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Florida Department of Children and Families - Food Stamp program

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Florida Department of Children and Families - Food Stamp program

jey Send email
Apr 22, 2016

EBT gone, can't prove I work odd jobs :'(

I help take care of my elderly mother, she's 85, and has Alzheimer's, so I can't really keep a steady job, instead I take side jobs, anything I can do, and I get paid in cash, not much, but it helps make ends meet. I'm also in methadone maintenance partially for pain, partially to keep me away from pain pills, which were destroying my health. Since I can't PROVE that I do these odd jobs, and can barely even stay alive WITH food assistance, I have no idea who I'm going to survive now :'( Thanks for making life even more miserable...I honestly wish I could just give up, this along with all the rest of the SHIT in my life, makes me wonder why I even bother. I don't know what to do, and I can't even get in touch with anyone that can help me!!!!!!

NOBODY CARES. I already knew this, what's the point in even trying? these people do not care if I starve, they are so impatient, and rude on the phone that it's intimidating, and just make everything so much worse ><
Doruni Send email
Apr 19, 2016

Loss of benefits due to replenishment dates

Calling them does nothing. They are reading from a script and repeat the same thing over and over. Contact local news and a lawyer. Keep the calls and complaints going. There was nothing in that letter about a lapse in benefits. They know exactly what they did. They just can't be that stupid
Fizbnn Send email
Apr 18, 2016

Lost benefits

I lost my benefits because I didn't report for a work program, a program I was never informed about and knew nothing about until today. DCF calls it a penalty, the whole month of April w/o food. I called and found out they want me to work 80 hours a month for $170 in food benefits, or at a slave wage of $2.05 per hour. I'm disabled, was denied SSI because I hadn't worked long enough to generate the minimum work credits even though my medical condition was recognized as disabling. I wasn't working because I'm disabled! Hello???!!! What am I supposed to do now? Starve or move to democratic state? No money to move, so pack a backpack and hitchhike North to become homeless in a strange new place, just so I can eat? You might as well just kill me now and get it over with.
Saintly Send email
Apr 17, 2016

Florida Department of Children and Families - Food Stamp program

Date changes in Snap issuance cost me two weeks of benefits. I called and Representative was said no, I didn't lose anything. I said, yes, I did, as sure as if they were stolen. In fact, since there's no way to ever recover them, the benefits were, in effect, stolen.

No, she said and besides Florida had nothing to do with it, because it was the federal government. Who in the federal government? The FDA she said. The FDA? Yes, the FDA, she said. With this, it became clear that there was no point in walking her through the dates or walking her through arithmetic. I received benefits on the fifteenth of the months - but not in April. Now, in April no benefits till the 28th. Two weeks will go by with no new benefits; I'll have about $10 for those two weeks.

So I agree with Burimi, except about the cause. Most of the people in FL government may not be able to do the math, but some can. So Florida is simply stealing millions of dollars from Snap program clients.
Doruni Send email
Apr 15, 2016

Lost benefits due to replenishment dates

I too have lost two weeks worth of benefits because of their date changes. Argued for an hour with someone that insisted I didn't lose anything. I am very careful with my ebt usage and know exactly what it buys. I'm not sure if this was the States way to save millions of dollars or just the state showing its ignorance at doing simple math. Call the governor's office and voice a complaint. I need to feed my son for the next two weeks
Fedaykin Send email
Apr 12, 2016

Food stamps: they punish you if you ask for assistance

I am 42 out of work for 4 years, I have psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis over 40% of my body. In extreme pain a lot :(, I finally am receiving medical care with volunteers in medicine, but the treatment they giving me doesn't really work and because it is free I have to wait months for appointments. I only receive $1100 a year for income and am getting help from my plutonic roommate with phone and rent, plus car insurance. She can not afford to feed me though so I have to somehow find food money. I applied to the food assistance program sent them my income info, plus did their B.S. online course thing. Did it on a pad could not drag over some answers and got easy questions wrong!! Circa 1992 software their. I received one months food stamps, then received a letter saying next month is denied because I did not send my income info, which I faxed, now I just received another letter of denial saying I did not do my work requirement. I never received any correspondence from dcf besides my denial letters lol. After all this I would rather loose my self-respect and beg on the street for food money. Thank you Florida state government for your compassion and understanding, I hope you all burn in hell.
Disgusted Florida citizen
Bigdadd7877 Send email
Mar 30, 2016

Income info unclear

My wife and I reapply recently she makes $1095 every 2 weeks I am a stay at home dad and watch our 2 kids and I make about $80 per week. So after sending the our pay stubs recently we lost all benefits.
I went to check and see why and it appears as if they entered my wife's monthly income when it asks for her average pay check. Now if the screen is asking for your average paycheck and you get paid biweekly how can you monthly income be entered there. If that's the case we need to do all pay info as monthly but that's not what the screen asks for.
Then for me it shows now that I make 4660 per week cause I get paid per week but only $80. So how did that become so much.
Now I had to reapply and who knows when this will get done.
Also I uploaded all documents requested, the websites said processing then my uploads disappeared... twice.
Eventually I had to fax it but then they entered the wrong information.
Should I just enter monthly income because that's what the do... Should I put down that I get paid monthly instead of weekly...
And also for my wife as well.
svaughn Send email
Mar 28, 2016

SNAP Date Change

I am a single mother of 3 young boys. I usually receive $649/month in SNAP benefits for food. According to a notice I received in the mail the date that I was going to be receiving our benefits was going to change from the 13th of the month to the 23rd of the month in March of 2016. In order for this to be achieved I would receive a partial benefit on March 13th in the amount of $325 and then my benefits would begin on the new schedule on March 23rd. With 3 growing boys (ages 11,10 and 9 yrs old) I always run out of benefits before the month is over and my child support is only $450 so that is of no help at all. On March 13th I received the $325 as expected. Thing is I always get the bulk of my groceries at the beginning of the month but I had to hold off. We still ran out of food money before the 23rd of the month. Once the 23rd came I called to check the balance and was shocked to find out that I only received $324 not the expected $649!!! I was confused. I thought there must have been a mistake. So I checked to see when the next deposit would be and it said it would not be until April 23rd!!!!! WHAT!! I only had $324 in food money to spend to feed 4 people for a month! So I call them.
The person on the phone treated me like an idiot. She said ma'am, you received a partial payment of your March benefits on the 13th and the remainder on the 23rd. I tried to make her understand that my next payment was not due until the 23rd of April so I should have been given the entire $649 and that it was impossible for me to make $324 last until April 23rd. I told her I already spent $120 just to get some necessities and that my boys go through at least a gallon of milk every 2 days. And with spring break less than a week a way it was gonna cost me even more in food for the week. She told me to get a calculator. She told me to add $325 plus $324 and asked me what did I get. I told her I got $649 of course (Duh!). I explained it again slowly to her and finally she understood what I was trying to say. She said she understood and felt really sorry about what I have to go through but there is nothing she could do. That is how they decided to do it when they changed the distribution dates.
All I could think of is how much money the government is saving by doing this. By giving only half of the SNAP benefits to each family for the month will save them hundreds of thousands if not more. And at the same time others that don't have dependents may be losing theirs if they do not meet the new requirements. That means more people are going to be relying on food banks/pantries so there will be more food shortages. As for me, with so little child support I cannot afford much gas so I cannot be driving all over the place to go to different food pantries. I am just worried about my kids. They should not have to suffer because the government wants to make some money.
lb79 Send email
Mar 14, 2016

snap date change

Im only now learning that the my family is not included in the transition. The letter we received left out the fact that since our case renewed in February, we get to wait until the new date before our snap benefits are available. This was only disclosed in a FAQ on the Access Florida website, not in the notice sent to us. I wouldn't mind getting the benefit amount split like everyone reportedly wilk have to deal with. Instead, my family gets skipped over and we must wait until the 24th (I was expecting to be able to purchase some food tiday, the 13th, which is my usual date.) It would have been nice to at least know so we could plan on going two weeks without food assistance. We barely get enough to pay for two weeks of food as it is, and I just spent 120 last week on basic food. We make sure our son gets what he needs before we eat but now I'm expecting another child and I do need to eat too. These people have no idea what it is like to make such tough decisions, being disabled abd struggling to provide basic food. This feels like a hidden benefit cut, a sneaky way of taking away hakf a month of food assistance from those who rely on it to survive.
Rocker20 Send email
Mar 7, 2016

Did not get my foodstamps

I got 211 last month Feb I was only so post to get 60$ this month March it's split in two payments they made I mistake and gave me 211 last month I did not know it was mistake till I read the letter now I'm only so post to get 144 starting this month I resplayed for them wheres my stamps
ByeDCF Send email
Feb 6, 2016

It's About Accountability

This is a long post. I am aware. I do not need anyone to point it out to me in an insulting comment. I just want to respectfully offer a perspective from both sides of the argument. Of course no one is obligated to read it.

DCF is a broken system. This is established, and yes it is the government's fault (mostly). The government has enlisted a poverty trap while simultaneously constituting attitudes of entitlement and greed within our nation's youth: a recipe for economic disaster. For far too long, they have made it too comfortable to live on welfare and are now fighting off the monster they have created. I am a 36 year old wife and mother who has always worked hard at a minimum of 1 job at a time to feed my family without any government assistance or a college education. Additionally, 8 of those years were spent as a single mother. So it can happen people. However, we relocated to Florida from another state last year specifically for my husband's job, and I was able to stay home and pursue my Psychology degree. Within 3 months of us being here, he lost his job due to budget cuts. He was a contractor, therefore did not qualify for unemployment. Needless to say, we had to turn to DCF for help. It has been a nightmare jumping through hoops for them. They have treated me like a second class citizen at almost every contact. It is always something!! My youngest child has severe asthma and allergies and lost her medicaid for 2 months due to a clerical error on their part, and it was only reinstated after I contacted my State Representative. That is just one example. However, I do not blame the DCF staff. I blame those who do abuse (and there are a lot) the system, (which are likely the majority of the people they get verbally attacked by daily) and I blame the government for being a catalyst for it. There are plenty like myself who have put a lot more into the funding than taken from it, so I will never make assumptions about someone I see swiping an EBT card at the grocery store. I am one of them. I am happy to say, though, that this is the last month that we will be relying on public assistance. After a year of us both searching for stable, lucrative employment, my husband has finally landed at a great company with great benefits and great pay. It took a lot of perserverance, but we made it and, as grateful as I have been for the help, it feels so good to be free of DCF. If every able-bodied recipient would strive to work their way out of it partnered with the government's aid getting them out of it rather than trapping them into it, I feel that everyone would have more of an appreciation for the (temporary) help, and those on the outside would have more compassion and understanding. As of right now, it is the "moochers" (referenced from another post) that are making it so difficult for those that the system was designed for, not DCF, but complaining on a public forum isn't going to make a difference. It is up to our government at every level to change their mind set. Many of them have never been explained to that filling out paperwork for welfare every few months isn't earning a living.
barbiedoll1 Send email
Feb 2, 2016

food stamps cancelled

My food stamps have also been cut by over 1/2 this year! Now they were cancelled due to" non- recertification". They never sent me any notices and I was rudely told that I responsible to check when it was due. Ok fine BUT, my 90 year old mother is on my application and -- her stamps are sill active but reduced to $78.00 a month!!! I guess they do not want old folks to eat much. Trying online to re-certify has proved impossible as no form is available to me with the explanation that I am eligible and no further "actions" are necessary. What are they thinking, without beneficiaries like us, the useless employees would be the first in line to receive government help for themselves.
MariahGreer Send email
Jan 20, 2016

Need to report rude DCF Representative

Ever since this new law change that took effect on Jan. 1st 2016, to where you are being force to go volunteer for 80 hours a month in like a goodwill, I have been calling and they keep telling me I need to call Career Source and Career Source says its not their problem I need to call DCF.... At this point Im fed up 3 weeks later. After waiting 45 minute wait time, Once again trying to call DCF, I tried to be as nice as possible even though I was severely frustrated. So I had a confrontation on the phone the a DCF Representative. She had me on hold and I answered a question to a friend of mine who was asking me about my options (Keeping in mind I was put on hold by the representative, so I had no idea she was ease dropping on my personal convo) He asked me about other Options, in which I replied I'm a single white female I don't have any other options.. The representative came back on the line and started calling me a racist. I tried to explain to her I was answering a friends question and I wasn't talking to her, that I thought I was on hold.. She repeatedly called me a racist then told me to be quiet. So I asked to please speak to her supervisor ... I asked several times and she kept saying no, that the call was being recorded. I replied good then they can pull the call, let me talk to your supervisor. She flat out told me she would not transfer me and hung up on me. Afterwards I got a survey that came on the phone line which I gave a completely bad review.

I called back waited for another 30 mins, and that woman told me she had no clue what call center the other rep was apart of. And she wouldn't be able to help me locate her supervisor. That she put in the comments that I was complaining about another rep. Now she did help me solve my issue that I've been calling for, but I would still like to report the original rep. Does anyone know how I would go about this?

I did customer service for years, one of the first things they teach you is no matter how rude or hateful the person is on the line you never get rude back or call them a name. If she was offended there where better responses and ways to deal with it. Especially when I tried to explain I was answering someone else's question, it should of been left at that. I want to make sure this does not happen to me or someone else. Any positive advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated :)
MARIBEL Send email
Jan 5, 2016


cancersucks Send email
Dec 15, 2015

Florida DCF corruption

I applied for medicaid and snap after being diagnosed with cancer which I was eligible for food stamps and share of cost. I work seven days a week and take care of my disabled daughter that is autistic. She doesn't receive any benefits from the government. I also have 3 sons that I take care of. I never used the share of cost for my surgery because UF Shands took care of it. I used the share of cost for a hospital visit in The Villages hospital and shortly after that they cut off my medical and now I can no longer receive my ct scans to see if my cancer is back. I reapplied and needed to send dcf proof of income and a letter of proof of loans and /or gifts. I always upload documents via access florida with no problems, however this time I was unable to due to an error with the files, so I tried to fax the documents several times and they failed to send. I call dcf and I was told the lines are too busy and to keep trying.(never happened). I then did a little digging on the internet for another fax number and I found one from a letter they had sent me. That number worked and they received my docs. I called dcf and I was told they have the documents and my case worker will be working on my case and I should receive benefits right a way.
That was dec 1st 2015. I was officially denied benefits on Dec 22, 2015. reason being that they did not receive my docs. Now I will have to get on the phone with them and see whats going on. If they do not help me I will be making a complaint to the state because I know dcf doesn't care if I die from cancer but I DO and so does my family. I believe in taking care of your own, but unfortunately I have cancer and it's terrifying to know that this state of Florida has no help. My other choice is obamacare, however it would cost me over $500 a month. I tried to pay it but couldn't afford it so that coverage was cancelled.
Lordknows Send email
Nov 12, 2015

Super rude man

Dcf employee was super rude and racist (305) 528-4558
that's his line very rude to Hispanic people
Momwhocares Send email
Oct 15, 2015

Reduction in EBT, reduction in all aid, it's the 15th and still no food!

My adult son lives independently with some help from caregivers (he is a quadriplegic). In June his EBT was reduced to what amounts to $1.10 a meal. His medical expenses, rent, coats, etc., all increased last year, they just tell him this number is what the system generates.

He usually has to ask for help from family around the 20th for food. It's now the 15th and no EBT funds are available, his account says funds were applied on the 12th but they were not.

There is no way to reach anyone. He cannot get out of the house, he is borrowing money he cannot ever possibly pay back from people who have very little to give.

This is a bad system that needs to be fixed, I'm terrified of what will happen to him when I'm gone.
review Send email
Mar 29, 2015

Florida department of children and family

My FLDCF review was done on NOV, 2014. I receive payments that are tax exempt also considered an asset (Internal Revenue Code §104(a)(2) and §130(c), but FLDCF and CT have always considered it unearned income (I’ve argued this several time because considering this money as income deprives me from many benefit that others with earn and unearned income would otherwise get since I can’t report to IRS for tax and credits, FLDCF/CT still claim the asset as income). By the way the tax exempt money comes from a physical disability on my arm that family and children department has not taken into consideration when I have included it on my application with them. FLDCF and SS department tells me I have to get proof; I tell them the money they count as income; they say need updated doctor document which I have not been able to get because I have no insurance and share of cost won’t do, so I will have to pay out of pocket. I thought these departments where to help/assist people…
I’ve had many issues with the department of family and children such as them adding other income like me receiving social security when I’ve never received SS; FLDCF could not explain how and who added SS as my income (At this point I’m thinking maybe I should also get SS. I will state of my 3 latest issues which conflict with each other (sorry for making this long).
On my 11/14 review I reported self-employed income working from home for the first time in years (I have not been able to work much due to health issues). Medicaid send my info to Market place because what they count as income does not qualify me for insurance through them; Market place send my info back to Medicaid because the only money being reported at that time did not qualify as income and their for cannot report to IRS for Obama Care Credit. This went on for a while until finally they got the option to put if you were denied Medicaid (Florida being one of the states that did not Expand) which qualified me for an exemption from the Obama Care penalty. I went through the market place process again when asked for last year’s income, I had none so they said to estimate 2015 income which I believe I stated about $10000 to 12000 a year or about $500 to 800 month (I was doing less due to not being able to work from eye and vocal issues but know I will eventually do more), so I still did not qualify for Obama care credit and market place sent info back to Medicaid. Know Medicaid has the monthly estimate provided to the market place in their system. On my FLDCF renewal, 11/15, I reported self-employed. I verified several times as to what document to provide for self-employment since the money gets direct deposit but FLDCF does not except bank statement as proof of self-employ. FLDCF agent stated a written letter of time and pay or form from their web site (regardless both hand written by myself). I submitted an invoice from the work at home self-employed which at that time was no more than $130 for the month. I noticed that when they processed the renewal my share of cost also known as medical needy went up dramatically.
On 03/10/15 I finally decided to go to the emergency room and get my eye checked as I was losing my vision and swell around eyes plus… On about 3/16/15 I called Hospital to see if bill was submitted to FLDCF for share of cost and was told it was sent 3/14. On 3/16 I submitted income verification same document summited for renewal also a prescription I paid for. On 3/18 I had an appointment at the community health center and was told they will submit bill. On 3/19 I believe CVS submitted a prescription to FLDCF which was denied stated share of cost has not been met. On I believe 3/25 I received bill from community health dept. to submit myself to FLDCF because it was fax to FLDCF and denied.
So, On 3/27 I called FLDCF and was told share of cost had a high amount because I reported income of over $600 self-employed; I said incorrect and that I also submitted income verification for march which shows amount less than $130 for the month Agent corrected it and guess what my share of cost went down about $450??? So I asked why was the $600 entered and he said the document I submitted did not qualify so they used the last amount that was on their system (is that legal I thought they were supposed to send me notice to submit proper document for that months’ income). I asked why has share of cost not opened Medicaid because bill surpass share of cost, agent said he did not see any hospital or community health dept. bill faxed in (interesting two different source and FLDCF had no fax). So I called hospital to verify that they faxed bill to FLDCF and rep stated it was faxed on 3/14 and she will resend again plus send me copy.
On 3/27 I contacted FLDCF again but called main head quarter in Tallahassee. I asked agent (Erson) if he saw the hospital and comm health dept. bill faxed in, agent said no. I asked agent I would like for someone to look into who entered the $600 on renewal and he said it’s been corrected (excuses not to answer and be it), so this is where agent attitude kicked in (I am so used to it), he said I’ve answer all your question and I said no you have not, you did not tell me where the extra income for self-employ come from. Then agent tells me it was I that reported. I said I have document submitted because I had applications be change on me before (that how dirty the system that claims to help). I said look deaper because I know your system shows you the agent that submitted renewal, where income came from and so on. FLDCF finally stated The Market place after I had mentioned it. So I said how can FLDCF except the market place as proof of income when that is an estimate from a third party not reported by me to FLDCF and market place has no verification such as paystub. Agent with attitude,
“well I answered your entire question you have a day”.
With share of cost I learned that FLDCF will not submit bills until the end of the month which then they will send notice that Medicaid is open except the month is over (at least in my case twice that I noticed). I have a prescription of $270 that has not been filled unless I pay for it and I don’t even believe I will get my money back from FLDCF. I was told that the day it is submitted for service is the day received so if submitted April FLDCF will not cover because share of cost would had been opened for March. The system has people working acting as if they are there to help and in reality they are just trying to make sure one gets deprived as much as possible (not saying everyone in the system). If I had proper health care that could had taken care of my eye problem I could had been making enough money as to not have to use the system (health care should be free as it is in many other country and then maybe we would not have so many people impaired not able to work not saying that this is the only problem but it’s one of them. We need a system that works not one to defraud and makes it seem.
justlostmyjob Send email
Jan 14, 2015

Tired of people complaining

Go out and get jobs...stop having kids left and right and expecting your government to take care of you..
boooohooooo i cant get a job.... bulls^^(.... i have too many kids.... whos fault is that?????
i bet half of you say Im not working at mcdonalds for minimum wage but sit here bitching they dont get enough money....

those people get rude when you call them because you yell at them like its their fault that your food stamps get cutoff...
DO YOU PEOPLE REALIZE THEY ARE WORKING, sitting there taking all this crap from you idiots. They pay taxes which pay for your foodstamps..

ALL because youre all too lazy to go find a job or have 10 kids you barely take care of to get more money from the goverment..... ridiculous

Help us please Send email
Aug 2, 2014

Dcf FL.. Medicaid denied/food stamps reduced

A few months ago, we fell on hard times, like many others. We began receiving Medicaid and food stamps. A few months back, my fiancé suddenly lost his Medicaid because I wasn't complying with child support. That was funny considering we live together and always have. After numerous phone calls, they fixed it, but he went a month without his brain injury medication. Fast forward to yesterday..... We found out our food stamps were reduced and OUR entire family is without Medicaid effective yesterday. We log on to see what changes were made..... Apparently our one year old no longer lives with us?!?!?! Is this a joke because I'm pretty sure our daughter is sitting next to us right now? Thankfully the pharmacist watched this happen to us twice now and helped with the cost of his medication.
iceman Send email
Apr 29, 2014


Received a letter in the mail that said I was approved for the same amount as previously granted. By the way as a single person I am entitled to $200/month. All I get is $189/month. While I was filling out application for Medicaid, I also included food stamps. That was over 8 weeks ago. Then last week I receive a letter from DCF that I need to re-certify by may 15. I am now having my U.S. Senator look into the situation. The problems that are listed here are with everyone. It's impossible to reach customer service in Tallahassee. DCF is always out to screw the public anyway they can. They do throw things out because they are hoping that if they do it enough times, you will stop. Don't ever stop chasing DCF for anything. Stay up their ass all the time!!!!
MomOf2Boys23 Send email
Mar 5, 2013

Reduction of Benefits-NO Change in Income!

The information for my earnings, child support, house value, marital status and a few other things keeps getting changed in the computer, not sure who is doing that! My ex husband's info that I put in is missing every time I visit online. It's very upsetting to see that these important pieces of information are wrong and then discover that our family's benefits have been reduced. The medicaid for my boys changed to share of cost and our monthly food benefit was reduced $460!!!! OMG! My boys are wondering why we don't (all of the sudden) have any food in the house. I called and spoke with Larry and he told me to submit some papers to clear up a "mix up" with the child support totals to prove I'm not getting EXTRA $910/mo they think I get, as that's what the total they put in reflected. I did that, along with applying for additional benefits for the second time since they were reduced. Nobody ever gets back to me, sends me explanations of what went wrong, calls me for another interview even though I request it in the comments, and nobody helps to correct the wrong info. What's the point of listing me as "SINGLE" instead of leaving it "DIVORCED"?? Befuddling.

I also have to agree with someone in previous post that they treat you like garbage when you call. I'm a regular person who fell on hard times. We went from making nice paychecks to losing job and being abandoned by husband. It happens, and people need help. -And if you only get it strait for the sake of the kids, then so be it. But when benefits get reduced that much then the kids are suffering. I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe "8 On Your Side" wants to investigate this. (?)
Stephkerklin04 Send email
Feb 9, 2013

Says processing for 2 months

Filled out all paper work, 2 months later still says processing. After a call the lady said all stuff was turned in a didn't know why the case worker had not done her job and was writing a letter to supervisor. Still after 2 weeks nothing. How can I feed my kids when I have been trying to get this renewed for 2 months. Nothing has changed just had to Renee stamps. I'm having to borrow money now. The last time I called another lady answered and stated it my fault as I should have started sooner and was rude. These people are just crazy now as Obama I guess don't give a shit about us
kealyarce@gmail.com Send email
Nov 14, 2012

Inability to reach the Florida Department of Children and Families

They tell me i didn't send them paystubs and i.d when i did and this will be my second time. I feel like D.c.f just throw half of them away this is screwed up. People are not making it easy here, and they just send these letters and longer I have to wait and others when we are barley making ends meet!
kealyarce@gmail.com Send email
Nov 14, 2012

Inability to reach the Florida Department of Children and Families

I'm wasting more money buying stamps and envelopes because they say that we haven't received pay stubs and i.d REALLY!!! I feel like they just throw half of them out and there are the few chosen ones I'd rather just have a denial then them lying and saying I didn't send them what I already sent! Lets try this one more time DCF!!!!!! Now I see I'm not the only one here this is screwed up!

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