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Consumer complaints and reviews about Lincare

Venteicher Send email
Aug 27, 2014

Insurance Rip Off and Rude

I will never suggest any one use lincare!! I have had an oxygen concentrator for aprox. 4 years. I have complained to the office because I pay my health care insurance deductible on the concentrator ever year. You can purchase a brand new machine for around $2,000.00. They are Ripping my insurance company and me off!! It is all because of the way they code things. I have complained to them a few times. The lady that I talked to called me cheap!! Great customer service right!!! I recently purchased a machine privately. I called twice this week to have them pick up their machine. They are not going to pick it up until the 2nd. I bet I will be billed for another month!! and again tonight when I called them the lady on the other end was asking me a bunch of questions like where did you get your machine, how many hours did it have, and what brand is it. I did not give her much info and before she hung up she said to me, I get it, I'm cheap at heart too!! OMG.
stevenhilo Send email
Jul 5, 2014

Wronful Dismissel

Almost the worst job I ever had. I came to the company with a college education, something that seemed to be lacking through he office, (management included),along with a tremendous sales track record of uncompromised achievements with top fortunate 100 companies. They interviewed me three times in the course of two weeks and came to the conclusion that I was the best candidate for the job and hired me.

Upon beginning my training, something that is required in the health care field, I achieved 95% and 100% on my compliance quizzes. Long story short, they fired me on the first Tuesday of my second week without giving me a reason. I have suspicions which I will not go into here, lets just say they were monumentally unjustified in dismissing me.

I had researched the company prior to my first interview and read some colorful things written my ex Lincare employees which I disregard as negativity being spewed by a disgruntled employee. One former sale rep said that he felt as though he was taking orders from somebody with barely a GED. Let me just say that my manager, who will remain nameless, was a career Perkins server until she worked her way up in the company to branch manager in 6 years. She was on the attractive side, I'll let readers speculate as to how she got that "position"....no pun intended.

I decided at that moment I was no longer employable and started my own company.

Thanks Kristi and her staff as well as the Lincare management for having the feeble minds unable to wrap around my talent and potential. Ill look forward to sending you all a copy of my 2014 tax return. You can all come work for me.

Any questions from good folks thinking about a career at Lincare, please contact me. Don't make the same mistake I made. If you're educated, industrious and driven, you can do much better


scholar1 Send email
Jun 19, 2014

unfair termination, fabricated write ups

Feeling Used and Abused by LinCare Send email
Jan 15, 2014

Unfair Termination

I worked for a wonderful company, but my division was bought out by LinCare, Inc in 2010. After they weeded out several people thru interview and releasing former employees from LinCare that worked at our office, they kept me on. My job duties changed drastically. I did my best to hang in there once LinCare took over... then after 7 center managers, hiring 2 new CSR's and being physically and mentally attacked by another employee on the job - I still tried to hang in there. Requested a transfer and that is when the write ups began. When I went on vacation, I came back to find my desk had been gone thru and no asked me about any pending orders, problems, issues, etc...but 2 days after Christmas 2013, I was fired - said I had given away equip/supplies to patients for free, misrepresented myself as Center Mgr to a patient (patient called while I was out the week before on vacation and because I was the only person they had spoken to, they thought I was the Center Mgr); and subpar perfomance for open non processed POC orders (one from May 2013)...however - I had requested help 2x from the Trainer to help RESUBMIT these to RBCO and corp as the forms had changed and they wanted more info and what type the pt's wanted but was told by the Trainer that she will help with batching - I can work on that when I can)... Guys, I was not a slacker, I worked hard and had been told by many people in and out of the office (patients, referral sources and other employees) that I was the glue that was holding that center together. I had been there longer than anyone. Why on Earth would I tell a patient that I am the Center Manager and why would this supervisor, but no other, have problems with me? Now this is how I am repaid for my hard work and dedication and loyalty? I am upset, disappointed and disgusted. I have been so depressed for the past weeks due to all this. I feel used and most definitely abused at this time.
jwalls Send email
Apr 19, 2013


I started working for Lincare in Oct. 2012 in the Denton Tx center. I was hired by one of the best CM. Shortly after starting the Mckinney Tx center was closed and merged into our center. Everything went to hell after that. My CM walked out. I was left with the employees from the Mckinney center that were just horrible. They were all late all the time and used language the was so unprofessional. The csr are that came from the Mckinney center was a complete joke. I reported to highers up, but it did not good. I even reported about the csr lying about timed worked. The area manager was the worst manager I have ever had in all of my working career. I ended up just leaving be things just got so bad at the Denton center. I really liked the job but not that center. That center had so many violation it was a big joke. I have never had a job that made me physically ill. Lincare needs to get their act together.
User925472 Send email
Mar 30, 2012

Unfair Termination

this company robbed me of a chance. i worked for the pleasanton office for lincare. it was a small office of 3 people. me being the 4th. i was the delivery guy. in the beginning everything was good. i noticed the csr and center manager were the best of friends which i felt weird about. i worked hard on keeping everything up to par. patients loved and they knew i could get what they needed. they never trusted the office for that. after a few words with the csr describing to her that she had an attitude i didnt like, the center manager sided with her big time. being theonly guy in the office, it was tough to get a word out, so i just shutup and worked. after a bout 82 days i was sent to a patient and when i returned i had my last paycheck and personal belongings to go. i didnt say a word. i just left. the whole company is nasty and the way they treat their patients is digusting. i was the only one good to those patients. DO NOT WORK FOR LINCARE!!! people with no class and no heart work there.
Little1linda Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Payroll Deductions

Hey fellow Lincare slaves.

I have a question for you-

Back in October when they were changing the payroll over and they did that cash advance thing and then took out payments from the next six paychecks, do you remember signing anything allowing them to do that?

In my state, it's illegal if there is no written agreement. I don't remember signing anything and neither does anyone in my office, so I'm just asking around.

HospBedat6pm Send email
Feb 29, 2012

Payroll Deductions

their legal dept is going to open the door to 500 thous $ of litigation/u should know about how they watch the bottom line//after all, we work for a publicly-traded company, don't we?...we can stay, or go...it's the Capitalist way, signed, Sr Serv Rep
Its All Trus Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unfair Termination

i was the only HCS in the office and i was on call 24/7 for over 5 months with no weeknight, weekend or holiday off. I was a very good employee, took great care of all my patients received compliments all time. I evern got a 5% raise last year. but I started complaining about being on call 24/7 and 5 weeks later i was fired, i has been with the company for 5 years
Erik 29 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I agree 100% as a former CM in the Dallas area... This post is 110% perfect description...
Unhappily Employed Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Bad Business/Ethics

This company consistently practices bad business and employee harassment. They refuse to provide you with the staff necessary and then hold you accountable to produce the same "numbers" as a Center with full staff... they interrogate you constantly and put words in your mouth. They hire bullies and back-stabbers as Area Managers so the RM can hide behind them. They totally discriminate against age and sex. They won't approve orders, yet expect patients to be set-up right away. They are the worst company I have ever had the dis-pleasure to work for. They should be shut down! The upper-management is the Medical Mafia - The patient is NOT their main concern...only $ and numbers. They could give a crap about the employees too. They truly are the poster child for Bad Business.
Janie Bobby Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Bad Business/Ethics

And if you are a patient who has been charged for a machine that you stopped using and refused to use, you should first try to resolve it with the center manager. If you can't resolve it with him or her and nobody ever returns your calls, try calling CHAP- they will get on it right away. They can even audit the site if need be. Here is the number for you to call 1-800-656-9656
Male Nurse Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I filed with the EEOC today
Male Nurse Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I was fired from Lincare after I caught the center manager and senior service rep HUMPING on my file cabinet. I filed a complaint with corporate HR and the district manager forced me to drop the claim. they then proceeded to railroad me out. I had numerous commendations from patients and even the center manager. They now wont pay my last check or any bonus I had coming from MDINR. LINCARE SUCKS to work for.
Unhappily Employed Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am encouraging every employee out there that has been fired, or even that has quit because of the manner in which this Company treats it's employees. The longer they are allowed to get away with it, the longer it will continue. People should not be afraid to file a complaint with the EEOC. Even if the EEOC determines that your complaint has no validity based on law, it is still a complaint and after a while, a red flag will start to wave. I will bet there are hundreds, even thousands of ex-employees and maybe even current ones too who hate their jobs and wonder every day how this Company gets away with what they do. By the way, the CEO made 11MILLION in 2010 with his paycheck and bonuses...
Unhappy Ex-Lincare Employee Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I completely agree with the person above. I am also a former employee of Lincare. I left due to unfair treatment by my area manager. I know of at least four managers that left due to this area managers unfair treatment and it makes me sick to think of how long he has gotten away with treating employees this badly.
EX O2 DRIVER Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unfair Termination

I started my employment with Lincare in Feb 2011, I was terminated in May 2011. During my 75 days of employment I got to know my patients very well and they depended on me to get their oxygen to them at the time they expect it. When hired I was told I had to get my Hazmat endorsement but every time I asked for time off to get it I was given patients to see and take care of (which was my priority). My last day in May I asked my manager if I could take the test and go do the finger prints for my Hazmat. He said "No, take care of these 3 patients". After taking care of paper work I was heading out the door when my manager asked me into his office. He told me I had to get my Hazmat that day or he would have to let me go. My jaw dropped, I told him that was impossible. He asked for my paper work on the 3 patients which I gave him. I told him I will be back. I tested that day, did my finger prints and submitted my application for Home Land security. It would take a week to get the OK from Home Land Security. During that week I had Patients call me and ask why I was late I told them I would be back next week. The following Monday I went back to the office with my new Hazmat endorsement and there on the Managers desk was my personal belongings which were cleaned off my desk. He was serious about letting me go. I asked him "So instead of calling corporate and telling them I now have my endorsement, you want to go through the hire process again, pay for new uniforms, take at least 2 months go get a new guy up to speed plus the hours of training the new person". His response to me was "his hands are tied and there was nothing he could to to change corporates mind" The following week my phone just rang from customers wondering where I was and how they needed oxygen. I told them the story and to call corporate to get me back. Its July now and approximately 10 patients of mine have changed to other oxygen providers as Lincare dropped the ball. I have told my story to local Doctors in my area and they have agreed not to recommended Lincare to their patients.
AlSo Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Unfair Termination

This employee sounds like what happened to my delivery person from the Bend Oregon
store. He was very reliable and always on time. About June or July 2011 he was replaced by a driver/delivery that is not very dependable. I have asked my doctors
to please not suggest Lincare for their patients ...

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