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Consumer complaints and reviews about GLOBAL VISAS

unclefester Send email
Aug 24, 2015

Global MIgrate

I filled in a form for Global Migrate in the UK for canadian visa.

They called me within minutes, telling me I would get a visa easily and there are loads of canadian jobs etc. They said that if I left a deposit with them now it would speed up the process. And the deposit was refundable. I paid the deposit of £400, then smelt something suspicious about the company so googled them and lots and lots of complaints were online as well as youtube videos.

I tried to contact them the next day to ask for refund but they kept fobbing me off saying the finanvce department were on lunch etc. They seemed forever to be on lunch as this happened the next day too.
I then contacted the fraud office of my bank. The bank refunded the money and all was okay

Keep away from Global Migrate!!!!
tendaii Send email
Jul 15, 2015

ka sbar789@hotmail.com is a big scam

Let it be known that Kasbar is a fraud and I have uploaded the documentation (WU wires, the emails and wickr screenshots) to confirm everything. Below is a synopsis of what happened, with accompanying screenshots to support it. Each piece of evidence listed as an "EXHIBIT", and is pertinent evidence to substantiate the fraud perpetrated by Kasbar, so would appreciate if complaintsboard would display all of them, as all are germaine to the case.

The agreement Ka sbar had with me is that he would provide an official BC, official PP and official DL in exchange for a total of 28, 000euros, and it would be done in phases.

The first phase was the BC, that was to be done with 6000euros to start, and then the final 6000euros sent to Kasbar once the BC was received and confirmed as official by me [for a total of 12, 000 euros].

Then, we would move on to the second phase of the PP and DL for 16, 000euros. However, the PP and DL was never done due to Ka sbar stealing the 12, 000euros, with no BC delivered and no money refunded, and then Ka sbar evading all correspondence with me. The synpsis and evidence to confirm all of this is as follows:

Fact 1: Ka sbar tried to discredit all other vendors by stating "...everybody is a scamm3r and i didn't see one real supplier..." and went as far as to state that "igor is a pitty M0R0N". REFERENCE EXHIBIT A

Fact 2: Ka sbar was sent the initial 6, 000euros, the 6th of May, to start official BC process. REFERENCE EXHIBIT T & EXHIBIT U

Fact 3: After Ka sbar collected the initial 6, 000euros, sent 6th of May 2015, he then violated the agreement by placing the BC on "freeze" until he got the entire 12, 000euros up front before he has the BC produced. REFERENCE EXHIBIT F

Fact 4: In spite of him not keeping his word, I sent the remaining 6000euros, sent 3rd of June 2015, [for a total of 12, 000euros] to see if he would deliver. Ka sbar even swore on his kids he would deliver. REFERENCE EXHIBIT V & EXHIBIT W & EXHIBIT H

Fact 5: Kasbar acknowledges receiving the final installment of 6, 000euros, for a total of 12, 000euros, and alleges that he will have the BC sent by the 9th of June. REFERENCE EXHIBIT I & EXHIBIT J

Fact 6: Ka sbar alleges that he has some complications (he states "...cause of some heat") but will have "full good news at" Thursday, 18th of June. REFERENCE EXHIBIT J

Fact 7: Ka sbar evaded communications by blocking all messages from me by the 18th of June when he was supposed to follow up. REFERENCE EXHIBIT K

Fact 8: A follow up email was sent to kasbar to make sure there was no mistake, but there's been no response thus far (last checked 29th of June 2015). REFERENCE EXHIBIT L

Fact 9: He contacted someone else (via email and wickr) and confirmed that he is indeed Ka sbar and still using the same email address ka sbar789@hotmail.com and the same wickr name captainsharky to continue scamming money from people. REFERENCE EXHIBIT M

The conclusion is that Ka sbar is a liar and a thief and cannot be trusted to send docs when you pay for them in advance. No matter how Ka sbar attempts to weasel his way out of it, the fact remains that he had an agreement to render an official BC for 12, 000 euros, that he collected, and chose to steal the money. He neither honored the original agreement, nor his unilaterally revised agreement (after violating the original agreement), nor rendered the product yet kept the 12, 000 euros.

Any photos, documents of Ka sbar and/or information leading to the apprehension of Ka sbar shall be rewarded upon the time of which he is found and handled (email me and we shall discuss it).

In this field of business, all a vendor has is their word and Ka sbar has definitely lost his. Let's take people who don't keep their word out of the market permanently. Until Ka sbar produces the document agreed upon, in good faith, or refunds the 12, 000 euros this will not change. Should Ka sbar choose to do the right thing and honor the agreement, before he is found and handled, then this post shall be updated accordingly.

Last note: When I referred to Igor, I'm referring to the person at igorovic72@mail.ru who has so many emails. It was brought to my attention that this is the real Igor. I have communicated with the person who's supposed to be the real Igor at igorovic72@bk.ru and know something about them, he is the same person with many emails and he is a complete total scammer. In contrast, Ka sbar obviously knows Igor, so his opinions of Igor are deliberately insulting and disparaging and Ka sbar will say anything, including swearing on his own children, to steal your money. do not trust Ka sbar and Igor, They are both scammers and will steal your money.
tendai Send email
Jul 15, 2015


I did an assessment for Australian Migration on the IP website in Cape Town South Africa and within an hour a consultant called Leon Mazhange from Zimbabwe phoned and promised that for a payment of R35000 they would get a state sponsored visa. They said this means that the government of Australia would give me a loan as I enter Australia and that only about 75% of the money would be repaid only after I had settled down. They said I would not do anything. They would do everything for me. They promised to process me a permanent residency within six months and thereafter look for a job and help in obtaining accommodation on the other side. He said the 35000 should be paid in three instalments over three months but they could only start processing after payment of a R8700 deposit. I paid the deposit of R8800 in November 2014 and that same day I got information on what a state sponsored visa mean. I looked for more information on this company and immediately I sent them an email cancelling my contract with them. The document they sent me stated that I would be refunded if I cancel within seven days. After cancelling my case was taken to a Duncan Karverny who Leon said is the manager who is in charge of repayments. This Dancan started saying it would take a year to refund as there is a long list of other refunds to be made. I told him that I was not willing to accept this then he said there are some directors in England who give a go ahead on refunds who he is waiting for. He is still singing this same story to this day. He does not answer phone calls and emails most of the times. I asked him to give me the names of the directors in England, their addresses, email addresses and phone number and he refused. Since December Leon has started saying he is no longer working for IP Visas. Sometimes they call themselves BRIGHTERS VISAS, IXP seems more names are coming. This company is a real scam going out for people's hard earned cash. They are quick to phone you as a first client but they do not talk to you for a refund.
sinead.quinn Send email
Apr 20, 2015

Global Visas

I'm disgusted with this organisation, I've been scammed out of 1200 pounds sterling. I entered my info for an assessment just out of curiosity, and when they called back they told me anything I wanted to hear, they said they process our visa for us, they get us our jobs, they help find apartments, they help us move our dog with us..
After they got our money I was told that the only service they are supposed to provide us with is information. As if I would pay 1200 pounds for something I could easily google!!

After months of my asking for help and some money back and going to my lawyer I'm now in the process of going through the small claims court where I have been assured we are promptly to get everything sorted. All this money that I could have used in my new country, thrown away. There are SO many warning reviews and youtube videos warning people against them now, but when i did this there were none. PLEASE take my advice, they dont answer emails or phone calls after you pay them, its like they disappear. When i finally did get one on the phone i cried and cried and they just told me there was nothing they could do, id paid money and had no way to prove what he had told me on the phone when i signed up.

Embarrassingly, I left myself without enough money for food just to know I was secure in the visa process. Turns out all they did for me was go on Kijiji (job website) and forwarded me 2 links total and told me to try applying for the 2 jobs. I could have done that in 2 mins myself, but thats all they ever did for us. Which if anything was worse than doing nothing.
Subzero3571 Send email
Apr 13, 2015


Payed 500 quid for a working holiday visa to canada 14th July 2014 , was told over the phone by one of the people who organised my visa "Jean" aswell "Raj Ahmed" , "don't fill anything in online until October 2014 because the permits won't be released until Jan 2015.

I logged in to my account in October to find It saying "not available" then I tried to ring .... No answer , didn't even ring. So I contacted my bank told them that global Ixp visa had gone into liquidation is there any possible chance of a refund, my bank refunded the money back into my account within two weeks.

However, I have received a letter from my bank today saying the Ixp visa are disputing it and have said in writing that I did not react in time when applying and because I had accepted the terms my case was closed ! , and now they are saying that my claim is fraudulent and will contact the Met police if I continue my claim !! Will keep you all posted what happens when I ring my bank tomorrow.
trevor Send email
Mar 24, 2015

money refund

hi my name is Danielle Holmes i paid over two thousand euro for visa to canada my ref number is 3352766 i can not get in touch with them. For family reasons i can not go now and i am looking to see about a refund . i know there be some charge but i need a phone number or some contact. ps can anyone help ? THANK YOU
pd.businessintl Send email
Mar 5, 2015

for assistance to get the legal support

Hi...Even i am another victim and i got the money back through a legal consultants in Dubai.
If anyone wants to know details about the service please contact me to below email id with all your details.

lucia.visser@gmail.com Send email
Feb 19, 2015

IXP Visas/ Global Visas Scam

My husband and I relocated from South Africa to London in March 2014. We were referred to IXP Visas, an International Immigrations company. The IXP Visas case worker assigned to us, was Immigrations lawyer Simin N Tak.

Our case worker informed us that in order to live and work in the UK with my husband, I will have to apply for UK Residency once we've lived in the UK together for three months. She informed us that we will not be able to apply for this ourselves, and that it will cost us 1000.00 GBP, a reduced rate due to being return customers. The South African branch of IXP Visas assisted us with my EEA Family Visa to enter and live with my husband in the UK for six months in January 2014.

We paid the 1000.00 GBP in April 2014 in order to get the residency application started. On 16 July 2014 I handed my completed EEA1 application form, my present South African Passport, my previous South African Passport (maiden name), my husband’s South African Passport, a certified copy of my husband’s Irish Passport, two Passport photos each, our Marriage certificate, Council tax bills, Utility bills, Bank statements, NHS registration confirmation, our Lease agreement, my husband’s Permanent contract of employment, my husband’s Salary slips and a letter from my husband in support of my UK Residency application over to Simin N Tak, in person, to submit to UK Home Office. Simin confirmed on 18 July 2014 that the application had been submitted to UK Home office.

While meeting with Simin on 16 July 2014, she informed me that she had resigned from IXP Visas and will be starting new employment in KPMG’s Immigrations department. She said a new case worker will be assigned to me once she has left and will contact me.

IXP Visas makes use of a communications portal on their website and doesn’t allow direct emails. In the weeks directly following my residency submission, I sent numerous messages on the portal asking for feedback, to which I received no reply. Soon following all residency-related communication between myself and Simin was removed from the portal. I have thus no evidence that I ever communicated with Simin or IXP Visas in regards to my UK residency application.

I phoned UK Visas and Immigration directly on 8 August 2014 for feedback regarding our applications, as I did not receive any confirmation that our applications had been received and could not get hold of anyone at IXP Visas. The consultant I spoke to confirmed that the application has been denied due to a 'payment problem' and that the documents had been returned to IXP Visas. At this stage I found out that IXP Visas had closed down and that there was no one at their offices to receive the documentation. When I phoned IXP Visas’ offices, I was referred to a lawyer who told me it’s his job to inform me that IXP Visas have been liquidated and that it’s not his job to assist me with any other questions or answers in the regard.

I have been in contact with UK Visas and Immigration on 2 September 2014, 12 September 2014 and 24 September 2014 in order to obtain feedback as to where our documents were, and to confirm that I am allowed to stay in the country past the expiration date of my visa. I have also been in constant communication with Capita on behalf of Home Office. On 24 September 2014 the consultant I spoke to was able to assist me with Royal Mail tracking number. I used this tracking number to launch an investigation with Royal Mail. On 10 November 2014 Royal Mail confirmed that they lost our application pack. This is a great concern to us as our application pack provides all required information for identity theft.

On 14 November 2014 we applied for new South African passports, which we received on 13 February 2015. We started the UK residency application afresh and found that I am able to download the application form and apply myself, without any Immigration lawyer’s assistance. On 18 February 2015 I reapplied for residency on my own.

The facts that we are unhappy about include:
• Immigrations lawyer, Simin N Tak lied to me about being able to apply for UK residency myself
• IXP Visas charged us 1000.00 GBP to apply for UK Residency on my behalf, but my residency was not approved due to a ‘payment problem’. When I handed over my documentation to Simin on 16 July 2014 my application included two payment forms as required for the application fee. Simin questioned this during our meeting and I belief she might have removed the one form, hence the ‘payment problem’
• Due to IXP Visas’ liquidation and closing of their offices, Royal Mail could not return our application documentation to us
• When I met with Simin on 16 July 2014 and she informed me of her resignation, she had the opportunity to tell me to change the correspondence address in my application to our home address, instead of IXP Visas’ address. That way our application documentation would have returned to us safely, without the risk of identity theft
• Any communication and evidence between myself and Simin in regards to my residency application has been deleted from IXP Visas’s portal
• Our new South African passports cost us 140.00 GBP, as well as lost billable time my husband had to take off work to apply at the South African consulate
• Our new South African marriage certificate cost us 7.00 GBP
• I have not been able to work in the UK without UK Residency which has become financially crippling
• The year off work can have a negative impact on my career, as I have been out of the job market
• According to information on the Internet, the company has been liquidated and reopened under three different names, including Global Visas

Do we have any grounds to make a complaint against IXP Visas? Your assistance and advice will be greatly appreciated.
alaa2015 Send email
Jan 31, 2015

3000 AED

please not that i pay 3000 ACED From 6 month until this moment no news i guess this company lay the take money without any service .0555446496. alaa
Baharuddin Send email
Jan 30, 2015

Ixp visas

I pay AED 9000.00 to Global visas / IXP visas, location in business bay. Phone number 044251584.for Canada Visa poses, they did not do anything for me now I want to my money back but they did not return my money.
brightervisa Send email
Jan 25, 2015

Brightervisas/IXP Visas

I wanted a refund as they did nothing after 6 months and pretended to try and find me a job - they said no - they are SCAMS and i found out from another agent they they NEVER find people jobs and you only pay for a new CV which costs $200

Avoid these scam artists as they never deliver

They are called IXP Visas/www.brightervisas.com - all under samecompany as globalvisas

Do they know its ILLEGAL to sell recruitment in Dubai without a license - probably not so I have told the Dubai authories who said they are looking into this company and its owner Liam Clifford anyway
mohan22 Send email
Jan 25, 2015

Find the Right Person

I have applied to Canada work permit throw IXP Visa Dubai, After reviewing all the negatives comments i decided to cancel my process where i have already deposit AED 5,500 to Ms Maricris, Once i cancel my process and ask for refund she really help me out and i received AED 4,000 despite it took six month however i appreciated her efforts and morality. Rest AED 1,500 its was taken by Ms Meha and its was not deposited to the account which is strange to have in the company to keep the money in their pocket.
But same time i am waiting for another refund AED 5,500 which should received along with for my brother i believe and have the trust that i will get it.
u4me Send email
Jan 19, 2015

IP visas are scam

These people are scam, they took money and doing nothing, they are saying they are working in dubai and there funds are in UK Office..Rubbish...
I am going to complain against them to the Ministry of Economy Dubai..
only this is the way left to take my money back
abc123 Send email
Dec 20, 2014

Global visas / IXP visas / IP visas / Brightervisas - SCAM

We also fell victims to Global visas / IXP visas / IP visas / Brightervisas is one and the same company that scam innocent people out of thousands of Rands. please don't fall for this lying b@#$$, They take your money,make empty promises. No qualified,professional consultants just people from the streets and they will tell you all kinds of stories and then steal your hard earned money.
Please be aware and stay a way from them.....
kingcris Send email
Dec 10, 2014

i need answer

is there somebody here who already hired in canada or what i mean done dealing with this group of company?...
we need some advise from you guys...

as of the moment mr.byron is intact and keep on updating my friend on his application.
but still i tell him to be in tune with the dealing process... because we cannot say maybe this is hoax...

and onething who is Mr.BYRON?

and what is his role in this company....
kingcris Send email
Dec 10, 2014


is this all for real?
one of my friend is planning to give his initial payment to mr. Byron.
but i advised him to make a second review regarding to this company.
and as i look to these review, something wrong is happening around the negotiation.
if these is real.. well i guess he must have to forget this offer or else he will regret this one in his whole life...

first question:

1. Agency or Company accreditation?

2. Liable Accounts and Approved assets of company?

3. Company Back ground?

4. Firm contact of the employeer?

can somebody give me answer...

thank you...
mpatel Send email
Dec 9, 2014

canada work and live

Paid £2400.for finding job and making all visa procedure to canada visa .
after 9 month of wait and harassment no result from them .
When asked for refund simply denies for refund because they have tried for
me .I don't know that someone try cost 2400 £ and 0% result achieved .
God help all of you from this type of croocks .

always ask for past result from companies and also check review and complaints list
.you never know once money is gone you left with hope only like me.
Charlie_Robert Send email
Oct 24, 2014


Thank you to all who have submitted these reviews. I almost fell for it. People are sick! My apologies to all those who fell into the trap.
soyeb Send email
Oct 20, 2014

Is ip visa fake

I have been paid already half instalment
If I had known about this company is fake
I couldn't choose this agency

Now what should I do can help me please :'(
thomas Send email
Sep 26, 2014

https://launchimmigration.co/ WARNING SCAM COMPANY

https://launchimmigration.co/ WARNING SCAM COMPANY
https://launchimmigration.co/ IS A FAKE COMPANY.

WARNING- Launchimmigration.co charged my credit card without my permission. They scammed me out of 1500GBP. This is the same company as IXP Visas, now registered by GARY SMITH the director of IXP Visas.

https://launchimmigration.co/ writes on their website that they are not affiliated with any director of IXP Visas. So this is the truth, Liam Clifford and IXP Visas sales were down, so they lost their EPDQ to swipe credit cards with their bank HSBC. So then Liam Clifford after the Finance director ran away - Paula, decided to plan to liquidate IXP Visas and he hatched a plan to open a new company with his finance called https://launchimmigration.co/ Launchimmigration.

He kept his circle of dummies including GARY SMITH, AMARJIT AND JENNY BUTLER and a few sales people and took out a regus temporary office in

12th Floor | The Broadgate Tower | 20 Primrose Street | London | EC2A 2EW 0207 596 2912

Liam Clifford and Gary smith are still there and dont be fooled although they wil tell you the overseas companies are 'seperate legal entities' they are still own by Liam Clifford, so in Canada they are still called IXP Visas, in Dubai they are still registered as Global Visas (but they use the name IXP visas) and in UK they are now called LAUNCHIMMIGRATION.CO/

same scam, same idiots, same theives.

Be very very careful of them, they were not set up to help IXP Visas clients, they were set up independently to fool people to show IXP is in liquidation and we are a new seperate company.

How is it on their facebook page and website they write they have over 15 YEARS experience, when the company was only set up 2 months ago????

Gary Smith is a fool, desperate, cant find another job and Liam Clifford is a thie
taha Send email
Sep 17, 2014

ixp visas scam

they are just like a pile of rubbish on the ground just looking for money
all of this stress i got it because of them i'm in fact regret to deal with those thieves

some of them ,,,


their phone number in Dubai 044251584

Mary Kinyua Send email
Sep 12, 2014


After i paid my first instalment to IXP one of my friend's told me they were scammers.I called the following day and informed Byron that i quit and i wanted a refund.Since then i tried calling them but no answer.I decided togo to their office in Aspect tower bt they were very rude to me,especially the case manger Erano.they told me that they wouldn't refund my money.I am in Dubai can i use Money claim online to claim my money back.does MCOL work every where,or what way can i use to get my money back from these scammers ?Someone out there help me.
ritusharma Send email
Aug 20, 2014

ixp aka global and now smthing else

Totally fake and immoral people. However money claim online is excellent service. I paid 105 pounds and today had full refund judgment given in county court. Anyone struggling with this bogus company go for it and defo try MCOL.
juanette Send email
Aug 19, 2014

Global Visas

Paid R11 000 in 2012 to help to migrate to CANADA promises were made that the person assigned to my case will keep me in the loop ending up that I had to keep phoning them with no results.Is there anyway that I can get my money back seeing that they did nothing for me?
brian7588 Send email
Aug 15, 2014

ip visas

Broken contract, no phone contact and cannot contact them

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