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Shaw Laminate Flooring

United States

Consumer complaints and reviews about Shaw Laminate Flooring

Sdchapwoman@msn.com Send email
Feb 13, 2016

Faulty Shaw laminate flooring

Bought Shaw laminate flooring from Wall2Wall, Ogden, Ut in Oct. 2013; couldn't afford to install until Feb. 2014. Began to separate vertically/horizontally w/in 48 hrs. Edges cracked, splitting, breaking off as well as pieces chipped, splitting, etc. (Have bag of pieces) Flooring seldom cleaned because it's impossible way it's separating & falling apart literally. We suffer blood blisters on toes & constant shifting as we walk on it-DANGEROUS! Even independent flooring inspector agrees. He finally came today-2/13/16! Apparently Shaw has ceased & desisted from inspecting so we are left holding the bag. Inspector says that's what happens once class action has been filed. Companies cease & desist at that point. Shaw is a very reputable company. It is up to consumers NOT to let them get away w/this! For the record, Warren Buffet owns Shaw or at least that's what the inspector told me. This is ludicrous!
amcbeancounter Send email
Apr 20, 2015

Shaw Laminate

We had Shaw laminate installed in our new home for an upgrade. It's only in our grand Room and hallway but with about 2 weeks noticed that seams were lifting and separating. Called the builder who called the installers who blamed it on the floor retailer for about 3 months. Finally they all agreed that it looked terrible but was improperly installed and replaced 90% of the floor. 3 weeks later the same problems are starting again. I expected a quality product from our builder especially with thousand paid for the upgrade. Thus stuff is crap which is what the original installer told us (he was fired for that) and I don't know what's next. Back to months of one person after another telling us it's bad and having our house torn up again I guess and that's IF they agree to replace it. If you are considering Shaw - run away quickly. Life is too short to have to fight for what's right.
ltwhite Send email
Mar 8, 2013

Shaw Laminate flooring

My experience is exactly the same as Aretha! The edges of each section laid down are bubbling. My flooring was installed in a brand new house and started after we moved in. They claim that it must have been installed improperly or else mositure. They sent a inspector out and he said that the humidity was good. I was doing everything correct. Shaw refused to cover anything with replacement or refund.

We have no dogs, no pets at all. No kids and have had no spills to speak of either. So 8 months after moving in, our builder replaced the whole kitchen floor with the same exact kind of laminate from Shaw. We assumed we just got a bad batch. No cost to us, but it did the same thing within 2 weeks! The edges between the sections are bubbling. I am so unhappy and wish that a class action lawsuit be brought against this company. I can't believe that they have this many complaints and do nothing about it.
arianna Send email
Oct 6, 2012

Laminate warping and buckled

Laminate installed in large entry foyer and hallways - began to buckle during this summer (2012), finally came up completely. Same story - inspections done by flooring installer - he had an inspectio done by Shaw independent and everyone is passing the buck. If the floor is defective, Shaw will not admit it - cannot get copy of inspection report, which I know is a joke because these guys all work in favor of the manufacturer. Installer said he will pull it all up - take out the sublooring, replace with some sort of epoxy waterproofing, then a plastic sheathing then the same floor again - I will pay for labor - he will re use the flooring and will pay for a couple of boxes of new flooring if needed - do you think I have stupid written across my forehead? My husband is disbled, walks with a walker - floor has been dismantled in entry area - walking is impossible - do I wait for a hospital incident? Beside myself - what to do
Jpier Send email
Mar 24, 2012


Wish I would have read this thread before we had Shaw laminate flooring put down in December 2011. Within 2 weeks of it being installed, the corners of some of the 'boards' started to peel. The floor had never been mopped before we noticed the peeling. We contacted the store that installed the flooring who submitted a claim to shaw. Shaw sent an 'inspector' to our house. Our claim was denied as 'improper care and maintenance'. WHAT? after 2 weeks? Don't buy any Shaw products...their handling of this claim for an obvious bad product, speaks volumes on what kind of company they are. Side note: We previously had Pergo brand laminate for 14 years with no problems.
Ccmadatshaw Send email
Mar 16, 2012


I have had this in my personal house for less than 3 months and the joints began to seperate. The planks began to buckle in the oddest place. Contacted flooring store that sold me the floor and had 2 inspectors, 3 installers and the manager of the flooring store come and see. All agreed that this was a material issue. Shaw denied having a problem with the material. I have 18 houses and all have laminate in them. I will NEVER USE SHAW AGAIN!!!
DJEY Send email
Mar 3, 2012


If you have had a problem with Shaw not honoring their warranty, I urge you to contact the BBB in Tennessee/Georgia and file a complaint. For all the complaints on the net, there are less than 200 complaints filed with the BBB. It is not difficult to do, just Google BBB and follow the links to the Tenn/GA region. Here is the info you will need. http://chattanooga.bbb.org/consumers
Shaw Industries
PO Box East Walnut Ave.
Dalton, GA 30722-2128
The BBB in Tenn/Ga give Shaw an A+ rating. We need to change that.
Animalcrackers11 Send email
Feb 27, 2012


I agree with the OP. A few years ago we installed Pergo in one room in our basement. We loved it (and it doesn't have any of the Shaw flooring problems, though we didn't know this at the time) but we didn't want the bamboo print in the upstairs part of the house. Shaw makes a beautiful figured maple pattern laminate, we did as much homework as we could, spent the same amount we did on the Pergo, and thought we were getting a good product. We were very wrong. Within 2 days, our small dog had a small accident and the floor bubbled. Despite being uber-cautious about water ALL THE TIME, things happen, and the Shaw doesn't hold up. A drip from a water bowl, an accident we didn't find in time, a stray ice cube on the floor, guests who come in with wet shoes... Life happens, but the Shaw is ridiculously sensitive. Fifteen minutes (tops!) is all you get to clean up a spill, even a small one, before the floor is ruined permanently. (This does NOT happen with the particular style of Pergo we chose for the basement.) There really should be a disclaimer for this flooring: For bedrooms only! It's terrible for kitchens, laundry rooms, and room adjacent to exterior doors. We've even had a problem having Shaw flooring *near* our bathroom. My advice to anyone who wants Shaw? Don't.
DJEY Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Shaw laminate is garbage and the warranty is worthless. The factory rep comes to your house and automatically says the bubbling is water damage. Even when the bad boards are in random areas not even near the sink or dishwasher. I wish an attorney would take up a class action lawsuit against Shaw. We would get pennys on the dollar but I would derive great satisfaction from seeing Shaw's reputation tarnished.
Fred Garvin Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I installed $4, 000 of Shaw laminate on our first story floors after renovation. They do not lock together good at all because they have cheapened the interlocking edges. I installed Shaw laminate on the upstairs floors about 7 years ago and the process went well. Comparing some leftover flooring from then with the flooring used last year, you can see how cheap it is now. Shaw makes a crappy product so don't look for their customer service to be any different. than the flooring. I tell anyone who is thinking of flooring NOT to use Shaw. I even sent Warren Buffet a letter because Berkshire Hathaway has Shaw Industries as a holding company. NO response back from him. If you buy Shaw you will be holding your ass when everything is said and done.
DJEY Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Shaw laminate floor installed a year and a half ago and it is buckling along the seams. Rep comes to our house with the store owner and says it is water damage. Absolutely no chance it is water damage. The boards that are damaged are not even close to sink or dish washer. We point this out. Her decision is that we used too much laminate cleaner. What? Shaw is the worst company. I am filing a complaint with BBB and considering hiring a lawyer.
Mike In Buffalo Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I found a local auction site selling various lots of 7mm and 8mm Shaw laminate flooring. I felt the price to be reasonable, but after reading all the posts on this site, I am REAL happy to say I have not placed bid, and not wasted one dollar. I feel everyone's pain, having been screwed over by a vinyl siding contractor and manufacturer, but I want you you ALL to know that speaking out will keep at least one more person from spending hard earned money on an obviously faulty product. Thank you all, for sharing your bad experiences, and KEEP SPEAKING OUT ! ! ! -Mike in Buffalo
Jgingerich29 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I also should have read the reviews first. I have a new home and immediately there were bubbles and ends folding up. Of course, everyone (shaw and the company I got it from) say it is because of moisture b/c I have 3 dogs. Their water dishes are in a laundry room 7 a bathroom both with tile. They are now fixing the bubbled areas, however the worst in the kitchen can not be fixed without tearing out the cabinets or cutting out the floor and placing shoe molding at the base, which takes away from my cabinets. I have 2000sq ft of this down and am so upset. It has taken 3 months just to get them to come out to repair the worst parts and then I'm told-"get better coverage with area rugs" If I would have wanted my flooring covered I'd have went with carpet. My old house had cheap laminate from Menards and we had a pool that the dogs swam in. They were always coming in wet and that floor NEVER bubbled or buckled. I am so frustrated that I spent $13, 000 for this stuff! I will never buy Shaw again.
Ron Blue Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Pergo flooring has the same problem. They tell me it must have gotten wet and I say wet from what? I have no pets, kids nor even a Goldfish. Dont buy Pergo laminater flooring either. Very unhappy with it.
Arthea Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am having the same problem. The edges of my floor are bubbling. My flooring was installed in a brand new house and started after we moved in. They claim that it is moisture also. They sent a inspector out and he said that the humidity was good. I was doing everything correct. I also had to hear his life history. So 10 months later after no response I call and I am told that the claim is denied but they can't provide a copy of the report to the dealer. REALLYT!!! I am so unhappy and wish that a class action lawsuit be brought against this company. I have around 800 or more Sq Ft of this crap and hate it. I can't believe that they have this many complaints and do nothing about it. I say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST SHAW! Anyone else with me? My email is artheam@hotmail.com.
Foggynights Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Well, I have officially heard that like everyone else my claim has been denied. I have used Bruce cleaner in the specified manner from Shaw. I have not used my floor cleaner which has hurt me with my back issues. I have not abused this floor in the slightest. My only saving grace is that I was installing the floor in portions and I had been about to order the bedrooms, having paid for the first portion when this happened. I will be going to an attorney to plan once I have the report and the paperwork. While the cost of the flooring is still small claims amount, it would not be the first time I have taken on a giant and won on behalf of a whole bunch of consumers. That's because I am honest and the jury can see it in my eyes. I paid a fair price, I went with a professional installer. ignoring my health problems, I cleaned the floor as directed. I used commercial laminate products on the market today, a rubber maid spray microfiber mop and Bruce cleaner for laminate flooring per Shaw's advertising. Had steps as the inspector had said like "lightly spraying a fine mist of Shaw cleaner directly upon a microfiber mop and then gently wiping the floor with it" been necessary to keep the Shaw warranty valid, if it was on on Shaw advertising at all or not to use any laminate cleaner except Shaw, I would not have purchased the flooring. What I was told by Shaw was that I could not use a steamer and I could not use my floormate or do wet mopping on it: IE using a mop soaked with water and scrubbing the floor. Once the jury sees that you have to treat this floor with greater care than fine art, we will win.
With an attorney, they will charge about 40% of the amount that they receive. Since there is consumer fraud also which bumps the amount up in this state astronomically, there is the possibility that you will get more than just your floor. There is a possibility that you will not get more than the satisfaction of winning against Shaw and the attorney takes all. Or if the state gets involved, that many more people will be added once they get the customer warranty list from Shaw. Class actions have not been squashed.
Please send me copies and photos of your complaints. The email address is shaw_flooring_complaints@hotmail.com. I will also need the names, addresses and phone numbers of anyone who wishes to be in a class action against Shaw.
KenL98 Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I'm a most unhappy owner of a $15, 000 Shaw Laminate floor. After a little over a year, the edges of the boards are blistered and bubbled and the finish is starting to chip off. It looks to me as if it is a manufacturing defect where the laminate was improperly applied to the board. Not all the boards are affected, but a significant number of boards in specific areas are bad, as if the boards came from the same pack and unfortunately there were a lot of bad packs. To me, it was fairly obvious but not to the dealer.

The Company rep from the dealer theorized that it was because water had been on the floor, but was at a loss to explain why the areas affected weren't near a water source and were in multiple rooms, and why the areas affected were clustered near each other. He accused me of washing the floor! I admitted that I had removed dirt from the floor. (Apparently this is a floor that is too delicate to withstand cleaning?) He theorized that I had washed it incorrectly or used the wrong stuff to clean it. He couldn't give me the name of the product and the warranty book didn't name any specific brand, but he was sure that whatever I used was bad for the floor. I'm not the most fastidious housekeeper. I vac weekly and spot clean any spots with a sponge. The floor has only been "mopped" once since I've owned it and I was careful about getting the water up to prevent water spots. I asked the rep to explain to me how the cleaning solution damaged the floor only in certain locations and not others, since it wasn't my custom to vary the cleaning solution depending on which boards I was cleaning. He hemmed and hawed and switched his tactic when I pressed him for a direct answer. Then it was due to pets. Except that I do not own any pets and no animal has ever been in the house. We don't have small children anymore or I'm sure that would have been next.

The dealer's rep needs to have to have someone else look at the floor. He maintained that this is a high quality floor even though it didn't last 2 years. It must be my fault. Hopefully the person they send out to look at the floor will be able to recognize a manufacturing defect when they see it. I know they don't want to deal with this. It's not the highlight of my life either, but the floor is obviously defective if the floor is truly too fragile to handle cleaning what lands on it within 18 months for whatever reason.
Foggynights Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I am trying to build a legal complaint against Shaw flooring. We have a consumer protection act in our state. Can you please send your complaints and any associated pictures with names, addresses and phone numbers to shaw_flooring_complaints @hotmail.com. I would like to get together a class action dealing with this issue and would like to show any attorney I contact that there is value for him in this complaint.
Mirialove Send email
Feb 23, 2012


After a house fire, we had Shaw laminate floors installed in a very LARGE area, living room, kitchen, dining room. I am finding it hard to spot clean; I wipe it up with water sprayed onto a cloth, and it has to be dried. I have tried using a moistened microfiber mop to wipe up footprints, it need to be wiped dry. I have tried using a dry microfiber mop to dry the spot I rubbed. The dry microfiber mop doesn't want to move. My hope was to use a swiffer mop like I did with the vinyl, there is a residue left behind. Haven't had any bubbles, or boards coming up, but we have only been in the house since Memorial Day weekend. I wish I hadn't read these complaints about the Shaw Flooring, isn't there anybody who is happy with the flooring? As I recall, class actions seem to have been squashed by the Supreme court, maybe small claim court.
Jim Send email
Feb 23, 2012


Within a few months, it started to bubble in certain spots as though it was exposed to water. While there had been spots where water came in contact with the floor; drops, water from the dogs' water bowl, those are not the affected areas. We wipe up anything we see on the floor.
Up until April there was only one dog in the house but there had been the beginnings of bubbling in two areas. Since then there are two more dogs, both Shih Tzus, very small animals. One, the male, will occasionally pee on a chair leg, table leg or the trash can. We clean them up as soon as we see them. It's never much since the dog is so small and it never sits more than an hour. But the areas where he has peed are not the areas that are being affected. Even the flooring by the sliding glass door leading outside to the deck, where the dogs drag in snow, hasn't bubbled. There is nothing by the sink, dishwasher or refrigerator. The spots are mostly in the center of the room. Initially Shaw claimed the damage was consistent with a leak in our dishwasher, sink or ice dispenser. Neither the dishwasher nor the ice dispenser were even installed till the problem had already been reported to Chester County Flooring. Shaw came out and tested for humidity and claimed that that levels were 16% and too high therefore they rejected our claim. They also claimed that the basement was damp however the laminate was laid over an existing linoleum floor which never allowed moisture up through he floor before. Even Chester County Flooring acknowleges that's an impenetrable vapor barrier. We went back to Chester County Flooring and they came out and rechecked the humidity levels and said that it varied between 8% and 16%. The bubbles are occurring in the area where the level is 8%. After their check they talked with Shaw again, Chester County Flooring said they tested their floor which is identical to our floor by pouring water on it and letting it sit for two days. We didn't see this for ourselves but they say it didn't bubble at all and then asked Shaw if dog urine could affect the floor, ignoring the fact that the problem was there before there were three dogs in the house. Plus, it is all based on Shaw saying that yes urine could damage the floor. Of course they are going to say that. I know a woman who has cats and they pee on the floor and it does nothing to the floor and she has a lower grade floor than we do. Regardless, that doesn't account for the damage all over the room.

As a result, we were offered a box of flooring to replace the parts of the floor that buckled but we have to do the work ourselves! It seems to me that either they are fully respionsible or they aren't responsible at all. If they are willing to give us new material there must be some tacit admission that the material was faulty. We don't have a urine problem. The problem existed before we got the dog and the pattern of damage does not match the couple of spots where he did urinate. The saleswoman at Chester County Flooring told my wife that something had to make the floor do that. Of course but they are saying that we have to prove we didn't do anything to void the warrenty. This is nonsense! The floor cost over $2500 and I'm supposed to install it?
Trumbullmom Send email
Feb 23, 2012


I wish I had checked this site before purchasing Shaw Laminate Flooring for our foyer and kitchen. It looked fabulous for about one day. Then the bubbling started happening. At first, we thought it was an installation problem, but the installation was perfect. The long story short is that Shaw's inspector found the bubbling was due to water intrusion not a manufacturing defect, so they will not cover it. Shouldn't a floor that's advertised as a great solution for kitchens and bathrooms withstand a little bit of moisture? This floor is PURE CRAP. After 3 months, it looks like absolute garbage, bubbling on most seams. And guess what? Shaw DOESN'T CARE!! Buyers beware.

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