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Carls Jr

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

jenmiller Send email
Jan 26, 2015

Disgusted.. INAPPROPRIATE commercials!!!

I am so sick and tired of all the trashy commercials on television as it is. It's even worse that on regular channels that families tend to watch together, there is a mass amount of trash!!! I am tired of having to make my kids run out of the room or cover their eyes and ears during normal shows or events they want to be apart of!! These commercials for Carl's Jr are just getting worse every year, I agree. There are always multiple offensive ones that come on during the super bowl I think... but this one tops the cake!! not something I am ok with anyone in my house watching! I will never eat at carls Jr.. nor will my family.
France Send email
Jan 26, 2015

Super Bowel ad

I have been alerted to the ad expected to run during the Superbowl game. Like Carl's Jr's ads of the past several years, this one is offensive in the extreme. I have long since stopped patronizing Carl's Jr because of the imagery and overall message in their ads. But this one is over the top in inappropriateness and, as many have mentioned, is soft porn. Is this the portrayal of women that Carl's Jr's founder would applaud? Is this what he would hope for his daughters? Is this the direction he hoped for the future of his life's work? In my opinion, the marketing division and the ad firm need to be fired and new direction taken.
eibbedoj Send email
Jan 24, 2015

Carl's Jr

Carl's Jr. is Tasteless in their decision to use sex to entice the sell of their burgers. What a small percentage of the population this kind of TRASH must appeal to!!! I know of Eight Families ( just this week) of getting a glimpse of the new commercial that say they are DONE,( FINISHED ) supporting / giving Carl's Jr. any $$$$ at all. What a Shame! We have Family that has always done business in Tulare ,Visalia, Ridgecrest ,Lone Pine, And Bishop (all in Calif). Now we are checking to see if Hardee's is associated with Carl's Jr. If it is, then those of us that live in the Missouri area will NOT be giving them any more of our Family Friendly hard earned dollars. Do we not have enough problems with teenage sex, unwanted babies, and marriages falling apart because of one spouse cheating on the other?? Is this kind of Sin what the creator of these commercials like to see? The trash needs to stay in the dumpster!
cjhopper Send email
Jan 23, 2015

carl jr's superbowl ad

It boggles me how their ad results in profits. The only thing I can think of, is that the attention drawn to the rauchiness of the ad somehow results in generated revenue. In my case, all it did was inform me that Carl Jr's...whom I've never heard of, is affiliated with Hardee's. So now I have a new restaurant to boycott.....Hardee's. There is no way in hell I could rightly purchase anything from a Hardee's so long as I live. My daughter will never apply for a job there, nor will anyone in my family ever eat there in the future. I try so hard to instill positive values into my daughter's mind, then some mindless corportation formulates a disgusting ad campaign, that portrasy women as prostitutes. Moreover, I'm weary of hearing men state that the participating woman willingly objectified herself. We have to pass legislation that prevents morons from hurting other people. Sure, she willingly sold her body to sexually arouse men, but what about the millions of other women who will suffer from this bimbo's retarded actions. Portraying women as objects for men lead to rape. Yes, it most certainly does. It creates a society that is male-dominated, and in turn makes it more difficult for women to earn equal pay, equal job security and the like. Many assume women like myself are jealous of the woman in the ad, and that is not the case. My true reaction is rage. There are plenty of women with bodies such as the models in the local Wal-mart, etc. They are just not putting themselves into prostitute positions. Sure, it is prostitution. Prostitution is getting paid for sex. This woman is getting paid to arouse men, many whom later alleviate this arousal. If there were ads portraying men in similiar positions then we would be equal. All this ad does is demonstrate that us women have another century before experiencing true equality. It condones sexual harrassment. It enables sexual harrassment. I blame the creators and participants of ads such as these for instigating sexual harrassment in our classrooms. Women need to bond together and have respect for each other and ourselves. This women has no respect for herself and is totally oblivious to any real life quests. Other women should not be made to suffer because of her ignorant actions, nor Hardee's.
loralynn07 Send email
Jan 23, 2015

Your Porn Commercials

Just when you think you all couldn't get any lower. Really? The commercial where the Kate Upton want to be is walking through the streets naked with her breast bouncing around. What the heck does that have to do with food? You all are a bunch of PERVERTS!!! Do you not care, that women purchase or make the decision about what the family will have for dinner? I get it, you think loosing a family is nothing, but at some point, you need to realize that adds up to school functions, church groups etc. You have absolutely no respect for women. And I assure you my family will NEVER eat at your pathetic restaurant ever again!!!! Maybe you should stay out of the strip clubs and Porn channels and start thinking with the right head.
morgietrue Send email
Dec 4, 2014

Hardees/Carl's Jr.

Women are not a platter to serve your disgusting food on. It would appear Hardees/Carl's Jr. has less interest in advertising its food than just serving up soft porn. This offensive to all women, suggesting that our mere purpose is to be a decorative ornament for hamburger meat. Do you ever showcase men this way in your advertisements? Never. You are just interested in objectifying women. I have to wonder just what kind of people are sitting behind a desk somewhere making these decisions? A bunch of pervy, singleminded, old men. Your minds are ponderously vapid holes. Not to mention where is your creativity? Rather than come up with a clever or witty strategy to sell your food, you resort to base sexual desire and to treating women like second class citizens. You may hide behind a superfluity of male bravado but deep down you are aware of your utter lack of skill, intelligence, and ingenuity. You are the lowest class of men from the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder and the remainder of the human race which posses some form of intelligence are rolling their eyes at you. While other people are contributing something to the world you are fapping behind your work desk wondering how you can compensate for your worthlessness. Your misogynic agenda is appalling, you encourage the idea that women are made to be leered at by men. It is a morbid reality that we live in the 21st century, and that I am a 21 year old female still faced with the same sexist propaganda my grandmothers were plagued with. It may seem a waste to vent my reaction when so many others have done the same for years without success but I am compelled to on the off chance that you may read this, and though you may laugh at first, perhaps something in this might get through your pea-brain and you may think about your daughters, your wives, your mothers, rape victims, victims of human trafficking whose bodies are reduced to sexual currency in this society you have contributed to that is so fixated on female carnality and regret your life. Yes, you are responsible for these tragedies, you are guilty! You are guilty of employing the female body as your cash cow, and you are responsible for this society which celebrates violence against women, and reduces them to bodies. You rob us of our humanity, of our equality, and you diminish us into sexual ornaments. Evil always comes back on a person no matter what you believe and it may be fifty years from now but one day when a tragedy strikes upon a beloved female in your life, when you teenage daughter is sexually harassed at school, when a beloved niece is raped and she receives no justice because the jury blames her, deeming she was dressed provocatively and thus encouraged the offenders, you will recoil in shame! It will burn like a sickness in your heart, and you quake at the thought of yourself, at your own selfish desires, and at the magnitude of your own brainlessness.
-Morgan Blum, 21 year old college student
Joedavis11 Send email
Nov 21, 2014


It's really annoying how white people have all of a sudden discovered sriracha and are hailing it as a hot new thing when it's been a prevalent sauce in Asian culture for ages. The new sriracha commercial with the dude who constantly butchers it is annoying as hell.
milehighclub r u serious? Send email
Nov 15, 2014

carls jr doesnt care about women!!!!

these people are even more disgusting than their ads!!! (CKE Restaurants - inlcuding hardee's and some burrito restaurants

"...asked Carl’s Jr. about sexism in the chain’s ads... The franchise responded that women are not the target audience and Carl’s Jr. doesn’t care about the sexist portrayal of women. It said Carl’s Jr. is focusing its efforts on males between 18 and 35 years old."

“We believe in putting hot models in our commercials, because ugly ones don’t sell burgers,” Carl’s Jr. stated in a press release on its website dated April 27, 2011. Since the mid-2000s the restaurant chain has run advertisements with models eating hamburgers and wearing revealing clothing.

needless to say, our familiy will never eat there or at hardee's ever again
milehighclub r u serious? Send email
Nov 15, 2014

mile high club ads are sexist and tasteless

yeah, agree with so many. the ads are grossly sexist and completely inappropriate. this company needs to move into the 21st century. our family no longer patronizes carls jr, hardees, or any other of cke restaurants businesses. period.
jyount Send email
Nov 15, 2014

carls jr perverts

Are these perverted commercials a last ditch effort to try and save your fast food chain? It seems real desperate to have to expose women like this to try and make a sell. Its just going to do the opposite. There are plenty of fast food chains better then your stupid carls Jr like McDonald or in n out. I'll just start eating there like so many others will most likely start doing. People don't want to support this kind of thing and its inappropriate for children to view and offensive to women. Why are they all geared to men and about sex? Your a burger place that women and children eat at too but probably not so much any more. Maybe you should have been in the porn industry instead of the food/customer service business. It makes me think that your company must be run by disgusting perverted old men. Yuck! I'll never eat at your establishment or have respect for your fast food chain now. Grow up and get a life! Disgusting!
Andrea Send email
Nov 14, 2014

Hardee's/Carl Jr's stupid sexist commercials

These restaurant chains have the most disturbing and offensive commercials I just cannot believe it. What does sex have to do with hamburgers? Are they really that desperate to sell their crappy foods that they would stoop that low? FYI that stuff is not gonna sell a burger. I live in New York where we don't have any of these chains, but I travel to the south often and never ever go to a Hardee's or the other place. Is it really worth losing all the business for them? Because I know they are losing a ton of business over this. Oh well serves them right.
karent Send email
Nov 10, 2014

Hardees pornburger

Burgers are tasty and sex can be too but a woman having sex with a burger does not do it for me. My family and I will make a point of avoiding Hardees but clearly you're not marketing to my demographic anyway.
disgusting commercial Send email
Nov 9, 2014

inappropriate commercial

You have just lost me and my entire family from ever patronizing your business. The Mile High Commercial is totally inappropriate and disgusting.
Kathy01! Send email
Nov 8, 2014


Carls jr has really hit the bottom with their nasty suggestive commercials depicting women in sexually suggestive states eating their hamburgers. Do you really think this sells your burgers? I think it is an absolutely ridiculous insult to women and should be banned. Where is the women's right liberals when you need them? They rise to the occasion on much milder issues, can't believe this is allowed to continue.
pinkpanda Send email
Oct 30, 2014

I'm not complaining

I find it sad that people blame Carl's Jr for the way their children perceive women. If you do not like what is on the tv then either change the channel or stop parking your kids in front of it. The people that call these girls/women whores, shame on you. If you're telling your children that these women are what whores look like. You are the ones that are causing you children to have twisted veiws of beautiful women. Bottom line stay out of their beds because they aren't climbing in yours.
Garnet156 Send email
Oct 27, 2014

New Mile high club ad

It is bad enough we have to see women shoving hands full of bacon down their throats but please tell me what the repeated words put your knees up have to do with eating a burger??? There is only one way to take that. And it is to a tune that is sure to have children singing along. I commit believe that Hardee's is of the belief that only whores eat their burgers yet this seems to be who they are targeting with their ads. I know I won't be eating there.
salt Send email
Oct 26, 2014

disgusting and inappropriate

It is absolutely disgusting to me that you use woman as sex objects to get men's attention for your disgusting food. If that's the only way you can get people to eat at your fast food chain that should tell you something. What type of examples are you setting for our children that watch sports with their parents. You are a contributing factor to the demise of men respecting woman. We wonder why men turn to porn and cheat on their wives..due to companies like you...and it needs to stop!
Gracie Send email
Oct 26, 2014

Carl's Jr.

Is anything going to be done about the sexist and very offensive ads that Carl 's Jr. consistently uses. It is unbelievable in this day and age that the FCC has not pulled it or fined them for portraying women in this manner. Now, I really understand why people have boycotted them since the early 80s! I've eaten there once and will never again!
lorene Send email
Oct 21, 2014

Carl Jrs advertising

I find their ads disgusting and the suggestive nature only depicts a complete lack of morality and their effort to encourage such behavior. I would never go to their restaurants as I would never want them to benefit from their even attracting my attention with such a flagrant lack of good taste. If they can't get peoples attention without this kind of promotions they need to hang it up. It shows what kind of people they are at heart to even want to display their ads.
Black canary Send email
Oct 16, 2014


Dear Carl's Jr
You have a history for Sexiest, perverted and objectifying commercials. I have not eating at your establishment in a long time prices do not match my budget. My bother, my best friend and I All hate your Disgusting commercials. Breasts, big breasts in bikinis. Let me ask you this do you have a daughter would you like her to be pouring barbecue sauce all over her boobs on TV? I hope not, so why do you do this? Please stop! Women are human they are not sex on legs so don't treat them like that. For god's sake you are a hamburger restaurant not a porn studio.
Anti-carls13 Send email
Oct 15, 2014

Carl's Jr commercials should stop immediately

The definitely in appropriate and sexually explicit Carl's Jr ads need to be stopped. The use of trashy half naked women to sell food is disgusting and pathetic. And their new commercial about joining the mile high club is even worse. Apparently Carl's Jr doesn't care about children or what they may see or hear when viewing basic cable that should be appropriate for all ages. I complained to Carl's Jr directly and all they said was sorry it offends you but the owner and franchisor of Carl's Jr adopts a "creative approach to our advertising." Basically, they don't care about us because apparently sex sells food?!?! I complained to my cable provider as well and they told me they just provide the service and have no control of commercials or their content.
Jbcane Send email
Oct 13, 2014

Disgusting tv commercials

Really Carls Jr.? Mile High Club? Just how desperate and low can you go to sell your food?? I too used to eat at your rest. BUT NEVER AGAIN Until you change your commercials and the guy with the discussing seductive voice !! Get back to your roots of selling food WITHOUT the sexual overtones !
ilovegir Send email
Oct 12, 2014

Sexist and disgusting ads

The ads you play are disgusting. Stop objecting women and trying to use sex as a way to sell your foods. Whenever I see these sexist ads I am reminded of why I stopped eating at your restaraunt. STOP using women to sell food. It is unnecessary and infuriating that you think this is acceptable to sell food. Listen to your consumers! No one wants to watch the sexist ads!
leahwood Send email
Oct 9, 2014

Disgusting Ads

Carls JR you disgust me! I will NEVER eat at your restaurant again. I am 21 years old and all of my friends are boycotting your fast food shit hole. F*** your franchise and your perverted, shallow ways.
davele Send email
Oct 5, 2014


To Whom it may concern,

Your semi-pornographic ad campaign that you are currently using to sell hamburgers (burgers I might otherwise be inclined to eat) is absolutely disgusting. I understand that my moral sensibilities are of no consequence to how you operate your business and how you choose to make your money. I also understand that you stand to benefit from the unhappiness of people like myself and any attention we might bring your way as a result of our dissatisfaction.

I will keep my points as straight forward as possible:

1. I will never be eating at your restaurant again.

2. I would like whoever is responsible for creating and approving of this ad campaign to sit and watch these delightful little segments with their small children and grandchildren. Do this over and over again. Now please simply tell me how that makes you feel. Honestly. Because this is what I have to do when I am trying to watch a football game with my children and it makes me feel like garbage. Watch those commercials with your ten year old daughter and tell me if it doesn't make you feel the same.

Thank you for your time.

David Leiberg

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