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Consumer complaints and reviews about EROIDS.COM

Eatbig Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

Be carefull, this is a heads up on a confirmed SCAMMER!!! He has previously went by the source names "Savage" and "Northern Gear / Gear Northern" He has scammed thousands from people including suppliers. He also has set up other sites in the past and once discovered that he is a scammer, he go's and sets up another source to scam more people. Here is a link to more info. http://www.eroids.com/forum/general/supplier-introduction/gearnorthern.com He has most likely already set up a new scam site or two. The link has a picture of him and one of his buddys that helped him. Dale Atfield is the main guy. All of the information is confirmed and verified.

FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/people/Dale-Atfield/100000674871753 <- lol blocked :)
Here is a screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/TwcDi.png
check this http://www.cottagecountrynow.ca/cottagecountrynow/article/383775

His Receivers:

•Ryan Patterson
204-110 Main Street East
Huntsville, Ontario

•Andrea Wallace
110 Main St E 204
Huntsville, ON P1H2M7
Phone: 705-784-0429 (Ryan's girlfirend)

•Steven Patterson
Novar, Ontario
FB?: http://i.imgur.com/TkDRN.png

•Eric Murphy
Port Sydney, Ontario

•Eric Murphy
Burksfalls, Ontario

•Gregg Wallace
30021 Haliburton
Huntsville ON

Other Websites:

Spudlk Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

whats up with e-roids.com is the site down?
Spudlk Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

whats up with the site its not working?
Eatbig Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

does anybody know what's going on with the eroids.com site? It wont work for me. It just wont load the page. By the way I am eatbig on the eroids.com site.
Hambone37 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

You guys are nutz, if they were in cahoots with pharmacon, pharmacon wouldnt have been moved down the list to 5th spot, i have personally ordered from pharmacon among others and have gotten very good products, pharmacon is over seas from the US and if u didnt get ur stuff its prob cause it got caught in customs, its the chance we take. The reviews are real as I know I am real.
Tattedguy Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

thats funny, cuz if you'd actually go to the site you'd see that napsgear and etalaze get RIPPED APART as scam sites, as well as other sites that have been uncovered and actually disbanded because of EROIDS... in fact the #1 site right now is an AMERICAN DOMESTIC site, so i guess the european gangsters are feeling generous and have decided to share the wealth (because they are notoriously good hearted people)
THIS very complaint board would seem to be the VERY THING that said "European Gangsters" would to to discredit the the site that is EXPOSING THEM! Hmmmmm...
RMH30 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

eroids VS FDA

My Message to the POLICE 7gothic +263 Fri, 2011-08-19 19:07 • 59 Replies • 353 views. This is for those of you who happen to be members of the law enforcement community...who also just happen to be members of the EROIODS community as well. I know you're out there..and I know you're reading, so pay close attention.
First off, if you're a cop and you're actually using gear...in other words a crooked cop (in other words normal), then I have no beef with you...UNLESS you kick in my door, shoot my dog, take my gear (for YOURSELF, no doubt) and then arrest me for...using gear. Then I have a big problem with you.
Ronnie Coleman is a great example... a cop, who arrests people for using/possessing steroids..when he himself buys his Test in 55 GALLON DRUMS. A real classy guy.
But my message here is directed at the OTHER types of crooked cops...mainly the DEA, who go after steroids---for NO GOOD FUCKING REASON, other than money.
I mean, I'm sure you guys must have better shit to do, but then again, maybe not. Hell, you can't seem to make a DENT in any other drug problem, so now you've decided to go after a different target. Either way, you're a miserable, epic failure. If you wanna come and take my bottle of test, WHO do you think you're protecting?? Is it the Children?? We both know the answer to that. Is it myself???..Well I got news for you, stupid fuckstick---you can't save people from themselves. And the ironic thing is, there is nothing to be saved FROM. Anybody who knows the truth KNOWS that steroids are NOT dangerous when used properly, yet you, with your puny arms--and even PUNIER brains, think you're saving the world evey time you catch someone with a little weed.
I had a source here on eroids (someone I now consider a friend), tell me recently that he gets at least 2 bogus orders a day from various agencies, including the DEA. I guess my question is WHY? STEROIDS ARE ILLEGAL BECAUSE OF THE GOOD THINGS THEY DO----NOT THE BAD. Steroid laws are enforced to target the 1% of users who are pro athletes, yet we (the othe 99%), the recreational users, are the ones who pay the price.
Steroids are here to stay...as long as there is demand, there will be steroids. That's a lesson you should have learned 50 years ago when it was determined that you couldn't even get rid of weed.

SIGN IN TO Reply to 7gothic BFG +316 41 minutes ago
Login or register to post comments apply85 the way you're acting, makes you look either a cop or a naps rep.
Not saying you are, just saying :)

KMC +36 @BFG 5 minutes ago
Login or register to post comments There is no saying he couldn't be both.

Internet Steroid Rule: #1) If the cops are holding the package, "You didn't order it"

sgtstedanko +11 2 hours ago 1
Login or register to post comments CROOKED COPS? No... Do they come any other way? :)
TGENOVESE 0 9 hours ago
Login or register to post comments So true
HG63 +5 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Here is something to think about...

Beverage companies pay huge bucks to lobbyists and donate to campaigns yet alcohol is a known killer and is still legal

Tobacco companies pay huge bucks to lobbyists and donate to campaigns yet tobacco is a known killer and is legal

Drug companies pay huge bucks to lobbyists and donate to campaigns for drugs that make them HUGE profits. Once they turn generic, there is no money and the big ones stop making them. Currently there are over 100 life saving drugs on the shortage list because drug companies stop making them because they do not make enough profit to continue (http://www.fda.gov/drugs/drugsafety/drugshortages/ucm050792.htm). I'm sure you will find some familiar names on this list.

Point is, there is no money in mass production of roids therefore the drug companies spend no money on lobbyists for getting them legal as OTC or at least as a registered user type drug.

Grass roots my brothers... grass roots.

7gothic MOD +263 @HG63 19 hours ago 2
Login or register to post comments You're absolutely right::: We need more money flowing through the illegal steroid market.



KMC +36 @7gothic 19 hours ago 1
Login or register to post comments forget the arms, ...I want another inch on my dick.

OE2000 +5 @KMC 1 hour ago
Login or register to post comments gimme 2 inches and my dick would still look like an inch worm with a turtleneck!

tread-m +29 @HG63 20 hours ago
KMC +36 @HG63 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Did you notice how repeatedly it was the same manufactures names coming up on thet list.

HG63 +5 @KMC 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments BINGO!!

apply85 -13 21 hours ago
Login or register to post comments What's with everyone on soem kind of power trip, mods shouldn't allow this shit, this website wont stay around long if people are making posts disrespecting or calling out le

7gothic MOD +263 @apply85 21 hours ago
Login or register to post comments This website was BASED on truth...which is more than I can say for the DEA, which is based on LIES and POLITICS. If you wanna be a mindless sheep, have at it. But don't expect people with balls to be that way.
I spoke the truth, and if LE feels threatened by that, then I know I've done my job.

You're not aspiring cadet, are you?
And if you wanna talk about "power trips" you don't have to look any further than Law Enforcement::::They INVENTED and PERFECTED the power trip.

Carry on sergeant.

apply85 -13 @7gothic 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Le has power, actual power. You think this community is protected because it doesn't have sponsors in the way olm has sponsors, you're wrong, these childish digs at le will result in an atmosphere that will lead to people being in hand cuffs in the long term, chill out. I like this website, there seems to be legitimacy, but the mods should get their s together and start hitting the ban button on reverse scammers like darkreign11 and make sure the right threads are in the right forums, I don't want this site go down, I like it, please tread carefully

7gothic MOD +263 @apply85 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments LE has power because pussies give it to them by cowering in fear, instead of speaking up and educating others. This site is here for education.
If you're so concerned about yeilding to law enforcement, then you should'nt be using illegal steroids. I find it ironic that you want to "respect" the police, yet have the audacity to come on here and seek the very thing that they would BURRY you for if they ever caught you.


By the way, I don't have a problem with police:::: I have a BIG problem with bullshit laws, passed by pussy politicians---strictly for political gain.
There's a lot of cops doing gear, who would agree with everything I just said. I happen to workout with one of them. He said to tell you you're a pussy.

(he said it...I didn't)

apply85 -13 @7gothic 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Who is concerned about yielding to le, not me, you're concerned though, tell me have you ever done time for selling steroids before?

7gothic MOD +263 @apply85 10 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Well, after a statement like that, it's pretty obvious your out of touch.
Greg +99 @apply85 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments This is the second post where you alluded that 7 is selling roids. What makes you think that?

hrdbdygrrrrrrl +38 @Greg 7 hours ago
Login or register to post comments It is called a straw man argument.. If I can't win then you throw shit and accusations at the other person..

KMC +36 @hrdbdygrrrrrrl 7 hours ago
Login or register to post comments He very good at it, ...then again, he works for Mr Naps.

KMC +36 @Greg 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments It just dawned on me this "apply85" is NapRep, he is real pro Naps and I just remembered he gave a lecture in the Scource Review pages about a week ago about a book called "Legal Muscle" or something like that, seemed slightly LE leaning then, but change the User Name and he doesn't need to tone it down to protect naps.

Greg +99 @apply85 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments What are you smoking? Can I have some?
tread-m +29 @apply85 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments You watch too much t.v. Why dont you go do that now...seriously dingledorf...they have "actual power", I'm not mad at you I'm sad for you. You have actual power, well not you but all of us men do. You surrendered yours and thats fine because someone who surrenders his rights deserves the chains. Just go play at the childrens table and don't be too loud or Daddy's gonna spank that ass!

hrdbdygrrrrrrl +38 @tread-m 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments hey don't forget about us women..

tread-m +29 @hrdbdygrrrrrrl 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Oh hell I don't wanna get you all up on his boney ass, I want it to be fair! lol

KMC +36 @tread-m 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments "dingledorf"

Gawd, I have heard that word in 10 years. LMAO and thank you.

tread-m +29 @KMC 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments I haven't either but ole package smacker there brought it out in me.

apply85 -13 @tread-m 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Lol, the male empowerment movement over here lol here we go... listen I submit, you submit too, only difference is you submit and talk shit when the man's back is turned, well the man's back is never turned, don't talk shit when le has reason to step on you, if you have no vices and are on the up and up, go ahead and talk shit, but our friend 7 here is not on the up and up is he, he should be fucking careful

tread-m +29 @apply85 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Brother you have to call a duck a duck and stand up for something in your life. Now I don't mean on the internet where you feel like Chuck Norris back in the day, Barney in your day, but I'm talking about stand for whats right and call hypocracy, hypocracy. Now I'm not trying to take your right of speech and what you believe away but understand, your rights end where mine begin...make sense. I'm the guy that pulled a cop over one time, I also chased a drunk driver down at high speeds on there behalf via a cell phone while they caught up. Neither myself or 7 bashed the cops, we just called an apple an apple. If you are LE and believe in personal rights and live by the rules you enforce then none of thats for you. I know you aspire to be a mall cop and it pisses you off...just don't give a little girl a lecture for dropping a corndog in the food court if you have done so yourself, get it? Now move along and go get some ice cream like a good girl.

apply85 -13 @tread-m 19 hours ago
Login or register to post comments If an astmosphere of disrespect toward le is perpetuated, this is not good for the long term prospects of eroids.com, not good, now all this shit talking like you calling me a little girl lol that's fine, this is the internet, I'm not le or a little girl, but you knew that, anyway the more things you participate in that are a part of the underground economy, the more respectful you've got to be of le. Understand this, le does not give a shit about personal use, le gives a shit about mr 7something who pays his rent with steroid money and they give more of a shit when he talks smack. I like this website, I don't like how unregulated it is at this time, I don't like the arrogance I'm seeing, it will not end good

7gothic MOD +263 @apply85 4 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Pay my rent with steroid money?? LOL
If I get my hands on gear, it's going in my ass...not to some idiot who got his ass whipped by the cheeleaders at his high school, and now is trying toeven the odds.
tread-m +29 @apply85 18 hours ago 1
Login or register to post comments Ok apply, I have know 7 quite a while and he does not pay his rent with gear sales. If you look around here we all get along very well because we are grown ups. The fact that you said what you said about 7 tells me you speak long before you do any work at all. This guy literally is in his first cycle! See how dumb you look when you come in and act the way you do? I don't know you but I can kinda see by your thoughts here that maybe you're a misfit in the real world. I sincerely hope not, I hope you're successful and respected but I kinda think that may not be the case. I saw you even making fun of someones rep number earlier, really...you're a minus one brother and I have trained 25+ years and mine is only a 20 something we just don't care. The point is voice your opinion and move on, I don't even know what your motivation is at this point. You obviously don't want a brotherhood or even a place to meet with like minded people and learn and have fun. Its not homeland security here brother, start over and come in with a new approach and enjoy your life a little...its shorter than you think. Once those Barney tapes get old it goes fast! Seriously, if you do the exact opposite of every thought that pops into your head you might make some friends and learn a little here. Again, I have trained with compounds for 25 years, that may be longer than you have been alive. I gladly help many people here every day because they need help and ask for it and yet I would not respond to your need for help. Wonder why that is? I ask a lot of people here for advice because I have been old school and I'm interested in new science, yet I would not ask you. Wonder why that is? Look, have momma change your dipey and put on a good layer of ass cream so you don't wake up with your panties in a wad again tomorrow and come back and we'll act like this never happened and see how you do...fair enough?

apply85 -13 @tread-m 18 hours ago -2
Login or register to post comments who is gonna read this fucking novel lol

hrdbdygrrrrrrl +38 @apply85 7 hours ago
Login or register to post comments I read it but I suppose that it helps that I CAN read.
Greg +99 @apply85 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments I did.
Good read Tread-m. A little slow in the middle but the ending was a smash!

tread-m +29 @Greg 18 hours ago 1
Login or register to post comments lol... a couple of the writers are union and had the week off so I had to wing it!

tread-m +29 @apply85 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments We both know you did...just think before you talk man. Its not a big deal if you don't know everything. Seriously, come with a new approach and people will forget the ignorance and come to your aid. Be final because you're right instead of right because your final for once in your life. Make some friends it feels pretty good!

apply85 -13 @tread-m 18 hours ago
Login or register to post comments I don't know what you'r eon about, this thread needs to be deleted, a smart admin needs to do some admining, good night

KMC +36 @apply85 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Well, I think "7"'s pretty much got you pegged "cadet".

I use to have a lot more repect for LE, but now a days, they seem more like a gang of thugs employed by the government. When you think about it, the tactic's of a street gang and a group of fine upstanding LEO's aren't very different.

tread-m +29 @apply85 21 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Happens to be a mod that authored it...let me guess, you're 18 and just dont understand the world you live in yet? Do less talking and more listening, that seems to be the cure for that! Maybe its just you that wont stay around long and while you're gone google the first amendment. I have a lot of friends and family that died protecting it son.

KMC +36 @tread-m 21 hours ago
Login or register to post comments I'm with you Tread, I don't peg him at being here long, he caught my attention (not that means anything), over in a Naps thread in the Off Topic section, came across as a whinney little bitch, ...to tell the truth.

apply85 -13 @KMC 20 hours ago -3
Login or register to post comments Too many downvotes. Probably not worth seeing. Sign In, to see it anyways.
Take the tren down a ml, look at how much you spam this website and only have +35 lol, don't start saying things on the internet you wouldn't say in real life, once you start you can't stop, it's a vicious cycle of delusion

KMC +36 @apply85 20 hours ago
Login or register to post comments The +35 doesn't mean shit. As for Tren, I've never seen any. As for the internet, nope this is pretty much what you get with an old gezzer.

tread-m +29 23 hours ago 1
Login or register to post comments Nice piece 7...Think about something hear, can you go a week without hearing of the negative effects of alcohol. We all know people who have alcohol problems, we all know people who have destroyed their liver and their lives and their childrens lives and extended family. You hear of drunk driver accidents all day everday, people getting killed by the hundreds around the country and I could go on forever about the detrimental effects of alcohol on society. Don't get me wrong, I think it should be legal. BUT...when is the last time you can remember hearing anything about gear being detrimental? For me it was an athlete that went apeshit a year or so ago and they blamed it on gear. Lets just say for the sake of argument it was. You have 1 negative incident a year if I'm generous in giving you 1, and alcohol can be bought a quarter mile from my house legally????? Oh that's right, its the lawmakers drug of choice, of course its legal. Again, not opposed to alcohol being legal but it solves the debate for me in that there is nothing to solve. Its a measure of control on society and if you're in the US I think you would have to agree, not what the framers had in mind. They believed that you don't have the right to protect someone from themselves as 7 mentioned and that is still a part of the framework today, we just don't adhere to it. The Government is in charge of us rather than us in charge of them as was intended. Most of those problems began in 1969 and there is a pretty interesting story proving that all of this is simply politics and control if anyone cares to read on it...comprehensive drug abuse prevention and control act of 1970. It was a simple power grab and unfortunately bulked all drugs together meaning even things that are good for you are treated as though you had a box of tar heroine in your house. The measure is still unconstitutional in many ways and until someone changes the act back to individual laws that are able to look at the use and the user individually we will continue to be outlaws while the most dangerous drug (proven by ramifications) on planet earth, alcohol, is legal. Again, they should all be legal and let me destroy or save myself at my own doing. Sorry to blow your shit up 7 but this one has been a pisser of mine for a long time...control the masses with politics. Hitler perfected the idea, I hope we never do because that shit didn't work out well for anyone!

KMC +36 @tread-m 21 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Hey Tread, I'll PM you "a link" to what a drunk did to my truck over 20 years ago.

Lets just say, life hasn't quite been the same since.
Greg +99 @tread-m 22 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Yeah! Ron Paul for President!!

tread-m +29 @Greg 22 hours ago
Login or register to post comments lol...yeah I could get on board if I could mix him with one or 2 others. Kinda scares me a little on military views. I still want my military on Juice!

7gothic MOD +263 @tread-m 22 hours ago
Login or register to post comments Nice post!!

"Bigger faster Stronger"...every time I watch it on You Tube I just shake my head in disbelief at the way this country has been destroyed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting it.

Crunch 0 23 hours ago
Login or register to post comments IMO, If its perfectly legal for women to have breast implants, then it should be legal for men to use steroids.Just another double standard.Personally, I think boob implants are more dangerous anyway.
Musclebarbie Send email
Feb 23, 2012

eroids VS FDA

They discriminate women on this site- the mod's purposely signal them out.
Todyss1234 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

world-pharma.org this site scammed me..bad ..the new up date is ..I sent him a email and he wrote back that the weather in the country was bad and he cant ship it to me..so of course i checked into the weather, , , and it had floods on oct 27 ...but he suposely sent it oct 2...he now whats to ship me something eles ..so i cant wait another month to get nothing ...Im so pissed .he has nothing that i can afford ..i would like a refund but i know now he wont do it anyways...so Im taking it as a lose ...and moving on ..I hate this site with all my heart ..I got scammed again...really DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SUCKY SITE..THEY RIP YOU OFF ...IF YOU THINK IM MAKING THIS UP EMAIL ME I WILL SEND YOU THE MESSAGES BACK AND FORTH ..im sure he will reply with some stupid comment on how he wants to send me something eles ...but he wont everyone knows it ..never been so mad in my life ..ok im done with this world-pharma.org
SteveHall75 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

This American website is pretending to be a anabolic steroids review site, when it just in fact a store front for East European organized crime online steroids scammers, namely pharmacomstore.com, napsgear.net, etalaze.net, xsteroid.com and roidsmall.net. The owner who is a fraudster and conman makes large amounts of money every month in kick backs from these gangsters . Beware of this man he is pretending to help bodybuilding newbies but he is in fact just lining his own pockets by sending unsuspecting american youth to these fraudulant online rogue pharmacies who will mostly just keep your money but sometimes if you are lucky you will recieve contaminated bacteria infected products made in dirty Moldovan underground labs-AVOID this conman website at all costs.
Justaken1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Steroids Scam Fraud Beware

I had the exact same story. I ordered 3 asiapharma items online. I received an email from the anabolicsteroidscentral.com anbolicsteroidsguide.com telling me that they had received my order and that the items would be shipped only after I sent payment. Four weeks after I sent payment I decided to contact them and ask if the items had been shipped. Nothing. After 6 others emails to customer service I never received a response.

eurobolic.com norxshop.com anabolicsteroidscentral.com anbolicsteroidsguide.com is fraudulent.

Do not order from eurobolic.com norxshop.com anabolicsteroidscentral.com anbolicsteroidsguide.com they will scam you.

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