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Consumer complaints and reviews about M2 Media Group

maryt Send email
Feb 8, 2016

M2 Media Group

Yesterday received another 4th unrequested magazine ( Cosmoplitan - yuk!!). Other 3 were People, Entertainment Tonight, and Martha Stewart Living. I checked all to make sure that was not being charged and documented so I would be on the look-out for un-advised charges when the promo period period runs out. People may have been from order from HSN. ET, MSL, and COSMO all related back to Fragrance.net order. This is such a scam and waste of trees. Trying to get in touch with Fragrance.net because despite the good prices I may stop buying from them due to this annoyance.
NancyM Send email
Feb 2, 2016

M@ Media Group

I was subscribed to Cosmopolitan without my permission! I do not want this magazine whether it's free or not. I will not be paying for the magazine. Apparently I'm not the only one who has complained about this issue. When is it going to stop!!?? SCAM!!! What a waste since this magazine will go directly into the garbage!
Maggie.Redd Send email
Dec 4, 2015

M2 Media Group & Fragrancenet.com

I have similar experience as ks.shim. I started received People magazine since few months and it has been jamming my mailbox. When I called the magazine customer service, they said I had been subscribed to them through M2 Media group. They cannot cancel the subscription, only suspend it. To cancel, I would have to contact M2 Media Group at 866-441-1281. I told them I have never heard of M2 Media Group and this could be a scam. I am not aware how my personal details were passed to People magazine for subscription without my permission. The rep told me this is not scam and that I should contact M2.

The number I received is an automated line without any rep service. However, I got information to cancel subscription to either submit last name, street address and Magazine Title to https://cancelmag.com or to send a letter to:
1127 high ridge rd #335
Stamford CT 06905
I chose to try out the website and found that this subscription was initiated when I made a purchase from fragrancenet.com in July (6 months ago). I was able to unsubscribe and noted that I may receive one more copy of the magazine due to timing of unsubscribing.
There was no disclosure from fragrancenet.com at the time of purchase that I would be automatically be subscribed to People magazine through M2 Media Group!
ks.shim Send email
Nov 10, 2015

M2 Media Group & Fragrancenet.com

So today I received InStyle Magazine, which I never ordered, I contacted InStyle magazine customer service and they told me it was subscribed to me by M2 Media Group and I had to contact them to cancel the subscription, by calling 1-866-441-1281. I've never heard of M2 Media Group before so I never had any business with them.
Anyway, I called the number and there's no option to speak with someone about it, but they referred me to use the website cancelmag.com to cancel the subscription. I wanted this resolved right away, so I contacted Instyle customer service, explained the situation, and the rep told me this is a free subscription from a purchase I made somewhere, but she'll temporarily suspend the subscription, but I need to cancel the magazine myself by using cancelmag.com
So I went to cancelmag.com, entered the information to cancel it, and in the process of canceling it, I found out that purchase I made from fragrancenet.com in August added the magazine subscription without me knowing, I even looked at the invoice email I received from frangrancenet.com but it shows nothing of it.
Needless to say, I will never use fragrancenet.com again.
TN92677 Send email
Oct 13, 2015

m2 media group

I suddenly have 2 year subscriptions to THREE magazines! I've read the notes above. Is there a way to refuse delivery through the Post Office or mark them 'return to sender' to get them to stop? The only thing I hate worse than unwanted magazines is making long drawn out useless phone calls.
debbielave Send email
Oct 8, 2015

Unordered magazines

I starting receiving Martha Stewart Living magazine that I did not order. I called them but they said I had to call M2 Media @ 866-441-1281. Good luck with that! It tells you to press 2 for billing or to cancel however it doesn't work, it just continues in the same loop no matter what you push. I am at a loss as to how to stop this. MSL was no help whatsoever!
Fragrancenet-Dont-Order Send email
Oct 6, 2015

Unwanted magazine subscriptions

Don't order from Fragrancenet.com ... They offer a "free gift" but it turns out to be a subscription from M2 Media Group, which we know can be "difficult" to work with. Even if you order from Fragrancenet.com and try to not take the subscription (for instance, if you're given a choice of magazines and don't pick any), you'll get something you don't even want (I got People Magazine, it's nearly the furthest from my interest that I could see on the list).
tarrytown Send email
Oct 2, 2015

M2 Media

We have been receiving Sports Illustrated, it goes directly into the trash. I called the number on the back of the mag and they said they could not cancel the magazine. Apparently I bought something from Wayfair and this was a "gift"! What a waste.
Do not purchase from Wayfair.
momx3x3 Send email
Aug 5, 2015

unordered magazines

Last month I got the US magazine which I never ordered. This month I also got a Sports Illustrated magazine which I never ordered. How can these magazine companies afford to be giving their product away? I didn't order them and I AM NOT PAYING FOR THEM.
Lily33186 Send email
Jul 3, 2015

M-2 Media unsolicited subscriptions & mags

M-2 Media are absolute wise-guys !
They began sending free magazines after I made a purchase from fragancenet.
I wrote and phoned. I explained that I am stationed overseas and that each of their "free" magazines
costs me over $20 each in courier forwarding fees. I begged them to stop.
I even begged fragrancenet to instruct them to remove me from their mailing lists.
The magazines continued arriving. I informed fragrancenet that I would cease to order from

I wrote a detailed e-mail to M-2 Media explaining the costs I have been incurring.
Out of spite, these wise guys continue to send me more and more magazines.
Now, about 2 per month. Each one is more inappropriate than the last. (Teen Vogue)

M-2 Media is an UN-AMERICAN sham. Take a good look at their magazines.
Real cheap paper, poor quality printing: all printed and bound in China.
M-2 Media sends U.S. jobs overseas.

To top it off: they have even sent me bills and dunning notices.
Absolute shameless scoundrels !
Lainey Send email
May 8, 2015

M2 Media Group

I am receiving Sports Illustrated... and did not subscribe to it. I learned it was a "bonus" for purchasing something from Wayfair. To cancel the unwanted magazine subscription, Wayfair advised me to go to www.cancelmag.com
mountaintop Send email
Mar 31, 2015

unwanted magazine subscriptions

I think an employee of Time Warner Cable ordered a bunch of magazines after I cut my cable services. Niw I can't make them stop. The big one is W magazine. It is huge and worthless and I never would have ordered it,
hotinaz Send email
Mar 28, 2015

M2 Media Group

I just got a copy of Southern Living, but I never subscribed to it. When I contacted Southern Living, they referred me to M2 Media Group. I emailed them to cancel my subscription, but haven't heard back. What kind of scam is this company running?
hotinaz Send email
Mar 28, 2015

M2 Media Group

I apparently have a subscription to Southern Living. When I contacted them to cancel, they referred me to M2 Media Group. I emailed them to cancel, but haven't heard back. What kind of a scam is this group running?
LLogar11784 Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Magazine Subscription I never ordered

The "subscription" to People Magazine I've been trying to cancel was apparently (according to M2) the result of a purchase I had made through ShoeBuy.com. So beware of that site in addition to several others mentioned on this forum.
LLogar11784 Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Recieving "People" Mag -- Never ordered it!

I started receiving People mag two months ago. Contacted Time, and they told me that I had to cancel the subscription through the CancelMag web site, as it was set up through a company called M2 Media Group. Did just that a few minutes ago. Let's hope it works. I wonder if the FTC has any pending action against these thieves?
kellyjam Send email
Mar 4, 2015

Unwanted Magazines

I too was receiving an unauthorized magazine subscription from US weekly as I found out was ordered by M2 by order of Wayfair
I found this tel number on line where you can speak to a human being at M2 203-658-0847. I called and they canceled my subscription. Good Luck.
jules1211 Send email
Jan 6, 2015

M2 Media Group

I too received unwanted subscriptions, Parent, Sunset, and Smithsonian. I was also referred to M2 Media Group by the magazines. I then went to their website and emailed them through their cancel subscription heading. I didn't think that would be adequate, and I remembered Parent magazine gave me the website www.cancelmag.com. I then went there and proceeded to cancel them all, and I was informed that Wayfair.com had given me the subscription as a bonus to my order. I will be contacting wayfair.com right away to let them know this is not an ok business practice. If they want to offer it to you, that would be fine. But they should not be allowed to sign someone up for a subscription. They claim you will not have to pay, but you know as well as I do, that if you don't get it cancelled when the gift subscription is up, you will receive a bill. And how are we to even know when the subscription ends when they never told me about this "bonus". They are just working together to take our money. If they were giving me a gift, they would tell you about it, not sneak in with my order. I need to find out if they are doing this with every order, if so I will be getting a couple more. I just wanted to let you know who one of m2 media partners was. WAYFAIR.COM. Another interesting fact, I went to the BBB for California online and M2 Media Group is listed as American Publishers. Isnt that who owns most of the magazines out there? Good Luck
Mary Ann Send email
Dec 9, 2014

M2 Media Group

I am receiving issues of Cosmopolitan Magazine which I did not subscribe to. Called Cosmo and they referred me to M2 Mags. Good luck trying to reach them by phone - so I wrote a letter. I hope this ends it.
Barbara CAIN Send email
Nov 19, 2014

unwanted magazines

I have received the unwanted and did not order this INSTYLE magazine. I have never heard of this magazine or this M2Mags company and do not want to in the future. It is very upsetting that you can not talk to a human being when you call to unscribe to the various unwanted magazines. I feel this is a little on the nonlegal side.
MadCat Send email
Nov 15, 2014

Recieved Magazines I did not subscribe to

I received a People Stylewatch, called the magazine and was referred to M2. They denied having my information but it was on the unsubscribe site they sent me to. I asked how I could have unknowingly been subscribed to a magazine and the woman at M2 could give me no information--perhaps this and that. This is unacceptable. If magazines have to swindle people into subscriptions, then they should just close down.
Chase Send email
Nov 12, 2014

Unwanted magazines/never subscribed

Started receiving InStyle magazine that I never subscribed to. I contacted InStyle .com/customer service and they advised to contact m2 Media Group. I have never heard of this company and am alarmed as this IS a case of identity theft. Why does this company continue to be allowed to do this? I am on my 4th attempt to have this stopped!!
doverwiz Send email
Oct 29, 2014


Money magazine received today. Never ordered! My Husband has dementia and it appears, through slick talking by M2 MEDIA GROUP, He received this unwanted magazine. As his POA, I will not let this Company get away with this. Our Attorney, and the Pa. Attorney General's office will hear from me.
brenna in nebraska Send email
Oct 15, 2014

M2Media Group

I've never used Vista Print... I've never requested Martha Stewart Living, but I've gotten 3 in three weeks. I also have received no bill for the mags, but I don't want the mags. I take them to work and leave them in the break room. I will contact my bank and let them know I have no mag subs pending and that it is a scam. As a side note, I've already gotten two new debit cards - the Target and Lowe's debacles... so I see no way they would have my card number. As I read through the complaints, I don't see anyone upset that they've actually been billed for said mags... If I ever am, I will contest it with my bank. What a bunch of low life thugs run this scam 'business' (sic)
monkeybusiness Send email
Oct 15, 2014

M2 Media Group


Tonight I opened my mail box to find an InStyle magazine I was "subscribed" to without my permission. I don't get paper magazines anymore let along these superficial types which I have never ever subscribed to in my life.

I plan on contacting my state's attorney general's office, the Federal Trade Commission to stop unsolicited mail, and the United States Postal Service tomorrow about this fraudulent business practice. This violates my trust, and relationship to the business(es) who sold or disclosed my personal information. It violates my privacy too, a concern of mine with all the breaches of security online these days. I have emailed M2 Media to cancel this fraudulent "subscription" too.

The link to stop receiving unsolicited mail, phone calls, etc is:


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