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Sam's Club

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Sam's Club

Jose padilla Send email
May 16, 2016

Sam's Club

We live in Juarez Mexico.
usually we buy Sam's Club of El Paso TX.
My complaint is that in the inside of store there are some discounted items.
when we got to the cashier to make the payment , the cashier told us for
the people of Mexico card discount does not apply.
for some reason that Mexico is discriminated and we do not have no right to discount?
but I was surprised that the advertise does not say that does not apply to Mexico.
then is not supposed to Sam; 's club is an international chain.
why is there are differences between associates?
when we shop at your competitor Costco, they did accepted our card even is come from Mexico
Why Sam's Club not?
cheryle Send email
Apr 14, 2015

quality is terrible from pior product

I bought some time ago a plastic wrap called professional plastic food wrap with 4500 feet on the roll.
I ran out and bought your daily chef food service film which is all you had to offer in the place of the prior roll which only has 3000
feet of wrap on it. it is 18" wide and I need the wide. But the quality of this is just terrible it wads up when you try to cut it with the
cutter it bunches up when you try to get it to the target. It is soooo thin that I do not feel there is any protection for my food. we used the old cutter and box thinking it would help some but it doesn't it. I cannot use this item . If the old quality is gone then I will
not be purchasing this ever again. I am very unhappy with the quality. It should be firm and stay straight when you are moving it to the foods you want to cover. It gets holes in it really really easy. not a good product. A unhappy consumer Cheryl Lanning
Zizi Send email
Aug 11, 2014

Warning for online shoppers !!!!!!!

Christine @ 188 746 7726 customer was terrible and rude
I had a party on my back yard and I bought out door furniture online. delivery date was July 29-August 6. and my party passed without my furniture. I wanted refund, but they said it will take 3 weeks to get my money back. and I am still waiting to receive my intem, and passed delivery date for about a week now, I called customer service, Christie was very unhelpful after she was willing to give me 20% discount, she came back changed it 10% she gave me stupid excuse and kept me on hold forever, and they expect me to deal with carrier service which SAMs club hired instead of resolving the issue themselves,. I never have terrible experiance like this in my life , I will never deal with them . Costco and BJs are the way to go.
Zizi Send email
Aug 11, 2014

Christie from customer service was rude

I had a party on my back yard and I bought out door furniture online. delivery date was July 29-August 6. and my party passed without my furniture. I wanted refund, but they said it will take 3 weeks to get my money back. and I am still waiting to receive my intem, and passed delivery date for about a week now, I called customer service, Christie was very unhelpful after she was willing to give me 20% discount, she came back changed it 10% she gave me stupid excuse and kept me on hold forever, and they expect me to deal with carrier service which SAMs club hired instead of resolving the issue themselves,. I never have terrible experiance like this in my life , I will never deal with them . Costco and BJs are the way to go.
sblackwell Send email
Aug 8, 2014

Poor Customer Service

It would appear that Sam's Club is promoting an upgrade in some kind of membership program that the employees wish to sell customers during checkout. The "sales presentation" lasts up to five-minutes when it appears that the customer shows an interest in the presentation. The results: up to a ten-minute wait in the line to be checked-out. I complained to the store manager but was curtly informed that they have to do it an it isn't their fault that many customers complain about excessive wait times.
In addition to " up sale " presentation, my credit card was declined because of a chip problem. Apparently, the employees are not currently trained with chip embedded credit cards. To be sure that I was not the at fault for the credit card decline, I used the same card for gas five-minutes after I finally got checked-out at a gas station and had no problem.
Thirdly, someone decided to bring a "boom-box" to the check-out lanes. If this is the image Sam's Club wishes to convey, I am not surprised that the nearby Costco Club is doing a booming business.
If you enjoy the "Sam's Club experience" this locale may be the place for you.
Billie and Judy Tarrant Send email
Aug 1, 2014

Tire Dept

We bought 4 Michelin tires P265 7017 for our 2008 Dodge Ram. After reading the paperwork, it tells us to re-torque the tires after 50 miles. They destroyed the lugnuts . Our lug wrench will not fit on the lugnuts now. After calling to price new ones at the Dodge dealership....it will cost us nearly twelve dollars each for 22 new ones. What do you suppose Sams Club should do to make this right?
We will be going to Sams to show what they have done...but we are waiting on 2 new tires for my car after they sold me two out of round tires for my car. We paid cash for this service....so basically within 1 week, they destroyed the lugnuts on our Ram and put our of round tires on the front of my 4-runner and now it is in the shop..because it vibrates like a malt machine.
Neil Send email
Jul 4, 2014

Service/Product/customer service

Hello , On 5/28/2014 I went to my club after work to have 2 trailer tires installed , I had had a hard time contacting the tire department on several occasions prior to this visit by telephone to get a quote . Because of this I decided to buy the tires at Harris tire as they answered the phone and quoted me $69 a tire ,but when I went to Harris they did not have the tires at the store and would not be able to get them till the next day . So I went to Sam's and waited in the lobby area long enough to find the trailer tires I wanted for $20 dollars more than Harris ,pulled 2 off the rack and went to the front counter and had them page the tire department that they had a customer waiting ,I had previously looked through the window into the shop and saw one vehicle and maybe three employees trying not to see me .After the page a young fellow walked out sniffing and coughing and wrote out my sale (glad I had my own pen)I requested new valve stems and balanced and he wrote it up as you would a car tire with stems and balancing included . So I shopped while waiting and got the page my tires were ready , went to the truck and loaded groceries ,went back into the store and picked up receipt and back to the truck to look at the tires, I had requested to keep my old tires and everything was in the truck but the tires weren't balanced , I knocked on the garage door as I was tired of walking back and forth around the store to the front desk "what's up with that "and they opened it and I informed the tech the tires weren't balanced and his reply was ,we don't balance trailer tires ,I said ,I had requested and paid for the balancing and he said well I wasn't told that and got the tires out of the truck and balanced them . When the first tire was loaded and I was waiting in the hot sun I noticed the old valve stem was on the tire and spit checked it and it was leaking . He then brought the other tire which had a new stem and showed him the old one on the completed tire so he grumbled and blamed the new guy and took the tire back to the tire machine ,broke the bead loose and changed the stem ,re-aired the tire to the wrong specified psi and balanced the tire again .Normally I'll tip but not this time so I thanked the fellow and got my sweaty self back in the truck and headed home . Unloading the groceries I found a Neapolitanpuddle on the floorboard even though bucket was upright ,I thought that the shrink wrap around the plastic 5 quart bucket was a safety seal but it was covering up a split sided bucket ,and all the buckets in the freezer had the wrap! Normally I love the clubs bargains on bulk but this day was not one of those and the cleaning of the truck floorboard was a final straw . If the floor was carpet instead of vinyl it probably would have to be replaced . If I wouldn't have caught the leaking valve stem I could have possibly crashed the newly restored antique Pro craft Bass/ski boat . Your probably going to tell me to bring my complaint to the store management but if you ask me the stores mismanagement is the problem. I'll gladly accept any reimbursements/coupons/free membership as a soother to the aggravation and elbow grease cleaning the truck .
This was my letter of complaint to sam's customer service dept and I have yet to get a reply.
Matanda1 Send email
May 22, 2014

membership refund

Sams Club allows members to cancel their membership and receive a refund of their membership fee. I tried to cancel my Plus membership that cost me $100.00 and for 2 hours of discussion have concluded nothing to my satisfaction. First, Sylvia, the counter clerk made up her own story policy that I should return the promotional $25 gift card that was offered to open up a Plus membership for $100.00. Secondly, she lost my membership card (plastic card) while dealing with me and with other customers. She was uncaring about my card while working on other customers. She had to take my picture and print a new card. She also had to call the managers occasionally (six times) to deal with my cancellation which means more waiting time. Thirdly, she had been blaming the store computer systems everytime for the delays. She made it appear that she is doing me a favor by helping process my cancellation. She intentionally made me wait as she said to me to wait for the manager. Fifth, finally the Operations manager, Espy (name on tag) showed up and tried to get things cleared up. She was just as unaccommodating like Sylvia. She said she had to run a (credit/payment history) a check on how I paid for my membership because she said the computer will only pay me $45 instead of $100. Espy even asked me if I paid for my membership. I can not believe a bunch of idiots are employed in this store. Their unprofessionalism and ineptness in doing their job is very frustrating and in addition to their insults and rudenes such as blaming me for the missing card and asking if I paid for my membership. I am still waiting if I will get my $100. My two hours of my personal time is lost forever and it may be a lot longer later if I don't get my $100. Maybe, I should avoid Sams Club at all costs from now on. Maybe Costco is much better store to shop.
sgaare Send email
Apr 3, 2014

Poor Customer Service

My husband went to Sam's Club to purchase groceries. While he was there he bought some Gillette Fusion 16 razer blades for $40.00. When he arrived home he noticed the razor blades were nowhere to be found. He went back to the store to see if he left them at the register. The customer service clerk told him there weren't any razor blades and she asked him to wait. Apparently, she went back to security and asked them to check film footage to see if my husband actually took the razor blades and was lying about not having them. She returned and told my husband they saw the clerk put the blades in the cart. That alone would have been enough for my husband, because then he assumed he lost them on the way out somehow. But the clerk continued to tell him they watched film footage showing him in the parking lot and they saw the razor blades were in the cart when my husband reached the car, but they couldn't see if he put them in the car. This was a shock to me and him both. We had no idea that Sam's Club monitored our every move! I understand theft is an issue, but the other day I left a bag of groceries at King Sooper Grocer's and when I showed my receipt King Sooper told me to go get the items as they assumed another customer got my bag. King Sooper never asked me to wait while they checked footage! My husband and I both feel violated and believe Sam's Club views us not as customers, but as thieves. We will be cancelling our membership to Sam's Club.
Jenny D Martinez Send email
Mar 17, 2014

Purchase of tires/taking advantage of widower(lady)

Wow, this is an official complaint that will be filed with the Better Business Bureau and Target 7 News. I will begin by stating that first your store managers don't return calls, second, you see one store manager and they say "that's not my department".
On Feb. 2, 2014 I purchased two tires for my 201l KIA Sorento at a total price of $412.69. The tires were place on my "all wheel drive" in the front. On Friday, March 14, I realized I had a screw on my back tire, went to get it repaired at Firestone and I was informed that it was unrepairable, no problem, right? WRONG!!! I told them I needed one tire, they said MAM, let me show on the computer, you have an "all wheel Drive" we can't sell you one tire, ALL TIRES MUST be IDENTICAL OR we can be liable, the transfer case may give out. I said, I don't need four tires, I purchased two new tires for the front at SAMS, they said, YES, that's the problem you now have two different set of tires and you have been placed in a dangerous situation, we suggest you go back to SAMS and request the same two rear tires for the back. I go back explain my situation and your sales man say, Oops, we don't sell that tire anymore and I can't even order it (235/60R18 103 V TOUR). I said, ok, they never offered anything else for me. I requested to see the manager, they called a lady manager told her my story and she says, Oh, I don't take care of that department, you need to talk to Raven and gave me the number *505-471-8825. I said, please have her call me and I left my number. Of course, she never called, I called her back and never reached her. I decide to go to another tire store and see if they had the same matching tires that SAMS sold me, I went to the dealership and to Discount tires and got the same story, you need to purchase four tires, we can't sell you one or two that don't match the front and said the same thing, SAMS should have told you this when they sold you two. Long story short, this is not good business and I know the news would love to hear about this and second no one has attempted to make good on this. Therefore, on Friday, I had to purchase 4 tours totaling $1024.00 and I have two new tires that SAMS sold me sitting in the back of the vehicle awaiting for some type of resolution or in store credit to go back to my SAM credit card.

I have both receipts and the darn tires. What are you going to do to make this right?

I do truly belief because I am a woman and no nothing about cars and a widower I was taking advantage. Staff should not be in the business of selling tires if they are not educated on the liability, count your blessings I wasn't in an accident and/or the transfer case didn't go out, as I was informed by all that could have occurred. You may check all this on your computer for all wheel drive vehicles and purchases of tires...

I will be more than happy to supply you with receipts.

Thank you!
Jenny Martinez,7514 Snow Blossom Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507
festag9@yahoo.com Send email
Feb 8, 2014

Lobster Tails

This is the second time this has happened to me. I purchased one package of lobster tails in Sam's Club in Rochester NY. (about $32.00) I wanted to fix my husband a special dinner. I baked the lobster tails. One was delicious. The other was just plain mush. Now our dinner was ruined. The other occasion was in Florida. I was having seven people for dinner. As you can guess, I went without! Mush! What the heck is up with this? I maybe can understand once, but twice within 9 months. Any idea what's going on with the lobster? I see the link below has a place for photos. Sorry it already is down the garbage disposal.

Patricia Festa
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

good morning Thud and Tasha! thanks again for your helpful suggestions! Just wanted to share with you that I just received a call from the customer service representative 3rd party company for Sam's Club and Walmart, apologizing for the "inconvenience of declining my check". They re-checked every infornation again (just in case) regarding myself my bank account, etc...and found NOTHING! wrong... He admitted while on the phone with me that the eletronic check machines are old and need replacing... and that the machine did not read my check correctly...oh well... Good day after all! Good day to you two!
Thud Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

But had you abandoned your caveman ways years ago like everyone else and used a debit card, would we be having this conversation?

So you bitched and bitched and finally got someone to call and blow a rainbow up your ass to make you feel better? Great. It's a swell accomplishment. It doesn't change anything. I worked for a company that used Telecheck. The machine either reads your check or it doesn't. There is no "misreading" of checks. That's like saying an ATM misread your card. It's just bullshit they told you to make you feel better.

Good day.
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

Mixie Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

Your complaint should be about Telecheck, not Sam's Club. There are many reasons why a check would be declined. Google it.
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

I had a really really upsetting experience at the store Sam’s Club – store # 0629 – on 1850 E. Woodmen Rd. Colorado Springs CO 80902, this Dec 30th 2011. I had a check declined thru TeleCheck. Why? Can’t seem to find out why….. Upsetting to say the least, I called Telecheck ‘3’ (three) times!!! No help thru the phone of course – there is no information to be given….just a check declined!!! No record of anything wrong….account was flagged? What does that mean????? $153.79!!! Yes, all that! one hundred and fifty thee dollars and seventy nine cents!!! I am a member of Sam’s Club! I had plenty $$$$ in the bank! I have paid with electronic checks at Sam’s Club before!!! The store manager on duty was no help at all…… ”there is nothing we can do Mam….” Maybe time to review your payments methods and clients’ privileges…. (?)Accepting credit cards? Debit cards? Let’s make our members life easier to shop? Or they’ll go to the competition…..maybe you lost one client… Why was my check declined? No one can explain to me why?
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

hahaha funny lady!
no it was NOT!
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

it was an eletronic check... bank account with $$$$$$ in it... membership card current... bank account in good standings... pay check deposited the day before... called telecheck - no record of rejected transaction... no record of why declined...system is VERY VERY BAD... I got a membership with the competitor today - no hassles, no troubles, they accept all payment forms... good luck to still happy Sam's Club members... I am out of there for good! thanks for your suggestions. I suggest you go tell someone else to learn how to spell... verify the facts before you are rude to somebody... learn to verify your facts.
Thud Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

For your own convenience, the store's convenience, and the convenience of the shoppers behind you just use a debit card.
MMLML Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

thanks Tasha3 and Thud... so helpful!
Thud Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible Customer Service

It actually is helpful. Follow my advice and this will never happen again.

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