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Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Costco/Stuart Lee Rebates

sgtchas812 Send email
Feb 26, 2015

Rebate 6319213592

I purchase an I-Phone 6 at Costco. I was told I would be receiving a $150.00 rebate. I have just received a rebate of $80.00. This is not what I expected. I submitted for $150.00 and instead received $80.00 Was the sales person simply trying to make a sale or was there a mistake on the rebate side?
Feel free to contact me Charles Spinella 631-987-5475
angeliz421 Send email
Feb 21, 2015

3 Galaxy S5 waiting for $150.00 each phone rebates

I bought 3 Verizon Galaxy S5 with $150.00 rebate each phone and 1 Verizon Galaxy S4 which is free last Nov 9, 2014. the rebates form was filled up and copied by the kiosk representative from Costco. I sent the rebate form after few days. Its been 15 weeks now February 22, 2015 still no Costco cash card rebate. I check the website stuartleerebates.com and that it showed that they received my rebate forms, can't find a place to ask questions. I'm still waiting and I write a comment when I receive the rebates. I know that Costco & Verizon have a very good reputation that's why they are very successful. I have faith on this 2 company and they will do the right thing for everyone. Good luck to all.
Dooley Send email
Feb 18, 2015

Stuart Lee Rebates

we bought 3 phones, one in late August, one in November and one early December. We have not see any rebates yet. These are $70 and $80 rebates. I try to contact Stuart Lee at their website and it's impossible to talk to a person and tease out the facts. They say they mailed the oldest one due in December, which we never recieved. They say one is pending, not sure why, they say one was recieved then a few days later they say they never got it. I don't have copies of all these submissions, so now we have to go back to the kiosk at Costco and try and get copies and wait another 12 - 14 weeks??? I am so frustrated. Customer service does not exist and I am very upset.
person1234 Send email
Jan 27, 2015

Slow Your Roll

I work for the costco wireless department. The rebates take on average 12-14 weeks to process and be sent back to the customer. During the holiday season it can sometimes take more time to return to the customer because of the high volume of rebates being sent in. Everyone receives a free accessory pack. IT IS FREE! So, yes it may be a little cheap but it is free and if it doesn't work the beauty of it coming from costco is that you can exchange it! I understand the frusteration of the rebates not coming back so soon, but they do take time. Also, your sales rep should fill it out for you and attach the correct paperwork for you. I can say that if one thing is off on the rebates they may not send it to you. Ask your rep to help you with the paperwork!
18alex36 Send email
Jan 24, 2015

Stuartleerebates/costco Defective products

I purchased an I Phone 6 from T-Mobile at Costco. They offered to send me a $25 Costco Gift Card and a "Cell Phone accessory Pach", within six weeks. The $25 Costco Gift Card was just a catch, they never sent me Anything. The "Cell phone accessorie pack" ? Yes, they sent me a bunch of Cheap After Market Defective parts like the ones you buy at the. 99 Cent Store. The Charging WIRE is Not Working. I bought an I phone 6 and Costco sent me Garbage, Defective, After Market Parts. StuartLee/Costco Rebates phone number in their website is DISCONNECTED. COSTCO Stuart Lee Rebates is a BIg SCAM. Next time I will deal only with T-Mobile and the Apple Store . I Trusted COSTCO for its Reputation .
90277 Send email
Jan 21, 2015

Who will help us!

I purchased 2 phones back in November 2014. Everything was sent the next day. As of today, no gift cards were sent to us as promised for $150.00. This is a scam, Costco should warn their customers!
In addition to that problem, please pay close attention to your phones, they are probably defective. My Note 4, does not use the same Verizon platform voice mail, it is not compatible with any other Verizon phone. You cannot send a message to another Verizon recipient as you were able to do from option 2, in the voice mail menu.

I feel taken advantaged of.
DebbieC Send email
Jan 20, 2015

Waiting 4 1/2 months for rebate

My husband and I purchased Samsung Galaxy 5 phones through the Verizon kiosk at Costco on 8/21/14. Submitted our rebate paperwork the next day to STUART LEE REBATES. Started trying to inquire about status of rebates in late December. Everything web based with no phone number or ability to talk to anyone. Auto responses only. Seems they post a check number and issue date, but FAIL TO PUT CHECK IN MAIL! Still trying to get our $50 each back. I will never buy from a Costco kiosk vendor again if a rebate is involved. Company appears to be a scam.
nurse, norma Send email
Jan 7, 2015

over 6 weekswaiting for rebates

I purchased a Samsung 5 cell phone from Costco on S.I 6 weeks ago, I filled out all necessary rebates documents. I can't access the web site, and a phone number not noted.
R Hughes Send email
Jan 4, 2015

I have not received my rebate.

I purchased two, Galaxy S5 phones at Costco 10 weeks ago. The Stuart Lee website indicates there is no record of my request for 2 x $25. After reading the complaints on this website, one can assume that this is intentional on the part of Stuart Lee or at least negligent on their part and that Costco does not seem to care.
vettejet71 Send email
Dec 2, 2014

Never received rebates

Never received my rebates. There website shows sent out 11/05/2014, now it Dec 02....what a joke
Nguyen hoa 01 Send email
Nov 12, 2014

25 dollar cash card benefit prepaid

I already send paper t-moible costco member benefit so how long will i get firm C/o Stuart lee rebates PO Box 80001. Lynnwood, WA 98036-0015
danalwakefield@gmail.com Send email
Nov 7, 2014

Stuart Lee Rebates

I purchased my phone at Costco on June 19, 2014, and the company, Wireless Advocates, submitted my rebate forms for a $50 rebate. When I found no record of the rebate on Stuart Lee's website I submitted the rebate again myself on 9/3/2014. There is still no record today when I checked so tried to contact Stuart Lee which of course has no phone number. The form on their website to submit questions does not work, it is frozen. I am pursuing this through the management of Wireless Advocates and Costco. Meantime this company continues to bilk customers out or rebates by not being available or offering an avenue to get a response or offer any support. This is a bogus company that must be stopped from cheating people into thinking they will get a rebate. Meantime Wireless Advocates and Costco are accountable for representing Stuart Lee.
christopher_hovey_tx@yahoo.com Send email
Oct 25, 2014

No phone number on website

I need to contact them about my rebates but I'm having a hard time finding a phone number for them. I'm waiting on 4 rebates. Any ideas?
Consumeradvacate777 Send email
Oct 3, 2014


On 8/12/2014, I went to Costco and purchased 2 Galaxys S5 one for me and the other for my Son, less than 2 weeks later my phone started malfunctioning, dropping calls and i noticed that the cell phone was extremely hot in my hand , which I'am proud to say the Wireless Kiosk at Coscto , replaced it with no questions asked..{excellent Customer service in my Book}

So off i go with my "new Device" . 3 weeks later again the same problem, dropping calls, hot in hand, and. i decided to do some trouble shooting myself, so i removed the battery/ replaced it about 10 minutes, and wala "it worked", this went on for days! So i called to T-mobile {since i owe them for the cellphones} and they expressed me another "new Device" ..

My exp has been rather , good , the funny thing is my Son's Galaxy to this day{fingers crossed} has given, him "0" problems yet i have, had 2 cellphones replaced in less than 45 Days!.. on another note i had a Droid , also purchased at Coscto, for almost 2 years never gave me a Problem!!!

I'm hoping i will have a better luck with my Stuart Lee Rebates.. ?
isaih55 Send email
Sep 8, 2014

Sent in forms for 2-$25 Costco Gift Cards

I sent TMobile Costco Member Benefit,$25 Costco Cash Card form in for two(2) cell phones,(805)------- & (805)-------,mailed same day,however only received 1-$25 Costco Gift Card.I"m missing another $25 Costco Gift Card!The Kiosk # 474,prepared all the forms,all I had to do is fill-in/sign and mail,which I did.Patiently waiting for another $25 Costco Gift Card!
techrep2.0 Send email
Aug 18, 2014

Galaxy S5 Sprint Rebate

I was to receive a rebate of 100.00 dollars. It has been 5 months and still no rebate. When I approach the Kiosk and ask about the rebate they indicate I need to be patient. I am not able to remain patient any longer..
joanne stutsman Send email
Apr 25, 2014

wireless rebate

On my birthday in Dec. '13 I happily went to Costco and purchased a $400 Samsung phone for which I was told that I would get a $50 rebate. I contacted the company and was told that it hadn't been long enough, so I continued to wait. Lo and behold in today's mail I got the $50 rebate (4months later) and it was made out to a Steven Brown - I am a female, not named Steven Brown! The address was correct, but there's no way I can cash this thing
Colleen Send email
Apr 11, 2014

Stuart Lee Customer Service Response

Stuart Lee strives to provide excellent customer service and support. To best assist customers, we prefer them to use our website and submit an inquiry regarding their concern so we can have as much detail about their purchase as possible in order to research exactly what they are looking for. If anyone has not received a rebate from us or their rebate is not what they were promised, please contact us via our website so we can help. Our website is www.stuartleerebates.com.

To use our website: please enter the company where you made your purchase, then provide your zip code that was listed on your submitted rebate form as well as the wireless number associated with the rebate you are looking for. If your information does not come up, please fill out a "no record of my rebate request" form located in the "Where is my rebate?" section at the bottom of the page. This section can also be used for any other questions you may have about your rebate request by using the "general question" form.

In the case of the below customer who provided their information in their review, the rebates issued to them were returned to us damaged by the Post Office. Given the information they provided, we were able to reissue their rebates as soon as we read their review and researched their situation.

Our website is the quickest way for customers to contact us as well as the quickest and most efficient way we can assist them and help to resolve any questions or problems.

-Stuart Lee Customer Service
ardyart Send email
Feb 6, 2014


I (THEARTIE DAVIS)Purchased a cell Phone and Jetpack from Costco # 390 on 9/21/2013 with a $35.00 rebate on each item and have not received the $70.00 rebate yet from :
Wireless Advocates Activation Rebate Offer
Attn: Stuart Lee
P O BOX 80001
Lynnwood, WA 98036-0015

Rebate mailed 10 October 2013
Rebate ID:1784415 --$35.00 &
Rebate ID:1784416 --$ 35.00
Also I sent Address change to Verizon & Rebate center on form:
PO Box 241
lstanton Send email
Jan 11, 2014

rebate not given

I purchased a phone from Costco on August 29, 2013, and sent in the rebate form within one week. It is now January 11,2014n and no rebate. The stuartleerebate website says it was issued on December 13, 2013, but I never received it.
hjamieson Send email
Apr 17, 2013

Cell Phone Accessory Pack

My wife and I purchased a Droid RAZR HD Cell Phone at Costco on 2/16/13. As Part of the deal, we also received a Droid RAZOR M Phone. Also included was a set of Mail-in Forms to get a "Cell Phone Accessory Pack" for both phones from Stuart Lee Rebates. All paperwork was properly completed and promptly mailed. We finally received the "Pack" for the RAZR M phone ion in mid-April, but have never received the "Pack" for the RAZR HD. It has been impossible to contact the Rebate Agent, and efforts to get action from the "in store" sales people have also been fruitless.

Dlw6290 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

$50.00 Rebate for Blackberry cellphone

I mailed in a rebate for a Blackberry Cellphone over 8 weeks ago, it was for $50.00, I still to this date have not recieved a call, e-mail or anything on this matter.

Is there a contact number I can call?
Licadrat Send email
Feb 23, 2012

$50.00 Rebate for Blackberry cellphone

Agree. Stuart Lee is a FRAUD, beware buyer. I plan to talk to Cost Co since I believe they are an honorable organization and are not aware that this company is fruadulent. I believe that they may rebate some small percentage to point to "completed rebates" but make-up reasons to invalidate all the rest since they know that people are too busy to pursue these amounts. They claim it was not mailed in in 30 days but you are not allowed to send by certified mail to prove it, they say you cancelled when you didn't, they say they sent you the check but did not. They probably have not considered that retired people have both time and patience and a strong civic sense to expose predatory petty small time criminals

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