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Straight Talk

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Consumer complaints and reviews about Straight Talk

phreakbytes Send email
Jan 7, 2015

customer service error

i purchased a airtime card and called to reactivate my phone. they added it. phone never worked. next day when i call them they tell me that they added the card to someone elses phone and i can call that person and try to recoop my airtime card? wtf? really?
bwoods.pmsa Send email
Dec 29, 2014

replaced me phone for return after 56 days

Anxiety is high when I even think about it. After waiting 26 days for my galaxy 4 (3 month old) to be replaced, it was lost by FedEx. Straight talk said it's my problem and refused to reship another phone. 2 weeks later after filling a claim with FedEx they need a letter from ST. No, they said that's not their policy. Then I requested a refund from ST and told them 8 am prepared to go buy a phone and wait on the refund. Then they gave me a tracking number which wasn't active. I did receive the phone a few days later. THE PHONE IS USED!, I ENCLOSED A COPY OF MY SALES RECEIPT FOR $533.37 DATED JULY 21,2014. MY PHONE OVER HEATED ON 102914. I WAS SO ANGRY BUT NEVER LET IT SHOW EVEN THOUGH I WAS NEAR TEARS. I CAN'T GET MY OLD NUMBER NOR THE PAID SERVICE ATTACHED TO IT WHICH WAS 32115. I'M NOT SETTLING FOR THIS. THEY CAN'T JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND THINK A USED PHONE WILL BE OK. THE FIRST PHONE THAT FEDEX LOST WAS NEW ACCORDING TO STRAIGHT TALK.
IF YOU THINK I'M ACCEPTING THIS, NO I AM NOT AND THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THEY LOST A PHONE. I'M PURSUING A REFUND NOW AND IF THEY HAD JUST SENT ME A NEW PHONE I MOST LIKELY WOULD HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY THAT I WOULD HAVE DONE NOTHING. I HAVE been dealing with a ST.CorpResolution group that got my story from pissedconsumer. Com and emailed me but I'm sure it's the same people in the Philippines.
Clay Lewis Send email
Dec 28, 2014

auto refill

Straight talk doesnt want you to know about the corporate office in Miami, Florida because they know about all the complaints and they dont want to deal with them. They instead put a bunch of people in an office located overseas somewhere and give them a book of instructions to follow. If you ask customer service about the corporate office they will tell you that they are not allowed to give the phone number or the email address to the corporate office; however with a little intiiative you can find this info:

Corporate numbers in Miami Florida: 305-640-2000 or 305-715-6500

You can easily tell that this is an American company because they are only open Monday---Friday

I called the corporate office, after being on the phone for 4 hours with customer service from overseas or wherever, and a lady from the corporate office fixed the problem right away. We pay them so make them listen to you and address your problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
williamsfamily76550 Send email
Nov 26, 2014

customer service sucks

bought a phone now I have to wait to activate because of sim card issues I have been a customer for a long time the way I see it they have made over 10000 from me since I have been a customer and they don't care about customer loyalty so im thinking I should let some one that cares about there customers make that money
ebby30 Send email
Nov 8, 2014

customer service

ive been trying to activate my device with straight talk for over a month . ive talked to several different agents who gave me the wrong information, then they didnt assign my phone a number, they kept telling me that my phone is under contract with sprint . As of nov 1st straight talk gained access to the phone. phone worked then the phone was deactivated, for 2 days agents kept telling me check with my provider, did a three way call with sprint who advised them the phone port as of Nov 1, spoke to a gentleman who saw the issue the phone number deactivated and work great NOT... my phone has deactivated again and now they are telling me this bs alllllll over again, ive been in customer service/ tech support for ten years now if i provided service they way straight talk do i would be in the unemployment line i just want my phone to work and to use my 4g service this very unacceptable i couldve stayed with sprint crappy ass service..
honeydew08 Send email
Nov 2, 2014

poor customer service

I recently purchased a straight talk phone from walmart in Memphis I took a trip to Louisiana on Nov 29, 2014 no service in that area t was told be a agent that my phone was activated on a t mobile tower and advised by the agent that if I wanted to have a phone work to go a buy a new phone ... so I got a used phone just until I could afford to buy a new one well they was not able to transfer my number over to that used phone, so I had to go out and purchase a new pin card which I did spoke with a agent on Nov 28 she activated my new on card on someone else number now I still have no hone no card .... straight talk agent the company are not doing there job the customer shouldn't have to go through things like this I want to place a suite on them its to much the bad thing about this matter was not only did I not have phone while traveling I couldn't dial . which is very sad something has got to be done,right now at this moment I my brother is on the phone with straight talk assisting me in getting my this issue resolved but its still not working I've got the run around for so many days I'm worn out with straight talk. I used other people phone im am phone less at this moment a tired I'm at complete lost. etc to much to write about I wish I could speak with someone directly.
Straight talk Depressed user Send email
Oct 27, 2014

Straight Talk service

But there's no hope for anyone who uses straight talk
No hope at all
Either live a Depressed angry stressed out life with them
Or get another phone
I say this with a heavy heart
Straight talk Can be improved but I don't believe they will
There is no other alternative
Customer service tries to help but they just
not able to help very much
All they can do is run you through their instructions
The only bright side to this is
Those people have a job
They tried to help I have to say that
But the communication is very difficult
Anyway that's the way it is
It's a hopeless depressing situation
That is damaging
I really don't know what to say
Except there are no words
Sufficient enough
To describe the hopelessness and deep despair
That comes with being a straight talk customer
And do the owners of straight talk care?
Of course not
It's all about money
They take our money with no remorse
As I said there are no words it's just too sad of the situation
Straight talk there's no hope for you
No hope for your customers
There is no hope

I gave up on straight talk long long time ago
marc 69 Send email
Sep 14, 2014

poor customer service

called customer service and got put on hold for over a hour and a half waiting to talk to a supervisor ,cause the person could not solve my problem, they have a set of instructions they go threw and try to solve things, but its very repetive and annoying to deal with . I bet I heard the same thing 50 times while talking to the first person, not helpful at all, I will be calling the BBB on them and also calling corp to complain, this was the last time I am givein the run around, they need better customer service !!!!!
raymondwendt57 Send email
Aug 31, 2014

straight talk stole from me

I bought a card called to add it talk to the people they said they added it but never did then told me they put it on somebody elses phone so now I am suing them
V.SHORT Send email
Aug 22, 2014


I purchased a new phone from straight talk at walmart with a pin card. The phone was already off and I wanted to turn it back on. So I purchased a prepaid card and activated it. The same number I had when I purchased the phone. Which was a $45 plan. I used the same number i had before, come to find out that number had been giving to someone else so their for I spend my money putting a $45 plan on someone else phone. Straight talk company never was posted or in the contract. That if you dont use your phone in a month time that the number that you had will go to someone else. My Mother is a elder lady and needed that phone, Straight Talk had cheated her out of her $45. The bad part is that it went to someone elses account..PAID..Nothing they can do about it. We spoke to Supervisor and Managers they both spoke the same language. They pretented to be each other. Still Nothing was resloved, what can be done about these Company that cheat the Elderly. Who dont have anyone to take care of them.
gloria71 Send email
Aug 22, 2014

texting issues

I want you all to know that you are not allowed to make text to or receive texts from anything other thank local phone numbers. I have ace check cashing and I know a lot of banks that do the text notification and I can not receive these with this service. I was told that that is "not within there scope" what the heck does that mean.....well I am not allowed to get or receive the messages I need to get to run my business because they don't allow it but they did tell ace check cashing that they allow it so it is in there phones list for the ones who accept it if I would have known this I would not have spent the money on them to start with......here lies the LIES from straight talk be aware of the side talk with them OH and watch the dates when you refill they jip you a couple days here and there and think you don't notice it....be safe I am going to Verizon now and T mobile sucks too signal really low along with boost my daughter cant hold a signal for anything but good customer service and sprint my mom cant even text and be sure anyone gets it. I really wish I would not have gotten used to cell phones land lines are reliable....
obey_maronda Send email
Aug 10, 2014

replacement SIM card

I have been waiting for 2 weeks to receive a replacement SIM card but have yet to get it. Every time I call customer service to track my shipping they tell me that my ticket number does not exist. The one SIM card I did receive was the wrong size after I specifically ask for the one that fits my phone. Just recently I was told that everything was fixed and it would be shipped over night due to my long wait. when I did not receive it again I called to find out that was another lie. I begin school in less than a week and I still do not have a phone. All I have ask for is a SIM card and I get the run around. If you do not want me to be a customer just say so, don't make me wait two weeks after being told lie after lie. This does not make any since and is terrible for service. You will lose lots of customers with this blemish.
clayface Send email
Jul 22, 2014

SIM card wont work

I was sent a sim card for a phone that I purchased. They sent the wrong sim card and the representative said oh well sorry you just have to take the $45.00 loss. It is unbelievable that I am unable to talk to anyone in the USA and not only that they refused to give me any number to the corporate office. I need someone to contact me ASAP at 7574058873. How do you expect to keep loyal customers if your representatives are going to treat us like crap. This is unacceptable. Glynda Goings
DGM Send email
Jul 15, 2014

Straight Talk is Garbage, Even For Prepaid

I purchased a Straight Talk phone card to pay my phone bill. For some back history-- I have been paying 45$ for the unlimited plan for almost a year now and the entire time I have not been able to access the internet, receive picture messages etc. I called great ol' Straight Talk customer service only to wait on the line and in the end receive no help at all--nothing that resolved the problem. They've basically been collecting free money from me for services paid for but unable to be used. I let that go however......with my busy schedule, I can't continue to call them constantly and devote 30 minutes +, each time, hoping that somehow the next experience will be a bit different. So this time, after purchasing a 30$ phone card, I attempted to add it directly through my phone. There was no customer service option to speak to some one via 611, so the automated system kept hanging up on me. I guess straight talk thinks people would much rather talk to a computer than a real person.

I decided to call customer service using a different phone, and the service only got worse from there. I could barely understand the thick accent on the other line, coupled with the lack of care and consideration for there customers, and the rude, short, attitudes, not to mention being hung up on. I explained that I wanted to add money to my account and also switch to the 30$ plan as opposed to the 45$ plan....after all, I had been paying the extra money for nothing. The first representative told me that I couldn't switch.....wait ....what?.... but that since I had already purchased the non refundable 30$ card, and scratched the pin, she would make a 1 time exception and accept the 30$ pin but give me 20 days of service instead of 30. I accepted that. She then transfers me to a completely new person, who asks the same questions all over again---hi, my name is Bla bla bla, may I have the phone number you are calling about?....I was in disbelief. Are you kidding me? I then re-explain everything that just took place, to this new representative. She basically tells me who gives a rat what the other rep just told me, she won't be giving me the 20 days worth of service, to take the card back to Walmart with the pin already scratched---EVEN THOUGH IT'S NON-REFUNDABLE!!!! I guess those words have a different meaning in India. She didn't care that I'd be at a loss of 30$ and wind up now paying 75$ for one months bill. At least 30 of it, free money in their pocket. She was nasty, rude, awful. I asked to speak to a manager and she refused to transfer me! She told me she didn't have to and therefore wouldn't, because "she already answered my question. After repeatedly asking her, she finally put some other Indian on the phone and then I was hung up on.

To summarize, USER BEWARE! Prepaid services can be a hassle sometimes but Straight Talk is by FAR the WORST. Save yourself the constant headache, wasted time, wasted money, and problems. USE A DIFFERENT SERVICE. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. If you have no choice but to use prepaid, there are many other carriers out there. As far as Straight Talk ----run the other way.
bosn45 Send email
Jul 15, 2014

Stupid SIM card policy!

I have been with Straight Talk for maybe 2 years. The only two times I have had a problem went unsolved by policies that have no flexibility at all. Even the big boys of the industry bend every once in a while. I bought a couple Galaxy Notes for my wife and mother and needed SIM cards for them. Spec sheets for them called for a "mini" SIM. I wasn't sure of what to order so I called ST and was told that I needed the micro SIM so I ordered a micro for both. I still haven't gotten them and it's been a week. When I finally got one of the phones I tried my micro SIM in it. It's too small. I called ST and was told there was nothing they could do since "I had agreed to buy them". Yesterday I called again to find out what could be done about the situation. After talking to the supervisor of the supervisor, I was told I had to buy two more of the right size SIMs. No matter what I had to say they would not bend a bit! So, I bought two more SIMs and had them overnight FedEx them so I could get this all done. This morning I got the package and it only had 1 SIM in it and it was another micro, not the right size. I called them again, told the gal that barely spoke even broken English what had transpired and she is going to send out a replacement for the one I got but was wrong. She said I would have to wait for the other one to come and then call back to get it replaced. When I asked about the FedEx fee I was told there was nothing they could do about it. This is all so ridiculous it's not even funny! I will get down off my soap box now because I have a strongly worded letter to ST Corporate. Metro PCS is looking better and better!
mannkynd Send email
Jun 29, 2014

replacement phone downgrade

Got a replacement phone from straight talk for my Samsung galaxy s2. That phone went out in like a month and a half. I called and they said they would replace with another galaxy s2. They didn't do that. Sent me a zte. When I called to tell them this they said they didn't have any more s2 and downgraded me. I paid full price for my s2 directly from them. Its not fair to downgrade a customer when u tell them u will send them the replacement as the same. My name is Dorian Thomas. My number is 803-664-5368. This ZTE sucks and drops my calls. I can't download. I paid for an s2 and want my s2 replaced.
phantom inkdot Send email
Jun 24, 2014

Straight Talk Inc.

I have a new straight talk phone that won't be activated due to a scanning issue that Walmart caused. I went with my receipt and explained the issue and they refused to return it or exchange it because of some time frame for electronics. This was bought and not used so I could run my time out on my previous phone. Now I have a perfectly legitimate phone that I can't get service for and I'm very disturbed. I feel like straight talk let me down. Wal-Mart is expected to be go between and screw up stuff. Straight talk should have already handled this and got me up and talking. I'm so very disappointed.
valman Send email
Jun 7, 2014

straight talk

Bought a Samsung S3 from straight talk at walmart 399.00 and not even 3 months later it doesn't work so I call them to get another phone under warranty 11 days ago, they tell me that they emailed me a return shipping air bill about 10 times now and I still have nothing, plus they tell me they physically sent one in the us mail only to find out from them 5 days later that it was return for being undeliverable, I told them they had the worse customer service and that I believe they are never gonna give me a new phone, it's all lies, so I'm fed up after another call today and still not receiving an air bill in my email I told them to just give me money back that I want nothing to do with this company and they said sorry we can't do that, it makes sense cause they can't do anything else.
jomsubs Send email
May 29, 2014

Phone replacement

I have been having trouble with my Samsung galaxy phone that I bought from Straight Talk. Since it was still within the one year warrantly period, Straighttalk agreed to send a replacement phone in 3 -5 days. It has been 20 days!!! I have been calling everyday to check on the status. Each time I call I am told, wait 3-5 days. This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. It like "Groundhog day" or "tomorrow never comes". Their 3-5 days never end.
I have been a customer of Straight Talk for over 5 year, almost 6 years. I have told many of my friends about their cheap rates and have brought them new customers. However, I think now I am almost at the end of my patience. Unlike back in 2008, now there are several companies that offer pre-paid service, including Verizon. I am finally leaving Straight Talk. I wish I did not have to, but this time I think their (lack of ) customer service has just crossed the limit.
lesleymrgn Send email
Apr 18, 2014

Deactivated phone in retaliation for disputing erroneous charge with AmEx

I upgraded a flip phone to a smartphone last month and called customer service to make the change. She said she did the following: deactivated old phone, unenrolled old phone from autofill ($30/month), activated new phone, enrolled new phone in autofill ($45/mo). She also gave me a new service end date of April 24. On April 3 they charged my AmEx for autofill for the old phone plan. I rightfully disputed the charge with AmEx. In retaliation they deactivated my new phone! This amounts to theft of the service I paid for through April 24. Numerous attempts to resolve this went nowhere. When I called customer service they would only transfer me to Loss Prevention because I disputed the erroneous charge. When I tried to explain what happened (two different reps) they talked over me, would not listen, laughed at me, and hung up on me - twice. I did not yell, cuss, etc., I just wanted them to listen to me. The rep that transferred me to Loss Prevention refused to transfer me to anyone else. Naturally I took my business elsewhere, and also disputed the amount I paid for the new phone with AmEx because their fraudulent cancelling of my new phone made it impossible to use it. I also filed a charge with the BBB in Florida - here's the link if you'd like to do the same: http://seflorida.app.bbb.org/search?complaint=Y
karmakat3 Send email
Mar 12, 2014

Straight Talk auto-refill used to overcharge

After completing my 3rd call to Straight Talk's Direct Response Hot Line, (866) 806-1840, I am bewildered by the continued lack of response from my previous letters, faxes, and emails over the previous 3 months. They not only refuse to refund spurious charges made by their auto-refill for my phones, but add insult to injury by saying I must go through my bank to have my current credit card cancelled, apply for a new one, and then re-enroll.
charles Send email
Mar 3, 2014


why is it that the u.s. has so high a employment rate but straight talk uses people from other countries to talk to us. i can not understand what to do they go over the instrucations i think maybe they are not paying the people much money. as for me i need a job so just e-mail and offer me a job. and i live in south georgia. comeon straight talk give the americas a shot at this. stop the bull charles
robertlowe Send email
Mar 2, 2014

phone services

if i don't get a answer back with in 10 minutes i will sue the corp within fcc board reg. of your rules and regulations.please call me now at 607-349-9827 thank you robert lowe
robertlowe Send email
Mar 2, 2014

very bad service

no americans to talk to and alot of passing the buck
robertlowe Send email
Mar 2, 2014

very bad service

i'm put on hold and wasting my minutes and being charged for calling cs. my phone # is 607-349-9827 i want a phone call back now

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