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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan

boxerfan_42 Send email
Apr 26, 2016

Light doesn't work

Just bought the beach Haven model on Friday and put it up only to find out the lighting system does not work. The fan runs so the electrical must be hooked up correctly. Believe we may have a bad remote system or atleast are hoping that because we really don't want to have to take the unit down and return it. Please advice as I would appreciate another remote sent to me.
Carol Willingham Send email
Feb 18, 2016

Remote Control

I've had my ceiling fan since August, 2015. Within the last month, the fan turns ON by itself. The remote has not been touched.
I've changed the batteries in the remote but it still turns itself ON at very strange times of the day, mostly at night or
very early in the morning. This is very strange. Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? And why within the last
month or so and not from the very beginning after installation.
Vica1ME Send email
Feb 13, 2016

The pull chain for fan speed will not work

When I run the chain through the glass and then through the metal that holds the globe on, you cannot pull the chain to change fan speed. Please email jfdsa@msn.com with reply.
Hannahno1 Send email
Sep 15, 2015

Harbor Breeze Portes ceiling fan

fan installed mid August,worked for two weeks then stopped rotating light works ok but blades do not go round BUT if I turn the fan on then climb up and push the blades manually the start to go round I am 74 years old needless to say that's not a good idea for me.Called Lowes they want $198 to come and replace the fan NOT!!!!!called Harbor Breeze customer service told the receiver must be faulty they will send a new one in six to eight weeks??????who is going to take out the faulty receiver and put in the new one???NOT ME.What should happen is Harbor Breeze should arrange for a technician to come to my house and repair it .I s their warranty worth anything? T
he reason for the delay in installing the fan bought May installed August is that my son has terminal cancer and I went to Texas to be with him during that time.
RaineSG Send email
Sep 6, 2015

Ceiling fans

We bought 2 matching fans for our great room 1 1/2 years ago. We were told they could be programmed separately. That didn't work! Light and fan settings for sitting area and eating area will always be the same. If you try to "teach" one fan, they both learn.
That's not such a big problem now, because only the fan in the sitting area responds to the remote at all. We only have a dimmed light, and no fan over the table that can be turned on and off by the light switch. These were professionally installed. I think I'll call the electrician back and have him install another brand!
soclant Send email
Jul 9, 2015

fan quit working

Purchases a Harbor Breeze Platinum 52-in w/remote. fan quit working in 5 months. As of right now been on hold for an hour w/ Lowes. Talk about service. This takes the cake. No more Harbor Breeze for me!
harborbreezeripoff Send email
May 21, 2015

Harbor Breeze Portes ceiling fan

I purchased four of these fans. Three stopped working within weeks. The fourth I never installed.

After a few weeks, the fans will no longer start by themselves. They need to be push-started.
The fans make a clunking noise when they turn, getting progressively worse. Mine were professionally installed by a licensed contractor.
The light modules (non-user-replaceable LEDS designed to last for years) stop working after mere weeks (two out of three of mine stopped working before I took the fans back down.)

Harbor Breeze does not honor their warranty. Their only response was to talk to Lowe's, which I intend to do.
robkat50 Send email
Nov 7, 2014

Fan Stopped Working/Light OK

I purchased a Harbor Breeze Portes Ceiling Fan which stopped working 3 months after purchase. Lowes agreed to replace it with an identical fan. That was in October. Now I am having the same issue with this new one, The remote works for the light but does not turn on the fan. I am getting the beeping sound that tells what speed it should be going at, but no movement. Do I have to get an electrician in again to de-install it and install a new one? (not a Harbor Breeze-Never again!) I am not able to install or fix it on my own. I feel like Harbor Breeze should pay for the new installation. Very angry!
mslivey Send email
Oct 5, 2014

light on ceiling fan turns off

My ceiling fan was installed 5 months ago. Recently my light just started turning off after being on for less than 20 mins. I'm using the same bulbs that came with the fan and even tried taking 1 out to see if that would resolve the problem. This is very annoying especially when this is suppose to be a great brand.
nmhundley Send email
Aug 10, 2014

fan speed

3-speed pull chain ceiling fan (with pull chain, center globe, light kit) has been working properly for several years; the fan speed control pull chain has stopped working; only runs on one speed, somewhere between slow and medium. Please advise.
Zet Tsui Send email
May 5, 2014

remote not working

same problem.
two buttons, slow speed and off buttons, not working.
I could buy a replacement at about half the fan's purchase price.
However, after reading this forum, I am afraid it will quit again soon/
I am leaning towards buying a universal remote,
sslink Send email
Jan 12, 2014

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan New type Remote

I just bought 3 Harbor Breeze Portes ceiling fan with light and remote from Lowes. The fans have a remote control that only has 2 combinations. There is one dip switch that you put to either 0 or 1. No access to the receiver in the fan itself. You turn the power off, then back on, and press the Learn button. So when I installed the 3rd fan, I had to duplicate the code. Now when I turn the light on that 3rd fan, the 1st fan light also goes on. WHY in the world would Lowes change the technology from the old remotes with 4 dip switches (giving the user 16 different combinations). Why would they want to limit each household to only buying 2 of these fans ? Whoever came up with this idea should be fired. Does anyone know how I can get the 3rd fan to work without affecting one of the other ones ? Thanks
Mouse123080 Send email
Mar 20, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I just bought an Harbor Breeze today and it was one of the higher end ones after my boyfriend worked all day we put it up and guess what the remote won't even work the fan will come on when you turn on at the switch on the wall and its brand new. My boyfriend failed to tell me that the fan we had( which the fan wouldn't work but the light would ) was a Harbor Breeze or I wouldn't have bought another one. I am taking this piece of $H!T back to LOWES Im going to get something else or go to Home Depot
Rmftd69 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

Sorry idiots... I myself have had many harbor breeze fans, all installed myself by the way. they all have done awesome.. no noise what so ever and never any remote problems. Maybe all of you have the same model series and its strictly a problem with that specific one...hard to find bulbs my ass and sounds like a bunch of you have no clue and love to blame shit on someone or something else. Also, are you buying the cheapest model you can??? sometimes you get what you pay for ..I paid 169.00 each for all of mine...
Andrea C Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remotes not working

So glad to read this information! I have had my harbor breeze fan in my bedroom for only 2 years and the remote no longer works effectively. all controls still work expect to turn the fan off. best i can do is set it in low for the winter months which it is not needed... too bad because i often recommended this great buy to others. disappointing to think i have to buy another unit. next time... my fan will com with a remote and a pull chain for these instances. too bad, was just looking to install fans in 3 other rooms, won't go with harbor breeze. thanks - smart buyer from western new york
Ekim4900 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remotes not working

I have 3 Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and for each one the remote has stopped working at least 2 times, I have replaced the remote each time it breaks. The cost to replace them is obscene. They cost between 35 and 50 dollars each. It's about time that Lowes does something about the poor quality of there products.
Minchu Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remotes not working

My harbor breeze ceiling fan stop working too, with the same problem! The remote control. The control is as expensive as the fan. They should replace the remote for free.
Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Kevin Sweeney Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I have had this fan since August of this year with no complaints. The battery did fail after four months but not completely. The battery is a 12V and when the voltage drops to a certain point the light in the remote will continue to light up and give you the impression there is something else wrong. After trying to pair the remote to the fan with the learn button several times I finally checked the voltage on the remote. It was 9.63 volts. I swapped it with the battery from my garage opener and it works. Bottom line try the battery first, I am very pleased with this fan overall and was waiting to see how the remote held up before purchasing a second fan. I'm going to give it another year before considering the second.
GinaB07 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I haven't seen this one on here yet. My daughter accidently spilled something on our remote. I have noproblem getting a new one, but ever since this happened, the entire unit doesnt work at all! Both fan and lights have pull chains that don't do a thing. Do I have to somehow disable the remote function to be able to operate the fan with the chains? P.S. The remote never worked right to begin with and would randomly turn unit on and off and sometimes not at all, but the unit still always worked using the chains. And yes, the wall switch is on...lol!
CMRVA Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

Good fans for the money, however, I too had the remote issue. Actually turned it on after 2 months of use, it smoked a bit and then popped. I re-rigged it so that the fan only needs the remote. Harbor Breeze is a "House brand" of Lowe's made in China probably by the same folks who make name brand units. Stores use house brands for a variety of reasons, cost and the fact that you can't really shop apples to apples for lower price since no one else carries them. Lowe's stores for the most part are among the most accomodating if you have an issue even months later. Some of you should simply try to return and get an exchange; however I understand many of you had them installed professionally and probably don't want to mess with it personally. If the unit is under warranty, ask to speak with the Ops or Store manager, many times they will foot the bill for an installer to replace your unit. Lowe's and Home Depot are in a huge struggle, so both companies want your repeat business.
Phil S. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I just bought TWO Harbor Breeze fans from lowe's and had them installed. Although one clearly was intended for a remote (the receiver box is in the fan housing), it didnt come with a remote. Since I have them both wired to individual wall switches for motor and light, I now see the lack of remote is of no concern. I love the look and they were easy to install. Sorry everyone is having such an issue with their remotes.
Hunter 3-speed Ceiling Fan Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

The pullchain on my Harbor Breeze 3-speed fan broke. I removed the wires for the 3-speed hook-up before I bought a repalcement, so I lost the wiring sequence for installing the new switch. The connection sequence is L, 1, 2, 3, 4, but I need to know the color sequence of the wires to find the right connections.

Bob Gannon
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I bought two Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans at Lowe's last year... one for my bedroom and one for the Florida Room. I have had no problems whatsoever with the one installed in the Florida Room. However, the remote control has completely stopped working on the fan in my bedroom. I have tried re-setting it but have not had any luck. As it is now, I cannot turn anything on or off with the remote control and the bad thing is that it only came with a remote control; i.e., there is no pull string for back-up. Anybody got any suggestions on how to correct this problem? I checked the Lowe's website and a replacement remote control costs $50.98 and I only paid something like $59.99 for each ceiling fan. What's wrong with this picture? Thank you for your time and assistance, if possible.
Rick003 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

Try new batteries in your remotes! Its not that the remotes are failing, but they do use up a battery in less than a month! Defiantly a design defect.
Stashu Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Remote control stopped working!

I seem to have better luck with the remotes than most people. I have 3 fans that I bought several years ago. Last year my remotes started dying. I replaced two of the remotes for $30.00 each Last year. Today My third remote quit working, after reading some of the comments, I took the remotes apart, and cleaned the contacts. Now all my old remotes are working again. My biggest complaint is that you can not buy a replacement remote, without also buying a receiver Why should you have to spend $30.00 for a $10.00remote and a $20.00 receiver?

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