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Carls Jr

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

tess11 Send email
Mar 18, 2014

isn't it obvious?

My take on these commercials is that they serve two purposes.
1. They repel anyone with an IQ above low levels from buying their burgers. Why? Because they objectify women and convey/amplify the idea that women are only worth as much as their sexiness and can be bought. The commercials are offensive to male costumers since Carl's Jr is implying that men are dumb enough to associate a girl having sex with a burger with them getting some extra pleasure out of buying a burger. (Also, the burger obviously symbolizes a dick, which means Carl's Jr thinks their male customers want to pretend they are licking and eating a dick...? Or are they trying to sell burgers to female customers by these commercials??)
2. Customers with a low IQ and to some extent young people might be affected by these commercials and steered in the direction of buying more burgers. But it also has an adverse effect. The commercials normalize the objectification of women and equalize them with the product being sold. Carl's Jr is trying to invoke the idea that if you buy the burgers you also get the woman/sex =buy the woman/sex. This is directly harmful to young people's minds in state of development. It might lead to increased levels of sexual abuse and harassment and confused/low self-esteem levels.

If you argue that this is NOT the case, that the commercials DON'T have this adverse effect on society. Then what is your argument for the mechanism that occurs in some people's brains that make them buy more burgers after having watched these commercials? If these commercials DON'T instill the idea (for some people) that a sexy woman ready to pleasure a man is attached to the purchase of a burger, then why would you show the commercials?

Buying a burger =sexy woman & sex -> buying sexy woman & sex = women can be bought and they are worth as much as their sexiness

This is different than a commercial for say a cologne using sexiness to sell the product.
Buying the cologne = you will smell good -> attract many women.
This does not have the implication that women can be bought and are as important as the product. It has the idea that you can buy a product to get girls to like you more. Big difference.

I will never again buy Carl's Jr and after having talked about this with many of my friends, I know they feel the same, regardless of their gender.
ckelley Send email
Mar 14, 2014

Carls jr

YOU GUYS ARE PORN DEALERS...would Carl Karcher and his lovely wife have ok'ed your sexist demeaning use of models in your gross ads?....probably not...great what you've done with his legacy
Mamma Send email
Mar 13, 2014

Big 12 Commercial

We are very disappointed that Carl's Junior would use a 90 percent naked woman to sell their business during the Big 12 games. It is disgusting! Also, these are not only inappropriate, but not anything my little boys need to see as they watch these games with their grandmother. We refuse to continue to purchase anything from your restaurant until you stop this advertising campaign and return to a family friendly place. It is also obvious that your model does not eat your food!
kfreeman14@sc.rr.com Send email
Mar 13, 2014

Offensive commercials

It is a shame the way this company chooses to try and sell food. I have not stepped foot in a Hardees since these commercials with half naked women sexing up food came about. I become embarrassed when they come on. There has got to be a better way to sell food. Come on! During NCAA basketball tournament time too? I really wish we did not have to deal with commercials like this. I will not spend a spent with this company unless they stop. I am sure many others feel the same. There are standards that our county's leading businesses should uphold, and you, Carls Jr, are not!

I agree...put your family members on these commercials
ScrewHos Send email
Mar 10, 2014

Where are the MALE MODELS in THONGS commercials?

I could care less about "objectifying women" or "OH MY GOD! The CHILDREN!! Won't SOMEBODY think of the CHILDREN????" Naw---screw the children. I have no hang ups about sex or problems with your commercials in regards to the sexual context of them. I'm fine with all the whores Carl's Jr. hires where they're basically fellating hamburgers, whether they're Turkish whores, Sports Illustrated whores, etc.

MY main problem is this: When are we WOMEN going to get to see hot pieces of man ass in thongs slurping up this stuff? I'd love to see one of them REALLY licking some juice off of a burger, or even better---Carl's needs to come up with some fish tacos so these guys can totally go to town chowing down & licking on some messy stuff and REALLY drive the point home that, if a woman goes to Carl's, she can take one of those hot guys home with her who'll eat her out the way the Carl's Jr. whores give a burger a blow job. Come on---fair is fair. It's 2014!!! I want some hot, six or twelve-pack abbed MEN in these commercials!!! Enough with the whores---it's time you put some hot MEN slathered in juice and licking it off for 2 minutes to revv up OUR engines. I'm sick of double standards. You REALLY need to start catering to your female customers---anyone who's got issues with that can go suck a six-dollar burger the way Kate Upton--or whichever whore-of-the-moment is blowing the latest new burger--hoovers up that burger spew. What's up with that, huh? WHY won't you give women the same consideration you give men when it comes to satisfying OUR carnal needs? Huh? It'd definitely make me want to eat at Carl's if you had naked David Beckham, or any hot male, oiled up on a beach and sucking on a juicy piece of meat. I'm getting sick of being ignored as a consumer. Women like sex every bit as much as men. Give us what WE want for a change!!!
fed-up Send email
Feb 25, 2014

Carls you need to take a break today

You need to dial back your porn to sell a burger. Your use of women to sell burgers is just disgusting- no two ways about it.
Won't be eating at your place.
mooney Send email
Jan 15, 2014

Sex to sell burgers

I can't watch a Lakers game with my family without viewing the embarrassing "burger sex" that Carl's Jr. dishes up. It's offensive. I haven't visited Carl's Jr since they started their distasteful advertising campaign nor will I. I encourage others to do the same.
put Family first! Send email
Apr 9, 2013


I do not appreciate the kind of commercials Carl's Jr. does to sell hamburgers!! Why is it that they feel we will only want to buy their food if they advertise with sex? Every year they seem to get a little worse. Their commercials are not family friendly. I'm sure they could come up with a much better topic to sell their hamburgers that would attract our attention so we would WANT to take our families to eat their. Come up with something more unique and inventive to make us want to come to your fast food place instead of feeding off of all of the bad things that are already on the internet and TV that we want to get away from. You are a fast food place that you are trying to get us to take our FAMILIES to, act like it and advertise like it!
janeMotherof4 Send email
Mar 23, 2013

Carls Jr

I agree these commercials are very degrading. Why does it have to be shown during family programming. All this sexually explicit material is tearing down the american family, encouraging teenage sex and adultery.
Boycott Carls Jr and Hardys until they clean up their act, I am.
lisa_rda Send email
Mar 18, 2013


The latest commercial is over the top. All your soft porn, half naked women "commercials" are a DISGRACE to women and young teens everywhere!!! There are young impressionable girls watching these commercials, and it just drills it in their heads that you "must" look this way. I am sorry but my 12 year old granddaughter (and 10 year old grandson) do not need this filthy crap shoved in their faces. Nor do I!! It's tough enough for them being a young (pre) teens. It is so disrespectful to women!! Are you so ignorant that you cannot come up with something better to sell your hamburgers? In-n-Out burger NEVER has to stoop so low, and they do fine. Why the disgusting need to constantly degrade women in your commercials? Are there NO women on your advertising committee? If there are, they actually approve of this filth???

Is that the only way you can sell your food? Maybe you should focus more on the food, and not the "pushing" of porn on tv. Young girls feel insecure enough about themselves without having to see these disgusting commercials. It's a wonder society is the way it is. No wonder there are eating disorders!! I am so repulsed when I turn on the tv and have to see this sort of "sexual burger commercial." When I am sitting watching a nice family program, and then all of a sudden this garbage invades my home!.. I become incensed! I will NEVER eat at a Carls Jr again. I hope other men and women write in and complain as well. And NO man should think this is "ok." This could be affecting your family, your daughter, your grandkids, your wife. (your sons, and grandsons, too) There is enough porn on the internet that boys and men have to deal with, and many become addicted to it. Let's band together and STOP CARLS JR FROM BEING ALLOWED TO AIR THIS GARBAGE ON TV!!!! My plea....Michelle Obama, please make this your priority!!!!!!! Get a bill passed to stop soft porn commercials!!!!!
whatever Send email
Mar 11, 2013

Why Not Advertise With Their Own Family Members

How about the people putting the commercials on tv use their daughters, wives, nieces and mothers in them since they see nothing wrong with it. Or would they not appreciate their family members being treated as nothing but a sexual object?? What do you say Carl's Jr. Where's your half naked family for men to imagine having sex with while eating one of your burgers or watching tv with their family.
Miss Dove Send email
Feb 24, 2013

Pornographic Commercials

Carl Jr gives absolutely no regard to the negative affects their commercials have on both men and women who see them. These 'swimsuit models, tops optional' burger commercials do not encourage anyone to go 'buy more burgers'. What they really do is encourage men to seek out sex. Most will do this in the fashion of pornography.

The primary way porn (and pornographic burger commercials) fuels the sex trade is by building the demand. The sex trade consists of supply and demand. "Porn teaches its consumers that women exist for the pleasure of men and that their purpose is to be degraded and dehumanized for men’s excitement—and that they like it, even if they pretend not to." ~Justin Holcomb

I am not suggesting that the barely-there swimsuit models in their commercials are being trafficked against their will. What their commercials do do thought, is wet the appetite for pornography (not burgers) which definitely IS a key factor in the sex trade industry. For more information about this please see the Wake People Up website at http://www.wakepeopleup.com/ and to read more about how porn harms, see this article: http://www.wakepeopleup.com/isnt-porn-harmless/
Vegasgirl84 Send email
Feb 24, 2013

Disrespectful to women

Really guys? Is that the only way to sell your food? I bet you don't care but you are making a million women across the world feel even more insecure about themselves with these commercials. It's a wonder society is the way it is. Why we have eating disorders, jealousy, depression, etc. we can't even turn on the tv without some sort of sexual burger commercial belittling the way we view ourselves. Get it together people, show some compassion for the women of America.
HigherCalling Send email
Feb 22, 2013

Filthy Obtrusive Pornographic Commercial

Filthy Commercials!! Degrading to humanity! Leaves nothing to the imagination. Cannot stand this crap being aired and allowed on tv.

Sick advertisement's, Filth, Degrading to women, I used to enjoy eating there, NOT NOW!! I cannot believe your poor choices!!
I believe a public apology and a complete discarding of these commercials is in your best interest. Seriously, grow up and be original, offer a great product, advertise it and leave the filth behind.
Decency333 Send email
Feb 19, 2013


I' do not appreciate your adds and the newest one on IS READY BAD. The only reason I can think of your motive is that you are a sex addtic. I know people that have that kind of issue doesn't really know how to have a real relationsip. Your relationship is with your fanatics in stead of real realtionsip (which is hard) Please get help. Thank You
jan Send email
Feb 17, 2013

Carls Jr. Commercials

filthy, filthy commercials that Carls Jr has on over, and over, like a broken record. each more perverse then the other. my family, watching a innocent program, and all of the sudden here comes Carls Jr porn commercials, over and over and over same channel.what has silicon breasts, and bowed legged turkey ass, have to do with a hamburger?and some cheap tramp, with a face like a clown, but who is looking at the face right?I quit eating there. never again! really, should of cleaned your crap up.cause I am sick of some pig slopping mauyo, all over her self what do you think were stupid? it is a PORN MOVIE!and you should be sued off your asses, and so should the television network for airing it! are you that hard up??????????? try a family oriented approach, bet you would get more business! you consumer affairs, need to stop this crap from them! I am going to turn off my cable, if this isnt taken care of, it is cheaper to have commercial free tv, anyways.
bongo909 Send email
Feb 15, 2013

It's degrading to women

I don't think our kids should grow up watching this perverse stuff on tv. It's degrading to women, it gives men a false idea of women. Men should not think this is ok. They have to know not all women look like that or even act like that. It's really disgusting and childish of them to think its ok to air commercials like this to get business. Don't get me wrong I love their food but hate the way they promote their franchise.
jan Send email
Feb 8, 2013

Carls Jr Ads

you really need to take the Carl's Jr ads off the air, the new one with the Nina Agdal, showing her crotch, rear, and boobs is total porno, the others were pornographic also.I am damn sick of my children seeing these filthy ads.porno is a addiction, which is a very sad illness, and hard to treat.please stop Carl's Jr from airing these commercials.PLEASE I am so sick of this company. thinking they can do this, its terrible enough with this harsh world we live in, but to put these commercials for our children to see over and over is just horrid.I will never eat there! I think they have lost alot of business for there ignorant commercials.
Kdcroall Send email
Feb 8, 2013

Carl's Jr offensive commercials

I am so disgusted with the level of blatant sexuality in the commercials Carl's Jr has run in the last couple of years. Every time a new one is released it is more offensive and sexually explicit than the last! Being a mother of four children, the youngest now a 12 year old boy, I am concerned with the message that these commercials are sending. My oldest son was exposed to things on the Internet similar to these commercials at the same age his younger brother is now and battles an addiction to pornography because of it. It opens a door to young men and boys who are not capable of processing it properly. When the commercials come on while we are sitting watching tv as a family and my sons are in the room I feel that we need to change the channel to protect my boys!!! In my own home, during family time!!! We have NOT asked for this to be allowed in our home! Instead the networks take this corporations money and disregard the effect it has on our children! This has got to stop! We as a community and as nation have to stand up and have our prices heard! I will not contribute to the success of Carl's Jr by being a patron of their fast food restaurants any longer!
concernedmom Send email
Feb 4, 2013

Carls Jr commercials

The part that I find SO ridiculous is that almost ALL of Carls Jr. commercials focus on half naked women! PLEASE do not say sex sells burgers because Jack in the Box has the best commercials EVER and they are not inappropriate in any way, shape or form!

Carls Jr should focus more on making good food! Their food has gone down hill in the last couple of years, so I no longer eat there!
nicolle Send email
Dec 12, 2012

In and Out all the way!!!

Good job young ladies, you have burst into the scene of show business, and all you had to do was take off your clothes, embrace each other sexually in front of children, and do it while feeding each other hamburgers. If your careers never amount to anything, at least you had this one shining moment, and disgusting men will no doubt be pleasing themselves to you long after the commercial loses it's hype. Unfortunately for us women with respect for ourselves, we have to feel uncomfortable with our children and husbands while we watch the freaking news. We have boycotted Carl's Jr. for years and now I will make it my mission to make sure we only frequent places that don't need to use barely legal teens to sell a burger. Be a little creative, the porno thing is getting real old. And girls, act like women!
cindymrox Send email
Sep 23, 2012

Offensive commercials

My complaint is with the offensive commercial Carl's Jr. is currently running. The offensive commercial features two bikini-clad models grilling pork and eventually feeding sloppy pork sandwiches to each other in an extremely sexual manner. Carl's Jr. has always showed a lack of respect to women with their ads, but this one is by far the worst.

When women are sexually objectified, people learn to see women as objects (used for sex), instead of seeing them as humans. When women are viewed as objects, it becomes easier to justify disrespectful treatment towards them and acts of violence against them. Carl' Jr. repeatedly uses women in their ads as sexual objects, and this new commercial is no different. Carl's Jr. should be ashamed of themselves and stop using the sexual objectification of women to sell their disgusting fast food.

Joyful Living Send email
Sep 13, 2012

Pornographic commercials

When we go on trips with our family we love to get burgers, sometime a Western bacon sounds good. Since your commercials are so pornograhic we will not be eating from your establishment ever again. It's too bad. I wish you would focus on selling your food not boddies. The Bible says: Better for a millstone to be tied arround a mans neck and thrown into the depths below(to drown), than to lead one of these little ones away from God. With this perversion, you are putting immages in children's heads and also in everyone's heads and it not good. I pray that you will stop.
Wheel wrench Send email
Sep 9, 2012

Offensive commercials

ALL of Carl's jr commercial's are very offensive and degrading towards women! My whole family has banned Carl's jr, we will no longer ever eat there again! Absolutely disgusting.
californiamom Send email
Sep 6, 2012

commercials are pornographic

Your commercials have been so disgusting and offensive for so long.... Our family has banned ourselves from your restaurant for years. I think the last time our kids went to a Carl's Jr. was over a decade ago. We tell everyone that we know, and all of our relatives and have spread our ban against Carl's Jr. with everyone we know.

But your current, newest add that I just saw was beyond offensive. It was pornographic. I am so offended, that I am beside myself. I want to let you know that I am renewing my vigor in banning your restaurants. I promise to spread the word in new ways and really put forth an effort in this endeavor, instead of just sharing the information in passing as it has been in the past.

Please begin caring about people.... The human race in general.... pull these offensive adds. Don't any of you have daughters? Would you want your girls to be looked at like that?

Whomever is approving and doing these things is a sad, sick person.

Pull the ads. Get some decency.

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