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Consumer complaints and reviews about Everest University Online

shanware Send email
Nov 26, 2014

Financial Aid and Terms

Everest University has been giving me the run around and telling me several lies about my packaging and my money!! This has been going on since I enrolled and was told it was going to be fixed and it has not!! Im to the point now that I want to leave this school cause its full of crap! If this is not taken care of I will be contacting my lawyer!
nicomccart67 Send email
Jul 12, 2014


my name is Nicole McCarthy
I emailed my instructor through the course but I don't know if shell get it in time because the course has come to an end and if you check it says in the grade book an A online
906/1000 (90.60%) A for Research and Writing II
However, this morning July 12th in the am est time I received a grade book email do not replay of my grades for my classes only one was correct the other I named above said B. I work extremely hard and I don't know what to do since this email just came today in the morning on a Saturday and I don't know if my instructor will even see my course email while its open for a couple of days if she checks.

but your system sent me this and its not the correct grade its a 90.60 % A in Research and Writing. Please I am ill and worried I have dialysis and been in and out of hospitals and my instructor shows and gave me exactly an 906/1000 (90.60%) A not the B you see below its in the course its open right now for you to see. Please I am scared and worried.

THIS IIS WHAT THE EMAIL I JUST RECEIVED FROM THE GRADE EMAIL SAID FOR THIS COURSE and the new course starts I would think on Monday please help she put and even told me it was fine then, which was 906/1000 (90.60%) A

Legal Research & Writing II



2014 Spring 12WK CT


DR. Carolanne Rowe (is my instructors name)

Portlandia Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Everest Takes Advantage of their Employees and Students

I know first hand who the individual is that has made these claims and comments.

Their frustration with the company that initially led to their resignation, not termination, was solely based on the fact that their Management would not allow them to work a self-made personal schedule that fit the employees personal at-home needs. In further detail, the front-line employee making these claims wanted the ability to report to work on a sporadic schedule - that was outside of their Supervisor and other teammates schedule - so they can attend to personal "family issues." This was denied by Management; therefore resulted in the employee to complete an immediate resignation and send out the attached email to all employees while exiting the building. Even more in detail, the employee was given 30 days advanced notice to meet the scheduling revision, but continued to disregard or work to make resolution. The employee also sent a very vulgar and insensitive email to the higher Director of the Department on her final evening of employment.

All in all, the former-employee's statements and feelings truly does not depict the actual numbers of Everest Online's positive Employee Survey results, as well as their strong Employee Retention numbers.
Everest Online Sucks Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Everest Takes Advantage of their Employees and Students

Massimino, Jack; Quattrociocchi, Steve; Burkhalter, Keith; Abdelmalak, Amonyous A; Abel, Tammy; Abrahamson, Donna; Abrahani, Diane; Abrahani, Samir; Acedo, Sammi; Acosta, Sandra; Adams, Eva; Adams, Martin; Adams, Qiana; Adams, Scott; Adetokunbo, Evelyn; Adkins, Lisa; Adkins, Roy; Aldecoa, Robert; Aldinger, Carole; Alexander, Annette; Alfonso, Stephanie; Alimanov, Enej; Allbright, Christopher; Allen, Heather; Allen, Nicole; Alleyne, Veola; Allston, Kris; Alten, Daniel; Amansec, Andre; Anderson, Delvert; Anderson, Delvon; Anderson, Eric A; Anderson, Jacqueline; Anderson, Mark; Anderson, Shannon; Anderson, Shelly; Andrieux, Diane; Anglin, Andrew; Ankney, David; Ardis, Cynthia; Aristizabal, Mariana; Arnett, Sue; Arthur, William; Asbury, James; Askew, Lindsey; Austin-Holliday, Nicholas; Aviles, Jason; Babbitt, Cheryl; Baculi, Enrica; Bailey, Amy; Bailey, Angela; Bailey, Robert; Baines, Taneika; Ballard, Connie; Balloon, Artavius; Baniewicz, Steven; Baptiste, Claude; Barber, Leon; Barberena, Aida; Barfield, Kimberly; Bariring, Melissa; Barnes, Kimberlyn; Barnes, Marguerite; Barrow, Linda; Bates, Devin; Bates, Jason; Bauchman, Ryan; Baute, Michel; Bayle, Jennifer; Beach, Donald; Bedell, Dawn; Behrend, Robin; Beil, David; Beldner, Cynthia; Belen, Javel; Bell, Rickey; Benjamin, Brandii; Benson, Ashley; Bergmann, Brian Keith; Berkstresser, Meagan; Berman, Elizabeth; Bernardo, Raul; Berube, Samantha; Bet Younadam, Atouraya; Bethune, Danisha; Birely, Sara; Bisgard, Katharen; Bjerke, Crystal; Blair, Mark; Blair, Shakera; Blakes, Jacquee; Blank, Ryan; Blyden, Damielle; Bodon, Andre; Boggio, Vance; Boggs, Samantha; Bolt, Joanna; Bonelli, Jovan; Bonner, Misty; Booker, Christopher; Borowiak, Michelle; Bouarfa, Hajar; Bourdos, Jeannie; Boutieller, William; Bowen, Dustin; Bowers, Asia; Bowers, Suzanne; Bowes, Christopher; Bowes, Sarah; Boyce, Diana; Boyer, Anastasia; Braddy, Natalie; Brady, Katrina; Brennen, Diana; Brisson, Benson; Broaddus, Melissa; Brooks, Jennette; Brown, Alan; Brown, Keaton; Brown, Keshia; Brown, Pnina; Brown, Rodney; Brown, Stephanie; Brunstorff, Antaeus; Bryant, Denora; Bubel, Paul; Buchanan, Sarah; Bunkhorn, Vatcharee; Bunting, Terri; Burdette, Stuart; Burinski, Michael; Burkhalter, Keith; Burnett, Adrian; Burnett, Luther; Burney, Franchestea; Burse-Brown, Charna; Bushnell, Marcia; Butler, Edith; Cabaniss, Monica; Cabbell, Jacklyn; Cabrera, Steven; Cahoy, Patrick; Calahan, Leonard; Calderon, Felipe; Calderon, Ilene; Calderon, Rosa; Calhoun, Bill (FMU Online); Calhoun, Johanna; Callum, Latoya; Camacho, Jose; Cameron, Neisha; Campa, Christopher; Campbell, Aisha; Campbell, Bryan; Campbell, Jason; Caneda, Lailani; Cannon, Joshua; Cano, Fernando; Cantu, Elvia; Cao, Ly; Cardenas, Luis; Cardenas, Rebecca; Cardew, Steven; Cardona, Jeancarlos; Carlton, John; Carman, Donovan; Carpenter III, Walter Lane; Carpenter, Scot; Carr, Deborah; Carreras, Brianna; Carter, Kennetha; Case, Jessica; Cason, Dorothy; Cassidy, Joanna; Castellano, Courtney; Catlett, Allix; CCi Merchandise-Online Division; Chafin, Tara; Chaiz, Jahara; Chamoun, Ashor; Chandler, Keith; Chani, Josephine; Chani, Kurumbidza; Chapin, Valarie; Charbonier, Ginnoris; Chase, Jennifer; Chaves, Michael; Chavez, Geraldine; Cheese, Letida; Cheung, Calvin; Chisolm, Terrance; Ciesla, Karolina; Cimino, Agnes; Clark, Rita; Clarke, Julene; Clarkson, Eriq; Cobb, Christine; Coleman, Seayette; Colina, Camilo; Coliny, Otis; Collingwood, Ann; Collins, Christopher; Comer, Bruce; Comer, William; Comstock, Lisa; Cone, Dana; Connley, Athena; Coon, Crystal; Coonce Jr, Reginald; Cooper, Lauren; Copeland, Artez; Corona, Ryan; Corrozi, Steve; Cortez-Figueroa, Olivia; Cosmay, Wislynn; Coulanges, Nerli; Courtney, Brandy; Cowan, Suzette; Cox, Monica; Craig, Janelle; Crawford, Curtis; Crawford, Todd; Crespo, Jose; Crew, Rosemary; Critzer, Cody; Cruz-Murgas, Lynne; Cuebas, Alma; Cummings, Michael; Curtis, Joseph; Curtis, Shanice; Cyrus, Joseph; Damey, Annette; Davila, Alison Tracy; Davis, Ciera; Davis, Ian; Davis, Jack; Davis, Jessica; Davis, Lawrence; Davis, Mareka; Davis, Phillip; Davis, Robin; Davis, Sonya; De La Torre, Lisa; Dearing, Anne; Dees, Elizabeth; DeGourville, CathyAnn; DeGuzman, Chris; Del Valle, Michael; Denis, Christine; DePrimo, Janet; Deuby, Melanie; Devor, Brian; Dewar, Robert; Diaz, Lynette; Diaz, Roseanne; Dimanche, Carrie; Dittmann, Kathryn; Dixon, Renita; Doby, Janice; Dominguez, Aneesah; Dooling, Candice; Dorris, Matthew; Dunahee, Ryan; Duncan, Chris; Duperval, Cherline; Dzambazi, Sevdalije; Easmon, Rick; Easy-Mason, Nichola; Eckhardt, Joshua; Edmond, Steven; Edwards, Roy; Edwards, Teresa; Emanuel, Hela; Estes, Nicholas; Ettyem, Manar; Evans, Christopher; Evans, Diana; Evans, Katrina; Farrell, Barbara; Felicidario, Reinhild; Felix, Letty; Feller, Katherine; Felton, Regina; Ferdinand, Jenny; Fernandes, Yvonne; Field, Amy; Fields, Karen; Fish, Mary; Fisher, Maryln; Fitzpatrick, Eddie; Fleming, Carlton; Flores, Casey; Flowerdew, Michelle; Flowers, Laretha; Fluty, Nellie; Forehand, Calvin; Forkell, Sara; Fothergill, Kirsten; Freeney, Terell; Frey, Eric; Frost, Genoa; Furlow, Patrick; Fury, Marie; Gadson, Katharis; Gadson, Shanika; Gaede, Michelle; Gaines, Dante; Galindo, Armando; Gambrell, Kendra; Gandolfo, Julissa; Garcia, Enrique; Garcia, John S; Garcia, Mirna; Garcon, Dafinie; Garcon, Maxwell; Gaz, Sara; George, Vincent; Gerken, Mitch; Ghent, Courtney; Gierhart, Heather; Gilder, Amber Kalani; Giles, Austin; Gillylan, Anthony; Goclowski, Tanya; Godfrey, Cheryl; Goldsmith, Lacey; Gonzales, Maureen; Gonzalez, Desiree; Gonzalez, Domingo; Gordon, Ronald; Gore, Katherine; Govender, Belinda; Gowiski, Raquel; Gracia, Charles; Greeley-Hessefort, Heather; Green, Justin; Green, Veronica; Greenawalt, Dan; Greene, Julie; Grevalsky, David; Griffin, Angelia; Guadalupe, Sara; Guevara, Maximo; Gupta, Sunil; Haaker, Stacey; Hadley, James; Hall, Levian; Hallam, Keith; Halpain, Andrew; Hamilton, James; Hamm, Karl; Hammond, Thomas; Hang, Ching; Hanoosh, Marvin; Hans, Vanessa; Hargrett, Jessica; Harris, Alvin; Harris, Randy; 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I’ve been working for this school for almost five years and I no longer have the energy to waste fighting for a useless cause. I care about the quality of the company and the work I do, but I feel my hands are bound. I talk to many people at this company and I know many of my peers feel the same way.
From the beginning of my employment, I have been witness to a myriad of problems, issues, inconsistencies and disorganization. I have diligently tried to be a part of the solution by communicating with management, providing examples and suggesting alternative methodology, but to no avail. Of course, this company has made its lion’s share in changes, but it is the rare case when one actually results in progress. Is this the price that is paid when politics win over logic?
Our management is oversized and incompetent in a multitude of ways. There are many who have no experience in Education and are not properly trained. This results in a mistake-saturated process of “learn as you go” in which then groups of employees suffer or are misguided, compounding the effect tenfold. We have managers who may have experience, but are sorely lacking in the basic qualifications needed for good leadership. A true leader should be able to effectively communicate, sincerely listen, welcome new ideas/suggestions and should be present. Self-serving, insecure, arrogant and/or immature individuals do not make good leaders, nor do the “glorified rep” managers who only end up being corporate tools.
The training and tools employees are given are poor at best. For example, the training I’ve received over multiple positions and the years has never been adequate or thorough. Most of my training has been generalized, ambiguous, and underdeveloped. I use programs I’ve never had training on, and for CampusVue I wasted a week learning how to process financial aid even though I am in Student Accounts and do not process financial aid (I think the actual Student Accounts ‘training’ lasted about 30 minutes). In most of the positions I’ve held, I’ve had to rely heavily on IFAP regulations. I recall years ago when I first started I was stationed at a computer for a week to go through an IFAP module, but I have yet to receive training or even a reference that actually interprets these regulations along with school policy in a applicable manner. I can take a handful of my peers and ask them about a policy or procedure, and I will get a handful of answers. Despite my efforts to communicate to management over the years how desperately a fundamental training is needed, I am replied to with a “duly noted” but the issue is never addressed. Generally, what employees are left with are undefined processes and procedures, policies that are not enforced or implemented in a consistent manner, and a lack of confidence that they are doing their jobs correctly. There is a gross lack of communication between departments, and between corporate and campus. The result is a failed attempt at cross-functionality in which the left hand never understands what it or the right is doing.
Overall we have a company which had a real opportunity for innovation but has instead resigned itself to the trappings of a typical corporation – one that shouts from the top of the mountain its dedication to its employees and customers, but whose every move reeks of the bottom line. A company whose decisions are made by people far removed and out of touch from the reality of events in the trenches. Rather this company environment seems geared toward management/stockholder bonuses and compensation, while the majority are given poor tools and training, questionable management, unrealistic goals, infrequent rewards and unfair compensation.
There is a greater shame in all of this beyond the obvious. I have talked to so many of my peers who are frustrated, stressed and unhappy; yet so many of them give so much of themselves to this company anyway. These are people who are in those trenches everyday who have a real insight into what works and what doesn’t. They should be consulted, listened to eagerly, appreciated fully and highly regarded in every move this company makes. My wish for all of them is that one day this is realized and acted upon, replacing the stream of empty promises and lip service. They deserve better. “Do the Right Thing” this company bellows…well, lead by example I bellow back.
I may not be the most eloquent writer, but I hope my points have been made. Do not kid yourselves into thinking that I am one disgruntled employee or that the issues reside in my department only – it is only the tip of the iceberg. When you review your employee survey, do not insult your employees by acting like a raise from 25% satisfaction to 27% is a real accomplishment, but instead address the reality that ONLY 27% are satisfied.
With the utmost concern for my well-being and sanity, I bid you all adieu and good luck, with sincere wishes that you are able to retain yours.
Y Boydidthatshit Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Everest Takes Advantage of their Employees and Students

all i kno is tammy sullavan and heather vasques are supa sexy.

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