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Midwest Circulation LLC

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Midwest Circulation LLC

Kbar Send email
May 27, 2015

Did not recieve order

A young man came to my door and said he was selling magazines for a trip for school or something to that affect. I ordered my grandson a subscription for Batman & Robin. After the sale was completed, i noticed he was headed to a car parked down the street that was waiting to pick him up. The sale was completed and i saw him run back and put a sticky note on my front door that said "Quit it, Mike already hit it". Needless to say i was furious. I called the Midwest Circulation LLC and left a message to complain about this behavior. I have never received a call back, and needless to say... my magazine has still not arrived.
Kesm Send email
May 19, 2015

Labor Trafficing

I see a lot of people calling these kids "scammers" but not many (including law enforcement) realize that most of these kids are being scammed as well.

I had two come to my door today I told them I'd buy but I had to go to an ATM to get cash, when I got away I did a little research on my phone, found out it was a scam, and told the two to get lost... but then I went home and did a little more research; turns out this can be just as bad for the kids doing the selling.

Many young adults can be lured into these sales crews with the promise of rewards, travel, high pay, and sales experience. However the reality is that once they are taken away from home they can be forced to work 10-12 hour days with little pay, live in over-crowded hotel rooms and even threats of violence or abandonment in a strange town if they do not meet quotas.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center has more information about these situations as well as a 24 hour hotline to report cases to if you suspect the seller to be a victim of labor trafficking.


If you suspect the kids selling may be victims you should report it to the NHTRC and local law enforcement

National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline

melindasue12 Send email
Feb 16, 2015

did not receive order

Keishu Reid Code 096 came to my door and sold me a magazine subscription on 8-26-14. As of today 2/16/2015 I have not received it. I called both phone numbers provided and faxed my complaint. I have not heard back from them.
scammed14 Send email
Nov 24, 2014


Just got scammed. Literally just an hour ago... They are in Pensacola, Florida now! Residents beware! They had the same story... military, girls vs boys, magazines will benefit service members, they get "points based on how many sales". Yep... That whole story...
Emily Shields Send email
Nov 18, 2014


I have been staying in a camp ground with my boyfriend because he works on the road, and this is a quiet camp ground not many people that stick out. But two teenagers came to my door and asked if I knew much about the military and I told him my boyfriend brother was in the National Guard, and the proceeded to ask me if I would be interested in subscribing to magazines that help our troops. He said "All i need is to sit at a table", so me being dumb let them in and showed them to the table. They talked and played with my dog and cracked jokes and we friendly. They asked me to pick 4 magazines out of a pamphlet they had. So i did, and I just asked them right off, "How much money are you needing?" And they said I could get a subscription for $42. and I said I didn't have any cash and we don't have checks. He then said "Well lets go to the ATM" I refused, and once I had gotten it through their head that I wasn't going to be able to get any. They guy's attitude changed, he wasn't as professional, he started asking me, "Where are the people that are cool around here? The people that will be drunk right now, that I can get money from" Well, I said that I was sorry I couldn't help them, but the guy behind me in the camper seemed pretty cool, and maybe he would want to donate.. So that's where they walked. Well, about 45 minutes later The neighbor came over and asked if I bought any and said that they were over there and told him that we bought 7 magazines. And we would have bought more, but we couldn't. Blah blah blah, and they neighbor said that he DID give them money! But after they left he looked it up and it was a scam. He called the owners of the campground, and they were looking for them to kick them out of the campground. But the guy took off running and the girl started crying, because she knew they were caught. And turns out there were a bunch of the people in the campground. Don't give money to these people!! I should have known when I asked them if they had away I can reach them if we changed our mind and they said "NO" WATCH OUT FOR THESE PEOPLE
dustinmccaulley Send email
Nov 3, 2014

magazine sales

The whole thing with magazine sales is this.. They take kids across country and promise them the world. If these kids are truthful to you why not help them. If you catch them lying tell them to kick rocks. The true stort is that they are enrolledbin a contest called the NCA contest.. if they collect a certain amount of points the win a cash reward and a trip out of the country... But mainly they get paid for each magazine they sell.. they arent bad people they are justbstuckbdoing a job they probably hate because there is so much bad press about them.. like this guy in the post above he saw the guy that "scammed them" helping put bags into the car.. that doesbt sound like a bad person.. maybe the girls helped him because they thought he was a nice guy not because of what he was selling... everytime one of these sales people come to my apartment i invite them in offer them some food or a drink then buy a mag.. same thing if they come up to me at a walmart.. ive always got my magaxinesand ive never had a bad experience with them.. i bet that you have been to bestbuy and the salesman there has told some sort of fabricated story of the product they were selling but there has never been bad press about them.. im just saying if they are blatently lying to u then yea but if theybare trying hard and polite than why not help some kid out.. give them a break jeeze
Dnmarlar Send email
Sep 23, 2014

Made a donation, just learned this was a fraud.

I was approached by 2 girls in a Walmart parking lot in Fayetteville, AR. I am a college student and was caught off gaurs by these girls. They seemed to be around 19-21 in age. I was initially scared that I was about to be robbed, but let my guard down after I realized that wasn't going to happen. They told me they worked for Midwest Circulation LLC and gave me a trove of info about themselves and about raising money through magazine sales. They proceeded to tell me about trying to beat 'the boys team' in a competition for a trip. After they have me the sales pitch, I informed them that I couldn't afford to spend over $100 on some magazines. Then they practically begged for a donation, so I gave in. I told them I had no cash and they said they would go with me to the Walmart ATM... I had a bad feeling and should've gotten out of it but I didn't. I told them all I could give was $20 and only did so because they said they could produce a receipt for tax donation. I gave them the $20 and they left. I googled the name of the company after I left because I was rightfully suspicious. I'm saddened to know the truth but am glad it was only $20. I plan on calling Walmart and alerting them of the scammers in their parking lot shortly after this posting.
jward1611 Send email
Jul 28, 2014

Vacationers Beware - Midwest Circulation LLC

We took a group of college aged students on a weekend getaway to Gatlinburg, TN. On our first night (7/24/14), we stopped by Walmart for groceries, and four of our girls were approached and solicited by three young white male representatives of Midwest Circulation LLC, with stories about helping children through magazine subscriptions. Unfortunately, all four of our girls gave them cash (and personal information). I was not present at the time, or they would have not had the chance to work this scam on our young girls. As my group met up at our van to go back to our hotel, I spotted the three guys in the parking lot. One of them followed a couple of our girls to the van and proceeded to help unload groceries. Then he followed one of our guys to the cart corral and tried to talk him out of money, but he was unsuccessful since I interrupted him.
Fortunately the girls told me about all of this before we left Walmart (they gave the scammers a total of $115 cash), so I took two boys into Walmart with me and notified a store manager. Then as I exited the store, I saw the guy who helped unload groceries into our vehicle. I confronted him, made him come back to our vehicle for the girls to identify him. Although he was not one of the guys that took money from our girls, he was working with them. I asked him to contact his associates, but he didn't know where they went. We had him place a call to his boss, and we also talked to his boss to let them know that our girls were scammed. Meanwhile, Walmart management and loss prevention came out to our vehicle and confronted this guy too. Walmart contacted the police, and as the officer was approaching, the scammer agreed to give back all of the money that his associates had taken from our girls.
Beware of anyone that solicits, especially in a public place. Ask to see credentials, ask if they have permission from the store/business that they are at, and ask them to go with you to the store manager to verify before you give them anything other than the brush off.
Hate Scammers! Send email
Jul 26, 2014

Scammed for 56 dollar donation

These people are scamming outside Walmart doors in Johnson City, Tennessee now- they got my daughter tonight for 56 bucks saying it was to buy a child books, thank goodness it was cash- the girl went with her to the ATM - these people are slick and manipulate you to feel guilty if you don't follow thru and help! I've reported it to the manager but of course he didn't see anything when he went out- like I said these people are slick!
hfields3407 Send email
Jun 26, 2014

Did not receive order

Omg. On June 2nd this guy claiming to be military just brought home from Afghanistan with ptsd, he needed to learn how to communicate with the publuc again. Thomas "420" was this jackass' name. I swear if I ever see this criminal again, I'm calling the cops and then beating his ass! He told me I was only writing a $68 check and it would never be cashed it was just for points. Idk y I brought into his bs. Ugh. I explained I had no $ to cover that check at the time. Said I had 3 days to cancel and after he left I researched and then drove around looking for him for 2hrs, I immediately canceled my subscription. Now I had to cover a nsf fee and the checck was cashed on the 3rd. Why was I so seriousstupid that afternoon. He was a smooth talker too. Do not give these people any money. Damn scammers!
Angeleyes715 Send email
Jun 26, 2014

Midwest Circulation LLC

One of these kids knocked on my door on Sunday afternoon with the same story about earning points for a trip, getting over fear of public speaking etc. He told me that the magazines I ordered could be donated either to the military or to a children's hospital. I decided to write a check for $56 for Jack and Jill Magazines to be donated to the hospitals. However as soon as I came back inside I felt uneasy and decided to research this company. There are multiple complaints about this company on BBB and other sites. I decided to cancel my check the next day. My bank charged me $20 to issue the stop payment but i prefer to pay the $20 then let some scam artists have my hard earned money. I am a bit concerned about them having my account information but hopefully they won't try anything. I hope I see them again in my neighborhood so I can call the police immediately.
angelbear143k Send email
Jun 8, 2014

Midwest Circulation LLc... SCAM!

Two people who looked to be teenagers came to my door fast talking about points and trips and children and vets... i didn't know what was what... but since my war veteran neighbor had just donated to them i figured it was safe. They were asking a minimum of $56.00 "donation" for books and magazines to go to children's hospitals and veterans. I make only $100 per week and offered my sincere apologies but could not afford that. He then said that there was an order which needed $28 to complete for children's books to be sent to a hospital. That i could scrape together so i wrote a check. After getting my information (address, phone< etc..) He then asked "Are you 420 friendly!?" I was shocked and asked why in the world he would ask me that!? he proceed to tell me he asked certain younger people that in hopes that they would "donate buds" to him.... i asked for my check back and they promptly left. I then looked up online what Midwest circulation LLC was and was flooded with complaint forums and news pieces headed BEWARE!!!! it cost me $30.00 to stop payment on that $28.00 check i wrote but better than it going into the hands of such arrogant thieves! please do not make the same mistake as i did. Good luck.
G224 Send email
Feb 13, 2013

did not recieve order

They are in Tuscaloosa, AL. CALL THE POLICE TO STOP THEM.
careyp86 Send email
Jan 7, 2013

waiting for refund

ordered magazine got home looked at order since the 2 guys selling them in WalMart said they could be bought for the military.I would do anything for the guys and gals serving our country.So when I looked at the order their was nothing about sending it to the military.So I cancelled. Ordered on Oct.27 2012 sent them the required fax that the check had cleared Nov.13 2012 I'm still waiting on refund of $56.00 as of 1/6/2013
Tee3 Send email
Mar 6, 2012

did not recieve order

Winston-Salem NC.

Two kids came to my door, one with a lot of tattoos the other claiming to be military. They were obviously not legit. Played me for my not needing of magazines and said they would give them to sick kids at St. Jude's. I bought in not realizing that they never wrote down any of this information. Just a receipt that is pretty much blank.
Gsimms16 Send email
Feb 27, 2012

did not recieve order

My girlfriend and I were (almost) scammed in Winston-Salem, NC a couple days ago. 2 kids, one black and one white, came to our door at 8pm on a Friday night. Why I thought this was normal for someone to be selling something at 8pm on a Friday, I'll never know. They gave us the same lines as everyone else has gotten "Raising money for college, have a fear of public speaking, can win a trip to Cancun, the magazines get sent to troops overseas, etc.". After a severe lapse of judgment by my girlfriend and I, these kids walked out the door with 2 checks totaling $50 or so, $40 in cash, and $25 in coins. They also gave us some line about how if they collected coins, their program director gave them "extra points" just because she thought it was funny. I'm an idiot, I know. I do have to admit that this black kid was an extremely smooth talker, telling jokes, being very friendly, had a quick answer to everything. Pretty impressive for a criminal.

Anyway, as soon as they left I Googled Midwest Circulation LLC, and obviously the scam alerts popped up everywhere. I then put my shoes on, grabbed my 100 lb. dog and my 9 iron, and took a little stroll around my apartment complex looking for these punks. After a few minutes I noticed a woman in her 40's driving a black SUV who pulled into my apartment complex, beeping her horn and stopping every few seconds. It dawned on me that this was their little getaway car, and that was probably their "manager" driving around to pick them up. Yes people, these idiots have getaway cars. Totally legit business, right? Well, for some reason the SUV just left after a few minutes. Must not care much about their "employees" I suppose.

I luckily caught them in the parking lot after 20 minutes or so of searching. They acted friendly towards me and asked me if they had seen an SUV driving around beeping its horn. I said "Yep, sure did... that's actually what led me to find you guys!" I then told them to put the checks and cash on the ground, and put the Ziploc bag of coins on top of them so the wind wouldn't blow them away. Told them to turn around and walk in the other direction, and that would be the end of it. When they resisted and tried to convince me they were legit, I told them to do as I said or the dog would come off the leash, and there would be a 9 iron sticking out of someone's skull in a minute. That convinced them. Got my money back and that was it. I'll be watching my bank account like a hawk for the next couple of months though. Who knows if they got my account number and wrote it down or something.

The next day, I talked to my apartment complex manager. She said she was aware of the issue and that police would start doing more rounds in the complex. She also said that they were kicked out of the apartment complex at 4pm that same day! They got kicked out and still came back later when it was dark out. Beware of these people, they are relentless and you never know what people are capable of. I've read online that some of the really bad people will take stock of what is in your house and ask you what you do for a living (so they can try to figure out when you're at work), so if there's an easy situation for them they come back to your house and rob you. That's also what the stickers they put on your door is for, so they can recognize your place. It's really sad that we live in a world where you just can't trust people anymore. Unfortunately I'll never be able to trust door salespeople again. I hope these criminals in this "company" die in a grease fire.
Gullible01 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

The group seems to be in Walnut Creek, CA now. All the same stories: points for college grants and a prize trip to Italy. Girls team vs. boys team etc. I consider the $30 check cancellation fee as a small prize for a VERY effective lesson in judging people.
Kristen1 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

These bastards just scammed the hell out of me! In Spring, TX now. It was only 28 bucks and I stopped payment on the check, but I'm still nervous since my address is on my check and she was so fishy! I just paid the girl to get out of my house and now I feel oh so stupid! Has anyone had any experience with them cleaning out your bank account or break ins? I am so nervous and feel so freaking stupid.
David Baxter Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

They are in Cleveland Tn now, and like so many others i had to place a stop payment on my checks. I have so many kids doing fundraisers thru the schools it's getting harder to know just who you are donating to. Was only after seeing the MTS bad reports that i realized that i had been scammed.
CteachP Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

A young girl came by in August of 2011. I live in the NW burbs of Chicago. I normally stay far away from solicitors but since she was a younger girl, I didn't think at all this would be a scam. She had several payments already so I thought it was legit. She even left a sticker too so that others wouldn't come by. I thought that was weird. She even sat on my bench and pet my dog. Again normally not what you experience from scammers. I guess when I think of scammers I picture older men. Not young girls. I definitely learned my lesson but this makes me sad. I did start getting a magazine in the mail but it's not what I ordered. And of course when you call the number on the receipt, the mailbox is full. I filed a complaint with the BBB and will file a police report.
Geri S. Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

11.02.2011 - Del City, OK ---- A young man came to my doorstep today around 2:00 p.m. Directly behind my house is a church who often sends groups for charity donations (or selling magazines), usually young men and women. The young man stated he was selling these subscriptions to help a local youth group at the church. My previous 2 year subscription that I purchased before had just ended and I thought it was time to get another one. I argued about the $62 price since my previous 2 year subscription was only $30. He stated that $14 was non-refundable and guaranteed all shipping and handling and that I would also be receiving some bowls from the transaction. I was uncomfortable and asked again for the name of the church group and again he responded with the name of the church. I wrote out the check and closed the door. Immediately went to my computer and did a background search. All a scam. Called the Del City City Manager's office and asked if any permitted door-to-door charities were in place; nothing. Tried to find the young man but he had disappeared. Immediately stopped payment on my check and sent the flimsy receipt with cancellation information to Midwest Circulation LLC in Cameron, MO. The $32 stop payment was worth it. Don't let it happen to you.
Nikkijo Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

A young man came to my door on March 20, 2010, claiming that they were selling magazines door to door for school to earn a trip overseas, I am so upset now I dont even remember where he was claiming to go. I bought $194 worth of magazines because I felt bad for him. That and he sold a good pitch but when it came down to it, they were really very expensive. Against my better judgement I went ahead with the sale. As of today June 17, my daughter, significant other and myself still have not recieved our magazines. I am beyond upset. How can someone take advantage of other people especially when times are so tough?? I only did it because he led me to believe he was in need! I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! Some one needs to contact me ASAP!
Kwise4 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

did not recieve order

My husband and I ordered from two girls that came to our door in June 2011. They were talking about how they were going on a trip for school if they earned enough points. We got out kids the Humpty Dumpty books. It is now October and we have got NOTHING. They even put a sticker on our door so other kids trying to get sales woudn't stop at our house. They were the sweetest girls and were really down to earth and I would had never in a million years thought I would get cheated. We thought we were helping them out..and now we look like idiots. One thing I hate is a theif and a liar. I will someone get to the bottom of this. Its not fair that ppl are loosing money because they wanted to support a good cause..or so they thought.

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