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Consumer complaints and reviews about Circle K

Kraymond2591 Send email
Apr 5, 2016

Poor employee treatment

I have been with circle k since feburary i quit my cleaning job for circle which was a mistake... my boss has already offered me an assistant manager position but has yet to start the training. I am also going to be transferring out to a circle k in AZ in october she is making me wonder bout that also. I feel like she is playing around with me.... i am not liking is and something has got to be done im not one to put up with shit very long im tired o being put on the bottom of the totem pole at every single job i work at!!!! I am a hard worker why cant you see that!!!! Store 1413 urbana illinois katherine raymond
brian1108 Send email
Feb 13, 2016

ALL GAS Stations are horrible

You have circle k they have 7/11 we have sheetz. They are all horrible. And it is the same thing. The one thing I see is the complaints about customer service. We are standing in line to buy something that is killing us and we are complaining about customer service. Well, the employee might be rude but they are not killing us. The owner of the store is killing us. We need to put the owners of these places in prison.
JohnC Send email
Jan 9, 2016

Dirty in Circle K

Walked in circle K today buy
Lottery Ticket
Had to wait in line ( 8 people a
Head of me )
Standing beside grills Looking
At top of grill Dust was thick enough
I would write my name . I did make
A mark to make sure I was right
Not Good Dirt and food not a
Good combination
I wish I would have looked around
More after buying lottery ticket
JohnC Send email
Jan 9, 2016

Dirty Building inside

Went in building to buy lottery
Ticket There were several people
In front on Me So I had time to
Look around The grills that have
Hot Dogs etc food cooking
The top of the grills I could write
My name Doesn't look like they
Been cleaned in months
Food cooking on bottom and
Dirt on top Not a good combination
After seeing this I wish I would
Looked around more
mad_customer Send email
Aug 12, 2015


Went to circle k on third street in Osborn. About 7:45pm 8_11_2015. I had my three year old daughter and I asked the cashier Jonathan if he had a key for the bathroom He said no it's out of order. He said you can go to Walgreens down the road. I said ok. As I was walking a lady came in said do you have a key for the bathroom He (jonathan) said yes yes I do. He unlocked the bathroom room for her. But not for my three year old. I turned around and said you said it was out of order. He said did you see her she's hot look at that big butt. Oh ok. That's discrimination. My three year old has to hold it because we aren't as hot has that lady is with a big butt. That man was rude. And I don't like the way he decided to pick and choose who to unlock the bathroom door for cuz he wants to look at hot lady's. And I didn't like the way he was talking in front of my daughter. He needs to learn all types, aged people come to circle and my shoes got stuck to the floor.
mad_customer Send email
Jul 30, 2015

rude cashier in the world

I walked in to circle k on 3rd street in Osborn and it seemed to be the only one There besides the rude cashier, store was nasty. My shoes was stuck to the floor. . And as I walked in he said what the f@@k. I said ok and went and got my soda. I got ready to pay and he's words was "F@@K I can't get a break I wish all the people would just run into a brick wall and died. I'm like what is wrong with you, he said people and they don't need to repopulate cuz there stupid idiots and just die from running into a brick way. The world would be a better place. Wow I couldn't believe what I heard. Very rude.. And this happened between 9:45 to 10pm.
calvarysrock Send email
Jan 30, 2015

Additional charges on my bill

On 29 Jan 2015, I pumped $25 worth of gas but an additional charge of $75 was applied to my credit card...
JohnnyDeeMcBee Send email
Oct 4, 2014

Asking for donations

I used to laugh when they would try to upsell a pack of gum or a newspaper. There is no profit in newspapers so it's only an annoyance. Wake up. But, now they have realized that there is BIG MONEY is accepting donations. So, like an 'product' that Circle K carries, there is a margin. Some they'll make 30%, some 20%, some 50%, etc. It's the same thing for these donations. Do you think Circle K is handling these donations for free? As another comment mentioned, "what percent does Circle K get?"

There is a mask of, "we are helping others." Then when your 'donation' is made, how much of that money actually goes to the cause? Each 'charity' has administration costs, salaries, etc. Your 'donation' is getting lower and lower. Give it to the homeless guy on the street. Further, a company like Circle K carefully chooses the 'cause' by that which benefits them. Finally, the impression might be to improve Circle K's image (although it's annoying), but does Circle K get a tax benefit with all of these donations? Who knows how the accounting works?

:) All I know is that is annoying. I am not embarrassed to not give (not because, as I said, my work is made up of helping others - just because there is something fishy about it all) I answer their question in one word. No.
jamesc Send email
Aug 9, 2014

threats of violence

on 8/9/2014 at approx. 8:15am a circle k delivery driver
began being abusive and making threats of bodily harm
to a customer
ahwa2key Send email
Jul 8, 2014

Circle K

Pumps out of order-dirty-no prompt for the carwash-no receipt paper
K FOWLER Send email
Feb 6, 2014


Dislikingcirclek Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Do they really care for their employees?

Wow!!! I thought I was the only employee out of all the other Circle K stores that had problems. Lets see the problems first started when I had strep throat. I came in thinking I could handle the 8 hours shift but 2 hours into the job I eventually got worse. It got to the point where if I stayed any longer I would have passed out. I got weak and was coughing. I asked my supervisor if I could take the rest of the day off. Let me say one thing...STREP THROAT IS SERIOUS. (& I hope she reads this since this woman lives and breathes Circle K like its the only thing that should matter in everyone's life.) Anywho, I offered to show her proof of how bad it was, I had the white pus all over my tonsils to prove it. She just said "eww, I don't care you're not going anywhere" and walked away. I was more furious than ever. Eventually, after she left, I texted her and told her I was going home because I couldn't handle it anymore. Here's what happened, she yelled at me (I hung up), and CUT MY HOURS!!! WTF kind of woman does that.
Next event that happened was a few months back. I was working with a wonderful co-worker and she was minding her business doing her job in the cooler and stocking it. She and I are the only ones who stock the place right and re-organize it after the other lazy workers decide we can do the dirty work and clean their mess up. We spend an average of 2-4 hours in there, because it takes us that long to make it look exceptional for my supervisor we turn the cooler off and on. So the assistant manager, who offered me a raise to slap her where the cameras couldn't see, decides he wants to go in there and yell at her. By the way, he was off the clock and drunk, according to company policy no employee should be in the cooler unless clocked in and working. So he yells at her and just laughs at her while she cries. We called our supervisor and all she had to say was "...he's always like that, don't let him scare you." Guess what the outcomes were, co-worker left, assistant manager got a better job. Umm..there's something wrong here. This just downright pissed me off.
So after being there for pretty much a year my grandmother was admitted in the hospital and doctors called us in to say good bye, my grandma by the way is doing much better, I told my supervisor about the situation and SHE ASKED ME, "do you want me to give you the week off?" When I said yes she got upset about it. When I got back to work I found that my hours had been cut once again. And today I'm facing a choice between losing my job or quitting.
I'm sorry Circle K but your business, company policies & the supervisors you hired are just downright stupid. Who does this? Are you guys really this heartless to do this to people? Do you just love putting people through this & wasting their time as well? I hate to say this but after today I am no longer an employee of your so called company. I'm done dealing with your people.
Anti-SEO Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Do they really care for their employees?

Usually the managers at those kind of jobs are as stupid as the employees.
IronMuffin Send email
Mar 13, 2012

Do they really care for their employees?

You are an unreliable employee with too many issues. I'd cut your hours and give them to someone more dependable too.
Fed Up Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I worked @ Circle K for 3 mos. From the very beginning, I'd had problems accessing MY money on a pay card issued instead of direct deposit or a regular all American check. Asked manager to look into it. Her comment, "There's the number you need to call" as she pointed to a bulletin board that was chalk full of stuff dated from the 80's on up!! As a new employee, I had no clue what to look for. I finally got hold of the card company and they continually emailed me codes in order to access my money. The card co. issued verification to reimburse my decline fees, etc. Great!! I thought. Nothing doing. I gave he email to the mgr. with directions from card co. to Circle K H/R dept. I waited, waited, and waited. Nothing!!! I called mgr. of store she wouldn't answer the phone and avoided me. I called Circle K in Az. "We do not do this sort of transaction."

This is bull !!! All the card co. wanted was permission to access MY account to reimburse me. Circle K refused.


Also, my mother is in very bad health. I didn't have anyone to stay with her and let them know at least 12 hrs. prior to my next shift. I was told, " sounds like a personal problem." They knew I'd almost lost her prior to Christmas. I liked to have...!!! It's not like the girl who's "daddy baby got thrown in jail" excuse. I wound up covering half her shift on top of mine!! And was expected to work again that night!! She didn't want to wake her mother to keep the kid. I literally had to quit a job that kept me sick with upper respiratory infection the whole time I worked there. And on top of that... to keep from paying me the over-time I'm supposed to be paid BY LAW, the mgr. went in, clocked me out, and then clocked me right back in!!! LABOR LAW BROKEN RIGHT THERE!!!

Hey Circle K>>>>>>

Sure you're not owned by a politian???? Or maybe a C.E.O. ????
Feb 23, 2012


I had been with circle K for over 4 years. I started as a regular cashier, bumped to an assistant, and then got a manager job. I was thrown into management when my manager at the time was fired for stealing 900.00 worth of cigarettes and then tried to pay for them ( idiot ) anyways. I never had any type of manager training, no training on policy or procedure, no nothing.. thrown into and figure the shit out. So recently a former employee of mine decided she was going to rob me... Now, this was a Monday.. I had 2 deposites BECAUSE i did not have a lock depsite key for the bank... AFTER telling my market manager on MANY occasions i did not have one. So because he did not get me a key, and i got robbed.. i got fired.. Pure bullshit that was not my fault.. I could not control either situation. When i was a cashier and assistant i got a total of 2 raises in 3 years... I never got any raise after becoming a manager... This company is pure BULLSHIT, liars, theives, unfair, uncontrolled, self worrying place. They dont worry about any of their employees unless ur high in management then they may give a damn. HATE THIS PLACE AND ADVISE NOT A SINGLE PERSON TO EVEN THINK ABOUT WORKING THERE UNLESS YOU ENJOY BEING A SLAVE AND BEING TREATED UNFAIRLY. AMANDA FROM ILLINOIS
Against_Crooked_Managers Send email
Feb 23, 2012

employee treatment

If you sir are truly a CK manager, I KNOW now what's wrong with most CK stores!! It's NOT the employees you're referring to as "meat bags" NOR is it the customers which you refer to as "people".. It's idiots such as yourself that make CK such a sorry place to work for and a sorry place to shop at!!! When there's truthful, hard working, fair managers running the place you have nice, decent, friendly customers who have no complaints. When it's a sorry, non caring, lying, snake in the grass crooked bastard such as you managing CK, there's always going to be one complaint after another!! You crap on your employees and your customers and you're not professional at all!!! You must be kin to the DM or knew the DM personally somehow to have the guts to get on here and bash your employees and customers the way you did. It just goes to show that the whole problem is YOU!!
Hoping-tp-help Send email
Feb 23, 2012

employee treatment

I have been a customer of Circle K on Nations Ford for a long time and have not liked the manager there since he came to the store and have final severed my relationship with that store. I have seen many employees come and go there but over the last monh I have seen his behavior get worse he is now yelling at the employees in front of us customers calling them liers and accusing them of stealing. I want to recommned that no females step foot in that store to work under this man he makes sexual comments to them and belittles them in front of any and everyone. I have called human rescoures and then spoke to the employess to see if it has helped they said no I hope by writing this someone will do something about the Hitler of a manager!
Major Jugheadhinstoned Send email
Feb 23, 2012

employee treatment

Amen..I think you sir are an observant "customer". Its about time one of you "people"(we in C K management don't believe in the word "customer") spoke up about the extremely hostile methods we use to handle our "meat bags"(haha gets me every time, you know, its what we in C K mgmt. call our "lack of work" ers, hehe, I just slay me). We especially love to do it right in front of you just to laugh because we know you'll say and do nothing and be back tomorrow for more "goods". You "people" should organize a little and oh, try boycotting us for a few days. In fact I dare you to..come on..if you think we're bad managers, I dare you to stop coming to shop here. Ha, ha, I didn't think so, here have one of our "250% markup" fountain drinks and get back in line with the rest of 'em. I love being a C K henchman.
Justaposting Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Really bad employee Policies

Circle K is really insane in how they treat there line level employees at the store level. I wont even go on the health care that is pretty much non existent except for salary employees. New policy that has come out. It is now required for all store employees to purchase coffee and fountain soda if they have any on there shift. I find this as just a complete penny pinching policy. Four comments and reasons on it. One these are products with very high profit margin. Soda for example is probably in the 150-200% area and coffee probably in 75% or higher. Two: with the policy that coffee needs to be dumped and changed every 2 hours on average I would assume close to a gallon of coffee is dumped a day. Three the policy is insane for store level employees in that okay so the people who work the graveyard, with no pay differential, have to pay. Same with people who open stores at 4 am and close the stores at night. Four is just something I would love to find out, might not be valid complaint. The corporate offices, are they supplied coffee or do the people that work in them pool a fund and pay for it. If it is like many companies I know it is usually a budgeted line under office supplies. Just a curiosity there.
Major Jugheadhinstoned Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Really bad employee Policies

Circle K is corrupt from the district manager on up, I should know, I'm a henchmen in the employ of these corrupt individuals. I do their low level dirty work with a smile and a pat on the back, then I move on to the next store. I'm 'the cleaner', the smoke and mirrors guy who makes everything look right when things are so very wrong. My soul has been scarred by the things I've done for a buck so I thought a 'confession' might help, naw, I think I'll just get a fountain drink. Oh look a little chip in the lip of the cup, guess I'll write that one off as a loss, can't sell that to a customer. But hey why waste it like we waste the unsold donuts, I'll just use it for free. LA dee da, la da dee, look at me!
Banspy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Donation boxes

I am sending this email in regards to the United Cerebral Palsy donation containers on the counter tops at all of the stores. While I find that placing a donation box out is an honorable venture for Circle K to partake in, I feel that having the clerks solicit donations by asking the customer if they would like to donate their change is crossing the line.

In this economy, everyone is a little more strapped for cash and some more so than others and the manner in which the clerks hold your change "hostage" while asking if you'd like to donate is humiliating especially while others are waiting behind you. If you say you would not like to donate, the clerks give you dirty looks like you are a criminal, while slowly handing the change back to you.

My wife lost her job and I work two jobs to survive and support my family and unfortunately, I have to go to Circle K sometimes 5-6 times a day for the little things like milk, bread, water, and the occasional bottle of soda or juice, and of course gasoline, and this suggestive donating is really frustrating especially since some of the clerks see a person many times a day.

I have spoken to the manager several times and she claims it is company policy to ask and if this is the case, then I will not be returning to Circle K to make my purchases since I am tired of being humiliated by saying no to the donations. I make barely enough to keep our family surviving and I know that this might be a trivial matter to some but if I go into the store several times a day and I average .50-.99 cents in change back, that adds up to a gallon of milk or loaf of bread, or even a gallon of gasoline...that which I am constantly being asked to donate.

Please put a stop to this practice of asking the customer if they want to donate as the clerks have no idea how it impacts a person's ego or conscience when they feel like a criminal for not donating.
Customer SR Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Donation boxes

Having been the Customer Service Rep in this situation, I know exactly what you mean. It's awkward for the folks behind the counter as well.

Unfortunately for the employees, there's always something the manager/asst. manager/district manager wants you to be promoting as an extra sale at EVERY transaction, and if you don't try and sell whatever the current product is (whether it be a charity donation, on-sale Gatorade, etc) you get in trouble. Depending on the circumstances this could mean getting written up or suspended from work, which few Circle K employees can afford to risk.

I agree that this required extra sale is dumb and often inconsiderate, but the fault doesn't fall to the sales clerks. They're simply doing their job. The problem spawns from some decision made in upper management, but I don't think it'll be changing anytime soon.

P.S. I hope the clerks you've met (giving you reproachful looks) don't represent most Circle K employees. It's common knowledge that there are many times when people can't spare any change, and it's your money anyway - to do what you want to with it.

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