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Consumer complaints and reviews about Publishers Clearing House

dollyruth Send email
Oct 12, 2015

Getting packages from Publisher clearing house

This is in answer to many of the complaint reviews I have read about getting packages from PCH and the cost to return them. If you get a package that you did not order, don't' open it. As long as you don't open it take it to the post office and tell them you refuse it. The post office will return it to the sender. I do it all the time, especially when I read the email and the cost of shipping.
annonomous42 Send email
Oct 2, 2015

Spam Emails and Phone Calls

Ever since I registered with PCH, I've been getting a BUNCH of spam emails and phone calls. I tried unsubscribing to the emails but they keep calling. They are using the area code that I have as well, so we don't know whether to answer it or not. The phone calls are so annoying. Please stop calling me!!!!!!!!
tenra Send email
Sep 23, 2015

PCH products and billing fraud

I ordered from PCH those grab bags,which I never received,yet I get a bill for a egg extractor for 22.95,which I didn't order.Called PCH,spoke to Abby in billing. Abby states it shows that the bags were cancelled and the egg extractor was ordered. I informed Abby that was incorrect and that I was not paying for something I didn't order. Then she was stating "you can have the egg extractor for half off." I again told her I didn't order an egg whatever and I am not paying for it and giving them money for nothing! She stated " The record shows it was delivered on (whatever date).Sorry,I did not order an egg whatever,didn't get an egg what ever,so she cancelled the bill.This was on Aug.11,2015. Received another bill for this egg extractor this week(Sept.18,2015) This is the third time in my life I ever ordered from PCH. Never had a problem until this time. I will never order anything again!
lacamp2837 Send email
Sep 1, 2015

PCH charging me for 2 items that were free of charge!

I accidently bumped a couple of orders on-line, on my I-pad. And,when I tried to go back to erase them,they disappeared! And,the next thing I knew I got charged for them! After I sent PCH 3 emails explaining what happened,I got an email back from them saying that they would give them to me free of charge since they were probably already shipped to me! So,I kept that email in my files just in case I still got charged for them. And,I also had already mailed an order to them through the mail for 2 items that I did want. And,just like I thought would happen, I was charged for all 4 items! When I tried to find that email in my files,(that they sent to me saying that the first 2 items were free of charge), it wasn't in my files!!! And,I'm now being charged $47.00, for an order that also had a scratchoff that was supposed to make my order half of the amount! The total for those 2 items that I ordered was only supposed to end up being $15.00!!! And,I'd like to know what happened to that email they sent to me, too!! It disappeared from out of my files! What a coincedence,right?!
ejalley1935 Send email
Aug 31, 2015

never received product ordered from PCH

ordered books fromPCH and have never them altho I have been billed and payed for books
PGAUD009 Send email
Jul 29, 2015

Fraudulent hoax Company

This is one of two bogus company's I know. The other one is out of Port Chester, N.Y. I've been receiving PCH stuff in the mail since the 1990's & doing the online stuff since it's been computerized. I've never won a dime. Products are way overpriced and the shipping sucks too. They just keep sending you junk mail telling you your almost ready to win and you must do one more thing or you will forfeit your winning number ! Are you kidding ????????
mrrescue Send email
Jul 14, 2015

pch scam

Spent over $400 to pch sponsors thinking this would help fund them to actually award cash prizes, but THIS IS A CAPITALISTIC PREDATOR SITE....REMEMBER THE YEAR THEY FOUND ENTRIES THAT DID NOT ORDER MAGAZINES IN A DUMPSTER????? how do they SLEEP????????
Joanne waters Send email
Jul 8, 2015

PCH play and win

Every time I get close to winning most tokens in one day , the games crash. It can't be a coincidence. What a disappointment. Thanks for the reality check corporate PCH. You're a dream crasher. I do have to say however that I HAVE WON!! $5.00 playing blackjackšŸ‘ thank you!
Sharon Holt Send email
Jul 6, 2015

won a three match and got cheated out of it.

I won a three match for $100,000 witch is hard enough and then was ask to do a game my computer will not let me finish, so i was cheated out of the $100,000 Prize

Sadly Sharon holt
shellea green Send email
Jul 6, 2015


Why is it that pch always getting people hopes up. Y'all have us thinking that we are about to win and if we don't search or play one of thosee games that we won't win. When in reality we aren't going to win. I've been playing this game for a long time now praying that I would win so I could make life a little better for my kids. Thanks for nothing. The struggling people never win. So those commercial with the people who look as if times are hard haven't really won anything. Shame on you guys for playing with people emoitions.
fup37 Send email
Apr 15, 2015

Games Instant Win

I was dumb enough to play Games Instant Win Riverboat Poker again. As happened before when I got a good hand - this time a Kings and Queens full house, the last time five aces - naturally, the site immediately crashed. Maybe it was coincidence because all their sites crash regularly, but I now have no faith at all in their integrity and won't do it again.
Here in NJ Send email
Apr 8, 2015


I've been receiving PCH stuff in the mail since the 70's & doing the online stuff since it's been computerized. I've never won a penny; their products are WAYYYYYY overpriced, especially when you factor in the shipping costs. (ex: I saw an indoor/outdoor thermometer on PCH that was $19.95 plus shipping, which probably would've been about $7. I'd just bought the exact same thermometer in Walmart for $9.95). I've redeemed millions of their tokens, but have never won anything there either. Definitely a complete waste of time, to say the least!!
fup37 Send email
Apr 5, 2015

Web site and Instant Win

I started playing all the PCH games about three months ago. I have read a lot of negative reviews about PCH but had reserved judgment until the other day when playing Games Instant Win Riverboat Poker. I got five aces and thought maybe I had finally won something. But a window briefly popped up saying I qualified for $1000 Sweepstakes and then it crashed. If five aces doesn't get an "instant win" nothing will, so I no longer believe anything they claim.
Every single day there have been "technical difficulties", and I have to refresh and/or restart the browser multiple times. I have worked with computers for many years and know the problem is not my browser no matter what they say. I have come to the conclusion that the odds of winning something are about the same as having a bug-free day - nil. I won't get sucked into this again.
LucieImhoff Send email
Mar 22, 2015


LucieImhoff Send email
Mar 22, 2015


PCH you cheat, don't even say it's my browser!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unlock your sweepstakes games & all other games that you prefer to cheat on...
Can't prove it but one night last week or so I was playing instant games late at night & got 1000.00 instant cash instead of the 1000.00 tokens, never nothing came of it, because it was late no customer service to get a hold of-course & never awarded not even the tokens...
So either unlock ALL of your games so I may play for the enjoyment of it, not even concerned about playing your UNLIKELY odds
but your CHEATING the innocent public of their deserving MOST UNLIKELY ODD'S
graderkg Send email
Mar 12, 2015

Scam on FB

Victoria Zimmermann at-pch --friends you on FB and private messages you----from washington -- claims you have won a prize and they just need a phone number to complete the last 2% of their agreement--a processing fee....there is no such thing....don't waste your time.
free4now49 Send email
Feb 13, 2015


ive been playing yer games and searching stuff and using your tokens to win stuff for a while now.
ive come to the conclusion that pch is a total waste of my time. never win nothin!!
so take my email off your stupid list. pch is totally fake.
pchsucks Send email
Feb 7, 2015


I ordered a tube of caulk that was supposed to work really well. It was crap. The first time I used it, the caulk didn't just come out the tip, it was squeezing out around where the cap screwed on. And yes, the cap was on as tight as I could get it. The stuff was just junk. I'll never order anything from these people again. And all I ever got playing their stupid games was tokens. Whoopie.
tareed51161 Send email
Feb 4, 2015


every thing they sent was defective junk , that's ok no payment sent and if they want it back they will pay return shipping , SCREW THEM
Tomcat Send email
Jan 23, 2015

pch new complaint department

come on people. I heard PCH got a new complaint department. Its in the back room of a bar called ScallyWags.. Really the guy answering the payphone is a former crackhead but he just got out of rehab. Honest Indian!! They're legit now!!
VERNR Send email
Dec 31, 2014


PCH wants me to buy on there site,however what i have bought is junk,or stuff I have no need for.
Larry Brumett Send email
Dec 2, 2014


Hi, for two days now I have been trying to access your last two emails concerning my last day to search so I can win the $10,000,000. prize or the 3148 drawing for $5,000 a week for life, or the $25,000. It will not let me sign on as when I do and hit the continue button as I have been doing for years, it simply states error 500. I have cleaned all my catches and have even tried to download the smart pc fixer to no avail.. I tried the strait download and the mirror but it will not download. I would like a phone number I can talk to a real person so as to resolve this problem before my time runs out. It states that today is my last day to enter for the chances to win the above prizes. My name is Larry Brumett and I have been a member for years.....I us the address lbsure_2@yahoo.com. Please respond asap as I don't seem to be able to fix the problem. Respectfully, Larry
artwithin24 Send email
Nov 25, 2014

It stated on November 12,2014 I won $25,000.00 have not received it.

On November 12,2014 going towards evening I was searching in the PCH search engine to win the $25,000.00.
$25,000.00 PCH GWY.NO.3816
While I was searching on different websites I got a pop up stating CONGRATULATIONS LINDA YOU WON! "something like that" all completely red in the background stating also PCH team will at my door to deliver my check on November 17,2014. I waited for that day and it never happened. Waited not too long after that, left a message on Debra Holland PCH BLOG, TELLING HER WHAT I JUST STATED TO THIS COMPLAINT A DAY LATER, ON MY FACEBOOK THE PCH TEAM APOLOGIZING STATING THEY MAKE mistakes too in a indirect way. so I figured to wait. still no winnings and also I received a emailed about a month ago from PCH stating the person that won $25,000.00 would win the $10,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE PCH GWY.NO.4900.
PuckYu Send email
Nov 18, 2014

Reality Check

For all you people above who claim you never ordered a product from PCH (and yet a product mysteriously appeared on your doorstep) the fact of the matter is you did order this product. You clicked where you should not have. Stop clicking on those products if you do not want to order them you stupid ignorant people!

You are never going to win at this PCH lottery "game". Just click the X in the upper right hand corner of your browser window.

Now, was that so hard?
Very Upset Send email
Sep 2, 2014

Same happen to me.

It funny that I got a statement with the bill on the e-mail,saying that I order this stuff which I wasn't aware,so I try to call customer service on Saturday night.There was a answering system,saying ,"Please call on Wednesday,because there will be a HIGH VOLUME of calls on Monday and Tuesday" Can you believe that ? Next thing you will know,the package wil be at my door ! I want to stop the shipment before it too late. I call Monday,the nice man from PCH on the call said to me,if the package is already there,KEEP IT! I recorded on tape! I check the tracking system from FEDEX and the LOCAL postal service,it will be DELIVER on FRIDAY 1:06 PM ,well it 1:06 with my live close circuit camera"ON" wth a monitor in front of me with the computer next to me playing the PCH games,there the person came down from the postal service and way back of my yard there a man putting up the camping tent After finishing playing the games,I went to the back door, package was MISSING,STOLEN! WHAT GOiNG ON???
I callled ,he said keep it. I called MY CITY LOCAL POST OFFICE,HE SAID,WELL IT STOLEN. After all the packages that I got from PCH,it did not happen ,but when there package that i didn't order,it STOLEN! This don't make sense! Did they read my e-mails at the postal service?Is this part of the NSA listen to my calls? I think it a SETUP! Even at the ATM,they locked me out on the same week! SOUND CRAZY? I hope they won't bill me or it a scam between the post office and PCH.

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