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Consumer complaints and reviews about JG WENTWORTH

Nicooler88 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

They cannot be allowed to get away with this

Jg wentworth is just doing their job. They have no control over what anyone does with the money, your neice was of legal age to sign this contract which spelled out all the details of the transaction. if she chose to be a junkie thats her problem not theirs
JJD Send email
Feb 23, 2012

them in general

JG Wentworth will go down some day. They are preditors. I cant wait to get a letter in the mail asking if I want to be part of a class action suit agenst them. I will jump right in. They are rude every time I call. Im stuck for another 13 years. I have to call on the 7th to get my check each month on time. I have gotten the run around for years. They call all of the time, they send letter after letter trying to get me to give up more money. Im told that they are my problem now. I think I will write to CNN next. If anyone knows a way out, please let me know ASAP at alldunn71@aol.com I dont think the lawyers have the stones to take them on. JJ
U.S. Settlement Funding Send email
Feb 23, 2012

them in general

Hi, we are U.S. Settlement Funding. And we have discovered that MANY people have been ripped off by J.G. Wentworth. The reason is, they charge you for the court costs, attorney fees, overhead, and more costs that you don't find out until after you recieve your check and are disappointed. Here at U.S. Settlement Funding we pride ourselves in giving our clients THE BEST rates possible, as a smaller company we are able to give 2 to 3 times the amount to our clients compared to our competitors. We can also purchase life contingent payments or payments that are decades in the future. Give us a call today for a hassle-free quote! 8886976446
U.S. Settlement Funding Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JG Wentworth

Hi, we are U.S. Settlement Funding. Here at U.S. Settlement Funding we pride ourselves in giving our clients THE BEST rates possible, as a smaller company we are able to give 2 to 3 times the amount to our clients compared to our competitors. We can also purchase life contingent payments or payments that are decades in the future. Give us a call today for a hassle-free quote! 8886976446
Yimen Send email
Feb 23, 2012

They cannot be allowed to get away with this

Here is my issue-please bear with me because for you to fully understand, I have to tell you the whole story. My 15 year old nephew was killed 5 years ago, in his home in Martinsburg, WV by a 9 year old holding a loaded 30 odd. His father who had basically nothing to do with his son for YEARS and lives in SD, felt compelled to sue my sister's home owners insurance. Don't ask me how he got away with that. Anyway, they awarded him $100, 000.00. $35, 000.00 was to go to my niece in payments starting at the age of 18. Some went to his step brother. I do not know why. Shawn hated him and they did not keep in touch. The rest went to a Gun Safety Charity. Then my sister tried to drink herself to death. She went into Kidney failure, liver failure and came within inches of dying. Jump ahead 5 years- 2007. Brittany turned 18 in March and got $6, 000.00. Spent $600.00 on clothes and the rest on drugs. This was in March. Come September she wanted more. She was not supposed to get anymore until she turned 21. She made repeated calls to her father who is a retired Service member in SD. He knew about the drug issue. He told her 'No' over and over again. For her to get the money, he would have to sign for it. He refused. He asked my sister why she will not give Brittany spending money. Kelly told him because she will spend it one drugs. She then went to JG Wentworth and got herself a Lawyer. Well, they tried to get the money for her and the Judge asked my sister what she thought. She stood in the Court room and told the Judge that if she got the money she would spend it on drugs. So, he told Britt 'No.' A month later, after repeated calls from JG Wentworth telling her that if they go to court again, she will get the money, back in Court they went. The Judge again asked my sister what she thought and she told him that her daughter would buy drugs with it. The judge told Britt that if she gets this money, she will only get one more payment when she is 21 and the rest of it which will total $20, 000.00 will vanish. She will not get it. He also told her that he will give her the money because 'I know that if I do not give it to you, you will be back.' So, on 11-5-07 she got her money. After giving her boyfriends step father $2000.00 to bail that loser out of jail (I am sure his mother had something to do with Brittany wanting the money), hotel hopping, shopping and drug doing ensued. 11-7-07, upon returning from work, my phone rang. It was my oldest sister Kim telling me to sit down. I expected her to tell me that something had happened to mom, being the natural order of things. No, I did not expect what I heard. My 18 year old niece was on life support. I want to know how JG Wentworth can get away with preying on people the way that they do. They are greedy money hungry people who preyed on a naive 18 year old with learning disabilities that did not FULLY understand what they were telling her. In my eyes, this amounts to stealing. She REALLY did not understand. All she knew was that she was getting money. I want to know how they were able to get my niece the money without my ex brother in law's signature. 11-8-07- She is waking up. They had to sedate her and will hopefully be removing the tubes tonight. Then, we will find out the extend of the damage. She has pneumonia from aspirating. 11-9-07 -Brittany woke up last night. It took 4 nurses to hold her down so they could drain her lungs. Then my mother walked over to her and looked her in the eyes. She calmed down and looked at my mom and said 'Mom Mom, I do not want to die.' I think she understands what has happened. They will not know until she is fully awake how much brain damage (if any-I pray not) there is. These people advertise on TV. What they do not tell you is that they take a big chunk of your money. And, everything they tell you is a lie. They preyed on an 18 year old heroin addict. Did they know she did drugs? Yes, My sister told them she did. They cannot be allowed to get away with this.
Kingstonsound Send email
Feb 23, 2012

They cannot be allowed to get away with this

i never heard of a company that will lend you money on a pending lawsuit. Anyone can sue anyone for anything...not saying your case isnt legit but there is no promises you will get money. I have never used one of these services but I do remember when I initially filed suit against multiple insurance companies my attorney offered to lend me money without me even asking and I declined. I believe JGW and others will only lend you money on structured settlements/annuities (AKA guaranteed money!!)
Shortee 0809 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JG Wentworth

I called many of them . And there rates are real to high. 33% . I want to buy my own house ...not paid of there house. Really ask what there rates are before jumping in the cold water. Do your resherch on google. That's what it s there. INFORMATION... Is your best defense ...
XXkillerdanaXx Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JG Wentworth

I am DEAF (HEARING IMPAIRED) single mom of four, victim of JG Wentworth as well. They offered me an quote to get 40k out of my annuity. Then the judge approved, finally I got only 38, 000. I requested for 40k exactly, not 38k. At first, I put 100k in my annuity at John Hancock Life Insurance ( I regret that I did and wished I never did, at first as well that I never understood annuity due to my deafness related english grammar - I fluented American Sign Language that doesnt speak too well at english) my old attorney rushed me into sign the annuity contract with John Hancock. I was too young to understand it too. I thought it was very cool to get more profits but now I realized it doesnt. Time of life is very precious. So until in year 2007 I saw the commerical about JG Wentworth, I was like - wow, go for it. So this is how I get down to it. In the end, I was suffered of domestic violence and now currently living in transitional housing program after my ex abuser used my 38k and left me pregnant, homeless. I have no place to live but THP. So I called the JG Wentworth again, and they said I dont have enough transaction, but only 5, 500 left value whatever it is. I was so upset. I m trapped here in Washington, I need to get out of here...

Until just now, I just called JG Wentworth today on October 12th at 3 30 pm, and Sam said on the phone that he cannot make an offer because of extend something - I dont really understand what he means by that and he said something about my value is very lower - I ended up being confused and desevesated big time. I interuppted and asked him what is up with my 60k that I was supposed to have left right now since I had 38k but 40k anyway so I had 100k in the annuity contract. Wheres my 60k go ? Then Sam said, "Sorry we cannot help you right now and we are sorry about your homeless situation and the end of transaction will be in year of 2024." something he said like that but not exactly -- I was really pissed. I do feel like they are greedy and doesnt care about my situation but wants MONEY. I m the one who got sexually assault not them. I have the RIGHT to touch my money and people like us do have the rights. This makes me mad and I do feel offended big time. I m concerning about John Hancock because of values like JG Wentworth said that I dont have any values. Whats happening with John Hancock's annuity contract we agreed not to lose my money. They werent supposed to use my money to pay the lawsuit for John Hancock's irresponsibility, fraud, discrimination whatsoever.

... I m VICTIMIZZZZZED in all of this. PUBLIC STORAGE, JOHN HANCOCK, and now found this subject, here it is JG WENTWORTH.

My email address is oxroxyxo26@yahoo.com

Everett Wiliams Send email
Feb 23, 2012

JG Wentworth

But hey, I want that NEW car NOW, I want MY stuff NOW, to he** with the FUTURE, It's MY MONEY I NEED IT NOW. Suckers are born every minute, so LIVE with IT, JG will is laughing all the way to the bank BECAUSE It's your MONEY and you WANTED IT NOW. /s

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