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Consumer complaints and reviews about H&R BLOCK CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT

dmtoogood Send email
Feb 7, 2016

Excessive fees; rip off

H&R Block charges outrageous fees for doing very basic tax return. They are saving you money for not having to pay the tax penalty for not having health insurance when you fall under the threshold--there was no tax savings. They don't even do the taxes right. The agent does nit disclose up front what it will cost after all is done and the form is signed.
b00443636 Send email
Feb 5, 2016

unprofessional behavior

I went in to H & R block on February 3 to get my taxes filed. I have used Mrs. Mary Jo Crone for several years now and never had a major complication. Until now that is! My wife and I have two sets of twins, the oldest set being severely disabled. Mrs.Crone is aware of this and how difficult it is for either of us to get away to take care of anything, let alone something that requires our complete and undivided attention. I was informed that my wife needed to come in to sign the paperwork and she would need to physically come to the office. I could not bring it home, get it signed and return it to the office. That is difficult enough, but when we show up we are informed that she has a prior appointment and could we please come back later. I tell her absolutely not! It was hard enough getting the disabled children a sitter once and we were forced to bring the youngest set of girls with us! With a big smile she says well I'm sorry I guess you can go somewhere else if you can't come back! So i asked if my wife could just sign what was needed quickly and we could go? Mrs Crone tells us she hadn't even printed it out yet!WTF!! That was the most unprofessional, inconsiderate behavior from a woman her age I have ever witnessed.

Mr. and Mrs. James Armstrong
Lackawanna, NY 14218
rascal Send email
Jan 22, 2016


I caution all that read this comment----DO NOT USE H & R BLOCK------I was not at all satisfied with my tax return figures and the fee I was charged for my 2015 return. I wrote my check to Dolores West , the franchisee of H & R block located at 139 E. Lake Ave., Celina TN. After giving her my check , I though more about this return & the price I was charged & within minutes of handing her the check I asked her to give me back the check because I was not happy with the return OR the amount I was being charged for the tax return , SHE REFUSED to give me back my check. I have been doing business with H & R Block for 22 years & this is how I am treated?? My wife & I were completely shocked at Dolores West's actions & I am demanding a total refund of my fee paid of $283.00----After doing business with Dolores for 22 years she treated me in this manner & with such a degree of unprofessionalism. I know that her office is not doing well & this is why we were now being treated this way. I found out that many of my neighbors no longer go to this H & R office in Celina, TN .
Everett Wright Send email
Oct 14, 2015

tax filed on line H&R Block

Hi; I Everett Wright) filed tax on line through H&R Block Services online free tax on Feb. 23 2015 and here it is Oct. 14 2015 and still no word, why where are my refunds? I am running out of patients with this matter and trying to get answers, if I don't get an answer on here then maybe it's time for legal action against H&R Block for fraud tax services. eppywright65@yahoo.com is my email, I'm waiting.
JohnGinny Send email
May 3, 2015

exhorbitent cost

John & Ginny Reeg
6190 Thursby Ave
Dallas TX 75252

May 2015
Joann M. Walker, EA
Master Tax Advisor

Mrs. Walker,

My wife and I at first wanted to come in and speak with you concerning our tax preparation you did for us this year but I have decided to simply relay this message instead. We never intend to use H&R BLOCKS’s services again and do not wish to enter your place of business.

Our initial introduction to you was a letter informing you what a negative and disappointing experience it was last year for us dealing with H&R BLOCK tax advisor Mr. Brockman. In addition to being subjected to his curt, offensive manner we were charged $752.25 after he estimated a cost of “around” $500.00.

I also informed you that I had tried the H&R BLOCK online service which I found confusing and was unable to complete. This was after successfully using other online tax services in the past without problems. So, we were out $93.04 before we even spoke with you. Considering all this, and the fact that over the past 20 years there had been numerous times I used your company without complaints or problems, we thought we would try again.

We were absolutely shocked and feel taken advantage of by your bill of $950.25, especially since you had the 2013 (very similar) H&R BLOCK tax records as a reference. We do recognize that our federal tax obligation was reduced this year, and of course that was appreciated, but was also expected after our initial meeting and discussion concerning self-employment issues not considered the prior year by Mr. Brockman. We find paying H&R BLOCK over $1,000.00 for services this year difficult to accept.

We understand that you probably bill clients by forms utilized or by time spent on preparation but, again, this amount seems extraordinarily high... And, it is not just us. Go online and look at the negative responses to H&R BLOCK services. I have this discussed this with friends and found many using private tax specialists. Everyone found what we were billed unbelievable.

I suspect that H&R BLOCK has lost business due to affordable successful online services available and has hiked up their rates to maintain profits.

Thank you
John & Ginny Reeg
edye Send email
Apr 9, 2015

made a mistake

went to h&r block here in Calgary took her 5 minutes to do it , plus she made a mistake said I had to pay back 2000 dollars I told her no way that was possible , my taxes are always the same , so she went back and looked , and saw it , wow charge me 98.00 for that , and I had to correct her , should get my money back , they're suppose to professionals . wont be going there again
reddog02 Send email
Feb 16, 2015

charged too much

when to have taxes filed , mother pass in feb , me and sister recived house and sold it told the lady at take office the story and show her papers from lawyers office . she said it was taken care , filed my taxes was charged 193.00 to do that then i recived a 1099 on house later that week call h& r block went back out there to show 1099 to her she keep papers to look over them after not hearing from her in 2 days i call her. was told i would have to pay extra 125 to file a amendent which i think is a rip off!!!! she should took more time on the house a 1st when i file my taxes, was never ask if i recived a 1099 on the house . ask her to ask manger to over ride this charge. she said i would have to pay it or come and get my papers and do it myself . i think i should be refunded the 125.00 !!!!!! please let me know. total tax filling cost 318.00 to much !!!!!!
piaskowa14 Send email
Jan 25, 2015

Paying to much for prepare my tax return

Zenon Mroz
1662 Cropsey Av. Apt 12-a
Broollyn NY11214

In 01/24/2015 I go to office number31234 located on Brighton Beach toinquire my taxes for 2014.Before start to prepare my taxes I ask preparer how much I have to pay for this service.She tell me so right now she cant answer me.This was simple tax where is me ,my wife and my14years doughter and was only one W-2 form from my job .We dont have any oder incoms.credits,dividents or benefits.After 1hour (professional?) preparation my tax she say this will cost me $305.00.This was after I sign evry pape
Im very disappointing ,how H&R Block can charging this big amount money for very simple tax preparation.I think this is no fair.
kim adkins Send email
Apr 16, 2014


im trying to get money refunded for federal tax filing that I didn't need 74.99 order #cfg9c69c7a2h4h7transaection#3975909130700182610294
matte Send email
Mar 5, 2013

Poor Comunicaton / RUDE

7013 W Roosevelt Rd
(708) 484-9901
On February27, I went into this location to inquire about filing taxes. Debb Hammond told me I would receive refund within 5 to 7 days. The next day I came to do my takes and Debb turned me over to Eric Weinman. He processed my taxes and told me I would receive with in 5 days. I have called to inquire several times Debb rudley told me she will call me when the check comes in and hung up on me. Please contact me to confirm you have received.
Thank You
Israel Matthew Espinoza
Jacque Speck Send email
Mar 20, 2012


I have going to the H&R Block office in Brady, Texas for the past years. In 1908, I went in and have my taxes done. As I was leaving, the accountant stated that I was to get the first time home purchasing for that year of $4500. Then the next year when I had my taxes done, she informed me that I had to repay the $4500 at $300 a year for the next 15 years. This is the first time I had heard of this. I did not need another payment of any kind, as I am 75 YOA and may not live another 15 years, leaving my children to repay this. Had I known this, I would not have taken it. Of course, again, this year she took out another $300 for this LOAN. i am so mad about this. When I asked her if other people took this and did they understand they had to repay it, she stated "yes, but they were kinda confused". What does that mean. What can I do about this. I feel she is reponsible for the payback not me. Please inform me. This is suppose to be a reputable company but with actions such as these, I fear not. Thanks for your time.
Lisa Johnson1981 Send email
Mar 16, 2012


My name is Lisa Johnson. I have gone to H&R BLOCK for many years and have not had any real problems.That is until now. On February 4, 2011 I made a purchase from Best Buy for a TV and other electronic items. While I was there the BB rep asked if I was interested in signing up for cable. I went through the entire process. When it came time to run my H&R BLOCK card it would not go through; saying "Unable to Process." The BB rep ran my card a total of three (3) times, each time getting the same results. The next day I realized that all three (3) times the money was actually taken off my card. It was in the "Pending" status. The amount for each transaction was $118.78. I went to BB the next day (Saturday) and spoke with the manager and a Directv rep. The manager called the number on the back of my H&R BLOCK card explaining the situation. The H&R BLOCK rep told the manager that the money would be released in 48hrs. The mgr asked if sending an authorization form over would speed up the process and was told that an authorization form wasnt necessary because the money would be refunded before the request was processed. The H&R rep was informed that Directv was NOT taking the money totalling $356.34 from my account and requested it to be put back on my card. When my money did not show up in 48hrs I called H&R customer service back and was told they had to open an investigation because Directv had not released the funds. I again asked about an authorization form and was told at this point an investigation was the next step. I was told I would receive an updated email every 24hrs until the issue was resolved. That was the last I heard. On 2/16/11 I called back to H&R customer service to inquire about this investigation and was told there was no investigation; that all I need is Directv to send over three (3) seperate authorization forms (one for each seperate transaction) and upon receipt my money would be refunded to my card. I have waited almost two weeks for my money to be refunded. I asked twice if I needed an authorization form and was told "NO" but am now being told I do. I am very upset because I could have had the forms faxed over immediately on 2/5/11 had the rep not told me and the mgr that it was not necessary. I am now waiting on Directv to give me these forms. What do I do in the meantime? I need my money refunded asap. I should NOT have had to wait this long. And to make it worse I am having to wait longer. The rep I spoke with tonight refused to give me corporate's number so I had to look it up online. He gave me his name which is Tarrell, but said he was not allowed to give me his ID number. I asked him 3 times to please give me Corporate's number and he refused. I don't know what is going on over in the customer service department but at this point I am certain my children could do better than the three individuals I have dealt with over the past couple weeks. I hope this letter will be taken seriously and not just simply blown off and thrown away. I have been a customer with H&R BLOCK for a long time and would like to continue with them but will not do so if this is how I will be treated when there is a problem. A problem that was not my fault.
Oswald Badresingh Send email
Mar 16, 2012


I filed my 2010 tax returns with the H&R Block, Rain Forest Pkwy branch and I was satisfied with the service I received. About a week ago I filed my 2011 returns online using the At H&R Block @ Home software. I called the office (Rain Forest) sometime after 4:00pm today (Friday, March 16) to ask about purchasing the software from H&R Block. The person whom I spoke with offered me the poorest customer service I have ever received anywhere. I do not remember her name but her voice indicates she was an older woman. She said " I use the company's software so I have no reason to use the one for sale, therefore I do not know the cost". That was very rude, therefore, I will purchase another company's software and have nothing more to do with H&R Block.
If, however, my complaint is investigated and the woman reprimanded, I may reconsider my decision.

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