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Consumer complaints and reviews about MORGAN AND MORGAN

Joeborski Send email
Aug 24, 2016


I'm ALL for Yes on 2. Common ground there. Still not happy with their lack of professionalism. Or how we signed 25 pages of contract which locked us into them but if we fired them at any point we would have to pay them for their time, yet they dropped us with no explanation.. In one months time, all we got was the name of the guy assigned to our case. Even had to call and find out who he was ourselves, 30 days laterJohn Morgan "FOR THE PEOPLE" my ass!

""John, i hope this is you so you can hear what i feel directly. My wife and i hired your tampa firm over one month ago. You signed us! When we signed with you we felt so relieved and happy that we would win! One month later, we get a call in the morning and was told that you were dropping our case without any reason. What professionalism is that sir? No reason at all! We are very dissappointed with you. And the more research i do about you the more i see how common practice this is with your firm. Its terrible John. So many people out here have been destroyed by your name. There are many groups out there just for people like me who have been screwed by your firm. Thousands of everyday folks that trusted that you had their best interest at heart. I do not believe now that you are FOR the people. It seems like you just didnt want another qualified and eager attorney to take our case against a multi million dollar corporation. We have a great case. Permanent physical damages, negligence, product and premise liability. All of the employess there have scars from this. Many people have been routinely hurt permanently. Sir, good luck with Emma and her emails but you screwed us and that shows us that youre not for the people...you are just for you.


Mrclark9hotmail.com Send email
Aug 9, 2016

hillsborough county jail

My husband has been in jail for 2 years since May 16/2014. He is disable has high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes several other illnesses. The judge order him to stay until case is over no bond. Ok my complaint is the first year in jail he was not given insulin or proper medical attention. He has been to hospital several times within the two years. I didn't get a warrant when they came to pick him up from our house also no warrant was issue when the blood was taken at the hospital 3 hours later after accident. He is charged with dui Manslaughter.The time was 1230am there was no street lights and the victim step out in front of my husband truck. He wasn't in a cross walk had dark clothes on.please let me know if you consider this case. Thanks 813 850 1942 PAUl CLARK.14020282.
Linda Maciolek Send email
Aug 7, 2016

was sold out

Please do not use these this law firm for anything they are for company they are suing they will sell you out and you will not get anything. They are crooks if I ever saw crooks. These people are going to take a buy out from the company and you will never here from them again. They have about over extended there stay in Fl and now trying to branch out to other cities like Nasville. They screwed so many people in Memphis. I know I was a victim. Please stay away from these crooks and this law firm. They are trying to get business in other cities because they have hurt so many people other places they have set up fraud law firms. Please get a another law firm besides this one there is so many good law firms in Nashville. These people will someday be out of business because they have just about run there course every where else.
sonny0030 Send email
Aug 5, 2016

Ann Holsworh

I want to let you know that the jail at shapes needs to close down. I was arrested for domestic violence and because I needed oxygen they put me in what they call their hospital They put me on a cement floor with the toiliet running over , bright lights at all times , no air conditioning , crazy music playing , no meds and my blood pressure was over 200 at all times . The people I was in with had all kinds catchy infections I have PSTD from that experience. There is black mold running up the walls. I am 73 yrs old . That torture chamber needs to be shut down. I heard the guards swear and just be mean if anyone called for help and make vulgar signs and comments to inmates. One girl had surgery there and they did'nt take the IV out for 13 days it may still be in there. PLEASE HELP ME AND SO MANY OTHERS THAT DON'T DESERVE THAT AND THEIR LIFE IS ON THE LINE CLOSE THAT PLACE AND i WOULD LIKE TO HAVE A CASE AGAINST THEM OR A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT THANK YOU ANN HOLSWORTH 321 632 0840 OR 3214585354
Charles.harris53 Send email
Aug 2, 2016

Hurt myself at water park

I was told I had a case and took off time to meet a investigator. At the last minute I was told not to come in! Total lie they are for the people!
onemadVet Send email
Jul 30, 2016

Lawyer sat and did nothing.

Attorney Michael T. Reese out of Orlando Florida waited three months after I contacted him to file anything on my case and the time lapsed. Then his office called me a chewed me out for 6 hours while I had to go through an entire Mini-storage unit worth of evidence on his behalf. I send it in to him, so that he didn't have to do the work of getting medical records and he returned it and drops the case after i spent a ton of money sending it to them. No only did he never represent me. But he never contacted us or Social Security on our behalf. This guy is a piece of $%&. I am 100% disabled Vet filing . And this guy can't even call his client in 6 months. He actually cost me time and money. With zero work on his part. Not only did he not follow up with them. He nor anyone at Morgan & Morgan ever let me know what the status was until it lapsed. Costing me two years of appeals, mailings, CDs, and and stacks of VA and outside doctor medical paperwork. Do not go to these people.
Kenomdahl Send email
Jul 24, 2016

Incompetent legal council

tl:dr James 'Ty' Lynch was my lawyer. He lost my trial which had clear and gross liability (>50%) on the part of the defendant resulting in massive (>$300,000) reparation loss for myself and (>$20,000) costs for his law-firm. I'm not just an unfortunate client, I also presented my case to two appealet lawyers after the fact and can absolutely affirm that it was do to his inability as a lawyer that my trial was lost. Although there were several small mistakes my lawyer made, I'll stick to only the most serious.

I made the mistake of contacting Morgan & Morgan after I was assaulted by employees of a large I-Drive corporation which resulted in life long injuries. One thing I noticed right away was Mr. Ty Lynch's lack of medical knowledge. I (the patent and client) had to explain why these injuries were significant. This should never be the case. It was obvious he was use to the conveyor belt of falls and auto accedents such a heavily advertised personal injury law-firm receives.

The depositions, acquiring medical records and surveillance video seemed to go smoothly. It wasn't until the trial that the faults of my lawyer, James 'Ty' Lynch, showed. The defense lawyers played with him like a cat plays with a mouse. There is important strategy that needs to be implemented when going to trial. Remember, this is essentially about settling for X amount of dollars. A business deal of sorts. Mr. Ty Lynch was unprepared. While we had tons of sufficient evidence Mr. Ty Lynch presented it in an unconfident manner leaving out incredibly important key points. Did my lawyer forget to say these specific things? What was he thinking? The defense lawyers absolutely ravaged my Morgan & Morgan appointed lawyer.

Early on in my trial the defense lawyers motioned for a mistrial because we were lucky enough to attain a knowledgeable medical doctor on our jury. A rare and very favorable (to our side) occurrence. Before they motioned for a mistrial my lawyer discussed it with them and then discussed it with me. This would have been a perfect time to settle. We, judge willing, could have denied the motion which would have added at least another 10-20k to the insurance adjuster's bill for an appeal. This was an armature, and in this case, critical error in my attorneys part and this alone qualifies him as poor council. We should have settled, but instead handed the trial over to the defense.

The next significant misstep Mr. Ty Lynch made was during the second jury selection. He chose a juror who was previously sued by someone 'who was injured in her house'. Again, what in the world was he thinking? This is a major issue. There is no doubt in my mind that she helped to solidify our devastating loss with her biased and partial view.

When we were presenting our case to the jury, we were supposed to show them my deformed leg. Mr. Ty Lynch and I planned it the day before. As I was about to take my dress pants and leg brace off the defense lawyer jeered and said that it wasn't necessary and James 'Ty' Lynch hesitantly agreed. He forfeited such an important exposition that would have only helped our case. To me, it seemed like more of an submission issue than an armature mistake for this particular mistake.

The final, and what I believe to be the most momentous, failure of Mr. Lynch was not discussing the % liability equally or stronger than the defense during the final rebuttal before the jury deliberation. I'll never forget it. After the jury was told how the laws work in Florida pertaining to my particular case and how the % of liability depicts what kind of recovery if any at all (>50% on my part = 0 recovery) is awarded, the defense lawyers made it a point that I was at least 51% at fault for my injury. They said it strongly to the jury during their closing. Mr. Lynch said nothing pertaining to the % liability during his rebuttal. He never said "My client is less than 51% at fault and Sunshine Merger LLC is greater than 49% at fault" or anything like that. He should have. Again, I spoke to TWO appellate lawyers about this and they couldn't believe it. When the jury came back with the verdict, guess what? I was found 51% at fault. Why? Because an authority figure told the jury to vote that way and my council failed to protect me.

I remember When I asked my attorney to appeal the case. He told me that his 'hands were tied' and that I would have to find an appellate lawyer. So I did. Even after my trial, James 'Ty' Lynch continued to fail me. He forgot to tell me that appeals need to be submitted 30 days after the trail. I had to learn this from another lawyer. The last correspondence I had with Mr. Ty Lynch I brought up a few of these points that I discussed above, he dismissed it pushing fault away from himself. He couldn't even own up to it. We live in a country where, with the right council, you can get away with murder. The skill of the lawyer has everything to do with the verdict of the case, not the circumstances of the case.

Look, if you have a simple slip and fall or car accident, maybe Morgan & Morgan could help. But why risk it? I did, and look what happened to me. Morgan & Morgan may spend millions on advertising but you have the Internet and these reviews to help you make a thoughtful decision. If you have anything more then the ailments I stated above I highly recommend you get yourself to an MD/JD law-firm. Remember, a lawyer is like a heart surgeon. They matter. You want the best and the best are not at Morgan & Morgan from my experience. James 'Ty' Lynch guaranteed me a difficult future because of his gross incompetencies. May god be with anyone he represents in a jury trail
amyfox7785 Send email
Jul 18, 2016


I had applied for disability over a year ago and Morgan and Morgan was the law firm who took my case. Assert first i thought things were going well. But as time went on ai started hearing less and less from them, until all of a sudden I stopped hearing from them at all. I called numerous times and left messages on the voicemails, because believe it or not I could hardly get anybody on the phone. It is very frustrating I'm a single mom of three children and there is no possibility of me being able too drive a car or working anywhere for that matter. My name is Amy Fox and I live in Melbourne, FL. Somebody needs to get back with immediately at 321 5578186. I always considered Morgan and Morgan to be the best law firm, but unfortunately I'm getting a completely different opinion.
Anafilipe Send email
Jul 8, 2016

Bad car accident with permanent injuries

I had a bad accident ( car total lost) and have permanent injuries, Morgan & Morgan didn't defense me right, I even think the other side bought my lawyer out, they took my case to trial and lost, I wouldn't recommend Morgan & Morgan to anybody, they all about money not about the client, very poor service I was very desapointment, I'm a single mom with a permanent injure on my back, with pain everyday... Stay away from them
C7NOTE2071 Send email
Jul 6, 2016


jdemerich Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Morgan and Morgan

Accident case. We were in a accident on April 1,2016 . We thought we had heard great things about Morgan and Morgan, and thought we would be dealing with the Family. (NOT) They live in Florida. They did get us medical attention, but I now need Shoulder surgery, and they can't get it approved and set up. I have had to do all the leg work. I would nor recommend them at all
whicks59 Send email
Jun 18, 2016

K-9 Warriors

For the People, maybe you should say for the money. What a scam these people are running. The only ones you help are yourselves. To take a case suing the K-9 Warriors had someone fall on their property, really?....They couldn't be faking to get money....I am a veteran and I am sick about this. I guess the only reason they are suing K-9 Warriors, because the school for the blind wasn't available. How about the school for the homeless, come on guys you need to get on the stick and start suing these places. There is money to be made....gee school of blind probably had someone walk in the wall there. I hear you don't have the balls to talk to the news, but will sue the people for Vets...don't ever say you support the Vets...we see how you really make a living...!!!!!
Nblair48 Send email
Jun 17, 2016

They coated me more money than they did help!

Morgan and Morgan accepted my case and done what we though was going to be a good job on our case but I was very wrong! I had broken my foot due to my landlord not wanting to fix a rotten porch after I was told several times he was going to fix, so when I hurt myself and had to go to the hospital I contacted Morgan n morgan to get the hospital bill cost paid. They set up doctors appointments for m r I's pain management visits for 9 months and made the appointments at a office 3 hours away so u had to travel to see doctors every month. After doing all this for a year I Get a letter in the mail stating they would not be able to continue my case that I could file with another office not even a phone call just a note in the mail!. So after everything I ended up with $3000 worth of extra medical bills than I started with! Not to mention all the money from the gas of having to travel to the doctor visits and the time I missed at work. So Morgan and Morgan are full of crap their not for the people their for the money! Don't waste your time find a different lawyer firm!
Berniem Send email
Jun 16, 2016

The law suit over k-9 for warriors

I can't believe Morgan and Morgan would go so low as to target our k-9 warriors. They do such good work for our vets. When you volunteer to help with walking the dogs you volunteer. I think this is a scam by this person to get monies from a wonderful service to our vets. Shame on them and Morgan and Morgan.

I've contacted Fox News human interest stories. I hope to get this story out nationally.
carolk89 Send email
Jun 11, 2016

SSD Underpayment/Overpayment

I called the 407 # & explained my problem. I was told that I didn't need an appointment & was given the Taveres address. I drove all the way from Clermont to Taveres, after explaining my problem, I was told there was no one at that office who could help me with my particular issue. A teleconference was set up. I explained the situation & was told that they only handle applications for SSD, not existing SSD client issues. They suggested I contact the FL Bar Assoc. for help. "For the People" is a bunch of bologna!. There is no money to be won in my case, so it's not worth their time to help me. Thanks a bunch for nothing!
Unimportantcancersurvivor Send email
Jun 7, 2016

Baby powder

I have called 3 times. My case is worth more than a phone call. Also 50% is ridiculous then you sent me papers saying 40%.

My gynecologic and reproductive information is private and don't want to share with people who obviously don't care. I wanted to choose yall because you are local. I'm over that. Seeking other representation now. I am so happy I never signed your papers.
LivingSimply Send email
Jun 2, 2016

4 years

Morgan and Morgan has had my workman's comp case tied up since March 2013 and here it is June 2016. I had surgery on my knee and returned to work 3 months after I was out on medical leave. When I returned to work I fell down a flight of oil covered stairs and re-injured my surgically repaired knee. Post fall, I have an impairment rating of 26%. I met with my attorney in February and she wanted to fill me in on the case. She claimed that she was putting in a request for a court date. It has been 4 months and I have heard nothing. I've tried calling and no one returns calls. I spoke with another lawyer a while back when I was wanting to pull my case out of Morgan and Morgans firm. I was advised by the lawyer that Morgan and Morgan may attempt to put a lien on my settlement so I did not think it was a good idea to act on that idea. At no fault of my own, I was involved in a car accident in December of 2015, 2 years and 9 months after my knee injury. I get a call from my lawyer at Morgan and Morgan informing me that the defending law firm was inquiring about my case wanting to know if I was suing or received a settlement on the accident.My answer to her was No! No one in the vehicle I was riding in was injured. My question to her was what are you doing about my workman's comp case. She claimed that that accident would have held the case up if I were involved in another case. I'm a little confused, because we are working on 4 years now with this workman's comp case. I am tired. I am unable to work. The job finally terminated me back in March of 2015 because I was unable to return to work in 3 years under Dr's orders. If anyone is seeking out a Law Firm for representation and you are truly injured, I beg you. Please do not use this firm. They care nothing about their clients. People please do your homework when looking for representation. I remember the day they sent that investigator over to my home gathering information. My wife pulled me to the side and told me she didn't trust him. I swear I wish I had listened to her.
psm31130 Send email
Jun 1, 2016

Injury at walmart

Suffered Impalement injury at Walmart from metal sticking out of a shelf. Morgan assured us we had a strong case because doctor told me I needed surgery to correct the problem. They had this case for almost 1 year and did nothing. We would call only to never hear back. They would repeatedly ask us to send them paper work which we did, only to have them loose it again and ask for the same thing. Not once did they call and let us know the progress or course of action. Finally, had enough and made complaint and was now told after making complaint they are rejecting case and we will receive a bill for work done! SHAME ON YOU MORGAN AND MORGAN. Please do not waste your time with this law firm.
mudmonster Send email
May 24, 2016

morgan ad mogan

when is any one going to SHUT THEM DOWM ??? MOAN AND ORGAN YOU DESTROYED MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iay neer getmy disability now and I have worked here in Arizona my ENTIRE LIFE !!!!
mudmonster Send email
May 24, 2016

morgan and morgan

they said they would help me with my disability case and never followed through with any thing , this cause my case to be closed , so now I have to start all over again !! and TRUST WHO ??????????????????????????????
Stett Send email
May 21, 2016

You are entitled to $1500 for every call

Yes, I contacted them about all the phone calls I was receiving, many not for me. Yes I had told them to stop calling. It continued until 1 day I was fed up and contacted Morgan & Morgon, or Moron & Moron which ever you choose. I was told yes they would be able to help. Then I received the paperwork in the mail. I have to agree to pay them for every piece of paper they use, postage, time spent etc. and 40% of the settlement. It said after I sign to get all my phone records and detail each call going back as far as I want. I didn't sign or send anything back, clearly my 'settlement' would be enough to pay them for all the nickel and time charges along with their 40%. Not worth my time and effort. You are entitled to $1500, but you probably won't see a dime.
Anastasia s Send email
May 16, 2016


Atrocious experience. Signed papers and assumed wheels were in motion as 6 months had passed. An assistant called and checked all of my answers. He left a voicemail saying he had a question. I called throughout the next 2 days but only machines. Them received a letter saying that I could not be reached! I called laughing as I had repeatedly called and still could not speak to anyone. Left numerous messages. Assistant finally called and said they had received all of my messages and ignore the letter. He agreed my case was strong. The next day a certified letter came rejecting my case. After holding it for 6 months. I believe it is because I called into question their ethics and lack of consideration. Am appalled their commercials are so diametrically opposed to their practice.
suzu Send email
May 15, 2016

morgan and morgan

This unprofessional firm held my case for more than 6 months then sent a letter rejecting it. I tried for days to get someone on the phone but always only a voicemail.It is appalling to be treated thus. Extremely inadequate in areas of communications and professionalism. It is criminal to hold a case for 6 months then reject it. Atrocious.
pamsparadise Send email
May 11, 2016

Horrible Case Management

Trivia: What do you get when you hire the largest personal injury firm in the nation? NOTHING!

I was only with Morgan and Morgan for two weeks and was asked to do some research on my case that the incompetent paralegal didn't want to do. And once u had the info she needed, I left 10 messages on voicemail for her to call me back. NOTHING! I even left messages for two staff attorneys to call me......once again....NOTHING. I haveva personal injury case AND a workman's comp case that i trusted with them and couldn't get one person to call me back.
I immediately called another firm and in the first hour I spoke to two lawyers and a paralegal. They said i had great cases and said they would love to represent me. They also wished me will in my recovery.

I am going on a local radio station next week for a "Consumer Beware" segment and i will talk about how horrible and unresponsive Morgan and Morgan is.
If anyone has an open case with them and are not receiving a call back or if you are always getting someone's voicemail and never speak to an attorney, you should withdraw your case NOW before your statute of limitations run out.

Seek out a local firm with great reviews regarding customer service before its too late.

Morgan and Morgan, I could have been your greatest supporter but because of how you are treating a lot of people, they are being victimized all over again.
Thanks again for NOTHING!
pse1949 Send email
May 8, 2016

Don't believe them!

Called them believing they are for The People, well that's crap, they are phonies, and all about what they can get in there pockets, please do not believe them....Don't care about The People.They have a pretty bad rap sheet about how they lie...So beware.

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