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Consumer complaints and reviews about eDreams

Rachel19121993 Send email
Nov 4, 2015


I booked a flight from Lanzarote to Glasgow priest wick. I paid for two 15 kilo luggage cases. I arrived at the airport to be told that whilst Edreams had charged me for the cases, they hadn't bother telling Ryan air. So I had to pay €80 for two cases. Tried to contact Edreams to complain direct, nobody has bothered getting back to me.
Alir17 Send email
Nov 3, 2015

Wrong flight timing

I booked a ticket for 6pm afternoon time, however the edreams rather booked me in 6 am in the morning.
eDreams Send email
Oct 23, 2015

eDreams Complaint

Dear Cagdas,

Thank you for your comments.

We are sorry if the service provided was not the expected.

In order to look further into your case and assist we would kindly ask you to provide your booking reference replying a private message we have sent you.

Warm regards.

Nicole - eDreams
Reach Send email
Oct 16, 2015

Ripping off 56% of ticket cost by hiding so called service fees

I booked flight ticket through website edreams.co.uk on October 1st. All the way through the booking process I was convinced that the total cost for my two tickets was around £80, which was agreed. Only while I tried to make the payment, I noticed there was some service charge added but was deducted therefore the total cost was still around £80 as agreed before. So I just entered my card details and pressed "continue", however it suddenly showed some words quickly during the process that around £46 will be added to the agreed cost, it was absolutely not what I expected, but there was no way or button for me to stop or cancel, therefore I quickly closed the website, hoping the transaction would then be stopped by this way. However after I checked my email, there's confirmation email from Easyjet for my tickets but the price was £98.56, not agreed around £80. However I received another email from your company. To my real surprise, you again added further cost of £28.08 on top of the £98.56, making the total cost to £126.64. That was not what I expected and not the total cost agreed during all the way for my booking.

According to the Consumer Act 2015 coming effective on October 1st, "Service should match up to what has been agreed" , and the customers have the right to get refund "when they are not provided with reasonable care and skills", from what I felt, the total price of around £80 agreed seemed misleading. And the added and then deducted service charge was misleading and confusing too. Besides during the payment processing progress, while I suddenly realised something not right that I might be over-charged by more than 56% of the agreed ticket cost of around £80, there's no button or ways that allowed me to stop or cancel the booking. This is absolutely unfair and kind of rip-off. It's the first time in my life I suffered this sad experience for booking flight tickets.
Peandreadis Send email
Sep 17, 2015

Baggage paid twice for return flight

Paid for baggage outward and for incoming flights,when returning to UK was told in Athens airport that baggage had not been paid for return flights despite showing them invoice that it had been paid,so consequently have paid twice.It seems from all the bad complaints and other customer negativity regarding overcharging that my chance of a refund is very slim,but if necessary I will pursue it through the courts and I suggest everyone do the same,either as a joint action or individually.
33vista Send email
Sep 12, 2015

extra charge for baggage / bank why?

Departure DQT52U - return PRB9JX

At Athens Airport I was told our baggage for the return trip from Athens to Stanstead had not been paid.
We had to pay at baggage drop out of 145 euros.

On eDreams invoice it showed as: £497.98 My Bank Statement £497.98
£317.29 £338.29 WHY
E dream £53.44 £53.44
On 20 August I wrote to eDreams complaining about the above charges and I had a reply that they would look into the matter.On 30 August I sent another email as I had not had a response. To-date 12 September they have still not contacted me.
Lindsay Send email
Aug 18, 2015


I booked flights through edreams. My total price should have been £407.22 broken down into 3, inbound flight, £214.48, outbound flight £154.98 and edreams charge of £37.76.

These amounts were different to what was taken out my bank, they actually took £230.07, the other 2 transactions were correct. I am owed £15.59 and have been waiting for a refund since February. I have contacted the customer service team several times and emailed numerous times also, I have even provided an email proving the amount that was taken out my bank. They admit they have overcharged me but have not done anything about it yet. Every time I get in touch I have to go through the same story over and over again, it's ridiculous. I will never ever book through edreams again.
nedlo Send email
Jul 27, 2015


Lele Send email
Jul 26, 2015


This page: eDreams.com for booking Air they sale
Tickets,Hotels through the Internet....is the fraud Winner , this company after you set up your vacations,air tickets,will be ready to attacked. The criminals ask for your credit card to finalize your transaction like any other website of this category. After 1 or 2 hours this people send you another email... But this one is to informed you that the credit card was denied and listen to this....The criminals ask you to Transfer the total amount of Money ...to some bank in UK.and also they designed to make people feel secure about your transactions but this is all for naught ,very well done SCAM be worry .. the fraud criminals will ask ;first ,that funds be sent to a bank account. ...15DEUT40508129608900 , Deutsche Bank . IBAN: GB15DEUT40508129608900 in order to confirmed tour transactions!!! They send emails to everybody informed that payment couldn't processed,and they said "Transfer Is required as the only method of payment.... Your credit card won't be charged....... .Account holder :Vacation eDreams S.L.
July 20 2015
Don't Be the Victim of Deposit Scam!
Emanuelle c.
phil1104 Send email
Jul 22, 2015

charges for booking never made

Hi there, 

We tried to book 4 ticket to Kyrgyzstan on the 18/7/15 ,what happened that you charged my wife card £94.80   and no booking was made, i hade to call your company and the person who answered couldn't find our booking through my email, she insisted that the only way to find it is to give the card number in full, which i found very strange, eventually I've been told that the booking wasn't done due to a technical fault,  when i asked for the reason to charge £94.80  she replied that's a fee of booking, i don't know exactly which booking she's talking about, do you charge for booking that have not been even made???. She also said that the money is on the way back to our card. I'm now in Kyrgyzstan with my family and we've been checking my wife bank account online on daily basis and no money was refund, so I'm ask you to refund the money with immediate effect otherwise I have no choice but to contact my solicitor for fraud. 

Looking forward for your reply, or to see the money in the account in the next few days .

Philip Augustine 


Card holder : E  Kisileva


Philip Augustine 
butterfly11 Send email
Jun 25, 2015

edreams double booking- no refund

I have booked a flight in July 2014, and i got charged twice, once with Monarch and with EDREAMS I have been told by Monarch that the Edreams payment has been refunded to Edreams, however that refund was never forwarded to me.
I called edreams many weeks ago concerning my refund and I also wrote an email and they told me that they were not able to find the booking nr. Howewer I should have received my money back and I have proofs that the booking exists. I wrote several emails and called but they either dont get back to me or tell me that my booking nr doesnt exist.
I am waiting for the refund since almost 11 months now.
I dont know what else I can do to recieve my money.
Jane Park Send email
May 28, 2015

Service Charge

I booked flights London - Edinburgh online with edreams and almost immediately my work plans got changed so I contacted them to enquire about cancellation. I was told there would be absolutely nothing to pay as the booking had only just been made and the money had not been taken. I was, therefore, surprised to see in my bank statement that they had taken over £19 for a fee. I suppose it was understandable because they did have some inconvenience but it's not too good to be lied to.
Aurelie Send email
May 20, 2015

Edreams - no confirmation - no tickets but money was taken from my bank account and no refund


I booked a return ticket on e dreams, did not receive the confirmation after 48 hours. I called them and they told me they will cancel my booking.
After it was confirmed by e dreams by mail that my reservation was cancelled, they still took the money from my bank account.
Now I called them already 6 times and every time they tell me a different story (story that the refund has be done, or that the refund is about to be done, ror the efund has not worked. and is about to be re-processed...). but they can never send me a proof of transfer or any transaction number.... They just ask me to wait and be patient, that the money will be soon on my bank account !... For more than 2 weeks now... I am very disappointed by the way his company works and how they treat their customers. Would definitely not recommend it.
assiabourane Send email
May 14, 2015

over charged payment

Dear Sir/Madam

I purchased some return flight tickets in March to Istanbul to the value of £568 but was charged 949.5 on my bank statement. I have spoken to several of edreams advisers who have advised me that you are the best people to contact to sort this out as quickly as possible. I am so far, very disappointed that it has taken so many communications with your company and this issue is still yet to be resolved. Please can you advise me how this can be sorted out quickly, without me having to seek legal advice.

Assia Bourane
hanna Send email
May 12, 2015

Edreams stole money

It was very smart to cancel my booking and charge my account. We will see what can be done here. Thank you for changing my plans and work.
shanabugg Send email
May 11, 2015


eDreams is claiming my flight was non-refundable, when it WASN'T! They're now refusing to honor my cancellation, except for about $40 of the $838 I paid. Here's what they said:

"Your eDreams booking reference number: 783473281
Thank you for your recent enquiry regarding the cancellation of your reservation.
The flight ticket you have purchased is a non-refundable ticket as per the terms and conditions displayed or advised at the time of booking . . . . You are entitled to claim a refund of your airport taxes to the value of GBP 25.66 (USD 40 as per today's conversion rate)."

This just isn't true! Nowhere did it say the flight was non-refundable when I bought it! This feels like such a scam--they're just tricking people into handing over their money, especially by selling a "premium service" to make it easier to cancel flights that then turn out to be "non-refundable." Too easy to hide behind the internet.
MADMAND Send email
Apr 28, 2015



hvencovska Send email
Mar 27, 2015

Complete Chaos

I booked a return flight with dreams to Santa Cruz de la Palma. Only the outgoing flight was confirmed by the company and when I questioned the inbound flight I was told that unfortunately it got cancelled (however money got charged by e dreams). I had to buy another flight and at the end discovered that a booking has been made after all....

So now I am booked on two flights on the same day, ended up paying for both and waiting to hear from edrems to see if they refund me for their complete incompetency....

I am planning to contact Watchdog and European Consumer Centre since this is against any consumer law....

AVOID this company at ALL COST!
andy hayes Send email
Mar 17, 2015

Ripped off Admin Fee

We booked flights and thought we were booking with Air Lingus direct as that was the site we had searched for. Then when we booked our flights, Edreams took an additional £40 for an Admin fee ???? Why £40 when we thought we were dealing direct with Air Lingus.
They were not interested in our complaint.
andy hayes Send email
Mar 17, 2015

Admin fee

Just booked flights to Dublin when we thought we were booking direct with Air Lingus. So how surprised we were when an additional £40 was added to our bill for Edreams admin fee. They weren't bothered at all when we complained and kept on about this part of the page / That part of the page.
We will never use them again and will do all we can to stop anybody else using them.
fransweeney Send email
Mar 12, 2015

Seat for an infant

I believed I had booked 5 seats this included one for an infant child - I knew there would be hidden costs and had an idea that an advertised price of £160 would be circa £190 however when my confirmation email came through from the airline only 4 seats had been assigned due to the child being under two years old. I contacted e dreams and they were useless, They did not "seem" to understand and just said you got what you ordered. I asked if they could check the rate for the day I booked but obviously they couldn't. so my £160 fare turned into a £225 fare and we now have to sit a very tall 18 month old on our knee for 5 hours.
johnno Send email
Mar 1, 2015



They are a bunch of con artists. I booked a 3 flights from Manchester to Koh Samui via Helsinki and Hong Kong plus return in September 2014 to fly out in January this year with Finnair. I ordered extra leg room on 4 of the flights (2 out and 2 return) which they duly sent me 2 days later the iternerary which included the seat numbers. I paid by debit card.

In December I received another itinerary with the seats not listed. I checked with Finnair and they confirmed that they hadn't been paid nor recieved any bookings for extra legroom seats on my tickets. I eventually got through to Edreams and spoke to a well rehearsed con woman who like a record just kept repeating "it was not on your ticket" "it was not on your ticket"...I was lead to believe at the original booking that the seat numbers alloted to me would be on my boarding pass and not on the ticket.I had to pay another £120.00 to reserve the original seats. I have a impacted spinal problem and legroom is vital for me.

Now to the hotel they booked for me at a cost of £80.00 non refundable deposit.....wonderful pictures, all white linen and maroon silk in bedrooms, beautiful beach, excellent quisine etc etc. The hotel "Rich Resort" was a dreadful cave of a place I dont know wherer the got or faked the pictures from. Upon checking in in the reception area, which was not much more than a desk there was a very aged mongrel dog. It had no tail and someone had in paint or coloured ink and using the dog's anus as the centre point had painted a face. I was then lead up a flight of concrete steps to a first floor room on the main open landing which was right above the road. The road had no pavements which had none stop traffic mainly mopeds with little or no silencers on until about 3 am. To make it worse right outside my window literally touching it was a seating area with 8 Russian men and women all drunk, shouting and screaming and cavorting sexually until 4 am. I left the place and booked into a far nicer hotel. They are an utterwaste of time and money...DONT USE THEM THEY ARE THIEVES AND CON MEN.
Esindubai Send email
Feb 23, 2015

Appalling Edreams service!!!

To the manager of Edreams customer service,

Well where shall I begin?!?

I have been through a very frustrating journey trying to cancel 2 bookings! I have made several phone calls and every time I have to wait at least 15 mins to speak to someone and then the line cuts off half way through the conversation. There is certainly a problem with your lines. It took me 3 days in total to get the flights cancelled!

I have asked the assistant to call me back if the line cuts off but they said they can't do it! Can't see where the customer service is in that! Finally I got someone to call me back after several calls where I had to beg someone to call me back! The assistant who called me back took 30mins to cancel my booking! When we finished I said I would like to cancel another booking which is my friend's booking who was travelling with me, and he proceeded to say he couldn't do it because he had been on the phone with me for too long and there are other customers to assist!!!!! Unbelievable (meaning I'm not a customer???) I have never came across such appalling service in my life.

Every time I called different assistants gave me different figures for the cancelation fees as well as for the refund time!! It ranged from 3 days to 3 months!! The first time I called the assistant said it will take 3-10 days for the refund to happen, when I rang again and actually managed to do the cancelation it was 3 months for the refund to happen! Can anyone kindly explain me what this is all about?

Just to make things worse my friend called to cancel her booking also after several attempts with the lines cutting off after 15mins. She was cancelling the same return flight on the same days and she will be charged a different fee for cancelation and also her refund will happen apparently in 30 days!! 1st she was quoted dhs4200, 2nd time Dhs3950 and last but not least, 3rd time Dhs2400. Can anyone explain this to me? Why is her refund money and time different from mine when it is EXACTLY the same flight on the same dates? I was also charged a cancelation fee by Edreams.....and she was not. Clearly there is a lack of knowledge and competency amongst your staff!!!! Please feel free to listen to all the "recorded" conversations we had with your staff!! You will be shocked!

Once the flights were cancelled I didn't even receive an email confirming the cancellation! There is something seriously wrong with your services! I had to call again today to get an email for the cancelling and still didn't receive anything!!

Also to say, it took 10 mins for me to be charged your cancelation fee!! But it will take me 3 months to see my money back! I find all of the above completely unacceptable and I would like to make a formal complaint against your services!

Please find the bookings below regarding my complaint.
Departure airport is Dubai.
I would strongly appreciate some form of feedback on the above and I would like the complaint to be made formal as I will not hesitate in using my lawyer to help me with this matter! Oh, and I have sent 2 e-mails regarding this and NO reply.....
Catrion Send email
Feb 19, 2015


I booked two return flights from London to Larnaca and selected direct flights only. I was advised whilst in the process "Congratulations you have secured the best deal on offer today" when I got the confirmation there are stopovers Gatwick to Oslo on the outward journey over 8 hours travelling and Larnaca Kiev over 11 hours travel on the return. I telephoned the helpline "a callcentre in India" to be told by Raj sorry maam the cost to change will be more than you paid for the tickets. I explained that it is not safe to fly to Kiev due to it currently being under threat from Russia and classed as a war zone also I was travelling alone with a child and very worried. He apologised and said the cheap tickets "almost £500 for two" could not be changed or refunded unless I paid another £400. Our summer holiday is ruined and I cannot email or telephone as there is no customer service help assistance on their website. This needs to be brought to Government International attention and the site shut down with the operators duly prosecuted and innocent people refunded. I am distraught as I cannot afford replacement tickets.
Has anybody been successful contacting this company???? please let me know.65
rana banerjee Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Ticket not issued

Dear Sir,

I used my credit card to purchase a US flight ticket from DC to Fort Laderdale Florida yesterday.
Citi Bank blocked my card stating that this is a fraud site.
However SBI card was used and my account was debietd for Rs 7438.21 but no ticket was issued by Edreams.

This is a fraud company and action should be taken to safeguard the interest of innocent customers.

Rana banerjee

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