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Carls Jr

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Carls Jr

vicquaw Send email
Aug 21, 2014

offensive Carl Jrs. commercial

Seriously....do the elites of these companies not have wives, mothers or children they love and respect? For God's sake,
u are a family style restaurant. Get your heads out of the gutter and stop
Making these trash commetcials! Won't be eating at either of these places ever again.
Pud Send email
Aug 20, 2014

Texas Barbeque commerical

Pull the commercial it is not fit for viewing!
mds102201 Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Carl's Jr. Degrading to Women

I am so glad to see people are complaining about the Carl's Jr. ad. I now have restored faith in America!
selfrespectingwomen Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Carls Jr

Your television advertisement sends a message about half the population that is offensive, demeaning, and completely inappropriate. Do none of the people in power in these companies have intelligent self-respecting women in their lives to help educate them about how to behave in 2014? Will never eat at Carls Jr., nor will my children, my parents, or my friends.
kaye.anderstrom@oracle.com Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Carls Jr offensive commerical

I am so tired of sitting down and watching a show with my husband and grandkids & a very offensive tv commercial like this comes on. It's sad that the people writing these commercials are not smart enough to actually write a ad that will help promote their product. All they can think of is trying to sell their product by selling sex. We will never go to their burger joint, and we will never buy food or say a positive thing about this restaurant. Please take this ad off all networks, and show respect to women, and the young children who are the future. We need children to grow up with values that respect others, not degrade them. We are so tired of seeing smut on tv. And espically when you are watching a family show.
klazarchik Send email
Aug 17, 2014


Never been there. Now will NEVER go there. Really, are you kidding.
pcobos Send email
Aug 17, 2014

Carl's Jr offensive commercials

I have had enough, clearly Car's Jr. care nothing for women, with their sexual abusive and offensive commercials. Can we sue because I am disgusted with these practically nude scenes and if this is okay then what will appear next. Does Carl's Jr. have no moral standards or respect for women and families? Who is in charge of these commercials? Who allows them?
Bailey Send email
Aug 17, 2014

Absolutely appalled at Carls Jr commercial

Literally shocked at the Carls Jr. Commercial. How can such filth and porn be shown in a commercial for a family fast food chain. Why is this happening right in our homes during prime time t.v. Or any time for that matter. Will never eat there again and will spread the word to boycott.
Nicole Morgan Send email
Aug 15, 2014

Nicole Morgan

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cushfriend Send email
Aug 15, 2014

texas barbecue hamburger and sexist bikini clad models

I want to register a complaint about the nearly nude models eating a barbecue hamburger. I feel that this type of commercial is terrible when Sonic and other advertisers use humor instead of sexist advertising. I think the chickens around the business was great and attracted attention as well as humor. I do think your advertising group needs to step up and attract business instead of equating sexually erotic photos with eating a hamburger. Shape up and improve please. I am not interested in buying your product because of your advertising.
Kittenpuff89@gmail.com Send email
Aug 15, 2014

your disgusting commercials using almost naked women

What is your guys' deal? Seriously i just saw your new foul and gross commercial for the texas man burger, during daytime family T.V. I didn't want to watch your ad, it grossed me out. I'am a young 25 year old girl who is not a fan of being seen as a sexualized symbol. Women are intelligent beings who shouldn't been seen as sex objects. I condone not only you Carls Jr, but the air headed actresses who accept your nasty money filled offers. This is not only degrading but sinful, especially if there are children present. Stop airing these disturbing commercials, as they go against every moral of society and family structure. I don't want my kids to grow up watching this trash to be scarred for life. if
lynnmaryt Send email
Aug 15, 2014

File Daily Carl's Jr. Complaints to the FCC

Each time you see/hear a porno Carl's Jr. commercial being aired, send a complaint to the FCC at:


Enter this information onto the form for each occurrence:

date aired
time aired
channel/radio air wave (frequency)
city & state where the program was viewed/heard
name of program
2much2handle Send email
Aug 14, 2014


I don't want Carl's Jr. to continue to air commercials with half naked women. What does light porn have to do with eating a burger anyway? Now I will be constantly switching the channel EVERY TIME a Carl's commercial begins. My children shouldn't be subjected to obscenities on T.V. I will NOT be dining at Carl's Jr. until the company published a PUBLIC apology for thoughtless and degrading commercials. Believe me, we won't be the only family avoiding Carl's Jr.
lynnmaryt Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Complain about Carl's Jr. to the FCC

I phoned TW Cable about the texas burger commercial, and they submitted a complaint to the FCC. TW Cable said that consumer complaints have more weight with the FCC, so please register complaints about the texas burger (or any other offensive) commercial at the FCC website:


We might be able to stop this from being aired at least during family hours and on family channels.
Stuck invernal Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Horrible ads

Disgusted with these ads. Not just me, but my children too! For fast food?? Absolutely disrespectful- the humor in these ads is LONG gone- time to hire a new ad agency. In the meantime we'll make it a point not to eat there.
usthree Send email
Aug 13, 2014

sexual adds

I cannot believe Carl's Jr has chosen to use this kind of advertising. It's horrible. We will no longer eat at your restaurant. Its ridicules.
mpfett Send email
Aug 13, 2014

Carl's Jr Ad

Horrible. Will be sure to never eat there OR take my kids there. What are you thinking? Very disappointed that you feel you have to advertise this way. Worse than having my kids watch a Victoria's Secret commercial. Never every eating there and will be sure to lobby for others to stay away too.
Momof3kelly Send email
Aug 12, 2014

Hardee's porn

Shown during family shows??? Really?!? Shame on you! Way to alienate now ex-customers! My kids were watching "American Ninja Warriors" when this filth was forced on us! Does no one in the ad department have children? I can only assume they are lonely perves who spend all their time on porn sites. Appalled. I expect these on MTV or Comedy Central, but the news, sporting events, and family programming?!? Ridiculous! Lost this customer, and I often are breakfast there. Never again!
sunckr Send email
Aug 11, 2014

Carl's Jr. tv ads

I've never eaten at a Carl's Jr. because of their sexual ads objectifying women, and I never will. How does the company have enough money to pay these models & actresses anyway? They must command a very big price - Super Models and Kardashians don't come cheap. It must cost them a fortune! They should put that money into their products to improve the quality, and follow the ad example of other successful fast food companies like Wendy's and McDonalds. Even Jack-in-the-Box has great ads! I believe if all of them never put another ad on t.v., it wouldn't make any difference in their sales. We all like what we like - who's going to change? Nobody!
lynnmaryt Send email
Aug 11, 2014

teas burger commercial makes me sick

I change the channel before the texas burger commercial has a chance to air during the baseball games because it blatantly objectifies women. Kids love to watch baseball, and I don't want them to learn that women are worthless except for sex. Is this what we want to teach them?? I will continue to complain to every station that airs this commercial.

Show us a man in skimpy, one -size too small speedos crawling all over his car with a little bit of scrotum showing when he sticks his butt in everyone's face. I demand equal rights.
Horrible Send email
Aug 11, 2014

New Ad is Offensive

WOW, the new Hardee's commercial is extremely offensive. I never thought that a burger joint would have to resort to sex to sell their product. I know that it is Hardee's last ditch effort to get back in the market...because quite frankly, Hardee's sucks. And no amount of explicit advertising is going to change this fact. Unfortunately, It goes to show you that advertising a burger has gone to far! I really appreciate that our kids get to see this garbage. Furthermore, in the quest to obtain more customers through this advertising gimmick, Hardee's will ultimately lose more. I would rather drive 100 miles out of my way to get something to eat than to take my family to a Hardee's because I don't know what the hell might be in the dining area. Naked waitresses, porn on TV? I sure in the hell am not going to give my money to a company like that. Thanks for offending me and my family. I guess it is off to McDonald's we go!
CCBKL Send email
Aug 10, 2014

Carl Jr. Commercials

Sick of the offensive commercials Carl's Jr. continues to put out there!! My family chooses not to eat in their restaurants because of them!
caseybridges Send email
Aug 9, 2014

Hardees Commercial

Just saw the soft core porno Paris Hilton and some other girl "Texas something or other Hamburger" ad. I am a man and I find this commercial outrageous and REPULSIVE! This kind of low budget smut has no place on television. Promoting sex and subtle homosexuality has no place on a television ad! This sickens me. I have a wife and 2 kids, of which is a beautiful, intelligent, little girl and a wonderful developing little boy. I don't want my little girl witnessing this Godless trash and thinking that this is what a woman's role is in life Or my little boy seeing women paraded around in near BDSM wear selling lust and hamburgers. Please take this filth from the television.
bzbscot Send email
Aug 9, 2014

Latest Pornographic TV Ad

This is the real war on women (and young girls). I've written them letters and emails encouraging them to get their brains out of their pants, but they've never responded. The Carl's Jr. corporation doesn't care about anything but money. They disgust me.
Antje Calkins Send email
Aug 7, 2014

Pornographic Ads

I don't understand why a company that makes and sells hamburgers to families would want to degrade themselves by using half naked, extremely sexually suggestive females in their advertising on television. I was watching the news with my husband at 6:00 pm when I was amazed and horrified by the disgusting ad you had released. I am a retired elementary teacher, a grandmother and a Christian. I do not appreciate being subjected to pornographic advertising, especially during the hours when young children are likely to see this garbage. It also makes me determined to never buy any Carl's Jr. product again while this advertising policy continues. I would love to see family oriented commercials which honor our country, your company, and a great tasting hamburger!

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