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Crazy 88

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Crazy 88

Elena 6868 Send email
Apr 30, 2016

False advertisement

I was told that I was approved for a car all I had to do was prove my income I did that they said that wasn't good enough even though I made more than 2,000 a month they wanted a cosigner this is nothing but lies on the phone I was guaranteed to drive out as long as I came all the way down there with proof of income it was a waste of my time taking off work just to try and get a car that I was guaranteed to get places a bunch of scam artist that work there
Teresa Burley Send email
Apr 2, 2016

88 Dollars New car Deal

A friend of mine who is disabled and lives on a small social security amount recently inquired about this deal and she was so excited that she might actually get a brand new car the first time in her life. However, she told me they needed a co-signer and was begging me to sign. No matter what excuse I gave her, she said that don't matter all they want is someone with a good job to co-sign. So glad I googled 88 dollars down and 88 a month for a new car. I am thankful that my time, her time, and my credit was not put on the line. Now, the sad part is breaking the news to her. Reality check!
msvette105 Send email
Jan 19, 2016

88 dollars no such deal

I saw the 88 dollars down 88 dollars a month deal on tv.I called left information they called me back and set up a pick up. (I didn't have a car they came and got me) took me to a car lot in Virginia Beach where they kept me there for hours. I ended up leaving with a used 2012 Chevy impala for $432.00 a month with a 24% interest for like 6 years! !!! I was desperate so I took it! I kept the car for a year couldn't afford it any more. I voluntarily surrendered the vehicle after I tried to get it refinanced through my bank they wouldn't do it, said the car wasn't worth the price! So now I got collection agencies calling me for the remaining balance of the loan after the sold the car!!! Don't believe it is a full blown scam! They do check your credit! And you have to put down 1,000 to 1,500 you don't get to pick your own car they show you two cars they picked out and you choose one. Smh..
sobakutu Send email
Nov 17, 2015

What a Scam!

Thank you for all your reviews of this crappy company, they prevented me and my husband from making a very HUGE mistake.
Musiclova Send email
Aug 17, 2015

Fraud for Real!

If it sounds too good to be true then yep......it is! There is no such thing as 88 down 88 a month. More like little to no money down just for a dealership to stick you with a car loan that'll cost you double the price of the car. I can definitely understand the "desperate times calls for desperate measures" approach but I would strongly recommend anyone to save their money if it's just 2 grand......that's enough to put down on a affordable car that won't take a decade to pay off.
longdenise1969 Send email
Mar 11, 2015

crazy 88 is a fraud

I went to a car dealer ship that they sent me to and I have good credit and the 88 dollars down and 88 dollars is a lie
Duckysolman Send email
Oct 4, 2014

Fake Crazy 88

Yep its gotta be an Obama Company..... full of deception and out right lies..... ya call leave a message.... someone from a low class lot in the area calls you back..... you get a MUCH different story then I didn't vote for the hood rat NoBama and I'll NOT get suckered in anymore to ObamaLike practices!
jacksonlakishia Send email
Aug 10, 2014

crazy 88.com is a fraud

They tell me that I was approved for a car and when I get there they tell me that they now have to run a credit check and than tell me that I dnt make a certain amount of money and I don't have any credit so they r false advertising it's says 88dn 88 dollars a month bad credit no credit repos bankruptcy everyone's approved just 88dn 88 dollars a month they should be taking off air for false advertising. Had me driving all the way 2 the Westside wasting my time
Brenda Send email
Jun 19, 2014


Crazy 88 is a fraud, Like a fool I put my info online and got a call from Priceless Auto Sales On Rt. 40 the next morning. Michael tried his best to get me to come in and Even When I asked him if he could do what they advertised he wasn't honest. He said " Come in and I'll explain the programs." I called my son who works in the car business( not for this lot), And he told me it's a scam and furthermore I got an email from Credit Karma saying they had a credit detail request. Since I never actually went to the car lot, My son said it is illegal for them to run my credit with just my phone call. Just a heads up, Crazy 88 and Priceless Auto are unscrupulous, To say the least!
peetre Send email
Feb 2, 2013


Read the disclaimer, with a magnifying glass of course!...They are not a loan company. they make a commission on you getting sucked in. They don't guarantee anything either like the tv ad says.. it says it is up to the discretion of the car dealership.
also, the $88 a month !!!! that is for only 3 months! Don't get suckered in!
User926123 Send email
Apr 1, 2012


I called crazy 88 from a 1800 421- 1264 #, but there was just an answering service, crazy to say, i left my name and social number, lots of luck: i have real bad credit anyway. Im vary sorry to here so many good honest hard working people have been targeted by wrong deceptive minded people. besides all that, i believe in GOD, "when GOD is with us who can be aginst us " NO WEAPONDS FORM AGINST ME SHALL PROSPER AND NOTHING BY ANY MEANS SHALL HURT ME. In the name of JESUS. Amen
User924328 Send email
Mar 27, 2012


I just gave the 1800# b.s. info I'll keep yall posted on what happens
Cayce2012 Send email
Mar 12, 2012


Seen on tv also, ty to all who is getting the word out there that its a scam. The
Closest i got was google, came across this.i seen it advertise on our local channel network king5 and given a toll# to call 1800 472 0113. I haven't called and i wont after reading this. Im. In Washington State, 75 miles from seattle Wa .ty for getting ur words
and concerns out there, obviously there are readers. And most definitely. Are being heard and that this is a scam . It's hard these days to find good things in this awful world. Its a sad sad world anymore. Whats sad, we all work hard too earn what we buy
and it takes scammers to fool anyone just to try making there own buck. Ty all for making this scam known.
TYMARIE.. Send email
Mar 9, 2012


it is a shame in these days and times people are still out here trying to scam people, we live in horrible times and this company should be banned, people are desperate right now and want to have some ray of sun in this gloomy world its just sad people have to make their money this way, making themselves rich off other people's back..i just woke up and saw this same advertising but then as it was going off a disclaimer came on and said we are not responsible for any claims suggested by this commercial, that was a red flag for me ... thats letting me know to do it at your own risk / so of course i googled and i want to thank you all for your comments because without them i could have been where you were, so thank you and i am soooo sorry people have to stoop to the level of nothing in order to get something or cause harm to others..
Here4You Send email
Mar 4, 2012


I have seen this hoax one to many times. So I started keeping all the numbers they put on TV. I eventually had 10 or 15 numbers. Its ridiculous how hard these people try to get over on all of us, just for looking for the best deal. This common day society is hard enough for everyone. I contacted three lawyers and ended up getting into a lawsuit with these scam artist. The representative for the "Crazy 88" people was some washed up, budget attorney. I ended up getting nothing out of the case but I did stop them from promoting their hoax in my county. I personally feel that I have helped my community. Hope you all can do the same for yours.
Ergreen Send email
Mar 2, 2012


LOL wow... I was just making arrangements to drive 1 hr to Manassas VA to attempt to get a vehicle. I am soooo very glad that I didn't because they would have had bigger problems on their hands if I drove all the way to 7404 Centreville RD, Manassas VA; to get this so called vehicle. I was sucked in with the idea that I could get a car for no money down with bad credit; I recently had my vehicle stolen from me and with 2 kids and a career with long hrs... Im in desperate need of a car but glad I checked here first. Im just gonna continue to save and be thankful I didnt take off from work and rent a vehicle to get there. TO HELL WITH THEM ALL FOR THE FALSE HOPE!!!
BRENSACK Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Just got off the phone with these people, I knew something was funny, so glad I looked it up, I CAN'T WAIT FOR KAREN AND/OR CHRIS TO GIVE ME A CALL...I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR SHARING...
Onemanwolfpack Send email
Feb 23, 2012


definitely interesting to see the complaints and the rage associated with all the scams that are out there, unfortunately there are a lot of them out there and not all of them are this obvious, so you really need to check things out before you give out any of your information because you really don't know who is going to get your information, it could even be somebody trying to steal your identity. the real question is "what has this country come to?" it used to be the land of opportunity and freedom but it has turned into a place where it seems every company out there is just trying to figure out how to get your money and everything you work hard for away from you, even if it means taking food from your kids just to make a buck, if you pay attention you may be surprised at what they will promise you just to reel you in, but beware they really are just empty promises, hidden charges, and all they want is everything you work hard for so they don't have to do any real work
Not So Gullible Send email
Feb 23, 2012


You should tell its fake from the beginning. Firstly the testimonials... The black guy is a paid aspiring comedian. I forget his name but I saw him on TV on some comedy competition. If the testimonies not credible then of course they are not credible. Secondly if someone is approving you for a 25, 000 dollar loan do you really not wanna put money down and only pay 88 dollars a month... 25, 000/88= 284 payments... 284/12=24 years and thats not even including the interest. I kno sometimes we are desperate but save up and get a used car that will last u a couple years not from a dealership but from the actual owner. If times are hard how u ppl make it seem you will come out slightly better
Kaelynsmommy09 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


CRAZY 88 AUTO LOAN IS FAKE... DO NOT INPUT YOUR INFO..They are scam artists that steal your information!!! please don't fall for there scam...
A Brit Send email
Feb 23, 2012


my best friend is the Internet reviews section whenever I need to check out a product or service and after reading a lot of your comments no way am I going to be calling these disgusting horrible and thoroughly nasty pieces of workmy thanks for all your comments here's wishing all you guys one day get to buy your dream car for real.

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