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Hardee's commercial

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Hardee's commercial

Common Sense Send email
Jul 23, 2015

ad strategy

Dear Hardees,

Please reconsider your advertisement in karachi and Lahore.We know what you know and we can see what you are trying to show.Thanks.

P.S avoid making such controversial and vulgur advertisement and stop advertising your buns like women's bums.
One more thing,this request has been sent by an average free mindset rather than conservative one.You need to look into this.I SURE HOPE THAT WHO-SO-EVER HAS DESIGNED THIS AD DOESN'T HAVE CHILDREN,IS THIS WHAT HIS PARENTS TEACH THEM?

Womanworm Send email
Jun 27, 2015

filthy commercials

I LOVE your sausage buscuits. But since your commercials are so filthy, I will no longer support Hardees. You should be ashamed!
Kst Send email
Jun 24, 2015

Hardee's commercial

Yuck! Watching TV with my husband and this commercial comes on with a Half naked girl eating a nasty looking sandwich. This is ridiculous!! Shame on you Hardees. It makes me not even want to eat there...😠 take the commercial off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention I don't want my kids watching that that nasty crap and husband!!! It makes me MAD!!!!😡
BHL2015 Send email
Jun 11, 2015

Hardee's commercials

Hardee's commercials are not selling their food. They are selling women's bodies and that is degrading. If your food can't sell itself it must not be very good. Have some respect for women and leave them out of your sick marketing scams. I will never eat at Hardee's because of these commercials.
iggy Send email
Feb 15, 2015

Yuck! Hardees

This latest advertising campaign is just downright disgusting. The last thing anyone needs to see is a pretty girl acting like a slut and eating like a pig. You don't need to stoop to this stuff. Shame on you Hardees!
Andrea Send email
Feb 1, 2015

Disturbing ada

I'm from New York, and I have no idea why I'm even seeing these friggen disgusting commercials on my tv considering these fast food places are no where near where I live... But yet I still see these stupid and downright disturbing commercials that make me wanna puke in my mouth. I've never tried there food, and I never will. Don't they realize that they are actually losing business because of their dumbass ads? That crap doesn't sell their stupid burgers, if anything it's only turning people off of it. My boyfriend doesn't like these commercials either and we will never eat at these places. Serves ya right Hardees/carls Jr!
vanillanilla Send email
Feb 1, 2015

Herpes burgers

I think your burgers may have herpes considering every commercial ever aired has been pornographic. I haven't eaten at Hardee's in over two years because the ads are extremely sexist and degrading. CHILDREN ARE SEEING THIS. You know it's sad when your commercial is more sexual than VS and they sell lingerie for crying out loud. Someone needs to rethink your marketing. It's DISGUSTING AND TRASHY. I've seen the ad for this years Super Bowl. ARE YOU KIDDING, FAMILIES ARE GOING TO SEE THAT. Good job for having absolutely no morals. And it's obvious that you don't care considering you openly said "we put hot models in our commercials cause ugly people don't sell." Wow. Superficial, much? Jack off on your own time and leave it off my tv. The only thing that would ever make me eat there again is if a public apology was issued and the sexist commercials stop and are replaced with something actually decent.
bebe Send email
Nov 27, 2014

disgusting Hardees porn commercials

I hate this company. I bring the topic up whenever fastfood favorites are discussed and most everyone I talk to says the exact same thing. No one wants to eat there anymore. I do not eat there. My family does not eat there. What major pervert(s) do you have in charge of your advertising? Did they previously work in the porn industry? I hope and pray Hardee's goes out of business. I cringe and want to puke just driving past one. They rank on the same scale as those stupid, nasty signs that people seem to think should be plastered along the interstates or in big cities. If people want crap like that, they'll search it out. Stop shoving it in the faces of those who do not. Sick freaks. I don't want my kids seeing crap like this. I don't want to see crap like this. This is beyond offensive. Hardee's obviously does not care about customers. If they did, they wouldn't do this. I will never eat here again. My family will never eat at a Hardee's again. I hate this company.
supersam Send email
Nov 24, 2014


Your commericals are just plain sick. Your new food must be utter crap if you are trying this desperately to sell it. I'm done with hardees from now on.
menarepigs Send email
Nov 21, 2014

nasty scum of the world

It really is embarrassing that you have to go this far to have all the slum in the world meet all at one place ?not a family environment. Why not bring them to hooters. is that's the stuff you want to see with your kid next to you?I will never return to that place again good thing there's not a lot around us. You guys are making kids watch port at a younger age. If you mute the TV when this is on u would think that they are ready for sex even when they are hungry. Commercial doesnt make sense and makes kids think that's what all anyone wants is sex and only skinny sexy looking people. Wow I hope you get a new ceo and new crew to come run your business hardees cause you fucked up huge.
Kaykay Send email
Nov 9, 2014


I will no longer eat at Hardee's. The commercials are in such poor taste.
madtenor12 Send email
Oct 16, 2014


I wish there was something we could do that would not allow Hardee's restaurants to produce pornographic commercials. This is seen by children who are subjected to it without will. Isn't there a law that states that showing children pornography is child abuse? Shouldn't they be charged with child abuse?
Kaye Send email
Oct 14, 2014

Hardee's commercials

I can't believe your advertising agency actually sold you on your recent commercials . Please explain to your FORMER customers what the thought process is for this type of advertising???? Your commercials are degrading to women and men alike. Do you really think that Men are so shallow and stupid that this type of advertising will being them into your restaurants ? Well this one is not . My family and I are boycotting your restaurants and anything else you are associated with .
IamBlessed Send email
Oct 14, 2014

Disgusting Comercial

My wife and I used to go to Hardee's for breakfast, but we had to make a stand on your most recent soft porn commercials. The marketing you have chosen for your mile high and texas burger with the "Mile High" Comment or implied sexual connotation and the 2 scantily dressed women mauling a car is nothing more than porn. We will never visit Hardee's as long as your marketing has no moral fortitude. It is a sad state that your once great restaurant has stooped so low use filth to compete with your competition. Why not try a more Godly or family approach based on moral Biblical Principles. I guess we will now visit such places as Chik-fil-a . Amazing how their stance on morals & family values has served them so well. I know I am not the only one that feels this way. If you must continue with the vulgarity & pornagraphy in your ad campaigns then you will continue your decent in popularity and soon fall by the wayside with the likes of Burger Chef, Sambo's, Steak & Ale, White Tower aka White Castle Just to mention a few. Go back to your roots Hardee's Serve "Real" Flame broiled burgers like the " Big Twin" & " Big Deluxe" They were great burgers. Not the pre cooked microwave junk you serve now. Use marketing that will make a parent want to bring their children to your chain. Not the filth you have on there now with known or implied trashy women.
nicolew Send email
Oct 8, 2014


Your burgers must REALLY taste like shit to have these skanks in your commercials.Being a really good looking women myself, the men who came up with this commercial must be really hard up......Literally
KAF57 Send email
Oct 7, 2014


Very sick and degrading commercials you air for your food! Your company has NO respect towards women and the women who allow themselves to make money doing these commercials demean their own sex. Disgusting low grade women. I hope this restaurant goes under. A respectful man who loves or respects any woman in his life whether it be a mom or a sister or wife should refuse to eat at their establishment and turn the channel when one of these degrading commercials come on as they make women look like sluts and objects. Obviously, there are all men on the advertising committee choosing this garbage.

The problem is there are less and less respectful men who would take a stand against these sexist commercials towards women to help end this type of advertising. Those type of men are more of the problem than a solution. Keep that in mind gentlemen when you make derogatory remarks as comments and taking a stand for Hardees. You are classifying yourself at the same level as Hardees demeaning level.
Hardees must have some really disrespectful CEO's that are getting a thrill out of making a mockery out of women and they are getting away with it. And why? Don't keep the commercial on, you are only boosting their ratings. Just as with any movie or show you watch. Turn it off or switch channels to avoid boosting the rating.

I refuse to eat at any Hardees. My business will go where as a female I am respected.
mmykert Send email
Sep 19, 2014

Your TV Ad's

NASTY NASTY NASTY Not family friendly!!! I already block TV shows I can't block ad's bout ready to put the sex box out in the front yard!!!! Home cooked meals and home school is really close!!!
lpetrusha Send email
Sep 17, 2014

Hardee's Commercial

I just saw the Hardee's/Carl's Jr. advertisement with Paris Hilton. REALLY? I thought I was watching soft porn, next to my 13 year old boy. Come on. If that's the direction you need to go to sell your burgers, then your burgers must not be very good. Pathetic.
Sjking Send email
Sep 12, 2014

porn commercial

I think your recent commercials using soft porn is disgusting and in very bad taste. What kind of message are you sending our children and young adults.
LouAnn Send email
Sep 11, 2014


My family and friends will not eat there again until they clean up their commercials. Not going to spend my hard earned money to help Hardees put soft porn commercials on television. Totally disgusting!!!!
elsberry Send email
Sep 11, 2014

no taste what happened to your value s

please show better taste than that I don't need sex to sell your hamburgers I will never eat there again with my kids because the need to straighten Your act up. Before u lose your business business.will tell all of my friends and family members not to eat there no more no more until you straighten your Act
ChicksBeachMom Send email
Sep 9, 2014

Soft Core Commercials.

I find it surprising that Hardees now needs to advertise soft core pornography in order to sell cheeseburgers. My family and I will no longer be patrons of this restaurant.
faith and hope Send email
Sep 5, 2014


Same as the rest. I am ashamed that our country has come to this point. Since when can we air this stuff on tv. I have always been against even Victoria Secret or weight loss commercials airing, but AT LEAST they were promoting their actual product!! Food commericials should be FAMILY oriented and about the sandwhich, not a sex scene about women. WHY are these commerical even able to get aired?? Is there not a board that sensors this stuff?? No wonder kids are getting more interested at younger ages. In elementary they are exposed to practically sexually related material and almost naked women!! I dont even want my husband watching this stuff. I dont want to see this stuff. If I wanted to see a women naked, I WOULD LOOK IN A MIRROR IN PRIVATE, not turn on the tv. There are movie rental channels for people who want to engage in this type of content. Our commerical people need a reality and moral check.
Mollyladley_00 Send email
Sep 4, 2014


Those comercials are rediculous. My younger siblings are trying to watch tv and we have to make them close their eyes because of those commercials. How about putting some clothes on. Please take them off.
Pud Send email
Aug 31, 2014


The burger commercials that Hardee's does are not fit for family viewing. They border being porn. They all need to be removed.
We no longer eat at Hardee's.

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