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Hardee's commercial

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Hardee's commercial

Pud Send email
Aug 31, 2014


The burger commercials that Hardee's does are not fit for family viewing. They border being porn. They all need to be removed.
We no longer eat at Hardee's.
redgirl39 Send email
Aug 28, 2014

hardees commercial

Your Hardee's commercial during primetime football was very distasteful. It is obvious that you as a well known restaurant does not care about what are young children being exposed to. Even last year your commercial exposed white woman making them out to look desperate and cheat to advertise your burgers. It is very offensive, disrespectful and down right disgusting what you are doing and this commercial and any others you may have needs to be pulled immediately.
nurzsandi Send email
Aug 26, 2014

TV Commercials for Carls Jr

I cannot believe the commercial showing two blondes in bathing suits--Upton & Hilton ! The scenes resemble a sex flick! It looks liked adult male content to me...yet it is shown during family shows. Plus I think it is degrading to women.
I will not go back to Carls Jr. until they stop showing the commercial. I love the burgers but cannot support this!!
Your food is great & should be the important point in commercials............. not sex
Pud Send email
Aug 25, 2014

Texas Barbecue

Pull the commercial it is filthy and sexual suggestive for kids to be watching - terrible
mjkasinger Send email
Aug 23, 2014

pathectic and disgusting

I'm sitting on the couch watching shark week on discovery channel. Commercials come on and I could not believe the latest hardees and Carl Jr ad. All I could think was REALLY - YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!! I cannot imagine how pathetic
you must be to actually put that on tv. If I wanted to watch porn I would pay for it. Tv stations shouldn't' be playing it. Just as
much their fault. Believe it or not most people agree
with me. Nobody should have to look at this crap, especially during daytime.
Saddest attempt I've ever seen to sell food (or was that sex? I'm confused) Anyway I will make a point to NEVER eat
at your restaurants again. SO SAD ... PATHETIC!!!!!!!!
Katrinah Send email
Aug 23, 2014

Hardee's Commercial

I just saw the Hardees commercial with two women in swim suits on trucks. This has to be one of the most disgusting commercials I've see. I was watching TV with my 25 year old son and we both found it to be offensive. What on this side of the planet does that commercial have to do with a burger. This commercial is inappropriate at any time. I feel that you don't have the most appealing prices to begin with, but with this poor choice of marketing I will not continue to patronize the business. There are enough things in this world to negatively influence our children without a food commercial being one of them. Very disappointed!!
alwilkey Send email
Aug 22, 2014

Hardees commercials

I have nothing original to say. I echo everything that has been said about how inappropriate your commercials are and this most recent Texas big truck wash with the soapy sex object is enough. It is not selling food it is promoting and selling pornography and is disgusting. It is totally unnecessary and thousands of other food service industries have become successful with their menu, quality of food and service. This is not a family restaurant and I can assure you another family will never spend our money with you.
bailey8890 Send email
Aug 22, 2014

disgusting soft porn commercial

My entire family and all my co workers are boycotting hardees until this commercial is gone. Thought this was a family restaurant? I don't want my kids eating at a restaurant that uses such absolute filth to advertise. Furthermore I thought advertising was suppose to draw in revenue not drive it away? Whoever approved this commercial you're trash . Hardees I'm done with you. You're obviously owned by a disgusting pig.
nurselinthree Send email
Aug 19, 2014


lhenderson Send email
Aug 18, 2014


Why use such provocative commercials? Your product should speak for itself! We have enough porn in this country without seeing it in our food commercials. Please..................clean it up! Lois Henderson
jumpdw Send email
Aug 16, 2014

Commercial Pais Barbarbque commercial

This Paris commercial is pure filth, families eat at you restaurant so do Many Many senior citizens --- We d not want these kind of commercials
sue231 Send email
Aug 15, 2014

Porn commercials

Your commercials are disgusting. Why do you keep using porn as a way to sale your product. The two have no connection. What do you think more men are going to come to your restaurant just because you have nasty commercials. What is wrong with you people. I would think Hardees would be a family type restaurant but this looks more like a strip club than a place to buy food.
hardees Send email
Aug 14, 2014

Hardee's commercial

I am joining the ranks of saying that your recent commercial is not appropriate. I know that the dollar signs are what generate your commercial, well, I'm here to tell you that if people stopped buying your products and let you know why they are doing it, things would change. I for one will not buy Hardee's products until you stop the horrendously inappropriate commercials.
defwohio Send email
Aug 13, 2014

Hardee's inappropriate commercial

I like Hardee's food. I do not like Hardee's recent commercial. It is degrading and not fit for viewing on family time TV. Hardee's, shame on you. Please show respect for your customers and yourselves and remove this commercial from TV.
jkriger Send email
Aug 11, 2014

Soft Porn Commercial

As a father, and organizational professional I am no prude, but I was appalled by your commercial using and objectifying scantily clad women to sell hamburgers. It was shown during prime time, when most children are watching and during football games, when young boys and adolescents would be watching. This is highly inappropriate, demonstrating extremely poor judgement on the part of your leadership. This choice cheapens your brand and demonstrates a high disregard for women. Do the right thing and pull the ads.
jcb Send email
Aug 11, 2014

Hardees BBQ Commercial

Why am I being subjected to pornography during a football game? Why are my children and grandchildren being subjected to pornography during a football game? We turned to ABC to watch NFL football.....not view pornography! Are there no FCC rules and regulations that this type commercial is violating? I tuned to watch football. I didn't sign up to watch pornography. How dare Hardees to even make a commercial like this. I called Hardee's Corporate offices to complain and of course I had to leave a message. Left my name and phone number, told them what I wanted but bet they don't call me back. When maneuvering through their voice commands, guess what? The very FIRST option was....."For comments concerning our TV ads, punch 1." They know EXACTLY what they are doing and will not change. The only thing that will change these commercials is a decline in revenue. I will NEVER eat at a Hardees again......EVER! And if everyone else feels the same......then Bingo! I also understand this commercial (with Paris Hilton) was also show yesterday (Sunday) during the PGA Golf Tournament at Valhalla.
2009bc Send email
Aug 10, 2014

Offensive and disgusting commercials

The men and women involved in the making and airing of these commercials should be ashamed. What's wrong with this world? Sex does not sell burgers. It's gross.
OUTRAGED Send email
Aug 10, 2014


Shame on all involved with this commercial. ( Those who produced it, filmed it, acted in it, edited it, purchased it and aired it).Where does one begin to protest this? Certainly there are enough places where porn can be selected, if one so desires; but this absurd advertisement, for a hamburger, that is "beamed": into my home during the broadcast of a football game is not appropriate! It does not seem appropriate to be sent to anyone without warning. I want to know what I am purchasing or viewing and to be blindsided by this is disgusting. Where is the FCC? Do I complain to my cable company? Do I protest to the NFL or any other program owners? Who will take notice of this? Certainly not Hardees as one can say with a fair degree of certainty, that this pathetic corporation knew exactly what they were doing!
lbwinburn Send email
Aug 9, 2014

inappropriate ad

Why in the world does Hardees need to use inappropriate advertising to sell hamburgers? I, too, am disappointed that there has not been some restrictions set on what can be shown on channels that are meant to be family friendly. My TV is turned off when this ad comes on! I never thought that this kind of advertising would have been allowed on regular TV channels, and I never imagined that a restaurant that is considered a family restaurant would support, much less condone, what is intentionally meant to be pornographic in nature. Shame on Hardees and shame on those of us who find this inappropriate for not speaking up. I'll never give Hardees another thought in terms of considering this as a choice for a meal. So, as some would say, it's your choice as to whether you will watch, so my choice is to turn it off and to consider Hardees as off limits.
Momof3kelly Send email
Aug 7, 2014

Family Programming

Shame on Hardees and NBC for showing that raunchy commercial during such shows as "American Ninja Warriors" and "America's Got Talent", which are family friendly. I will never eat at Hardees again. Ridiculous. How is this allowed?
tessa Send email
Aug 6, 2014

hardee. commercial

why is hardee's not in violation of federal regulations by showing porn during family hours? Do we no longer have these regulations?Thank goodness our towns hardees closed when people stopped eating there because of their vulgar ads. I hope it will happen all over this country.
Nancy skelley Send email
Aug 5, 2014

Soft Porn Hardee's Ad

I am confused as to why Hardee's is using porn to sell hamburgers. It is in very poor taste and instead of making me want to eat at Hardee's, it has the opposite effect. I will not be going there any more, instead I will get my sausage biscuits at Bojangles and my burgers at Wendy's. Is this really the best your advertising company can do?
momma Send email
Jul 30, 2014


I was watching the Deadliest Catch and was shocked by a pornographic Hardees commercial. REALLY? We will be sure to avoid eating at our local Hardees. So sick of all of the perversion in this country!
ca66rn62wal Send email
Jul 29, 2014

Hardees Commercials

These trashy commercials have got to stop. We are being forced to watch these very sexually explicit commercials. If I wanted to watch the Playboy channel, I would pay for it. I certainly don't expect to see such near nudity and sexuality in a commercial for hamburgers. Each new Hardees commercial get a little worse than the one before. Its time we stand together and get this to stop. I've filed a complaint with the FCC and on the Hardees website. I also plan on calling my local television station. Everyone who is tired of these commercials need to do the same. If enough people complain and quit going to their restaurants, they will take notice.
Punkanoodle Send email
Jul 28, 2014

Not for my family

It is hard enough to raise your children in this world with all of the hidden attacks at their budding morals. Hardees is blatantly attacking them. While there is definitely a place and time for sex and being sexy it is not during family television shows on family channels. We have blocks on shows that exceed the ratings we find appropriate...but how do you block a commercial? While changing the channel would be an option, what real parent has time to sit and be the tv police? From the time I come home from work until the time I tuck my kids into bed I am hard at work keeping my house in order and preparing for the next day. I would like to know that I can leave my oldest alone watching a show while I'm in the next room doing housework or cooking supper without them being exposed such trash. As a family we decided to stop eating at Hardees years ago and we don't miss it. We removed ourselves from your life Hardees...kindly remove yourself from ours.

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