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Consumer complaints and reviews about eDreams

Pauljoburns Send email
Mar 1, 2016


Edreams are either a complete shambles or they are very dishonest either way I will never go near them again and would not recommend anyone else to do so either , the Internet is full of complaints of them scamming money from people

They have a habit of accidentally on purpose leaving paid for baggage off your plane tickets so when you get to the desk you are forced to pay the inflated rate for your bags . They did thus to me and on looking on the Internet I have seen they do the same thing to many others. They then muck you around when you try to get a refund continually asking for the same information, when they eventually did acknowledge I had sent all the proof I'd paid, they agreed to give me a refund , they then kept asking for my bank details when I asked where the cash was even though I sent them the first time they asked. Nothing ever appeared in my bank account and now when I ask what's happened i get no reply

Never book anything through edreams
mirkhalid Send email
Jan 30, 2016


my booking ref X6LTJE i booked 3 ticket on 22-01-2016 unfortunatly we missed our flight due to london heavy triafic so i called edreams to get another ticket but the costomer service was very poor on hold for 55 minutes then offered me a ticket £550 one way to sweden . on 27-01.2016 was our return ticket so when we got to airport 55 minutes before flight we been told that our tickets are been canceled so i called them again and was on hold for 65 minutes then they said was an erorr on our computers and the tickets caceled automaticly after long talk they offered us next evning flight .....my children missed the school i missed my work my badest experaince i ever had now i decided to talk to my solicitor to do somthing about it to get a compensition
Spanner77 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Money owed to me from edreams

Edreams owe me £239 they refuse to tell me why they withheld this from my refund and now when I press them they now don't recognise my ref number or email address all a total farce and when you ring the refund dept they never pick up the phone . An appalling and dishonest company
Spanner77 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

EDreams con men

Well I have never ever had such disgusting service in my life they have partially refunded my cancelled holiday or they say they have I'm still waiting to see the money. As a nice bonus they kept £239 for no reason what so ever and refuse all requests as to why . Their refund line has not answered in 12 attempts and now funnily they have no reference matching my number or my email address how strange this has been wiped from their system. It was not my fault our flights were cancelled but Edreams have stolen money from me and reuse to discuss why!!! They are a dishonest company never ever use them I will make a point of informing as many people as I can about the worst company in the business
Bowen4 Send email
Jan 24, 2016


If i could put less than one star i would!!!!!!!!

The worst service and treatment i have ever experienced!!!

I am extremely disappointed and angry at the service they have provided!!!

I booked 4 return flights from Liverpool to Alicante for the 14-18th April 2016. I made one transaction of £682. Unfortunately, i received an email stating that my outbound flight from Liverpool (with ryanair) was unconfirmed. However, the return flight from Monarch was confirmed.

I have rang edreams (which costs a lot) today only to be placed on hold for over 30 minutes to then be told "we will email the local department" - Still no explanation as to how one flight is confirmed but the other flight is, even though the payment was one transaction.

I have no received an email stating my flight has gone up £200!!! I have rang edreams again and now i have been placed on hold for a further 30 mins!!! If i had booked through ryanair i would not have experienced such problems.

You provide no solution and inform me i am now having to pay a ridiculous increase in price where I am now stuck with flights from Alicante to Liverpool!!

Not once has an agent contacted me to apologise or to help, I am left with calling a number which charges their customers a stupid amount and no solution has been provided.

This is the worst service i have ever experienced when trying to book a holiday!!! Ultimately this website is a scam and i advise everybody to book directly through the flight companies!!!

stella.rawson@talktalk.net Send email
Jan 19, 2016

Refund of luggage

We decided to cancel hold luggage. I thought I had paid both ways but was told only one way. I booked EasyJet flight through edreams and called them twice about the refund. I got an email from EasyJet saying £80 would be refunded back to the original payment method. I have just checked my credit card statement and edreams have only refunded £24!!

In view of reading other complaints it would caused me too much stress to pursue any further and in addition would add further expense with probably no result.


Senior citizen
Craig Wood Send email
Jan 14, 2016

EDREAMS washed their hands when airline went bust

I booked flights for myself and my wife from Cardiff via Amsterdam to Tallinn Estonia. Booked in June 2015 it was for a vacation for New Year. Cost 567 pounds, The flights from Amsterdam to Estonia were with Estonian Air. As the trip approached I received an e-mail from E-dreams in November advising that I needed to check the flight tickets. No mention of anything more. Of course after many calls to no one and e-mails I deceided to check myself what may have happened. I then found out online that Estonian Air had gone bust. After numerous calls to E-dreams I finally got through to them. I explained everything to their representative on the phone and she reluctantly took all my details and after approximately an hour on the phone advised that the reimbursement of my money would be made in due course less an administrative charge by edreams. Meantime I had to rearrange my trip book new flights with another airline and change all my hotel dates. After some weeks I had received no funds from edreams but they had debited my account with administration fees. After many e-mails it was clear they were not going to pay and eventually advised me to contact Estonian Air. I did and after many weeks of filling in details and e-mails I was eventually refunded 547 pounds. So basically short of my original outlay and an additional fee that edreams charged for nothing and around 30 pounds for phone calls as they are based in Spain. All I'm saying is if you value your money and you want to have a nice holiday without any hassle DO NOT USE EDREAMS. They are DIABOLICAL!!!
martin underwood Send email
Jan 13, 2016


paid edreams for return luggage from Lanzarote but had to pay again 140 euros on the airport as edreams had not paid Rynair
will not reply to emails with a refund, i will pursue this through the courts.. it will cost them in the long run! TRUST ME
Rita senior Send email
Jan 8, 2016


We booked a flight from Alicante to Perth, Australia for Xmas & new year with family.
Itinery stated we had access rail link to Madrid airport watch was included in the price. ( we phoned to confirmed this ).
On arriving at Alicante train station, showing itinery with return rail price confirmed, we were not allowed on the train until we bought return tickets at a cost of 219 euros. So we had no choice but to pay yet again !
Now we have no way of getting a refund as do not get replies from emails or no one answering any phone numbers for help.
Anyone got advice?
AMCF Send email
Jan 6, 2016

Had to pay twice to check in luggage

I booked my Christmas flights through E-Dreams as couldn't find the flights I wanted going home to Dublin for Christmas Eve. I paid their administration fee which was I thought quite high but accepted it as I got the flights that I wanted home.
I didn't need to pay for the luggage in my outbound flight as it was with Cityjet and luggage was included in the price.
However I did need to pay for the luggage for my inbound flight back to London with Ryanair and paid this money to E-Dreams.
When I got to Dublin airport to drop my luggage off at the Ryanair desk I was told that E-Dreams had not infact passed on the £40 I paid them to Ryanair to check in my bag so I had to pay a further €55.00 in order to check it in. Needless to say I am fuming. When I contacted E-Dreams they advised me that I need to complete their "online form" and submit it to them - then I will receive an email to which I have to attach a copy of the receipt of my duplicate payment to Ryanair. This is the only way that according to them I will get a refund. I cannot open the link to their "online form" but I'm not giving up. I want my money back - Watch Dog - here I come !!!

Do not use E-Dreams they are a joke !!!!!!
altafraja59 Send email
Jan 4, 2016

dont trust edream agant

The dont trust edream agent. They not give email and cant sort out over the phone. Not refund n yr west of time on call. Dont book again with edream. I call 3days but still not sort out and not give email and not give refund. Please dont trust edream
altafraja59 Send email
Jan 4, 2016


The edream agent not give refund and not give email address. Only call and that hold 30 minit after that pick call.after pick call talk 30 minit. The call charge 15per minit and still not sort out. We need call continue 3 days then sort out yr refund. They not give email address and we cant email to edream. Please dont trust edream.
jackiewhite100 Send email
Jan 4, 2016


do not touch edreams with barge pole - the company creates nothing but problems and takes 6 weeks and lots of phonecalls to india and many emails. still waiting for my refund!!! this is the worst company I have ever dealt with. you book a package and expect transfers bur guess what they are not included!!! so booking with them is a very costly mistake.
Junwhite Send email
Dec 31, 2015

Double booking

I tried book first with direct to the airline however it will alway reference me back to edream. Thinking this must be a new system.
I made a booking from Barcelona to London by mistake. I applied another one with the return flight. I called the Edream staff 03333000297 Staff are not very helpful and would not listen. I also instructed them to cancel a specific booking, however they canceled the one with my return booking. The point is now is I wanted a full refund on the one that I asked to cancel which is worth £121.39. They cancelled the one and refunded me with £51.+ and would still charge me for the service charge for them doing nothing. They are a THIEF...

There must be a way for victims like us that they should be penalised but the government. And paying us what is due for us hard working people... The are milking on us and by posting this thing on this page, will it do go? I don't know but the good is the to take them out the system....

Can some one help how we could do this....
conchita43 Send email
Dec 29, 2015

Phantome Tickets and still no refund

Update- 12/19/2015 I still have not received a refund after the 7-14 days I was quoted and received another email stating they want to see that I bought new tickets after we were told the tickets edreams bought had been cancelled. This information is irrelevant unless they want to give us money for the new tickets, which they don't. This company is infuriating and a complete scam. I wish I could give this company no stars.

I have been trying to post my story on every review board in the hopes of having people steer clear of this crap company. Here it goes...

I booked three tickets for three different dates throughout November while traveling around Mexico. I booked our tickets through edreams and received a confirmation email for all three flights including all three 6-letter confirmation codes for those flights. However, when we went to get on our first flight we were told that our seats had been cancelled because the booking agent we used to purchase those seats had their card decline. Which we found rather confusing and we were not permitted on that flight. We had to re-book the next flight (10 hours later) on a different airline and the cost for the new one-way tickets was equal to the cost of all three tickets.
When we arrived at our destination after some calling to confirm with the airlines for the other two tickets I found that only one of the tickets was valid. After looking through my credit card statement I found that edreams had placed two charges on my credit card. One charge was for edreams and the other was for the airline in which the ticket was valid. So basically the two tickets the edreams purchased with their corporate card (or however they do it) were useless and the ticket that actually got charged from the airline to my credit card was good to go.

Now, we aren't asking for the time we spent at the airport or the extra money that it cost to re-book the new tickets although in a just world that would be lovely. We just want the money for the two flights we did not fly on but paid for. However, that apparently is impossible as well. The customer service at edream's is atrocious. I spent almost an hour on the phone being transferred over and over again repeating the same story or getting "disconnected."

Finally, someone agreed to issue a refund and I asked for an email confirming this, which was sent and I thought it was the end of it until I received an email the following day saying they couldn't refund the money because we need to prove that we bought new tickets. This is irrelevant unless they plan on reimbursing us for tickets we had to re-book, which they don't. We were fortunate enough to have enough money to buy new tickets. So, back to the phones..

This company should be called Enightmares. Do not use this company. A simple google search will show this company is not reputable. I was redirected to edreams through Kayak, which I normally have not had problems with. I would have not used edreams other wise. Lesson learned.
DC1 Send email
Dec 19, 2015

Stole my money!!

I tried to book 4 flights to Ireland going through the process as instructed. Upon reaching the end it stated that the booking had failed and I was not given a booking reference. I therefore assumed no payment was taken. My wife checked our credit card details a couple of days later and noticed a payment was taken!! I called immediately and expressed my disgust at their underhanded attempt to take money from us without even giving us a booking! I was then told the money would be refunded in 3-5 days. A week later it still wasn't refunded. My wife then called and they apologised and said it would be refunded within 7 days. Now a month later we still haven't been refunded.

I will be taking further action and report these scamming thieves for the rip off merchants they are. I need to know who to contact and want compensation

D Creevy
TManero Send email
Dec 6, 2015

Cancelation of tickets/change destination


Booking reference (edreams): 1491692835

Month ago we bought 4 tickets using edreams from Belgrade to USA by your company. We paid fully amount of 1740 EUR.
Unfortunately 2 of the passangers did not get VISA for USA so they cannot fly. Other two are ok with bought tickets and they will fly.

My question is, how can you help us with two other tickets for the passangers who are unable to fly to USA, can we get some decrased refund, can we change passangers or can we change the destination in the amount of bought tickets so you can our tickets sold to smbdy else and give us other two for some other destination in the budget. I would like to highlight that the flight is february 10th 2016 so there is plenty of time (more of 65 days) to sold our 2 of 4 tickets to smby else and for us to get refund/chng psngrs/cnhg dstntn.

I think that is in both interest to sold again those two tickets to somebody bcs we cnnt fly. (You will earn money for our 2 tickets in fully amount and we can get some cheaper or same amount tickets). It is a win win situation for edreams (to earn extra money for our tickets and to make customer satisfied). It is even more possile bcs we didn t make check in or give any informations regarding passangers (only name/surname) due to more then 65 days till flight.

Please respond promptly due to the flight deadline.
Thanks in advance.
Alex - contact mobile: +385914455195

email: stekovica@gmail.com
Odders Send email
Nov 29, 2015


I booked flights on 27th to Tenerife under Odette Devlin and Ritchie Parker.
My intention was to book for 28th December returning 2nd Jan, but as I am short sited I pressed The wrong month and confirmed, within less than a minute my partner informed me if my mistake so which I contacted you straight Away- less than two minutes of doing the booking. Your agent told me to contact Thompson Airways and inform them and they should refund me.
I contacted these immediately who informed me they wouldn't refund me that I need to go back to who I purchased the tickets from.
So then again I contacted yourselves who again told me to contact Thompson airways. After being on the phone for 1 hour and 45 mins constantly explaining my keyboard error I'm being told tough luck.. No one is helping me, I don't wish to travel on ant other dates I just want my £90 back, this error was noted instantly and I have legal rights as a consumer. I will be taking my complaint to the chief ombudsman if I do no receive my money back. Odette
Contact: 07821116063
iansheff Send email
Nov 26, 2015


do not book anything with edreams went to check in at Tenerife Airport was told that no money had been paid to Ryanair for our luggage to be brought back. as there was five of us in our party it ended up costing me another 130 Euros for our bags to be brought back on top of the 47 pounds we paid each for luggage when we first booked the flight ,Tried phoning but got no joy there
Needtogrieve Send email
Nov 24, 2015

eDreams fraud

Where do I start nearly £1000 down booked with them for 3 adults to attend a funeral in Spain wrong return flight confirmed payed them baggage but they didn't send to easy jet so £32 per bag at the airport, 6 hours of calls trying to change my flight so we didn't have an 8 hour wait at Madrid no joy so yep 8 lovely hours in an airport 2 emails tweets and now my account frozen card canceled as they have put manual payments through in otherwords they wrote my card details from their secure checkout Iam still waiting for a reply
setafire Send email
Nov 22, 2015

Flight change is a major pain in the ass!

I had booked a multi-city itinerary from Boston to London, and Mumbai to Boston via Edreams. My mistake, I did not read reviews about this company before and fell for the lowest price offered by them.
My flight is through Canada for which I did not realize I needed a transit visa, so I had to call them up about being able to change the ticket. Just verifying that I can do this, took me about 6 calls. Every time you call their only number, the call keeps getting dropped.
And so after verifying I proceeded to actually make the change.
And I must have called about 20 times to edreams, 12 just today, to be able to get the reservation changed. Every time they redirect it to their Spain office, which is by the way the only office that can make a change, the call WILL drop. Count on that.
So, if you think you will be able to make a quick change, good luck with that. Nothing seems easy with this company, as has already been noted by so many other people. A good lesson for me and oh yes, I am going to make sure I get the money back from them if they are unable to change my ticket.
Obviously, there's no way I can get the time or energy that I have wasted in this, back.
Usch Harms Send email
Nov 21, 2015

over charged

To Company Contact Dana Philip Dunne-CEO

In the MOMENT I PURCHASED THIS FLIGHT ( EW 107) (4U8053) BANGKOK TO BERLIN (Germany) the price got displayed as: The details of the amount charged to your card are shown below. $503.54 Eurowings and eDreams $54.68. And stated in writing under the amount: This ticket has been converted from the airline’s currency in order to display it in you local currency. Beside my Name and Phone number and e-mail address got displayed. Everything worse corrected so I purchased the flight. IN THE MOMENT I PURCHASED THIS FLIGHT YOU CHANGED MY ADDRESS FROM 21 FIJI STREET, RUSSELL ISLAND 4184 (Australia) TO 21 FIJI STREET 12345 RUSSELLISLAND, USA. AND YOU CHARGED ME US DOLLAR. I ONLY GAVE YOU MY AUSTRALIAN ADDRESS AND I NEVER LIVED IN THE USA OR BEEN IN THE USA.
PLUS YOU ADVERTISED: LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED I send you 6 e-mails and contacted you by phone 3 times
What are you stating with lowest price GUARANTEED. This flight I booked with you I booked because the total has been $558.22 including 2 times 23 kg luggage.
Because you changed my Address to USA you charged me US Dollar 722.00 plus 4 days later 72.00 Australian dollar.
Booking Germanwings airline direct including all Meal and 2 times 23 kg luggage has been 680.00 Australian Dollar. So way book with eDreams if I hat to pay more with eDraems. I rang Germanwings in germany to change my address back to an Australian address, plus I booked better seats with them direct.
I got overcharged from you $235.78 Austalian dollar for this flight
I like to get this Money back in to my Credit card
edreams – A very inefficient and Misleading service

U Harms
Paulie1 Send email
Nov 20, 2015

Reimbursement re baggage

I was charged again at the airport for my baggage having already paid Edreams. After phoning Edreams I sent an email attaching the receipt and eventually getting an email to say I would get a reimbursement which I didn't receive. I phoned again today and after holding on And trying to get myself understood for 45 minutes I was told they had sent me an email asking for my bank account details which I did not receive. This is despite the fact that their email had said I would be reimbursed to my original card. I was then cut off. I have spent hours on the phone and am now completely fed up and frustrated.
MichelleL Send email
Nov 19, 2015

Extortionate fees charged

I telephoned eDreams to make a booking, being seduced by their advertising cheap flights on google. I really wish I'd booked direct with the airline now!! I was booking a flight from Bristol to Dublin for myself and a friend. Not once was the breakdown of what I was paying for ever told to me. I felt hurried and rushed through the phone call. I was not asked if I wanted to have luggage. It was only when I mentioned it that it was added on. I asked why there was such a difference in the flights they quote online and the flight price she was quoting me. I was told it was because of the fees. No more information was offered to me. I took what she said in good faith and booked. It was only when I received the confirmation email telling me just how much in fees I had paid that I really understood JUST HOW MUCH I HAD BEEN RIPPED OFF. One flight came to £63.61 and the second flight came to £59.98 and eDreams fees were £52.49!!!!!!!! I paid in fees almost the price of one of the flights!!!! But of course it is too late to dispute then because the flights are non refundable. This is what eDreams count on, rushing through the phone call before you start asking questions and it is too late, they have your money. Also of interest is the fact that when I went onto the website afterwards to see if there was anymore information on there, you realise that they are charging £18 for a 15kg bag to be added to the flight, and yet on Ryanair they only charge £15 and on Air lingus only £10 so they are scamming you even on the luggage allowance too!!! They quote a £1 a minute telephone number for customer care which is illegal in this country and Ryanair has taken them to court about the fact that you can be duped into clicking on their website link in google when you think your clicking on Ryanair. Everything about this company screams unscrupulous and I am having my bank's dispute team take up the case to try to get the exorbitant fees back. Please never book with this company. The internet is littered with complaints and I wish I had known about them all before booking with them.

Extortionate fees charged

barbaramacmahon Send email
Nov 16, 2015

Refund due

I bought Transaero flights from London to Moscow for October 2015. Transaero went into liquidation and the flights were cancelled. My bank statement says clearly that my payment was made to eDreams. I have phoned and emailed eDreams a total of 24 times, but I have got no further with getting a refund. Most times they end up disconnecting the calls and ignoring the emails. Don't buy from this company.

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