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Consumer complaints and reviews about M2 Media Group

jules1211 Send email
Jan 6, 2015

M2 Media Group

I too received unwanted subscriptions, Parent, Sunset, and Smithsonian. I was also referred to M2 Media Group by the magazines. I then went to their website and emailed them through their cancel subscription heading. I didn't think that would be adequate, and I remembered Parent magazine gave me the website www.cancelmag.com. I then went there and proceeded to cancel them all, and I was informed that Wayfair.com had given me the subscription as a bonus to my order. I will be contacting wayfair.com right away to let them know this is not an ok business practice. If they want to offer it to you, that would be fine. But they should not be allowed to sign someone up for a subscription. They claim you will not have to pay, but you know as well as I do, that if you don't get it cancelled when the gift subscription is up, you will receive a bill. And how are we to even know when the subscription ends when they never told me about this "bonus". They are just working together to take our money. If they were giving me a gift, they would tell you about it, not sneak in with my order. I need to find out if they are doing this with every order, if so I will be getting a couple more. I just wanted to let you know who one of m2 media partners was. WAYFAIR.COM. Another interesting fact, I went to the BBB for California online and M2 Media Group is listed as American Publishers. Isnt that who owns most of the magazines out there? Good Luck
Mary Ann Send email
Dec 9, 2014

M2 Media Group

I am receiving issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine which I did not subscribe to. Called Cosmo and they referred me to M2 Mags. Good luck trying to reach them by phone - so I wrote a letter. I hope this ends it.
Barbara CAIN Send email
Nov 19, 2014

unwanted magazines

I have received the unwanted and did not order this INSTYLE magazine. I have never heard of this magazine or this M2Mags company and do not want to in the future. It is very upsetting that you can not talk to a human being when you call to unscribe to the various unwanted magazines. I feel this is a little on the nonlegal side.
MadCat Send email
Nov 15, 2014

Recieved Magazines I did not subscribe to

I received a People Stylewatch, called the magazine and was referred to M2. They denied having my information but it was on the unsubscribe site they sent me to. I asked how I could have unknowingly been subscribed to a magazine and the woman at M2 could give me no information--perhaps this and that. This is unacceptable. If magazines have to swindle people into subscriptions, then they should just close down.
Chase Send email
Nov 12, 2014

Unwanted magazines/never subscribed

Started receiving InStyle magazine that I never subscribed to. I contacted InStyle .com/customer service and they advised to contact m2 Media Group. I have never heard of this company and am alarmed as this IS a case of identity theft. Why does this company continue to be allowed to do this? I am on my 4th attempt to have this stopped!!
doverwiz Send email
Oct 29, 2014


Money magazine received today. Never ordered! My Husband has dementia and it appears, through slick talking by M2 MEDIA GROUP, He received this unwanted magazine. As his POA, I will not let this Company get away with this. Our Attorney, and the Pa. Attorney General's office will hear from me.
brenna in nebraska Send email
Oct 15, 2014

M2Media Group

I've never used Vista Print... I've never requested Martha Stewart Living, but I've gotten 3 in three weeks. I also have received no bill for the mags, but I don't want the mags. I take them to work and leave them in the break room. I will contact my bank and let them know I have no mag subs pending and that it is a scam. As a side note, I've already gotten two new debit cards - the Target and Lowe's debacles... so I see no way they would have my card number. As I read through the complaints, I don't see anyone upset that they've actually been billed for said mags... If I ever am, I will contest it with my bank. What a bunch of low life thugs run this scam 'business' (sic)
monkeybusiness Send email
Oct 15, 2014

M2 Media Group


Tonight I opened my mail box to find an InStyle magazine I was "subscribed" to without my permission. I don't get paper magazines anymore let along these superficial types which I have never ever subscribed to in my life.

I plan on contacting my state's attorney general's office, the Federal Trade Commission to stop unsolicited mail, and the United States Postal Service tomorrow about this fraudulent business practice. This violates my trust, and relationship to the business(es) who sold or disclosed my personal information. It violates my privacy too, a concern of mine with all the breaches of security online these days. I have emailed M2 Media to cancel this fraudulent "subscription" too.

The link to stop receiving unsolicited mail, phone calls, etc is:

debbal Send email
Oct 2, 2014

M2Media Group

I too just received 2 Martha Stewart magazines for a subscription I never ordered. I have never heard of this M2 Media Group, and how can they place a subscription on my behalf...when trying to leave a message on the phone # it disconnects. I feel like that credit report commercial with the 2 huge databases laughing at me!!! I will contact the BBB. And as luck would have it I just moved from where they are located, Stamford, Ct or I would be at their door.
kenza Send email
Aug 4, 2014


M2 MEDIA GROUP stole my identity and subscribed my personal info with "Living, Martha Steward". I do not use magazines and I don't like MARTHA STEWART!!!!!! It is a waste of publishing magazines that people have to trash it...
mpm1950 Send email
Jul 31, 2014

M2 Media Group

I, like many others it seems, have had two subscriptions made by M2 Media Group, that I did not order, one was for Golf Magazine, I have never played a game of golf it my life, in fact I had rather watch paint dry than play a game of golf! The other was Money Magazine! I can't even afford to pay attention much less invest any money! The BBB has 323 complaints lodged against them but other than that what can be done to stop them?
naturalee Send email
Jul 16, 2014

M2 Media Group

Like others, I am receiving random subscriptions to magazines that I never ordered or wanted. It seems that Blue Dolphin website is part of this but there isn't a way to really cancel the subscriptions. I now have Martha Stuart and W magazines coming that I did not order. When you call the number they give you, 1-866-441-1281, you cannot speak to anyone and trying to cancel on line does not work! I am very concerned that my information was shared with M2 Media Group and I too will complain to the BBB.
misterbillz Send email
Jun 18, 2014

M2 Media Group

I have received two subscriptions that I did not order and do not want. To my chagrin, I found it is almost impossible to discontinue these. Why should I be put through this bulls*#t when I never ordered Golf Digest and Wired magazines. I do not play golf and would not my waste my time with such a silly rich boy sport. I have acquired all the phone numbers, email addresses and spoke to the magazines, as well. What a waste of my time,and who gave them my information anyway! May a ton of bricks fall on you M2 Media.
mrickett Send email
May 24, 2014

Unwanted subscription to People Magazine

I started getting People Magazine in the mail. I tried to cancel it through People Magazine online. I was unable to cancel. I had to submit my request to M2 Media Group. I have never requested a subscription. I have emailed them notifying them I want my subscription cancelled immediately. They are using my personal information without my consent. They better be very careful in the future. I will not tolerate this and will pursue it through legal avenues if necessary.
cheryla Send email
May 4, 2014

unwanted magazine subscription

Same thing happened with me...I started getting a magazine I never ordered. I've never heard of this M2 Media Group.!!
I will refuse to pay for this if I get billed, of course, but something needs to be done about this scam. I don't know how they got my name and address, etc.
I am writing to the Better Business Bureau.
scarlet Send email
Apr 25, 2014

M2 Media Group

I've just started receiving an unwanted subscription to People magazine. It is impossible to cancel. I called People, and they refused because the order had been placed by M2 Media. They gave me a useless phone number to call. The phone number gave me a website that denied there were any subscriptions under my name. So, now, I can't cancel. I called my bank to alert them to this scam, but I assume when I don't pay the $116.07 for this phony subscription, I'll start getting threatening bills. I'm tempted to use a lot of profanity right now. People magazine goes straight in the garbage where it belongs. I intend to file any complaints possible against this company.
The Bad Seed Send email
Jan 22, 2014

Martha Stewart Living Magazine subscription

I never ordered Martha Stewart Living or any other print magazine, but I just received the first issue of my 10-issue subscription today. I logged into MSL to see how it was ordered, and it was via M2 on 12/20/2013. I will follow up on this tomorrow and try to cancel, not that I know I'm not the only one.
azusa61 Send email
Dec 15, 2013

Cancelled subscription but have not received refund. It has been 12 months since the magazine was ordered

Last December I ordered Photo Digital News magazine for my son-in-law through the Barnes and Noble website. By March he had not yet received the magazine and the representative suggested we send through another order. By July he still had not received the magazine. No one could explain why so I cancelled the subscription and asked for my money back. I was advised it would be returned to me. I still have not received my $55 refund. I have called many times and was advised it could only be credited to the original debit card I used. However that debit card was cancelled because of fraud. No one can figure out how to refund my original amount. It is now December and am ready to go to the local news channel in Los Angeles to see if they can get my money back.
revrpm Send email
Feb 4, 2013


I am a 73 year old woman who suddenly started receiving Seventeen Magazine. I discovered on their website that I actually had an account set up and a subscription that expires Dec/Jan 2015. Seventeen Customer Service was very nice about it, told me it was ordered by M2 Media Group and they would take care of cancelling it for me. I have kept documentation on the conversation with them.
This is a unconscionable way of doing business and puts the burden of straighten out something I had no part in on me.
mlc Send email
Dec 27, 2012

M2 Media Group

I am very disappointed that I have to get magazine subscriptions that I did not order. I am very disappointed that a company like Vista Print is affiliated with this company. I have received 2 magazine subscriptions that I do not want. I am just waiting for them to try to bill me. If they do, I am going to my state's attorney general. I am no longer using Vista Print and I hope I never see another magazine from this M2 Media Group - ever!
rmrau Send email
Mar 28, 2012

M2 Media Group

Same here. Received a subscription to Fitness magazine today. Nothing personal against the magazine, but I DON'T WANT IT! Wasted 15 minutes of my time on hold with Fitness magazine only to be told they can't cancel my subscription, and can only offer me a web site address to request my cancellation. To be honest, it really ticked me off! If not cancelled by the next issue, I will do as others have suggested and change my address to M2 Media so they can deal with it instead of me.....
Tired Of Phishing Send email
Mar 18, 2012

M2 Media Group

I got the same number and same information when I called US Weekly about a suspicious call that I had recieved. They told me that it was probably M2M calling about getting me to renew, and gave me the 866 441 1281 number; where it is impossible to speak with a human. So I did a little digging, aided by the address posted by another complainant and was able to find an actual phone number. 203-658-0808. With this number it asks you to enter an extension or to use the dial by name directory. The best thing is to input the first few letters of a common name. That will get you to someone but they aren't open on weekends.
Wshavalier Send email
Mar 3, 2012

M2 Media Group

I had, to my surprise and disgust, started getting Martha Stewart who I HATE beyond belief and would never order anything she offers!!! So I've read all the complaints and decided to do a little of everything that you've done. I first called Martha Stewart Living 800.999.6518 and told them to change the address to M2 Media Group listed above (thanks for that:):) then I emailed M2, sent a letter to M2 and with the letter the first two copies of Martha Stewart Living and also called Vista Print and gave them a good chunk or two of my mind, followed by an email to this Blue Dolphin which apparently seems to be a part of this too! So thanks everyone for the sound advice. Can't even express how much I despise Martha "jailbird" Stewart arrogant bitch!
Tunabutt Send email
Feb 23, 2012

M2 Media Group

I too ordered from VistaPrint, and will also be contacting them. I wonder how these companies would feel if class action law suits were files against them??
Mlkittycat Send email
Feb 23, 2012

M2 Media Group

I just recently received Good Housekeeping (not a magazine I would choose) and called Good Housekeeping, only to be told to contact M2 Media Group. Of course, there was no person to speak to, so I wrote a strongly worded e-mail to them requesting the name of the partner who provided them with my address. I am looking into the legalities of this as it is being done without proper consent.

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