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Consumer complaints and reviews about OCBC BANK

isabelrena Send email
Jun 25, 2016

bill collection was rude towards customer

Dear ocbc management...

I came across your service towards customer was rude..it happen this afternoon..while i was not well and had operation..your billing dept call me up by the name MR C..he was so rude towards me..yes my payments is late but still i make effort to go and make payments while im not well..he ask me why i never make payments on 21st ..told him i have major operation again he just keep ignore and keep asking...i dont own him the money ..but we has custody have the right to treat nicely..pls ask him to go customer service course.
ladybella Send email
May 9, 2016

are they ah long ( ocbc )

Dear ocbc...
Understand what is all about when comes to payments..i hope your customer service officer who are service the job can understand people situation...i have some payments that need to settle at your ..end with my situation of being working alone need to settle a lot of things..but your officer trying to make a big fast and says i lie..Yes im late with 1month payments if my calculations is right.but i will never late for couple of month..even i keep aplogies to your officer who trying to be raise his voice...wish i can pay everything if i have enough cash...but how late i am i still paid the amount ...i dont loan from ah long..but your officer like ah long..with the tone of voice...keep saying he do not know what management going to do with me..is this a something make me and my family feel afraid..how come you treat your customer this way...
vin81 Send email
Mar 9, 2016


On 27th feb i transfer amount of $600 at ocbc atm machine and i make mistake i sent to wrong account. Immediately i when to harbourfront branch and make report. I give them the account i transfer and it show $600 transaction. I ask them to suspend they tell me sop. Get me fill form and go bck wait for call. I also sent email to ocbc in their website. Week pass no call no email. I call hotline and the staff tell me got to check with the branch i report to. So i call the branch. The minute i mention my name the lady who answering know about my case and she was telling a guy beside. Call pass to the guy. I din manage to get his name. What happen next was a big susprise. He told me they sent letter to inform the person who hold this account as they try call but he did not pick up. So i ask the staff if this the case are you telling me my money is gone case. He told me yes and follow by he not sure if i might know the person and because of conflict and i saying it wrong account. Wow!!! Ocbc staff instead of telling customer we try our best and comfort the customer they are making it worst and provoke me for what i see. I was so angry i sent another email. Again no reply. Fine. I sent message to their facebook page instead of posting on their page as i giving them chance. They reply me by asking for my email address so they can check through. Day and day pass again no reply or call. So what is ocbc bank doing? Too free sit on the desk so they need to work ot on sunday? Simple replying no one bother to take any action. Do i need to go to their ceo?
Ardra Send email
Jan 11, 2016

Unattended compaint

19/11/15 - apply corporate banking account.

25/11/15 - received SMS that account has been approved.

4/12/15 - called OCBC on the status of cheque book, debit card and token. OCBC personnel arranged someone to call and confirmed my mailing address is correct and I just have to wait for the letter to reach me.

10/12/15 - called OCBC on the same inquiries and bank personnel highlighted that my mailing address is wrongly submitted.

This issues has been raised further to bank personnel that the authorised person and I are not signing any update mailing form besides electronic as this is bank responsibilities to rectify this matter. I strongly believed this case has not been escalate to the management. On the phone with bank personnel, he mentioned that the delay is with the customer if the customer did not update mailing address. Is this a fair treatment to the customer, while bank personnel made mistake at their end?
He also mentioned that OCBC personnel unable to view customer data, therefore it is not their mistake. My question is, if bank personnel unable to view customer data, why would they called to confirm my mailing address and mentioned I just have to wait for the letters.

Issues that I highlighted to bank personnel - does all those letters registered mail? why isn't anyone call me (i'm the contact person) when the letters were returned to bank?

12/12/15, 17/12/15 and 1/1/16 - SMS received from OCBC to activate the cards. If we did not receive any cards, how do we activate?

22/12/15 - handed update mailing address to bank personally.

30/12/15 - Cheque and debit card department called at different timing. 2nd set of debit card, token and cheque book being reprinted and to be sent to us.

31/12/15 - we are being charged service charges for not using the bank facilities since opening of bank account and receiving such bad service from the bank.

5/1/16 - Another bank personnel called and highlight that we have to accept the new set because the first set has been disposed off. This is not what the other bank personnel mentioned in December. As, before we sign the mailing address form, he said that we can get the letters at the HQ and not mentioning that the letters has been disposed off. Also, bank personnel confirmed that calls made by OCBC is not recorded and now they are switching words that letters has been disposed off.

Bank did not ensure that customer information being safeguard and that now, they mentioned that letters has been disposed off. Since the letters has been disposed off, why would they issue new serial number for my chequebook? Does that mean that they are not confirm on their internal control procedures of disposing returned letters?

It seems like too many people handing this issues with no clear direction and I need the management to give me a reasonable answers on this as the bank personnel that dealt with me always give empty promises. However, no one responsible enough to escalate this matter as they are protecting each department.

7/1/16 - called OCBC and officially lodge complaint and nothing done so far.

Hereby, I seek your kind advice on dealing with my matters. I need my token, chequebook and debit card as I have been waiting since November 2015 and now mid January 2016.

Thank you.
tint lwin Send email
Dec 22, 2015

Annual FEE

OCBC Bank in Singapore has bad practice of taking money from customer. First they will send Credit which is not applied by customer. The law is not clear enough whether Bank can send Credit Card to the Customer without applying the card. After that they will ask for annual fee it does not matter whether this credit card is activated for not.
Mathi123 Send email
Nov 29, 2015

Annual Fees Charges

When I called the OCBC staff, the system messages going on and unable to reach the OCBC staff. I left message to waive my Annual Fees Charges. About two to three days later I received a message OCBC unable to waive the Annual Fee Charges.

It is very ridiculous which makesI feel very upset and think bad impression of OCBC bank services. What kind of bank services is it? Could you think about you are in my position?
chq9875 Send email
Nov 23, 2015

inconsistent credit application guidelines

OCBC has inconsistent guidelines in issuing credit cards. My sister and I both applied for the same card to pay a product that the bank sells. Sister took out OCBC Student Loans for university and has lower income than I do. Her card got approved. On the other hand I have never taken out a loan and I got rejected TWICE. This causes delay in paying for my product. Most satisfactory answer from bank on rejection ever. Not rejection for document issues, but for "internal and external sources". I am very angry with the delay and the second rejection it puts me off as a prospect and I never want anything to do with OCBC products. I also have friends who complain about 360. This bank has the worst products ever. Don't buy as they have lousy customer reps who give you script answers and don't go above and beyond their job. I feel like the bank is full of unqualified employees who just read off rules and guideline script without adjusting to situation. Trained staff? Hardly.
Laurace bautista Send email
May 14, 2015

ocbc never aswer their mail send to them

I am presently in Thailand over stay because. Of ocbc
I am a holder of easi card tried to withdrawal my money from the ATM machine I bangkok
It say contact your issuing bank
I made contact with ocbc by way or telephone email sms massage no answer back coming from ocbc
Till o day it is one month
I had even been to the ocbc in Thailand to give ocbc Singapore a call it should be recorded
The this bank officer was will to let me fill in a ormvto make collection but ocbc Singapore said no

Please tell me why can I not witdrawl fund from my on account by ATM
I wat to go home how can money from my account please advice
Than you waiting for your good reply
Swe Send email
Apr 22, 2015

Late fee charges

It is the NORM for OCBC to charge for late fee, even for the month at which no payment is needed.

When I called the OCBC staff, he said the system is down, so he cannot clarify the issue. But, he said I still can make the payment anytime and OCBC can receive it. Then, why OCBC keeps on charging me late fee for the transaction made around 5 pm. Office hour announced officially is 9 am to 6 pm.

Never see such kind of special service at other banks. You should take note that OCBC is not the only bank in Singapore. I will NEVER use OCBC in the future.
xela444 Send email
Jul 1, 2014

OCBC is really the worst bank in Singapore and South East Asia

This "brilliant bank" recently launched a deposit product called 360 account. To reap the full benefits of this account, you are required to spend $400 a month on your OCBC credit cards. See [http://www.ocbc.com.sg/personal-banking/accounts/360-account.html]

I recently applied for both the 360 account together with a credit card. While they were happy to take my $50k deposit, they rejected my credit card application. This was without informing me that my credit card application had been rejected. I had to call up the bank on numerous occasions only to finally find out about this. This is an absolutely stupid bank with appalling customer service and their actions really make little sense. With $50k in my bank account, even if they offered me a miserable $1k credit, they would still have 50x deposit to loan cover ratio. All I can say is across this bank, there is very little common sense remaining.

The customer service officer whom I spoke too could only repeatedly apologise but could not give me a valid reason why my application was rejected. What is the point of launching a new product which requires your customers to meet certain monthly conditions but not give them the tool (i.e. the credit card) to be able to do so. I can only think that it's pure stupidity or deceitful practice on the part of this bank. With this recent incident, I now believe what I've heard all along that this is the worst bank in Singapore and South East Asia. I can now appreciate why the DBS atm machines always have a long queue while the OCBC ones are unused.

Thank you, OCBC for opening my eyes. I will take my banking somewhere else...
Cia Send email
Mar 5, 2013


I seriously cannot believe that I was being insulted by a CSO from the billing department today. Not only was she rude, she was so impatient throughout the conversation. Could not even give me a satisfaction reply. Wow! What a "surprise" I've got! Well done OCBC! "Talk about GEMS"!
sureshbabuveluswamy Send email
Oct 30, 2012

Balanace transfer -

I have requseted a balanace transfer from my OCBC Easi credit account .

During verbal conversation i requseted only for SGD 5000 , but the bank has been transfered 17800
Vishal Ganjoor Send email
Sep 4, 2012

Register Grievience/ Complain for Home Loan - 5720114467-00000

Hi Sir/ Madam,

I would like to register a complain with OCBC in regards to the non compliance by bank for the terms and condition for the Loan repricing which had made me conclude that my request for loan re-structuring was denied and there by committing to sell my HDB unit.

Here are details of the property:
Vishal Ganjoor [ NRIC : S7563141C]
Choa Chu Kang Crescent

Conversation transpired so far :
1. Date: 1st September 2012.
I have spoken to the Customer care officer Rasool and realized that I am in lock-in period with bank which came as surprise to me. Rasool assured me to investigate and revert on Monday. To give a background I did receive a call from OCBC bank for repricing last year and had agreed to SIBOR and adjusting the tenure and had mailed the duly signed form for revising the tenure. As there was no correspondence from the bank I assumed my application was not entertained.
2. Date: 2nd September 2012:
I had visited the CCK branch to discuss my case and met relationship manager Alvin Namibiar to apprise him of my case. He informed me that Bank will only proceed after obtaining verbal agreement followed by written agreement between two parties and comply accordingly.
3. Date: 3rd September 2012.
Rasool called me on Monday to inform that they are investigating the matter and will revert. I have requested to retrieve the recorded conversation & also the signed form to establish the agreement of reducing the tenure.
4. Date: 4th September 2012. I have received another call from Rhonda today stating that an oversight on bank’s part to revise the tenure. I have stated again that am selling the property and my transaction will complete in November. Rhonda insisted that she can send the form now for revising the tenure. She has tried to explain me the repricing and tenure adjustment are two different issues despite under same agreement.
5. I have requested to retrieve all the details from the bank find out the facts and figure out the non-compliance on part of OCBC. This is case of Selective application of the agreement where by OCBC had decided to implement part convenient ignoring the second part i.e. tenure. I understand the agreement has to comply in entirety.
I seek your co-operation to resolve the issue as I do not intend to pay the lock-in amount which is being levied upon me for the fault of bank.

Vishal Ganjoor | Global Delivery, EDMS
NCS Pte. Ltd. (A member of the SingTel Group )
5 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 Singapore 569141 | Reg. No: 198101793G
E vganjoor@ncs.com.sg | W www.ncs.com.sg HP: (65) 9734-8595

This e-mail is confidential and may also be privileged. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify us immediately by replying to this message and then delete it from your system. You should not copy or use it for any purpose, nor disclose its contents to any other person. Thank you.
User921270 Send email
Mar 31, 2012

Annual Fee Reipoff

Better think twice before applying OCBC credit card. I have used my credit card for 24months installment interest free purchase. And while I left 10months of installment, OCBC decided to charge me $50 annual fee.

My request to have the annual fee waived is denied, but they will be giving me $30 NTUC or Robinson cash voucher and a spa voucher. And if I were to cancel the card immediately, I will have to pay a penalty of $150 despite full payment of the installment. What a ripoff?!
User897592 Send email
Mar 31, 2012

Annual Fee Reipoff

I have forwarded the story to Redress.me. Hope you will get the recourse you needed. Here it is:http://redress.me/view_post.php?pid=2103
Rinem Send email
Feb 23, 2012


The bank suspended my cards for no reasons given when I called the first time. The second time I called they requested me to pay full. After paying full, I called again to asked regarding about the statues of my card. One of the staffs from OCBC CREDIT CARD Department went to checked but can't even give me an answer. She even requested me to pay another $150 for the interest which yet to appeared on the current bill. This is absurd! OCBC bank services is the worst that I had encountered!
Tt84 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


People, open your eyes and read the pricing guide carefully. Late charges are imposed when you are late. Even if you are late for 1 day, you are still late. Who gives a damn about your reasons. But they do consider waivers out of good wills at times. If you did not make the minimum payment stated, you are considered not to have made any payments. Don't you read the charges before your apply anything? Sign blindly? Go ahead..

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