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Government Vacation Rewards

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Government Vacation Rewards

cscasi Send email
Jun 23, 2016


I have read all these complaints here and my question to all of you is, whey don't you go to your Commanding Officer and complain about this? If enough complaints are registered, the military will take action; like making sure this company cannot do business with military personnel or their dependents. Even if you are retired you should be able to write a letter. Write your Senators and Congressman and tell them what this company is doing to "military" members. File complaints with the local Better Business Bureau. And, if our military exchanges are involved (this is where I first saw an ad for it on the exchange's home page online), complain to them.
Don't give up and just write a complaint here. Keep after them.
filmguam Send email
Jun 16, 2016

high pressure sales

Lewis Quiles called me from GVR, and offered the vacation club at $199 plus $27.39/mo which included 1000 credits. After we talked a bit, he offered an addition 500 credits, and said if we remain active for 1 year, we would receive a 7 night hotel stay... or for $499 (plus the $27.39/mo) a 7 night stay right away, and a 7 night stay if we remain active for a year. He was ABSOLUTELY insistent that I purchase RIGHT NOW to get the extra 500 credits !!. I didn't. ... He kept pushing and pushing. It was all HIGH PRESSURE sales tactics. Before getting off the phone with him, I started searching the web for possible issues with GVR. He asked what my hesitate was with signing up right now. I said I don't buy into high pressure sales that tell me to purchase right now. He said, it wasn't high pressure since I have 10 days to get my money back. Yea!, I'll look for better deals.
f16viper6 Send email
May 11, 2016

Rude customer service reps, false promises

I agree with my fellow service member's complaints. Don't walk away from GVR, run...as fast as you can. GVR is a perfect example of over promise and under deliver. I paid my $1,500 with the promise that GVR will either meet or beat any other offer. That's a bunch of BS! They haven't met or surpassed a single cruise, hotel or vacation request. This past weekend I scheduled my wife, her parents and me for four nights. GVR messed up the dates. After an hour at the front desk, we had the manager correct that problem as it was very busy with Mother's Day. My confirmation clearly states four adults and room rates based on double occupancy. GVR booked a single room with two queen beds. When I called their customer service representative (Alex), he was rude, condescending and not helpful at all. I asked to speak to his supervisor...he fought me, but finally put his supervisor on (Marcell). She was no better and just as rude. I told her to have her boss call me.

Here are a few of the above titled complaints from GVR customers: "Scam!; When it's too good to be true.... it is..; Very Shady Company; TOTALLY DISAPPOINTED!; Terrible Customer Service and Liars; class action lawsuit against GVR; Con Artist; RIP-OFF!!!; Stay away from GVR; Gov vacation rewards preys on our hard working military!; Complete liars!; Very rude customer service!! Misleading customers; AND fellow miliary, buyer beware." I ECHO THESE COMMENTS. STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THESE DISHONEST PEOPLE. I WILL NOW LOOK INTO THE CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT TO GET MY CASE ADDED!
Polito Send email
May 10, 2016

Another dissapointed customer

Since the first day I paid my balance the system does not work for me this is the message I get: Our apologies, the sailing you requested may have recently sold out or is no longer available in our online system.

To verify whether there are staterooms available on this sailing, please contact us at 1.855.449.8642 for rates and availability.

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Your Select Access Team
We need to take this people to court, this is a scam. Let get the money back.
crt195 Send email
Apr 28, 2016


GVR Travel is praying on the military and veterans! All of the perks they promise are complete lies, and then you're stuck with a bill for $117 a month. When I tried to use my credits/points to buy a ticket, the rep said I had to pay a $68 fee to use my own points! I was not told about this at all. Since the ticket price that was advertised on their site was still lower with the $68 fee added, I agreed. So he connects me to another department, and the lady plugs in all of my info to come back with the ticket price of $512! While she was looking for my ticket, I was on Orbitz and the price I found was $268 + tax. I asked her why the price was so high, and she said this is the rate everywhere. I told her that I was on Orbitz and quoted her the price with tax, and she immediately became irritated. I told her that I did not want the ticket because they are trying to get me for $300!! Again, I told her I did not want the ticket, so she transferred my back to the booking department, but they were closed. I immediately called the next morning because the $68 fee was charged to my card. The rep said that it would be removed after I explained the situation, but it was still there. I disputed it with my bank to get the charges removed, and GVR calls me saying that I owe them! After telling the story yet again, the financial department finally got the picture. These people are scammers and liars that claim to have the best discounts for the military and veterans, but they don't offer you anything without trying to get something extra first. They should be ashamed!
gascotn Send email
Mar 23, 2016

When it's too good to be true.... it is..

I'm glad I did my research before I sign up for this membership. Their deal was to pay $1,999 in full price and get 20,000 saving credit or $699 down and 329 per months for 6 months. Which I wouldn't mind paying for the full price if they stand by their words. Both gentlemen I talked to was very generous and very helpful. One thing I didn't understand is why the website was two different prices if I sign up online, that's the only reason why I called. I stayed on the phone nearly an hour after the representative transfer me to a Supervisor to talk more in debt about this program. At this point I got all my questions answer, so didn't care to hear about this program. But I listened anyways, which I got a few red flags. First warning flags was Names. Whenever I get on the phone with customer services, I always write down the name before anything else. The representative name was Michael. While the Supervisor and I was talking, He called him by a different foreign name (Strike one). I was about to question the Supervisor, but left it only. After I told this Supervisor that I need some time to think about it (because I like doing research before I commit to anything) He asked to place me on hold to discuss something about my profile to his SUPERVISOR (Strike two). I thought he was the supervisor.. I was on hold for nearly 3 minutes for I don't have any clue of the purpose (strike three). When he got back on the phone, He was asking if I was sure I didn't want to lock in the price, I said not today. BE Careful and make sure to do your research before committing to anything. Thanks EVERYONE for taking time to leave complaints because you save one potential GVR consumer. MUCH LOVE!
Samm Send email
Mar 22, 2016

Very Shady Company

Long story short, I joined GVR because they cater to the military. This company and their staff are unprofessional, they are basically con-men, their special offers are garbage, and you can find prices for hotels, flights and rental cars for less almost 90% of the time through different travel agency services. The first time I spoke to one of their reps he acted professional and genuine, but once you are locked into the membership contract their demeanor changes. Now I'm stuck paying close to $115.00 a month for the next two years for services that I don't even use, the only deals they have on hotels are on days that most people have to work, they almost never have any special deals on hotels for the weekend. I don't even want to get into the drama I went through with this circus of a company and these clowns they call reps. I will promise anyone that you will be regretful if you join as a member to this company.
JWealth Send email
Mar 17, 2016


I am so very disappointed with this company. I will not so business with them again!
safetyjaye Send email
Mar 9, 2016

Terrible Customer Service and Liars

I too have been scammed! I just want to tell the world what happen to me. I will also write BBB and tell everyone how I was treated. It all started with an ad that I resonded to. I filled out the online application but never joined. I wanted to get a good deal on travel home to visit family so I called and talked to the Sales rep and told him that I wanted to join and use my points to get a ticket to Dallas at a discount price. I was quoted $249. for the roundtrip ticket. I told him that I would call.back and book the flight. He said no problem that he would write in my file that I wanted to keep the flight if it was still available. When I called back it was quite the different story. I was told that I had to pay the 500.before I could use the points for air travel. I asked to speak to msnager. He repeated the words of the customer service female. Several minutes later, I asked for a refund becsuse I did not want to fo any budiness we ith them. They told me I eould receive a refund in 5 to 7 working days. I did not get a refund and the told me yoday that they had no notice within 10 dsys that O requested a refund which was a lie! I called on February 9 and again on the 18th. This company is bad news and nothing hood comes to those who don't treat their customers right.

J. Shareef
kris528 Send email
Mar 4, 2016

class action lawsuit against GVR

I too have been scammed. I'm at the point that the customer service rep states she will waive my $29.00 fee and reinstate my web access for the next 6 months if I agree over the phone. This is a crap company. They never had me sign one thing and only rely on voice recordings from 2 yrs ago?? I was never told during the "scripted sales call" anything about any $29 for the next 8yrs. As a retired E-7, I feel I have only two options - get a full refund on the two cerificates that are "junk" or take this company to court. After reading all the comments on this post, I am considering now to file a class action lawsuit since this company has a history of ripping of veterans and taking advantage of us while we are away from home fighting for this great country. Screw them.
Debby2129 Send email
Mar 1, 2016

Con Artist

I bought into the spiel and upgraded to Select Access, with payment plan over 2 yrs ago. All of my points expired in November 2015, I never used the program or points at all. I finally renewed at $29, 2 days ago. I called last night to see if I could use 2 different types of payments for airfare booking, the so called Sr. Acct Rep started out by telling me I had the old Select Access program, and he could reactivate me for the new Select Access program. He said he could give me 275,000 points, so I asked how much is this going to cost me? Needless to say, more money of course, he went on and on. When I told him I'm not willing to buy into/nor put any more money out other than $29, which i won't do again. He apologized for upsetting me, I told him I'm not upset, I'm just going to use my other travel club. I never did get an answer to my question about using 2 different payment methods to buy airfare. People, stay far away from this company, search around for reputable travel businesses, GVR is as shady as shady gets!!!! This company is very crooked.
Beachyking Send email
Feb 29, 2016


Was looking for a deal for colonial Williamsburg and they have the nerve to list Super 8 Motel for $220 per night when the hotel itself charges $41. It would be laughable if not for the fact that they prey on military and vets.
Beachyking Send email
Feb 29, 2016


Was looking for a deal on Williamsburg VA. They had the nerve to list the Super 8 Motel for $220 p/night. Laughable!! Hotels.com has same hotel and room for $41. Nice try ripping off military and vets.
madememad Send email
Feb 4, 2016


PLEASE DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!! I was completely lied to from the beginning. I was told that if I upgrade to the select access ($1999) That I would get 75000 points and they would be available after I pay $500. So I paid 699 down that day. I also was told that the points and my savings cash would take care of my entire trip to Orlando (flight and resort). So of course I try to book all of this the next day and they told me I still had to pay out of pocket because my points wont take care of it. I tried to cancel within their 10 day window and got the run around. And was told by a "supervisor" that if I don't cancel he will go outside of the system and makesure my flight and room are taken care of . So I call to book again and guess what? He had no recollection of what he told me. Long story short. I never got anything I was promised. I cant cancel with them. My military star card company cant stop them from taking more payments. So I preeetty much have been ripped off. Oh yeah, and I am about to deploy for a year and none of the certificates and points will be any good by the time I get back. I can't believe that this company targets military personnel! I am disgusted and wish I would have read all of the reviews before I blindly agreed to this program. They are a disgrace and I cannot believe that the exchange promotes them. The lady I spoke with about stopping payments at the military star card CS didn't seem surprised at all. So i'm sure she has dealt with this numerous times.
Wadalfaro Send email
Jan 20, 2016

dont get this

Paid $2500 for about 80,000 rewards point, talked to my wife and said not to get it anymore, try getting it cancel within the cancelation period and we're giving me the round-about. By the time I got an answer it was too late for me to cancel because they took sixth days to get me to the right person and by that time I wasn't able to cancel it. So had no choice to keep it. I went on deployment for 9month got injured overseas, so was place in a WTU program in Fort Lewis, Washington. There I was Ned hold for almost a year, did therapy and had surgery. Once I was clear of everything I went back home and tried to see if I can go on a vacation with the family. Called them up said that my 80,000 points went down to 20,000 points and what ever vacation they had with those points were useless because I for the price I pay them I could've gotten a better deal with Expedia or any other website. Even when I explain to them that I was injured overseas and was out for little longer than 2 years they said they couldn't do anything. I'm still stuck with this crap and my points are worth crap. If anyone knows how to make a complaint with this company it would help a lot of us.
Paulas Send email
Jan 16, 2016

Rip Off

We thought that this was a great by purchasing a trip with smaller monthly payments. Then when it is time to use your points or savings credit GOV rewards makes it extremely difficult. The cost was $2000 and we were only given enough points equivalent to $1000. The savings credit cannot be used on air travel so we had to pay $1000 for that too! I am writing this review so that others do not fall prey to this company like my husband and I. GOV rewards makes it very difficult to also book your trip. Everything is a la cart and the website difficult to navigate. It took many phone calls and many hours researching to find and offer that was available a the same time as we were (they only let you redeem your points for a small selection). Please do not waste your money on GOV Rewards!
Rogers Send email
Jan 12, 2016

Stay away from GVR

International Cruise and Excursions and Government Vacation Rewards preys on veterans. You'll do much better just sticking to Expedia or Travelocity where there are no membership fees and the deals are better and you can travel to where ever you want and your booking information doesn't suddenly go missing or get messed up and they don't harass you constantly with high-pressure sales tactics. Trust me on this one, you want nothing to do with GVR. It's a money pit that just builds more mega-mansions for the owners.
thuertas Send email
Jan 7, 2016

4 Day Cruise Certficate

Certificate was not honored when I booked a cruise. They took $200 off and that was it!!! When my husband (20 yrs AD AF)and I (25 yrs AD AF) joined the membership they never told us it didn't apply to all cruises nor did the certificate reflect. They didn't try anything to make matters better.
Barelaugh Send email
Dec 29, 2015

Customer service

My husband purchased this as the guy was trying to sell and my husband bout on a whim..they want you to take in all the information right on the phone...they never send you out anything at all to read through to understand what you are buying. They did probably tell us the points will expire after after two years am I really suppose to remember this. I can't even remember to get my needles that keep me going..I have a pharmacist that calls me its that bad...but they wanted me to remember. They never called to info us they are about to expire...but when they want money they will call trust me in that one. When I asked for a call back for the points I did get that call back...I actually just got off the phone with him and he said I am the highest person not trying to be cocky.....hmmmm what was he doing then....being just that...how about Simone call me to cancel your shit program...stephanie 6136871446... Please listen all when people tell you not to buy.i promise to tell all of the military that I know and work with.
Mary Wilson Send email
Dec 14, 2015

Gov vacation rewards preys on our hard working military!

This scam-a-lot company is stealing our hard earned pay! They are money vultures preying on active duty military and veterans.

They charge $2500.00, a startup membership fee to join this leisure vacation club. Buyer be afraid! If you book a vacation and unexpectantly aren't able to go, you lose the points and cash. They make no exceptions. Not even for a serious and sudden illness requiring hospitalisation or death! They wouldn't you rebook for later.

Government Vacation Rewards rewards our military with a leisure nightmare. AAFES even promotes them on their site. But they decline to get involved to stop them from ripping us off. Sadly, our money is gone and they still have a green light with AAFES. This green light is a beacon that leads to a path of financial nightmares!

Kandie K Send email
Nov 30, 2015

Air travel

STAY AWAY from this COMPANY!!! Do not do business with Government Vacation Rewards. I thought it was a great deal, but you get what you pay for. Inadequate customer service. Due to a schedule change, we were unable to take our flight, they did nothing to help me with the refund process, I had to make numerous calls between them and Delta to initiate the refund process, a huge waste of my time. Now to find out that they have been holding onto my refund for the past 30 days, check was cashed by them on November 4, 2015. Horrible company, I was on the phone with them for over 30 minutes this morning trying to get my refund, and then they had to confirm with Delta is was a schedule change. Next time I will go directly through the airlines, and not waste my time with these people. Never again, I hope they lose my number.
Flyingintx Send email
Nov 2, 2015

Complete liars!

Brittany Laury 866 691 5109 XTN 69058 called on 2 November at 6:08 PM and asked about our upcoming vacation. We were looking at Gatlinburg, but got a great deal on a 2 bedroom condo in Nasheville. She asked how much we paid. I told her and her first response was, We could have saved you money. I said prove it. She continued trying to sell me a program without proving she could save me money. Had me log in to their demo, and couldn't get anything close to what we had booked. LIARS, nothing more than con artists. When I told them to not contact me, I was told it may take up to 30 days to remove my number.
AJAV421 Send email
Oct 28, 2015


I had a call from this company and everything they told me sounded too good to be true. They wanted me to sign up right away without discussing anything with my wife. I told them we discuss all our big ticket purchases and as it turns out, I am very happy I did not sign up with this company. Almost everyone who has written a review on this site has been taken for their money and not received any satisfaction whatsoever. Be forewarned. This company is a fraud! Stay away!
maillady9 Send email
Oct 24, 2015

good service so far

I was lucky and happened to have called about a car rental..they informed me my points were going to expire in 3 weeks. I called on the final day ..they told me my acct had expired..I said this is the last day..they activated it so I could book my trip..everyone was very polite that I have talked to..I got 2 trips booked. .7 nights in Myrtle Beach and 4 in Vegas I renewed for $29 I now have another 95,000 points. So far I haven't any issues..they tried to get me to renew for another $2000 I just told them no
MsPhilly Send email
Oct 21, 2015

Very rude customer service!! Misleading customers

I would never book anything with this company they sound like a bunch of hustlers! One of the business managers tried to get me to purchase a rewards package telling me it was good for ten years however, He failed to mention the renewal was within a two period. I've learned about this policy based on online complaints. As a military dependent I would've loved to utilize the services offered if they weren't offered based on a lie and less then professional customer service. I am sold on 110% honesty and customer service. Be extra careful when dealing with this company. They need to be investigated for their false representation. Please note this is based on my experience with them on October 21, 2015.

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