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Enmax (Easymax)


Consumer complaints and reviews about Enmax (Easymax)

jasimogli@gmail.com Send email
Feb 22, 2016

Billing from enmax

So received a bill.in January from enmax for 238.00. Paid this in full. Received bill in Feb. Over 1000.00 right behind that bill a disconnect notice. Called to speak to manager no one would transfer me. They said that I had an overdue amount from Dec. The bill I received in Jan was apparently from November. January also showed charges under other being 323.00. Paid 500.00 on 1000.00 bill 3 days later utilities put on 15 amp service. Yup 2 toddlers in the house and can't cook them a meal. After speaking with customer care from enmax, they told me that I should have made arrangements, keep in mind I asked to speak to a manager two times. They also said unless the other 500.00 is paid they won't hook it up.
pdbowes@bowark.com Send email
Jan 21, 2015

Competition Is The Only Solution

I moved my electricity account to BowValley Power onto a Floating Rate, which flows through the industrial Alberta Electric System, System Marginal Rate plus $0.007/kWhr. For the period of Dec 01 - 22 2014 my Energy Rate was $0.0382/kWhr. For the same period of time Enmax Regulated Rate Option was $0.072982 (as taken from their web site). Note, Enmax does not offer a Floating Rate, likely as it is not lucrative enough. If you are more interested in fixed rates BowValley Power offers a fixed rate of $0.0665/kWhr with a deposit of $200, on which a 5% interest is paid. Enmax EasyMax fixed rate is $0.0779/kWhr as of Jan 21 2015.

Enmax has invested considerable money, and assumed substantial risk with the construction of new generating facilities, such as Shepard Power Plant at $1.3 billion here in Calgary, by securing cheep debt on the back of Calgary Property tax payer's who unknowingly ultimately assume the risk for these facilities. Although Enmax sold 50% of the plant to Capital Power, Enmax retailed all the risks for the entire project cost overruns, which I understand to be considerable. With only one share holder being the City of Calgary who's council is woefully ill equip to judge the risks being racked up by Enmax, the city residents are being unjustly and unnecessarily burdened with risk. Now Enmax is planning to assume 50% of the Genesee Unit 4 & 5 at $1.4 bill. I hope that the city council comes to there senses and prevents this from happening, but I don't have allot of faith in our council's ability and knowledge to make the right choice here, as it's way over there heads.

Enmax justifies these new plant investments based on the fixed Easy Max retail rates they have signed up, rates which can be cancelled with 30 days notice from the customer. Enmax could just as easily secure the city's power requirement from the open market and allow those who are qualified take the substantial capital and market risk. It will only be a matter of time before the poor decisions of Enmax and the City Council will be bore by the uninformed city residents, particularly as we enter a period of prolonged low power prices.

So send a message to Enmax and save some money while your at it, find someone else to provide your residential and commercial power requirement, it's a free market.
Mandi Send email
Aug 3, 2014

Deposits added on existing account

I just got a bill in the mail from these crooks all for deposit charges to my account. $150.00 for water and sewer and $300.00 for Electricity. $450.00 in deposits, on one bill, not including usage. This is due Aug 11 as well or I face disconnection. How is this even legal?? I'm a single mother and have only my income coming into my home. It's complete and utter BS!!!
Tamaralynn0480 Send email
Apr 14, 2014

"Service Charges"

I'm outraged at the amount of "Service Charges" they can get away with!!

Ideally my bill should have only been $160ish for Water/Gas/Electricity/City Garbage

I was dinged for almost $120 alone in Service charges bringing my bill $280

I'm in a 900 Sqf duplex!!

That is insane

Then to make matters worse, they are back charging me for "extra" amounts they had found I had "used" in months prior. My last bill was over $500!!!
nicolefbcn Send email
Jan 23, 2013

Unreasonable Pricing

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing regarding your work order #22342.

On Oct 3, 2012, I called Enmax customer service around 1:00pm since my house furnace did not work properly. The repairing technician came around 6:00 pm and replaced the thermostat, and then the furnace works.

As you check the attached work order #22342, we were charged three items below:

Demand Service Call after Hours: $187.50

Diagnose Tic & Labor: $125.00

Focus PRO 5000 TH5110D1006 Thermostat: $302.91

The charges in the first item $187.50 and the second item $125.00 sounds unreasonable. I asked other people in a Calgary local forum. The people have same problem with their furnace spent $150 --$ 200. None of them was charged over $200 for replacing thermostat only.

Especially, the charge in the third item, please kindly check the attached screenshot. The thermostat’s price is $31.75/EA and the item number is Focus PRO 5000 TH5110D1006. And we were charged up to $302.91 for the exact same product. It must be something wrong here. Could you please send me a product charged list?

My experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I am looking forward to getting your response soon.

Nicole Feng

Enclosures [EasyMax Work Order #22342; Screenshot for price Thermostat Heat/Cool RTH5100B1033; Picture of Thermostat from Enmax in our house]

Unreasonable Pricing

Fuckass Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

These people are terrible, proud crooks, lawyer up
Drdo Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

I too, am appalled by the lack of customer service shown by enmax. After not receiving bills to my new business for 2 months my power was cut off without a phone call. When I contacted enmax they said they could not help me without an account number, which I did not have because I had not received a bill to my new address. After several phone calls to multiple managers I was informed that my electricity would be reconnected in 24 to 48 hours. That was 3 days ago and I have now been informed that it is actually only 2 business days for Enmax, as they do not work on Sundays. My business runs on Sundays. I will be without power for 4 or more days now and am still unsure of my "place" in their "first come first served" system and none of their agents can tell me that either. They have disconnected me twice during phone calls most recently at 445 today. When I called back their office was closed. Enmax is the worst company I have ever dealt with and if an alternative arrives I will be first in line.
Kevin316 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

I feel for everyone that has had problems with Enmax (or any other business).
Any time you are dealing with any company (large or small) keep a paper trail. Big companies will screw you by accident, small companies will sometimes do it on purpose. A big company has nothing to gain by screwing you out of a $300 deposit. $300 to a small company is a lot more substantial.

I regards to knix, and anyone else that wasn't getting properly billed. If you know there is a problem with the billing why wouldn't you set aside money each month to cover the bill you know you are going to get? People need to take some responsibility for the problems they get into. Human nature is to get away with what ever you can against a big company but when the error happens they get mad when it is corrected. The whole time they are hoping they will not notice the problem.

It's no different than getting paid too much on you pay cheque. If you don't say any thing and spend the money is that right? If the company comes back to correct their error should they care you don't have the money any more?

I'm not saying that anyone on here has this thought process but many people do.
Knix Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

Our Enmax situation:
We paid a $300.00 deposit to Enmax which we never received back. When we moved to a new house we transferred Enmax to our new house. All of a sudden our bill was $400.00 more then it should be with no explanation as to what that money was for. When we asked them about it they said that there was a $400.00 was for a deposit. We asked them what happened to the $300.00 deposit we already paid; they told us they refunded it to us. When we stated the no deposit had been refunded, they said it had been. When we request documentation showing when it was refunded they said they could not provided that for us but it was recorded in their “system”. When we asked for a letter or some kind of bill explaining that we have paid this new deposit, they said that it was recorded in the system and that they don’t provided the customer with documentation. When we said that we didn’t trust their recording methods because they had already took $300.00 from us, they said to bad. We have been dealing with this for 6 months now and last week we were speaking with another supervisor and our $300 deposit from our old house was found in the system and no it had not been returned to us.
We now have paid $700.00 in deposits that we have no record of other then our bank statement saying we have paid them. They are still refusing to give us documentation that we have paid the deposits. The amounts are just added to our monthly total without explanation as to what it is for and we are told to trust them that it is being recorded on their system.
It has been so frustrating dealing with Enmax because there is no recourse if they do things and you disagree with them. There is no place to go to be able to get your money back or to have a third independent party to make a decision. Currently if you don’t pay whatever they demand you to pay they just threaten you with disconnection. As a renter, there is even less choice out there for service providers for electricity and nothing for water.
As a side note, Enmax didn’t charge us for water for about 6 months as well. We would call them every month after receiving our bill and explained that as students with children, we are on a fix budget and can not afford a sudden bill and asked them to fix the billing issue. They did not fix the issue for months and when they finally did put the outstanding amount on our bill we owed them over $600.00. They then threatened to disconnect us if it was not paid off immediately.
Dealing with Enmax is so difficult and trying to get the company to be accountable for their mistakes is even harder. We struggle every month to make it as a family and the added pressure of dealing with Enmax and never knowing what unexplained demands they will have just adds to our stress. The power that they have and the lack of accountability to its customers is so what frightening; especially, when you are that customer who never knows if they are going to disconnect you or give you your money back.
It is sad that a publically owned company can be so unaccountable to its owners. Clearly the corporate culture of accountability was not only lacking at the top with the CEO but throughout the entire organization. Too bad that they only got rid of the CEO and have done nothing to address the issues around accountability and customer service.
Msmoneypenny Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

OMG I thought i was the only one!!! thwy have d****d me around for the last 6 yrs iwas with them. The final act of jerkism on their part was when i was cancelling my account to move to another province. I arranged to have the account terminated effective Aug 30th.I asked for my balance to date and made a payment arrangement to pay the full amount of $290 on Sept 5th. they said everything was done and dandy. Aug 28th, they cut my power-i was still in the house. When i gor a hold of them thay said my final bill was due August 28th and it was not paid so they cut service. i yelled at them that not only is the account terminating in 2 days, I had a mutually agreed to paymrnt arrangememtn to pay the account off Sep 5th. They saud no such arrangement was on file and i had to pay it immediate ly get power back...for 2 frackin' days!! hate them. Then they sent me an invoice for an adjusted metre read plus to charges of 45 dollars each-one to go to my house and cut power, the next to come back and turn it on. The new bill was for $333. May they rot in hell.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing


I have been harassed by irregulaty in easymax billing. A few month ago they did mistake in billing and they did correct their mistake after repeated calling from my side. last month they sent me the correct bill and this month they have added an bill for delivery which they said was not added in my last bill.

As a result of this, I am getting a extra amount of bill at one time which does effect my monthly money plan.

I am approaching you since I belive calling them will not solve the problem. I want a regular, legitimate bill and want all my extra service charges (which arised due to their administrative problem) to be removed from my bill.

Kumud Deka
Manjung Send email
Feb 23, 2012

irregularities in billing

That customer service said it's legal to do actual reading only TWO times/year.only need do TWO times actual meter reading and make it's bill legal !!!

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