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Consumer complaints and reviews about eDreams

kathykate Send email
Oct 2, 2014

e dreams

I booked my flights with my mother and needed special assistance. Because I needed a airport wheel chair they have cancelled my flight how disgusting is that. That is discrimination against people with special needs my reference is 56204342 they break dreams. Would never book with them again.
yeah right Send email
Sep 29, 2014

SCAM! Stole my money. Refused refund

I bought a ticket from London to New York on Norwegian airlines. I had to cancel within 4 hours. I called Norwegian and they refused to cancel and refund. The woman representative lied to me and said that they could cancel. This is a complete lie. She said I had to call Edreams.com with whom I booked the ticket. Edreams also lied to me and said that they could not cancel. Yes they can. There is a special phone number, called an "agency port" number that the travel agent uses to call the airlines and cancel and refund. both Edreams and Norwegian refused to help and so I lost the full amount of the ticket which was over $500.

DO NOT USE EDREAMS or fly on Norewgian Airlines. If you have to cancel they will screw you and you will get your refund.
valsey43 Send email
Sep 26, 2014

The amount of money charged for booking and charge for alteration of flight.

Booked tickets for Amsterdam from London. Made mistake with return journey(my fault) and got charged twice by your company and Easyjet who did refund one of the charges they made.Also I got confirmation and correspondence in Spanish?????????Trying to contact you is almost impossible,frustrating and expensive.I feel I should receive the change of flight fee as I am at a loss why this should be charged by you(also because of the expensive calls I had to make) I will not be using your company anymore and will advise my friends not to either. Regards Val Mizon.
hinge Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Requesting Refund on air ticket cancellati​on

Dear sir,

I am Sunil Shriram Hinge, tried to call costumer care number to cancel my air ticket, as it was booked mistakenly but failed, not able to connect call with them.

So I made call to Indian toll free call center, and cancelled my air ticket.

Details of Same as follows,
Air ticket TICKET:AI/ETKT 098 5297646455

Please make refund of Rs. 13,461/- after deducting the needful canceling amount from same to my ICICI bank account no. 084501506299. please respond me in earliest.

Thanking you,
Sunil S Hinge.
Contact No:
saleh Send email
Aug 27, 2014

cancellation fees

i have made 5 tickets booking via edreams costs 13,791 AED each 2,758 AED then, i was charged immidetly using cridet card.
Next day i have reasons to cancel the flight booking if the charge of cancellation is few, i called helpline and reqested the fees of cancellation of each passenger and she told me clearly the cost of the refund would be 390AED of each means 1950 AED,
I accept this fees since its not big cost, i have ordered cancellation, then there was no email cancellation confirmation recived by email or any others, i waited for 15 days when i recived the refund with amount 2,550AED means retuned 514 AED that means 19.5% almost returned.

I called 3 times every time i call i spend 4, 5 mints. Line disconnect, till one time i explaiend to them and resonsed to me saying roundtrip one way ticket is not refundable and return trip will charge for the airline, taxes and other and other...
Now i really suprised how comes i have confirmed the charge with the lady by the phone and they stolen my moeny with diffrent procuder and police as the edrems tearms and condictions has no policy says that.

I am raising this issue to my ambesy in spain to send the lowyer to solve this issue with thoes theves,.

Can any one imagin if you pay tickets with 13,791 and to cancel with less than 24hrs and refund with 2,573 as they dont implement with thier call conversation and saying it was not recorded for my refrence and evidence.

How you cancel my booking without email?
How you dont record the cancelation booking with out recording the call?
How do you cancel the booing without email confirmation?

Wish edreams go to juil and return the moeny back for me and every body i advice every one dont book via edreams even if they seem they are the chepest prise.
Bunadora Send email
Aug 24, 2014


My elderly mother was a victim of the edreams scam. She was trying to book flights from Liverpool to Belfast to visit my aunt, who is dying. She Googled Easyjet and 'Easyjet with edreams' came up. She clicked on it thinking it was the Easyjet website and they arranged an outward flight from Manchester to Belfast City Airport with Flybe and a return flight from Belfast International Airport to Liverpool with Easyjet. She then got an email from edreams with the Flybe flight information and number, but nothing for Easyjet. She also got an email from Flybe confirming the booking, but nothing from Easyjet. Edreams said they had charged her £19 in administration fees for the privilege of booking her flights online and also quoted a number she'd have to ring costing £1 per minute for them to process her online check in. We couldn't check in ourselves as we had no flight details. We tried ringing the number but it just said it wasn't recognised and to try again later. This was 2 days before she was due to fly. We ended up ringing both Flybe and Easyjet to make sure the bookings had been made. They had, but we cancelled the Flybe flight and lost the £57 cost of it, but figured she'd pay at least that to drop off her hire car at a different location. We then booked the return journey with Easyjet from Liverpool to Belfast International Airport. We're hoping this will be the last of it.
Flowa04 Send email
Aug 20, 2014


OMG!!! I'm glad to know that I am not the only one who has had such a horrible experience!!! I booked a flight yesterday to leave today 8/20/2014 from TX to NM and was not charged until today. My flight was $265 total round trip. They charged my card $201.00??? but have denied charging me at all. On my bank statement it says I was charged by United Airlines London. I have contacted both flights who have me schedule to leave TODAY!! E Dreams refuses to give me my money back and they refuse to give me my ticket. This is a disgrace. This company does not help you, they refuse to put a supervisor on the phone, and they say they are having system issues. I have been going back and forth with them all day, now the phone hangs up when I call or I just hear air??!!! Why are they even still open????? I am going to do everything in my power to make sure this company goes to SHITS!! I am flabbergasted about this experience!! Please do not use this company or you will be doomed. Like me!!!!
punters2014 Send email
Aug 19, 2014

illegal transaction on visa

i booked round trip flights from liverpool to cork via edreams and i did not have enough money on my credit card , instead of refusing the transaction for lack of funds edreams without consent, or authority or permission took it upon themselves to book one way flights and took what money was in my account £90.77 even though the one way flights were £57.75, a difference of £40+ for no reason .but gave me a receipt for £57.75 and said they were holding the £40 extra for me to book the return flight ? when i phoned to do this they said it was not possible to use that £40+ and i would have to book completely new tickets with no refund possible??? an illegal transaction by all accounts if the money is not in your credit card the transaction MUST BE DENIED. but not with edreams , they are a law unto themselves. now i have to write/prove/fight with my cc company to force a refund ....scandalous STAY AWAY FROM EDREAMS THEY ARE A DISCRACE AND SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO COURT FOR ALL THEIR INJUSTICES TO HARD WORKING PEOPLE.
BDK Send email
Aug 1, 2014


I hab booked a ticket with edreams from newark to cleveland on first august 2014 and e dreams booked a flight via us airways. US airways stated that there was no such flight and they have charged my credit card 400 dollars even before confirmation of the booking.
Their phone is not working.and are not responding to emails.
Chrism Send email
Jul 9, 2014


I attempted to book flights using a credit card on the eDreams website, and then with PayPal. I received an email to see this had not worked and I would have to do via bank transfer. Smelling a rat I cancelled my booking, only to then discover that eDreams had taken 2000 Euros from my account. In response to emails and phone calls I was told a refund would take up to 16 days. It is now the 16th day with no response to my most recent emails other than automated ones. I suspect they have done nothing. This is totally unacceptable and I will be making as big a stir as possible via social media and the press to publicise how shoddy customer care is with this outfit if I do not receive satisfaction within the next few days.
Darent Send email
Jul 7, 2014

EDreams fraud

I bought flights and a Hotel (Hilton in Dubrovnik) and once I had paid, they then put the prices up.
I was asked if I wanted to then cancel my trip, I did so and I have still not received a refund for the Hotel 3 months later!!!!!!!!

They are scam artists, KEEP AWAY......
vigilante Send email
Jul 6, 2014


booked return flights liverpool to malaga and malaga to liverpool. they took the money booked the return flight only and said outbound flight isnt available!! (what use is a flight back if i dont have a flight there!!)

they wont refund my money!!

and they are still advertising the flight that that is NOT available (confirmed with the airline) how many more people will book this and be told the same thing?

maju Send email
Jul 1, 2014

EDREAMS changed the ticket charge

I have booked my ticket in edreams india website on 29th July 2014. COK-CDG (two people). After waiting two days I didn't receive the second mail with ticket. I mailed them in between, no reply until now. I called them after two days , then they said the ticket price is changed so they didn't booked it. I asked them to cancel the booking. Fortunately they cancelled and mailed me back the cancellation confirmation. They are saying that the amount will be credited to my account in 5 working days of time. Fingers crossed, waiting for the money back.
Julia Sam Send email
Jun 24, 2014

Flights to Atlanta

My credit card was declined and i made the necessary corrections and told how to charge my card .I got a mail that they got my mail and someone would contact me in 24 hours but nothing has happened and no one contacted me what is going on.
poddar.mukesh@gmail.com Send email
Jun 23, 2014

Fraud in Air ticketing by eDreams

On 19th June I booked 4 tickets from Paris to Birmingham with eDreams. On the edreams site it was showing £43.xx per person. I selected that flight but at the time of payment I saw on VISA card they are charging some service tax approx £23 per ticket but on the debit master card payment they are not charging any service fees. I tried to make payment by using Debit master card but at this time also system didn't accept the payment and I got an error message saying something like... "invalid card details". Then I called the phone number which was displaying on eDreams site. I explained to the person on call that I am using Debit master card to get the discount but system is not accepting the payment. Then he told me that sir existing rate of the flight is little higher and current rate is approx £46 per person. Thats the reason system is not accepting your payments. He said me that you give me passengers details and your card details then I will book on your behalf. I have given him all the details and I also requested for a baggage booking. He confirmed me the Total cost is £205.xx. I reconfirmed from him about the total cost and he confirmed me the same £205.xx Then I said him to go ahead and book my ticket. But when I got a confirmation letter on my mail the total cost stated on the flight confirmation mail was £293.06. I called back and asked e-dreams team and then they started saying it is inclusive of service charge. When I argued that I used "debit master card" to get the service tax rebate then they said ..no this is not that type of master card. I understand it is a fraud done by eDreams. They must be penalised for this. I will certainly raise it to all possible authority. It is not acceptable at all.

Flybe confirmed booking - Reservation number: BZ63B2
Eileen Wttewaall Send email
Apr 29, 2014

edreams flight booking

I booked two flights on April 11, 2014 and the MasterCard payment went through on April 15 for:
Flight 459137614-382RCZ and Fight 459171591-4ASVK8. The Confirmed booking was sent April 11, 2014.

I sent a reply to questions sent regarding a request for a wheelchair; that I could manage without a wheelchair and to please complete the booking. I have had no response.

I contacted WestJet on April 28 and they only have my name for the two flights. I also sent another email requesting the completion of the booking as promised in the Confirmed booking - to their customer service email address.

What should I do in order to have this resolved, before I need to take more drastic action?

Thank you.

Eileen Wttewaall
bruceponzo Send email
Apr 2, 2014

Fraud, breach of contract

E Dreams.com An E nightmare at best.
I rarely write complaints unless the case is extreme and this incident qualifies as such. On March 23, 2014 I booked a flight from Culiacan, Sinaloa, MX to Tijuana through E Dreams. Plan was to travel by car and return by plane. Circumstances prevented the family from being able to receive guests due to a family matter which prompted my need to cancel.
The invoice quoted was $117.17 which included the extra charge for Premium Service which allows for cancellation and refunds as many times as needed. This is their language on the site. Please pay particular attention to the next part as no one has written regarding this. They charged me $117.18 which prompted me to ask Capital One for an adjustment of the penny. I routinely pay my credit cards upon usage before the billing, based upon the invoice. There is a clandestine banking regulation and policy which allows for only one dispute per transaction. When I disputed the penny it blocked my further ability to file an additional dispute. Some may respond that I am imprudent for disputing a penny. It is not the amount that is the issue. Countless embezzlers throughout history have taken small and insignificant amounts per transaction to add up to millions. This alone is unscrupulous but only the subterfuge for the real agenda which allows them to keep the entire amount even if they do not perform under contract. It is still only April 2, 2014, four days ahead of the flight and I have been trying to cancel and obtain a refund for the last two days. I was directed to speak to the airline myself which is in direct conflict with the laws of principle and agent. E Dreams made the contract, took the funds, and has the responsibility, independent of the airline, to reimburse under the guidelines of their Premium Service Terms.
Fortunately for me, Capital One took the burden of making the refund to me upon themselves. How is that for customer service. They saw right through the manipulation of the system by E Dreams and were sympathetic to my situation.
I encourage anyone and everyone affected negatively by E Dreams to 1) wait until the charge appears on your statement before disputing any amount. Complete your travel if possible then dispute any overbilling. 2) If you are going to cancel, file a single dispute even if the amount was charged incorrectly. The goal is to have the relationship with Visa and Mastercard discontinued which will promptly put E dreams out of business. Numerous complaints will result as such.
Thank you.
wendy2412 Send email
Mar 22, 2014

Baggage Charge

In November 2013, I booked a flight from Auckland to Sydney ( that was fine), I also booked a flight from Sydney to Gold Coast ( NOT FINE), I asked if the cost of Baggage Weight was included and told "Yes" upto 23 kg, The lady weighed my baggage at Sydney and it was only 12.5 kg. Not over the 23kg, she told me that I had to pay $75 for my baggage as it wasn't included in my fare. I won't be using eDream if I can help it.
According to the Airline I used from Sydney to Gold Coast, this isn't the first time eDreams have one this sort of thing.
bertha Send email
Feb 25, 2014

Scam - Unwilling Charge from Credit Card

I too wished I had read about this even before just viewing the site.
I had been viewing the site eDreams and recently found a charge of $285 for something I have never received or requested.
I have also now been sent an Invoice of $22.50 which will probably be taken. I shall now have to cancel my Credit card in case they do not cease charging my card this is worrying and outrageous business behaviour.
I have sent them an email of complaint but believe this to be fruitless. What can be done to stop these mungrel bastards they seem to have been in business since 2009? I hope when closed down they sell off their possessions and repay money STOLEN you bloody thieves.
mycont2002 Send email
Feb 21, 2014

edreams.com is a robbery company

DON'T USE www.edreams.com.

Is a robbery company! They are thieves and they must be arrested! Should go to jail!

No travel agency in this world who do what they do! No normal person does not do what they do! Ordinary crooks!

Ordinary scum and thieves!
Naughton Send email
Feb 13, 2014


My partner noticed a charge on her credit card for £252 for Ryan Air , a flight she never booked , upon investigating this was charged by E Dreams .

We had booked flights and hotels with another company from a completely different airport at a completely time we had reviewed e dreams flights and hotels as we did many companies . Somehow from just reviewing flights they managed to obtain our details and use them for flight we viewed.

We contacted them and after investigation they admitted no flight was booked and assured a refund within 3-10 days . This did not happen and a month later now deny they can find any information on the card details , even though they took the money and admitted it two weeks before .

We are now reporting this company for fraud . My advice along with many others I am seeing on the internet is do not even look at this company , somehow a glitch in there system charges your card , even when you do not provide details ( the final part their words not ours) . View at your own risk .
Xela Send email
Jan 22, 2014


I'm badly needing your help on my booking charges. I already have received a booking confirmation(410970957-468630) when I booked my flight on January 16, 2014. I've just confirmed now that charges were posted yesterday, January 20, 2014 but I still have not received the "second e-mail" which should contain my ticket and should confirm my flight.
Please help me. I would want to secure everything so I can assure myself and my daughter that I'll be home on her graduation day. I'm begging you to please help me on my concern the soonest possible time because my daughter's happiness depends on this. Please, please help me on this. WHAT WILL I DO????I should have received the second email after 1 working day when transaction has been done successfully. PLEASE I BEG YOU! HELP ME ON THIS.
I'm looking forward to your advice on this. THANK YOU!email me on xelacetorre@yahoo.com.ph
Marian Lloyd Send email
Jan 17, 2014

Baggage, not coming with me!

I foolishly booked to go from Sydney to Canberra with Virgin via eDreams( they quickly took my money ) when I checked to see if my luggage was included I saw it wasnt, since then I have repeatedly tried many different ways to get in contact with eDreams to no avail! I contacted Virgin and to pre-book my luggage it will cost me $30 each way! At least when I contacted Virgin I found I am booked on the flight. Looks like I will be packing carefully to get my luggage as hand luggage only, bugger since I have paid for baggage with Jetstar to get from Adelaide to Sydney but they dont go to Canberra. I will NEVER use e-bloody- Dreams again!

knockknock2 Send email
Mar 28, 2013

missing tickets and no reply to emails

I made a booking with eDreams in february, and recieved notification of my booking along with my return flight. I still have no outbound flight.

I have now sent 6!!!!!! emails in as many weeks asking what's happened and no one has replied.

I even tried email given on this site in response to some comments but still nothing. Horrific company DO NOT USE.
sergeguzy Send email
Mar 19, 2013


I made a reservation yesterday with edreams and after it was done had to pay. Then after paying I got the confirmation but completely different date and schedule as well as price than the one that was put online. I immediately tried to call them but no way to reach them. I tried to cancel then the charge but they already took the money (1 minute after the reservation was nade). Finally I succeeded to reach then today but even the flight is no cancelled, they refuse to retunr me the money. I saw hundred of complaints of this kind on the internet and I wondered if somebody can do something to put them out of business before they will continue with this kind of unhonest strategy.

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