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Consumer complaints and reviews about Edison Nation

Bgkaake Send email
Mar 14, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

Worldtraveled1, I agree with you that if it truly happened, even once, it is too many times. For this reason, I recommend that an inventor move quickly to commercialize his/her own product concept. There is no fairy godmother/father who is truly interested in seed stage funding. "Submit your idea and watch a miracle happen" is puffery advertising at best, gets the attention of dreamers, and misleading for the naive. First to market successfully, carries a lot of weight. If all one has is an idea, it isn't worth anything until someone does something with it that makes it commercially viable.

Again, I emphasize that many people are creating solutions for the same problem. It happens all the time and I see it when I do research for inventors to determine feasibility for moving forward.
Worldtraveled1 Send email
Mar 14, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

Bonnie, I agree with the fact that it takes a lot of hard work and determination in order to get any business off the ground and that inventing - rather bringing a product to market is much akin to making a business successful. However, this 'submit your idea and watch a miracle happen' concept is JUST what Edison Nation is proposing with their inventor competitions. 'Submit your idea and if chosen, you will receive compensation. Reading some of the experiences from some of the people who submitted their ideas only to have them stolen out from under them is a horrific nightmare! Even if this type of thing only has happened to a hand full of EN submissions...really...isn't this happening ONE TIME too many times?! I am a creative productive person and I understand how they must have felt. I, too, loathed the non-producers whose sole profit core is from stealing from creative producers and fattening their own pockets without paying any compensation to the one who initiated the idea, etc. Keep your heads up, my fellow producers of the world! Karma always catches up.
Bgkaake Send email
Mar 12, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

Edison Nation and Louis Foreman do not run a non-profit organization. None of Louis Foreman's at least 5 companies are non-profit. If you are unwilling or unable to pursue your own invention, then you can't complain if someone else is offering the opportunity and expects to earn a very generous profit from doing so. That is business and why those who have money tend to make more money.

Jen, Venting, and Ideas, need to educate themselves about the ins and outs of the inventing process through a non-profit educational association [local inventors organization or the United Inventors Association (501 (c)(3) non-profit (www.uiausa.org)] because their comments are naive at best. Be ware of those that claim they are there for educating the inventor but are just a front for a profit-making company. Look for educational inventor organizations listed on the United Inventors Association's website.

Inventing, like starting any business, is a high risk endeavor and the vast majority fail in the first year. Inventors' product ideas tend to fail at an even greater rate than traditional start-up businesses. Even the products that Edison Nation has invested in and taken to market on behalf of inventors have not succeeded as well as one might think. It is not easy or everyone would do it. Foreman's companies make money in other ways. He is an excellent promoter and knows how to leverage technology. I give him credit for that. Don't ask him to donate to your favorite charity...you will pay him for the right to submit the idea.

The majority of inventors do not understand what it takes to successfully commercialize a product and underestimate the value of a team. Many think someone should "take it and run with it" just because the inventor thinks he/she has a good idea. Get real, there are no charities for inventors who have no money. You are at the mercy of whomever you give your idea. Patents only give you the opportunity to sue someone, take 3-5 years to get issued, and cost upward of $500, 000 to litigate against infringement. I have worked with new products both with and without patents for over 16 years. What I can tell you is that if you think there is a need for a solution to a problem, someone else is thinking the same thing. Rewards go to those who act quickly. To think someone has stolen your idea is naive...they steal or imitate commercially successful products, not ideas. Move your feet, not your mouth.

Bonnie Griffin Kaake
NeverGiveUp1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

As I read reviews online about Edison Nation, I came across a few that read almost verbatim to my experience with this company! I submitted an idea to them and it made it to the 3rd tier only to stop there. I thought ok, that's fine but THEN less than one year, I saw an advertisement for my same idea - right down the EXACT illustration mock ups, ad-copy and other information that I submitted directly to Edison Nation! I was floored and angry and hurt all at once. I contacted EN and they, of course, gave me the standard Plausible Den. rhetoric; however, both I and God know what transpired there. The problem may or may not be at the top levels of the company, but somewhere within their system they are flawed because someone within their company 'leaked' my idea (or just outright sold it) to another company for profit. I received nothing but broken dreams. Thank God I am not a quitter but DO NOT SEND YOUR IDEAS TO THIS COMPANY. This is the inventor's greatest nightmare.
Ideas Send email
Feb 23, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

No no no. That is not how you protect a idea. Write up everything about your idea. Then go get it notarized stamped with a date and time. That is the poor mans provisional patent. That shows that your plan is to go public with your idea. This will stand up in court if any one takes your idea. I saw a video on youtube of this lawyer Darrcell walker.
Venting1234 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

That really bites Jen. One way to protect your idea, which may not all ways work, but is a cheap measure, is to write out your patent in a letter, then mail it to your self registered mail. I would even go as far as mailing two or three letters. When you goto the PO, ask they stamp the back of your letter. When you get them back, don't open them, keep them in a safe place.

Your idea is patentable at the time it was conceived. If no one else submits it to the USPTO, your idea is yours. But using the method above, and someone else patents your idea, you may have recourse if you came up with the idea first. The letters satisfies the legal rules in a court of law.

There are all ways stipulations, as in sometimes if you have an idea and just sit on it, the USPTO or a court may rule in favor of another. You have to be actively seeking an ideas development. This is just one example. As I opened with, this may not all ways work. However I think that $5 to $15 is least worth some protection.
My Opinon For You Send email
Feb 23, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

Beware Inventors this is the best scam cooked up in a long time. Edision Nation, owned by Louis Foreman is sending out emails to their insiders and publishing on the internet the 25 million Dollar innovation fund. Just read it, it sounds great, WRONG! BEWARE! Foreman and Edison Nation are preying on the uninformed inventor and asking for idea submissions for the low fee of $25 per idea. If the "Select" their idea, because the have a Magic Mirror for predicting success, Foreman may invest 250k to develop it. Here is where you need to see the BS in this contest. First if all your $25 will go into the Edision Nation Pocketbook. Second, how can Edison Nation possibly evaluate an idea for $25. Third You should be concerned that others may submit the same idea as you and Edison Nation may overlook your idea. Face it we invenotrs are mostly improving the products that exist in the marketplace so do you really think they will do their homework? I don't The mere fact is Louis Foreman's company is hoping you say what most people will, its only $25 so what the hell it better than spending thousands. For every thousand people who feel this way, Edison Nation will receive $25, 000. Essentially you are buying a $25 dollar lottery ticket, oh and by the way the lottery is a money making machine too. I don't doubt you will here Edison Nation and Foreman is going to invest in a few of these $25 dollar ideas, they will have to to keep up this scam. I expected much more from the company who sends me emails on a regular basis. This one made my stomach sick, now I question the integrity of Edison Nation, Inventors Digest and Foreman. Just Beware Inventors, we are constantly tempeted by this behavior. Think
GregoryM Send email
Feb 23, 2012

25 Million Dollar Rip Off

I agree that this complaint is way off base. There is no scam here. Edison Nation never claims to make you a millionaire. Their appeal is to the inventor who may NOT HAVE thousands of dollars or hours to invest in researching intellectual property. Sure you may file your own provisional patent but you can also ruin your chances at protecting your invention by filing a poorly written document. The author offers no proof to back the claims that Edison Nation is a scam, not one single concrete fact. Additionally, the author's poor sentence structure and horrendous vocabulary seems to be a red flag, and this person would probably be better off with Edison Nation. Why? Edison Nation will take a poorly written submission and work to develop it, IF the idea is marketable. And guess who pays for all the IP? Edison Nation writes that check and the inventor does NOT pay out one cent. The lottery ticket analogy is also inaccurate. In a lottery ALL chances are equal regardless of the amount of tickets purchased. Edison Nation encourages the inventor to work hard to perform their own due diligence yet some do not even take the time to Google their invention and are angry when Edison Nation rejects their idea because it is already on the market. Sadly, there are a lot of so called "inventors" who do not do their homework; this is not the fault of Edison Nation. Therefore, some submissions come more qualified and these concepts will have a better chance. There are hundreds of shady characters who do indeed prey upon inventors and one should NOT enter into ANY agreement before researching the company and details thoroughly. However, Edison Nation is one of the few "good guys" in this industry. I invite the readers here to visit Edison Nation's forums and ask the tough questions. Do your homework and seek the truth. But as an inventor, also take the time to do YOUR research, get informed and proceed when and where you feel comfortable. On a final note, there is NO charge to sign up with Edison Nation. The forums offer inventors access to hundreds of like minded individuals and one would be hard pressed to find a more educated and passionate group of inventors. For the record, I am not affiliated with Edison Nation and unlike the author, I will leave my name. Greg Myracle

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