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Consumer complaints and reviews about Doctors Health Press

Edwardo Send email
Mar 17, 2016


I agree with the following statements. I am experiencing the same problems. I will have to cancel my credit card so that they can not bill me again. however, I am out $99. NO ONE SHOULD DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.
Doring Send email
Jan 19, 2016

Doctors Health Press

An amount of ZAR (South African Rand) ±1690 disappeared from my account. I haven't ordered anything from this company, just searched whatever they have to offer. How did they manage to do this. I insist that they refund me.
kenneth lang Send email
Jan 1, 2016

overcharged two times

i ordered one year of newsletters more than 2 years ago which was paid for. i cancelled the newsletter but have been charged twice
since then, the last time being on the 16th december 2015, i am no 87 years old and can not pay out $99 twice a year for nothing.
please help me get my money back.and please stop this doctor from milking the account to make matters worst it is in fact my
dear wifes account she agreed at the time because i was out of cash,
sincerely yours at that time email address kenlange@btinternet.com.
my new email is ayikenuk@yahoo.com
Deety Send email
Dec 31, 2015

fraudulent charges/no unsubscribe refund

Deety Send email
Dec 17, 2015

fraudulent charges/no unsubscribe refund

I subscribed in the belief that I would receive new and important health information. I haven't. I have been billed, though. After the first billing ($28 twice) I realised I was not receiving what I had expected and emailed an unsubscribe request. The response was to charge me another $99 two weeks later. There was no acknowledgement of my request to unsubscribe.
simon018 Send email
Nov 6, 2015

No unsubscribe option

I, too, am unable to unsubscribe from Doctors Health Press. While I did not order from them, I did provide my email address, then received and email from them which does not contain the option to unsubscribe. Please get these guys off the internet for violation of consumer rights to opt out.
Claudio Zupancich Send email
Aug 27, 2015

Doctors Health Press fraudulent swindle

I am extremely upset to see the informality of firms operating from USA by Internet. They invite the unsuspecting victim to some books for free by paying only for the postal costs of about $5 to $10 with this, they obtain all VISA details and keep them for future use which is totally illegal as every operation must be separately agreed upon. Others let the victim fill in all details as if one was agreeing to pay $ 4.75 as postage cost, then one agrees and accepts the charge immediately collected by the Click Bank only to be taken to the next page where you are advised that you will receive a monthly report for $ 99 each to be charged to the same account. Trying to cancel the operation is impossible, for as much as one tries, the only answer is cancelling the credit card.
Dr. Marchione`s business seems to come into this category, when he came from Italy he must have brought with him the ways of the Ndragheta and the local Mafia. I have never received from him his phantom reports nevertheless I was charged my credit card with $ 90.63 TWICE on the same day, 24 of august 2015, in favour of DRS HEALTH PRS will I ever get a refund?? I doubt it. VISA don`t want to know anything about it, It has been cancelled and I will never purchase on line and in my life, anything else.

How can the American Legal System leave thousands of Internet victims unprotected in the hands of these swindlers?? I can see an enormous amount of complaints for these subjects, is anyone doing anything about it?? Dr. Marchione`s methods are widely used in Nigeria, if he did`nt learn it with the Mafia he certainly learnt it there. Please advise if it is any use denouncing these fraudulent acts. Thank you, Claudio Zupancich, Malaga, Spain.
Meilyn Send email
Aug 21, 2015

over charged

I signed up for a twelve month subscription and have not been able to opt out and am being charged every three months now. Have not been able to get in touch with their so called customer service. Have sent an email requesting they stop will see if I do not receive an immediate response I will have to change my credit card and that will stop the obscene fees being charge AM NOT HAPPY with so call press health.
Frequent Flyer Send email
Aug 20, 2015

Unable to cancel subscription

Despite sending requests I am unable to cancel subscription. I will be so happy when my Credit Card expires. In the meantime report these shocks to the Better Business Bureau.
MorCam Send email
Apr 27, 2015

charging for something I should already be getting with current subscription

I paid $99 for a year's subscription to The Food Doctor. Within one of my monthly subscriptions it talks about high blood pressure cures. When I already have paid $99 for a yearly subscription to The Food Doctor, why am I being asked to pay another $19 to buy a report on "12 Kitchen Cures to Slash Deadly High Blood Pressure." It seems to me I should be already getting that information in my The Food Doctor subscription. I think this is abusive and taking advantage of people by sucking more money out of them. This is shameful and they need to stop preying on people! How good is a doctor who would take advantage of people and hide behind the fact he is an alternative care doctor and state that medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies are scamming people (which I believe) but isn't Dr. Victor Marchione scamming people also by doing what I stated above?! Who can you TRUST!!!
Mattiera Send email
Apr 3, 2015

Canceled the subscription and asked for a refund, They did not refund my money on my credit card.

Stopped subscription and asked for a refund. They have not done so. Waited over an hour on the phone for their customer service. I don't think they will ever answer the phone. I am afraid this is a scam!
Fiore Send email
Jan 29, 2015

Unauthorised billing for 2 times now!!!!

I was charged for the second time now!!!

I unsubscribed already on december 2013!!! And another time on december 2014!!!! using the unsubscribe form, and also via e-mail!!!! But no way!!!! No success and even an answer!!!!! I AM REALLY SICK OF THIS SITUATION!!!!!!! Now, please put back my 198.-- USD on my account!!!!!!! This way of business is really almost criminal!!
Seeing the consumer complaints before mine.... I see we all have the same problem!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDOLENT AND STEEL MONEY!!!!!! S T O P THIS !!!! and respect unsubscription!!!!!
rbrooks@pasty.com Send email
Dec 22, 2014

Drs Health Report

They keep charging my credit card for things I told them not to send -- they didn't send them -- but they still keep charging my card. They refunded $99 twice but there is another $99 and some smaller charges they won't refund. I would say they're crooks.
Nicu Send email
Nov 25, 2014

Fraudulent charge of my card

Dear Sir,

I would like to inform you that my card has been charged twice this year with the amount of $99. I didn't authorized this so please put back my money in my account.
Nicu Send email
Nov 25, 2014

Faudulent charges of my card

My cars has been charged twice this year with $99 each time. I have not authorized this operation so please put back my money.
medsec Send email
Nov 8, 2014

Drshealthpress now Boston health journal?

Got an email offering a $39 subscription to Boston Health Journal plus 'FREE REPORTS" and when researching, found a link to doctors health press! Then found this complaint form! Glad I looked!
Hunter Send email
Oct 17, 2014

Doctors Health Press (Dr Victor Marchione)

I have tried for 2 years to stop the annual bill for e newsletters from being deducted from my credit account. I signed up for 1 year and then opted out as I was told I could do. YES the e newsletters stopped BUT the annual bill has been continually taken from my credit card and I just had another $116.38 AUD taken from me. I am very very angry that this is still happening. I can ill afford to lose over $100 every year and also there is nothing to show for it. Do they think I am just donating to this 'so called' Drs holiday fund???? I would like all my money refunded asap. As yet I don't know what authority I need to contact if this doesn't happen, but rest assured I WILL find out! My email is cmfletcher1@optusnet.com.au and they obviously know my bank details as they keep sucking money out of it, so they know where to REFUND my money.
silviac Send email
Jul 31, 2014

unuthorized subscription charges

How can i unsuscribe to Doctors Health Press? i can't see any page where i can "log in" and unsuscribe, but i was charged 99 usd not even one year later my subscription, i tried to write a mail but no answer. Haw can i get my money back? whay was i charged?
Thanks to everybody that will help!
ccare Send email
May 28, 2014

Shedding Some Light on your Concerns

Here is some information in relation to a few of the comments posted by Doctors Health Press customers, hopefully these comments will assist in the resolution of some of the questions/concerns.

The Doctors Health Press began its journey of helping people in 2002 and publishes monthly health newsletters on a large array of alternative and natural health topics like healing foods, homeopathic medicine, traditional Chinese, hidden cures for the common illness and natural self healing. The Doctors Health Press also publishes books and reports that provide timely heath breakthroughs, always focusing on natural and
alternative health.

Doctors Health Press prides itself on having excellent Customer Service and the customer service department can be reached at a toll free number; 1-866-744-3579 between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time. They can also be reached at the following email address for all general inquires; customerservice@doctorshealthpress.com.
When contacting the toll free number you will not be subject to any auditory advertising. You will hear simple instructions, regarding where you would like to be transferred and if you chose to speak with a representative then you will be speaking to an actual human Customer Service Representative.

In regards to requesting any changes on an account for example; cancellation, address change, etc, we request that you contact a Doctors Health Press customer service representative at; 1-866-744-3579, to resolve any complaints. We will discuss your concern in an appropriate forum that is respectful of your privacy.

Unsubscribing to an email simply means that you would no longer like to receive the Doctors Health Press free emails that are sent to your inbox. It does not mean or indicate that you’re paid for publication has been cancelled.

When ordering a product from Doctors Health Press you will receive an email and password so you can log on to view your product online as well you will receive a printed copy shipped directly to your home. When the product is shipped it is sent through US Postal Service thus please allow 14 business days for arrival.

I hope the above information has shed some light on the practices and procedures of Doctors Health Press and I anyone has any additional information please contact their Customer Service Department.
ken gallardo Send email
Mar 4, 2014

Dr. health press

I singed up for the news letter so i can get the vitamin guide and it has been 5 days now and have not received the guide.
Robert S Davis Send email
Mar 3, 2014

unuthorized subscription charges

I received a $99.00 charge for a e-subscription from Doctors Health Press on 2/13 2014. I had previously opted out for renewal.
I tried contacting them by phone but only got a commercial for one of their products and was then disconnected. I feel that this is a scam and the Washington State Attorney General should be aware of this as well as the BBB and Consumer Protection Agency.
jjc Send email
Jan 25, 2014


I ordered 1 yrs worth of e-newsletters from Dr.'s Health Press. I received an email about renewal and I opted out.
On my January CC statement I was billed $99.00. I called their Customer Service and was informed that since I hadn't
cancelled my subscription (opting out doesn't count) they billed me. I told the Rep that I didn't want it. She said a prorated amount would show on my next statement. Several days later I received an email that new subscribers would usually get.
Way down at the bottom, it said that if you want to unsubscribe from newsletter, to just hit the reply button and put
"unsubscribe" on subject line. I did this, and it came back to me. Mailer Demon - e-newletter@doctorshealthpress.com - relay access denied.
Went online and found Customer Service email address. Sent email to customerservice@doctorshealthpress.com. Box popped up "INVALID ADDRESS" . I don't have time for this. If I don't see a credit on my Feb. CC bill, I will write one letter and copy it to anyone and everyone, from BBB, local and National news channels to the States Attorney General, and whomever else I can think of.
abbyjosephew Send email
Nov 7, 2012

How long has the Doctors Health Press been around?

I want to know about how long has the Doctors Health Press been around?
abbyjosephew Send email
Nov 7, 2012

Will the Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin give me specific health advice?

Can anyone tell me information about Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin?
DeclanJordanew Send email
Nov 6, 2012

The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin

No. The Doctors Health Press e-Bulletin provides regular editorial content to only those who opt in for it. There are advertisements included as part of the e-letter subscription, but subscribers can opt out any time.

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