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National Magazine Exchange

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about National Magazine Exchange

tonyairw Send email
May 23, 2016


This has happened to my husband as well. Despite my insistent complaint to him that this is a SCAM, and a waste of MONEY that we cannot afford to spare, he continually buys into their smooth sales mans' speeches and promises of winning a million +. They offer him free magazines of his choice and yet I find the charge on our card statement, not only that he is receiving magazines that he DID NOT choose.

He has this false hope given to him by this parasitic, predatory company that he has the CHANCE of being a winner and has won NOTHING only lost money. THIS COMPANY IS A PREDATOR. Preying upon helpless unknowing elderly, disabled people who may not be able to discern intelligently the fact that they are being taken advantage of and even if they have some one like myself in their lives who can discern the truth and see it for the SCAM that it is, they choose NOT TO LISTEN because the salespeople have been well trained to "sell" the scam. IT'S SAD AND DESPICABLE. THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO BE REPORTED HERE AND TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION and have their business license revoked indefinitely!
baweir Send email
Apr 5, 2016

TDM*NME Magazine

I am writing on be half of my 84 year old mother who was 'talked into' ordering magazines In January 2016 from this company. The magazines are arriving, however the price quoted was in American amounts ( $27) and they are charging her Canadian amounts which are much higher ( $ 40.00 +) and are coming monthly rather than for the year, as she had thought. She was not made aware that would happen. Also, she was supposed to receive some free gifts and an explanation statement of some kind giving her all the details of her contract?, which have not happened. She wants to cancel the magazines, as she is on a fixed income but has been given no address, phone numbers, and other info in order to contact the company.
How do we cancel the magazines, and what is the best contact to reach this company. Would it also be possible to put a stop payment on her credit card number (which they have unfortunately), or call each magazine individually. I would appreciate any information that would help us in this matter.
9093617636 Send email
Mar 15, 2016

Over charged

I ordered magazines in December 2015 was told I would only be charged for 3 months. I was charged in December, January, February and charged again March 1, 2016. I have a signed contract from the saying I we could only be charged 3 monthly payments of 67 and some change. I want my money
medsec Send email
Nov 10, 2014

Subscription costing $$$ made by 92 y/o spouse

I have not received any reply from Nat Magazine Exchange to me request for refund of almost $300 for magazines we did not order and do not read! Taken over phone I assume from my 92 yr old spouse with our debit card? This was many months back and had to research the actual originating company from Readers Digest, one of the magazines received plus many others.
KR69 Send email
Mar 25, 2012


I just received a letter tonight and it was signed by E. Wright. I guess this name can now be added to the list. This is obvisously a scam not to mention the sweepstakes is to be drawn on 11:59PM (ET) on 4/3/2014 That is 2 years from now LOL. Don't get scammed I know I won't thanks to good people like you all above who were able to warn me. Thanks. -KR
Ricky Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible company

They called me and said that they were from the national Magazine Exchange. It was a real friendly man, i do not remember his name but coincidentally we were from the same state!!! and so was the first guy who answered the phone! How ironic! How stupid and naive i was!!! He said he was calling from the credit dept. I asked for what credit card? Do I owe money?? He was calling to tell me I was a potential winner of a 2 million dollar sweepstakes, and to please hold while he gets his supervisor on the phone to take my info for the sweepstakes.

The supervisor sweet talked me, spoke really fast and was so vague on his questions, i started getting confused. He then asked if i wanted several subscriptions to magazines that I liked and bought in stores, for a fraction of the price; it came out to about .60 per magazine, which was a savings of over $2.00 each magazine! I was so excited and agreed. I ordered a one year subscription to parenting magazine, shape, and stay at home moms (i think that was the name he gave me). He said all i had to pay was $67 and change one time, i would be entered into the sweepstakes, and would receive the magazine subscriptions for a year. i was psyched. however time went on, and i started receiving magazines in the mail for Car and driver, Maxim, forbes, all these financial or men's magazines. I received only one Parenting magazine, and never received anything else except for these bullsh*t magazines i have no use for!! I mean I get at least 10 magazines a week, for ones I never ordered!!!

Then i went onto my credit card's web site where i had placed the purchase through, and lo and behold I see all these charges from at least several companies in the past two months since i subscribed. one charge is for NME*MAGAZINE ORDER 866-312-4233 FL $67.08 on 11/14/08, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER 866-312-4233 FL $67.08 on 12/16/08, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS 888-425-5874 CT $19.95 on 1/1/09, NME*MAGAZINE ORDER 866-312-4233 FL $67.08 on 1/16/09, AP9*ATHOMEREWARDS 888-425-5874 CT $19.95 on 2/22/09, $67.08 from NME*MAGAZINE ORDER 866-312-4233 FL on 2/24/09!!! I called the national magize exchange myself complain. they never answered their phones. it goes right to a voicemail box where i left three messages, three days in a row. the message states they will return your call by the next business day. this was last week. i never got a call back. I am so upset and furious that I have been scammed!!!

I just called my credit card company and had to cancel my card and get a new one. Can someone please help me? I want my money back! I don't want these subscriptions to magazines I NEVER ORDERED EITHER! Plus the ones i did pay for i never even got except for one magazine, and i only received it once last month! I was told when i signed up it was only one charge for the $67.00 for the 12 month subscription for the three magazines i believe. but he spoke so fast i could not understand everything. please help me! I have been scammed!!!
Alvinprophet Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible company

I handle my father finances and the same thing happen to him in December 2011 he was scammed for $67.08 called the number and cancelled and then they tried to sell me stuff I told them no thank you so the next month comes and he is charged 40.97 he is on a fixed income. I called these numbers and demanded a refund..i got the 40.97 back at least i got some of the money back
Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Dfdafa Send email
Feb 23, 2012


On a scale of A+ to F from BBB is D . Yes Devil

Knowledge Is Key Send email
Feb 23, 2012


If this truly is a legit business why so many different names, locations and phone numbers? Besides that they made over 400, 000.00 in one day yet they hold the sweepstakes every 18 to 19 months? Whats that all about. Oh thats right they just want to get fat of your hard earned dollar!!

BBB Rating for National Magazine Exchange
This business is in the process of responding to 1 complaint(s) previously closed with no response.
The company mails notices inviting people to call and enter the Million Dollar "Strike It Rich" Sweepstakes. There is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes. The odds of winning are determined by the number of people who enter. The company estimates the odds at no more than 1 in 26 million. The sweepstakes promotion is used by the company to promote magazine subscriptions.

Our file experience shows that the company has received complaints alleging billing disputes, misinterpretation of the sweepstakes promotion, and misunderstanding the company's billing terms. The company has addressed most complaints brought to its attention by the BBB by cancelling the consumer's account or responding to questions regarding the sweepstakes promotion or its billing procedures.

In order to expedite handling of any questions, or if you have a complaint, the company requests that you call their customer service department at (800) 235-3630 or email them at cs@nmemags.com

Business Contact and Profile for National Magazine Exchange
Name: National Magazine Exchange
Phone: (727) 369-2700 ext. 2318
Address: 8285 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste 150
Largo, FL 33777-1306
Website: www.nmemags.com
Original Business Start Date: August 1985
Principal: Mr. Dennis A. Cahill, CEO
Customer Contact: Mr. Dennis A. Cahill, CEO
Entity: Corporation
Incorporated: August 1985, FL
Type of Business: Magazine Sales Departments, Sale Outsourcing Companies, Soliciting Organizations
BBB Accreditation: National Magazine Exchange is not a BBB Accredited business.
Additional DBA Names: Agora Marketing Solutions, Inc.
National Publishers Exchange
National List Exchange
National Clearing Exchange
Clearinghouse Magazine
Million Dollar Sweepstakes
Strike It Rich 2 Sweepstakes
One Switch
N.M.E Magazine Services
NME Prize Disbursement
Fantasy Riches Sweepstakes
Agora Marketing Solutions
Think Direct
Strike It Rich VII Sweepstakes

Products and Services of National Magazine Exchange
This company offers magazine sales via phone and a telemarketing call center for
various companies and products.

Business Management
Additional company management personnel include:
Mr. William H. Hood - CEO (previous)
Mrs. Suzanne Tortorice - General Counsel
Mr. David Macey - Senior Manager of Customer Service
Mr. Thomas N. Lord - Vice President/CIO
Mr. J. Michael Capito - Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Jeffrey Fix - Senior Vice President
Mr. Robert R. Moravek - Vice President of Operations
Mr. Rob Paolillo - Vice President of Finance
Pat Fung - Vice President of Software Development
Ms. Deborah Pitt
Sean Myers - Manager Quality Assurance
Thomas H Ripley - President
Janice Alexander

Additional Locations and Phone Numbers
Additional Addresses
16120 US Highway 19 N Ste 400
Clearwater, FL 33764-5748
Tel: (727) 536-6624
PO Box 9084
Clearwater, FL 33758-9084
1320 US 10 North
Clearwater, FL 33758
8285 Bryan Dairy Rd Ste 150
Largo, FL 33777-1306
Additional Phone Numbers

Tel: (404) 943-9005

Tel: (727) 815-8196
Tel: (727) 524-9100

Tel: (800) 235-3630
Tel: (800) 316-6247
Tel: (800) 310-6247
Tel: (800) 581-3305
Tel: (800) 454-6247
Tel: (800) 444-6247
Tel: (800) 330-6247
Tel: (800) 307-6247
Tel: (800) 693-9247
Tel: (800) 690-3623
Tel: (800) 235-6263
Tel: (800) 873-1520
Tel: (800) 420-5478
Tel: (800) 684-9477
Tel: (800) 207-8171
Tel: (800) 308-6247
Tel: (800) 910-4352
Tel: (800) 596-2637
Tel: (800) 579-5726
Tel: (800) 479-6183

Tel: (813) 535-0205

Tel: (866) 873-1520
Tel: (866) 374-9911
Tel: (866) 312-4233
Tel: (866) 374-9981
Tel: (866) 262-3051
Tel: (866) 374-9979
Tel: (866) 349-2603

Tel: (877) 257-9184

Tel: (888) 227-0999
Tel: (888) 727-6247
Tel: (888) 333-6247
Tel: (888) 790-4463
Additional Fax Numbers
Fax: (727) 524-4667
Additional Web Addresses

Licensing for National Magazine Exchange
This company is in an industry that may require licensing, bonding or registration in order to lawfully do business. BBB encourages you to check with the appropriate agency to be certain any requirements are currently being met.
Wanda Van Santen Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Recently a neighbor was conned into purchasing something from this company and they asked for the last four numbers of her ATM card after which she decided not to use her card but rather to send them a check. When she told me about this, I then told her that it was a scam and the next day, she went to her bank and discovered that they had already debited her ATM account for the amount. Fortunately, she was able to reverse the charges. Please, please DO NOT fall for this scam. Please alert everyone about this scam being run by the National Magazine Exchange/1-800-308-6247 out of Largo, Florida. Thanks and BEWARE of this scam!
Wanda Van Santen Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Recently a neighbor was conned into purchasing something from the National Magazine Exchange/1-800-308-6247 our to Largo, Florida and they then asked for the last four numbers of her ATM card after which she decided not to use her card but rather to send them a check. When she told me about this, I then told her that it was a scam and the next day, she went to her bank and discovered that they had already debited her ATM account for the amount. Fortunately, she was able to reverse the charges. Please, please DO NOT fall for this scam. Please alert everyone about this scam being run by the National Magazine Exchange out of Largo, Florida. Thanks and BEWARE of this scam!
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Big scam!

I recently entered a 2 Million dollar sweepstakes by telephone from Clearwater FL (727) 712-0382. They stated that they would send me some magazines to preview with 90 days to cancel and if I did not cancel I would be charged 67.00 every 4 months. Within 2 days they charged my card 67.08, then another 67.08 within a month.

They also sent me a Value Plus letter for $40.00 in gas with a non existent website to claim the 40.00. Value Plus charged me $1.00. I called National Magazine Exchange and they we VERY rude!!! I kept telling her that I wanted to be credited and cancel these magazines, which I never received in the first place. She said I signed up for FOUR Years!!! What a joke. I kept telling her to cancel this and credit me my $134.00 - and her response was how much trouble it was to get the magazines & make the labels.

Finally after about 30 minutes she said she will refund my money, 'good luck on the sweepstakes', then slammed down the phone. I doubt if this will be this easy to get my money back--so beware of this scam.
Edboogie2004 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Big scam!

Plus just look at John Doze comment. His comments alone are pretty incriminating of that company. He would know. He's worked there!

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