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Hardee's commercial

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Hardee's commercial

Linda Brummer Send email
Feb 6, 2016


bad service,uneatable food high prices. We waited 45 minutes on food when thr food was delivered to table it was either cold or so hard and greasy you could not eat it. We spent $20.00 on food we had to throw away.
Linda Brummer Send email
Feb 6, 2016


I stopped at Hardee's around 6 pm last night we were the only customers in the building. They took our order and gave us a number we ordered 1cod Fish, 1 make it a combo, Jalenpo Poppers Sm beverage, 1 3pc Chicken tenders honey Mustard small fry sm beverage 1 Chilli Dog came to $18.15. station 2 cashier 12 Fri 2/5/16 6:15 pm Check 20085 Eat In. We went to our table and waited and waited 6:30 no food 6;45 NO FOOD i STOOD UP LOOKED AT THE FRONT COUNTER DID NOT SEE ANYONE AT FRONT COUNTER ONLY HEARD TALKING IN BACK. 6:50 HER COMES THE LADY THAT TOOK OUR ORDER WITH OUR FOOD. She appoligzed and said our order didnt get transfered to back screen I can kinda understand that maybe things do happen> We started to eat our food the chilliedog was cold with cold chillie on top, the fish was greasy and cold uneatable the chicken strips was so hard you could not eat them fry's was cold the only food fit to eat was the poppers. This was not the first time we have had bad service and food but by far the worse!!!! My husband is to the point he is refusing to go back.
fike4ecu Send email
Nov 13, 2015

Not one positive comment

While numbers may show an increase in burger sales which I would highly doubt was due to these ridiculous commercials, I am quite sure that you have lost loyal customers who otherwise would eat it your restaurant. As I read some of the comments I have yet to find a single positive comment. As for me and my family, we no longer eat at your restaurant. Enjoy your new customers but note that you have lost many loyal old customers. It seems to me that you would want both to continue to eat at your restaurant however with the offensive commercials you will continue to lose those of us who have higher standards.
autumn0316 Send email
Oct 26, 2015

Hardee's is disgusting.

Seeing these degrading commercials makes me so mad. I can't even sit on the couch with my family to watch a movie without seeing half naked girls bouncing around on the screen. THIS IS DISGUSTING.
Tialeneewh Send email
Oct 25, 2015

Provocative commercials

I love the food at Hardee's and am saddened at the way they have chosen to sell food. The content of the commercials who cause a movie to be rated at minimum of pg 13. Why is okay to have this flashed between cartoons, family movies, and the news?? Please reconsider.
Epicnext75 Send email
Oct 18, 2015

Hardee's Nasty Commercial

Dear Hardee's,
Because of your sinful, nasty, immature, brainless, tasteless, offensive, women-demeaning commercial, I will be boycotting your stores until your stupid marketing committee can get it together and produce something that is family friendly.

Carrieh82 Send email
Oct 16, 2015

What an embarrassing way to sell burgers

Seriously not understanding why it takes showing naked ladies on t.v. to sell food. I'm tired of being vigilant trying to fast forward or turn the channel quickly so my family doesn't see this trash. Even my husband is made uncomfortable by this advertising. We are boycotting your restaurant until this ridiculous brand of marketing is discontinued.
codapop Send email
Oct 12, 2015

Hardees commercials

I am outraged that Hardees feels they need to use half naked women to sell fast food. I will never go there again, nor will my family. The ad agency and Hardees management should be ashamed of themselves!
wt11 Send email
Oct 4, 2015


I just saw the Tex vs Mex commercial for the first time and I am once again disappointed in your choice of advertisement. I am 20 and watched it with my boyfriend and even he was enraged at the fact that you are using women's bodies to sell your food. You have lost both of our business and I hope you classy up your commercials soon.
Kelseyhoney Send email
Sep 30, 2015


I agree with over all complaints, gross. Check yourself before you wreck yourself
Vgb2012 Send email
Aug 18, 2015

Uncalled for nastiness

Who are you trying to appeal to? The general public, or 60-year-old perverse men??? It's pretty sad when I feel like I have to eye the tv when commercials come on just to make sure my kid doesn't see some skimpy-dressed woman soliciting a cheeseburger... You know, comedy sells just as well. It isn't necessary or appreciated to turn your commercials into porn-teasers. It's sick and annoying.
ylmcgriff Send email
Aug 14, 2015

Red Burrito

My families stomach is slapp mucked up.. AND THROWING UP!!!! Will never do again...... I see why buy one get one free.. We sat on the toilet. OR OVER THE TOILET!!! Stomach still girgling... TERRIBLE.... STICK TO BURGERS AND GOOD BREAKFAST... I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!
lorioutland Send email
Aug 4, 2015

disgusting commercials

I will never eat at Hardee's again after being subjected to such vulgar and degrading commercials on television. What kind of company is this? You are advertising fast food, not pornography.
Sletort Send email
Aug 3, 2015

Hardee's Who's doing your advertising??? A pervert!

I'm so sick of explaining these disgusting and pointless commercials to my 11 yr old son and my 15 yr old daughter! Plz everyone put your complaints into www.fcc.org. Hopefully if there's enough they can pull the commercials. I will never eat at Hardee's and nether will about 20 other family members.
EllaMae0023 Send email
Aug 1, 2015

Home grown??

TV these days is ridiculous on degrading of women and what we have been through. The sad thing is women allow themselves to be degraded. The cycle is never broken because some women do not see self worth. I am 42 years old and I saw the girl in a bikini eating a burger and something to the regards of "homegrown". This made me feel uncomfortable. It was very distasteful of a cheap campaign in order to have better advertisement. I do not want little men growing up and thinking this is ok when they see the degrading of women. I am quite upset by this.
sherry23 Send email
Jul 30, 2015

girl eating a hardees hamburger

I used to love to eat at Hardees but after seeing the nasty nude commericals of girl will no long continue to eat there. I think its ridicilous to try to sell burgers and use sex to do it. The only thing those commericials cause is a hard on for the man. Make commericials that are decent
Customeradvocate Send email
Jul 29, 2015

Degrading Hardee's Commercials

Every time I have seen a Hardee's commercial the past few years I have been in total shock and disgust for the poor taste and disregard for decency on TV during hours and on channels children may be watching. I just thought to google the topic and am quite happy that's many other Americans share my opinion. I will never again eat at Hardee's and will share the message with everyone I know. While many companies objectify the human body to sell their products, Hardee's takes it to a whole new vulgar level. Hardee's, Please change your advertising approach or watch as your empire crumbles! The American people have spoken and we don't buy it...literally!
Common Sense Send email
Jul 23, 2015

ad strategy

Dear Hardees,

Please reconsider your advertisement in karachi and Lahore.We know what you know and we can see what you are trying to show.Thanks.

P.S avoid making such controversial and vulgur advertisement and stop advertising your buns like women's bums.
One more thing,this request has been sent by an average free mindset rather than conservative one.You need to look into this.I SURE HOPE THAT WHO-SO-EVER HAS DESIGNED THIS AD DOESN'T HAVE CHILDREN,IS THIS WHAT HIS PARENTS TEACH THEM?

Womanworm Send email
Jun 27, 2015

filthy commercials

I LOVE your sausage buscuits. But since your commercials are so filthy, I will no longer support Hardees. You should be ashamed!
Kst Send email
Jun 24, 2015

Hardee's commercial

Yuck! Watching TV with my husband and this commercial comes on with a Half naked girl eating a nasty looking sandwich. This is ridiculous!! Shame on you Hardees. It makes me not even want to eat there...😠 take the commercial off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention I don't want my kids watching that that nasty crap and husband!!! It makes me MAD!!!!😡
BHL2015 Send email
Jun 11, 2015

Hardee's commercials

Hardee's commercials are not selling their food. They are selling women's bodies and that is degrading. If your food can't sell itself it must not be very good. Have some respect for women and leave them out of your sick marketing scams. I will never eat at Hardee's because of these commercials.
iggy Send email
Feb 15, 2015

Yuck! Hardees

This latest advertising campaign is just downright disgusting. The last thing anyone needs to see is a pretty girl acting like a slut and eating like a pig. You don't need to stoop to this stuff. Shame on you Hardees!
Andrea Send email
Feb 1, 2015

Disturbing ada

I'm from New York, and I have no idea why I'm even seeing these friggen disgusting commercials on my tv considering these fast food places are no where near where I live... But yet I still see these stupid and downright disturbing commercials that make me wanna puke in my mouth. I've never tried there food, and I never will. Don't they realize that they are actually losing business because of their dumbass ads? That crap doesn't sell their stupid burgers, if anything it's only turning people off of it. My boyfriend doesn't like these commercials either and we will never eat at these places. Serves ya right Hardees/carls Jr!
vanillanilla Send email
Feb 1, 2015

Herpes burgers

I think your burgers may have herpes considering every commercial ever aired has been pornographic. I haven't eaten at Hardee's in over two years because the ads are extremely sexist and degrading. CHILDREN ARE SEEING THIS. You know it's sad when your commercial is more sexual than VS and they sell lingerie for crying out loud. Someone needs to rethink your marketing. It's DISGUSTING AND TRASHY. I've seen the ad for this years Super Bowl. ARE YOU KIDDING, FAMILIES ARE GOING TO SEE THAT. Good job for having absolutely no morals. And it's obvious that you don't care considering you openly said "we put hot models in our commercials cause ugly people don't sell." Wow. Superficial, much? Jack off on your own time and leave it off my tv. The only thing that would ever make me eat there again is if a public apology was issued and the sexist commercials stop and are replaced with something actually decent.
bebe Send email
Nov 27, 2014

disgusting Hardees porn commercials

I hate this company. I bring the topic up whenever fastfood favorites are discussed and most everyone I talk to says the exact same thing. No one wants to eat there anymore. I do not eat there. My family does not eat there. What major pervert(s) do you have in charge of your advertising? Did they previously work in the porn industry? I hope and pray Hardee's goes out of business. I cringe and want to puke just driving past one. They rank on the same scale as those stupid, nasty signs that people seem to think should be plastered along the interstates or in big cities. If people want crap like that, they'll search it out. Stop shoving it in the faces of those who do not. Sick freaks. I don't want my kids seeing crap like this. I don't want to see crap like this. This is beyond offensive. Hardee's obviously does not care about customers. If they did, they wouldn't do this. I will never eat here again. My family will never eat at a Hardee's again. I hate this company.

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