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Consumer complaints and reviews about Ocwen

exeterjimbuilt Send email
Apr 23, 2015

False information on my credit report

I had a mortgage with Ocwen that was opened in July of 2009. I sold the home in January of 2014. At the close of escrow Ocwen was paid the entire amount due through Chicago Title Company. In April 2015 I applied for a new mortgage only to learn that Ocwen had reported that the debt was settled for less than full balance. This is a false statement and an outright lie. Ocwen received every single penny they ask for and all they were due. This reckless blemish is greatly effecting my wife and I and has all but ruined an otherwise perfect credit record. I have never been late on a payment of any type and as of now am 100% debt free. The false information reported by Ocwen has put me in limbo as far as the new mortgage is concerned. I will be unable to secure a loan until the matter is cleared up. I contacted Ocwen directly only to be informed that the matter could take up to 45 days to be investigated. I don't have 45 days the bank can only hold an application for 30 days before it is rejected and three weeks have already passed. I explained this to Ocwen and requested I be kept informed of the situation. Since that call I have made numerous calls to Ocwen however they refuse to even return my calls. I have left messages both by phone and email but no response from Ocwen. I feel this error on my report is both willful and malicious Ocwen obviously does not care about customers either past or present. I can understand a typo or even a transposed number or two, but the statement "Settled for less than full balance" requires much more than a slip of the fingers especially without any supporting documents. So far Ocwen has grossly inconvenienced my wife and I. Who knows what it will end up costing us if the interest rate changes before this issue is cleared up. Ocwen used the motto "helping homeowners is what we do" The use of that motto should constitute false advertising and they should be ordered to change the company name to Awkward. When the dust finally settles I intent to hold Ocwen responsible for any losses. I am also considering setting up a website to hear from other victims of Ocwen and based on the outcome may consider a class action suit. I am also looking into the possibility of a court ordered audit of my account.
xenaortiz Send email
Mar 24, 2015

Foreclosure after Hurricane Sandy

Since the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy back in Oct. 2012 I have had many encounters with Ocwen. I tried for a loan mod twice. Each time they raised the loan mod by $300 more per month. We sustained many losses including our two used vehicles. Every time I spoke to them their Relationship Manager wanted to know if I was doing a short sale or a foreclosure. This was after 6 to 9 months of falling behind. I could no longer afford any loan mod they offered us. We waited months for flood insurance money to come through. Lots of red tape involved with the insurance companies. One check was even lost in the mail causing impossible delays and frustration. I hired a lawyer who I believe is doing nothing. When I contact his office, I am advised to be patient. It's not his life in total chaos. Many, Many expenses popped up since 2012. Now if Ocwen offered me the house on a silver platter I would not want it. Did you know they forged a small check for $869 from my flood insurance? I never signed it or authorized them to do that.

Each week I receive mail from Ocwen. They want the full price of the house and don't forget to use the little coupon when you include the payment. Ocwen is bent on causing mayhem for the homeowners. After almost 25 years living in my home, it will go to Ocwen in a foreclosure. But guess what, I will do everything in my power to put them down and write to any government agencies to let them know what a miserable bunch of people work at Ocwen. These people make sure you lose your home and they say People Helping other People is their motto. I need to sue them for forging that check. Who knows how many more checks they have forged?
Chrysler Send email
Mar 11, 2015

over charging on escrow

OCWEN is over charging me on my Escrow. The Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement.Clearly shows that they paid ,My County Taxes twice. Also they have my Hazard Insurance higher than it is suppose to be. My report is suppose to come out in March. But they did it in February.
tfulton Send email
Dec 5, 2014

loan serviving

ocwen has really messed things up and is causing me to run around and take care of things that are caused by them the paid my home owners insurance 6 months early insurance company sent me the money back cause its not due then I have to go deposit it write another check and send it back to them just to fix their mistake and then they sent me a letter telling me my insurance dosnt have a right deductutable that it more then the max my deductible hasn't changed and is only 500 now I have to get a hold of every one so it can be verified
Philipk97 Send email
Nov 28, 2014


I have been waiting since I failed my 100% Veteran tax exemption in August 2014 for my tax reimbursement all the way back to December 2013. Plus to have my monthly payment adjusted. I am a disabled Veteran with 100% from the VA. My County Tax Assessor and I have sent you the proper documentation but still OCWEN has done nothing. If you are in the Military or a Veteran NEVER get a loan with OCWEN or let your original loan company sale your loan to OCWEN. My loan started with USAA (GMAC), but GMAC went bankrupted this "Slum Lord" they call a Mortgage company got it from the courts. I am informing all service members to stay away.
stephaniemorris Send email
Oct 26, 2014

Ocwen Loan Modification help

I think you all should try www.loanmodexperts.com, hey are champs, they got me approved in just 3 weeks, before this Ocwen kept denying me for no reason.
hynes1616 Send email
Oct 15, 2014

Ocwen Loan

I had lost my job twice in 3 years and fell way behind on my mortgage. I was 2 years behind and after many (At least 5) attempts to work with Ocwen i got refused. A guy helped me and not only approved a mod but 99K principle reduction and 2% life of the loan. I was ready to throw in the towel and he saved me. Reach out to him at ocwen.modify@gmail.com. He changed my life and his fee was reasonable and also i did not have to pay him a dime until i had the modification in hand.. He worked wonders.
nanesandi Send email
Sep 10, 2014

ocwen loan services

I to was misled lied to over and over again until they even lied about my complete paperwork on Nov 2010 they sent a letter stating that there was no need to modify my loan because it had been reinstated as of Dec 2010 two weeks later they had sold my home at the courts even after the sale they lied and continued sending me to the state courts and there is where I found out that US BANKS OF AEGIS apparently had my note for the past 6years that I was paying Ocwen so now two companies had taken me to court with 2 Foreclosures and not one nor the other companies understood what they were doing months later taking me to court even after the fact that they sold my home Crazy Bad Business with such precious lives. Beware with all your transactions with Ocwen in 2006 I believe when Aegis sold my loan to ocwen I signed all the paperwork and sent it from Texas to Florida Via email or Fax several times back an forth with ocwen once they even send me a complete modification loan send to me by fax to sign and date to go pay the initial down payment call ocwen back give them the tracking number of payment so I did when i called them with info I realized that I had sigmed for a different property in Chicago Illinoise And my home was in Texas I immediatly called them back and they laughed I was so upset this was my home for my family I didnt think it was Funny. BEWARE BE ALERT AND MAKE COPIES OF ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS ON YOUR HISTORY PAYMENTS AND STATEMENTS ON LINE EVERYDAY IF YOU MUST BECAUSE There information is a big lie everyday they adjust their calculations $$$.good luck because I miss my home god will prevail
susanlong827 Send email
Jun 11, 2014

Ocwen Contacts

My name is Susan Long, Real Estate Professional, Dallas, Texas. I represent the sellers at 2984 Golfing Green Drive, Farmers Branch, TX 75234. The property is under contract and scheduled to close on Monday, June 16, 2014, 8am. Everytime I contact Ocwen about the closing date, Ocwen tells me the file is under review. I am hopeful you can help this close on June 16, 2014.

What are the best contact numbers to get this property closed on Monday, June 16, 2014. I go to India everytime I call and they start the process over, over, over, and over. There is no help.

Who can we contact to get this property sold?
joshuacapistran Send email
Mar 8, 2014

Help available for Ocwen Loan Modification

I was also denied for inappropriate reasons, and these crooks never wanted to help me, they would take about 3 to 4 months to review an application for a loan modification and come back with missing documents excuses everytime, I also approached a law firm who only took $4000.00 just to tell me that I was not eligible for a loan modification, as they tried presenting my Application to Ocwen and they denied it saying my income was good enough to take care of my mortgage, then I went online and read some articles about loanmodexperts.com, and also visited their website, they did not charge me any fee until they got me approved for a loan modification, and it took them only 2 weeks to complete this process, any one having trouble with Ocwen can contact them at help@loanmodexperts.com and they can help you get a loan modification from Ocwen, as they only work for Ocwen borrowers only.
Kim Breedlove Send email
Feb 7, 2014

Mortgage Payment/Escrow

Helping Home Owners is what they don’t do.
I was 6 month behind on my mortgage of 906.15 which totals 5436.90 so I thought. I could get help by applying for a Home affordable modification. I was denied. They took all my information and used it against me. I worked a second job to make ends meet and try to save money for repairs; I had to pay 7809.01 to be reinstated for the 6 months I was behind. Then I received a notice with my April mortgage note saying I owe 400.00 for charges they just received which totaled 1440.00. In May mortgage note I received a note saying instead of my regular mortgage payment of 906.15 it will be 1096.94 they stated “that according to the federal law (RESPA) allows additional. Funds to be held to prevent the escrow account from being overdrawn”. And I will need at least 1661.98 in escrow account at the start of the year. Which will begin in 6/13? Here it is February; my mortgage is still the same. I called on 02/03, 02/04, and I finally got someone on 02/06 at 3:10p they told me my escrow amount went up I asked why I was put on hold for quite a while then the guy said because in March it wasn’t enough money to cover payments I asked to speak to supervisor and she explained that in 2012 they paid my forced hazardous insurance and that left me with a negative balance I asked if that was included in the reinstated amount she said no.then she mention my taxes which is included in my mortgage so I really didn’t understand what that had to do with anything. All this for a modification. If you can’t trust your mortgage company who can you trust? I wonder if this is really legal. I feel as though they I am being taken advantage of. I stopped working extra hours on my second job, I wasn’t beneficial to me. They saw my gross and made my life miserable. I can’t afford this increase any longer it’s one of the coldest winter ever and it cost to stay warm, my house is falling apart and I can’t afford repairs, which is why I got a second job in the first place. I feel so stressed over this. I probably would have been better off walking away. And to top that off they also cover the insurance for my house, which isn’t beneficial to me they have 3 pages of things they don’t cover and a small paragraph of what they do cover. They sent me a notice saying I will be charge me $799.00 annually. Yet in March 2012 813.00 was disbursed from my escrow. Then in December 2012 they wanted another disbursement of 799.00. Then for 2013 I thought it was included in my reinstated amount but it wasn’t they took that out of my escrow in November 2013.Breedlovekim231@gmail.com
Diane Send email
Jan 22, 2014

Forced escrow

In November 2013 I received a letter from ocwen stating that since my property tax payment was a few days late they were required to make a payment to protect their investment in the property and therefore opened an escrow account for future payments. I was also told that if I did not want the escrow account I was to repay the amount that was paid on my behalf and send a proof of payment for all future taxes and a request to close the escrow account. I immediately paid up ALL of my property taxes for the year and faxed the proof of payment plus sent a check via overnight mail to Ocwen for the escrow repayment. A week later I called them regarding the check I mailed and was told by someone in India that the check was not received even though I tracked the envelope and saw that it was delivered. After numerous calls and faxed requests they finally received the check but denied my request to have the escrow account closed because they had to make another property tax payment for me???? I paid ALL amounts due for the year, there was no balances... I faxed them a copy of the payments I made but two weeks later they sent a payment to the tax department for me but there was noting to pay for so that resulted in an overpayment. I sent them that proof also but my request was denied. I finally sent them a repayment for the amount they paid and in turn applied for the credit from my city. I again sent a request to have the escrow account closed because my monthly payment is now to high for me to pay and was told yesterday 1/21/14 that since my GET THIS... INSURANCE payment is due within 45 days that they would be issuing a payment on my behalf. MY INSURANCE PAYMENT???? I thought this was about my PROPERTY TAX PAYMENTS???? Anyway, to avoid the repeat of this nightmare and even though my insurance payment is up to date and not due until Feb 7, I made the payment and faxed the proof of payment to them along with another request to close the escrow account and have my monthly payments reduced to the original amount. I was told that I have to wait 5 days for a reanalysis if they close the escrow account. My monthly payments have never been late so I am not sure why Ocwen is trying to strong arm me. What a HORRIBLE company.
garygrimes5057 Send email
Mar 21, 2013

Illegal foreclosure

I had til March 19, 2013 to prevent foreclosure per letter from Ocwen,they foreclosed on my property on March 12.They did not provide the help I needed. Gary G.
jeffhatia Send email
Jan 3, 2013

Ocwen Help

Hello all,
I recently got my Ocwen loan modification done with RIG Financial Solutions after trying with dismal results to try other avenues. I am admittedly one of the people who jumped on the "we can help with your modification" adage a lot of these "companies" claim; I paid over $5,000 in "startup" or "processing" cost as they said, for NOTHING to a company who was unable to help! I got nothing in return but angst and a lot of unanswered phone calls. I tried to do a modification myself, which as I look back on was a horrible idea, but it led me to doing some research and homework on who can help me, and HOW they can help me! My friend Arlene told me about RIG Financial Solutions (her fiancé' worked for them from what I understand now) and how they really fought to help save her home, and she kept encouraging me to look into the matter. Finally I did, and the best part of the entire process, I paid nothing until my modification was approved! They were really enthusiastic and focused on my case I had a 70k dollar principal reduction at 2% interest rate. My monthly mortgage payment was reduced from $2,222.56 to $1234.42. I have nothing but the utmost confidence that they can help you if you’re in need. I sat down with their intake counselor, and they were able to jump right in; I was in foreclosure, losing my home as it was on the sheriff sale list and they were able to save my home! I honestly did not think they could, but they did and I am still amazed. For everyone here looking for a possible solution, maybe try RIG Financial Solutions(you can google search)....it worked for me...hope everyone has a blessed 2013!! Take care, each of you!!


ps.. they have a toll free number, 1-877-393-0372...ask for rich or mr davis
justiceisserved Send email
Dec 3, 2012

Ocwen Financial

If you are having problems with your mortgage servicing agent, please do the following: 1) Do NOT negotiate over the phone, send them your complaint in writing by certified mail and make sure that you include the term: "Qualified Written Request' under RESPA. Include your full name, acct#, the problem(s) you are having, what kind of resolution that you expect, any documentation of payments (etc) and cc: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with your loca State Atty General's office. It's also a good idea to make a complaint to the BBB and if this has to do with debt collection practices or their website (not being able to navigate or being kicked off repeatedly) also file a complaint with the FCC. 2). If you have a service agent, call you explain that you want EVERYTHING in writing, again, do NOT negotiate over the phone. Note the date, time of the call, service agent's name, if you get door hangers or other such annoyances, note the time, date and keep them for reference. You can also record the phone calls on your smart phone, just advise the other party that is what you are doing, before you start doing it. Also complain on forums like this so we can share our successes in dealing with unscrupulous practices. Always be polite, be professional and be persistent.
Bmwboi Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Ocwen Financial Corporation
William C. Erbey
(561) 682-8520

Takemyhomeifuwantitthatbad Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Ocwen says "Helping Homeowners Is What We Do!" - this is farce! I have applied for modification time and again only to keep being told my income is too high. They are not willing to look at the whole picture of other financial obligations including student loans and medical insurance. If your payment is one day late they will send you a certified letter and begin harassing phone calls. NOBODY at Ocwen speaks fluent English! It is very frustrating and we are going to do all we can to make others aware. Ocwen is "special" and I have never worked with a mortgage company as difficult as them. I will refinance as soon as possible!
Real E Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud charges

A former residential sales manager at a West Palm Beach-based property management company has pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with housing repair contracts for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Benjamin K. Graves was a residential sales manager at Ocwen Loan Servicing, which managed foreclosure properties under contract with the VA.

As part of the contract, Ocwen completed the necessary repairs, then resold the property.

According to the charges, filed last month in Orlando federal court, Graves steered the repair contracts to companies affiliated with a particular contractor, in exchange for cash payments, between 2006 and 2007.

Graves allegedly sent competitive bid information to the contractor and sham bids to Ocwen via wire.

His arrest was part of an ongoing federal investigation of housing repair contracts performed under contract with the VA. Graves faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250, 000 fine.
Joenic123 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraud charges

this was just one of them what about the other guy that worked for us department of hud and now is ceo or something at ocwen to cover up !!! all the fraud !!! im starting to believe our goverment knows all about the fraud, credit scams, the thousands of dollars they tac on to this loans to keep the home owners in debt to them .the goverment dont want to see there friends in jail or loss every thing they have .the ftc dont even check this company out . watch your tax papers they dont even have the right amount on some of your end of the year taxes.there frauding the irs and no one in the gov can see this !!! or they just hope u dont !!! or someone that can do something..
Cj28 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

fraudulent practice, discrimiantory lending

for 18 months i have been fighting with ocwen about my loan modification packet now after 18 months of faxing, calling, emailing and certified mail

Nov 2. 2010 i receive a letter in forming me that i did not qualify for hamp program because my income was too high again "after 5 case workers 4 hamp packets and 2 housing counselors later" when i asked what information they used to arrive at the # they came up with i was told wages, vacation pay personal time etc, i responded to the rep. that all of those things were the same and that a notarized letter showing my monthly salary was included and that the amount that ocwen came up with was higher than the monthly income reported by my employer i was told to resubmit a hamp packet. the next day and 2hrs of being shuffled around the building later i was told that the new packet was received and denied because i now have a janurary 4 2011 sale date for my home, how do u go from 18 months of calling every week, lost applications being put on hold for hrs at a time, constantly resending papers to being denied the chance to have your application reviewed for a federal program that u know u qualify for and can stop u from losing your home.

i know just by looking thru this site and by googling ocwen complaint that i am not the only one that has had bad experiences with this mortgage company they are no better than the loan brokers that caused this problem in the first place.

i am currently asking anyone with a similar experience or problem with this company to contact me at ocwenclassaction@hotmail.com and just leave a phone # email addressee and your name and i will make sure to send u all information about the class action lawsuit that I will be filing against Ocwen loan servicing with the assistance of Freddie mac and the equal opportunity housing council we can and must stop these people from trying to take our homes feel free to comment or email questions and comments to ocwenclassaction@hotmail.com

I have read your complaints, i am currently filing a class action lawsuit against ocwen for their discriminatory practices and would like to know if u would to become part of that if so pls email

ocwenclassaction@hotmail.com and leave your name a brief description of your problem and contact information


please feel free to pass on this information to anyone that has had experience with ocwen loan servicing
Gmyaryan Send email
Feb 23, 2012

fraudulent practice, discrimiantory lending

I have twice been denied a HAMP modification by Ocwen because they claim I don't live on the property. I have given them sufficient evidence that I do, utility bills, etc., and they still insist I don't live there. It really has become surreal.

Ocwen Helper Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Stay away!

Lawyers are usually of no use in dealing with Ocwen. You need a mortgage specialist, instead, to browse all the statements/documents Ocwen must have surelly sent you and get to the thruth.
Ocwen's biggest problem is efficiently communicating with customers. Should you have any further inquiry about how to fight/deal with Ocwen, please don't hesitate to contact me to urostar@adinet.com.uy.
I was a Supervisor with Ocwen some time ago. Believe me, I know them a lot!
Neal Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Stay away!

I seem to be having the same problem everyone else is here. I have two payments sent to there so called PO box that they haven't posted to my account as of yet and it is going on 2 months now, when I try to contact these foreigners I can not get a answer to what is going on so they report me as late. I have even e-mailed them and they assure me there online statement is correct which is a lie. The other day I was on hold over an hour and still didn't get to talk to someone. I have had nothing but trouble from the people and really getting sick of it.
Ktyxes Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Stay away!

I was in a 5 yr ch 13 bankrupcy and OCWEN was one of the debtors. OCWEN stated I owed them 18, 000.00 in forbeareance. at the end of my 5 yr bankrupcy, less than 10 days after the discharge, OCWEN stated i was7000.000 behind. My attorney has filed a lawsuit on my behalf. I also contacted my state representative. I refuse to allow this company to steal another penny from me.

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