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Consumer complaints and reviews about SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES

Firefighter Send email
Mar 26, 2016

Being told we have to fake photos

I worked for a large preservation company. A few of them actually. This is a very corupt industry. These companies are making millions of dollars ripping off banks and real estate companies. I have emails and live recordings of these poeple telling us to fake photos of work that is not needed to be done . I'm not sure what my next move should be and could use some advice. I do not even make enough to my bills or care for my kids, but yet they have us falsifying photos so they can collect tons of money while we struggle to get buy. Any advice on what I should do or who I should call. That do not deserve the contract or to be making tons of money by making there employees lie.
djpat Send email
Feb 21, 2016


In 2016, my Mother was basically denied Refinancing and Quick Deed of her Home so she fell heavily Behind on her mortgage due she's on a fixed incom along with Seterus aka IBM refused to just help her out.
So while I was at my Mothers home, I've heard her front door being pushed in, someone was trying to get into the house. Then I've notice the doorknob being twisted but it was locked.
I've open the door and shocked the inspector from Safegaurd Properties. Being somewhat pissed, I've asked him why is he's trying to break into my Mothers home, he only stated that he's an inspector from Safegaurd Property and is here just to see if someone lives in the House.
It was funny to me that he stated that since when he walked up to the door the security light turned on, so there is electricity within the home along with Heat and Running water.
After he said who he was, he just pretty much ran back to his truck and drove off.
I've called the Police department, made out a report along with calling Safegaurd Properties that Monday.
I've explained to them the inspector never gave me his name or a work order number, he just tried to force himself into my mothers home with her there.
Safegaurd just settles for a Million dollars in Illinois alone from inspectors doing the same exact thing, Breaking into people's Homes and stealing property while illegally locking them out.
If anyone have any information on any class action lawsuit against Safegaurd please email me at djpat@me.com , Thanks!!
November216 Send email
Nov 11, 2015

Non payment

I started for for this company under Jim Burnett and his wife Beth. The pay was awful but j thought if I could get a good volume going it would be fine. No. It's always something with these ppl. I printed and filled out 5 papers to be scanned, like W9 and all that. Then 3 days later, that wasn't good enough I need to print out more papers fill them out get them notarized. Wtf. The insurance loss were ridiculous the amount of ink and paper exceed what you make for the job...$2 nothing is more than $2..last place I worked a Loss draft/IL insurance loss was $10. So we know where that extra money going. So I quit. NOW they won't pay me. I call the main office...they don't pay me the vendor does..they pretty much told me to get lost. Wtf? In supposed to work for free?? This is so not over, I'll sue if I have to just to make a point that you can't go around calling yourself the leader in the industry then cheat ppl out of pay.
November216 Send email
Nov 11, 2015

Non Payment

I started for for this company under Jim Burnett and his wife Beth. The pay was awful but j thought if I could get a good volume going it would be fine. No. It's always something with these ppl. I printed and filled out 5 papers to be scanned, like W9 and all that. Then 3 days later, that wasn't good enough I need to print out more papers fill them out get them notarized. Wtf. The insurance loss were ridiculous the amount of ink and paper exceed what you make for the job...$2 nothing is more than $2..last place I worked a Loss draft/IL insurance loss was $10. So we know where that extra money going. So I quit. NOW they won't pay me. I call the main office...they don't pay me the vendor does..they pretty much told me to get lost. Wtf? In supposed to work for free?? This is so not over, I'll sue if I have to just to make a point that you can't go around calling yourself the leader in the industry then cheat ppl out of pay.
Gatorinc43 Send email
Jun 25, 2015

Nonpayment of work chargebacks discrimination of dissemination of work orders and pay to play in house policy

I am a contractor for safeguard and I am interested in filing class action lawsuit against safeguard. Let's pool our money together and file 50 million dollar lawsuit. We would win hands down trial by jury. Please call me lets do this. Let's make them pay 708-897-2033
mmmz06 Send email
May 1, 2015

Poor Job of Winterizing Property, Breakin

Safeguard Properties performed a winterization on a property that an offer to buy was accepted. I inspected the house in late January and placed an offer to buy the foreclosed property. The power and water were on and there were no plumbing issues. Six weeks later on a due diligence walk through, the city turned the water on and the house was leaking in the kitchen, laundry, and bath rooms and internal walls. The back door was poorly repaired due to a break in. Safeguard Properties said they are not responsible for the plumbing damage because "someone COULD have turned on the water". I had a licensed plumber asses the damage as well as a certified home inspector. Both concluded that the house was not properly winterized. That the lines were not drained and purged with compress air. Further more, the house did not have a main shutoff and as such, the water would have to turned on at the water main. Over $2,500 worth of damage was incurred.

I contacted Safeguard Properties again and asked them for a copy of their winterization procedure, who performed the winterization, and if they had inspected the damage. The refused all requests. Now I have no recourse but to hire a lawyer and sue them for services they did not properly perform.
busaman01 Send email
Dec 20, 2014

not so safeguard properties

Worked for these tyrants for six LONG years. After experiencing the same crooked practices as a lot of other vendors , we finally refused to have our good name tied to these criminals. Refuse to accept work orders until you are paid for the ones you already did. Once paid , QUIT! Run in another direction and never do work for them again! Without the vendors , none of these companies have a paycheck and will ultimately be OUT OF BUSINESS! Anybody considering working with this company , dont. Period. Look at all the lawsuits , rippoff report.com , complaint etc. Post everywhere to include craigslist and eventually these con artists will learn.
ctppvendor Send email
Aug 11, 2014

awful employees

We have been losing work assignments to another vendor in the state of CT. Safeguard says the reason is due to my company not having enough employees to handle the work load they need to assign. In addition to my company not having a licensed electrician and plumber. I responded saying that the only work orders assigned in the past six months has been just bids where i dont even receive a trip charge. I lose my assignments to another vendor not in this zone. Im out of busines and thousands and thousands of dollars. Safeguard is heartless and monsters. CT only has 2 vebdors for the whole state.
graveyardwillie Send email
May 16, 2014


Has anyone had their work taken from them and given to someone else at a cheaper rate? They could at least give you the option of lowering your price so you won't lose your work altogether. When they changed over to uploading pictures from your computer at home to having to do it on your smartphone, that took so much longer, but now they've stooped even lower than that. Now, you have to answer questions before you upload the pictures, which is taking so long we can't get the work done anymore. We will be riding to our next stop and find out they didn't accept our pictures and have to go back. This place does not care about their vendors and i don't understand why anyone would want to work for them. They have cut their prices so low you can't afford to hire anyone to help you. We all ought to boycott the place and not work for a few days and try to get them to raise our prices back up.
kcqmom Send email
Apr 8, 2014

Unfair treatment to their contractors

My husband and I started working for Safeguard as REO contractors last year. He applied for another zone and was called and told he would receive both zones this year. He spent thousands of dollars buying extra equipment for the additional zone he was to do. We started the first zone and it has been nothing but a headache. They required all contractors to use their vender web mobile web app that did not work. We spent HOURS trying to get our pictures to go through, which would end with us loosing all of our pictures and being told our NEW iPhones were the issue. We told them our employee was having the same issue with his Droid…. which they said was a problem with his phone as well! All yards were completed on time, but our score was affected negatively because we could not get our pictures to go through. We would stay up til early hours of the morning talking to safeguard on the phone about the glitches in THEIR system, who ended up telling us to submit pictures manually not through their app. All pictures and orders would get completed, but sometimes they would be submitted a day late bc we were up ALL night with web problems on THEIR end. They told us they would factor this if our score become low, which they did not.

During this time we did not receive ANY yards from our contract in our other zone. We call FOUR times and were told that it hadn't started yet and not to worry. My husband called yesterday and was told the contract was taken away from him on March 20 due to poor performance. We called (SEVERAL TIMES) trying to figure out how we had done poor work when we hadn't even started the contract!!! They took the contract away and never informed us of any problems with it…. AND didn't even tell us we no longer had it!! We've left numerous voicemails and have yet to get answers from anyone. We are now out thousands of dollars due to problems on their end. It is very frustrating to us because there was absolutely nothing we could have improved on our end. Definitely wouldn't recommend working as a contractor for this company
d.stractor service Send email
Mar 17, 2013

not being paid for jobs done.

My small business has done several jobs for this company and found that the long delays for getting paid, the many runarounds very low pay and no response on emails showed us this company is a scam. We have worked as a sub-contractor and found the contractor has gone broke and lost all his savings after hiring a collection company to collect my money or find out the truth about this matter. Also found in the rules from Safeguard that they would protect the subcontractor and make sure they would get paid is also a lie. I have tried several times to contact Safeguard myself and was rejected and got no response. I have found this company to be a scam after talking to other contractors and would like to recommend to all involved to deal direct with the banks and realtors directly. This has caused me to lay off my people and close down my company. Recommend to be paid first before any jobs are done to protect yourself.
seattletime Send email
Jun 21, 2012

They are awful

These guys are clowns. There are a few safeguard employees who know what they are doing, but most that we deal with are right off a job fair add in the Cleaveland Paper "I've heard they use craigslist too". I've gone to a few conferences where we bring up all these issues. They all say the same thing, "Oh, I will have to look into that, that seems to be a issolated issue" and yet its happening to hundreds of their vendors. There is no accountability at their company, they just claim to be following instructions from further up the chain. It's so funny when all the vendors get together in a room at ta conference, there is so much complaining going on it pathetic. These guys will get blown up with a huge lawsuit by their vendors sooner or later the only problem is they have made billions of dollars over the past decade, not just since 2008. They know the ropes and have one of the highest paid legal departments to defend them "they are not actually safeguard employees, they retain various high profile firms throughout the US, but especially in Cleveland". I have been solicited by a couple of other contractors who were doing a class action against FAS in Austin, TX. I never heard if it was a success or settled or what, but its a start. The problem is we (the vendors) need to be willing to fork up some cash in order to sue them properly and hope to win and get it back (a big gamble). Try this for the next conflict you have with them, it got me hungup on twice and put on hold several other times, but I still work for them. "Due to some recent discrepencies on payment and work order instuctions clarity, I have been requested by lawyer to record all work related phone calls with Safeguard, it's simply a precaution to prevent any future problems". Once they know they will be held accountable, they turn real stupid real fast and will blow you off or direct you to there regional.
To sum it up, dont work for these guys unless you're ready to play their games. Sometimes you can get paid more than what you worked for, but most of the time, its like a $20 hr job, extremely not worth it if you really are a contractor.
79aggie Send email
Mar 14, 2012

Awful company

Thank you all for telling me about this vendor. They have contacted me to do work for them. We are a small business and cannot afford to absorb any costs from crooks. Last year we worked for a company that gave us the runaround, more pictures, sent us to properties that were occupied and by the time we added up everything we were making 12 cents an hour and then they did not pay us. So thank you all for letting me know I dodged a bullet.
Rnjetc Send email
Mar 11, 2012

Awful company

I also checked on insurance from their brokers. 2 out of 3 want payment in full. The 3rd company will take 25%down then go on payment plan, I think that one was Brunswick. I recently reported debris frozen and snow covered that I couldn't remove the rest(which is how they told me to) and they wanted me to go back at cost to remove. Also, all ready removed 15cyds more than order said which they weren't paying for. "We can't charge the client anymore". They didn't have a problem charging me for 450 for removal from the other contractor they sent out, who also couldn't remove all the debris since it was frozen. From what I could see 9cyds was not removed and they won't show me pics of what the other guy removed either. No responses from any of my emails. This wasn't even my bid originally. So I was wondering if it was the other guys and they cut it then sent it to me. Then one of the reps told me "they don't cut your bids, it's the clients". Kind of strange when I get emails saying your bid was cut before sending to the client.
Josellama2000 Send email
Mar 9, 2012

Awful company

I am also a contractor for safeguard, who ever is trying to become a contractor for them, be aware that they are very very pushy, they have zillions of stupid steps in their procedures that make your cost much more higher than regular, finally they have specific personal that review all your report just to find any issue so they can fine you and reduce your payment.
In conclusion, safeguard is engineered to de-capitalize your company, they keep reducing their payments and implementing new procedures that increase your cost significatively all the time.
They said they deduct you 25% for any payment you earn from them, after more than 3 year as a safeguard contractor, I can tell that they received much more money from the jobs you do for them (just check Fannie Mae prices). They end up with more than 50% of all income you produce.
In few words, they expect you to give them an A+ service but paid you a price that will not cover your fixed cost and 30% of the time not even your variable cost. If you capitalize your risk (ie insurance, liability) these figures are even worse for you.
Do not work for safeguard, it is better to just give your money to a Non profit, at least you can deduct it from your taxes.
Rnjetc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

Seriously, they want me drive 98 miles round trip at 15mpg(6.5 gallons of gas @ 3.59=$23.45), climb on a ladder to clean a 6' area of mold on a ceiling for $6.24 minus 25% disc.= $4.68 That doesn't include cleaning supplies. I bid it at $50 so I would at least break even if I did it myself.
Zzzelda Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

Well, I'm back. I am zzzelda, and I commented previously how I had not as yet had problems with Safeguard. Annnnd ta-da! I am now just about to quit.

The good points: They pay on time.

The bad points:Here are a few examples...

1. We were assigned a dewinterization. We are authorized on our work order to perform up to $500 in repairs to make the property hold pressure. We did one repair. As a result, the pressure built up to the point where we could hear that a valve was leaking farther away from the compressor. That was a complicated fix that would have put us over the $500, so we had to stop. Safeguard issued a chargeback saying that we should not have performed any repairs at all. Essentially we are supposed to find every single leak in the entire property- including those in the wall, and fix them all for less that the allowable, or don't fix anything because we won't get paid.

2. We performed a repair that caused a property to hold pressure for a dewinterization. Safeguard decided that it would pay half of our invoice. Unfortunately, after the cost of the items used to do the repair, we are making $2. I have appealed this, and the response was that I should have bid the item. However, our work order states that we are supposed to use up to $500 to do plumbing fixes (our bill was $300). If I do a bid for less than $500, I just get sent back to the property because the job is not complete, and I get dinged on my score card.

3. We did a bid at a property for 589 cubic yards of debris. Safeguard changed our bid before they submitted it to 394 cubic yards. It came back approved at the 394. We asked for a re-review. They like to support each other so the second review came back at 394 cubic yards also. They tried to get us to just go ahead and remove the debris, and use our load photos to show it was more than 394 cubic yards & said they would re-review it then. We did not, because we had just experienced the below:

4. We did a trashout that was 69 cubic yards. We had VERY careful load photos, showing 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, measurements of the van, etc. We were meticulous. They came back and said it was 53 cubic yards. All of our photos and PROOF that there were 69 cubic yards of debris were ignored. They implemented this new load photo program saying that it would be more precise. However they are cutting our payment despite clear evidence that supports our cubic yard count. There's $559 I'm not making, and I got to haul off that debris and pay dump fees without compensation.

5. Our work order instructions were to quality check a winterization. We did a pressure test (on 4 properties), to blow out the lines & make sure there's no water inside. Safeguard comes back & says they aren't paying for them. Now, there is no way for us know know if a winterization is intact unless we blow the lines. The vendor website asks us if the winterization is intact. If we say yes, then we are held liable for any damages that occur if the winterization is not, in fact, intact. I appealed this decision. I lost. We're not getting paid. I sent it in to the email address they say is to be used to appeal to the next level. In the past 1.5 yrs I have never once received an email back from that address- not even a negative response. It is, essentially, a trash can.

6. And one more for good measure. We provided a bid for 167 cubic yards. Safeguard came back & told us our bid was approved for 82 cubic yards. Let me just say that MOST of our jobs do not get reduced, so we're not that bad at calculating cubic yardage. I told them that I needed a re-review. They came back & told me that they would do ONE re-review, and that would be final. And that whatever that number came back as, I would HAVE to do it for that amount. Well, last time I checked, I was not an employee, and a bid was a bid. They re-reviewed at 93 cubic yards. The amount that I show on my load photos, which will be WELL above 93 cubic yards, will make no difference (we're usually pretty close, sometimes even low on our cyd counts). They like to tell me that I am the only vendor they have in the 3 state area who has this problem. Ha!

All of the above (and more!) has happened in just the last week! It is incredible! Our subs are working for free or very little, and I feel so bad! But at the same time, I feel worse about quitting Safeguard (pardon me, sneaking away because if they know you are leaving they will make you pay for your sins), because so many people depend on us. We've applied for work with other companies. So far nothing.

And the best part? We are now required to use their preferred insurance providers, no matter how much more expensive they are. That is illegal in some states. Not sure yet if it is illegal in mine. I carry the required insurance and have never had a claim. I should not be required to change to a preferred provider.

For other vendors: try us hardware supply for your locks. A good alternative to mfs supply.
Rnjetc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

TOLD YOU SO! You get paid for wint checks? P&P doesn't even if we have to refresh. We don't get paid if we do a convey check and have to submit bids or to go and do any bids. Especially when the problem has been there and previous contractor never reported. We did a 1 cyd debris removal today but thrown in on the order it says to check the wint. Are they paying for the extra time and supplies that took, heck no. We did a rewint because it wasn't intact and orer said to use exhibit B if needed. They came back said they can't pay me cause it was all ready done once. They also told us to remove meters, I told them it was city property and we can't do it. They told me that's SG requirement. I said are you paying the fine? So emailed a few of the cities we service and forwarded the responses to SG. They played stupid, oh I guess we'll add that to the list. Another contractor bid 45cyds four months ago they reduced to 17cyds. This last month, sent them to do it . Contractor refused, sent another who removed 85cyds. They are trying to charge original contractor back for the difference. Who knows what got dropped off in 3mths time. They won't show them the pics either. I love it when I report something and then next time I go into web it's gone, like I never said a thing. They have reduced a few of my bids also, I am usually very close. I tell them they are incorrect and they say to late we all ready sent to client. Do you think the banks know half of what SG does to it's contractors or charges us for having the priviledge to work for them. Have you priced these new insurance companies? My insurance is coming up for renewal.
I seriously think all of us contractors need to get together on this board and when there's enough find a lawyer and do a large suit.
ManRed Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

My personal home in Waterford, MI was in the redemption period and Safeguard Properties Inc. was contracted by National City Mortgage, MI to inspect, winterize and secure my residence. I was never evicted from my home nor never received letter from the mortgage company. My personal belongings were still in home and garage, and when I went to check my residence there was a lock box on the front door. Two days after, I called the mortgage company and they gave me the code to the lock box to get in. Upon entry I noticed my brand new leather furniture was stolen. So I called and made a police report w/ the local police dept. and notified both Safeguard Properties, and National City Mortgage about the theft. Safeguard Inc. states they will refer it to their legal dept. and National City states I have been evicted! Well, they said they will try to get my furniture back. Four days later I returned to the property and noticed power tools, hand tools and lawn equipment were now missing from the garage. So I called the police again and they added it to the initial report. Called Safeguard and they were STILL in process of notifying their legal dept. Spoke w/ "Larry" from Pioneer Corp. (sub-contracted by Safeguard) and he stated "Take a number, it could be me or 50 others, because the lock boxes all have the same codes and keys in Michigan!" I removed the keys from the lock-box after the first theft incident, and there was no evidence of B&E on the first or second theft. So I take it that they have additional keys since they are all the same. I want it to be known that this is happening to more people than just me and it is bad enough that people are losing homes in this economy let alone to become a victim of larceny. Hope other victims will see this article and they too will come fwd w/ their own complaints to blow this scam wide open.
Rnjetc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

You don't have to buy your locks from MFS. There are other companies if you look online. FOR MI vendors, we are eviction state, you don't bid to store or remove personals!! I don't care what SG or their "client" says, you walk away. I'm getting tired of correcting this on my web updates. For you newbies, when you get charged $2500 for a roof repair that you never saw a problem with on your initial because it was snow covered and the ceiling looked fine, you won't be so gun ho. It wasn't even reported by anyone until I went back for a convey check 7 months later, even though 2 sign in sheets were full. They just had someone fix it after I reported and held my check, called me after the fact. I was told that's what you have insurance for make a claim. Which my insurance denied-they are on my insurance they should've made the claim. Maybe you like being charged back $ 3000 for a debris removal because the ground was snow covered and even though you reported that (2 times) when you did the job, in the spring there was still 2 cyds of debris in the yard when someone else went to property. Last week here in MI one of the cities is sueing fannie or freddie. What will happen they will call the preservation company who will call the vendor. The bank will say basically I'm not sure we hired it out. They pay the suit then bill preservation company then the preservation co. will bill you! Even though they never told you when the court date was for the lawsuit so you could defend yourself. Not me but another contractor $8000 just last yr. Even though he told them everything he did at property, nothing about it was in the court transcript. They also told him that they tried to make a claim but his insurance didn't have them listed. His agent said they were listed and never tried to make a claim. I work for a few companies and I've never been charged back a whole job! Maybe 10 or 20 bucks for not date stamping or forgetting a pic. Which happens since they all have different requirements but not as ridicuous as SG. "Read the work order", it wasn't on the work order well you should've just done it. (In hopes you get paid for it) VENDOR DISCOUNT, none of my other ones take a chunk like that. What is our discount paying for?
Rnjetc Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Awful company

They also have you doing things that should be done by a liscensed contractor, when you argue with them about it they just say do we need to sever our ties with you because that is company policy? I'm not a roofer, a plumber, a electrician, or a construction contractor so don't ask me to give you a bid.

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