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Carls Jr

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

BDPerson Send email
Apr 1, 2015

Carl Jr's Explicit Ads

Carol Jr's ad campaign reveals the core of this company's values and quality of product: TASTELESS! I'm glad I got to see the ads. Now I know NOT to go there; nor will I be going with my family and friends. The anti-Carl Jr's campaign has begun.
dnow2 Send email
Mar 31, 2015

sleazy ads

I recently saw an offensive carl’s jr. commercial. It is an extremely sad commentary on the lack of moral character within a company to stoop to the point of demeaning womanhood by encouraging them to dress immodestly and act with immoral overtones in a commercial just to sell a product. carl’s jr. has fallen into this category as a company. Even after calling and complaining, they still have another disgusting video on their website. Unless they clean up their act, I assure you I will not be buying their product. Again, on yet another forum, I am asking them to stop advertising their sleaze immediately!
Scampinsb Send email
Mar 29, 2015

Carl's Jr Commercial

It's not often that marketing turns me from a customer to a non-customer, but Carl's managed to do that through their marketing campaign apparently aimed at insulting men's intelligence and assaulting the dignity of women -- half of their potential customers. I stopped eating at carls when this marketing campaign began some years ago. I was sitting at home moments ago watching a program with my six-year-old son and a carl's commercial came on -- it was so suggestive and demeaning it was depressing. --. My sons are 6 and 9, and Carls is apparently committed to making society less dignifying of both men and women. Didn't think they would stick with this insulting course of marketing. It's a shame.
smithy Send email
Mar 15, 2015

Carl's Jr. Commercial

I will never eat at Carl's Jr. again thanks to their offensive and sexist ad campaign. Do they really need to resort to this type of advertising when they actually have the best food in the fast food industry? Does your food not speak for itself?
karep1234 Send email
Mar 14, 2015


I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who is getting disgusted by these commercials of showing women as once again sex objects. Shame on the women in the commercial as well. Won't go into the name calling of them just that they must have really low self esteem & desperate. I don't have any small children in my house but it is my granddaughter now that doesn't need to see this & in the middle of the day during a decent movie time. Stop it Carl's Jr you are just making matters worse & less customers. Me & everyone I know have been added to the list in the last couple of years. Modern tech has made things way too easy for this kind of stuff-now t.v. Don't you also notice that the other fast food companies don't have to stoop this low.
gam Send email
Mar 14, 2015

Suggestive, Offensive Ads

If Carl Karcher were still with us, I am absolutely sure he would be horrified at where his company has chosen to go. What was once a wholesome, family-oriented fast food chain has now turned into a borderline sleazy marketing operation. Obviously, Carl's Jr. has hired a new advertising agency -- one that believes sex can sell anything. In my opinion, it was an extremely poor decision and one that may cost the company a large percentage of their loyal customers.
thatsjustwrong Send email
Mar 11, 2015

Carl's Jr Commercials

I don't really care about the objectification issue. Ellen has proved has proved it's all just great fun. The thing that I find unappetizing about these commercials is that they seem to want to associate testicular sweat with a burger's aroma. Just plain gross, I'll not be eating there ever.
InNOutFan Send email
Mar 7, 2015

Disgusting ads

Hmmm...I see a boatload of complaints from extremely dissatisfied (former) customers yet no reply from anyone at Carls Jr. Do they feel they don't need to apologize for their insulting ads? Regardless of who is watching--children or adults--their ads are offensive to any age. Like the people submitting their comments above, I, too, am through eating at Carl's Jr. If they don't care enough about insulting their customers, then their customers have plenty of reason to eat elsewhere. It's hard to imagine that they can't come up with a clean, creative way to advertise their products. I'm sticking with In-N-Out.
HelpUs Send email
Mar 7, 2015

No more Carls Jr for me. EVER.

I cant believe the commercials that they air on TV. Its pretty sad that they cant find a classier way to advertise. Why would you put such sexual things into a house full of children? To whoever thinks of these ads and approves them... Would you want your son or daughter doing these commercials? Please have respect for the people who actually have morals in their families. I for one will never eat there again, and I will try to dissuade anyone I know from eating there!
zander Send email
Mar 6, 2015

inappropriately sexual ads

This ad does not have men thinking of food. I find it appalling that it is also show as early as 5pm when children are watching TV.
This ad is insulting to women. We are a lot ore than sex objects. We will not be eating at Carl Jr. again.. That ad should be pulled at once.
zander Send email
Mar 6, 2015

not approriatelad for a hamburger

This ad is to sexual ad for hamburgers and airing from 5pm-? when young children are watching tv. This ad does not have men thinking of hamburgers. We will not being eating at Carl Jrs. again. Carl Jr should be aiming ad to families . Who approves this ad?
It also is degrading to women. We are lot more than sexual objects.
betsysmom Send email
Mar 2, 2015

No More Carl Junior's for MY HOUSE!!

The tomato rear end and bouncing boobs is so offensive. I will vote with my feet and pocket book. NO more Carl Junior's for ME!! Just because there is garbage in the gutter and pigs eat it doesn't mean we have to lie down with them!! BOO HISS!
Arizona00 Send email
Mar 1, 2015

Disgusting & degrading commercials

Carls Jr commercials and ads are disgusting and degrading and would not eat there even if it was free. If this is the only way they can sell their food then it must not be worth eating.
WadingAggie Send email
Mar 1, 2015

Obscene ads

My first experience with Carl's Junior ads was in the past year. They are very obscene. The first I saw had a woman asking a man on a plane if he wanted to join the mile high club. I have seen two others since then, and they always use a young woman scantily dressed to sell their hamburgers. However, it is more than the images that are obscene - it is the content.

The ads are very vulgar. I have never seen a food maker use sex to sell food before.

I was surprised to find out the company has a long history with running these vulgar ads, going back to at least 2006 with Paris Hilton eating one of the hamburgers while wearing a bathing suit.

I hope their is a stronger outcry by all. Woman are not sexual objects - they should not be used as a means to sell hamburgers.
Arizona00 Send email
Mar 1, 2015

degrading & disgusting commercials

I would not eat at Carls Jr if was free. Your commercials and ads are degrading and disgusting. If this is the only way you can sell your products then it must not be worth eating.
Cali77 Send email
Feb 25, 2015

Sexist ads degrade women's rights

these commercials are so disgusting and offensive. It objects women like we are meat and is borderline soft porn. If I had children I would be very angry that this shows during the day. Women are still fighting for equality in this country and Carl's jr shouldn't be allowed to air such offensive commercials.
willteach Send email
Feb 25, 2015

Crass sexism in your revolting ads!

The latest ad by CARLS JR. is so over the top, I have to lodge my complaint right here, at the source of the problem.

I stopped buying your burgers years ago, on account of your sexist ads. The newest one (02.24.2015) is so very revolting in its depiction of a woman that I feel compelled to add my voice of protest. I will actively encourage everyone I know to boycott your stores and products!

There is another, simpler, less expensive way to get customers to buy ones product. Take notice of how "IN & OUT BURGERS" is growing in scale and popularity in and outside of California! Nothing but great burgers, fries, shakes, and most of all, well paid, friendly providing exceptional service. Simple, straight forward service and excellent product instead of expensive - or in your case, sleazy, demeaning, sexist TV ads.

Have you no shame...? Have mothers, wives, daughters? ...or are you just a bunch of frat boys getting your jollies this way?
JM1980 Send email
Feb 24, 2015

Commercials = Decreased Sales

I love Hardee's breakfast however like many families ours has stopped eating at the chain due to the overtly offensive ads. As a marketing professional, it's amazing to think a business would alienate half of its audience with commercial advertising when they already have a terrific product? Women are typically meal planners and many are now protesting by not frequenting your restaurant on advertising alone. It seems counterintuitive to continue. Consumers have consumed enough sexist material and are ready to start consuming your food instead of your competitors. It's difficult and ebarrassing to say the least to explain these commercials to my young children.
sirajmoope Send email
Feb 22, 2015

I will never eat at Carl's Jr because of your garbage ad campaign

Unlike most of the complainants, I am not a parent. I am a single, 26yo male, the demographic Carl's Jrs utterly brain dead ad campaign is supposedly aimed toward and I can say with absolute certainty that I will never ever eat at Carl's Jr specifically because of their ads.
I would rather eat gas station sushi or a 3 day old tuna sandwich out of a dumpster before I eat an all natural burger at Carl's Jr. I am being this discreptive in the hope that someone at the company realizes that their ad campaign is costing them customers and that they switch tactics, if not on the grounds of decency, then at least for the sake of better profits.
asdfadsf Send email
Feb 22, 2015

Carls Jr Commercial

Watching the Warriors with my family is fun. Carls Jr commercials during the game are not fun. I have young daughters and seeing naked women compared to fruit racks makes me sad and angry. If you want to do something truly radical in your ad campaign, why not drop the 2000 year old cliches and show some respect.
asdfadsf Send email
Feb 21, 2015


I'm feeling pretty depressed after seeing your naked girl at the market commercial. Is your company mission to demean women? Especially galling is the self-congratulatory tone, as if you're doing something clever and hip. You're using such stale old jokes. You are gross. I have two teenagers and even though your hamburgers look good we will never eat at your restaurant.
Becca Send email
Feb 21, 2015

Carls Jr. Commercial

As a teacher of young preteens, our conversation often is about the "isms" of our society and about those who are continually marginalized. We talk about sexism as one example and how women are often portrayed as "less than" in literature, and media. We also talk about the damage that does and how that impact is seen in the disorders girls( and now boys) are plagued with such as anorexia, depression, low self esteem, aggression and violence(rape)...After being subjected to your commercial, I thought about all the young girls who would feel violated by what they saw as your opinion of women, and I was so disheartened when my students ( both boys and girls)talked about the suggestive nature of the ad and how it portrayed women and men. They were curious as to why a woman needed to be in the state of "undress" in order to sell the burger. They asked if the burger was not good enough to sell in the conventional way. In our country, women and children are often victimized in abusive relationships, kidnappings, rapes (see recent sports figures)etc. These types of portrayals of women, as things to be ogled, undressed, handled, cared less about, and manipulated, only contribute to this ever growing problem( check the statistics). It's sad that someone in your organization ( a father?) did not foresee the negative impact of such a blatantly sexist ad and say, "We've gone too far. This is inappropriate and offensive ". Perhaps he did and was overruled or perhaps a woman was ignored who voiced an objection, or worse, you didn't notice because this has become your norm and how the company views women.
moorejanice04 Send email
Feb 20, 2015

Carl's Jr. natural burger commercial

I Don't want Our Daughter Seeing Women displaying Themselves without any clothing! We're teaching her that she can be Beautiful Without being Practically Naked, and That she can respect Herself more than all this trash on tv and media, she's also
Learning that being smart is Beautiful!!! Tv & media are just getting too redicuiculous,its a lot of the reason why Our family doesn't watch tv often & We do not & we will not let Our Daughter belong to facebook or any social media because of women being treated so shamefully.look at the NFL or Colleges.should we be afraid for our Daughters to be rejected to rape and brutality because there looked at like naked pieces of nothing!!! Coming from someone who left home when I was 14 I know first hand how women can be treated by men, how they can treat us like we're nothing and I don't want anyone expecting my Daughter to be like that trash, that should not be Our Daughters Future.
FeistyFox Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Sexist Commercials

I don't appreciate the sexual suggestive display of women during hours that my young teen daughter is watching television. Your pervetd advertisment should at least be aired late at night. I think it is time to start complaining to the networks that air these commercials since your advertising department is so narrow minded and unable to advertise without their hand down their pants.
ESP Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Carl's Jr Response to my complaint

"Thank you for taking the time to share your comment with us. Our goal is to make every guest happy, every time!

We regret that you were displeased with our advertising promotion. ?CKE Restaurants, Inc., owner and franchisor of Carl?s Jr. and Hardee's restaurants, adopts a creative approach to our advertising. We do not aim to offend anyone with our efforts, but merely to offer entertaining content. We understand that not everyone may view our advertising the same way, so we respect all views and welcome all comments. ?Your feedback is very important to us.

Please feel free to contact us again at any time."

When will you do something about this???? If not remove commercial completely then charge them with releasing adult content prior to 11 p.m.!!!!! This is not a creative approach when a 12 yr old can think up the same ideas!

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