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Paraco Gas

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Paraco Gas

wally Send email
May 21, 2016


Just got a letter from PARACO saying my PROPANE TANK is out of date and the D.O.T. says they have to be recertified from 5-12 years from the date stamped. It would cost $275 for this. Is this a scam or Paraco's part of what?
Customer2016 Send email
Mar 28, 2016

Restocking Fee

I've been with Paraco for at least 14 yeas, they were the propane company when I bought this house.....recently I received a notice stating they were going to start charging a lease fee on propane tank....I told them I wasn't going to pay it and they could come and get their tank, I was then told that I had to pay a restocking fee of $119...I told them I was calling attorney general....this is a rip off!!!! And they charge more for their propane!
Jane Rogan Send email
Feb 23, 2016

Restocking fee

I was a customer of Synergy Gas and then Paraco Gas took over. I have been a customer for 42 years and I recently found a company that will charge me less than half of what Paraco is charging me with NO rental fee. When I called Paraco to tell them to pick up my tank they informed me that I would be charged a Restocking fee of $89 dollars This company is gouging customers. I suggest that people shop around their are much better deals out there with companies that would be happy to have the new business at that don't intimidate their customers.
wheresmydamnedkeys Send email
Jan 25, 2016

over priced and poor service

Wow! Looks like the posts were correct Paraco gas is gouging their propane prices. Called them to inquire as to their price. they made a case of my using less then 1000 gal a year to maintain what had by their current quote risen from $4.66 to over $4.90 a gal this month. This despite the fact that the average rate in NYS is $2.33. After I called another service (among several all offering prices close to the average rate) who quoted me $2 a gal less and was cancelling with Paraco, only then were they willing to negotiate. Too late. I felt like they were trying to make accommodations after abuse. I rarely make a statement against a particular local company, but if you use Paraco you may very well be best off reconsidering, or at least check your rate against the average and what everyone else is offering. I'm looking at saving about $400 a year just with a few phone calls.
hankaberle Send email
Sep 14, 2015

Kosco has gone under

I have been with Kosco for about a couple of years. I left Heritage Oil soon after they ruined Mohonk Oil. I have been relatively satisfied with Kosco and they were a much better company to deal with than Heritage. You could get them on the phone, if you had a question about your bill they were able to correct any billing problems quickly and easily. Now Paraco has done the same as Heritage did with Mohonk. They couldn't care less about their Kosco customers. I'm being billed for oil I never ordered, I can't get anyone on the phone to try to figure this out. I get stupid recordings and there's nobody there to help or answer messages left. I expect they'll be sending a collection agency letter soon. I say SUE ME!!! Maybe then, I'll draw some attention to this thievery and the courts can figure it out. Meanwhile, the long cold winter is upon us soon and I will be again searching for an honest company to do business with.
twolfe1234 Send email
Jun 3, 2015

Paraco Gas / Propane Stay away!

I've been a service contract customer and a propane home fuel oil customer of KOSCO for over 20 years. Recently Parco took over and sure enough everything has been a mess. Fee after fee, ways to find extra deliveries to capture environmental fees. Auto enrolling me in service contracts without sending me any details and notices. Trying to cancel and they won't commit to a time to pick up the tanks. They are also indicating fees per hour to pump out the existing tanks and weigh them since they are still very full. This is in part their doing with two very close deliveries at the end of the winter heating season. Original I thought this was to collect their environmental fee, but now I see they are doing to to scare us with fees out of changing companies. Stay away from Paraco! I also suggest contacting the Attorney Generals office with any issues on this company. They have had issues in the past with their unfair business practices and keeping the AG's office in the loop will ensure they are no longer able to conduct business in this manner
Lynn Isaacs Send email
May 14, 2015

KOSCO-Paraco Fuel

I have heated my home with KOSCO fuel oil ever since I bought the house 12 years ago. I have had some notable arguments with Barry Motzkin, the short-tempered CEO of the company, but sooner or later he would realize I was one of his best customers, and that my house had been heated by KOSCO since it was built, and we would reach an agreement. In February of this year, KOSCO merged with Paraco, which should not have affected my service since I am not a propane customer. However, my service has gone to hell in a handbasket. It is unable to reach KOSCO by telephone. I am unable to get my service contract sent to me so I can pay it, I am unable to get an oil delivery, and my annual cleaning was rescheduled three times. Today, alone, I spent 38 minutes on the phone just trying to reach a human voice to ask WHERE is my service contract and WHERE is my oil delivery. If I run out of oil, the poop is really gonna hit the propeller.
max83 Send email
Oct 21, 2014

Horrible Business Practices

I was a customer of Synergy gas that was purchased by Paraco Gas. I started to received notices that they would be billing me for tank rental which was never done by Synergy. When I received the bill I complained and they credited my account. My gas bill was paid in full. On the same day they credited me for the rental they sent a crew to lock my tanks. I have one tank for standard cooking and two others for the pool. They proceeded to send invoices for the lock out. Nothing like putting salt in the wound. They are the definition of poor customer relations and service. After going back and forth for over 30 days they sent a truck to my house while I was at work and removed my tanks that were full of gas. Quite frankly I am glad to see them gone.
However here is the kicker. When they gave me a credit for my gas they found that I paid $2.85 a gallon over 4 years ago for my pool tanks. I don't really heat my pool much. They gave me a credit of $4.30 per gallon for my cooking gas, however they would only give me a credit for what I paid ($2.85/gallon) for the pool gas. I said to Eva their customer rep " how much are you going to charge the next person for the gas you took out of my yard?" No answer.
Poor Business practices. Poor customer relationships. They fail on every level.
I would strongly recommend staying away from this company.
pahardy Send email
Sep 20, 2014

Bad Bad Bad 2014

Bad Bad Bad
As a costumer of the previous gas co. Since 1981 In Mill City, Lake winola, Pa.18625. I also asked to have our tank removed 8/20/13. One year later they call and asked if it was pick up yet. The next day it was removed. I then reserved a restocking bill for $95.00. There is no way in hell I will ever pay that bill. I sent them a bill for 1 year storage $1,035.00, which me luck. I plan to contact the Attorney General Bureau of consumer Protection, The Better Business Bureau. I also plan to contact several Consumer Protection Attorneys in an effort to bring a joint action suite on behalf of all who have received such a charge also asking the court for refunds and punitive damages of some 20 Million U.S. Dollars. As a consumer Advocate myself I can not stand by and let this type of consumer abuse continue. I encourage all who have been abused by this Company to turn up the heat and fight these unfair practices.
William Send email
Dec 21, 2012


I own an hvac company and if I did what Paraco does I would be out of business rude service and price gouging 325 a gallon when it's 240 come on where is the attorney General that's where I'm going next
htetro781 Send email
Nov 8, 2012

Holding Refunds

Discontinued using PARACO 5 weeks ago because of a move. We were told to expect our refund (deposit, credit, and refund of unused propane) in 2 weeks. Called and they said that they were just working on it. Called and they said they'd call right back. Called and they said they would expedite payment. Called and they, again, said they would call back after emailing corporate. I emailed them and was told that the claim was put in on October 26th and we would get the refund within 2 weeks of that date. Still nothing. Long story short, calling for 5 weeks and no refund. Funny, when they wanted money, we had to pay right away. Terrible customer service!
Susan Ballard Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful service

My husband and I moved to Long Island in the late 90's, We have had Paraco Gas ever since. In June 2010 their was a problem with my bill, after trying to solve the problem over the phone with no success I went to the Bay Shore office and I spoke to a manager named Kevin Tuhy. He did not seem very interested in hearing my side of the story, in the middle of the conversation I could smell alcohol on his breath! He got up to take a phone call and walked by me and I then noticed an odor of urine! At this point I just wanted the problem taken care of, He returned in a few minutes and assured me that the unexplained charge would be removed from my bill. One month later I received a bill with the same unexplained charge on it. I had to call the main office up state in Rye Brook NY to finally get the charge removed. This was very time consuming and frustrating, I hope they have made improvements in their way of handling such simple disputes!
Arlene Schuman Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful service

I recently moved in to my deceased son's home. He had passed away in May 2010 and his house sat empty, with no usage of propane, until mid November 2010 when I moved in and had the technician come in to make sure the propane fireplace and cooking stove were safe. At that time, the tech checked the gauge on my tank, and left. Then I received a bill for $265.82, by way of a statement generated a month later, which I questioned. I was told that they were billing me for gas already in the tank, even tho my son had paid for it back in the spring before he passed away. Then I was told that they would issue him a check for the product despite the fact that he was dead, and I wouldn't be able to cash it due to probate. They stuck to their guns, so here I am, on social security, being forced to pay this bill to protect my credit.
Nataly Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful service

When we built our home back in 2005, our builder recommended a propane company named Blue Flame Gas. We had them install a propane tank and supply our propane from that point forward.

I did find out until 4/1/09 that Blue Flame Gas was bought out by Paraco Gas in November, 2008.

Up until this winter we had no problems with our propane delivery. Blue Flame Gas delivered our propane, left a bill in our door, and we promptly paid the bills.

Starting this winter, when we received our propane delivery, we did not receive a bill. My husband, on both occasions we received a propane delivery, called the company to request a bill. Both times, bills were sent to our home address.

Just this past Tuesday (3/31/09) I received a collection notice from Paraco Gas. I tried all day Tuesday to contact the company, to no avail.

I was finally able to reach a representative named Kerry yesterday (4/1/09). We were able to determine that they were sending the invoices to our previous address, where we have not lived in 3 years. Somehow, though, the collection notice managed to get to us at our current address. I guess it never dawned on them that maybe they should be sending the bills to the propane delivery address which is our primary residence. Apparently, we received a propane deliver on January 28 of 227.9 gallons for a bill of $589.01. The total charges on the collection notice are $614.01.

I told Kerry that I would be willing to pay our propane bill on the spot over the phone, but that I was not willing to pay the late fee. She informed me she could waive the late fee, but not the collection fee. I told her that was ridiculous. I told her the only reason we paid the prior two bills was because we were assertive and called them for statements, knowing we had received deliveries. I told her we did nothing wrong and that it was outrageous that we should be penalized because they were unorganized. We came to no resolution at that time, I again told her I would pay the propane bill and not the fees, and that I would like to schedule a time for them to come out and remove the tank as I was no longer interested in doing business with them.

When my husband and I returned home from work that same day (4/1/09), we found that they had come to our house, disconnected our gas, and put a lock on the tank. I called the local police department, and two officers came to my home. They said, unfortunately, this was a civil matter and not a criminal matter, and that they could not help us.

I then called the emergency phone line for Paraco Gas. A technician by the name of Letty returned my call. He informed me that he could come reconnect the gas, but that I would have to pay the bill in its entirety, including all of the fees, plus a $195 after hours service call fee and a $100 reconnect fee. I told him, not nicely, that this was not going to happen, that this company was crazy, that we did absolutely nothing wrong and asked why they were doing this to us. I informed him that I have a three year old son with asthma and we could not go through the night with no heat. He stated that he understood my concerns and would call his manager, Tom Bock. A few minutes later I received a return call from Letty, and he stated that unless I was willing to pay all of these fees, there was nothing he could do and that I could speak with Tom Bock in the morning (today).

My husband was able to remove the lock (without breaking it, thank goodness) and reconnect the line last night, so that we did not have to go without heat and hot water.

I am at a complete loss as to how this company is allowed to operate this way. Not to mention that when they disconnected our connection, there was gas in the tank that we had already paid for!!!
M Rizzo Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful service

I have a summer home built in 1986 the house is also used for hunting during deer season in NYS.the house is winterized just when the winter sets in before Christmas and stay shut till fallowing year end of march, i use to get my propane gas from across the Delaware river 5 miles from, from day one, But as i add more gas heaters i am getting to old for messing with timber firewood so i needed a bigger fuel tank and this gas co. was not allowed to come across the river in to NYS. so i signed up with Hartz & Sons a small local co. they have been very good check once a month put in what it needs and bill me '
Last year October of 2010 in the middle of the hunting season i notice that gas was running low and tank was not checked for delivery for passed 2 months, so i called Hartz and ordered gas myself and i was told no problem and promised a delivery that week, i have used up the wood i had, and had only 25 lbs of propane remaining by mid November, and no delivery yet, after so many calls finely i was told the co. was sold to Paraco gas sens September of 2010 and they are running the show and there is nothing they can do
so end of November i shut down everything drain waters and abandon the house for the winter .
when i returned to the house next March found the gas tank filled but locked and a notes to call them, so i call, and i was told because the tank when empty they will have to make a test as a safety precaution before they can unlock the tank, so i must make an appointment with the plumbing department before they can unlock the tank, when the plumber came he put a gauge on the tank distributing pipe and then removed it, all and all it toke 10 minutes, then he spent 15 minutes in hes truck making a report, then came
and handed me a bill of $295.00 saying every time the tank goes empty they must take a leak test, i said fine but # 1 there was 30 lbs in the tank when i shut off the valve at the tank, #2 its not my float that you freeze me last November by not delivering on time, so guess what i was riped off $295.00.
and now they want me to pay $300.00 for them to install an automatic gas deposit read out so can read its content level from there office and don't have to come to physically check the tank gas level, so i have to spend $300.00 so they can make money on $75.00 gadget plus it is for there oven good, i have solar panels no great electric, this means i have to install special transformer to the gadget, while i an running on limited electricity. what a racket ...

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