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Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

United States,

Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

Helpmenow Send email
Feb 6, 2016


Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates---VERIZON

On 6-4-15 i bought an IPhone 6 plus 64 gig.
Was sold with push that easy $150 rebate was to be given to me..
Words sales folks used were EASY, NO PROBLEM......
I waited and watied and waited,,but nothing,
Finally i had gone the to Fremont Costco phone booth, slaes person said i needed to talk to a manager but one wasnt there that day AND THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME CONTACT NUMBER.
This same sotry happen a total of 4 times---NO HELP AT ALL.
Funny work so hard to tell you lies to get your money then deceive and steal from you while they pocket the customers money.
I have also filed rebate website request for answer but no reply as of yet..

I feel like just walking up the the phone sales booth and walking off with $200 worth of merchandise--$150 due to me and $50 for all my wasted time.......but of course i will get arrested.. How the heck has this turned into a one sided deal like this in this country.

Rangermedic Send email
Feb 2, 2016

Haven't received my rebate

I purchased my Samsung Galaxy 6 from the Antioch Costco back in 11/13/2015. I sent the paperwork that the Costco vendor printed for me. I never received anything. I finally went to Costco to speak to the vendor I was told it was denied for an unknown reason. I contacted Stuart rebates on line but no answer. Very disappointed.
customer30 Send email
Jan 30, 2016

Costco Stuart Lee Rebate partnership

FACT: "Costco generated sales of about 87 billion U.S. dollars and operated a total of 592 warehouses. As a result, Costco's average sales per warehouse amounted to 146 million U.S. dollars."

Bought two Samsung 6 phones on August 16th 2015. We were told that we would receive two separate Costco $100 cash cards after mailing in all of the forms. We did that and of course made copies. Kept checking Stuart Lee Rebate website. Jan 8 2016 the website said they had mailed out ONE cash card. Never got it. Complained that we were to get two as promised by COSTCO. We were ignored. Still not even one CASH CARD received.

COSTCO: Shame on you! Stuart Lee Rebates is a scam! The only way to deal with this kind of business dishonesty is to picket Costco.They will only pay attention when it costs them money. COSTCO's excuse is that the phone KIOSK is run by another business . . . really? If I come to your house and your Gardner (subcontractor) attacks me . . . the court says you are responsible since it happened on YOUR property.

COSTCO: your consumers are asking for your help to maintain your good reputation . . . are you listening?
frustratedconsumer Send email
Jan 29, 2016

Missing rebate

Horrible experience!! We were supposed to get two rebates for two phones but only got one. Called the Costco wireless company and they asked me to contact Stuart Lee Rebates directly. But they don't even have a phone number to talk to a live person. The website prompts you to submit a web form and wait up to a week for response. I find Costco customer service to be best of class, but they have chosen to work with a rebate company that does not process rebates correctly and cannot be easily contacted when they have caused problems!!! Extremely frustrating. My next phone will be purchased elsewhere.
VeryVERYUpset Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Stuart Lee Wireless Phone Rebate

I purchased two (2) iphone 6 telephones from Kennesaw Costco. I was promised two (2) Stewart Lee Rebates of $200.00 each, one for each phone. I sent in ALL paperwork the following day. I have patiently waited for these Costco Cash Card rebates and to my extreme displeasure, I have received one (1) Costco Cash Card in the amount of $15.00. SERIOUSLY??? What a slap in the face and what a terrible slander on Costco. I had never had any problems with Costco EVER and I am a serious Costco shopper! I am very surprised that Costco has allowed this company within its family! There is absolutely no Stewart Lee Customer service, no phone number, no email. To say i am upset is an understatement, and the fact that there is an actual Stewart Lee Rebate/Costco forum REALLY steams me!!!! I went to Sams Club today instead of my usual Costco shop, so Sams Club ended up with my $430 worth of purchases today!
mohan.maddike Send email
Jan 9, 2016

Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates

Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates
I purchased iPhone 6s at Costco on Nov 14,2015, $250.00 from AT&T (my provider) which was handled by the mailing rebates through Stuart Lee in Lynnwood,WA. I sent rebates form within a week from the purchase date. Till now no information on online whether mail was reached or not.
i felt very bad about Stuart Lee, no proper response from customer care. its give bad impression to Costco. Costco should take responsibility. if any buddy have customer care number, could any one update please.
sooyunjoh Send email
Jan 5, 2016

Stuart Lee Wireless phone rebates

I purchased iPhone6 at Costco on Aug 7,2015 with the two rebates, $200.00 from AT&T (my provider) and $150.00 from iPhone company which was handled by the mailing rebates through Stuart Lee in Lynnwood,WA. I sent both rebates forms within a week from the purchase date. I received one cash card of $200.00 in the second week of November. It took 12 weeks. This was perfect. But I was still waiting for another cash card of $150.00. Today on Jan 4th, 2016. I received a check of $55.00 instead of $150.00 cash card. Through www,stuartleerebates.com I submitted this amount difference for the explanation. I got an email back on the details on the rebate records within an hours but there is no explanation of the difference between $150.00 and $55.00. There is some questionable information on the record which I will ask them to find the fact. My case would be better than other case but I will call them to find out the reason for this rebate amount difference. I will post it when I find the reason for it. After reading all the complaints on this website i think that the Stuart Lee Rebates in Lynnwood,WA has a bad, inconsistent business practice which should be corrected.
melissavelasquez Send email
Jan 2, 2016

did not receive rebate for phone

I purchased a phone and a tablet from Costco Warehouse in La Habra. I was promised to receive $150 in rebates. I purchased onn 9-30-15. I keep receiving letter's that my rebate's are missing information. I am frustrated. Do you have my rebate information for phone number 562-217-5386? My name is Melissa Velasquez 562-522-8886?POS loCATION CODE 74047 aPPT.iD nO. 675035244 ACCOUT 760286837-1. dEVICE iD 990-004892441820 FFECTIVE DATE 9-29-15.MELISSA VELASQUEZ 11706 Telechron Ave. Whittier CA,90605.
Cmas Send email
Dec 31, 2015

Samsung Galaxy S6/Galaxy S6 Edge Rebate

I purchased my phone at Costco because I was supposed to get a $70 rebate. Then I learned it would take 14 weeks to get it! Okay, so that's bad enough, but it never came. When I followed up on, it was "denied". No explanation, no recourse! I had done every tiny little direction for what they needed. Where is Costco in all this? They are usually so good about stuff like this. How can they get by with this? Last phone - or anything I buy at Costco that is supposed to have a rebate. Disgusting.
LHBrook Send email
Dec 26, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebates

Everyone should go to Costco's and Wireless Advocates website and submit complaint about Stuart Lee as I did and perhaps we can get some results. I'm sure neither company wants this attention they are receiving due to SLR's incompetence.
LHBrook Send email
Dec 23, 2015

Rebate! What Rebate!!!

My wife and I purchased Samsung S6 phones at the Wireless Advocates Verizon kiosk at COSTCO on August 29, 2015. We mailed the paperwork for two $100 COSTCO Cash Cards within a week. After 12 weeks passed, I filled out the forms on their website and submitted an inquiry for a status of my rebate. We received an email reply stating, " No record of your rebates were found" and was asked to fax the forms which I did. Then received a message to review their website after 11 days to track the processing of the rebate. Once issued and mailed, our website will show the updated information." How much longer do we wait, forever, because I do not have a good feeling after reading all the complaints that we will ever get it.

This is absolutely ridiculous and Costco needs to address this issue with Stuart Lee as it is not the operating norm for them. We love Costco but this is a black eye and they need to have it corrected.
John Smith Jr. Send email
Dec 22, 2015


I think this company is avoiding to pay the consumer the rebate. Costco provides all forms to submit for the rebate. About 2 months later I received a note that they don't have my receipt and they could not process my rebate. It is unacceptable and Costco should not allow this type of rebate and promotion because it seems it is a scam to sell the phone to consumer.
hnkandekk Send email
Dec 16, 2015

Costco/Verizon iPhone rebate

It has been 16 weeks waiting to get $50 stuartleerebates.com.after purchasing an iPhone 6 from the Verizon kiosk at Costco in Phoenix. Filled out the form on website. "No record of rebate request"
Filled out inquiry form on website however there was no place to click on SEND or SUBMIT. Spoke to mgr of kiosk 1058. Sent him a copy of rebate request on 12/8/15......no response as of today 12/16. Filled out inquiry form again at www.stuartleerebates.com and again no record of rebate received. Filled out find my "where is my rebate" form and no send or submit site on page.
Under contacts.........no phone or address, only same inquiry form. Under "log in" asks for password but no place to register for same! Absolute frustration, confirmed by all the complaints.

Next step is the manager at Costco.
rkshah Send email
Dec 15, 2015

Where is my rebate

I called 425 number provided by muzikgrl. Phone was answered immediately by rep. No prompts no waiting - amazing.
Representative provided information promptly and assured rebate papers are in order. I had received $50 rebate card, but could not confirm $200 rebate where about.
Thanks to muzikgrl for providing customer service number.
muzikgrl74 Send email
Dec 14, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebates/Costco

I have the number in this message. 425. The last time I posted it they blocked out the last four digits.712. So I am going to break up the number for everyone 9880. Please note it. You can also just go to Google and type in Stuart Lee Rebates and the phone number and address will appear. This phone number I listed was one I used last year. Once I called it, I had a response/return phone call with in 2 days. They don't want to be bothered so they will call you back ASAP so you don't keep calling them.

The other number to call is wireless advocates 206. They are the company that uses Stuart Lee as their rebate partner 428. Both companies are located in the state of WA so it is Pacific Time Zone. If you don't get a response from Stuart lee quickly when you call them, contact Wireless Advocates for assistance. 2400
suebyrum Send email
Dec 9, 2015

Rebate not received

My husband and I purchase Samsung phones at a SPRINT kiosk at COSTCO in August. We mailed in the paperwork for two $200 COSTCO Cash Cards within a week. We filled out the forms on their website and submitted an inquiry a month ago. We received an email reply stating "Your rebate(s) show being received under the phone numbers *** and *** Please review our website weekly on Saturdays to track the processing of your rebate. Once issued and mailed, our website will show the updated information."

It is now December and we have not received our rebates. When I checked the website again today, the rebate is still "Pending". Even with their 12-14 week waiting period, I would expect to receive a confirmation of approval by now.
I simply want what was promised to me at the time of the purchase.
suebyrum Send email
Dec 9, 2015

Stuart Lee SPRINT Rebates

My husband and I purchased SPRINT phones at COSTCO on August 25, 2015. We filed the paperwork for Stuart Lee Rebates and mailed them within a week. I realized that there was a 12-14 week processing time.

We filled out the forms on their website and submitted an inquiry a month ago. There is no phone number listed on the website to talk to a live person. We received an email reply stating "Your rebate(s) show being received under the phone numbers *** and *** Please review our website weekly on Saturdays to track the processing of your rebate. Once issued and mailed, our website will show the updated information."

It is now 12/08/2015 and we have not received our rebates. When I checked the website again today, the rebate is still "Pending". Even with their 12-14 week waiting period, I would expect to receive a confirmation of approval by now.

The amount at stake is not trivial, the kiosk at COSTCO advertised a $200 rebate per phone. Calling COSTCO did not help. They just referred me to Stuart Lee Rebates. I was very disappointed because COSTCO has always had excellent customer service. I realize that they did not directly sell me the phone, SPRINT did, but I did buy it at COSTCO with signs posted offering a COSTCO cash card, so I would expect some assistance from them. I simply want what was promised to me at the time of the purchase.
paulh Send email
Dec 6, 2015

Costco/Wireless Advocates/Stuart Lee

Purchased 2 phones in Costco each promising a rebate of $200. Claims were submitted by mail on July 26 and apparently received by Stuart Lee on Aug 14, some 3 weeks later! Terms of rebate stated that rebates would be sent 12-14 weeks after Stuart Lee receives the rebate docs. I did receive one of those rebates 14 weeks later (which makes 17 weeks after I had mailed it). I emailed Stuart Lee about the remaining rebate which showed on their website as "pending approval" and received a response that rebates take 12-16 weeks, i.e., an additional 2 weeks on top of their original time frame. It is 16 weeks after their official receipt and it is still showing pending.

I wish I had read these other posts before buying but I have been a member of Costco/Price Club since 1979 and had found them to be very customer oriented and ethical. This changes everything as some of the complaints here go back over a year and yet Costco are still offering similar rebates when they have to know that their advertised commitments will not be honored in a timely manner if at all!
I was thinking about switching to Sams Club when my executive membership comes up for renewal because they will no longer be accepting American Express. After this experience I am no longer thinking, in fact I went to Sams Club last week and noticed that everything I buy at Costco was available there also and, as a bonus they accept American Express.
lifeisabitch Send email
Sep 1, 2015

stuart lee rebates

If you read the complaints below this one....some claim to have called stuart Lee but did not leave the phone number here it is... flood them with calls what a scam Costco is running
425 712 9880
gmilstein Send email
Jul 24, 2015

Costco/Verizon Rebate from 03/23/15

I bought an Ellipsis 8 and a Samsung Note 4 and I'm almost sure the amounts were $140 and $150...so far all I got was a $40 Costco gift card...
I checked at Stuart Lee Rebates site and all it shows is the $40...something sounds fishy...
I go to Verizon, they tell me to go to Costco...I go to Costco, they tell me to go to Verizon...this os ridiculous...

Does anyone know what were the rebate amounts for a promotion that Costco had with Verizon back in March 23rd, 2015? Thanks for the info.
omamuzo4 Send email
Jul 21, 2015

Decativated phones

This is very funny. I did not receive my rebate and to make matters worst, I got a response that my phones were deactivated. Really, who did the deactivation? I have been with T-mobile for the past 10 years and never had my services deactivated for 30 seconds. This company is fraudulent cheap bastards. And they are taking the us for granted. It will not be too long before someone with guts will send you out of business. Just wait.
Christina_SY_Lam@yahoo.com Send email
May 31, 2015

I am still waiting for my rebates since Feb

I bought two IPhones at Costco from Wireless Advocates and submitted the rebate form since Feb 2015 but never receive the rebate. They are not honest. Poor customer services. I am not sure if I can complaint at Costco.
indeed2011 Send email
May 26, 2015

Missing Rebate and No Contact

After purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Costco in December, we sent in our paper work for the $150 and $50 rebate. We received the $150 rebate many weeks after the expected date and never received the $50 rebate. At one point, I had checked the Stuart Lee Rebates website to review the status of my rebate and both rebates appeared in the queue. After receiving the $150 rebate (but not the $50 rebate) I once again checked the Stuart Lee system. This time, the $50 rebate did not appear at all when searching. Luckily (or so I thought) I grabbed a screen shot showing that I had/have two rebates waiting to be processed. I contacted them 3ish weeks or so ago with this information and never received a response. I have contacted them again today, 5/26/2015. My next step will be to try to involve Costco customer service as I do have the screen shot as proof.
creichenberger Send email
Apr 28, 2015

Denial letter

I called the number (after looking it up on whitepages.com for stuart lee rebates in Lynnwood, WA) and spoke to a woman who promptly handled my complaint. My issue was that I received a denial letter due to the fact that they had received my envelope empty. I knew for certain that I had put all of the paperwork in the envelope and had even added postage after realizing that it was a little thick to send without additional postage. After speaking to the (incredibly nice and understanding) person that answered the phone, she input some information to verify and said that as the information from our service provider (Verizon) comes back verifying the phone on our account, that next week we should have our rebate on its way to us. I appreciated her efforts, and I certainly didn't expect a resolution so easily! Kudos to Stuart Lee Rebates for doing the right thing!
muzikgrl74 Send email
Apr 24, 2015

How to find Stewart lee phone #

So I was just rereading some of these posts and I noticed the phone# I posted (which got me results) has been xx'd out...Here is how I found the phone for them:

Whitepages.com: Search Business: Type in "Stuart Lee Rebates in Lynwood, WA"

Click on the more details info...their number is listed :)

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