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Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

lifeisabitch Send email
Sep 1, 2015

stuart lee rebates

If you read the complaints below this one....some claim to have called stuart Lee but did not leave the phone number here it is... flood them with calls what a scam Costco is running
425 712 9880
gmilstein Send email
Jul 24, 2015

Costco/Verizon Rebate from 03/23/15

I bought an Ellipsis 8 and a Samsung Note 4 and I'm almost sure the amounts were $140 and $150...so far all I got was a $40 Costco gift card...
I checked at Stuart Lee Rebates site and all it shows is the $40...something sounds fishy...
I go to Verizon, they tell me to go to Costco...I go to Costco, they tell me to go to Verizon...this os ridiculous...

Does anyone know what were the rebate amounts for a promotion that Costco had with Verizon back in March 23rd, 2015? Thanks for the info.
omamuzo4 Send email
Jul 21, 2015

Decativated phones

This is very funny. I did not receive my rebate and to make matters worst, I got a response that my phones were deactivated. Really, who did the deactivation? I have been with T-mobile for the past 10 years and never had my services deactivated for 30 seconds. This company is fraudulent cheap bastards. And they are taking the us for granted. It will not be too long before someone with guts will send you out of business. Just wait.
Christina_SY_Lam@yahoo.com Send email
May 31, 2015

I am still waiting for my rebates since Feb

I bought two IPhones at Costco from Wireless Advocates and submitted the rebate form since Feb 2015 but never receive the rebate. They are not honest. Poor customer services. I am not sure if I can complaint at Costco.
indeed2011 Send email
May 26, 2015

Missing Rebate and No Contact

After purchasing a new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Costco in December, we sent in our paper work for the $150 and $50 rebate. We received the $150 rebate many weeks after the expected date and never received the $50 rebate. At one point, I had checked the Stuart Lee Rebates website to review the status of my rebate and both rebates appeared in the queue. After receiving the $150 rebate (but not the $50 rebate) I once again checked the Stuart Lee system. This time, the $50 rebate did not appear at all when searching. Luckily (or so I thought) I grabbed a screen shot showing that I had/have two rebates waiting to be processed. I contacted them 3ish weeks or so ago with this information and never received a response. I have contacted them again today, 5/26/2015. My next step will be to try to involve Costco customer service as I do have the screen shot as proof.
creichenberger Send email
Apr 28, 2015

Denial letter

I called the number (after looking it up on whitepages.com for stuart lee rebates in Lynnwood, WA) and spoke to a woman who promptly handled my complaint. My issue was that I received a denial letter due to the fact that they had received my envelope empty. I knew for certain that I had put all of the paperwork in the envelope and had even added postage after realizing that it was a little thick to send without additional postage. After speaking to the (incredibly nice and understanding) person that answered the phone, she input some information to verify and said that as the information from our service provider (Verizon) comes back verifying the phone on our account, that next week we should have our rebate on its way to us. I appreciated her efforts, and I certainly didn't expect a resolution so easily! Kudos to Stuart Lee Rebates for doing the right thing!
muzikgrl74 Send email
Apr 24, 2015

How to find Stewart lee phone #

So I was just rereading some of these posts and I noticed the phone# I posted (which got me results) has been xx'd out...Here is how I found the phone for them:

Whitepages.com: Search Business: Type in "Stuart Lee Rebates in Lynwood, WA"

Click on the more details info...their number is listed :)
CRODADY Send email
Apr 18, 2015

Costco verizon $150 rebate X3 NOT RECIEVED

Says they received my rebate forms for 3 Verizon phones I bought $150 each equal $450 cash card...told me would be 12-14 weeks, has been been almost 17 weeks...what gives!!!! Costco this really disappoints me as I have talked to your wireless dept several times over the the last month & a half and alls they say is we cant do anything and it should be in the mail any day... They sure sold it up when they wanted to earn my business there!!!! NOT THE RIGHT WAY TO CONDUCT BUSINESS!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!! Scott C.
mikelowell Send email
Apr 17, 2015

Costco Cash Card for Verizon via Stuart Lee Rebates

I submitted all of my documentation for the $150 new Verizon customer rebate on January 2nd. The company in question, Stuart Lee's website says it would be processed in 12-14 weeks. Today is week 15. I emailed them and now they say it's being verified and takes 12-16 weeks. Nothing takes 16 weeks in this world. Absolutely ridiculous.
jamietracy Send email
Apr 15, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebates/Costco

Stuart Lee is a third party that issues rebates based on the terms and conditions of the rebate offer provided by their clients. They are a reputable business that does fulfillment for several large retailers. If you have had a problem getting your rebate please contact them on their website at stuartleerebates.com for assistance. Most of the complaints on this board are regarding the wait time to receive a rebate. If your rebate is a wireless rebate you must have service for 60 days before you qualify for the offer. Once that time has passed the rebate is authorized, funded, and issued. This process takes about 12-14 weeks from the date received, (not purchased). All customers that qualify for a rebate will receive it.
west83rdnyc Send email
Apr 13, 2015


What a nightmare this entire ordeal has been with T mobile and Costco, (whom I had always trusted).

Every time I turn around, another issue with T MOBILE.
Now my 6 to 8 weeks (since Dec 22, 2014), timeline for REBATES though StuartLee is just a joke. Is now at 17 weeks!!Still no 375.00 in rebates promised.
Going online and checking again,
they say I was declined because I DEACTIVATED all of our phones...????? which is FALSE!!!
Ok ******attorney general***** Class action ******* Whose in?
By the way... DONT FALL FOR THE "NO CONTRACT", by T Mobile. It IS a contract because you can quit the service, but you are still under contract for the phones which you cannot use until they are ALL paid off with any other carriers, which in my case is over $3400.00 in phones. SO YES, you ARE still under CONTRACT with T MOBILE. Deceptive.

Service has been AWFUL. I even wrote their CEO on FB John Legere and NO response.
*** But he has time to post all of his publicity shots showing how approachable and friendly and "cool" he is.

Oh man.... What a SCAM and COSTCO.... REALLY???????
muzikgrl74 Send email
Mar 30, 2015

I finally got them

Follow my instructions below. The I got results post. My cards arrived today. Contact wireless advocates & escalate it
KRM Send email
Mar 28, 2015

rebate complaint

We bought two Samsung phones at Costco in November of 2014 - promised a $150 rebate per phone. My husband contacted Stuart Lee in January of 2015 wondering where our rebate was - their response - "number not entered into the system yet." We were told that hey process a high volume of these rebates and to be patient - to wait our 14 weeks.
Well, yesterday we went to Costco and spoke with a sales rep. who assured us he would contact Stuart Lee and that they would get back to us - so today we receive an e-mail stating that they have "no record" of our paperwork.
If this company is who Costco is doing business with, then I need to re-think Costco. Either Stuart Lee is sloppy, inept or just a scam. Costco should find a better company to represent them - I'll never buy another phone through a Costco kiosk. When I read the other complaints I realize that my attempts to get the total amount of my promised rebate are probably futile.
muzikgrl74 Send email
Mar 26, 2015


I just got a call from Stuart Lee rebates. I called the phone # 425-712-****. I left 2 messages. They called me back.

In addition to calling that number, if you are going thru Wireless Advocates, email them customerservice@wirelessadvocates.com

They will escalate your issue and get results! Good Luck everyone!
pmpantel Send email
Mar 26, 2015

Help! I haven't gotten my rebate yet.

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy 5 in November of 2014 and part of the deal was that I would get a $150 rebate. I filled out the form and sent it in within the first week. It has now been well over 4 months. I have recived nothing. It looks like Costco is running a scam here. Can anyone give me a number to call for someone who won't give me the "work-around" and fix this issue for me? Any luck?
Mwire Send email
Mar 25, 2015

There is a phone number for "Stuart Lee Rebates"

I called Stuart Lee Rebates at (425) 712-**** on 3/25/15. An extremly polite young lady answered after 2 rings. No recording and no other numbers or ext. needed. I had a question about mailing to PO BOXES that was answered immediately. I would rate the customer service 5 star for this call. I found the number with a search on Yahoo. The website is <yp.com> if you want to avoid a search, go to <yp.com> then search within the site "STUART LEE REBATE center". Or just call the above number. My rebates are for iPhones purchased at Costco.
gouda338 Send email
Mar 25, 2015

a rebate offer that was never fullfiled

I bought 5 Galaxy Note 4 wireless phones from Costco with a rebate offer of $25 each on 10/26/2014. submitted all the paperwork on time. To date, I did not receive anything. I called Costco and was transferred to what they call Costco's wireless advocate. I was after a long dialog explaining my self over and over again, I was tolled that the rebate was denied because the lines were deactivated.That was incorrect. Then I was tolled to call back in 24 t 48 hours to check of the status of my inquiry. then that was changed to 7 to 8 days. I asked check with who, the answer was customer service. which customer service or who is looking into that matter, what is the case or reference number, I got no answer and it seamed like the person did not know what to tell me. I felt bad for him yet very disappointed because I thout when I buy something from Costco warehouse (not on line) I am protected and will not be scammed.

Shameful situation never believed that I ll be exposed to in Costco .
scottcvp1 Send email
Mar 25, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebate

Oh boy, wish I had seen this list of unhappy people before too being a victim of this fraudulent rebate scam. We purchased a Samsung Tab 4 on 11/29/14. Submitted the paperwork on 12/4/14. The website noted that the paperwork had been received and to expect a rebate on 3/16/15. I checked the status on 3/13/15 and found that the rebate had been denied because the tablet had been disconnected. We have and continue to use the tablet, so I sent the folks at Stuart Lee a message on 3/14/15 of which I have not heard a thing. They have my $120 and I plan on getting it. Maybe I need to make a scene at the kiosk at Costco? Shame on you Costco for letting these thieves into your stores. I'll never buy at this Wireless Advocates kiosk ever again.
muzikgrl74 Send email
Mar 24, 2015

Rebate not received as promised

I purchsed 2 phones on 11/23/14. We are getting a total of 4 rebates (2@ $150, 1 @ $50, and 1 @ $80). We received the $80 check but are still waiting on the other 3. The rebates were received by Stuart Lee on 12/5/14. As of today we are over 16 weeks. There are no phone numbers to call and when I sent in a request thru the website, this was my response below:

Thank you for your inquiry. If you do not see your issued rebate status on 3/21/2015 (I did not) please refer to the information below.

Our records show that we received your rebate(s) and they are in the final stages of processing and will be mailed on or before 3/27/15 (18 weeks out). Please check your rebate status on 3/21/15 and/or 3/28/15 for mailing information. For your convenience we offer the ability to view your rebate status online using our website. To check the website please use your zip code of the mailing address and qualifying rebate wireless number(s). The wireless number(s) may be found referenced in the subject line of this email.

Thank you for contacting Stuart Lee Rebates,

This is getting ridiculous. I am sending in multiple emails daily. I am going to lose a sale price now because of their unkept promise. I am also filing a complaint with the BBB. I think everyone here, who is in my boat, should as well.
AJMOMMY Send email
Mar 20, 2015


istvan317 Send email
Mar 18, 2015

Sturat Lee Rbates

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Costco on Dec. 7, 2014. I was promised 12-14 weeks for the $150.00 gift card. To date I have not received anything from them. I also sent Stuart Lee Rebates a message on March 7, 2015 and have not received any reply either.
kunertj Send email
Mar 18, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebates is a Joke

I am among the biggest Costco fans in the country. But, I call it like it is and I'm incredibly disappointed that Costco as allowed any company like Stuart Lee Rebates to be involved in their members (like me) in any way, shape or form. What a total joke. I echo many of the complaints on this board. We purchased 2 iPhone 6 phones the first week of December. The documentation was mailed immediately. It EVENTUALLY showed as received by Stuart Lee Rebates - eventually because, as stated on this board, they only update their web site once a month. Hey Stuart Lee Rebates, when the IRS has better customer service than you do that means grading your company with an F would be an insult to other companies with an F grade. Who in 2015 can do business updating their web site MONTHLY? Joke, joke, joke. The latest on our "journey" with Stuart Lee Rebates is that their system says our checks were issued...2 weeks ago. Perhaps they're still using the Pony Express?? Never again...never will I buy a phone from Costco until I can confirm their cell vendor is not doing business with Stuart Lee Rebates. Disappointed is an understatement.
onlygirlsmom Send email
Mar 17, 2015

Costco Stuart Lee

We, too, purchased a new I-phone, Christmas 2014 and submitted all of our paperwork. We were told it would take 6-8 weeks to process the $150 Costco gift card rebate. I called to find out the status of our rebate in mid February and was told that Stuart Lee only updates their website ONCE A MONTH! I then went into our Costco to complain, they gave me a couple of numbers to call (including Costco corporate). I had to make several (non-productive) calls to end up with still not knowing if they had even received our paperwork. I waited a week for them to call me and then went back into our Costco to complain again. We walked directly over to the kiosk and the kiosk guy was saying stuff like "it takes 12-14 weeks to receive rebate; Stuart Lee is handling 5,000 rebates a day and is doing their best" I told the Costco rep that they should get rid of Stuart Lee as they are obviously a garbage company. I checked their website last week and it finally shows that they have received my rebate. Still no cash card though and I wonder if they only submitted my rebate because of my complaining. Stuart Lee is junk and Costco needs to dump them ASAP.
sbarkah Send email
Mar 17, 2015

Phone Rebate

My husband purchased new phones for us for Christmas. Each was to receive a $50 Costco card rebate along with a special promotion of an additional $25 Costco card. I finally received one $50 Costco card then a week later received a $15 Costco card. Can't contact anyone and have no of knowing how to find out what is going on.
caocaohua Send email
Mar 16, 2015

Rebate Fraud

bought an iphone6 for 75 dollars rebate in costco during thanks giving. never received the rebate after almost 4 months, it is still saying pending payout on line but never know when they are going to pay and there is no way to contact them in any way.

STUART LEE Rebate is a fraud company.
STUART LEE Rebate is a fraud company.
STUART LEE Rebate is a fraud company.

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