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Infinity Incentive Group

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Infinity Incentive Group

salem1 Send email
Jul 21, 2014

Big Rip Off

Good morning
After talking with your Rep for 30 min on Friday I have come to the conclusion that your company IIG Promotions is a scam.
Now, I work for one of the DOW 30 company’s ((Pratt Whitney / Aero jet Rocketdyne) so I will do everything in my power possible to inform anyone/everyone (Facebook, Emails, Networking) as to my story about dealing with you and your company as I encountered it. My Customer Number is: 699776
A couple months ago my wife and I elected to attended one of your seminars on travel in West Palm Beach Fla. We listened to the speaks and asked questions that we thought were pertinent to our age/$$. At the time we did not elect to take you up on your travel deals but wanted to re visit it at a later date. But when my wife tried to collect on the gift (air fare/cruise) that we were promised, things started falling apart.
The cost the Carnival Cruise agent quoted us was higher than one I could get myself! I ran the # and got pissed!
The Carnival Rep was rude , cruise and socially unacceptable to me wanted you guys to know this.
I’m writing this email/letter in the hopes that maybe someone of importance (up the chain) at Carnival or IIG will step in and elect to make the required changes to the system, to an more honorable company instead of one that tries to rip off people if you don’t purchase their produce on their time/schedule, back to a more ethical establishment. It really disheartens me that I almost invested $$ into your company.
I will be forwarding this email to any / all your upper management, along with management from Caravel Cruise line (the Rep I talked with).
Again, I do this in hopes of some ethical Supervisor who truly cares about the Cruise business and IIL Promotions will stop and listen to this story and make the necessary adjustments required to return your company back to a fleet leader of the travel business instead of a “Hard Selling” Rip off company as I see it now.
I truly hope you have a Great day
Now, I was informed by this young lady from CARNIVAL that I need to send a hand written letter to IIG Promotions to (TRY) get my Dep back.
Stand By, more to come
Dave Salem
Aerojet Rocketdyne
Controls & Externals Engineering
P.O Box 109600, M/S 704-43
West Palm Beach, Fl. 33410-8826
W # 561-882-5476 / C # 561-329-2757
Fax # 818-586-9332
Your Customer Number is: 699776
welzien Send email
Jun 26, 2014

iig Promotion Scam

Scam I recieved a voucher for Airfare Hotel and a Cruise Tryed to complete the paperwork. Had a few questions so called Told me I was the 4 to get to talk to someone after 20 minutes Got disconnected. Called back said I was the 2 person next in line after they said I was next got disconnected. I am so glad I didn't send any other money then the 4.95. I don't know how they can stay in busisness and why the Attoney General hasn't gotten involved. What ever you do don"t do anything with IIG Promotion they are SCRAMMERS!
Linda Abele Send email
Jun 10, 2014

Infinity Travel

We were awarded three travel certificates. Two of the three went through with a personal check The third, which was a flyaway getaway was rendered NULL and VOID because we sent a personal check instead of a money order or a certified check. The other two certificates we received went through WITHOUT incident via personal check.

I called immediately and was told that there is NOTHING that will be done about this.

I have already contacted the Better Business Bureau and we plan to put an ad in the newspaper and post multiple warnings on FB and other social media networks if this is not resolved by you in the next few days.

Our customer NO. is: 694279

Our names are Richard and Linda Abele We can be reached at 717-695-1630 or 717-557-6193.

I await your communication to resolve this situation. I am assuming you will cooperate in order to protect the good name of your business.
Dissapointed Send email
Sep 27, 2012

Infinity Incentive Group

Do not send them money!

The price of the "award" or "incentive" cruise is full price. Actually, the cruise we selected costs $28 less if booked directly through Carnival. 7-day Eastern Caribbean from Miami on January 19, 2013 double occupancy. $1283 using our "Incentive Award Certificate" that we had to jump through hoops for, or $1255 booked through Carnival Cruise Lines website.

Do a critical read of the letters, flyers, and any other written communication. It does not say anywhere that the cruise is free or discounted or that the "award" has any monetary value at all. This is something that I found out when we were finally contacted by phone to book the date and port. When she told me the cost, I told her that I understood the cost of the cruise would be covered by the certificate and I would only be financially responsible for the taxes and port fees. She tried talking around it for awhile but finally said, "The cruise isn't free."

I read the paperwork again. Sure enough, it entitles you to a cruise - not a free cruise.

I read all the blogs about how they try at every stage to render the award invalid. I followed all advise and sent everything certified mail, included the pre-addressed stamped 6X9 envelope when required, and met all deadlines. All this only to find out that the only benefit I would get from booking the cruise with them would be that I could recoup my $100 deposit. $100 isn't worth the risk of booking through this unscrupulous company. Who knows what would happen if I gave them my credit card number!
User929076 Send email
Apr 9, 2012

Not received the Travel Request Form

We received a travel certificate from this company. We were supposed to get free airline tickets and a free hotel for two for two nights. After months and months of letters which had to be sent by certified mail, a deposit which had to be a money order or cashier's check, and numerous phone calls and e-mails, we learned that our "free trip" would cost $1059.01. While we were told that there would be fees if we didn't go during the very few times allowed (literally months and months were not permissible), we were not told what the fees were. We had to jump through all sorts of hoops, and we still were not able to get the promised trip. It seems their goal is to make it nearly impossible to meet all of their requirements, and for those who do, they simply charge them the price of the trip.
Janet Meadows Send email
Mar 5, 2012

Not received the Travel Request Form

Please allow me the opportunity to look into your situation. If you would provide me with your account PIN number I would be happy to review and have someone contact you back in regards to your concern.

We appreciate your feedback and welcome he opportunity to improve our customer service.

Thank you,

Janet Meadows
Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Free cruise is scam!

Infinity Incentive Group have not only ignored my letters to refund my $598 for port fees for the supposed free cruise. We never got a free cruise OR the 2 free nights in Lake Tahoe, CA. To make matters worse, none of their phone numbers work. This is a scam artist company and someone needs to take a stand!!! I am out over $600 from this company and I don't know what to do. Can anyone help me?
Darrelle1 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

Free cruise is scam!

I have followed all the steps and now they're saying none of our 3 choices for the cruise is outside the peak period dates. Now they are doubling the cost which makes it the same amount had we not used Infinity Incentives. The old saying applies to this...If It Sounds Too Good to be True, then it Probably Is.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not received the Travel Request Form

I attended a presentation re: real-estate purchase at Wildwood Shores and was given a Vacation Voucher/Jetaway Activation Form in return. I sent in the Activation Form as per the instructions to:
Infinity Incentive Group
8777 East Via de Ventura, suite 399
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

After many weeks of waiting I had not received the Travel Request Form I was to receive I called the Customer Service number at 866-852-4895. The representative was very nice and said that my voucher had been placed on hold because they had not heard back from me re: the Travel Request Form that they sent. Evidently they sent it to me but I did not receive it. No problem, they will send another one out.

I received the form on Aug. 30th along with a letter which was dated Aug. 25th. The letter simply stated enclosed is the new Travel Request Form you requested in order to continue processing the reservation. The instructions on the Travel Request Form indicate that the form must be received back to IIG within 21 days of Aug. 25th. I put the filled out request into the mail at the post office on Tues. Sept. 5th - the day after labor day. My 21st day would fall on Sept. 15th. This leaves 10 days for the form to be received by IIG. Remember I lost 5 days right from the beginning due to the letter being dated Aug. 25th and receiving it on Aug. 30th. I heard nothing back for some time. Then again received a simple letter on Sept. 30th which was dated Sept. 25th (there appears to be a 5 day pattern with things being mailed from IIG). The letter stated that: "Travel Request Form was not received within 21 days. Your voucher has been placed on hold. Your TRF was not received by us within the 21 day limit. Your voucher is now void".

I phoned for 2 days and was continuously directed to leave a voice mail for a call back. I was unable to do this as I am in and out of meetings all day at work and also work a 2nd job in the evenings. Finally on the 3rd day much to my surprise a person answered the line. When I commented on my surprise to have reached a live person the lady said that when all customer service agents are busy you will always be directed to leave a call back. She asked for my pin number which I gave her. Then.....

without asking what I wanted or how she could help she proceeded to state what appeared to be word for word what the letter said. I told her that couldn't be correct and went on to explain what I explained to you above re: the original form I never received, and then the 5 days lost but still sending the TRF in with 10 days to spare. She continued to quote that my voucher was voided. I asked for a supervisor and she said that she was one as I was actually speaking with the corporate office and calls have been forwarded to her to help since they are short 2 customer service representatives. She came across extremely rude and impatient and tried several times to dismiss me from the phone. Then she said" and besides you didn't follow the instructions and send the $50 per person fee in as per the Terms and Conditions": I quickly turned to my Terms and Conditions and tried to explain to her that I did not see that stated anywhere. And in fact, my Terms stated "do not sent in any money at this time"'. We went around and around with this for a while - she insisted that it is also stated on the TRF directly above my signature. She was very condescending at this point as if I were a complete idiot or something. She left for a moment to get a copy of the document and proceeded to read it to me. I immediately could hear that what she was reading was not what my TRF said. As I tried to interrupt her to tell her this she just became more agitated, didn't want to let me speak and went back to telling me my voucher has been voided. Then she threw in that in addition to this; I didn't request my dates properly because the 1st date I requested (it is to be at least 60 days out from the date the TRF is received by IIG) was not 60 days from the date they received the form. They received it on Sept. 21st. The date I requested was Nov. 14th, remember I sent the request on Sept. 5th with my 21st day being Sept. 15th - I did in fact follow the instructions correctly....Then we went back to the $50 issue and she said " I'm going to have to print out a copy of your TRF and see why yours doesn't say the same thing as everybody else's". (This was said as if I was making it up or something)." But it doesn't matter anyway, I have 3 other calls holding and your voucher has been voided good-bye. And she hung up on me..

After looking over all my documents again I realized something....When you receive your TRF you are also to receive a Welcome Letter and a Terms and Conditions specific to the TRF. I did not receive the traditional Welcome letter (I received a letter with a couple of sentences saying here is the new TRF you requested). That's it ! The Terms and Conditions that I have was the original document that was given to me by Wildwood Shores along with the Activation Request Form. It states " A $50 per person, ticketing/service fee will be required once you have requested your dates along with all appropriate airline and hotel taxes. Then on my TRF in the paragraph above my signature it states " Once my dates of travel are confirmed I will be required to pay for my hotel and airline taxes. No mention of paying the $50 at this time. My TRF in fact matches what my Terms and Conditions states about paying the $50 along with the hotel/airline taxes. Is it possible that I received a different TRF for a different type of gift then what I should have??? This would explain why what I have differs from what this lady was reading to me. And again I did not receive a Welcome packet w/ Terms and Conditions. Is there anything you can do to help? I may be reached at this e-mail or the phone number shown below.

I appreciate any and all assistance with this matter anyone can provide. Thank you.

Mrs. Lewis Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Not received the Travel Request Form

Hi Robin,

Your experience is extremely similar to mine regarding Infinity Incentive Group. We went to the presentation in July; we jumped thru all the hoops and received our welcome packet. I called to try and make arrangements for travel and was told that the whole thing was null and void because we didn't send back the money. However, my instructions also said the funds were due prior to travel when the travel dates had been selected. I just ended a lengthy hold time and finally a conversation with Jennifer ID 2204 who said that her supervisor was Lia ID2208 and that there was absolutely nothing that could be done about this because I missed the deadline on sending in the money and finalizing step 3 in the process.

I asked how many people this had happened to; she said not many because others send in their money per the terms and conditions. I couldn't possibly be the only person who missed out on something here; so I began searching for others and found you all. But I'm sure that there are many more out there.

Jennifer ID2204 informed me that I could send a letter to the CEO of the company at the PO Box in Lake Havasu City, AZ 86405. I will do just that as well as personally contacting the BBB as well as other credit and credibility companies to have investigations launched against this company.

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