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Consumer complaints and reviews about MORGAN AND MORGAN

vivian hite Send email
Oct 22, 2015


I filed lawsuit against a driver who hit me from behind, I hired morgan and morgan as my attorney {big mistake}.I didn't know that they were supposed to receive the same amount as the client{me}. Since when is 1/3 99% of your earnings.They shoed me figures of bills that probably didn't happen.I wouldn't recommend morgan and morgan to any one.They're full of Sh##! they shouldn't be lawyers they are false advertising, they need to be stopped!
Stewartink Send email
Oct 22, 2015

They screwed me

I had a case where six slabs of granite fell on me. They treated me like crap. It seems as if they were working with my job`s attorney. They cared nothing about what I needed. Now I'm out of a job and still in need of two more surgeries and they promise to help me with my disability and did no such thing. I'm doing things all on my own. I would never recommend them to anyone, ever.
cchloe Send email
Oct 9, 2015


All they claim is there for the people but unless your case is huge they could care less about you there add act like they care they only care about suing large companies or governments
tiff320 Send email
Oct 7, 2015

Very unhappy!!

Morgan and Morgan is currently handling a workman's comp case for my husband that began over a year ago. Since Morgan and Morgan took over the case we have dealt with several attorneys, as it seems everytime we turn around the case has been placed in someone else's hands.
Many times we've been told ABC is happening, but nothing ever happens! My husband calls daily only to get voice mail and NEVER receives a call back.
Prior to using Morgan and Morgan I'd heard great things and that they are the go to powerhouse if you want results. I have been unimpressed and disappointed to say the least..the very least. I have never had such a poor experience in dealing with a law firm. The crazy thing is, workman's comp admitted fault on their part long ago and yet over a year later here we still be. It's absolutely ridiculous! At this point I would not recommend anyone to use this firm. Unprofessional, does not deliver, nor follow through. One would think they would at least communicate with their clients, but even in that area they failed miserably.
Eddie Send email
Oct 6, 2015

Veterans DON'T bother for help!

I am writing this complaint because other Veterans need to hear how they failed me and how they continue to advertise to help Veterans and that, that they are "For the People by the People". What people are they taking about?

If you need help with VA disability compensation don't bother consulting with Morgan & Morgan. I am a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD and Agent Orange health issues. I thought I would consult M & M for some help to make the VA stand accountable for my disabilities. I have a appeal on VA benefits that I should be getting after years of suffering. Back one year or so ago, I called M & M because they said in their mass TV marketing program that they were there to help Veterans with disability claims. I was screened by a M &M representative with a very detailed phone conversation for credibility. I then waited three or so months and finally got a answer from one of their lawyers. This lawyer said hat they were not going to represent me. The letter was very professional but offered NO reason why they would not represent me. I guess there was not enough money to be made by handling my case.
Thank you....
From a sincere Vietnam Veterans.
ImDone Send email
Sep 30, 2015

Unprofessionalism of Morgan & Morgan

I really hate that I choose Morgan & Morgan to represent my workman comp claim. The entire office staff is rude from the secretary to the paralegals to the attorneys. They don't return phone calls. They just don't care about clients if they feel that your case is not going to yield them hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.... For the people my ass!
claire11390 Send email
May 3, 2015

malpractice death

My daughter a year ago called Morgan and Morgan....attorney for the people. Her father went into the hospital healthy with a blood infection and was weak from it, they took care of it and then decided to give him rehab to build up his strength, well they over worked his legs and had to put him into another rehab (private). When we went to visit, he looked like the pillsbury dough boy and blood was coming out of his foot which was bandaged up. The nurse said she could not take off the bandage per dr order and put a gauge under it to soak it up. A few days later they put him in the hospital since he was doing poorly and then put him into another rehab, (they did not save his bed). the next rehab was worse. Understand.....he is a diabetic, they were giving him insulin by IV. He was not eating correctly, said food was really bad, they would not let him get out of bed....He told his daughter he was being held a prisoner in his bed. He started getting agitated and confused and the nursing staff did not do anything about it other then tell my daughter he is being difficult. He pulled out his IV... so they took him to the hospital to put it back in. The next day he pulled out his pick line......took him back to the hospital and had it put back in. One of the nurses said his blood sugar was extremely low and had to bring it up.....and returned him to rehab.......end of story.........Dad died the next morning. They said he died of heart failure. (a cover up). He went into diabetic shock and died. He had been a diabetic all his life, he knew what was wrong and if my daughter could have been able to go see him everyday, she would have known. But no one in the facility has a clue or even told her what was going on. Any way, she called Morgan and Morgan "for the people" they said they would get back to her. She received a phone call from someone in the office and said that they would not take the case. Who are they working for the people or the Hospitals? I guess they feel they will not go up against big business with such a trivial case of an unimportant person. So she took it no further, if they wouldn't take it she felt no one would.
Dr Whynot Send email
Mar 5, 2015

Representation in an auto injury case

After an auto accident, I developed soft tissue injuries and was in pain. Morgan ang Morgan really hustled me to sign on with them. They sent a paralegal to interview me at home. He was very encouraging about my case so we signed on with the firm. He was a good salesman. After that there was barely any contact and I did not have easy access to the people at the firm. They sat on the case until my time had run out for a claim. I suspect it was because there wasn't enough money and soft tissue injuries are difficult to prove. Now when I see Morgan and Morgan adds that are on the TV daily, I just want to puke.

If there was no case in their opinion, they should have been upfront with me so I could seek a second opinion. They are shysters in every sense of the word. I could accept being told that I did not have a strong case. But they were neither timely nor honest in their dealing with me. I consider their behavior to be highly deceitful and unethical. Their treatment of me was most inhumane despite the slick talk and claims of being "for the people." They were definitely not for me and I would advise anyone to look elsewhere for legal representation.
it my money and i want it now Send email
Feb 23, 2015

sick and tired of being sick and tired

My check have been sitting on my lawyers desk for 3 weeks and maybe longer before i found out. I was told last week that i would recieve my check today now im being told that it would be a few more days and told me they have a loan company that could give me my money if i gave them a few hundred dollars. When are these assholes going to give me my money ive waited 2years already a d 1 foot from being homeless
kenttaki Send email
Feb 17, 2015

Unsolicited telemarketing calls

I contacted Morgan and Morgan after seeing a commercial on a local TV station concerning unsolicited telemarketing calls, and how the offenders , (if found to be at fault), would have to pay the call receiver $1500.00 per call. Just so happens, two days before that, I started receiving calls from a health insurance enrollment center. First time they called, (my # is on the National Do Not Call List), I told them I was not interested and to please remove my name from their calling list, said thank you, and hung up. they then proceeded to call my phone 14 times over the next 30 hours. Even though I answered a second time, and I called them back on the # they used and asked them to remove my #. I contacted Morgan & Morgan, they said yes that did constitute harassment. This all on their online chat option. The next day, someone from their office called me and gave me a file #, said they were passing my complaint along and agreed that I was harassed. Two days later I get a call saying that they are declining to take my case! He now turns my stomach when I hear his ads saying "he is FOR the people", going to go after "rule breakers", Yada, yada, yada!!! The caller did not know why the higher-ups declined to follow through with what they advertised they would do!! Any attorneys want to take on Morgan & Morgan for false advertising??
morganandmorganwho? Send email
Feb 17, 2015


I contacted Morgan & Morgan about 3 or more months ago and instead of them telling me that they would not take the case, they sent me a client agreement to e-sign and then after sending all the information to them, a woman calls me and rudely say before she disconnects the call that I may not have a case but she will call me back. Instead of calling me back, I received nothing. I emailed the last person who emailed me from the company today advising them that I wanted a status of the case. A lady calls me back and says she sent me a letter in the mail about the case and that she will send it thru the email. instead of her just blatantly just saying 'we cannot or will not take the case at this time' while I was on the phone, I had to wait to get an email saying what she could have told me over the phone. I could have had an attorney on this case by now. I WILL NOT EVER refer anyone to this company because they did something similar to another family member.
dickinsone Send email
Feb 12, 2015

workers comp incompentance

Morgan's ads make me sick. 4 years after their attorney told me to settle I am still in financial ruin. The attorney told me that my only choice was to settle, after I injured my back and had spinal fusion that made it difficult to keep teaching in my job. I found out this year that I actually had several choices and the attorney lied to get a quick pay out. I have had to have a second surgery, and more, and go bankrupt directly a result of the incompetence of the attorney. These people are no better than thieves and not for any people but themselves. I remember when Morgan began advertising his and wife's ambulance chasing years ago.
chiefsingleton Send email
Jan 26, 2015

Phone calls

WE been getting phone call from Clearwater Florida wanting money. We told them know more we gave already no more.
But they keep calling 3 to 3 times aday
inpain and No help Send email
Jan 14, 2015

customer service

The local Jacksonville office refuses to answer or return calls from clients.
This is not the 1st time its happens.
I've called them a total of 6 times this time over a 3 week period and they have yet to return my call.
They did this to me another time a few months back and only after contacting the main office did I receive a call.
I know I'm not the only one dealing with this.
I have an acquaintance that is dealing with the same problem, with a different paralegal and attorney in the same office
LYNN CLARK Send email
Nov 12, 2014

feeling misrepresented

I know I have been getting the run around with morgan and morgan how do you fire them and I need a good lawyer I have had 2 surgeries and now they are pushing me to settle for pennies what can I do ? I need help I'm 28 been hurt for 5 years now lost everything I owned new truck house and all and can never make that kind of money to get it back .I can barely walk some days are better than others my legs go numb and I bust the floor but they say Im fine I don't see a dr because my lawyer says I have to use the one I picked , well I didn;t pick him I was referred by another Dr. wish I had that to do over I wouldn't have cage and pens in my back that causes all kinds of trouble I am never completely out of pain did I mention no Dr. and no pain management so I suffer everyday Does anyone know what can be done class action lawsuit Can I fire them ? I have had 3 lawyers there and no one says anything until I finally get a person on the line after numerous phone calls and no answer or no return call this has gone forever ......ADVISE PLEASE
csmith01 Send email
Oct 28, 2014


Morgan & Morgan are nothing but money hungry vultures who prey on people to benefit themselves. I was involved in a MINOR fender bender and they went after my insurance company. There were NO injuries so they must have had the other driver fake an injury. The other driver told the paramedics that he was fine, not just once but three times. He was even out waking around and told me I just bought him a new car. He barely had a dent to his grill. REALLY??? Morgan & Morgan are nothing but a piece of crap and that's putting it nicely. If you are ever in an accident watch out because they will come after you. For the people my ***. Only for the ones they can make money off of.
jackreacher Send email
Oct 23, 2014


Another ambulance chaser law firm! In their one of many many TV ads they said they would help get rid of nuisance phone calls! It's amazing how this law firm handles every area of the law! After being assigned an ID number immediately after I emailed them, it took several phone calls to MM over the next 24 hrs, speaking to at least 5-6 different people, giving them the exact same information each time, I was told that after review they decided not to take the case! I gave them the phone numbers and the states of origin! A second year law student could have handled this case!
Tina Comingore Send email
Oct 22, 2014

Poor service for there clients

I have been a nurse for 30 was rear ended on Christmas Eve ,on my way home from work. I have never been so misrepresented by a Co. I had to pay for my own rental car and was told by the representative that they sent , not to cash the check the insurance co sent me. Now one of there lawyer is telling me the don't cover the car damage which was a large part of my settlement. I Also repeatedly told this Lawyer to call me after 3pm ,because I am A nurse and could not answer my cell phone between 7am and 3pm.. After all if I was taking of your love one ,would you want me to stop , and take a personal call? I have yet to receive a call after 3pm, good thing I have days off doing the week or she would of never reached me. Believe the medical profession is large in
Pinellas county and I will make sure they know not to use Morgan and Morgan. And if you are smart you won't !
justsayin' Send email
Sep 30, 2014

NOT for the People ... ONLY for the $

I've called Morgan and Morgan several times for different types of personal injury matters. If your case doesn't involve insurance companies with lots of money that they will ultimately squeeze YOU for, they don't bother taking your case.

This firm is not in it for the people ... all they want are large cases with the PROBABILITY of making large amounts of money! If you know what's good for you, STAY CLEAR OF THIS ONE!
f9ers55 Send email
Sep 15, 2014


I would think that if someone would put themselves in a situation as to be so PUBLIC with themselves AND their family . . . that they would act accordingly in public.

John Morgan recently was shown on TV to be drunk & with a VERY FOWL MOUTH in public.

Well, Mr. Morgan . . . I have watch your commercials for years now & because of your APPARENT "family values" & supposed "Mission Statement", I have referred you to countless people in my life.

However, after seeing you present yourself in that manner in PUBLIC, I'm afraid I have lost ALL respect for you & thus your firm.

I attempted to locate this "Mission Statement" that you refer to on TV so that I could quote my next sentence . . . but it seemed to be nowhere to be found.

But, part of your supposed "mission" is to people . . . I can assure you Mr. John Morgan, after your drunken & fowl mouthed antics? I have lost all respect for you & thus your firm.

Your "mission" to people that you talk about on TV . . . will now NEVER include me or anyone else I would have previously referred to your firm.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
mjdsss3 Send email
Sep 15, 2014


My daughter has been bullied for the past two years in school, I have had numerous visits with the principal and resource officer at the school as well as reporting to the police department. Nothing was ever done by either party. One day I seen the commercial on TV by Morgan and Morgan saying that "if your child is being bullied, we can help". Pretty much the same situation as the poor child that committed suicide. After calling in and speaking to one of their people, they stated they would submit the information to the attorneys and get back with me. Later that afternoon I did receive a phone call but was told "we can not help you with this case". They could not tell me why this was just that they could not help me. MORGAN AND MORGAN IS A JOKE!!
Fixitguy Send email
Aug 20, 2014

Case delays

Over 18 months ago we hired Morgan and Morgan. Biggest mistake ever made. If your case isnt a million dollar one they sideline it . They have incompetent para legals with little or no experiance work on it and screw thing up. They forget to get required support documentation and then expect YOU to track it down and get it for them. DONT HIRE THIS FIRM you will regret it when your case drags on for years. They also have a big problem with allegations made by State Farm Ins. Co., go to the Orlando Sentinel and read it thoroughly.
citizen17 Send email
Jul 30, 2014

morgan & morgan

We are very disappointed in services we received from Morgan & Morgan. Their adds led us to believe their law firm acted with integrity and responsibly. I was in an auto accident, hospitalized with fractures and cuts to my face. My spouse called Morgan & Morgan. They sent someone to our home and my husband signed papers to retain them. We later asked to meet with the actual attorney who was selected to represent us. At the first meeting we were told that the case was an easy one ,given obvious injuries (fractures & facial scar). The auto carriers paid full amounts almost immediately and the attorney kept 33%. We still have not received money. We released them (fired them) two months ago and they continue to "work" on the case. To us, if Morgan & Morgan were truly ethical and acting with integrity they would have told us up front that we probably didn't need an attorney given the obvious injuries. They could have suggested we call them if we encounter difficulty with the auto carriers. They would have graciously removed themselves from the case once discharged. Now, whenever the chance arises, I let others know how we were (and are still) being treated. I would not recommend them to anyone.
dickinsone Send email
Jan 9, 2014

Lack of judiciary responsibility

John Morgan finally has an ad on television that does not make my skin crawl and has some feigned integrity. He says that it may be years that a legal action is now necessary. I am still incensed that he and Henry Mowry permanently damaged my life by not living up to the judiciary responsibility they were hired to honor. What was done to me and my family is wrong since other attorneys, of respect, say that what was done to me by Morgan and Morgan and Henry Mowry should be criminal. John Morgan to appeals 'for the people' addressing God and family honor which I believe cannot be proven from the action in which I trusted them to act as my agents for my well-being and future. I have been violated to the greatest extent physically, financially and emotionally because you judiciary duty was ignored for a quick pay out leaving me in pain and financial ruin..
solo4u Send email
Nov 7, 2012

Seeking a descent fair lawyer

Hello,I am in desperate need of a good fair attorney.. I was involved in a auto accident in April 2012.. A company van ran a stop sign and slamed into me,pushing my car into a brick wall..My car was a total lost... I hired Morgan and Morgan..They sent some guy to my house to sign some papers... I really really hate I signed they,after reading the company reviews,and the way they been prolonging my case,not returning calls.. I been having to do all the leg work,from going to get a report,to calling the hospital to have them fax the firm the bills... I had a friend call me,and state he discused my lawsuit with my attorney(Christail Gunyard)... I hate I hired them..First they said they was charging me 33% to handle my case,then she came back sayin( the other insurance is not budging,you need to take them to court,but we going to charge you 40 %,now)....Please,help me find a good fire attorney....I can be reached at 678-851-3472..... I know I am taking a chance putting my number on here,but I really need some help'''''

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