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Carls Jr

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

rml Send email
Sep 17, 2014

Carl's Jr. Commercial

Objectifying women in order to sell a burger is disgusting. I just filed a complaint with the FCC and encourage others to do so too.

slogan Send email
Sep 16, 2014

Harmful advertising by Carls Jr

Please, please discontinue the ads objectifying woman. Your ad appears during programming that would otherwise be okay for my teenage son to view. Please. Remove these ads.
tclark07 Send email
Sep 16, 2014

soft porn commercial

Carls Jr commercials are embarrassing and trashy. They put down women and make boys and men look at women in the wrong way. I will not take my children or family members to Carls Jr. They need to change the commercials to something family friendly before we will go back there.
lisatexas Send email
Sep 11, 2014

Carl's Jr. Burgers

Your burger commercials are very offensive!!
If you have to use porn to attract customers, it doesn't say much about your food.
I will never eat at your restaurant and I will discourage other's from eating there also!
I hate to be watching a program with my family and your trashy commercials come on.
Shame on you!!
littleredhen Send email
Sep 8, 2014

Shameful Commercials

Shame on you for dehumanizing women in your soft porn ads! My family and friends will no longer eat at Carl's. We like the food, but will sacrifice this for this moral stand.

Change your ad campaigns. No one should have to watch trashy ads. These are humiliating to women and morally wrong. No more Famous Stars for us!
JBoulter Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Explicit Commericials

I watch the news in the morning and all of the sudden your nasty commercial comes on airing a barely dressed woman "eating a burger". It's disgusting. I'm horrified. I'm even more surprised this passed for airing.
Not only is this a horrible portrayal of the truth, we all know that women who are that thin do not eat a 2400 calorie burger, but it's blatant message to everyone watching that you are really trying to sell sex and there is nothing sexy with this commercial at all. I do not eat your food. Nor, by sending this type of message, will this EVER change my mind to eat your food. It's morally wrong to make a commercial like this and expose women like this.
Stop it! Shame on you.
Speakout Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Carls Jr ads

Ever since your ads came out with the pornographic woman eating your food, I've never eaten at a Carl's Jr. since, and neither will my family. Your ads are a disgrace to woman and have nothing to do with food. Shame on you for degrading woman. And shame on your for thinking that your ad would somehow convince people to eat there. The men I know in my life wouldn't support you either, they are many steps above supporting the gutter ads you have. I hope others will stand up for woman by not eating at Carls Jr. I don't care how good your food is or how great a price. It's never an option to eat there now.Clean it up boys.
karene Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Latest sleezy soft porn ad from Carl's Jr.

I'm really tired of having to see the fake tan booby model have orgasms over a Carl's Jr. hamburger. I especially notice them during Dodger games during prime time when kids are watching. Wasn't the Carl who owned CArl's Jr a conservative Christian dude at one time. Well, he's come a long way, but unfortunately in the wrong direction. Won't be eating at Carl's anymore.
Karen Schultz
Dalawna Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Carls jr

No one should be subject to having raunchy commercials enter their home. And it really makes Carls Jr. look foolish and desperate to stoop to such a degrading level in order to sell food. Don't care what food they offer, the Carls Jr. ads leave a disgusting taste in my mouth!
sunshine Send email
Sep 5, 2014


I've been reading all the articles lately about people upset about the Carl's Jr. ads. Since we don't watch TV, I wasn't entirely sure what they were referring to, but even thinking back to the commercials I've seen in years past I knew in general what types of ads the restaurant is known for. Over the weekend I met up with a friend for lunch and we were considering taking both our families to Carl's Jr., but after reading about the ads I suggested instead that we go to Chik-fil-a across the street. So, that's what we did. Then, I got to thinking that I shouldn't totally boycott Carl's Jr. without even knowing for sure how "bad" these commercials really are. Maybe people are just overreacting. So, I found some on youtube and made my own final conclusion. DISGUSTING. I can't believe one of my favorite burger joints has stooped so low. Count me out... unless you listen and make some changes, we will never go to Carl's Jr. ever again. I'm especially disturbed by reading that the original owner of the company would have been totally against this kind of moral decay to infect his company. I hope you feel the affect of losing money from people like me and it wakes you up to the realization that what you're doing is not worth it. Either way, it isn't worth it to me to support you with my money.
aaronandrachelle Send email
Sep 5, 2014

Offensive Carls Jr. commercials

I can't express how frustrating it is that these offensive, pornographic ads are allowed to air. This is a burger joint, not a strip club and families should be able to watch TV without having such images and demeaning messages coming into their homes. Please move these adult ads to adult late night hours where they will not offend our children.
swennergren Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Carl's Jr Ads

I stopped patronizing your stores a while ago over these repulsive ads. To demean and objectify women in this way dsimply to sell a burger is appaling. I change the channel when your ads come on. You offer good food at decent prices - why lower yourselves to this level simply to make a buck? Your competitors that I do frequest - Chik Fil A, McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's - have not gone down this path. Why live in the gutter???
handle Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Pornographic Advertisments

Carl's Jr., ask yourselves why you are using pornography to sell hamburgers! It is sick and wrong. You really can't come up with any better ads for your food? It is FOOD after all that you are selling, for crying out loud! You took the easy way which is sad and pathetic. Take the disgusting ads off TV, no one needs to see that! Those commercials are not just degrading to women, they are degrading to the the entire human population. For the sake of humanity, elevate yourselves Carl's Jr.! You have lost my family's business.
sari1978 Send email
Sep 4, 2014

hate your commercials

Never eating at your restaurants again. You are a disgrace.
Trekep Send email
Sep 3, 2014

Carl's Jr. ads

Personally, I would be okay with Carl's Jr. if their only negative impact on society was adding to obesity problems because of their tasty burgers. Unfortunately, their advertisements are opening the door for many unsuspecting viewers to be exposed to pornographic material. I base my use of the word pornography off of the definition that it is "the depiction of erotic behavior intended to cause sexual excitement." Unfortunately Carl's Jr.'s ad campaign is convinced that it is okay to excite people sexually if it means they can get attention and maybe sell more hamburgers. I am with the countless number of people who are tired of this type of content being sneaked into our homes. Please consider what is best for families: the foundational unit of society.
jinny Send email
Sep 3, 2014

sex commercial

your commercial featuring sleazy women in bikinis makes no sense relative to your product. if you are pushing porn or sex games, it would be appropriate. personally you get -0- from me except a voice against your supposed restaurant which seems to just be a front for selling skin.
awb123 Send email
Sep 3, 2014

Stop Sexualizing Women in your commercials

A few years ago I sent an email to Carl's Jr complaining about their commercials. I went a year without eating there. I hadn't seen ads in a while so I started going again. (I don't watch a lot of TV...) This is it for me. Carl's Jr has lost my business. One individual may not seem like a lot, but my family won't go either and I will not hesitate to share my concern with others. As a nation, we are letting too many businesses get away with this. It is like a cancer that is slowly deteriorating a moral society.
rozz63981334@aol.com Send email
Sep 3, 2014


Your commercials are garbage. I will never eat carls jr or hardees. I also know of 8 others in my family who wont eat there for the same reasons..
Imthegrandma Send email
Sep 1, 2014

Carls jr commercials

Carls jr will never get any of my money again. I don't support businesses that have no respect for the family or individual. I'll give my hard earned money to In-N-Out or another decent burger place. Good-Bye Carls Jr & Hardee's!
copperbronze Send email
Aug 29, 2014

Hardee's vulgar commercials

My 5 year old daughter just saw the first few seconds of this commercial and she looked at me, puzzled. I feel like they have just sexually abused my daughter! I am furious!!! I only use a converter box bc of the smut on cable and sattelite and STILL we are exposed to vulgarity!! I will say it has opened up the conversation of boyco
tting and protesting. They have forever lost my family's business.
lynnmaryt Send email
Aug 29, 2014

File Your Complaint to FCC about Carls Jr Commercials

Submit a complaint to the FCC (http://apps.fcc.gov/cgb/fcc475B.cfm) about Carl's Jr's offensive and demeaning advertising tactics.

EACH TIME a degrading Carl's Jr. commercial interrupts your viewing/audio comfort zone, file a complaint using FCC Form 475B: Obscene, Profane, and/or Indecent Material:


Submit as many as you need to.
Science Versus Evolution Send email
Aug 28, 2014

Soft Porn commercials and anything related

I just want to make my voice known as well. I used to take my family to Carls Junior we really like there food we will no longer go their and give them our business because of their raunchy immoral commercials. More people and especially leaders (there seems to be very few left) need to also take a stand against this kind of debauchery and wickedness.

Carl's Junior you are a bunch of perverts end of argument it is a fact this is not an opinion.
cremisro Send email
Aug 27, 2014

Carl's Jr. Advertising/commercials

Well, it looks like I've had the last straw with Carl's Jr. I used to take my family regularly to have a nice sit down to enjoy a burger. But after seeing your Big Sausage commercial, I was stunned, disgusted, disappointed in myself for giving money to a corporation that cares nothing about women, children and families. After I've done some research, I've found that Carl's Jr. is pretty tight with the Porn Industry. They are receiving money from them and have a Porn agenda. So why not try to get the young children hooked, that is their goal. Your advertising is obscene, indecent, disturbing, degrading, objectifying and targeted to whomever will look including children who should not be exposed to Adult Content. And just so you know, many are outraged with this. We have recently had a large family meeting to discuss how we will be boycotting your corporation. Brothers, Sister, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends who have taken a sort of oath to never set food or give one damn dollar to YOU. You are pushing pornography on those innocent beings WHO DO NOT WANT THIS. Pornography is linked to violence towards women and children, destructive addiction of men and children, sex trafficking, rape, divorce, shattered relationships, prostitution, child molestation. You contribute to the ills in society, so every time one sets foot into your restaurant they are sure to be contributing as well to all the harm done towards individuals and family. Good Bye Carl's Jr. You are know now, for cheap, talentless marketing and smut. Your burgers and fries are tainted with disgust, hate and inhumanity.
ljbjennings Send email
Aug 27, 2014

Carl's Jr.

We were submitted to Hardee's latest soft porn commercial during the local evening news. I have already complained to the station manager, asking that they air a more family-friendly ad from the company (surely they have something else?). A day later they did move it to the end of the news, and then I haven't seen it again so I'm hopeful that the message got through. I had just started eating at Hardee's again when the ad aired. I refuse to take my business to a company that exploits women in this way. Apparently, they are only interested in having a certain segment of the male population as customers! It seems like poor advertising strategy if they want to appeal to the general population.
Hurstclan Send email
Aug 27, 2014

Carl's Jr. Commercials for porn

These soft porn commercials should never have been allowed to air in the first place, and it is high time someone put a foot down and stop making them. I have boycotted every product they have tried to sell in their commercials due to the filth they are trying to sell along with their burgers. Perhaps that isn't gong far enough. I will have to stop buying ANYTHING from their stores, which is sad because you have some great tasting food and great deals. After all, if they are selling filth in their commercials, I hate to think of the filth they are putting IN their food. Carl's Jr., you have just lost 6 more customers as I will no longer take my family to your restaurants.

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