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Carls Jr

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

bkays893 Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Carls Jr Commercials

I have to say something about how insulting the Carl's Jr. commercials are. I don't appreciate how they are promoting by making us women look like the piece of meat they want to promote. yes their burgers are delicious, but I will refrain from eating anything or buying anything from their restaurant until they care about their customers. If they didn't have customers they wouldn't have a business. and until these commercials stop they will most likely continue to loose customers. What are us women going to do about this? Obviously there are men out that don't like this commercial either. I think that if they keep getting enough letters, complaints and comments sent to them about this problem maybe they will start to care.
bestwash Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Carl's Junior Ad

I am disgusted and frustrated that Carl's Junior continues to produce commercials that sexualize women in order to sell hamburgers. What does lingerie have to do with food? In 2015 I know that there is plenty of awareness about what these commercials do to women. They undermine girls self concept and create a sexualized view of women that influences boys and men. Carl's Junior is creating a view of women that is highly erotic and may lead to rape and other sexual violence as women are objectified through these "mainstream" sexual ads.
zilgml Send email
Jul 1, 2015

Carl's Jr. Commercials

Carl's Jr. Commercial - I saw the recent Carl's Jr commercial and I'm once again registering a complaint about the nature of the commercial. Carl's Jr continues to objectify women by using sexual situations to sell hamburgers. They must be really desperate to sell sex instead of demonstrating the quality of their food. I haven't eaten at their fast food chains in a few years and I will continue to boycott these establishments due to their commercial content.
Gabbysmom Send email
Jun 26, 2015

one more disgusted customer

I agree with all those complaining of the disgusting and unnecessary ads. I especially agree that is it an insult to a man's intelligence as well as a harmful objectification of women. I'll never eat there again.
Brad Rhinehart Send email
Jun 24, 2015


After suffering through another unintentional viewing of the latest installment of bad-judgement-in-marketing from Carl's Jr., (until we could change the channel) it seems like it's time to make my voice heard. It is troubling that I cannot watch otherwise wholesome programming with my family without being violated by Carls Jr. s models pitching their burgers in an immodest and wanton manner.

It is disturbing to see this base, misogynistic and crude approach carried on by Carl's Jr. Such efforts to elevate fast food by objectifying a human being, as well as the entire gender to which that human belongs, is pathetic. While in this case, it is women who are being exploited, such ads are an insult to the inherent moral and intellectual sensibilities of good people everywhere, regardless of gender.

I am definitely not interested in what they are serving.
cachandler Send email
Jun 22, 2015

filthy commercials

I was watching television when your awful filthy ad came on. My little son was in the room and I had to tell him to cover his eyes. Your smut is awfully presented and you are stupid enough to forget half the population. My mother, my, grandmothers, my aunt's, cousins, nieces and friends refuse to step foot. In a Carl's Jr, much yless buy any of Carl Jr's disgusting, cheap food. I am telling everyone not to buy anything from you. Your commercials SUCK!
Grow a brain and start advertising to all the population. I guess you are too stupid to realize that women influence their significant others greatly in any purchase. I don't allow my husband to go anywhere near a Carl's Jr or a Hardees. Your advertising people are brainless.
Cutthecarl Send email
Jun 20, 2015

Misrepresentation and False Advertising

If Carl's Jr. wishes advertise for America, as it suggests in its most recent commercial, it would behoove their marketing team do a bit of research to properly represent this great country. By promoting mindless and derogatory stereotypes of American citizens, Carl's Jr. does a great disservice to our country.
Concerned Citizen.
sdebfack Send email
Jun 12, 2015

degrading commercials

Please clean up your commercials. They are degrading against women. We drove past a carls Jr the other day and my daughter said mommy look its the naked girl store. I don't think this is how children should see your business. All of our neighbors, friends etc refuse to buy anything from your stores because of the choice of your commercials. I even know people whose marriages were destroyed and YOUR commercials were part for the reasoning. It is not fair for little girls to grow up thinking that is the way they should be when they are an adult. Your commercials are more influential than you think. On the other hand, you do know how influential they can be. Thus the reason why you are airing the soft porn. Your ads make me sick. I will never purchase anything from you. The most descent commercial I have seen from your restaurant was the biscuits getting made every morning. There was no half naked woman, just a worker and the food. The way it should be. Are you guys just that self conscious that you won't sell unless you advertise sluts? I'm sorry for calling them that but they know what they are doing, and who is looking. My family and I are actually looking into finding a filter for our tv just RI avoid your commercials. Come on if mcdonalds can make millions without the use of sex appeal, why can't you? we shouldn't have to filter our home. Your business is the one that needs to filter. have some class. Your company is disgusting!!!!
leejonwill Send email
Jun 11, 2015


Ordered the amazing well advertised, sexy etc All American Burger with fries today. And I will say this, "There is Nothing about it that relates to All American" This was the worst hamburger that I have ever had. Eating a well done piece of well done dead cardboard wiith delicious lettuce and tomato (I asked for lite onion and got none) has to be the most disgusting meal that I have ever had. And, to make matters even worse, the fries were wilting, not crisp and hot.. First time that I have ever had "wilted fires" Maybe Limp would be better. I can promise you this, I will never order any food from Carls again during the remaining years of my life. Not that you care.

Your Ads are impressive but if you can't live up to the image that you show, you are wasting a lot of advertising dollars. Money down the drain. This meal cost almost $10.00,. A Lot of money for a rotten meal.
change is needed Send email
Jun 11, 2015

sexually oriented commercials

Please take your filthy commercials off the air. We will not purchase items at Carl's Jr. restaurants because this is not family oriented advertising and as consumers, we have had enough!
swimmingsharkkisses Send email
Jun 8, 2015

Sexist, smutty conmercials

This has gone on long enough! We are forced to watch every second of some half naked woman performing
fellatio on a meat patty, when all we are trying to do is watch a family program! It's shameful, sexist, and inappropriate! And I know you target "hungry guys", ranging from 18-34 years old who are complete idiots (not all of them) who think that a top heavy woman slobbering over sub-par, low quality hamburgers is sexy. There are some men who have daughters, sisters, and wives, who don't want other men seeing them as nothing more than objects. And the one thing I hate more than the ad campaign is the asshole who does the voice overs! Being a woman, I hate seeing smutty ads like this; you might as well add a girl reenacting a scene from 50 Shades of Grey with a burger since your sexist crap always goes past the radar! I will never eat in your food chain again unless you clean up your act, for good!
cb ad guy Send email
Jun 1, 2015

Carl's Sexismis is Unnecessary

My career has been in advertising and marketing for over 30 years. I have made many food commercials in my day. I NEVER had to resort to selling soft porn to move my products. It is offensive and unnecessary, Carl's actually has a great burger. They should just say that. Better yet, just have a blind taste panel and prove it. That impresses people. Sex and burgers does not, and never will. WAKE UP, CARL'S MORON AGERNCY.
Nikki8879 Send email
Jun 1, 2015

Ads for Carl's jr.

For some reason your ads aire in my city even though we do not currently have a Carl's ...but I hope we never do. I would never eat there simply due to your distasteful disrespectful ads towards women. You don't market at all towards women. Fools! We are the major spenders of society!
grmartinez Send email
May 16, 2015


grmartinez Send email
May 16, 2015


May 9,2015 early in the morning around 730 am,my wife mention she had Carl,s Jr coupon for breakfast,I said ok we will skip going to our favorite
location,we went to the establishment located across from Starbucks ,corner of W Military Dr in San Antonio Texas next to Denny,s
we really enjoyed the breakfast (1st) order biscuit with bacon & egg +tea (2nd) order was monster biscuit sausage+egg w/cheese -$2.00 coupon each
excellent breakfast///1 week later we went to the same location with my granddaughter looking and excited she was going to Carl,s Jr for breakfast
When we arrived and approach the counter the manager advised us they were not going to honor the coupons we had received on our food tray the week before
we were sadden and left ,if that is the way they treat their customer I will never again go to the establishment again its very close to my house
wanted to let someone in upper management know
Kimberlydawn Send email
May 2, 2015

Using sexism in their commercials

While my eight year old daughter and I are watching Kung Fu Panda 2 on FX, this awful SEXIST Carl's Jr. commercial comes on featuring this half naked women eating something in an overly sexual way......honestly! During a FAMILY MOVIE???? Disgusting and disturbing and definitely inappropriate. I had to explain that the commercial was bad for presenting a lady like that...but really, why should I be put in this predicament when watching a family movie? What is wrong with Carl's Jr.? No wonder today's youth are all confused and messed up! If racism is illegal....why the heck isn't SEXISM???? Carl's Jr. needs to STOP OBJECTIFYING WOMEN!
jman Send email
May 2, 2015

Buttermilk Biscuits

I don;t know why but this commercial is extremely annoying. Every youtube video starts off with you pouring your dumb buttermilk in a blender making a horrible *glug glug glug* noise and some ass says "All natural buttermi-" skip... I Don't really have any rational explanation as to why this is so bothersome, but I seriously took the time to write this paragraph about how terrible this commercial is. Go back to objectifying women in your commercials, it works better and doesn't make people irrationally angry (they're rationally angry at your portrayal of women.)
BDPerson Send email
Apr 1, 2015

Carl Jr's Explicit Ads

Carol Jr's ad campaign reveals the core of this company's values and quality of product: TASTELESS! I'm glad I got to see the ads. Now I know NOT to go there; nor will I be going with my family and friends. The anti-Carl Jr's campaign has begun.
dnow2 Send email
Mar 31, 2015

sleazy ads

I recently saw an offensive carl’s jr. commercial. It is an extremely sad commentary on the lack of moral character within a company to stoop to the point of demeaning womanhood by encouraging them to dress immodestly and act with immoral overtones in a commercial just to sell a product. carl’s jr. has fallen into this category as a company. Even after calling and complaining, they still have another disgusting video on their website. Unless they clean up their act, I assure you I will not be buying their product. Again, on yet another forum, I am asking them to stop advertising their sleaze immediately!
Scampinsb Send email
Mar 29, 2015

Carl's Jr Commercial

It's not often that marketing turns me from a customer to a non-customer, but Carl's managed to do that through their marketing campaign apparently aimed at insulting men's intelligence and assaulting the dignity of women -- half of their potential customers. I stopped eating at carls when this marketing campaign began some years ago. I was sitting at home moments ago watching a program with my six-year-old son and a carl's commercial came on -- it was so suggestive and demeaning it was depressing. --. My sons are 6 and 9, and Carls is apparently committed to making society less dignifying of both men and women. Didn't think they would stick with this insulting course of marketing. It's a shame.
smithy Send email
Mar 15, 2015

Carl's Jr. Commercial

I will never eat at Carl's Jr. again thanks to their offensive and sexist ad campaign. Do they really need to resort to this type of advertising when they actually have the best food in the fast food industry? Does your food not speak for itself?
karep1234 Send email
Mar 14, 2015


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is getting disgusted by these commercials of showing women as once again sex objects. Shame on the women in the commercial as well. Won't go into the name calling of them just that they must have really low self esteem & desperate. I don't have any small children in my house but it is my granddaughter now that doesn't need to see this & in the middle of the day during a decent movie time. Stop it Carl's Jr you are just making matters worse & less customers. Me & everyone I know have been added to the list in the last couple of years. Modern tech has made things way too easy for this kind of stuff-now t.v. Don't you also notice that the other fast food companies don't have to stoop this low.
gam Send email
Mar 14, 2015

Suggestive, Offensive Ads

If Carl Karcher were still with us, I am absolutely sure he would be horrified at where his company has chosen to go. What was once a wholesome, family-oriented fast food chain has now turned into a borderline sleazy marketing operation. Obviously, Carl's Jr. has hired a new advertising agency -- one that believes sex can sell anything. In my opinion, it was an extremely poor decision and one that may cost the company a large percentage of their loyal customers.
thatsjustwrong Send email
Mar 11, 2015

Carl's Jr Commercials

I don't really care about the objectification issue. Ellen has proved has proved it's all just great fun. The thing that I find unappetizing about these commercials is that they seem to want to associate testicular sweat with a burger's aroma. Just plain gross, I'll not be eating there ever.
InNOutFan Send email
Mar 7, 2015

Disgusting ads

Hmmm...I see a boatload of complaints from extremely dissatisfied (former) customers yet no reply from anyone at Carls Jr. Do they feel they don't need to apologize for their insulting ads? Regardless of who is watching--children or adults--their ads are offensive to any age. Like the people submitting their comments above, I, too, am through eating at Carl's Jr. If they don't care enough about insulting their customers, then their customers have plenty of reason to eat elsewhere. It's hard to imagine that they can't come up with a clean, creative way to advertise their products. I'm sticking with In-N-Out.

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