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Green Dot MoneyPak

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Green Dot MoneyPak

guatepeter Send email
Jun 24, 2015

fraud on jan.4 2015

My STRS retirement check was stolen 6 months ago. I filled out alkl your forms and information. There was always another form to fill out or to send. I was told yesterday that part of my money would be refunded and that I had to fill out another form for the rest. I can not find the form on your sight. I was to do it through email so I that that you would email me. Nothing today. Please send me an email of the form that I hve to fill out.
charles mangges Send email
Jan 23, 2015

cannot get my refund from moneypak

piqua ohio bought a $500 moneypak at krogers to be used to be used to get our grandson out of jail which turned out to be a grandparents scram I did not give the scamed the moneypak 14 numbers on the back of the card butupon requesting a refund from moneypak they told me that some one had cashed it. that someone was not me. my name is Charles manges phone number is 9377735373
Jim Mitchell Send email
Jan 22, 2015

Green Dot Moneypak

A month ago I bought a Green Dot Moneypak reload at my local CVS Pharmacy to put $75 on my step-daughter's card for traveling expenses to come home for Christmas break from college. I paid for the card, the receipt showed that the transaction went through. I immediately walked out to my car in the parking lot, scratched of the card for the reload code and attempted to add the funds. It said there was a zero balance. I walked right back inside and spent over two hours with the cashier who tried repeatedly to call Green Dot. I was eventually directed to their dispute/refund department and filed a claim.
A week later they called to say that somebody had somehow swiped the funds the minute I entered the information. They said they knew who did it and were suspending that person from ever having a Green Dot card. They refused to tell me who did it and told me to call law enforcement and file a report, which I did.
Today the Detective handling my case said he called Green Dot and they told him they would not give him any information without a subpoena, however the loss amount was not enough to warrant a subpoena in Florida and they told him to direct me back to customer service.
After multiple runarounds I got ahold of a supposed "supervisor" who told me that their "investigation" determined that the loss was due to "victim assisted fraud". When I asked them to explain they said that they could only reveal that I had been "intimidated into loading funds" and was therefore unable to get a refund and the case was "resolved". They said their investigation was closed and they would not change their decision. I told them that was a lie, I have never been blackmailed, extorted, or whatever it is, that there is no way any real investigation would reveal such nonsense and continued to demand payment. They continued to tell me they would not change their position, but said that someone would contact me in two business days. They also asked me several times for my Social Security Number, which I refused to give them, since they were the ones who have either a security breach or are running an outright scam themselves.
Upon checking the Better Business Bureau website, I found countless examples of people who had the exact same problem and were given the exact same BS "investigation results" with the same "resolution" of preventing the supposed thief of ever owning a Green Dot card.
Also, the same week I got ripped off their was a story on the local news about a woman who had the identical, immediate, zero balance situation situation happen for $900, but after law enforcement and the news team got involved they refunded the money. Perhaps that's because $900 is enough to get a subpoena that would show that they are lying about their internal fraud investigation results.
If the company admits to it being some sort of fraud and they know who did it, why would they REFUSE to assist law enforcement, even if it WAS "victim intimidation", (which is absolutely was not)?
There is something fishy going on. Their customer service is horrible. They are liars and thieves. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM GREEN DOT. You have been warned.
Sealord101 Send email
Nov 25, 2014

Scratch off

I purchase money pak from family Dollar and i Scratch of the Number with the silver panel can you pls get me the number back here is my number 208 232 5990 and my email is Hayyah_65@yahoo.com
sharon chamberso Send email
Nov 12, 2014


I bought two MoneyPak from cvs one for 406.70 and one for184.95 they are now asking for 700.00 please help me charlene clark was her name plus ben morgan telephone num 2026979510 charlene ext.447 i need my money back it was nov. 10 2014 my home phone num is 8602420129 cell num 8605430234 I also have both reciepts
Mjai Send email
Oct 29, 2014

money gone on card

Good Afternoon,
I bought some moneypaks with $500 on each. I loaded most of them up with no problem at different times to pay certain bills. This morning I went to pay on my car insurance and tags. I had 2 moneypak cards that were not even scratched yet. Once the car agent told me my total I literally scratch the back of one and tried to load the card. It said that it was an error the first time. When I re-entered it again. It told me that it was at a zero balance. I went into a panic because I need car insurance or else you can not get around here in Augusta. I put that card aside and tried the next one and it went thru. But I still need my original $500 back because I have to buy my tags. Tried to call but was very unsuccessful!!!!!! Can someone please assist me with this matter.
robert w. Send email
Jul 22, 2014


A company that goes by the name of american financial which is a personal loan originally askes for financial stability which consists of a green dot money pack containing at least 30% of the loan the loan being 2000 dollars the green dot money pak showed 200.00 dollars not aware it was never told would be a transaction that left my card at 0 dollars including a electronic transaction deposit to be sent to my account for a fee of 150.00 which i only had 100.00 they say its ok go ahead with the discounted fee says green dot problem which would send my 100 in the mail next fri but i would have to purchase another card for the same amount this amount was paid but now needed insurance for haveing bad credit of 150.00 dollars is there a way to find out your transaction unauthorized so it will not be paid these guys say they cannot giveme my money back unlest the loan is completed i told them cancel it i dont want the loan send the money back they say wait for acheck in the mail ..can you help in this unauthorized transactions there phone number is 415)935-7205 MY name is Robert Wilbur my number is 626343-0434
zytavius2008 Send email
Jul 19, 2014


montra Send email
Jun 23, 2014

where is my money

I brought 3 50dolla cards called customer service gave the guy the info he even gave me another number in case we got disconnected and now all my cards say they have been used but there not in my account the guy said his name was Matthew Barnes the number. He gave me was 2526796224 . my name is montra harris my number is 6173078618 please call
Rajnish418 Send email
Jun 20, 2014

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victory Send email
Jun 20, 2014

money gone

11;00am 6/19/2014 i went to walgreens buy a card for 200.4.95 cents the woman give the card i want home and called the back card give the pin they said to wait 15 to20 min i wait and called back they said 0 balance they give my money to some one , thats not rigth i called walgreens and they said tis noting do with them so whos going to pay me back.im thiking go to news watch 12 and make a report or calling the better business burru if i dont here from moneypak i will wait 2 to3 days and if i donot here from moneypak i will call and make a compant and tell everboby i no about moneypak still money call me at 401-383-3448 buy
victor Send email
Jun 19, 2014

moneypakgive my to someboby us

i went to walgreens and got a card to put money .and i give the woman 200.4.95 and she give me the card .and i went home and called back of the card number is 1800-473-3636 and give the pin number and they said call back and 15 to 20 min. and now theres noting and there .call me i like to no whats going on .our im going to call the better bus ,b ,and file a complant .heres my number 401-383-3448
Lanice Send email
Jun 10, 2014

Loan Fraud

Was getting a loan with this company called Lending Club.com. They was unable to use my account. Went through Western Union to get the loan on the 06/06/2014 which was on a Friday I gave them $152.00 to process the loan. then they told me that I would have to pay a fee for $289.69 on 06/09/2014 which was on a Monday. Then Mr. Chase tell me that I had the wrong amount and I would have to buy another green dot card for the amount of $298.59 which was on Tuesday 06/10/2014. The when I done all of that he gets on the line and started talking about a taxes fee of $400.00 dollars and some changes I got so mad at him that I told him I wasn't paying them another dime. So not I'm out of $740.28 which I desperately need. The loan was suppose to be for $3000.00 dollars but it is turning out to be a scam.
jcolson Send email
Jun 10, 2014


karenhenderson Send email
Jun 4, 2014

i need my money from greendotmoneypak

i recently bought two money packs from greendot corporation and had them stolen i bought them on the date may 31 and i reported them missing as soon as monday when i could finally find a way to reach them. that was on june 2 i faxed them the reciepts and had to do it twice. i feel like they are ripping me off i wish somebody would help me i am going to loose my home now i am disabled and only get a little from the state my rent is 291 and then i pay my own utilities.they say they are investigating it but the rent man can only wait so long they dont want to give me my 200 and my 93 dollars. someone needs to shut this down im a 49 year old single lady no family.
KELLYAW Send email
May 3, 2014


My 85 year old father was just hit by a scam using Moneypak. Someone called and said it was his grandson, had only 60 seconds to talk. He had been arrested and needed help. Long story short, I was out of the country so I couldn't stop him or check it out. He was told to buy Moneypak cards and call with the info. $19,000, yes nineteen thousand dollars in three days. Cops say no way to get any of it back. BEWARE!!!!!!!
halljoan149 Send email
May 2, 2014

I want my money back from green dot money pak card

I want to get my money back off the green dot moneypak card I purchase from CVS in Baltimore city
demarcus Send email
Apr 9, 2014

green dot money pack

Hi my name is demarcus nels I bout 2 green dot money packs and I upload 200 dollars on One and I uploaded 175 on the other and my money was took off bouth of my cards and I don't kno were it wen I gave my card number to customer service and that's the only person I gave it to so I m ineed of yall help cuz that was my last money and I need that to pay my bills my number is 3178328129
skibum Send email
Apr 3, 2014

Moneypak refund check not received?

I purchased a moneypak card a little more than a year ago. It got lost in the shuffle of a move, and finally re surfaced. I went through the refund process and got the standard "you should receive your check in 7-10 business days". It's now been 14 days and still no check? I have sent 2 messages to their supposed customer service with no response! I can't find a customer service # to even call them? Even if I could, from what I've read, they've been no help for others. As far as I'm concerned, a company that is willing to take your money, then drag their feet with no contact to your inquiry, or even worse not send your refund AT ALL, should be shut down and put out of business!!! I have no idea if I'll EVER see my check, or how to take action? These guys blow!!!
irma555 Send email
Sep 18, 2012

Fucking moneypak

i wish i would of read customer reveiws and complaints before i bought a moneypak i did receive a check but cant cash it it because it shows code red INVALID CHECK nice
DarthDraconis24 Send email
Aug 8, 2012

Just about everything about them!!!

I needed a way to pay the Netflix bill on the same day, without having access to deposit money into the bank (which is a whole different story, by the way.) I got a recommendation to buy a Greendot Moneypak, which turned into a huge nightmare, and still is. I brought the card and receipt home, it was apparently supposed to have a scratch-off for the number but didn't, and instead the card told me to refer to the receipt. Which, in fact, was covered with long numbers all relating to the Greendot card, with a handy little activation number of 00|00|00|00 or some ridiculous thing that obviously would not work, as it was *all zeroes*! I went online, tried the numbers from the barcode on the card, they didn't work. So I tried various numbers off the receipt, and they didn't work either. I then called Customer Service, but despite their blurb about being able to activate your Greendot 24/7, and this having been on a Monday, the office was CLOSED, both the helpline and the activation line. Thus, I was not able to pay the Netflix bill that day.

Today, I called back during business hours, and reached that same old phone robot voice, this time rhythmically assaulting my ears with "Your estimated wait time is 20 minutes" and slick company lies about how "Your call is important to us" and "We are sorry about the wait", for about 45 minutes before I got a live person, who unfortunately had an accent and was quite hard to understand. After much back-and-forth, and "What? What? What?" on my part, I received a "case code" in which the company was apparently "investigating" my case (what is this, the FBI?) and to call back in 4 hours to receive a new number for the card so that I could activate it; that would be, then, about 3:15 pm. I got off the phone with an enormous headache, and went off to pass the time until the number would be ready. Just now, about an hour after the end of that conversation, I decided to call back and see if, by a stroke of good luck, my number would be ready. I was lucky I did, but not because the number was ready - apparently they *did not begin* whatever process they were supposed to be doing until I called the second time. Now, it seems as if it will not be ready until 4:30 if it is ready at all.

The one good thing about this is that I was given a handy little survey in which I gave mostly "1's" with regards to how satisfied I was (where 5 is the maximum satisfaction, and 1 is "extremely dissatisfied"), and it even had a list of reasons for dissatisfaction which were remarkably easy to pick from. I'm not sure whether to be grateful that it was easy, or horrified that these options are so well-suited to a problem like mine (ie how many times has this happened before?!)
Feb 23, 2012

Unable to fund PayPal

Nunyuh Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unable to fund PayPal

Purchased two Green Dot MoneyPak cards on October 27, 2009 in order to fund my PayPal account as advertised. I was charged $4.95 for each card and loaded $100 on one card, $600 on the other card. I have the receipt from the merchant (CVS) showing that they activated the cards.

I returned home and followed the directions for funding my PayPal account with the MoneyPak cards. I was asked to enter my name, social security number and some other information. I scratched off the silver spot on the back of the first card and entered the number as requested by the PayPal site. The amount of the card came up, which was correct. But when I click "fund", I get an error saying "Paypal has declined this transaction. Please contact Paypal for assistance". This happened with the second card as well.

So I called Paypal and was asked to go through the entire procedure again while on the phone with them. Same error message. Transferred to a supervisor. Same thing. The supervisor told me this is a "known issue" and that Paypal is working on it and that I should try going through the MoneyPak website and seeing if that worked. Same error message. She then told me that Paypal is "working on the problem" and that it would be resolved at the end of the week. I tried again on Friday, same exact problem, same response from Paypal. Tried again on Monday, same results. Tried again today, same results.

The only way to get my money back from the MoneyPak cards is to request a refund, which takes 10 days and comes in the form of a paper check. I do not have a checking account, so I will have to pay a fee to a check cashing place to cash the checks, which is another loss of money after having paid for the cards in the first place.

No-one seems to care at either place that this is happening and they keep advertising MoneyPak as a way to fund your Paypal account INSTANTLY. Now I owe late fees for the bills I was trying to pay by starting this in the first place. I even tried purchasing a prepaid GreenDot debit card hoping to just transfer the funds (for ANOTHER $4.95) but CVS couldn't sell me the card without my having MORE cash on hand to fund the card with, they couldn't use my already purchased and activated MoneyPak cards.

This feels less like a technical issue and more like a scam to me every day since no-one can give me any answers as to why this is happening, what the problem is, why the transaction is continuing to be declined or when it will be resolved. They have my money, what do they care?
Lordjwalker Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unable to fund PayPal

i had the very same issue (i even purchased the minimum 25$ prepaid visa) i am bewildered by their incompetence and told them thusly; "you have a very inconvenient loophole in your account verification system that does not allow me to transfer necessary funds to my paypal. i have been delayed 2 weeks so far and it would seem your company intends to delay me further 2 weeks in this refund procedure. your company is making me and my business loose both clients and money indirectly through your inept customer service representatives and over complexified internet banking system. this near-fraudulent not-to-mention stressful process results in complete dissatisfaction with (lack-there-of)"services" rendered. i am hereby requesting a refund of the total balance of greendot moneypak # ****-****-**82-47. i will have mo more relations with GreenDot or any of its business affiliates. please feel free to expedite the refund process..." end quote . needless to say, greendot did not allow me to send my refund request containing this memo. yet another fail on greendots part, pardon me while i roll a fatty to alleviate the stress produced by this robbery of business interaction...

sufficed to say; FUCK GREENDOT!
Rose Mahanor Send email
Feb 23, 2012

difficult to use

My 14 year old son purchased a Green Dot Moneypak at Walmart a while back. He lost the receipt which you need to activate the card and now we can no longer use the card which was 4.95 to activate along with 50.00 dollars added to the card for a total of 54.95. I phoned Moneypak and they can't help us. I then called Walmart and they too said they can't help. That's a loss of 54.95 for us and a gain of 54.95 for Moneypak. What a scam they've set up. It's preying on those people who lose the receipt. :(

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