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Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

cdbarke Send email
Mar 2, 2015

No Service

I signed up for the highest membership level; however, as soon as I paid my money the membership reps and supervisors seemed to forget about me. The booking agents quoted me regular internet prices for a summer cruise I wanted. Customer service wasn't! All-in-all a very short, bad experience. Fortunately I canceled within the 10-day window. Save yourself the hassle. There are much better travel companies out there.
rathna67 Send email
Feb 23, 2015


am rathnaweera in oman i get this mesege four last tow month i wont to ask this is throu mesege

Samsung House, 1000 Hills wood Drive, Chertsey Surrey KT16
Email: samsungclaimdesk@live.co.uk


Attn: Rathnaweera Liyanaarachchi,

We have received your information's and we have forwarded it to the appropriate section for it to be included in the database. You are to pick from the options below the one that best suitable for you to receive your funds.

You are to make contact with the delivery company with your DELIVERY ORDER NUMBER BTH-3245GH-RRY. Use your order number as the subject of your message to speedy the responds from the delivery company.

Note: In sequence to your winnings, you are to pay for the cost of delivery of your cheque. Insurance and Administrative charges have already been paid from the Finance department.
Deduction from your winning cheque to pay for the delivery charges is not valid as your winning has a high bond of security.


You will be required to open an account with a minimum deposit of Five Hundred Great British Pounds Sterling (£500.00) with the paying Bank in United Kingdom. Your winnings will then be deposited in your newly opened account after which your winnings can be transferred to any account of your choice anywhere in the world.

NOTE: It is of utmost importance to note that your winnings have been placed under a hard cover insurance policy and deposited in a suspense account in our bank, therefore the charges cannot be deducted from your winnings.

You are to keep your winning security code number confidential to your self in order to avoid unwarranted claim by any one else. And also your winning certificate will be send to you for verification as soon as you make the payment.

We hope you understand that this is strictly banking procedure and there is nothing that can be done about it.

We await your response concerning this in order to proceed with the payment moralities.
Once again i say congratulations.

Mr. Paul Archer.
Event Manager.

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thank"s am rathnaweera
yoyo2511 Send email
Feb 23, 2015

Same as theft

Offered me 85000 points as well exclusive membership and 2 free tickets to fly to a destination of my choosing. 1500 dollars later I've found better deals on Expedia in fact twice I booked with the over my select access member deals. My points that expire after 3 years mysteriously expired after 2. I was unable to use them toward any of the 4 major vacations I've taken since purchasing. I've basically wiped my @ss with 1500 bucks as I've nothing to show for it. What really chaps my @ss though is the fact that these crooks prey upon our service men and women abd their families. I'm doing my part to have them pulled from my company employee discount web and would strongly advice anyone considering purchasing a package through this company to reconsider.
arlita38 Send email
Jan 29, 2015

False Advertisement

Basically when they display the prices for the last minute resort deals those are not the prices that will be honored, I feel like it's such a shame after members spend they're hard earned money just to be able to take affordable vacations, yet when you call in half of the time the representatives don't even see the resorts that you are interested in, also the price all of a sudden jumps and the biggest claim to fame is that ( On my end I cannot see what you're seeing ) REALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have posted an example below, I simply called in three times and received three different answers about the resort that they posted showing as being offered for a specific price, I even spoke to the supervisor whom gave me an inaccurate name after I said I would complain, also I guess this is something new where they offer you the benefit of purchasing points to pay for a trip., ok if I have already spent a nice or should I say large amount for the memebership why on earth do I want to purchase points to be able to take a vacation. I also think the IT department needs to update they're website, under the featured redemtions it's still very outdated, overall I believe that this program has the potential to be a very good program if they honor the prices as offered instead of charging up to $200 additinal dollars for last minute resort deals, below I have cut and pasted a deal I was interested in however when I called two representatives sated that they did not see the price as offered instead they saw $298 this to me was very misleading and deceiving to the customer.



Seascape Resort CondominiumsGalveston, TX USA




revans2140 Send email
Dec 16, 2014

So far they have been great

I don't normally do this but so far my experience has been great. I got on of their last minute deals staying in San Francisco for $49 in total for the week. I was very worried that it was all a scam and rang them complaining that the same resort was one their last minute deals week after week but I could reserve it. Then one week it happened and I was able to book it. That one transaction paid for my membership. I have also managed to book a week in Tahoe for $100 and another week down San Diego.

Anyway I pitting my email address in so people know I don't work for the company or in any way associated with it .

Roy Evans
hidal8114@gmail.com Send email
Dec 3, 2014

Paying for this It was a big mistake!!!

I paid for the govement reward vacation program and in addition that they said I had 10 days to cancel if I chage mind when I tried to cancel within the 10 days no one pick up the phone if is like the had an alert. They told me I could get 3 one week vacation on a resort and it was not true after one booking half of my points were wipeout and all your choices are final I read I had 72 hours to cancel but when I called to make some changes in less than 72 hours they told me I just had 24hrs so dont buy this program if you are reading this and if you book remember everthing is final you can back down for what I paid this program is a ripoff.

Alvin Send email
Oct 29, 2014

No Refund

I booked a trip to Disney World and decided to try to use the Govrewards. I was told that I could cancel with in 24hrs of booking. I booked 23 Oct 14. I received a email from one of there representatives (Mike West) the next 24th Oct 14. After trying to contact him through the telephone number on the bottom of his email I received a busy signal every time so I emailed him back and stated my problem. Now the email had on the bottom in his signature that his work hours were 930am- 530pm and was off saturday and sunday. Now the weekend passes and I finally get someone on the phone monday morning at approximately 1030am. I told him the situation I believe the name was Adrian he said he would get it elevated and try to get the vacation cancelled. I receive a call at about 430pm from Mike West again who said he seen notes that I would like to cancel my reservation. I told him yes he then continues to tell me I cant cancel it because it was not within 24hrs of making the reservation. I told him I tried to contact you and even sent you a email asking you to get back to me. He continues to tell me if I cancel I cannot get my payment back. I asked could I speak to his supervisor and he tells me there is no one higher than him and he is the supervisor. The reason for cancelling was because the same resort was online for about $100.00 cheaper then what they were advertising. STAY AWAY FROM THEM THEY ARE TRUE CROOKS.
carverjames Send email
Sep 15, 2014

NO refunds

I cancel in 5 days and was told I would receive a refund. Now 45 days later I am bill again so I call govvactionrewards and was told I did not cancel and that i would be bill monthly. I called mt c c company and told them. They said they had many complaints but it was a long process and still may not retrieve the money.
cezer79 Send email
Sep 12, 2014

Customer Service

I just got of the phone with an agent of GVR. At first the benefits of the program sounded very alluring, then he starting talking about the different tiers and prices. He kept going on and on how this is a great deal and when I started to loose interest he began to guilt trip me. I was supposedly "not being very smart" if I didn't take this offer. He also talked very quick as to prevent me from saying anything other then my credit card information. I finally had to tell him to stop so I could talk. I told him that before I commit to a deal/contract I prefer to read everything he just said to which he responded that they can not email me these offers he had just proposed because they change all the time and today was the only day these offers were available. Really?? He again went on his rant how this is great deal and again I had to stop him from talking so I could talk. As I was talking he would talk over me, continuous times. He then acted all shocked and said that I was the first person he had ever dealt with that has bucked at this deal and that I was not investing for my future travel. (How are you going to insult and disrespect me, a customer). I told him no not interested and like a child became very aggressive on his rant of loosing on a great deal, of course while I was still talking and telling to him good luck with his next victim. How does a company, supposedly catering to military personnel, behave like this??
carverjames Send email
Sep 12, 2014

Super Ripoff

Spoke with these people [Lisa] her name sounded good sign up. 299.00 5 days later tried to cancel spoke to [Mary] said she would start process. 10 days later [Mike] gvr. said I was enrolled in wonder new program. Didn't want new program just refund 299.00. Then 11 days after that while checking credit card I found bill for 159.00 ovc which is suppose to to be same as gvr. Well that should tell you something sign up with gvr. and get bill by ovc.. Call credit card company they called gvr. three way gvr. Wayne, said they would cancel membership but could not tell C C company when that may be. So here I am screwed. May be a great company but not for me. Service very bad.
catmisha Send email
Sep 9, 2014

Poor customer service

I bought a plane ticket for some family members and never got a confirmation email. I have to call 4 times before I could get somebody to really help me. I could not access the ticket in the airline website because I didn't have a confirmation number or ticket number. They told me the transaction number was the ticket number, which was not the case. A"fter about 4 hours invested in different calls, I finally got somebody to give me the actual ticket numbers. I will not recommend this site to anybody. The "SAVINGS" are about 10 to 15 dollars compared to commercial websites. The time invested and aggravation definitely greater than any supposed savings.
Keep it 100% Send email
Sep 6, 2014

Responds to The Real Facts... not a complaint

Yesterday, while at work I received an email which made me want to give you guys a call to set up arrangements. Anyways to make a long story short…I left the number to call on my desk and had to Google it this morning and that’s how I arrived at this site to reading about the GVR employee post The Real Facts... not a complaint.

I must say…after reading the GVR employee post, I would be a fool to do business with you guys at this time. She degraded every person that made a complaint against the company. I cannot say whether the customer complaints are legitimate or not; however, I DO know the employee actions was inconsiderate!! The employee thought he/she was doing an honorable duty by speaking out on the company behalf and express believes on this site is so absurd!!. What the employee actually did was proved the customers to be right and discourage other from getting involved with the company in the first place. Don’t forget, it privilege to do business with the government not a right.

The employee failed to realize all businesses receive negative feedback one time or another not just GVR. That’s why it is not always necessary for businesses to respond all the time. Anyways the company should have a public affairs spokesperson to respond to these issues which is someone who knows how to respond to negative complaints in a positive way which the employee fail to do so in this case...If I was the owner, she/he would no longer be employee with the company for commenting on this site without direct instructions from management officials.

My last advice to the GVR employee, your remarks insulted every person that responded to this site negatively like they are a bunch of incompetent individuals that can't read and listen to instructions! Never do that AGAIN…it bad business for the company you work for.

As for the owner of GVR, do not allow your staff to comment on the company's behalf...hire a spokesperson please. Otherwise, your company has potential to grow and a lot to offer. And remember all feedback is not bad feedback from customers. Use it to improve your process and services.
Personalname Send email
Jun 29, 2014

The Real Facts... not a complaint

I've read a lot of comments about Government Vacation Rewards, both good and bad. It's unfortunate that in our society we never want to comment when good things happen, but are so quick to comment when something bad happens. First I want to say that I work for GVR and I can see where a lot of people could be upset about some situations that have happened to them. There are other reviews and complaints posted where the customer is either deliberately lying or misunderstood. For example... GVR does NOT charge anyone's credit card without authorization. I know this because the calls are recorded and there is a department that specifically goes over EVER detail of our promotions and at times even asks that you acknowledge that you understand. Not only that, but the very last thing you are asked before your card is even charged is "Do you authorize these charges?". So, unauthorized charges on your credit card... no. Maybe someone not remembering what they agreed to... yes.

There's another complaint about why GVR allowed her ex-husband to purchase a membership. The answer is simple. Once you become a member of GVR's Select Access Membership, you can refer as many people as you want ( which you receive incentives back for doing), and it doesn't matter whether they are military or not. GVR is a private company and has the right to do whatever they wish and allow anyone to sign up for their memberships if they desire. We market those in the military and government because those are the people who would be losing their travel benefits or already have lost their benefits and we feel that with the sacrifices they make each and everyday, that the least they should have is the ability to travel with their families and enjoy luxury accommodations at an affordable price. Government Vacation Rewards was created for the sole purpose of allowing those who serve in the military and government the ability to be able to continue with the travel benefits that they had while employed by the military and government.

The person who mentioned that he "Found their contact info"... Let me correct you on a couple things your stating. First, we have no subscription that is for $400. Second, the $99 that was offered to you would've been a down payment NOT the total cost. And lastly, the $114, which I'm assuming you meant $114.56, would've been the 18 monthly payments. Based on your statements you either 1) Have trouble with your hearing or 2) Didn't chose to pay 100% attention to what the representative was saying and therefore didn't follow the entire conversation. I can assure you, that call was recorded just like every other call is and I wouldn't even waste my energy looking up your call because I know with almost 100% certainty that what you said you were told isn't true whatsoever. Oh, and thanks for sharing all that information about GVR. It's not like it was a big secret, it's on our website for everyone to see. Since you were so nice to complain about something that YOU misunderstood, why not say something nice about ICE ( the real GVR ), International Cruises and Excursions.. you know.. the one that has an A+ rating with the better business bureau?

In regards to the customer who lost his $75,000 points. What happen to you was an unfortunate thing and although there is a recording I'm sure where it clearly states that you must use your points within 2 years or they expire, the fact is... I honestly think that GVR will take care of you. I understand that you are upset and frustrated about the situation... I would be too... and I would feel the same way you do, but remember that when you're talking to some of these people, they're just doing their job. Most likely, the people you are speaking to won't even have the ability to re-issue those points. Again, because of your circumstances, something that was completely out of your control, I really hope and believe that GVR will correct the matter to your satisfaction, just give us the chance. I would suggest that when you call on Monday, ask politely to speak with a customer service manager. I know you'll be mad, but it's not anyone's fault... not even yours really. Remember that. Just be polite and ask for a manager and explain the situation. Tell them that you had an unforeseen medical situation that you were unable to use the subscription for how ever long you were unable to travel (6 months, 9 months, etc.) Remind them that you did call before with the intent to cancel because of your injury, but instead of cancelling, you decided to stick with it, but still didn't get to utilize the benefits or the points that came with it and if they could please help you with this matter because you now can travel, but your points have expired just recently. Everyone knows that being nice to people will get your further then being demanding, rude or disrespectful no matter who you are or what company you work for.

GVR has had one customer complain because she chose to stay at a Howard Johnson and the hotel room was dirty. Now, maybe it was.. maybe it wasn't, or maybe she didn't like the way it looked or it didn't meet her clean standard. The fact is, although it's embarrassing to have that happen, GVR doesn't own the hotels and resorts that customers go to. We are partnered with them. Our partnership doesn't give us the right to tell them what to do. This is an excuse, but the fact is GVR isn't at fault here. The hotel you stayed at has a responsibility to it's guest to be clean and secure. The only reason why she complained about GVR is because chances are, she booked it through us ( which she also would've chose the hotel she wanted to stay at), and because of booking it through us, we're now the ones to blame. That not correct and it's not fair. If you wouldn't have booked it through us, but instead through Howard Johnson themselves, you would've paid more and who's to say you still wouldn't have arrived to a room that didn't meet your satisfaction?

It's sad that the society we live in we don't know how to show appreciation for things or to even make the slightest positive comment. All the bad comments and a couple good comments.. it's sad. Bad news travels fast. Think about it. How many times have you had a great experience or really enjoyed yourself at a hotel or resort and then went online to let others know about it?? Probably very few of you, but yet, if you had a horrible experience, you'd become the biggest advocate against that hotel or resort. Considering GVR and their size, which is almost as large as RCI, we book thousands or reservations in a day.. more then the top 3 online travel sites do in a single day. With that being said, 10 bad reviews... although almost everyone of them are wrong or incorrect and NOT on GVR's part... ( with the exception of the person who lost 75000 points. GVR isn't at fault, but they should be willing to work with you).

I've learned now that although I may read reviews.. I honestly can't believe them as much as I thought I could. The blatant lies about GVR or the fact that people are getting unauthorized charges on their cards, it's just complete nonsense. It's absolutely not true and is a bold face lie. Take what you read of these negative reviews with a grain of salt because I've sold to many customers and they've called me back telling me the great experiences they've had, the amount of money that they've saved and the memories that were made with their families. Those are the kind of things that GVR is about. Saving you money on your travel, helping you to earn more free travel as you continue to travel and most importantly, creating everlasting memories with your families.
Stegret Send email
Jun 28, 2014

Misrepresentation of Select Access deal

I was approached by GVR in April 2012 about signing up for Select Access which would give me 75,000 reward points to use at my leisure. They even said that I could book travel with them and receive additional points, and accumulate my points to pay for future vacations. All I had to do was pay $1499.00, $142.00 per month. Once paid, I could use the 75,000. In late 2012, I became disabled, due to my combat service, and took a 70% reduction of pay. So, I called GVR and asked to cancel because I could no longer afford to pay the $142.00/mo. I even said that they could keep what I had already paid. I was shocked when they threatened me with legal action if I didn't fulfill my end of the contract. They offered to reduce my payment to a more affordable amount, so I accepted.

I finally paid it off April of 2014, and decided, in June 2014, to take my children on a vacation in July since we had been unable to afford any form of a vacation since becoming disabled. I called to book the hotel, using my 75,000 points, but was told that since I had failed to use them within 2 years of signing up, I had lost the 75,000 points. **Remember, you can't use the points until you pay off the full $1500** I was irate, and told them that there was no way that I was going to give them $1500 for nothing. They told me that I would have to call Customer Service to try and resolve the matter.

I beg of anyone considering joining, or even using, this company...DON'T! I learned too little too late, but I can share my story to prevent others from the same fate.

I will call Monday, and hopefully be able to update this after my conversation.
bigpapi35@gmail.com Send email
Jun 13, 2014


**** This is not a complaint but rather an education. I currently use GVR and have been doing so for 3 years now. Being a former retired military officer I wanted to be able to receive fantastic travel benefits in my retirement years. There is an upgrade cost, however for 10 years is more than worth it. I have saved over 15k in travel benefits thus far and can only question the complaints on this site. Rememeber Ladies and Gentlemen... Nothing in life is free and if you are truly a serious traveler who knows the value of alternative clubs aside from timeshares then you can understand the MINIMAL cost over 10 years. It sounds like those not satisifed are not able to understand that getting access to wholesale rates has a cost and may not be able to afford it. It is not for everyone's budget but that does not make it a bad program, quite the opposite! I suggest that instead of writing complaints give it a fair shot. If it's not for you doesn't mean it's not good for others.
Daddysgirl4ever Send email
Jun 12, 2014

I found their contact info!

I got called tonight as well and after all the hoopla I asked whist the catch was...they then said they could "give" me access to these wonderful vacation benefits for $400.00 then it went to $99.00....but then the truth came out! They want $114.00 for 18 months!!!! Are you freakin kidding me? And you say you're "Here to "HELP" those who either serve or have served in the military?! ABSOLUTELY WRONG! After hanging up on her...I found this site and since she allowed me access to their site...I thought I would show them one characteristic about military service members and their families...and that is THAT WE ALL LOOK OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER!!!! So here it is for anyone who needs to SUE THEM!!!!
They have no idea what they've done to themselves now!!! They have no clue about the people I know! I'm just going to say this...everyone get your popcorn ready...it's going to be one great show!!!

a) Subscribers hereby permit their telephone conversations with OVC representatives to be tape-recorded and/or monitored for training and quality control purposes.

b) OVC may, on occasion, offer products and services through telephone and/or e-mail solicitations. Subscribers consent to such telephone solicitation, including, but not limited to, solicitation through automatic dialing equipment and/or pre-recorded messages. Further, Subscribers acknowledge their consent to be informed of such products and services even if your Subscription has been suspended or has otherwise expired or terminated.

c) A $25 service fee will be charged for all returned checks and two or more instances of declined credit cards.

d) If Subscribers and Subscribers’ guests should incur loss or damages through use of any benefit under the Subscription, OVC’s liability for such loss or damage will be limited to the injured party’s fees paid for the Subscription or vacation in which such loss or damage occurred, and in no event will OVC be liable for special, consequential or punitive damages. This limitation of liability shall also apply to all participating companies, servants and agents of OVC. In no event will OVC be liable for any negligent or intentional action or failure to act, or for any injuries or losses arising from the accommodations of any resort, hotel, cruise, experiential vacation, or tour provider or from any other travel related product or service provided to Subscriber directly.

e) These Terms and Conditions and any fees, benefits, seasonal designations and other priorities, and any procedures for requesting and effectuating vacations may be changed from time to time by OVC. Current Terms and Conditions, Subscription fees, benefits, and procedures can be reviewed online at www.GovVacation Rewards.com, which shall supersede all Subscription Terms and Conditions.

f) Programs and services offered through OVC or by third parties with the permission of OVC are subject to separate Terms and Conditions and may be changed or eliminated without prior notice.

g) Failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions or failure to pay any sums owed to OVC, may result in the suspension or termination of Subscriber’s Subscription without further obligation. If suspension is based upon non-payment, Subscriber’s Subscription will remain suspended until all sums that are owed are paid in full and will not be extended beyond its original expiration date.

h) Programs, products, and services offered through OVC or by third parties with the permission of OVC, including but not limited to reservations, accommodations, certificates or promotional items, may not be used for any commercial purpose, including without limitation auction, rental or sale. Unauthorized transfer of any rights or benefits conferred pursuant to any subscription agreement is grounds for immediate termination without refund.

i) These Terms and Conditions and the Government Vacation Rewards Subscription shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the State of Arizona. Any action at law or in equity by a Subscriber or Subscriber’s guest, whether vacationing with the Subscriber or traveling by way of a Guest Certificate, to seek any remedy against OVC or its associated entities must be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of Maricopa County, Arizona (USA). In the event a Subscriber or Subscriber’s guest initiates an action at law or in equity and OVC prevails, that Subscriber or Subscriber’s guest shall pay all costs incurred by OVC in defending such action, including reasonable attorney’s fees.

j) OVC and Our Vacation Center are and fictitious names used by the International Cruise & Excursion Gallery, Inc., (“ICE”) a Delaware corporation with its principal place of business at 15501 North Dial Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260-1615.

k) The Seller of all travel and travel products is International Cruise & Excursion Gallery, Inc. located at 15501 North Dial Boulevard, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260-1615. Florida Seller of Travel Registration #ST-29452; California Seller of Travel Registration #CST 2066521-50; Nevada Seller of Travel Registration #200070147; Washington Seller of Travel Registration UB# 602 443 155 001 0001; and Hawaii Seller of Travel Registration #TAR-5192.

l) OVC, Our Vacation Center, Government Vacation Rewards are trademarks of ICE which may not be used without the prior written permission from ICE. Other brand names may be trademarks of their respective owners.
msjson Send email
Apr 3, 2014

Nongovernment Member Buying Membership

I would like to know why Government Vacation Rewards allowed my ex to purchase a membership when he is not connected to the military. He was only supposed to be able to be a user on my account. I know for a fact that he spoke to a rep without me being present. I think they told him he could do this and he wouldn't get cancelled by me. The referral program is a fraud it the military member cannot stop something like this.
wjw Send email
Apr 1, 2014

False Advertisement/False Promise

Although I do not care for the company and still believe there are some questionable business practice, I was compensated somewhat. I believe there is a disconnect within the company and I would not recommend the company to others because of my concerns. If you reach the right people with a legitimate issue, I believe they will find a resolution.
wjw Send email
Mar 18, 2014

False Advertisement/False Promise

In April 2013 I was contacted by a representative from the Government Vacation Rewards Club. I was informed of an opportunity for a vacation cruise that would allow me and my wife to travel on any selected cruise they offered. We spoke specifically of a cruise certification that would allow an Alaska Cruise. I was also informed that we could take a second couple for less than $300.00. All I had to do was agree to paying $1400.00, which would also provide me several thousand points for future use in their program. I was informed that we had 18 months in which to use the certificate. After agreeing and making the $1400.00 payment, it was 10 month later that I tried to schedule my cruise with the certificate, however I did not receive my account access. After contacting the company I received my access number. After accessing my account, I did not find the certificate. Over the last 3-months, I've tried to speak with the company to acquire my certificate, but to date I have not received my certificate for my Cruise. I requested reimbursement of my funds, but was denied. I've attempted to locate the companies address but to no available. Once I locate the company address I plan on filing a complaint with the better business bureau and I'll be requesting an FBI investigation into the business practices of the company. I don't feel this is a reputable company and it needs to be scrutinized for its business ethics.
relusk Send email
Feb 18, 2014

Contract Disput

Bought the contact in October 2013. Did not use any services. Tried to cancel the contract in November 2013, due to my mother's onset of illness. I was told they do not cancel contracts. I even said they could keep the $499 down payment, just cancel the contract. I contacted my credit card company to assist with the issue, but to no avail. February 2014- I contacted the company again only to get the same information. I do not understand how a company can fail to have any empathy, even when it has cost them nothing. I requested contact information for a higher ranking individual and was told to send any correspondence to the Customer Support office. The exact office I was speaking to. Not the VP of Customer Service or somebody in a decision making office.
ty318 Send email
Feb 5, 2014

will not keep Promise false advertisement

I am a soldier on decided to use this sight becase it was recomended by AUSA, If they promote this sight i will no longer support them either , back to complaint , Getaways, and Quarterly specials are propaganda, they are not real, have not been able to get one in 6 months, and to be such a so call big company they keep them on there even though they suppose to have been just bought before you call, but if you call back it was just bought again, and you missed out.
maeve04 Send email
Mar 28, 2013

Couldn't answer one question

I just wanted to ask whether a flight was included with the vacation package. I called the number listed and hit the right option. The lady who answered sent me to someone to talk over an "upgrade" which had nothing to do with my question. I gave out all my person info, address, phone number. They asked more questions of me without having my question answered. Eventually, after the upgrade person realized I didn't want anything he was trying to sell me, I was sent back to the original lady who still couldn't answer whether that flight was included. Hire people that know something about the company please! There's nothing that gives away a scam better than customer service people being unable to answer one question, while trying to sell you something you don't even want.
Ncondon Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unauthorized Automatic payments

I was contacted by a Sales rep in early June about getting a vacation package. He said you would pay $149 right now to secure your 75, 000 points, that could later be redeemed for a 5 night cruise or a 7 day resort stay. We would pay off the remaining balance over time. After that balance was paid was when we could take the vacation. Sounded like a good way to budget our vacation that we had been wanting to take. July comes around and my card was charged for $138, so I called the number on my bank statement. It was government vacation rewards stating they were taking out my automatic monthly payment. This infuriated me! During the entire 45 min conversation with the sales rep he NEVER explained that my credit card information would be kept on file and AUTOMATICALLY charged every month. I told them I can not afford this and I do not want the membership and to please reimburse me. I was told there was no way to cancel my membership, basically i was SOL. Do not deal with this company, they say they are contracted by the government but there is no way if the government knew what they were doing to Wounded Warrior families across the country that this would continue!
Boggieman23 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unauthorized Automatic payments

Really? You cant be serious. Like any company would say "pay us whenm you can..." You agreed to purchase a package and gave them a credit card for it. I also have a membership with Governement Vacation Rewards, and i paid for thwe upgrade like you. It was made very clear in a recorded confirmation that I was paying $149 down and and 10 payments of 138 including a processing fee. After my total was paid, I took 35k of the 75k points they gave me and booked a free cruise for my Wife and I.
The progrma has always worked great for me, and I hope you the best of luck. This is a great company, and the one time I had a question about an invoice I received, I called my accoutn rep and it was answered immedietly.

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