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Peachtree Windows and Doors

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Peachtree Windows and Doors

Sherry81321 Send email
Jan 29, 2016

Faulty Windows

5 years after installing 2 peachtree windows both are in disrepair. The double pane glass in one has lost the seal, it supposedly has a 10 year warranty. However, it will cost $150 for the replacement glass and I have to hire someone to put it in. Additionally part of the frame is separating from the wood and the seal is pulling away from the inside. I would never recommend these windows to anyone! Poor products and lousy warranty.
floors333@yahoo.com Send email
Jan 3, 2016

Peach tree windows and doors

We built house in 2004 and were going to use pella products but greg at Heartland door and window in Topeka ks talked us into using peach tree and had a great warranty and said how great of product it was. The first year started having trouble with them. All seals between window panes bubbled and one started getting moisture between glass I called Heartland and they came out and looked at it and said there was no problem. I kept calling them and they finally sent me 1replacement window and won't do anything about the bubbling of the seals on the other windows. Then on outside bottom of upstairs sliding door a piece 1/2" x length of door fell off and that's when I found out the door was rotted at bottom. I called Heartland doors in Topeka ks and they said they don't carry peachtree any more because to many problems with product. But they would sell me a different product that is better then Peachtree. Like I have $25,000 sitting around to buy new windows and doors and have them installed. I wouldn't trust Peachtree or Heartland doors and windows on any of my house needs. Any ideas how to get them to back up there warranties. Pissed off in Kansas
Paul Holmes Send email
Dec 1, 2015

peach tree doors

We had 4 new doors installed back in 2001 and today I called the place that we got all this from and they told me they updated there system in 2002? So I bet they will not call back or help. The patio door is rusting thru on the bottom left corner and has messed up the floor plus the front door with glass in it on the front door is rusting everyplace. This product is crap! The place we got all this from is 7220 S 900 E, Midvale, UT 84047
(801) 566-1255

I am sure the life time warranty is crap just like the doors..
JudiO Send email
Nov 27, 2015


Our Peachtree french exterior doors were installed 7 years ago. A while back, the seal broke in between the two window panes and caused condensation to build up. Over time, the condensation has gotten worse and now, there is water dripping between the two panes of glass. The glass cannot be replaced.


Mystery7574 Send email
Nov 23, 2015

Peachtree doors

Bought our Peachtree patio door in 2004 only to have in constantly leak, had it removed and reinstall ed twice with the construction workers saying there was nothing wrong with installation. Now door has warped and fallen apart and has ruined my wood floors from leaking water all over them.. Any chance of a class action lawsuit?????
ronnietheace Send email
Nov 14, 2015

Peachtree Windows are terrible

I built my 2400 sq. ft. home in 1993, using Peachtree Windows for all my exterior windows, the thing that made me choose them was the fact that they came with a Lifetime Free Replacement Warranty. They worked pretty well for about two years, then they became hard to pull out to clean. In the next two years all the windows lost their vacuum seal, and water started settling on top of the bottom window of every on of them causing the wood to rot. I have attempted to make contact with them to no avail. Their warranty looked good on paper, but it is not even worth the cost of the paper it is written on. Please don't buy any Peachtree windows. I now am having to replace all my windows out of pocket costing me 1000's of $s.
Davehickerson Send email
Oct 16, 2015

Peachtree Doors and windows

Bought Peachtree doors and windows when I built my house same problem like everyone else, broken seals, rotted seal plates and flooring, primmer paint pealed off. Terrible products I'm in on a class action
Stevetibbetts Send email
Jul 17, 2015

Peachtree doors and windows

I put an addition on my home in 1999. I went to the Home Depot to buy two French doors, I was looking at Anderson when the employee suggested I buy peach tree doors. I was told they came with a 30 year warranty and was one of the major brands being sold. To be honest they were less money and with a thirty year warranty I thought why not. I kept having problems with the corners of the doors so I kept cleaning them out and making sure the snow and rain didn't pool up as best as I could. I did complain to Home Depot but they had no knowledge of the problem. I went on the internet this spring and was looking at other complaints and there it was Peach tree had not put in weep holes on the bottom tray and water and ice would build up causing the problems I was having. Worse yet, I read that it would let water into the sill and cause damage. So I went out and remover the siding under the doors and my sill were completely rotted out. I contacted peach tree in Medford Wisconsin, I was sent to an other number and told that they were not responsible for anything before 2009 when they bought the company. I worked in the automotive field for 38years and when one company bought out the other they were responsible for the warranties. How does the window companies get away with not having to honor them? I know that Home Depot didn't make them but shouldn't they offer some kind of help in bringing Peach tree to Task?
polson.olson1@gmail.com Send email
Jul 4, 2015

Seal broke on the glass of a peachtre door

We built our room in the fall of 1999 and within a couple years the seal broke on the glass. Thought we were getting a good product. So I would like to find someone that can replace the glass for us on the door.
karen lazo Send email
May 17, 2015

Peachtree Windows and Doors

Purchased oval glass double doors from Peachtree Company. They stated it came with a lifetime warranty. As it turns out the seal had been broken and my front entry door has moisture and fog inside the glass. If nothing else I think the company should cover the cost of the glass as these were very costly at time of purchase.
creed1 Send email
Mar 25, 2015

peach tree windows

I have several windows that have lost seal and leak this started the day after they were installed peachtree sent someone out and he ran a bead of caulk ruined woodwork glass fogged and I tried back in 2007 and never got anywhere with this company not happy
PTSucks Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Seals Broken in Glass

Purchased Peachtree exterior French Doors from Lowes in October of 2009...all seemed to work OK until last week we noticed what appears to be moisture in between the glass panes. Appears the seal is broken...also appears we're all screwed. I too would be more than happy to join a class action law suit
89854 Send email
Mar 8, 2015

Peachtree Windows

Have a lifetime warrenty for Peachtree Windows and Doors. Not able to contact the company as they went out of business. I have an arch window that is leaking between the glass. I have another window that is very difficult to push up and down as the rubber gasket is broken. Life time warrenty is worthless.
DonnaMarie Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Peach Tree Windows and French Doors

in 2004 we built a new home - Peach Tree Windows came highly recommended by the lumber yard. After one year we had a problem with some seals on stationary windows and French door. They company sent a representative out, he replaced the windows. Two years later more windows lost their seals. At this time there was no representative in Michigan. We took photos, sent them to the company, they in turn had us go to Menard's, they ordered the windows, we had to pay to have them installed. 2011 our window wall was leaking, damaging the wood work inside the home. A contractor came and checked the windows - another subcontractor through Peach Tree came and caulked the windows. 2012 the water damage is no in the walls and destroyed the insulation. the 10 year warranty on the $27,000 worth of windows and doors is not available - Peach Tree filed bankruptcy. $24,000 out of our pocket to replace with Anderson Windows. Is there any way to get a settlement with Peach Tree?
Wendell Howell Send email
Feb 5, 2015

Defective doors and windows

We built our home in 1999. We spent $30,000 on Peachtree casement windows and french doors. Within a few months we noticed the seal broken in a bedroom window then a another seal broken in the master closet window... then another seal broken in the dinning room window. When we called a sales rep to come to our home he said "it was the differences in outside temperature and that all windows did that". We can not see out of these windows. Now, our french doors have rotted out from the bottom causing moisture to ruin the hardwood floors. When I tried to contact the Peachtree company again, I discovered they no longer have a contact number. What happened to our life time warranty that was promised to us when we built our home? Is there a class action suite?
ownerofbadwindows Send email
Nov 13, 2014

Defective Windows

New house in 2008 and builder used 98 peachtree windows on house. Within two years 20% of the seals on the windows have failed and more seals continue to go. This is a garbage product and a garbage company. I will be more than happy to join a class action lawsuit!
Kathleen Send email
Aug 8, 2014

All seals broken

Built a new home in 2008 and bought over 36 Peachtree windows and doors. All seals have broken and we can barely see out of some of our windows. Wood mildews and is rotting. We received about 6 replacement sashes/glass but haven't installed them yet as it would cost us money. Some windows don't even open any more or we can feel the air from outside blowing in when they are completely shut. Will have to replace all windows and sliding doors at some point for energy efficiency and so we can see out of our house. Awful product!
upset Send email
Aug 7, 2014

Peachtree windows

Bought Peachtree windows and doors in 1997. We were told when we purchased these windows that they have a lifetime warranty. Well to our surprise, we called today and found out that Peachtree sold there company to Schield Family of Medford, NJ. Then we were told the new company does not have to honor the lifetime warranty. We have two windows that are rotten. And several windows that the gas has leaked out and have brown spots between the glass. Several of these windows will make the second time to be replaced. We were told that we could go to a local glass company and get the glass. Or order from a Peachtree replacement company. All at our expense. What has happened to the USA???? Corporate America is so greedy. Does not matter who you screw over as long as you make a dollar.
Leonard Defenbaugh Send email
Jul 13, 2014

Leaking sliding patio door

We had a Peechtree patio door installed several years ago. After about six months we started noticing the floor looking wet at about the center of the door. the problem continued every time it rained from the south which is the side of the house the door is on. so I got out the caulk gun and began caulking every seem that I thought could be the potential leak area. Didn't help so I pulled off the siding from around the door and installed flashing all around the door and more calk. Still the same result! Now frustration has really set in and with no other ideas of a remedy remaining, we put towels down in front of the door every time it rained. Eventually our hardwood floor got ruined, so now we are in the process of installing a new floor at great expense. so today was the day we took out the door so we could install a new door and I wanted to see if my suspicions were correct that the door had to be defective from the time it was installed to now, and I was right! on the bottom of the door where they install the screws through the sill plate into the non moving door, there was one screw that missed the door and went through the drain channel which in turn allowed water to get access to the sill plate and eventually rot the wood which in turn caused the water to leak onto my floor and the rest is history. So I not only had to put down a new floor, I also had to buy another expensive door! From what I've been reading about this company, it seems to me that a complaint to them would be a waist of time. Any ideas as of how to get satisfaction in the form of compensation would be greatly appreciated!
ross Send email
Jul 9, 2014

PEACHTREE Worst windows ever!!!

We built our home in 2002 and spent a fortune on PUKETREE windows. I have spent well over 100 hours replacing, glazing painting etc. these lousy windows. I have replaced over 30 window of which PUKTREE sent me the glass free, except they expected me to pay outrageous $$$ for shipping, this was done due to a LIFETIME warranty on the glass. Well, some jerk at PUKETREE decided they would no longer honor their legal commitment and said they will no longer provide the glass. Go and buy it yourself. By the way I spent not well in excess of 100 hours doing the labor to replace the windows but also an easy 75 hours begging and pleading for PUKETREE to fulfill the obligation and provide the 30+ windows I finally did receive. It has caused SO MUCH STRESS in our lives that I would be happy to join a class action lawsuit if there is one out there. I want PUKETREE to provide the funds to have Anderson windows replace all of their CRAPPY, SUBSTANDARD GARBAGE that they installed in our dream home.HELP!!!!
tickedoff Send email
Jul 7, 2014

Peachtree Windows

We built our dream home in 2004. We paid a large amount of money for the bronze aluminum clad Series 500 low e argon gas easy care Peachtree Windows. We had always had Pella in every other home we have owned in other areas of the country and were told by the builder that Peachtree was just has good. These windows are junk. The warrenty is useless, the argon gas has escaped from two of the windows so they have a constant cloudy film and I am told all I can do is replace the windows. This will not be easy or cheap being the windows are on the third floor. I am all for a class action lawsuit for inferior quality and a useless warranty for something that was supposed to last a long time.
TomZ Send email
Jun 2, 2014

Peach Tree Windows

We build our house in 1992. All the windows are Peach Tree along with our 14' double slider. Ever since we have experienced rot around the house. The exterior window pine trim boards, and clapboards under the windows. Some window trim I have replaced 3 times. From a close examination our carpenter and I have discovered that the bottom of the window's exterior seems to be tilted toward the house and thus the moisture runs down through the corner joints and back into the house. I have now gone around and caulked the crap out of the joints. What junk! I am all in favor of a class action suit.
Belinda Brewster Send email
Apr 24, 2014

lock not working

One of my handle locks on a french door is locked and cannot be opened. I have had two locksmiths come - one tried but was unable to figure out what to do with it, and the other one looked at it, said he only works on Anderson windows, and left. I would greatly appreciate a contact for getting this repaired. I have not had any problems with my french doors, other than this issue. My email is belinda.brewster@sbcglobal.net if anyone knows who to contact to repair the locking mechanism.. It is a Peachtree door.
jjsmms Send email
Apr 10, 2014


I have an issue with defective Peachtree windows and found that their website has been shut down and telephone numbers discontinued. Weathershield Corporation says that they no longer honor the lifetime warranty and I should look into just replacing the glass myself. I would join a class action lawsuit if anyone is interested!
Ardeane Warren Send email
Feb 3, 2014

Defective Peachtree Windows

We built our dream hone in 2004-2005 and installed all Peachtree Windows and Doors. They were suppose to be easy to operate and clean, well, they are falling apart, the hardware that holds the window up have broken, each time I clean them something else breaks. I have dole rods holding up two of the windows, I afraid to open or close any of the others because they may do the same thing, they are leaking air between the windows and have increased our heating bill this year, which being retired we cannot afford. Our dream home is now a cold and drafty nightmare with dirty windows. We have two bay windows, the one is leaking and I have spots all over the window. I have tried to get help from Weathershield and they say Peachtree went bankrupt, but I still see them for sale. So much for a lifetime warranty, both these companies should be out of business and be paying to install new windows. and it looks like I not the only one. We need to get together and do something, or other companies will do the same thing.

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