want him to look at women in such a way to only teach him that this is the only way a women should get his attention? Or what about your daughter's, or granddaughter's or nieces perhaps?? Sure, I guess it's okay to teach them to learn how to subject themselves to wearing low cut shirts and a pair of booty shorts to get his attention. Hey why stop there? Maybe you could encourage her to go topless at a party at the age of 13 while she is watching more of your commercials feeling more and more "unpretty" because the guy she likes can't stop staring at these obscenities that you call professional commercials. What I find hilarious here that is too ironic, is even though you probably have people with respected degrees, yet the last time I checked it doesn't take a advertising major to notice a hot chick when he sees one, let alone think like a horny teenager as he tells her to bend over. Oh and by the way, I know alllll too well that that new mushroom commercial was a trick. Don't think I don't know that that wasn't actually an illusion to trick the average unaware individual to notice that in fact it's not mushrooms but really was a woman's rear end. Am I offended, hell yah I'm offended. More so however when I am trying to watch tv with my 6 years old DAUGHTER that is asking, "Mom, why is she looking like that?" When I am trying to teach her that what the "world" portrays as pretty is NOT based on the eye of the beholder.
I know.. you're doing it for money.. but come on.. it's gotta be said that you and I both know you can make a hell of a lot more money by having a respected celebrity on there rather than a woman that more than likely doesn't even know what 2+2 equals. All would prefer, being that I don't bother eating at your so called restaurant due to the fact I'm allergic to beef.. would much appreciate you stop having your horny teens behind the camera and get a real person with a soul to do these commercials.
Don Clute Send email
Aug 22, 2015

Bad commercials

My family and some of my friends will not eat at Carl's Jr' because of their porn adds.
mlwhite90 Send email
Aug 21, 2015

Only Advertising to a portion of the population?

Carl's Jr., how is is logical to advertise to a portion of the nation? Two problems here: 1) It is objectifying women and downright degrading. The message you are sending is unrealistic, highly attractive women eating burgers? What about men who eat burgers? Average women who eat burgers? You are sending the message that women are only valuable for their looks and how they can cater to men. 2) When you advertise to half (or less - heterosexual men) of the population, logically, you are not making a smart move for profit. By doing so, you are alienating a huge group of potential buyers. It is quite obvious that you are offending women and men, too. As a result, I have decided to never spend another penny on this business. It seems that Carl's Jr., is wont' swallow their pride and is desperate to prove that. I predict that more and more people will jump on the bandwagon of not buying from Carl's ever again, until they change their sexist advertising. Hey Carl's, not only men enjoy a juicy burger.
Mommy Bear Send email
Aug 17, 2015

Dirty Commercials!!

My family and friends do not eat here because the commercials are so bad!! It infuriates me when they come on tv and I have to run to the TV so my kids don't see that smut!! They made a mushroom look like a women's bottom and it was very pornographic. The commercials with the women eating the burgers are rediculous. If you want more buisness change the commercials!! Not family friendly!!!
AshWoo56 Send email
Aug 12, 2015

Carl's Jr. Advertising

I just want to say that it felt good to register an official FCC complaint about this company's offensive and discriminatory/sexist advertising. I hope more people will do the same.
ElectronicGigabyte Send email
Aug 11, 2015

Carl's Junior Inappropriate Advertising

There is a Carl's Junior near my house. My kids ask me if we can go there but I never want to. Your advertising very sexual and just inappropriate in nature. This latest advertisement of a woman walking naked in public was just disgusting. Women are people, are mothers and daughters and not just sex objects. I will not patronize your stores until you clean up your advertising.
AshWoo56 Send email
Aug 11, 2015

Your disgusting commercials

Really??? I was subjected to the latest in your pornographic advertising last week when I think you used a tomato as a symbol for a woman's ass? Whatever!! It just gets worse, and apparently with impunity! The only word that comes to mind is boycott. Not that I would indulge myself to eat your disgusting excuse for food. What kind of sick people are you??
I will continue to visit FB to ask anyone and everyone to boycott your lousy company! I would tell you to go to hell - but guess you might already be there.
Rodriguez2015 Send email
Aug 10, 2015

Carl's JR commercials

Your commercials are so inappropriate! Watching angel game with 8 year old at 6:30pm during dinner time and your commercial ad comes on. If you must air these or film these commercials please do it during late hours were not young incident children are watching.
FLrealtor Send email
Aug 7, 2015

Tasteless on all levels

I will be glad when Carl's Jr finds a CEO/marketing director who doesn't have a porn addiction. Truly tasteless. I use to eat there some but I won't spend a dime there now. Never has seeing a woman slithering across a car 1/2 naked eating a burger while she is washing it made me think - GEE I NOW WANT A BURGER. What it does make me think about is how sickening their level of advertising has gotten.
Kimberlydawn Send email
Aug 5, 2015

Carls Jr. disgustingly sexist ads

Why are these overtly sexist and demeaning-to-women ads ALLOWED TO CONTINUE...especially with all these COMPLAINTS....makes me feel like we really don't have a say in anything.....overtly racist ads would be discontinued (as well they should be!), so why are disgusting overtly SEXIST ads like those from Carl's Jr. ALLOWED TO CONTINUE????? Even my husband is embarrassed when they come on, they're just so tasteless (how ironic...a tasteless commercial for a food place)!
Crazybowens4u@yahoo.com Send email
Aug 5, 2015

Border porno commercials

I can't believe that filth that you continue to advertise! I was appalled at what I saw on TV with my 15 year old son watching also. I will never give a penny to your company! I will not stand by and let my silence be taken as acceptance. You will hear from me every time I am forced to see one of those while I am watching TV.
NCMom Send email
Aug 4, 2015

Horrible Commericals

You know Hardess it is a shame that you are so determined to continue with your sexual charged commercials. You know instead of spending the millions on your trashy commercials why not spend the money on improving your less then appealing locations! It's pathetic that the only way you can sell food is to put some almost naked woman on tv with your nasty food. (And Lord knows she isn't really eating your garbage) The FCC should step up and ban your trash! I don't want my children seeing these lewd images. I would NEVER EVER consider eating in one of your trashy placet! Way to go looks like you lose money, maybe that's why your trashy restaurants are mostly closed in this area! 🚫🚫🚫🚫
Spelly Send email
Aug 4, 2015

Latest "All narural" Sexual Commercial

I have never seen such blatantly inappropriate advertising during early evening, family time, on TV. I'm guessing you think this garbage sells --- when all you are doing is offending most women in your audience and embarrassing lots of men. I'm fed up with your sexist corporate attitude -- will never spend any of my money at Carl Jrs ever again.
Iamwhoiam Send email
Aug 4, 2015

Carls Jr

Just one word to describe these commercials. Disgusting.
It blows my mind that they would even go to this level to increase business! Hooters doesn't even advertise on TV like that, much less on a family channel in the middle of the day! They really should be ashamed for these advertisements... And by the looks of ask these comments I'd say their business sure isn't flourishing because of them. So they should take the "hint" and remove these offensive ads. They are just terrible!
braethe Send email
Aug 3, 2015

Misleading Commercials

I do not support Carls Jr's advertising. The commercials are disrespectful and misleading. I avoid eating at this place as much as possible. Something really needs to be done about the commercials. If anyone is reading this, please do not give up on this issue! Keep a look out for any petitions to help remove these type of ads.
Sonjaca32 Send email
Aug 3, 2015

Carl's Jr get a clue!

What has this world come to? I can't even watch tv with my 11 year old son in the room. It's disgusting and degrading. When will this world change? I have a new baby boy and I feel selfish bringing my kids into a corrupt, sexualized, selfish world like this. Carl's jr get a clue. Don't you have kids, wives? Would you seriously let them watch these nasty women perform soft porn on a hamburger? Do you want your daughters doing this or your sons seeing women as objects? You disgust me! Don't we have any say so in this? Why can't we as a people do something to try and change this because until we actually step up and physically try to change this, they will continue because all they care about in this world is money, money, money. Play these commercials late at night when my kids are asleep if you HAVE to, but remove them from family television! I won't even get into how uncomfortable it is to have them come on when my boyfriend is sitting in the room. He's nice enough to turn his head away to make me feel better. Disgraceful people you are! God help us.
Stein Send email
Aug 2, 2015

Carl's Jr Ad

disgusting blatently sexual ad mid afternoon Sunday in the middle of a heroin intervention program. What is wrong with these people.
Layd3555 Send email
Aug 2, 2015


Look, I get the point of having the hot model in your commercials, but your alienating a huge population of consumers. I'm sure you probably read these and roll your eyes and don't give a real crap... As you haven't stopped yet. But hell equal the field and get some hot guys on there too!
Csevey Send email
Aug 2, 2015

Sexually subjective commercials

I hate these commercials and I have not eaten at Carl's jr for years because of these horrible commercials. I was watching discovery channel with my son at 2:00 on a Sunday and this sexually inappropriate crap comes on. I hate these commercials and I now hate this restaurant and will never let my family eat here. I hope this company goes bankrupt. I'm Also going to be writing to discovery channel no wonder this restaurant was the highlight of the movie idiocracy.
johana99 Send email
Aug 1, 2015

Carl Jrs Hardees offensive ads

Omg! I am watching Discovery Channel on a Saturday afternoon with my 10 year old son and I have to tell him to cover his eyes because a Carls Jr and Hardees ad comes on. Why are these smutty commercials being allowed, especially during the day, when children are watching? Who's monitoring and regulating television? I am so repulsed by this advertising campaign, I don't even want my child watching television anymore!! I think I will go to the corner of a major intersection near Hardees with a sign in protest and I urge anyone else as mad as I am to take some sort of action! When will women ever stop being objects? Its 2015 and I feel like we are going backwards! I am afraid for the future of young women! Very sad
plupenguin Send email
Aug 1, 2015

Another nasty sexist commercial

It sucks that you can't find a more creative advertising agency or way to entice your target audience without some sort of sexually charged commercials. I am sick and tired of being subjected to your commercials and can't believe that you continue promote your products thru soft porn style advertising. We continue to boycott Carl's Jr. Perhaps one day there will be a refreshing change in your marketing and sales strategies that will be amusing, funny, entertaining or funky- M&M's does it, Wendy's does it, Little Ceasars.. the list is long.
I can't help but think that Carl Karcher, the award winning man of integrity would want this as his legacy. Nope! There is no honor in disrespecting and disregarding the values of the founder, but hey anything goes huh? How's that working for you?
Kthanksbye Send email
Jul 31, 2015

what a bunch of pigs!

What the F is wrong with these scumbags? I've enjoyed their food once in a great while, but while watching a family show, with my family, and seeing the disgusting ad with my 11 year old son next to me, daytime tv, that does it. I always turn my eye to it, buy not this time. I will NEVER spend my money there again and my husband and I are absolutely boycotting this place. What a bunch of greedy pigs. So disgusted, and just as much so with the models as I am the business. I try so hard to tell my son about modesty and respect of women. F@$!/ you carls jr!!!!!!!
Kateri Send email
Jul 30, 2015

Disgusting commercials

The latest carls jr/ Hardee's commercial with a naked girl covered by barely a mist of water is ridiculous! The food must really suck in these restaurants considering they need to attract old dirty nasty men! I can't believe they can get away with this explicit display! I had to cover my children's eyes! I'm going to do everything in my power to bad mouth these restaurants and I will NEVER eat there and neither will anyone is associate with. These commercials make Hooters look like a country club! Disgusting!
Mohzenmom@yahoo.com Send email
Jul 29, 2015

offensive and sexist

carls jr ads. I find these offensive, sexist and just plain degrading. What year is this???? Really???? Who from the Carl's/Hardee's company approve these ads??? It's just stupid! I as a woman would never visit a Carl's just simply due to these ridiculous commercials. The food must be horrible if they have to lower themselves to this level. Caveman thinking......
lydial2422 Send email
Jul 29, 2015

Money and sex hungry

I have never once been to any of these restaurants due to the fact that the women who don't even look like that, that are on the commercials are not like that because they ate these nasty burgers, it's because they have fake boobs and have been photoshopped so congrats on disrespecting yourselves and allowing others to objectify you and tell you you're not perfect so you need surgery and photoshop. And as a grown "man" you should be respecting women and take pride in your business. Only you have successfully made yourself look like a pig who probably is paying these models to have sex with you. There are children, families, people with morals and values and you're force feeding this trash into their homes. If you are that into porn then own a porn shop sicko.

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