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Government Vacation Rewards

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

madememad Send email
Feb 4, 2016


PLEASE DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! I was completely lied to from the beginning. I was told that if I upgrade to the select access ($1999) That I would get 75000 points and they would be available after I pay $500. So I paid 699 down that day. I also was told that the points and my savings cash would take care of my entire trip to Orlando (flight and resort). So of course I try to book all of this the next day and they told me I still had to pay out of pocket because my points wont take care of it. I tried to cancel within their 10 day window and got the run around. And was told by a "supervisor" that if I don't cancel he will go outside of the system and makesure my flight and room are taken care of . So I call to book again and guess what? He had no recollection of what he told me. Long story short. I never got anything I was promised. I cant cancel with them. My military star card company cant stop them from taking more payments. So I preeetty much have been ripped off. Oh yeah, and I am about to deploy for a year and none of the certificates and points will be any good by the time I get back. I can't believe that this company targets military personnel! I am disgusted and wish I would have read all of the reviews before I blindly agreed to this program. They are a disgrace and I cannot believe that the exchange promotes them. The lady I spoke with about stopping payments at the military star card CS didn't seem surprised at all. So i'm sure she has dealt with this numerous times.
Wadalfaro Send email
Jan 20, 2016

dont get this

Paid $2500 for about 80,000 rewards point, talked to my wife and said not to get it anymore, try getting it cancel within the cancelation period and we're giving me the round-about. By the time I got an answer it was too late for me to cancel because they took sixth days to get me to the right person and by that time I wasn't able to cancel it. So had no choice to keep it. I went on deployment for 9month got injured overseas, so was place in a WTU program in Fort Lewis, Washington. There I was Ned hold for almost a year, did therapy and had surgery. Once I was clear of everything I went back home and tried to see if I can go on a vacation with the family. Called them up said that my 80,000 points went down to 20,000 points and what ever vacation they had with those points were useless because I for the price I pay them I could've gotten a better deal with Expedia or any other website. Even when I explain to them that I was injured overseas and was out for little longer than 2 years they said they couldn't do anything. I'm still stuck with this crap and my points are worth crap. If anyone knows how to make a complaint with this company it would help a lot of us.
Paulas Send email
Jan 16, 2016

Rip Off

We thought that this was a great by purchasing a trip with smaller monthly payments. Then when it is time to use your points or savings credit GOV rewards makes it extremely difficult. The cost was $2000 and we were only given enough points equivalent to $1000. The savings credit cannot be used on air travel so we had to pay $1000 for that too! I am writing this review so that others do not fall prey to this company like my husband and I. GOV rewards makes it very difficult to also book your trip. Everything is a la cart and the website difficult to navigate. It took many phone calls and many hours researching to find and offer that was available a the same time as we were (they only let you redeem your points for a small selection). Please do not waste your money on GOV Rewards!
Rogers Send email
Jan 12, 2016

Stay away from GVR

International Cruise and Excursions and Government Vacation Rewards preys on veterans. You'll do much better just sticking to Expedia or Travelocity where there are no membership fees and the deals are better and you can travel to where ever you want and your booking information doesn't suddenly go missing or get messed up and they don't harass you constantly with high-pressure sales tactics. Trust me on this one, you want nothing to do with GVR. It's a money pit that just builds more mega-mansions for the owners.
thuertas Send email
Jan 7, 2016

4 Day Cruise Certficate

Certificate was not honored when I booked a cruise. They took $200 off and that was it!!! When my husband (20 yrs AD AF)and I (25 yrs AD AF) joined the membership they never told us it didn't apply to all cruises nor did the certificate reflect. They didn't try anything to make matters better.
Barelaugh Send email
Dec 29, 2015

Customer service

My husband purchased this as the guy was trying to sell and my husband bout on a whim..they want you to take in all the information right on the phone...they never send you out anything at all to read through to understand what you are buying. They did probably tell us the points will expire after after two years am I really suppose to remember this. I can't even remember to get my needles that keep me going..I have a pharmacist that calls me its that bad...but they wanted me to remember. They never called to info us they are about to expire...but when they want money they will call trust me in that one. When I asked for a call back for the points I did get that call back...I actually just got off the phone with him and he said I am the highest person not trying to be cocky.....hmmmm what was he doing then....being just that...how about Simone call me to cancel your shit program...stephanie 6136871446... Please listen all when people tell you not to buy.i promise to tell all of the military that I know and work with.
Mary Wilson Send email
Dec 14, 2015

Gov vacation rewards preys on our hard working military!

This scam-a-lot company is stealing our hard earned pay! They are money vultures preying on active duty military and veterans.

They charge $2500.00, a startup membership fee to join this leisure vacation club. Buyer be afraid! If you book a vacation and unexpectantly aren't able to go, you lose the points and cash. They make no exceptions. Not even for a serious and sudden illness requiring hospitalisation or death! They wouldn't you rebook for later.

Government Vacation Rewards rewards our military with a leisure nightmare. AAFES even promotes them on their site. But they decline to get involved to stop them from ripping us off. Sadly, our money is gone and they still have a green light with AAFES. This green light is a beacon that leads to a path of financial nightmares!

Kandie K Send email
Nov 30, 2015

Air travel

STAY AWAY from this COMPANY!!! Do not do business with Government Vacation Rewards. I thought it was a great deal, but you get what you pay for. Inadequate customer service. Due to a schedule change, we were unable to take our flight, they did nothing to help me with the refund process, I had to make numerous calls between them and Delta to initiate the refund process, a huge waste of my time. Now to find out that they have been holding onto my refund for the past 30 days, check was cashed by them on November 4, 2015. Horrible company, I was on the phone with them for over 30 minutes this morning trying to get my refund, and then they had to confirm with Delta is was a schedule change. Next time I will go directly through the airlines, and not waste my time with these people. Never again, I hope they lose my number.
Flyingintx Send email
Nov 2, 2015

Complete liars!

Brittany Laury 866 691 5109 XTN 69058 called on 2 November at 6:08 PM and asked about our upcoming vacation. We were looking at Gatlinburg, but got a great deal on a 2 bedroom condo in Nasheville. She asked how much we paid. I told her and her first response was, We could have saved you money. I said prove it. She continued trying to sell me a program without proving she could save me money. Had me log in to their demo, and couldn't get anything close to what we had booked. LIARS, nothing more than con artists. When I told them to not contact me, I was told it may take up to 30 days to remove my number.
AJAV421 Send email
Oct 28, 2015


I had a call from this company and everything they told me sounded too good to be true. They wanted me to sign up right away without discussing anything with my wife. I told them we discuss all our big ticket purchases and as it turns out, I am very happy I did not sign up with this company. Almost everyone who has written a review on this site has been taken for their money and not received any satisfaction whatsoever. Be forewarned. This company is a fraud! Stay away!
maillady9 Send email
Oct 24, 2015

good service so far

I was lucky and happened to have called about a car rental..they informed me my points were going to expire in 3 weeks. I called on the final day ..they told me my acct had expired..I said this is the last day..they activated it so I could book my trip..everyone was very polite that I have talked to..I got 2 trips booked. .7 nights in Myrtle Beach and 4 in Vegas I renewed for $29 I now have another 95,000 points. So far I haven't any issues..they tried to get me to renew for another $2000 I just told them no
MsPhilly Send email
Oct 21, 2015

Very rude customer service!! Misleading customers

I would never book anything with this company they sound like a bunch of hustlers! One of the business managers tried to get me to purchase a rewards package telling me it was good for ten years however, He failed to mention the renewal was within a two period. I've learned about this policy based on online complaints. As a military dependent I would've loved to utilize the services offered if they weren't offered based on a lie and less then professional customer service. I am sold on 110% honesty and customer service. Be extra careful when dealing with this company. They need to be investigated for their false representation. Please note this is based on my experience with them on October 21, 2015.
thomael Send email
Oct 10, 2015


I dont know what to say, the complaints below happened to em just now. I was booking a trip last night a today was the expiration day, I was not able to book it last night because I need to call the GVR office to book it, when I do this morning, my account has been deactivated and have called them to ask why. I was then transferred to a manager, and who first of all talks over you when I asked why it express last night, midnight , he then pushed the $29 renewal, but still not going to get my 125K bonus back. He said that this was explained during the validation but that was 2 years ago.. I am so frustrated, asked for their managers name, told us that Cindy Webb form AAFES, I cannot believed that AAFES would condone such thing like this. It is a rip off. now our $2500 is gone. I could have used that money to go to Hawaii... He hang up on me when I asked him why they deactivated my account since I have some point left over from trip i booked outside this select access subscription. shaking my head. I worked for AAFES in HR and would definitely get in the bottom of this.
Scioto Send email
Oct 5, 2015

fellow miliary, buyer beware

This company is definitely a fraud, and its sad that the exchange hasn't taken measures to get a legit company working for them. They are currently being investigated by the Attorney General in my state, if you have had issues with them please contact your Attorney General in your state and report them.
EVENY Send email
Oct 3, 2015

Response to complaints from GVR Reviewer

I am new to GVR. I was actually going to the website when I came across this site. Like some of the posters on this site, I found this program while shopping on the Exchange website as well. I thought it might be something my family would enjoy using, so I signed up, like many of you did. I didn't use the program right away, but when I decided to use it, I was also told that the points had expired. I will not say that I was not told that the points would expire or not because after so many months, it's easy to forget what you have been told. I asked if they could help me out and give me the points back, and the representative said he could not. However, they did offer more points for about $1500 or more, then $29.00 annually, if I chooses to continue after 2 years. What I was not happy about is that the representative did not tell me that I could not use the points until after I had paid at least $500 on the plan. I did tell him that I felt deceived/tricked. He was very apologetic. He said he would start putting that part of the program up front so that people know this right away. I said ok, because when he waited until I had paid and spoke to his supervisor to verify that I agreed to join the program, and that I was getting 75,000 points and I think $2000 cash points to use, and I said yes. The rep came back on the line and informed me that I have 75,000 points that I can use for vacation as soon as I pay $500 into the plan. I then asked him why he did not say that in the beginning, but he made me believe that I had 75,000 points to use right away. I'm sure he did not mention it in the beginning for a reason, but I accepted what he said and moved on.

However, I wanted to comment to the GVR Reviewer, whom placed a very defensive posting on this site in response to current / past GVR customer's complaints posted on the site. Like you I work with the general public on a daily basis. I won't bother saying where or for whom I am employed, because it is irrelevant. What I wanted to say is that..you sound angry about people posting what they feel is their experience with this organization. I think you should understand that your response makes your organization seem less credible. Most people who deal in business know that best business practices tell you that the response you posted only incite people and make your organization sound to be unapproachable, when consumers have issues with what they have been told by your representatives. You, Mr/Ms. Reviewer, can never say what someone was told because we can all agree that everyone may not be as honest or a stand up type of person like you. Therefore, I would be hesitant to call all the consumers who came to your organization in good faith, but had a bad experience "lairs", because that is also very offensive. I had a not so good experience with GVR, as I stated above. Maybe, not as bad as some of the other posters have had, but I can identify with what some of them have stated here. However, I feel very offended by being called a liar about my experience, especially from someone who was not present during the conversation. In your defense, I can understand that you are frustrated by the fact that so many people are posting negative comments about an organization that you are obviously proud to be a part of, and fully invested in as an employee/Reviewer, or what ever your capacity is with the organization, but where you went wrong in your posting is that you basically victimized everyone who already felt they had been taken for a ride by this organization. In addition, you insulted them by calling them "liars". I have known of many companies all over the Internet that have bad reviews by consumers that patronize their organizations, but the organizations never fire back in such an offensive and insulting way as you did. I think you definitely made this organization look worst than the complaints listed here. Actually, your post is more inflammatory than any of the post on this blog. If you don't believe me, reread what you've posted here now that you have hopefully cooled down. You will find that your response to the complaints only exacerbate the situations of dissatisfaction from the posters here, whom had every right to post what they felt about their situation or experience with the organization, whether it is right, wrong, or indifferent. Even though the comments are not all pleasant, all organizations need to here how consumers view them so that they can learn how their customers feel, and use this as training tools to learn how to better serve their customers. I don't know if GVR review what you post, if you work for them, but I think your type of responses/ or followup to dissatisfied customer complaints is NOT something that helps this organization at all. In fact, I think you should remove yourself, if you are employed there. Not because you are passionate about the company, but because you insulted people for posting their experiences, and put the company in a bad lighting for the whole world to see. You are a bad example, Mr./Mrs Reviewer, for this organization, and I think the company would be better off if they moved in a new direction by addressing some of these complaints thus improving their reputation in the public's' eyes, not offend them. GVR can first start by relieving you of your position, if you are employed by them for the explosive post you placed on this blog regarding dissatisfied customers complaints. If you are not affiliated with GVR, then someone from that organization should jump on this blog as quickly as possible and do some DAMAGE patrol, because I think you have done the most damage here, I think you have damaged their reputation. If anything, you certainly make me feel bad and embarrassed about being a part of this organization. After reading your post, I think you should be terminated. This is not the position for you, if you are not capable of addressing reviews without your own bias and emotions being communicated in your response. You definitely owe everyone here an apology. I think you were very much out of line. Organizations really don't need this type of publicity Mr./Ms. Reviewer. I hope this message is received as it was intended.

Have a nice day.

From some one just passing by and saw this site
killracism Send email
Sep 22, 2015


My experience has mirrored several of the complaints above, DO NOT SIGN UP! No white papers, no mailed packet, no phone answers! I was laid off my job and after 2 months they said I couldn't get out of the verbal contract. I cancelled my credit card so they could no longer suck my money away and have an attorney who says it will be rather difficult to prove legality binding verbal contract agreements. Unethical "business" vultures preying on veterans and service members. I'll consider suing this company and if awarded, will reimburse proceeds to all victims of them!đź‘ż
CathrineGlashan Send email
Sep 21, 2015

Gov Vacations Rewards

International Cruise & Excursion Gallery, INC 9/21/2015
15501 N. Dial Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Re: Rescission

To Whom It Concerns,

Today I called my credit card company and stopped all payment to your company.

As of this date, 23 days after I signed up, I have NOT received the promised packet that was going to explain all that I verbally contracted to receive from your company. This has been ample time to responsibly keep your verbal contract. This letter is delayed because I was waiting for your delayed information packet.

My GVR representative has not returned my urgent calls.

Thank God for your “Federal Truth-In-Lending Disclosure Statement” letter. Contained therein “call this number ANYTIME,” it has yet to be answered. It has a recording only.

I addressed the manner which I was treated on the telephone when I did sign up (recorded transaction) and that should all be in your recorded conversations so I won’t go into it here. It was not a pleasant marketing strategy and I found it most upsetting.

I told the sales person I would not be traveling for two years due to certain circumstances, he insisted this was good for ten years. Later I discover my contract was up for renewal after two years.

I have subsequently researched your reputation on line and found Your company was called many foul names but, and most of all, how you have abused and taken advantage of military veterans and their families. (It doesn’t get Lower than that.)

One person on the forum was glad he was out only $98.00. Seems you have different prices for different people. I was charged $2,999.00. I am a 76 year old widow and feel I was taken advantage of.

I am grateful to the forum as it gave me the idea of freezing my credit account.

You have NOT held up your end of our bargain and I am justified in rescinding my end.

Gizzy912 Send email
Sep 2, 2015

Was suppose to recieve info by mail FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD OH and RUDE. RUDE RUDE

I set up an account will 99 down and the 114 monthly payments I was told I'd recieve a packet in the mail with more info and details. Of course 2 wks roll by and nothing so I tried to and tried to call back esp to my agent angel silva and couldn't get through so I froze my credit card, I continued and continued to call the 1800 number and nothing so I called my credit card company for details on the ovc charge to get their phone number and when I called them they claimed to have no idea of who I was or any information about me at this point I'm pissed my first initial thought was fraud but before I could get a new card I had to use it not even 5 minutes after I turned it on I had 15 25$ charges to it of course my bank credited me back my money but I had to get a new card and account number. About a wk later I recieved a phone call from one of their reps asking me if there's was any way to help catch me up on my payments, I told her the situation I had just gone through at this point I really wanted my cruise I was promised for signing up so I was nice with her as she was me but I confidently told her. I refuse to pay for so something That I have no info on I let her know I tried to access my account just to delete my account info and card info that's when she informed me there is another account that should be sent in the packet that I can access , I told her well mam I never got the packet and that's why I was left with the choices that I made of claiming fraud against them on my account and she asked me so if I send out another packet would u be willing to look it over and catch up your payments and continue yours business with us, I had no problems with that of course but once again no packet arrived so they didn't get any money now here it is another 2 months later and I recieve another phone call from them and I kindly explain my situtuation and he responds so rudely and asking are u gonna pay or not u made a verbal contract with us just like with ur electricity company. In the miliatary we are thought to hurry up and wait to have patience well I lost mine I told him well are y'all gonna send me info or not he states my address back to me and I said yeah that's it I live here and he claims well it says in my system she sent it , we'll guess what guy somebody messed up and I didn't get, then he wants to ask well do u have anybody check ur mail , ugh NO I check it and it never came , I asked for email info to the site that where we are suppose to be able to check our accounts and recietes but he claimed they couldn't do give that info out but they have no problem catching an attitude with u for access to any available money we have anyways then he says well are u gonna pay or not and I said I'm not paying for something that I have no access to or recieve confirmation from sorry so he says so you refuse to pay then in a snarky voice and I said I guess so and he just hung up. Man I so mad right now I've been searching the sight with my points tried to make several more calls to them even tried to call the number back that he called me from and of course nothing then I found this site of course it's a lil relief to have just vented and after reading everyone else's thankful I'm only out 99 bucks , I dont care about the points loosing the money is no big deal if y'all need it that bad then so be but my god y'all should be ashamed of yourselves for treating veterans like that I am disable and wAs hurt over seas serving my country I just learned how to walk again and was desperate even if I wasn't a vet and was a civilian no one deserves to be treated like I just was on the phone I was even willing to continue my business in need of a smile I really hope y'all screw with the wrong person who can afford an attorney to take y'all out and put this site out of business
coevier2 Send email
Jul 28, 2015

GVR Partner Accomodations

My first Vegas experience was fine and I had no complaints on that visit at the Wyndham. I do recommend it especially for families. I know GVR partners with other hotels and properties and we as membership holders select where we want to stay. My problem is that the property I stayed at in Vegas the second trip..The Westin Hotel and Spa pre-checked me in and then held me to the check in time of 4pm, (I tried checking in again at 3:37pm). Supposedly no rooms were availabe except wheelchair access rooms. I declined this room.Finally, at 3:55pm, because I complained.. a room became available. The room was so-so at best and the carpet needed cleaning. One morning there was no hot water and the tub would fill with water during showers as well as the sink was draining very slow. I was never told or given the choice as to the type of pillows the hotel uses and allergies and a headache kicked in after realizing the pillows had feathers. They did deliver no feather pillows and I had to sleep on the sheets only, (no comforter) for the Westin is famous for the feather bed. I got the feeling they set aside a block of rooms for programs such as GVR in order that they can keep you segregated from paying guests..those that booked directly through the hotel. I have tried priced flights and cars but have better luck on other sites such as expedia, aarp, airline credit cards that offer points, Groupon and Living Social. I have a few points left for one vacation and after that I will leave the program. Thanks for all of your comments.
AirForceGuy Send email
Jun 29, 2015

Lowest price... my arse!

Looking to book a room for a night in Burlington VT. We knew the hotel that we wanted, and found it on GVR. The lowest price on the site was $215, but when I went to the Hampton Inn site, it was $159 (with breakfast). Don't bother using this sire, it's a total rip-off!!!
ardenboyles56 Send email
Jun 24, 2015

False Information

I am a retired veteran who saw GovVacationRewards website through the Aafes website and thought it was a good deal. After a couple of years I bought an upgrade for $2000. At no time did they say is was for only 2 years. If I would have known that I would have never bought it. They 100,000 points they gave me were wasted because I didn't know about them expiring. At no time did any sales person or customer representative tell me they expired. When I called to find out why I couldn't get into my account, I then found out about the expiration. They offered to reinstate my account for 2 more years, give me 90,000 points and $1500 in some other program they have for another $1500. I was very happy until this point.
Venom71 Send email
Jun 13, 2015

Scam and Fraud

We signed up last fall for their so called Select Access membership. Part of the deal was they were going to give us a 7 night stay at a Westgate Resort. Well, under GVR's policy, we are not required to attend a sales event. However, upon check in, I had to post a deposit for $25 to attend a sales event and was 4 hours on a Tuesday morning. Once completed, we would be given a form signed by the supervisor to go downstairs to get my money back. We were not interested in buying anything, yet forced to attend an event. We spoke to GVR and explained wha happened. When they say they will call you back, expect a month or two for a reply. At no time did we tour the facility. Why would we want to when we were going to Disney. GVR did not want to believe us and did an investigation. We were told we were classified as owners (their incompetence). They told us we did not have to attend a sales event, again, they were not there. So, we filed with the BBB as to their policy on not being required to attend a sales event, yet we were forced to. GVR comes back with their investigation stating that the $25 was for a tour and as soon as you do it, you got it back. Yet, Tuesday we had breakfast for free since we had to attend this. We kept telling the sales people we are not interested and they got pissed. Very threatening environment. No one in this company can tell the truth. My wife and I had to deal with their incompetence. DO NOT GET LURED INTO JOINING. YOU CAN GET A BETTER DEAL ORBITZ!!!!!! Maybe GVR will fire all of them and hire illegals who could do a better job.
QueenDee Send email
Jun 1, 2015

Totally Dishonest Rip-off

This product or program is designed to totally rip us Government employees off! Shortly after returning from Afghanistan, I discovered that I was burned out so I retired from service. I had a couple of instances where I experienced detached retinas in both eyes...in fear of the possibility of not being able to see, I scheduled 4 or 5 cruises in one year. To my dismay, I met people who paid better prices AND had better sleeping accommodations.

Also, every time I called to schedule a quarterly special, they just happened to be over so I NEVER caught one!

Don't waste your time and money because this GovVacation Rewards is a huge rip off!!!!
QueenDee Send email
Jun 1, 2015

Totally Dishonest Rip-off

After a couple years when I returned from Afghanistan, I discovered that I was burned out so I retired. A coworkers daughter passed away unexpectedly and the lady used this company for her airline tickets. She bragged about the great deal she was getting and suggested that we try to join. I joined and scheduled three or four cruises. My cousin and I met people who paid almost half of what we paid for "better" living arrangements.

This year, I had the audacity to re - load and trust these thieves again only to receive a Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement that did NOT accurately depict terms according to our conversation.

Do not waste your time or money doing business with this company! This should not be a part of any government anything.
KayGee Send email
May 15, 2015

Horrible Customer Service -Jamica Nelms

This wench, Jamica Nelms, called my number to follow up on my online registration. Problem #1: I already told the last clown that I'm not interested. Then she tells me that she!s a single parent of two and how much the program saved her. I really don't care to hear her struggles with going on vacation with two bay-bay kids. She had the nerve to get smart and hang up. Then refused to pick up the line when I called back. COWARD!!

Those of us in the military, separated from service or retired have worked too hard for our greenbacks. Don't give it to scams like this. These folks cannot answer simple questions about costs of packages, etc.

Jamica kept saying that they have million of happy customers. Really?! Online reviews tell a different story. Thank you for all who took the time out to review this horrible company. I will keep my money in my pocket and just shop the bargain travel sites. I just got inexpensive tickets round trip to Okinawa and a hotel room for 11 nights that costs less than one of the tickets.

Be gone scammers! You're not worth the litter I scoop for my six cats! Call back Jamica if you dare... You're a Class A CLOWN and GVR is nothing more than a scam!! Lose my number!

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