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Consumer complaints and reviews about NetSpend

jamescassidy Send email
Apr 19, 2016


I had made the mistake of using my net spend card to pay my cellphone bill. net spend pooched the transaction and now it is pending and will remain that way for a long time. if they don't just decide to pocket the money ill get it back in about a month to a year or how ever long it take takes for them to put there food down and mash a few buttons and release my money to me or my phone provider. i have been on the phone all day with my phone provider and net spend trying to resolve this issue but no luck. i knew net spend was a last resort card but i had hoped i could use it at least once without issue but i was wrong as soon as i give my attorney a call and sink some legal teeth me and all my friends and family is dropping net spend like a bad habit.
Jermaneem Send email
Mar 29, 2016

Later depoist

I gets my deposit on the 26 of each month..which is suppose to be 5days early and i still havnt gotten it yet. I feel met spent isn't keeping ur there agreement to there customers if the problem exist with us treasary then netspend needs to make it clear that there customers expect their money on time. Its 400 nw it Still have not posted.
Veronica huerta Send email
Feb 21, 2016

Access to my funds

I have an account that i recieve monthly funds in that card was lost in december i reported and another card was sent but the card they send was to an old account i hadnt used in years. I was placed with the fraud department and was latter told i could no longer do buisness with you ?!?! Because i was sent a card to the wrong account Ihad my tax return send to that account i am beind denied the money that rightfully belongs to me please help me resolve my situation
tlotfield Send email
Jan 28, 2016


THIS CARD IS HORRIBLE......I purchased a netspend debit visa yesterday from local Fred's I wanted to pay a bill online without using my own debit or credit card.This had to be my worse mistake which made me feel horrible all day.

First I called to activate and the gentlemen which not one I spoke with which I spoke with three spoke any English which made it ten times difficult to understand. He asked for my date of birth, address, social security, and name. I IMMEDIATELY said NO! I don't give this information out like that which is why their is so much Identity Theft anyways he said well if you don't give information then I will have to set you as limitless which I couldn't do anything BUT go inside the store....and I told him You guys are scam artists, rip offs.....I need to pay an important bill and you tell me unless I provide my most prised, personal information then I can't do what I want with the money I loaded onto the card.....NO!

SO, he set st limitless I called back and and I was going to *** the bullet and trust the people then the gentlemen I spoke to this time tell me NO YOU CANT CHANGE YOIR MIND IN OTHER WORDS...its set at limitless and I can't change...I said sir I have an important bill to pay I need this money....Well we can't change it so I asked to speak to a supervisor floor manager what ever on hold a long period of time got hung up on.....call back spoke with a lady she said the same thing the second person said these people are coached and train on what they need to tell people....finally spoke to someone that was suppose to handle my problem and THEY DIDNT......LISTEN DO NOT GET THIS CARD.....FREDS, VISA, WALMART whoever carry this name NETSPEND card needs to pull away from them I will contact every chain that sells this card....and if you've been got by NETSPEND contact everyone you can so it doesn't happen to anyone else.....Netspend left a bad taste I'm my mouth and this taste I want out.......HORRIBLE BUSINESS and I don't see why VISA or someone else isn't looking into their practice....
m evans Send email
Dec 4, 2015

accessing disability benefits on card after move

I called netspend when I moved out of state, so that my card would not be suspected stolen and frozen because of unusual locations of use. I spent the next three weeks with netspend on phone, scanning, faxing, e-mailing, all trying to prove who I was because I missed a security question. They even sent me paper mail to my new address, yet wouldn't believe I was me! Meanwhile I had no money at all and had to live off the generosity of relatives. I sent them all the id they asked for, and talked to them on the phone at least every three days. All the info I sent them were not accepted, they asked for my driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, all very private info.
When the check cashing place I went to set me up with a card in 2012, I thought netspend was the only choice for my disability and social security deposit. This is not true. We have choices. Fortunately I was able to set up a bank account (I recommend key bank) and had computer savvy relatives to help me scan and send attachments and use email.
I did get my money refunded in check form but I cannot overestimate how stressful it was to have all my assets frozen. I was penniless, and every day I would either be waiting for confirmation, sending them something, or on the phone with their representatives trying to figure out what the heck was going on. To their credit, as useless as their i.t. was, they were invariably polite.
johnmciver55 Send email
Jul 18, 2015

Unauthorize use of my debit card

I started having problems with Net Spend back in April, 2015 and been having problems every since. I had over $2000 stolen from my account and only a portion of that I have gotten back. On yesterday, July 17th Netspend all of sudden sent me a text message stating that my card had been reported stolen and when I tried to login to my account, I got the message " There is a problem with my account" and I couldn't log-in. They told me that after 10 business days that I would receive my money back on my card but instead they cancel my card and close my account. How do I get my $1200 disability back that Net Spend allowed someone else to steal out of my account. I have so much to say about Net spend and at this point, it's nothing good.

John mcIver
Virgie Send email
May 19, 2015

Netspend keeping funds

I wished I knew that Netspend was a bunch of crooks before I had my VA disability check placed on one card. I have repeatedly had money disappear off my card. And they laugh saying file a dispute claim. Still they will not say if they will credit back MY Money. I have called META Bank if that's a real BANK and Netspend. There is their from what I have learned about this So called Bank. Netscape's is just a phone service that Uses the logo from META BANK and Bank Corp Bank. That pay a fee to them to help look like a BANK. Good luck in finding more the post office box addresses. More then shady to me now I can count I have lost $10, up to $200monthly off my account and to me what's the different beteween getting mugged and Netspend? You only get mugged once Netspend tries to charge you drag on their not giving you back your money so they can get more and charge you to steal from you.
Bbessieb405 Send email
Feb 19, 2015

Company will not give me access to my money

PLEASE HELP/contact @(940)862-3316
I do not know if this will help I can only hope and pray it do. I received a Netspend card in my mail I activated it and loaded $500.00 on it. When I tried to go on line and check my balance to see if everything loaded correctly the web site would not let me log in so I contacted Netspend customer service. They onfoed me that I had a block on my account. Why I still donot know, I never used the account but to load my money on it this one time. They said I had to send them info to unblock. But it was not that simple. They lied to me on serveral occasions, they misinformed me serveral times, all this has been going on since last Saturday. I have sent serveral documents over and over, wait six to eight hours hav those rejected send them more items and wait hours to see if they will accept but they deny again, like I said over and over and over again and again and again. I have gotten sooo much run around and lied to so much. I'm being treated like a criminal about MY OWN money. Please help me. I cannot afford to lose this much money especially at this time. I have tried to reason with them but to no avail. Please, pleas help me and not laugh about this as I can tell my pleading with them was just sooo funny to them. Please help! Thank you Bessie Bradford reference: 5731366541
moneyholic Send email
May 8, 2014


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johnetta1 Send email
Feb 27, 2014


Sumtingwong1381 Send email
Apr 15, 2013

Netspend declined a transaction and has it PENDING now

Netspend declined a transaction (in which I had more than enough money for), so I used my debit card from my bank instead. When I used the Netspend car the next couple of days, I was declined again. Knowing that I had more than enough money to buy a $3 sandwich, I logged into Netspend.com and viewed my account transactions. Netspend placed a pending transaction for $921.05 for the transaction that THEY declined in the first place. I obviously called them to have them cancel that pending transaction since they declined it in the first place. Thats when I was told that I had two options. 1. Wait 30 days for it to "fall off" or 2. go back to the merchant and have them type a letter on their company letterhead advising they have not collected the money and they will not collect the money, and have them fax or email it to them. I chose option two. I was told it would take 6-8 business hours to have the funds released once they received the letter. The company sent the letter and three days later the funds are still not released. I again called netspend and spoke to a lady with broken English, only to find out that she couldn't tell me if they got the letter or not. I asked why the transaction was declined in the first place and she advised me that it went through (which is obviously a lie). Now, I am back to square one waiting for them to send me a text message (supposedly today) saying my funds have been released. I am not optimistic about it. I wish I would have read all the reviews on netspend BEFORE doing my taxes through turbo tax. Never again will I use that option!
amber9877 Send email
Apr 2, 2013

Card activation nightmare! netSpend looks like a big SCAM!!

We filed our tax return with Turbo Tax on March 3, 2013 and opted to have our return loaded to a netSpend card which we relieved in the mail within a week.  The IRS disbursed our return funds on March 11, 2013 to netSpend.  We relieved NO notification of any kind that our return had been disbursed.  After waiting several weeks for notification we went to the IRS web-site and discovered that our tax return money had already been sent (on the 11th) and so we then contacted netSpend by calling the number found on the back of the card to see if our funds were available.  We were given an automated message that our card had not been activated yet and to wait on the line for the next available representative to help us with the activation.  After waiting for almost an hour, we were connected with a representative who told us that for security reasons we needed to fax them additional information to verify our identity. They told us that after netSpend received that information our card would be activated within 2 business days and our funds would be available for our use. They asked to be faxed a state-issued ID, social security card and a piece of mail with our current address.  We faxed all that they said was required that very afternoon, March 25.  On March 28th our card had still not been activated and so we called and waited on hold for another hour before reaching another representative who told us that there was a problem with the information that we sent.  She couldn't specify what, exactly, the problem was.  We requested to speak with a supervisor and after being transferred several times and waiting on hold for another hour we finally spoke to "David" a supervisor.  He told us that our account had a "hold" placed on it and it had been "Flagged" for fraud and that we needed to fax still more information to verify our identity.  When we asked why our account was flagged he told us that it was, "For your security and protection" and refused to provide any more details. "David" assured us that he would personally see that our issue was resolved within a half-hour and that he would be waiting by the fax machine for the additional information and put everything through himself. "David" also took our phone number and promised to call us as soon as our card was activated and our funds were available for our use and that it should all be taken care of within a half-hour.  We gathered the additional information (state issued ID, SS card and current power bill) and faxed it immediately.  We waited over an hour for "David" to call before we called them.  After waiting on hold for 40 minutes we were connected to a representative who told us that they didn't know of a supervisor named "David" and that if we faxed more information we would just have to wait again for the 2 days that everyone must wait for our card to be activated.  So we waited.  Since the 28th was a Thursday and their office is closed on the weekends we had to wait until Monday to call.  On Monday, April 1st we called several times and waited on hold to speak with a supervisor for HOURS!  Finally after being put in contact with a supervisor they told us that there was still a problem with our information and that we would need to talk with someone in the fraud department. The supervisor transferred us to the fraud department where we waited on hold again until after business hours and they would no longer take our call!  We called the next morning (today April 2) got the run-around again and waited on hold for hours AGAIN and FINALLY got through to Scott in the Fraud Department. He told us that we had to send MORE information including our entire current power bill (not just the 1st page with all the pertinent information) and then it would take 2 more days before they could tell us if the "Hold" could be lifted off our account.  We said NO WAY and demanded that they send our Tax return funds back to the IRS and that we would not be doing business with them.  Now we are waiting and our funds should be cleared from their system and returned to the IRS within 24 hours.  We'll see if this actually happens.
Michellemackey Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Full of sh@@

I am pissed off i have been waiting for them to return a payment form feb who can i contact to get this resolved its 303.00 i have talked to cc and they keep telling me 90 days i dont think so i should not have to wait this long in order to get my money i am the victim this is not the way you run a company does any one know how to get this resolved faster i cant seem to get any help i tried to get ceo number to no avail.
Jallen06 Send email
Mar 15, 2012

Full of sh@@

I have that same problem...direct TV made an unauthorized debit into my account
And took 447.00 out...got ready to pay my light bill because it was due that day and up being declined so I called netspend to check my transactions and direct TV took all my money so guess what my lights got turned off and netspend act like they don't care and to top that off I couldn't pay my child support cause that happened. Its been 2 months and still nothing has happened from netspend.
Debbie S. Send email
Mar 14, 2012

ACH return fees

Netspend does not reimburse fees that Paypal incurrs on your card. Even though I submitted a letter showing Netspend that it ws their mistake, I was told that the $4 in multiple attempts to get a large amount on the card on the SAME day was their error. They told me to look at my contract. So I closed the account.
TravV Send email
Mar 14, 2012

ACH return fees

We apologize for the problems you experienced with our fees and service. Unfortunately, the fee will be charged for any ACH debit that is declined. We understand that this was not your error and we would be happy to assist you with this. Please send an email to feedback@netspend.com and we will address this issue.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you. We do hope the problems you have experienced will not bear any reflection on our company and the services we provide.

Thank you,
NetSpend Corporation
Takira Lowe Send email
Mar 9, 2012

unauthorized transfer

Attap5 Send email
Mar 9, 2012

unauthorized transfer

This just happened to me tonight. It was all the money I have in the world right now and my gas tank is empty. I have to wait until the morning to call them. I spoke with an agent earlier because I could not get into my account. I transferred everything to my savings so it couldn't be used and was going to withdraw everything tomorrow, however an hour later everything was gone and transferred user to user to a James Coleman who I've never even heard of. I can't get into my account again either because my user name/password/email has been changed. My email is ban_vaccines at yahoo if you are going to the media, you are welcome to contact me and I will be more than happy to go with you.
Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud charges

I added money to my netspend card 50.00 dollars got home went to the netspend website and tracked my spending. I just added 50.00 dollars, but it said in the transaction history 49.00 a transaction fee of a dollar on top of the 53.95 i had to pay to put money on the card i made no purchase just added money to the card. I called netspend they said it was a dollar transaction fee, but i made no purchase the customer service person barley spoke english, then got upset when i asked for someone that spoke english. Everytime i put money on my card i never got the full amount. It was always a dollar short netspend would not give me a refund and still says it's because of purchases i made, which is bullsh*t so what i did. I used all the money on my card and never reloaded if you add money to your netspend card check your transaction history everytime you load the card or buy something netspend will get you if you don't watch it! Also the refer a friend and get 5 bucks it's never been that easy for me i had to fight with customer service to get credit for every person i referred. I referred all of my friends there has to be something done about netspend someone file a lawsuit and lets all rejoice in all the money that they owe us!
Holt2 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud charges

I just had my netSpend account accessed via a mystery debit card in Singapore. From what I'm reading, I'm guessing that I'll never see the $510 that was stolen. Then when you report it, they tell you it will be ten days before you get confirmation, good or bad, from them. When I first reported this there were pending transactions from Swiss Clear Global on the account. The customer service rep said that they had to let them post or "clear" before they could start the investigation process. What is that...you want to let them HAVE my money and THEN you'll persue an investigation?!?!? From other letters / complaints I've read, my assumption is that they will do nothing and I will be out the money. I've actually had the account for 2+ years and this is the first issue I've had. But, it does not instill a lot of confidence when they really don't seem to care and can't find the time to update you when changes happen in the investigation. Be VERY CAUTIOUS!

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