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Selene Finance

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Selene Finance

kathygreen Send email
Oct 22, 2014

forclosed on our home

Very long story but we have 42.000 dollars in a special escrow account from our house flooding 5 years ago and now want us out and keep the money.
Koolbrz Send email
Sep 15, 2014


My mortgage was sold to Selene Finance just a month ago. It is virtually impossible to get ahold of them by phone. I have tried 3 times and do not have time to wait 35+ minutes hoping someone will answer. Went on line and sent an email - 3 times and they are suppose to respond in 24 hrs. Haven't heard a word. Just trying to find out one simple answer. They are not sending a very good repoire with customers who had BAC. Very disappointing.
DavidBer236 Send email
Jul 9, 2014

Won't return my clients impound account money

I am a real estate Broker and I'm trying to help my client get his impound money back from Selene Finance. Two days prior to my client refinancing with Wells Fargo, Selene pulled money from my client's impound account to pay the 1st installment property tax that was coming due. My clients new lender "Wells Fargo" required their own impound account to pay the property tax, as it had not been paid yet, so my client opened a new impound account with Wells Fargo and paid the 1st installment through escrow.

When my client called "Selene Finance", they told him that they sent the money to the county that he lives in and the county was holding onto the money to pay the 2nd installment when it came due. Unfortunately nothing is further from the truth. He has been trying to get this resolved since January, with no success. My client has made numerous phone calls, talked with Nina, who told him that she was referring it to their research department, now she won't return his calls.

I did some research and found that Selene Finance never sent a check to the county as they stated. It looks as if we will be seeking legal remedies, as Selene Finance is responsible to refund the overage to my client.
richhoward7 Send email
May 19, 2014


Has anyone had there mortgage sold by Selene once it has been current and in good standing for a period of time.
richhoward7 Send email
May 19, 2014


Has anyone had Selene Finance sell there mortgage after it was in good standing for a period of time. Seems like the only way out
Rich_Cosner Send email
Apr 27, 2014

Selene Financial LP

Have to agree that Selene is the absolute worst finance to deal with. I too started with Flagstar who sold my loan to Selene when I got 2 months behind in payments due to a temporary set back. As soon as Selene (which is much more a repo firm than a mortgage company) got the loan they demanded 6 months mortgage payments and fees that were owed to Flagstar. Anyway things got pissy stopped paying them and put my mortgage payments in escrow. Since I have over $200000 in equity in the house they didnt want to work out any settlement what so ever. They were just after the house. They went as far as sending a house inspector out who called in 3 bogus code enforcement complaints to keep me from being able to sell the house.

Stay away from Selene
Shirley Send email
Apr 26, 2014

Selene Finance

Selene has been a nightmare to deal with since the beginning. I initially had Flagstar Bank and they were fine. They quickly sold the loan off to Selene, however. I have a lot of financial obligations as a single parent and was sometimes slightly late with the payments, but paid before the middle of the month ( you have a 15 day grace period by law). They were calling and sending harrassing letters within a day or two of the payment due date. The first time I was late they charged me a $483 late fee. They also inexplicably increased my private mortgage insurance portion of the payment by $120/mo, which makes my house far too expensive for the size of house I am in. I had a good interest rate of 4.6% but it was the pmi that was killing me.I attempted to work out a different payment due date, get the pmi decreased, etc, but they refused to help in any way. I had to wait on hold for over an hour to get anyone on the phone and then when I did get someone they were robotic, clueless and barely spoke English. With all of my other financial obligations at the time I was forced to declare bankruptcy, and I included the house in the bankruptcy. I borrowed money to take care of the two month deficiency I had gotten myself into, but the payments were still too expensive in the long run. Selene immediately started sending threatening notices saying that they were going to foreclose if I didn't pay a huge sum for late fees and the entire balance immediately. My bankruptcy attorney advised me that since the mortgage was included in the bankruptcy that I was staying in the home out of the goodness of my heart. I can leave the home any time and go to an apartment, etc. I have now decided that it is fruitless to keep paying this schiester company and I plan to get an apartment and walk away from the house. My credit is already damaged from the bankruptcy, but doing this will not change it. They are not able to report it since it was part of the bankruptcy. Unfortunately, they recently did report that I was late and so now my attorney is suing them since this is against the law. Screw them. I'm walking away and renting something. They don't deserve my response. I will continue to ignore their certified letters, etc. This is most likely what their goal was in the beginning. To make the house unaffordable so they can take the house.
Carmen Morris Send email
Apr 19, 2014

helping people stay in their homes

Selene put us through a nightmare. Our mortgage was sold multi-numerous times in 5 years. And when Selene got it at first we would send payments and they would send the payments back. After awhile of that, they'd kept the check not applying it to the mortgage and sent it back 5 months later saying we owed 5 months of mortgage and fees. We were done with them at this point. We had a broker working with us hired by them to settle the problem, and he tells us he's never seen a deal this shady and to get out. So he tried doing a short sale for us, then 6 months later we tried to sign the house over to the bank. After 6 more months of no contact, they started sending us foreclosure notices. The broker finally got a hold of them saying we're in negotiations so they couldn't do that. A month went by we started receiving foreclosure letters again. We finally decided to move because at that point we had to look out for kids and there was no telling what these people were going to do next. While we were moving our stuff out, they marked the house abandoned. We got the broker to let us in to get the rest of our stuff, but it had been taken. All of our neighbors said they seen the people post the sign and start emptying our house. After 6 months of being in the new place we received a letter saying they were denying the short sell. 6 months after that we received a letter saying they weren't going to accept us signing the house back over to them. We basically were scammed into a bad initial loan and sold to a company that hijacked our home. I still plan on suing them. But anyone in works with these people beware of what they do. I hope no one has to go through that. From an upset mortgage victim in KC. Carmen Morris. If a lawyer reads this that knows how bad this company is I would love for them to contact me. Mexi16@yahoo.com
amcmillian Send email
Apr 13, 2013


They foreclosed on my house in Dec of 2010. Is there a class action lawsuit against them. They gave me $600 to relocate and I had to turn over the keys.
Free From Selene Finance Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

Selene Finance, after 7 months of communication as my home was in foreclosure, ADMITTED that they did Not have to comply with the Presidents plan to stay in my home and I asked for a permanent loan modification amount, before I signed it, I was denied that, then I was told I would also have to pay the amount in arrears in addition to whatever amount they decided on for my payment. My home was included in bankruptcy and Selene Finance company told me that I had better take the loan modification. Unfortunately when third parties are involved and loans are sold off, we as the borrower have no control over what company decides to pick up the loan. Please stay away from this company, also, be aware that the representatives who are trying to force you into a forbearance also net 25% of the loan that is recouped.
Free From Selene Finance Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

My state is Colorado, and I am sorry for everyone in a hardship with Selene Finance. Just remember, God does see all and will deal with them in His time, and thank you Lord for taking me out of this situation! God is good all the time!
Ca Family Dealing With Selene Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

My husband and I just filed a lawsuit against Selene. We are in California. Anyone else here in California?
Tmoser Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

We are haveing the same kinda problems with selene.They bougth our loan from litton on Jan 2011 been makin payments and ins that adds up to 756.86 and they have accepted everyone until sept they now declined our payment and sent it back because they wont 920.00 now so i sent 1, 000 its been a month hasent posted to acc yet.They say dont seed anymore money until we here from them.dont know what happened to that money!! So now they wont 1, 400.00 a month this was on wensday we call someone else says that lady made a mistake its 2, 000.00 a month.Wonts to send someone to look at house inside and out So they say now we are 3 months behind.What the hell are peolpe like us subposed to do? Fixing to talk to a laywer any saguesstions on how to handle this!!
Jenisonmichigan2011 Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

My loan was just transferred to them Oct. 11th. I was approved for a 3 month forebearance and just made the first payment today. WHat happens, if like Won't get my house above says- and after I pay 3 months on time, they reject my refi-- they foreclose right away?
Won't Get My House Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

I've been in "negotiations" with them for over a year. The moment I found out that they bought my mortgage, I contacted them and asked if I could start making my monthly payments and also set up a plan to repay the arreage. They said no. Well, I can promise you, I have RUN THEM THROUGH THE RINGER. I was offered 10K to move out, known as "cash for keys", I declined it. I've also contacted my states Governor, both Senator's and my districts congressman. They are VERY concerned. I gave them all the details and they are NOT PLEASED!! From conversations with my representatives, there may be an investigation of Selen by my state. I am in the process of working with my local gov't officials to start some legislation to prevent compainies like Selene from doing business in the manner they currently operate. I encourage EACH of you to do the same. I was also offerred a forebearance program. I refused it based on the fact that they could not promise a refi much less give details on condtions of refi. Basically you can pay into your forebearance program for 4 months only to be turned down for a refi. It's just smoke and mirrors, they get 4 months of payments, deny a refi "sorry, you're not qualified" and still forclose. They are sneaky. I also suggest hiring an attorney, mine has helped tremendously. Try to find a lawyer that specializes in representing banks in foreclosers, that's what I've got and he knows ALL THE TRICKS!! I am also in the process of taking legal action against them. Good luck to all of you.
Won't Get My House Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

Can someone on here start a webpage about Selene?? Based on my converations with my business and bankruptcy attorny, and my local and state gov't officials, there may be enough evidence to support a CLASS ACTION LAWASUIT!!
Sallyliveshere Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

"Founded in 2007 to address specific needs in the mortgage industry, Selene is a special servicer providing creative loan resolution strategies designed to preserve homeownership. Keeping borrowers in their homes is our primary objective." (taken from thier website)

Not in my case they acted like they were going to help us instead they got in found out what our house was worth and did not do anything to help us save our home just told us "There is nothing we can do to help you" "Although We can do a quick sale to avoid foreclosure" "
Some Special service they provide keeping us in our home was NOT thier primary objective. In factwe felt like they wanted us out. Even after we told them we had the money to pay them .They would sound surprised and add on another fee. Thank you for nothing Selene Finance!
Maryland Confused Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Helping people stay in thier homes

Hey everyone! We have been trying to work with Selene since Dec. 2010. They set up our forbearance payments for four months. We completed the 4 payments. Now we are being referred to companies or banks for our refinance. The first company wasn't even licensed in Maryland to do refinances. Then we were referred to a bank that was to refinance us. After months of working with the bank. Sending all the documents requested to speedily get the refi done. we suppose to have been going to closing by November so that our new mortgage payment would be in affect. Our payment would have decreased by about 800 a month, compared to the elevated payment we are making now. We were contacted today by the bank stating that they no longer deal with Selene's Loans for this particular program!??? I asked why, what happen? He simply said he didn't know but he just got this info from his people. Now we are trying to get a hold of someone at Selene to help. The Bank person said that Selene will just refer you to another bank. I will post another comment after we find out what is next for us... Hopefully, we will be refinanced soon.

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