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NetSpend Corporation

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Consumer complaints and reviews about NetSpend Corporation

Luke Send email
May 1, 2016


I put 15 dollars on a card to buy something on line and it wouldn't work. So instead I buy 6$ worth of food and it then tells me it only pays part of that 6$ worth of food. Where did the other 9$ go
adten Send email
Feb 11, 2016

Tax return...

7-10 days my ass. It has been 10 days now and no sign of my card in the mail. My refund was deposited a week ago and I can't get to that money because netspend hasn't delivered. I seriously need that money and went with netspend because turbotax claimed it to be the quickest method. Load of crap. The IRS... a government institution that deals with tens of millions of tax payers is faster than netspend. Will not be using their service ever again.
fuckNetspend Send email
Jan 28, 2016

NetSpend Sucks!

NetSpend is way too slow in processing and mailing out new cards. IRS and state tax refund processings are actually faster and so the refunds were already deposited onto the accon but I'm still waiting for my stupid NetSpend card!

This is unbelievable. NetSpend is worthless and pointless!
Kenyaorama Send email
Aug 10, 2012

NetSpend Sucks

Today, I stopped to use the netspend card for gas, I only pumped $20. To my surprise I received a alert stating that netspend will place a hold for $55 for gas purchases which I can understand. Three seconds later I received another alert stating the gas purchase was $126, now I'm thinking how does $20 plus $55 equal $126? I contacted customer service who advised at this point there was nothing they could do... I would have to wait 3-5 business days. Even though netspend has the policy for holding $55-$75 for gas purchase their is nothing that states $106 being placed on hold. No one could tell me why they placed $106 on hold for my account.

Contacting BBB and everyone I can think of..
User923742 Send email
Mar 26, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

I agree 100%. Netspend has the worst customer service. I am actually on hold right now as im typing, and have been waiting for about 1 hour. I have been waiting for a direct deposit to go through for about a week now. I would LOVE to get a bunch of people together and fight against Netspend. They have gotten me SOOOOOO angry and have done some damage to me and my family financially. We have kids to support, and have not gotten paid due to Netspend holding my deposit because of a address change. The asked me to send in a piece of mail, my ID, and my SS card. So I did, and they said my funds will be available within 1 hour. It has now been 2 days!!! I called and one person said they received the info I sent and they are still processing it. I called again and this person said they have not received my info so I sent it about three more times. And yep, you guessed it, I have still not received my $$$$. It has really put a hurt on me and my family. I would do ANYTHING to get Netspend back for this. Especially after reading the complaints other customers have. Lets get all of us together, and fight back. They cant get Americans to do the customer service? That is ridiculous!!!
Andre Bryson Send email
Mar 14, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

In December of 20010, my apartment was broken into, and, my credit cards were one of the items stolen. Because they where back up cards, and, I was not aware that they were missing, and, I had the only activated card on me someone activated the one of the credit cards, and, preformed a transaction of $63. I received a text alert informing me that the transaction of $63. was performed but did not inform me that the card was activated. Anyway at that time, the card was reported stolen. I filed a claim, and, the claim was paid, minus $50. because they said that the person that stole the card must of had my PIN. They, Netspend, credited my account $13. All personal information was changed on the account in order to prevent further actions using the reported stolen card. Netspend assured me that the card would not be reactivated. Netspend, was receiving a direct deposit to my account, and, I made every effort in order to prefect my account. Before the payday I contacted the bank again, and, updated personal information to the account, and, again, I was informed by Netspend that the reported stolen credit card would not be reactivated again! Sure enough, in January of 2011 the stolen credit was reactivated, and, Netspend sent me a text message informing me that they had done so, and, furthermore Netspend informed me that they had given the reported stolen credit card a PIN giving the person or persons access to my account! The account was wiped out of all available funds, and, Netspend was making money off reactivating the stolen card, and, didn't seem to care about my lost. Netspend would charge my account for the reactivation, of the stolen credit card, charge the account for customer service inquire, and, assistants. I would received a text message that a deposit has been made, and, I would receive a text message that would inform me that Netspend had reactivated the reported stolen card, and, I would receive a text message that Netspend had just giving a PIN giving access to my account. Since, I running out of space I'll try to make this short!! This negligence went on from December of 2010 until May of 2011. Netspend was receive money each time they reactivated a stolen credit card, and, did not care about their customer privacy. Netspend has paid back some of the monies they taken out of the account but not all of the monies. My concerns are if Netspend can act like a bank, are they going to be held to the federal standards as a bank on giving out personal information to their depositors, and, privacies rights? When I inquired as to why this was going on I was informed that what they were doing is with in their rights, and, there was nothing that could be done about it! I refuse for that statement to be true! I want them to be held for their illegal actions. I do have records to show that what I have stated to be true, as does Netspend!! I see that their running advertisements on how they respect the privacy act, they could have fooled me? Oh they did!
Tammy Guzman Send email
Mar 6, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

i tammy guzman am disputing 25.63 from check mate that was posted to my account on 3-5 3-6 also was told by one of your representative's when i called back on 3-6 that there was another 4dollars taken out by checkmate again??? i have no reculation of any checkmate purchases i do not know what checkmate is please refurbish my account with 27.63 as i need it asap to pay my bills this has been very inconvenient for me.

tammy guzman
YORVONNE Send email
Feb 27, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

Send email
Feb 23, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

First of all let me start off by saying that I have NEVER encountered a pleasurable conversation or even close to being acceptable for that matter. The customer service reps are FEARLESS in how they treat you OMG!!

There has only been one time that I ever spoke to someone who spoke fluent english and all the rest can barely speak a lick of it first n foremost. Call for yourselves just for shits n giggles just to see what I am talking about.

Oh wait, you cant speak to a human unless you are a card holder, I forgot. So this means if you are a potential customer with questions and these questions cannot be answered by the place where the card was purchased (because these places always say "call NETSPEND") and if your questions cannot be answered on their little questionnaire "Q&A" then you most likely will call them but you will run into a problem because the robot asks for your "card number" and if you don't punch it in, you don't speak to anyone!! Thats right!!

Now, lets just say that your card has been stolen, u must know ALL 16 numbers to that particular card memorized or they will not speak to you regarding this!!! OMFG!! They INSIST that you give your 16 digit card number at the beginning of the call no matter what the call is concerning!!! Questions!! Comments!! Do not matter!!

If you are not a card member guess how NETSPEND claims they need to "identify the caller" folks? You guessed wrong!!! They ask for your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER folks!!! YES, thats right!! YOUR SSN!!! And your not even a card holder!!! How do I know this? Because I had some associates that had some questions and I was unable to answer them so I called NETSPEND for them on a 3-way and we went through hell trying to get their questions answered.

I didn't feel like getting up out the bed to get my purse downstairs to get my freaking card so I can punch those digits in just so their questions could be answered but everytime we punched the option to speak with a live operator, it demands on a card number so naturally I thought to myself "what if my card was stolen" how would I get a live person? We finally got a live person AFTER I got my card and AFTER about 25 mins of being on hold. Amazing.

Anyways, as my friends had tried to ask their questions the rep asked for their card number and when they said they weren't customers as of yet, the rep asked for their SSN and it would ONLY be used as a "one time" identification purpose. WE WERE FLABBERGASTED!!!

By the time I spoke to a supervisor they hung up and I spoke to Erwin-00743 ext-5515 (I am willing to bet this isn't his name or his REAL ext or employee ID number) he was so rude and deflected any responsibility off NETSPEND and totally defended these other REPS by saying that he was sure that the reason they were asked for their SSN was so they could pull up "their account" even though I repeated told him that they were not members. He then kept saying "Well if there isn't anything else maam, I'm going to have to end this call".

Erwin had an excuse and explanation for everything and borderlined called me a liar in the beginning by saying he doubted this and that about not being able to get through without punching in the card number and then also sort of called me a liar by saying he doubted the sh*t about the SSN even though he managed to come up with what he thought would be a acceptable reason for the REPS asking for their SSN.

This company is unethical. They are unprofessional & rude. And in my opinion alot of them are just plain old stupid. I mean dumb. Uneducated. Under achievers. Losers. Bums.

I am pulling everything off that little card and maying my exit. GOODBYE NETSPEND.
Tedyfly Send email
Feb 23, 2012

NetSpend is so messed up!

well still with netspend car rentals can be a bother try to pre pay for gas that helps hotels they get u but if u call in about 3 weeks they releases the hold with no problem.

I just now got direct deposit and got paid two days early so happy with that plus only took 3 pay checks till it went thou so not bad at all.

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