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Consumer complaints and reviews about Glencara.com

Poison_Pen Send email
Jul 26, 2016

Wall of Silence

After some prompt email in which I was told the ring I ordered for my Mum's 70th would have to be made as it wasn't kept in stock because it was 18K gold two tone. I was told it would be due into them on the 22nd July and Fed ex'd the same day. After chasing them on email and the phone that goes to a voice message. Even though they gave me an email address that was supposedly priority and not just the usual sales. I have heard nothing. Thankfully I have used a Credit Card and can get the company to sort our repayment which of course they have already taken.

I had not read the reviews until it was apparent my ring was delayed. Since then I have done further research and I fully intend to raise this poor service with the relevant bodies in Ireland.

You know if there are problems or issues that can happen from time to time then at least communicate with your customers. To be honest I won't order not recommend rather tell everyone I know to avoid like the "plague".
lauren106 Send email
Jul 21, 2016

Wish I Had Known

I ordered a men's Claddagh ring with personal inscription on 7/15/2016 with an extra charge for rush Fed Ex delivery. At the time I didn't receive an order confirmation email. At first I thought nothing of it and figured it would come in a few days. On Monday, 7/18, after receiving nothing from them, I sent an email inquiring as to my order. I was told that I had ordered one of their most popular items and that it would be delayed a day or so, but would be shipped today, 7/20/16 and that I would receive an email when shipped. They suggested that I order a similar item from them if I needed the gift in a rush and when my original item arrived, I could return the subsequent order. They even sent me a certificate that I could present to the person I was giving the gift to that the item was delayed because their "silversmiths" were working on getting me the best quality gift possible. Are you kidding me? I have not received a shipment confirmation from them today and I doubt that I ever will. I attempted to email them again and this time I received the standard email that they are extremely busy and that I would receive a response and/or my product within 7-10 days. After the exchange of emails I googled Glencara Complaints and found numerous web pages with numerous complaints about them. I wish I had known sooner. I needed this gift for a special occasion and now I am going to have to scramble to find something suitable. I am going to contact my bank to see if I can file a fraud charge against them and recover my money. How can they possibly be able to stay in business. I don't understand. By the way, in their email they list a US address, Glencara, 616 Corporate Way, suite 2, Valley Cottage, NY 10989.
feastorafamine Send email
Jun 3, 2016


these people stole my money. Ordered a ring two weeks ago as a gift to my mother with 2 day shipping, They have done nothing but lie to me ever since. Look at all these complaints. these people should not only be out of business but they should be in JAIL
feastorafamine Send email
Jun 3, 2016

stole my money

These poeple have stolen my money plain and simple. I ordered a ring for my mothers birthday tomorrow June 3rd. I placed my order on May 19th with two day shipping. After 10-15 email exchanges in which they lied repeatedly they are not longer even offering a shipment window. They ruined my moms birthday and have taken my money
Jim14 Send email
Apr 6, 2016


I just want to say Thanks You to everyone who bothered to relay their experiences with Glencara, I was just about to purchase some jewellery for a friends birthday. after the problems in dealing with this "company" I've decided to go to a real jewellers instead.

Eshea Send email
Jan 2, 2016

Scam company/no customer service

Ordered product, never arrived. Nobody answers phone. I ordered a claddagh ring on Dec 05, 2015. Like everyone else I was told within 7 days. On December 20, 2015, I became concerned and tried to call. I was instructed to send an email. I did. I received an automated reply stating to write urgent in the subject line, and expect reply in 7working days. December 21, 2015 I sent another email with the urgent, and tried to call again. On December 29, I was told that if it was a gift; I can download their "gift notice" and put a picture on the paper to give to the recipient. No thanks. By the way, Christmas had passed. I tried to call again, at all hours of the day. I sent another email on the 29th to let them know I was reporting them to the credit card company. On Saturday January 2, 2016 I got an uninsured envelope with a plastic looking ring in a mini Baggie, marked sterling silver. I had already made alternate arrangements for the gift. I did not order from them again, as they suggest in their email. Thank god. I would have been out 2 times. Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU, fool me twice, shame on me. I took the ring to a jeweler, as it was so light and bent. He said it was made with silicone and dipped in plastic. I said it feels like a gumball machine ring. He said, "you should be so lucky."....
maggz Send email
Dec 14, 2015

Very bad service

I waited many weeks before the ring finally arrived. Said 2-3 days delivery. This does not happen. When it did finally arrive it was of very poor quality and did not fit. Harry the manager said to return the ring and he will give me a refund!!! I have asked for their address many time so I can return the ring to order a refund and have not heard anything since.
Please do not order find a better company for your celtic jewellery. Wish I read these reviews before I ordered. Will never deal with this company again.
mmcguire817 Send email
Dec 12, 2015

Serious Concerns - Order not received

I ordered 4 items from this company, paid for the 2 day delivery. Got an email that the order was placed and then an email with a shipping confirmation and it has been 2 weeks. I have left several voice messages and sent URGENT emails with no response. Wish I had read these other reviews before I placed this order. Not sure how to pursue legal action but going to look into it.
jimw Send email
Dec 4, 2015

Will shop there again.

Great purchase. Very happy with my purchase from Glencara.
mrd722 Send email
Dec 3, 2015

poor quality and poor customer service

I ordered the two tone Emerald Celtic Bangle Bracelet in May of 2015. It arrived quickly, but was very poorly made. The emerald stone was placed crooked on the bracelet. I took a photo and began calling and emailing customer service. Seven months later, not a word from them....disgraceful. The customer service phone has a stupid message about email backlogs and instead of leaving a messge, please send an email. The auto reply you get back from an email says that you will get a response within 7 days. What a joke.
I will never recomment or shop with them again.
Karl_Burns Send email
Oct 17, 2015

Disgraceful Company

Avoid like the plague, the necklace took months to arrive and when it finally did the quality was from a Christmas cracker. I wish I had the energy to have taken it further but I was tied of dealing with them already. Forget the 2-3 day delivery hahahaha that is their biggest lie going, it missed the birthday it was bought for and in a funny way I am glad it did as the recipient would have thought me a right cheapskate...... the quality was that bad.
I rang dozens of time to get no answer and sent many emails getting only the same automated response, I was also charged in dollars which was suspicious. Stay away from them, I can not believe they are allowed to run a business, it is a disgrace that trading standards let them operate still!
Pw01mf Send email
Sep 17, 2015

Clad agh ring ordered and paid for not received

Ordered ring for my daughter. Paid for online and never received or Acknowledged emails.
HPsauce Send email
Jul 16, 2015

Never trust Glencara

Web site looks great but DON'T BE FOOLED, AVOID THIS COMPANY. Phone is always on answerphone, emails rarely answered. In January ordered 2 rings, both were far too small. Returned for refund. After weeks and many emails they finally acknowledged receipt of rings and offered credit of price of rings + 30%! I kept emailing for refund (polite at first then threats of legal action). NO REPLY. Rather than being totally out of pocket I finally ordered a ring and 2 necklaces. No reply. More emails Still no reply. Suddenly they email to say my order has been sent (7 months after my original order) and it's arrived exactly as I ordered although the quality is not great! So NEVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.
Bluedawn Send email
Jun 4, 2015


Like everyone has said, don't order from these scam artist. They are not even a real company. The address is a house. I have been trying to get my order for 3 months. They would e mail me back and just say it's been shipped. Lies one right after the other. Then I requested my money back and haven't gotten an e mail back since. This has been going on for several months now. Goggle the address. I am reporting them to the attorney General and bbb. In New York. Enough is enough. These people should not be able to keep scamming the public. If all of u report them we can get them shut down and get our money back.
macheal Send email
Jun 2, 2015


BRS Send email
May 23, 2015

Returned Ring-No refund

OMG....Why didn't I read these complaints before I ordered anything from this company? I have been waiting six months for the return of a ring which didn't meet my satisfaction. I followed the company's instructions to reorder a different ring and then returned the original one. The second ring arrived, the money was charged, but still no refund for the first ring. So, now it seems I just paid double for one ring as so many other customers have experienced the same frustration and fraud. I tried phoning the company, but the recording is brief and disconnects before one has the opportunity to speak with anyone.
kreeke Send email
Mar 23, 2015

never buy from this company

They do: receive your money,
They don't: sent the articles that you have ordered
they don't refund
and they don't respond on emails....
Maryanne Send email
Dec 9, 2014

Terrible company

I had ordered a ring. In the end I don't have any product and they have not refunded my money. Their service is aweful and this company behaves in a fraudulent manner. Don't do business with them.
SPL Send email
Dec 2, 2014


What a set of rip off merchants. Last Christmas (2013) I purchased a bracelet from this company for my partner. The quality was awful for a supposed premium price product. The item looked like it had been crafted by an apprentice jeweler and the finishing was so poor that when it arrived one of the links was already broken. I emailed the company who were apologetic and gave me shipping instructions to return it to them. I sent it back via UK Royal Mail registered delivery, and Royal Mail confirmed the item was delivered and signed for. I have now given up trying to contact the company by phone and email. They are nothing short of scum who will take your money for shoddy products that you could buy on any market stall selling fake goods. Stay well clear of them in order to have a merry Christmas.
munchkin Send email
Oct 1, 2014


i too am having the runaround with this company bought a ring for my husbands birthday this week ,was told it would be here within 3 to 4 days still waiting 8 days yeah maybe it could be delayed in the post but i wonder now after reading these complaints my other issue is being invoiced for 42.07 than when i checked my statement they have taken 44.11p and charged by bank for a non sterling transfer charge ,i have been told i have paid for it in us dollars which baffles me when i thought it was coming from ireland ,dont trust this company so have had my bankcards changed just incase !
charlie509 Send email
Mar 11, 2014

Disgusting Service substandard product

Absolutely do not entertain this company. Not only is their service appauling, when I finally did receive the ring I ordered, the white gold covering had started to flake off within a week.

I ordered the ring for my fiancé in plenty of time for Christmas, however they emailed me with a query on the ring size more than two weeks after I placed the order. I complained and asked that they ship this immediately as it was a gift.

I did not receive the ring for almost another two weeks and in addition they have taken an additional £6.95 from my bank account.

After having sent numerous emails, I still have no explanation as to why they have taken this payment (I had already paid for the ring plus delivery) and despite my many requests they have still not refunded me.

I am absolutely disgusted with them and will not rest until they have no customers as in my opinion this is fraud! They steal your money and supply junk products.
fluffy1 Send email
Feb 28, 2014


I ordered two celtic knot pendants at the end of October for my daughters birthday in Novmeber. Website stated 3-5 day for shipping. Thought i had enough time. Next day got an email stating that they were out of the pendants and had to wait for more to be made but that I would receive the pendants mid November. A week before my daughters birthday I emailed their customer service because I hadn't received my order. Was asked to verify my shipping information and found out they sent it to the wrong address. They said they would ship again on November 26th (after her birthday). A week later still not pendants so I emailed again and was told that they would be shipped the next day. Into December still no pendants so I tried to call their number (during hours of operation) and got a automated message telling me to call back during business hours. Emailed again and was asked to verify my shipping address again and if I wanted to reorder they would refund my origihal money. Yeah right. Into January and still no pendants. Called again got the same automated message. Emailed and was asked again to verify shipping address. Verified it and was told they were shipped on January 10th. It is now February 28th and I still don't have what I ordered. I have asked multiple times for my money to be refunded with no response. Big mistake ordering from this company. Will never order from them again!!!!
Patty Hoffman Knight Send email
Feb 28, 2014


I placed an order mid February 2014 for my daughter's birthday at the end of the month. Noting the priority shipping, I thought this would arrive in time for her birthday. I received an email the day after I placed the order noting that it was being shipping via FedEx and I should receive in 3-5 business days.....plenty of time for my daughter's birthday!!! It is now February 28 2014 and no ring!! They have processed my payment, the day after I placed my order!!! I have emailed! I have called outside of business hours and during what they list as business hours and have not been able to speak with anyone. The message indicates that I have called outside of business hours. Thankfully it was not an expensive ring....but buyer beware......DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY!!! Their webpage is beautiful but it is a scam....DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!
aehsomail Send email
Jan 24, 2014


linda swartz Send email
Jan 8, 2014

order never sent out

ordered a special ring for my daughter on dec.17 charged my credit card dec.19 still no order and will not answer emails or phone calls. ordered specially from ireland so disapointed it was to be for her birthday from her son. learned my lesson!!!

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