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Consumer complaints and reviews about FGUA

Paigelle Send email
Apr 27, 2016

Overcharging for water

I live in a 700 sq ft apartment at Park at Ashley. I do not have a washer / dryer. It's my dog, boyfriend and myself. 1b1b. My electric bill is a mere $30 a month BUT my water bill is over $78 every month. Last month claimed I used 3200 gallons of water. How??? It's ridiculous!
I have had Maintence check no leak and even FGUA came out and said I didn't have a leak. Still, I continuously pay for over priced water and when you do try to complain, they don't want to hear it. I took my last 3 bills to the office where I live and she explained to me that the ENTIRE apartment complex is being wrongly charged, they even went to town hall to try and fight for us to get Pasco ulitilities (I live in new port richey). I signed a year lease and now feel stuck in a sticky situation. You are ripping off hard working people!!
madelay Send email
Feb 18, 2016

terrible bills

When our H2O supplier was MadHatter, our bill was ~$60-65/mo. FGUA takes over & we pay $120/mo. Everybody in my neighborhood went up similarly. fgua claims that madhat was undercharging & that was why they never improved the system. Not sure if FGUA has improved anything, but the doubling our water bill still irks me every month. When FGUA took over, they warned us in writing that bills could go up ~25%. That is FAR from the 100% it actually went up.
nomoreflorida4me Send email
Aug 4, 2015

Still Overbilling

Well it appears that here we are in August of 2015 and FGUA is still playing dirty with other peoples money. I have been overcharged by them when I bought my house in August of 2014. I was told I used 4000 gallons of water. How funny coming from a person who uses 30 gallons a day. Of course, they had every excuse in the book to justify it although the bucket test showed no leaks. So where did all this water ( enough to fill a swimming pool) run off to? Now, who takes pictures of their meter reading when they move into a place? Probably no one, but this is what one has to do when dealing with FGUA so you have your proof. Otherwise they will fake bill you and perhaps they do this when the meter readers come by. Somehow they are able to get their meters to read high readings by either tripping them to roll forward quickly or remotely activating them. They are downright sneaky with their business practices and should be shut down.
Now less than one year later, I sell the house and I am having to fight to get my deposit back because in typical FGUA greed to the max fashion, they have trumped up additional charges to bill me for so the refund will be smaller. I closed the sale of my house on July 1, 2015 and now I am billed for service charges from 6/22/15 to 7/16/15. No usage, just charges and for 16 days of it I did not even legally own the property. Their PR people lie as if it was no big deal. Whatever story they can trump up to make them credible is what flies with them. FGUA tries to justify its policy of being morally and ethically bankrupt and having absolutely zero conscious awareness of anything outside of its own sphere of greed and corruption with every excuse in the book. It seems dishonesty is the norm there. And if you contact their board of directors, the corruption continues and goes unchecked. You get nowhere with them either and they do not return phone calls. They have to satisfy those shareholders at all cost, even if it means ripping off the public through bogus charges, lies and corruption.
ken buzz Send email
Jun 9, 2015

over billing

I live in a very small place. My water bill was @ 64.00 a month. I activated my sprinkler system 3 months ago and my bill went from 64.00 to @ 95.00. Still way to much for a place that's only 14x36. I just received a bill for 777.65 last month and had the meter re-read from FGUA. They said I have no leaks and that the meter reading was correct. Now they pulled to meter to make sure that its working correctly. I went to their office at the villages here in Florida and the asked for the supervisor however they were on a conference call. HMMMMMMMMMMM. The clerk whos name is Kelly told me that I might have a small leak. Im sorry not 54000 gallons worth. I have no leaks @ my very small place and I think this company is a rip off. I have seen many complaints for FGAU. I DONT KNOW HOW THEY CAN KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH THIS. They are not a member of the BBB They would probably be shut down if they knew how much they are ripping people off.
rgc2257 Send email
May 12, 2015

Over billing

On Nov. 30,2013 we contacted FGUA that we were moving out of our rented home and to end service. I paid our bill in full over the phone.
Nothing else was said and on 11/30/2013 we moved. This has been confirmed by our (then) landlord as well as our present landlord stating
when we moved in to our new apt. I have recently pulled my credit report and see FGUA is saying I owe over $ 371.00. After contacting FGUA
about this they state they where not told we were moving or to disconnect service. They are wanting to charge me for the months the house was
This Company is doing nothing but ripping people off. I guess it's time to go to the media and to also file a lawsuit. It's time to expose these crooks
for what they are.
joepa1958 Send email
Jun 7, 2014

Grease or oil in water

I was just wondering if anyone else has or had a problem with spots of oil stains on their clothes from the water ran through wash machines.Have a ring of oil around my wash machine after spin cycle. Now some of my wife's clothes and mine are ruined. At first I thought it was something in my clothes but could not find anything. Then I saw the same ring and scent around my toilet bowl. I am starting to think that maybe FGUA had done a repair in the service line and dropped a tool or something in the line. Has anyone else had same problem?
James D. Chamberlain Send email
Jan 29, 2014

Consumer Rights Violation

Recently, I received a water bill for $400.00. Admittedly it is cumulative, yet my monthly bill is over $200.00. That is a huge increase from $67.00 per month. They have told me that my metered usage has gone up, but when I inquired of my housing complex (The Park At Ashley Place), they stated that someone in the same building had 16,000 worth of usage, but they identified an underground broken pipe. That said, management asked for my bill, which I let them hold to review, then some woman let herself into my apartment on a day and time when I would have been at work, were it not for a meeting I needed to attend. Now FGUA sent out a repair crew - although they denied it when speaking on the phone - to repair the broken pipe. I showed them the repair order from my manager repairing a leak on my premises and they said they will credit me $76.00 of the $400.00 bill. Something is wrong and I am ready to fight!

James Chamberlain
pezpiyo Send email
Apr 19, 2013

fgua overbilling

Now is not just overbill.....also they charge 150.00 dollars reconection fee. This company is the worst and rise the charges any time they wanna do it. ? How can we fight this power abuse.
Bulos Qoqish Send email
Nov 26, 2012

FGUA Ridiculous Overbilling

We have a small residential house in Lehigh Acres, which was occupied only for one week this month (November 2012)... yet FGUA is demanding a payment of (net) almost $1,000.00 for the use of 100,000 gallons of water... every time that we call them and try to explain, "we couldn't possibly have used that much water, it would have been enough to float the Titanic", they just fall back on their lame, self-serving excuse of "we just rely on the meter, sir, we have no idea where the water went, but it's your responsibility to pay our bill, no matter what". I have never encountered such an obstinate and unfriendly utility anywhere else in North America. It is just ridiculous that they get away with this kind of rip-off. Does anybody else have this problem, and is there anything that we can do about it?

A Frustrated Owner

Peters Send email
Sep 28, 2012


I am getting in contact with a lawyer about the possibiity of putting together a class action lawsuit. They have charged me $300 in a month for which I have never paid over $80. I have a group of friends that live in HOA that are also putting together something to go against this company for price gouging!!! When I called them to find out what was the deal for this huge increase...they told me that I had a leak? REALLY!?!?!?!? Apparently everyone has a leak because their water bill has also tripled in the same month!!! I will not sit and let these people take food from my childrens mouth because they are in business to screw people over and steal from EVERYONE !! If anyone wants to get together to get this started..Im all in ! I have already reached out to a lawyer to see what my options are and will be following up with his office come Monday. My contact is :

M.J.L. Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Jak G Send email
Feb 23, 2012


NPR 34652 Rental property Tenants moves. June of 11 ~~
FGUA takes over and bills owner for connection fee !
Vacant house water shut off for safety on outside
October ~ November bill 53K gallons .
FGUA conducts a 5 gallon pail test .
Owner requests a new meter . FGUA conducts a 100 gallon test .
No meter change and now facing a disconnect .
Owner still trying to resolve the issue . Any advise will help . Facing a $650 bill
Still believe error in meter can happen in multi K increments
Kennyhendrick2 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Please contact us with any knowledge of a class-action suit against FGUA for billing issues.



Fgua "purchased" the water monopolies (Lindrick and Aloha that we know of). Their first bill to our computer store was for 16000 gallons of water (we don't drink that much coffee).

Numerous calls and weeks later we get a call from a representative of FGUA that stated there were numerous billing issues in their office and after apologizing for the overage in our consumption/billing he assured me that they would take the next three bills (half a year in the future) and from that would average the bill we overpaid for and then allocate the overage to the bill following the next three bills (we're billed every two months and typically it's 12-15 dollars). I suggested he take our last 6 months bills and average them instead (seems more logical, yet perhaps less profitable for the profiteer monopoly).

In any event, FGUA's claim is that the prior company did not keep proper records (we offered ours, simple right?).

In short, this is nothing more than a numbers game and here's how it's played: XCorporation overbills millions of people KNOWING FULL AND WELL that only a percentage of them will notice or if they notice even fewer will have time to address the phone tag buffer. So that translates in millions to allocate toward the few thousand they might have to pay when drawn to court.

Needless to say, we prefer real patriotism here and capitalism never really sat right with me anyway (ESPECIALLY since the monopoly board holds so few players) so if anybody else out there is interested please contact us by stopping by or calling. We will be sending flyers out to our neighbors in the immediate community here hoping that there's a provable pattern (and I think there just might be) of overbilling.

5006 Shamrock Dr.
New Port Richey, FL
(727) 277-8006
Kennyhendrick2 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Sorry...I forgot all about this post.

Yes, we eliminated the water company (but their bill lingers on...even though we get no service and no product).

Hmmm...at least with the "mafia" we got something in return for our money~!

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