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Santander Consumer USA

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Santander Consumer USA

rons Send email
Apr 18, 2015

car loan

they took the car said we were 5 months behind. Our BANK says no we have the dates of the paid money. Two months we paid double payments they said now get this we credited it as one payment so it dosent count. Talk about rude and crooked. I will spend my life telling people how underhanded this bank is.
mrcancer Send email
May 22, 2014

Improper fees

I've had several problems with this bank since they took over Sovereign. From communication problems, not getting my address updated to receive a debit card on several occasions to issues with a saving account that no one could explain and charges ona CD that took several complaints to resolve.

The latest issue is with a so called triple interest account. A branch member suggested I open this a couple years ago so I did. Upon reviewing the paperwork it was discovered there was $5K max withdraw a month. This would not work for me so I withdrew all funds ASAP.................. A couple years later I was told this with draw limit did not apply. I then asked if there were any other issues, fees etc. that I need to be aware of. The only thing I was told was a $100 a month needed to be set up for an auto deposit to get the extra interest.......................... With this new info in hand I put money in it. 3 days later I get WACKED with a maintenance fee.................... A phone drew the response of "I'll talk to the manager". A week passed and nothing was done. A letter drew a phone call but no explanation or fix was done..

I never had so many problems with all my other banks combined over 45 years as I have had with Santander in 3 years. Needless to say you are loosing another customer.
moebettaa Send email
Apr 2, 2014

Rude Customer Service Agent

I have had my this particular credit card for close to 20 years. I have never missed a payment and have been through a few different banks as they changed hands. I happen to miss a monthly payment due to not recieiving the statemennt so when I got the next months statement with the late fee I called customer service to see if the fee could be lifted being that I have never missed a payment. Well a simple no would have done but the customer service rep I spoke to, spoke over me, had a nasty tone, screamed at me and proceeded to tell me how I should manage my finances when it comes to paying bills. I have never been so insulted in all my life. needless to say I am shutting down this account today.
brokenhead Send email
Dec 27, 2013

Missing Title

I took a loan with Santander knowing nothing about them when I bought my Acura. When the numbers in my online account/statement didn't match simple math done off of my contract I spent 30 seconds researching them online. I was pretty disgusted with the entirety of my 30 seconds of searching on Santander. I trusted the finance douche' at Acura and I now have to pay the price for that trust.
I paid Santander off after having the load for less than 4 months. It took that long to get them to hold to the numbers basic mathematics produced when looking at my signed, legal, contract.
almost 30 days after payoff.. no title. Texas law gives 10 days.
I emailed the unhelp desk with my demand to get my title to me immediately. I was referred to the Title Department at 1-800-526-0157 or 214-292-2777. I called and was told that my title was mailed on December 2nd to Navy FCU. Lie. They received my wire on the 3rd. I doubt they mailed my title just cuz the day before I wired money. Also, why would it go to the Navy FCU? These idiots held the lien and I haven't had a Navy FCU account in over 15 years... So, I deduce a lie has been told.
Next I am told that she will helpfully send a release of lien letter so I can go to the DMV and get my title. Very helpful as I can drive to the DMV, stand in line, then pay money to get my title they lost. Not likely. Plus my mystery title is still out there with Santander listed as the lienholder. Given the level of stupidity they have already exhibited I don't want to have to put a bullet in some repo loser when they show up to repo my paid for car in the middle of the night.
All in all Santander is a skidmark on the financial community. That's saying something when the community as a whole is pretty stained to begin with. I am looking forward to fighting with them over whatever they screw up on my credit report.
Nascar18 Send email
Sep 16, 2012


For an unknown reason I got kicked out of viewing my SCUSA on line account. I have had the same password and user i.d. for 3-1/2 years. I have called customer service on the recommended phone number 12 times in 9 days. I cannot get but 4 reps that I can even understand because the accents that are foreign to my ears. They ask the same questions that are scripted for all to use. name, year born, last 4 digits or SS#, loan number, year of truck, address of garaged veheicle, work phone number (I'm retired but they still need a work number??), insurance info, how much is payment and do you want to make one at this time, (I am 3 payments ahead). Even more questions, the list goes on. Finally, they give me a temporary passwork, Don't work. Had 13 of them from customer service and Office of the President. None of them will let me in. I ask questions in e-mails as to what to do. They are direct, important questions that may have a bearing on why none of these passwords work. Do they answer the question directly with a direct answer? NO NO NO. They send me another temporary passwork that is useless, will not do a damn thing but waste my time. I have spent 2 hours on my cell phone talking to someone that I can not understand their lingo and then they say that they are having website problems (9 days on a major Website?. I think not) I am so P.O.ed at this time and frustrated ain't even close to how I feel. No one gives a Damn, has anything to offer, refuses to investigate the problem. God, I wil never, ever deal with these people again after 7 more payments. SANTANDER CONSUMER USA is not customer focused. They just so happen to have these problems with no solutions the closer you get to completing payments I think.
Kymp Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible people/customer service

This is by far the WORST experience I have ever had with a loan company. I started my loan with Citi Financial, and never ever had a problem with them. I came back from a deployment to find my account was with this company now.. I called immediately to find out who they were and I spent 30 mins getting details- I was upset at first bc the first person I ever spoke to thought it was a BENEFIT to me that they weren't reporting me to credit agencies-- the ONE thing I've owned, and never missed a payment on? Yes, please.. REPORT ME.. I immediately started paying large payments to get the loan away from this unknown company -- they informed me that my last payment had to be certified check or western union- i asked what if I didn't pay the last payment, since they arent reporting me anyhow- I was informed at this point that NOTHING, there was nothing they could do to me? WHAT kind of lie is that? so I made my last payment in full via western union because AGAIN was told by a uneducated agent that I would get my title in 5 days if I paid that way-- NO... they want to hold my title for 20 days BECAUSE they claim I may be able to go back and get my cash from western union? THAT'S impossible.. I have spent a week dealing with the worst customer service people EVER - I have been cussed at, and forced to scream to be heard.. I am deploying for a year and want my title so that I can sell this car! I have NEVER missed ONE payment, paid the loan off 2 years EARLY and now that it's my turn to get something I must wait? I had a supervisor tell me if I sent her a screen shot of my BANK ACCOUNT I could get the title released, instead my bank faxed her a letter- she still waited a day to release my title- now here I sit, waiting for an electronic title to reach the FL DMV? If you are able to refinance your vehicle loan with another company and even if you'll pay higher rates DO IT! don't do anything with this AWFUL company!!!
Kims1975 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Horrible people/customer service

I am pleased to report that the refinancing for my car went through at my own bank, in the end my brother had to put his car up as collateral and cosigned but we got ourselves out of the loan at Santander;. I encourage anyone who has a loan with Santander to see if you can refinance at your own bank that you trust?. I have also warned my bank that Santander is shady and facing lawsuits and to be sure they mark the payment as in full when they pay them off and to make sure absolutely sure they are off my car title". I now have a refinance through my bank of $194 payments each month for 4 yrs, compared to the 2 1/2 years I had left on the Santander loan at $298?.42 each month:. Putting $104 back into my pocket each month that I need for living expenses, and the interest rates were lower because I now qualify for lower interest rates:. Please see if you can refinance at your own bank, it is worth the trouble.
Susan Bachmeier Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Jj261 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Today JAN 27, 2012 they still need to send me my over payment of 740.00 dollars. It has been 9 days from when they said it would arrive and about one and half months since I paid off my truck.. Everything they are telling me matches everything being posted in this blog. Has anyone eventually received their over-payment? If I do not get it next week I will start looking for an attorney that handles consumer abuse by financial institution. Send me an email if you finally received yours or if you currently have a law suit which you would like me to join. My email is jj261@hotmail.com
Sandra Rhea Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refuse to acknowledge payment for September 2010 and have made wrong information to credit bureau

Santander purchased my car loan from CitiFinancial in October 2010. I made my Sept 2010 payment to Citifinancial. The payment was sent electronically from my bank. I spoke with staff at Santander in Oct 2010 and dthey requested a copy of my payment that was sent electronically. I faxed what Santander requested. I received antoher phone call from Santander requesting a copy of my actual bank statement. I faxed them a copy of my actual bank statement. I received another phone call stating they need a copy of the bank statement from the bank. 1/4/2011 the bank sent them what they requested. Today, I am told they need more proof. No matter what I do they still are giving me the run around. They have messed up my credit score because they have submitted errorenous information to the credit bureau.
Sokolove Law Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Refuse to acknowledge payment for September 2010 and have made wrong information to credit bureau

Santander may have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Hi I am from Sokolove Law. I’m part of our consumer rights group that works on consumer credit abuse claims. We have been reviewing thousands of potential claims where Santander may have breached their contracts in the way it charges fees to consumers. Their debt collection actions may have also violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. According to MSNBC, Santander is being accused of a number of questionable debt collection techniques, including illegally repossessing cars from active duty military while they were overseas, making as many as 800 “robocalls” to a single person, grossly overcharging for late fees, and making harassing phone calls to neighbors, friends, co-workers and children.

For folks interested in learning more about Santander and their credit practices, there is great information available at http://awe.sm/5c9PM. If you think you might have a claim, call our office at 888-820-1688 to learn about your options and receive a free legal consultation.
Santabee Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Customer service and unexplained fees

In February of 2010 Santander Consumer USA took over my loan with HSBC Auto Finance, as HSBC went out of business I think.
From the start we had problems with them not applying the payments received on time and adding the following months interest to the current balance.
I started sending the payments certified mail, so there would be no late fees as I did not trust the company.
Yesterday I've received my what should be last payment notice. On it I've noticed a $3.78 fee, not specified what for.
When I called customer service, the representative was not able to explain the fee. I asked to talk to the supervisor, which is almost impossible to achieve. Finally the supervisor came to the phone and told me the same thing; can't explain the fee- don't see it on my account and that's all.
Customer service at this place is absolutely horrible, not to mention that it is very hard to understand anyone as they speak very bad English. I was denied the supervisor's supervisor phone number, I was denied the Corporate phone number and all I got was the PO address in Texas to complaint in writing.
I was told to pay what's on the invoice, even if they could not explain the charge.
I was also told that next month I'll be receiving another bill for about $5, for what I don't know and they would not explain.
My loan should be completely satisfied after this months partial payment, I have all documentation to prove it, and per my original loan agreement my final payment should be $523.87. Santander states the balance is $532.67 and can not explain the additional charges. I've never in the duration of the whole loan with HSBC been late /72 months/ or missed a payment.
I did pay the $3.78 fee, and I'll pay next month's $5 bill, as I don't want to compromise my credit, but I'll file complaints against this company and get to the bottom of their fees they're unable to explain.
If they charge every single client an extra 8-10 dollars, that's lots of money.
Dealing with this company, who is trying to hide and deny the fact that they are a collection agency was one of the most unpleasant experiences ever. It was not by my doing to end up with a collection agency, and I feel so bad for people who have to deal with them for long time.
It is for me not the $8 they trying to get from me with no explanation or reason, but the principal, and companies like this have to be stopped from overcharging people, adding on fees for nothing and poor customer service.
I'll be looking for other ways to get to the bottom of the fee charges, and do something about it.
Denial of phone number to the supervisor's or corporate office will not protect Santander from complaints, it will just ignite it.
Paula Williams Mays Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Customer service and unexplained fees

The last payment on my Car should have been November 2011. I was told that I still owed an additional $2, 111.98. They sent me print- outs with additional fees that were never on any of the other 4 cars I had purchased in the past. Granted, I had to pay an additional $300 or less for late fees but the amount and charges they sent me were unbelievable. Santander USA charges me for System Allocation Drive Collector-ACH, Miscellaneous fee payment-ACH, Late Charge Assessment System Generated Transaction (I would add the late fee when a payment was late), System Allocation Lock Box Payment, Interest Payment and another late charge, Converted Regular Payment, etc. Sometimes the payment was reduced over $100 because of what they deducted from my payments.
Santander would send me a notice of the amount due but never sent any information that I had additional fees. Santander purchased my loan from HSBC. This was a common practice But I never expected a Santander USA to exploit a consumer’s need for a product.
Beck1977 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraudulent practices

My husband and I are going through this right now with this company. We only have 2 payments left and now they are telling us that disability was late making 19 payments and now we owe them 7635.17. They won't explain their figures and told me they were coming to get the truck. REALLY?? How can they be allowed to do this.
Egully Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I received a message on 2/17/11 from an agent asking that I walk across the street and ask my neighbour who they named to call them back as he is their customer and they need to make collections from him. I have no connection to this company they simply thought that they had the righht to call and harass me and get me to do their job for them because I live next to the guy that owes them money. I feel as though my privacy has been violated being called and harassed in such a way. I am only guilty of being a neighbour and this is what it gets you or at least me. I would suggest no one ever do business with a company that encourages such practices as it goes beyond appropriate measures.
India Costello Send email
Feb 23, 2012


hey i can sympathiz with you...they have conned me already and ive been a customer a week!...they are not honest!..they will take control of your account and freeze you out of it claimig they jurisdiction over it!...claiming legally they have the right!...CRAP!..the account is in your name not theirs!
Upton1230 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraudulent practices

Called to get a payoff quote, the quote was over a thousand dollars more than the total would be if I make the remainder of my payments left on the loan. When I asked how that could be possible they told me it was added interest and fees. They told me ghat at the end of my loan I would have additional payments due, additional balance owed after I payed off the loan. They can not explain this to me. This seems to be fraud at it's worst, as far as I can tell.
Michelle Sheldon Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Fraudulent practices

Paid off loan. According to internet - nothing was owed. Month after I paid last payment, reverified that nothing was owed. Month later checked my credit rating. According to them I had 2 missing payments. I had proof that one was paid on time and had no idea why they were showing a payment due when the loan was paid off. Called them. Told me it was a $44 payment for interest because we paid in the grace period?????? Woman made me go to WalMart and wire money and promised it would be taken off credit rating. It wasn't. Perfect credit for 40 years now reflects 2 late payments that never happened.

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