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Joann Fabrics

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Joann Fabrics

sue76 Send email
Nov 16, 2015

Joann Store

I went to Joann Store October 11, got $89.42 in products. I signed the shopping in the credit card machine and the cashier handled me a blank recipt. I complained that the recipet was blank. She asked me to wait till she finish the next costumer. It was almost 6pm. So than the cashier told me that I should come back next day for a recipt because she could not print a copy for me, only the manager could do it. I asked for her to call the manager. I explained the situation. The Manager said that the store only could accept return if I had a recipt! How could i have a recipt if the cashier gave me a blank one? The manager said that I had to leave the store right away because the store had to be closed and I didnt have a recipt and they dont accept return without recipt. I called my credit card and capital one advised me to leave the shopping at the store because they would not charge me. My bill arrived and the bill was charged. I called capital one and they said that Joan Store provided evidence that I did shopped at their store, the evidence was a recipt signed ( I signed it at their machine, never got a fisical recipt). I have the whole situation recorded in my cell phone including the capital one advising me to leave the products in the store countertop. Now im paying for a product that I never got! Joann Store is a gargabe store, rude people, the manager was so miserable and incapable of understanding that the problem started because they didnt give me a recipt. The paper printed blank, they are liers, thiefs, dirty store. They need my money. I dont need their products. Im counting the days for this store to go bankrupt and close down. Feeling disgutted by their poor service.
janith seigler Send email
Oct 9, 2015

smell of cinnamon

I have been sewing for 45 years and have bought all my sewing needs at Jo Ann's since they opened. Every Christmas I can not go to your stores because of the strong smell of cinnamon, it gets into your air conditioning ducks and the heating systems also. That smell gets into the fabrics and every item in your store, I know I am not the only one that doesn't like the odor and complaining to the staff doesn't go anywhere .I have to wash or air out every item I buy there before I can use it. I make items for my family and friend for Christmas and birthdays I am sewing still 4 to 5 days a week. I am sure the dumb person that request the cinnamon smell be in the stores never goes into the stores while the cinnamon is in there if any time at all. My husband served 30 years in the military and sits in the car while I shop because he can not take the smell. I have to hold a tissue over my face even to breath. can't stay there more than 10 minutes and for get it if I am having breathing problems. When I return to the car we have to put down the windows to breathe fresh air cold weather or hot. Here in my small town area we don't have any other place to shop for fabric but your store. I had to give up making wedding dresses and prom dresses because you don't pre wash the fabric so how about it, have a meeting agree on it to remove it from all stores if it is in your vent system shame on you for hurting people with breathing problems. Our stores keeps the wood (where the smell is the strongest) inside the store and never takes it outside they just leave it there. They did put it outside a few years ago but now they leave the wood inside (doesn't do any good it still get that smell into everything) so do something for all of us get rid of it I hope you read this site and you will do something about it soon. It doesn't make people buy more thinking of Christmas they buy less smell doesn't work maybe Christmas music would put us into the mood of more spending of our money. Thank You
Ccquilter Send email
Dec 6, 2014

customer service

This is the 2nd time I've been in this store and the manager has been more interested in wrapping up ends of bolts instead of waiting on customers. Both times I've been in there when it was extremely busy and they were not waiting on customers in line like they should be. The manager and one other employee were rolling and pricing end of bolts. I've worked in a fabric store and I also owned one in the past and customer service should be your first priority and what they were doing could wait. The manager was also rude to her employee who asked a question on how to properly cut burlap. The manager said "Obviously you don't know how to do this". My grown daughter and I were there and we just looked at each other and so did a couple other customers when the manager treated her that way. Now I know this time of year is busy and can be stressful, but this was ridiculous.
gailhatchel Send email
Jul 22, 2014

Unhonored Store Policy of Matching the Price Online

Today, I purchased Duck Cloth. Online it was $9.99. In the store, it was $10.99. I want the store to honor their policy of 'price match." I was denied the "price match" because I wanted to used a 15% coupon. I feel the store stole my money and said 'ha-ha' ... we got ya!... and did THEIR NORMAL HAPPY DANCE!" Instead, I want to the store to realize that the "price match" should used as a "THANK-YOU for buying from us" tool. I also think the Assistant Manager "Tammi" should be coached on how to deal with customers on a professional level. As an Assistant Manager, she should have acknowledged how upset I was, and offered to call the Store Manager (or District Manager) to discuss my concerns. I want my money back that the store stole from me.
Thebdwntheblock Send email
Feb 23, 2012


so everybody is a lowly jerk or does joanna's discrimante everywhere and against everyone your lame and must be the kind of a stuck up rude b... well i wont say the rest but im sure ur smart enough to finish it off . . and i think its people like you who make these lowly jerks do what they do because they would like to prove how good they are at chinking and exploiting people like you to put them above those they see below them just because they mistakeingly lost a receipt . . your a very ignorant person and if anybody needs to get chicked i hope its you so you would watch whats said out of that bs whole in your face
Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I went to buy my very first sewing machine at Joann Fabrics in Orange, California thinking that a fabric store would have better knowledge on the different sewing machines available. However the sales lady wasn't too helpful in giving me any information on the different models except for the prices. I chose to buy one anyways, i had to wait for the machine because they stored them in the back. I asked them the return policy in case i am not able to use the machine, because it is a expensive purchase for me. They said if I had the orignal reciept I could get a full refund. I then went home and opened up my box and attempted to use the machine, it was a singer model 4210. I could not use the machine and about a 2 months later i had my mother to look at it and found out from my mother that it was not working correctly. So I boxed it up exactly how i got it so i could return it. Even though I kept everything together brand new I couldn't find my reciept so I panicked, what should I do? All I had was a bank statement, so I went and bought the same exact model at the same exact store and went through the same exact process and again i asked about the return policy. I asked my friend to returned the first machine a week or so after I purchased the 2nd machine. She did and was told a check would come in about 2 weeks or so. Then I came again to return the second one at the same store that i had bought both of the machines at, hoping that they would remeber me. I came and ask to speak to the manager and ask if i could return the machine and i didn't have my recipt could she return it for me, she said she did remember me and would look up the reciept in the back. I waited for about 10 minutes when she came back with a reciept, she said it was a copy of the orignal and she asked for my personal information so that she could issue me the refund and then the check would come to me in about 2 weeks. So now Joann Fabrics have both of the sewing machines and payment for both machines, my friend did recieve the check i about 3 weeks, so I waited and waited and waited for the second 1 to come it never did, so I called the store and they told me that they had no control over the refunds and to call the corporate offices and gave a me a number. So I called and was instructed to leave a message and some one would call me back. 10 messages later over 1 1/2 months later I recieved my first call back on my voicemail. I called left another message then finally spoke to a lady, who i might add is very rude. Basically she said i wasn't getting my refund and I couldn't get back the machine that I had paid for, since the same reciept was used for both refunds, she implied that I had stolen it, I explained that I couldn't have even if I tried since they dont even keep the machines in the store they had them in the back somewhere, I explained that I had paid for both but that didn't matter to her and she wasn't going to help me any further. I was very upset that I couldn't even get back my machine even when they refused me the refund. This is unjust and not right that they would keep my money and the machine, how could this happen? Especailly from such a huge chain? What was I to do? I tried to get the charges reversed but found out later I couldn't because my bank says i can only make claims up to 60 days after. So here I am ripped off no sewing machine no money no help or response from the stupid company who took my money and the machine. If any knows what I can do please help!!! Thanks, I will never buy anything over 10 dollars again from Joanns, I would like to say never but there are simply no other stores within 40 miles that sells fabrics. They are Thieves. I would never tell anyone to make big purchases from them or online.
DebV01 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Seriously, it took you two months to figure out the machine wasn't working? Then you bought another one and then tried to return both on the same receipt? O K... no brownie points for genius there...
Anyone that reads this: if you lose your receipt for a high ticket item, most stores can do a reverse look-up by the credit card you used. Also, to make it easier to get your money back- remember the date, time and which register you were on. Then the poor manager that would normally have to sift through thousands of transactions to find the one you lost your receipt for, can narrow it down to a day to look through and save precious time. Also any item over a certain amount without a receipt will most likely be issued a corporate check, which takes time to receive because they have to research and verify the items were not stolen. Believe it not, but theft is rampant at these stores and you wouldn't believe what some lowly jerks will do to make a quick buck if they find a chink to exploit.

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