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Consumer complaints and reviews about Straight Talk

Sarah0412 Send email
Oct 26, 2015

straight talk

I have a straight talk phone that I've had several years. The Samsung phone's microphone stopped working - no one could hear me. 9/1 bought new phone and asked to migrate my phone over. It's now 10/26 a month and a half later and I've been paying for two phones (so my number is active to assign to the new phone). So I'm out a phone number, $100 for two months $50 a month for the extra phone plus $100 for the new phone. I was promised everything under the sun - new SIM card, new phone, reimb for the cards I bought to keep the number active. What a HORRIBLE joke on me. My Haloween TRICK early.

Straight Talk has mediocre phone service with HORRIBLE cusomer service. The call back survey for 'excellent customer service' is a joke.

Please, please choose another provider. This one has made a grown woman cry over fustration of calling every other day and being on the line over an hour each time.
Ivy001 Send email
Oct 7, 2015


I purchased a Galaxy S6 Sprint phone with a clean MEID and verified with Sprint that it is paid for. Straight Talk says that the phone is not compatible and won't activate. I have an existing Galaxy S5 Sprint now in service with them. Checking this phone for compatibility indicates that it is not compatible although it is currently working on their system.
It appears that their current policy is to not activate a Galaxy S5 or S6 unless you purchase it from Straight Talk or Walmart, but they won't come out and tell you that.
UDON Send email
Sep 30, 2015

Straight Talk

I have been a customer for awhile now and have convinced others to
switch to Straight Talk. A decision I am beginning to regret!
I currently have a LG phone purchased from Walmart. It has problems.

After finally getting through to a live person I was told it was under warranty
given id # 1121554956 and was told replacement phone would be shipped
and arrive in around five days. When I called to check status,I was told(again)
phone had been shipped. Finlay received a box and thought replacement
phone was in it, as I was repeatedly told it would be!
Opened large box .. no phone! Only lots of packing, a Fed Ex envelope,
and a note telling me to send in my phone and wait another five to seven
days to receive the warranty phone! WHAT??!!!
My phone is used as a business phone! I have had to deal with phone
problems waiting for what turned out to be an empty box with promises
of further delays! I can not afford to be without a phone for five to seven days!
I spent another arduous time pressing buttons trying to speak to a live
person. When I was finally able to speak with someone they gave me the
run around about resolving my problem. Basically it was the company
line "SEND IT IN AND WAIT"! I asked to speak with a supervisor. When
I spoke to him he gave me no information as to his title or position other
than "a" supervisor. He was absolutely not interested in listening to my
problem, let alone helping to resolve it! I asked to speak to someone up
the chain of command and was told he was the only one I was going to
speak with! His tone nor his attitude is not conducive to good business!
All I ask is to be sent a "WORKING" phone A.S.A.P. so I may continue
to conduct business without more delay!
1) Straight Talk is deliberately misleading customers by telling them one
thing and doing another.
2) It makes absolutely no sense to send in old phone before being given
a replacement to transfer phone numbers, photos, emails, etc. ALL
would be lost.
3) What genius sent a 9" x 7" x 5" with a note telling you to send back
the phone first, lots of packing material, and thinly padded fed ex envelope
to return phone in. The fed ex envelope is protected more the the phone to
be returned!? (DUMB)

I am very disappointed that Straight Talk is ALL TALK when it comes to
customer service! I will tell everyone I can find (social media, business
associates, and friends) to avoid Straight Talk! Will copy Walmart as well.

I guess it's "THANKS FOR NOTHING"!
silverfox63 Send email
Sep 26, 2015

Straight Talk Customer Service

My phone was stolen at Walmart, and I called to have the phone deactivated, because of very sensitive information on the phone. Walmart located the phone and contacted me through my friend that I can come and pick up the phone. I called customer service at Straight talk to have my phone reactivated, and was told that it would take 3 days to activate it. I explained my dad has Alzheimer disease and I was going out of town and need my phone in order for the caretaker to contact me in case of an emergency, but the rep said nothing she can do. I requested a supervisor, Mr. Narciso, came to the phone after holding a total of 40 mins. was told a ticket will be processed with a request to release stolen status. I asked if you deactivate in a couple of mins. why would it take 3 days to reactivate. He kept saying this is their procedure, although I kept saying this is a medical emergency. I will be contacting the corporate office as well as the PSC and FCC. I explained that no one explain the procedure when I first requested the deactivation of the phone, so why is it so important that the procedure must be followed when I wanted the phone reactivated. I agree with all the complaints lodged against this company, no customer service skills at all. Why keep a customer on hold for so long without coming back to the phone to explain what you're doing to resolve the issue. They just leave you on hold hoping that you would hang up.
pamela06 Send email
Sep 16, 2015

buying a phone from straight talk

Purchased a phone from straight talk on /24/15 got it 4 days later was not. Overnight like they said. Phone i got was. A. Defect. Had to send it back. Today is 9/16/15 still. No phone. It took me. 4 hours.on the phone to cancel the order. And will take 30 days to get my money back. I hope they. Get sued and put out. Of business. This is AWFUL. AND WILL STOP. USING STRAIGHT TALK.
sdbower Send email
Aug 19, 2015

Customer Service

Alex2015 Send email
Aug 15, 2015


I had been a customer for a couple of years and moved to Houston. Calls got lost, the Internet was not fast enough to update google maps while driving. I would get lost because the phone was not connecting.

When I transferred service to get a usable phone back I was told they don't refund money. When I signed up initially, I had informed myself that buying a full year plan was low risk because they offered to refunds for the remaining months.

Jorge id# 535170 and his boss Joel#535678 were of no help and refused to honor the commitment made previously.
Tammy Send email
Aug 7, 2015

Customer Service Sucks Big Time

Straight talk customer service sucks big time. I don't know where their customer service is located but good luck trying to get someone that speaks English or someone that you can understand. If you have a problem and call in and want to talk to a supervisor about it they put you on hold for a while then they probably put the person that is sitting next to them to give you the same speech and no help with them either. They say they are going to transfer you to a different department that might be able to help but how do you know they really did because the next person that you tell your problem to give you the same crap that the first two people just did. So if you are thinking about changing to straight talk get down on your knees and pray that you never have problems with them because after being on the phone with their customer service department for hours or on hold forever they make you want to go postal and you didn't get your problem fixed and they don't care because they have so many other customers that one person quitting them doesn't matter to them. But if everybody got together and quit them or told them they were going to another phone company maybe that would wake them up but I doubt it. It all boils down to the all mighty dollar and they have gotten ours. If the owner or people in the corporate office had to talk to their own customer service people that would make a change and don't say a cuss word to them or they will hang up on you and you have to call back in and start all over with your problems. I'm about ready to go back ready to go back to AT&T because their $45 unlimited phones are not worth the headaches that they give you. I can't believe that Walmart sells straight talk with all the bad reviews that they get but really Walmart doesn't care either they got their money also, they will just tell you to call straight talk.
K Jones Send email
Jul 11, 2015

7 hours trying to get accurate service date for 1 year service and phone to receive text messages

I ported a phone number to an existing phone and existing account at straight talk. It has been an absolute nightmare!!!!! After over 7 hours on the phone with "customer service" the phone will not receive text messages (which it did yesterday) until the changed the service date again. I've given up on them trying to figure out the actual one year service date as I think they must work from a different calendar than the remainder of the earth! How does 365 days from February 20th come up to January 3rd of the following year? I have turned the phone off and on at least 20 times with various departments and there does not seem to be anyone at straight talk who knows how to do anything other than have you turn the phone off and on and dial a reprogramming number!!!!! What a fiasco this is!
buddy312 Send email
Jul 6, 2015

charged twice a month

I have been charged double for a couple a months may 19 and june 18 and I want my cash back
klusterfuk Send email
Jun 13, 2015

Help For Others/ Contact Information

This information has helped me when no one helps at straight talk and no one seems to care or want to help. I have spent well over 5 hours on the phone with Straight Talk and gotten nowhere. You have to go to the "big dogs" with these guys. Straight Talk conventional support will not do anything but read from a script. Especially if you want a refund or a number transferred. Also, important to note that Straight Talk is owned and operated by Tracfone located in Miami, Florida -- TracFone Wireless, Inc., 9700 NW 112th Ave, Miami, Florida, 33178

Main phones and fax for corporate office in FL -- 800 876 5753 x 6175

305-715-6500 x 6175

fax 305-715-6737

Karen Calderon is one of the "top dogs", and her email is kcalderon_AT_tracfone.com

Keva M. Hall --

Keva M Hall

Manager, Customer Care
TracFone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Ave | Miami, FL 33178
O: 305.715.6673 | F. 1-800-821-0216

The customer service manager in Miami is Pearline, direct number is 305-715-6526 and the other manager is Delphine Bailey 305-715-6581 ext. 11

Technical Support manager is Donovan at 305-715-6500 ext. 3912

FJ Pollack is the CEO and Richard Salzman is on the board of directors. Their numbers are not given out, but you can call this number -- 305-640-2000 and ask for them directly. Also you can ask for their emails.
shellia scott Send email
May 15, 2015

data service for straight talk

Every month straight talk slows my data down claiming I have used all my GB and my data service will be restored to high speed when I refill my data plan. It has not worked like it should since they slowed my data speed down. I will be calling the corporate office tomorrow. FB is how I stay in touch with family that is out of town. When straight talk first started it was unlimited data. They changed after people started switching to straight talk. Fix my data speed asap or I will be going further than corporate. You slowed it down and you should be able to fix the problem.
punger Send email
May 11, 2015

Phone Activation

Have had to call straight three times now to get my number transferred to a new Straight talk phone. All three times they claimed the transfer had been successful, but by the
next morning my phone had been deactivated again. The average time spent on the phone was over an hour. After wading through endless phone prompts, and accented
customer service reps. who were utterly tied to a script. and incapable of finding their way out of a paper bag. it was clear I needed a supervisor. When I asked for a supervisor
I was put on hold for an additional chunk of time. Even when I got the supervisors, who were only temporarily able to activate the phone, they could not tell me what the problem
was. Got a lot of confusing talk about Sprint vs. Verizon towers. Worst service ever!
dominic21 Send email
Apr 9, 2015

straight talk

straight talk have been taking days off of my service. Because the last three times I called straight talk to refill my service they gave me my service end date. Then two weeks later it tells me my service have been deactivated for some mysterious reason. I called straight talk tech support and they told me there is nothing they can do about the issue.
shariee15 Send email
Apr 3, 2015

Straight talk

I called straight talk the other day to pay my phone bill using a credit card, My cell phone wasn't on at the time so I called from my house phone but I made sure I gave them my cell phone number that I was trying to get turned back on. I know I payed it because the man even gave me my end date. They never turned my phone back on because usually they will send you a text message with your end date but I never got one, So I called them back and they kept telling me they never recieved a payment.Even though I knew I had payed them I payed them again to turn my phone back on so that was two payments when it was suppose to only be one payment. They told me to call my bank and to call them back confirming that they did take money off so I called the number on my credit card to check my transaction and it they said that straight talk had charged me twice. I called straight talk back and somebody told me they did recieve a payment and somebody else told me they didn't. They charged me from calling from my house phone which they wasn't suppose to do. I know I gave them them my cell phone number and not my house number both times that I called them but they still claim they never recieved a payment but my transaction says different..STRAIGHT TALK IS FULL OF IT THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY! I would not recomment them to anybody. After this month I'm changing my service.
kissycpr Send email
Mar 28, 2015

unlawful releasment of phone information

all started march 16 when I first bought my Samsung galaxy phone from straight talk and a $130 3 month unlimited service card. I had sold my old phone, I had to transfer my number to my new phone,March 21 they shut off my phone an transferred my service to my old phone when that person tried to get a new phone account they turned my service back on an could not turn on the other persons,then a couple of days later after that the other person attempted to turn the phone on then they turned my service off again deactivated my sim card said they needed to send me a new one but deleted my account now that I have my new sim card they can not find my information for my service card or my phone number an told me they don't care that I have receipt from Walmart or how much I spent an said they couldn't verify it that I might have stole the card but how di it already had service? an they sent my sim card to my old address in Oklahoma I had to drive 35 miles to get it now im out $130 for my card $500 for my new phone this is not right at all!
maybe we should contact Walmart to complain enough that companys stop using their phone service
linda2487 Send email
Mar 26, 2015

promised phone extinction after 4 hour phone call

I was promised on 3/25/2015 that my phone service would be extended till April 1, 2015.
They kept me on the phone for 4 hours and they kept saying its NOT being extended my phone service but the HEAD SUPERVISOR said yes Im extending your service till April 1st.

YOU CANNOT being a business by law promise someone to do something as a business and then you break your word and do different! This is NOT good customer service and poor relations with an customer

APRIL 1ST.....


PLEASE CALL ME AT 317-432-2096


Linda Norris
bigb04202 Send email
Mar 23, 2015

Data quit working afterr auto refil

I tired strait talk for 30 days and everything was fine until the phone auto refilled for another 30 days. After the auto refile happen I lost my data connection phone still worked but could not get Data or text. So I called support on a Thursday and was hung up on 3 times. I tried the internet chat twice no luck. So after 3 and half hours I was able to get someone who said wait 24 hours and call back it the phone company. I called back the next day I was only hung up once this day so after a hour the rep said he sees the issue and is going to e-mail “Network” and to call back in 48 hours if problem not fixed. Here it is Sunday I call the Lady rep I talked to said that there no info on my account and the last time I called in was 30 days ago when I activated it. I asked her to send me another Sim card which a rep recommend before to fix the problem. Guess what happened she hung up on me. Here was I can just about guarantee if you call this organization for help.
1. Every time you call you get a different answer for your issue
2. If they get frustrated with you or don’t know what to do they will just hang up on you.
3. They do not listen to you and will make you try the same trouble shooting steps every time you call
4. They will not refund anything if you asked they probably hang up on you

I can promise that the last time strait talk ever hang up on me. I went to Verizon and got my $110 a month 6 gig plan worth the extra $70 to never deal with them anymore they should be band.
nikkivikki Send email
Mar 11, 2015

Worst company I've ever dealt with

On March 2 they took money out of my account for my plan and on March 6 they cancelled my service. When I called to find out what happened they told me I would need to pay again till this was figured out. When I refused they started putting me on hold and for getting about me. I finally asked one employee to speak to a supervisor and he told me they were napping. Finally I decided to change carriers and wanted to keep my number and they wouldn't let me finally a supervisor gave me a number to have the new carrier call for the port to go through. It was a fake number about a cruise. I had no cell phone for 24 hrs when I have major medical problems because of straight talk. Now I just want them to unlock MY phone so I can continue to use it and when I asked a supervisor (or so she said) she said no and when I tried to talk she hung up. They are Liars who Steal and are completely Rude to customers.
darron69 Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Customer service

The worst customer service I have ever experienced. There is no one at straight talk who has common sense.Just the worst worst worst by all means.
ida.guilford@gmail.com Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Customer service complaint

I purchased a service plan and cell phone on February 26,2015 and I have not received it by mail it is now March 3,2015 my service has been interrupted due to my service plan and phone reaching me in a timely manner. Now straight talk wants me to purchase another service plan.Which my records notes that I purchased my service plan on the 26 of February 2015. I Feel that my matter is not being handled in a customer care matter it is being discredited by straight talk .I have been on this phone with customer care 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting on a supervisor to help me and I am still waiting. Now after 1 hour 50 minutes I was disconnected without a returned call my name email is ida.guilford@gmail.com I really would like for someone from your company to contact me back ASAP! Thank you!
ida.guilford@gmail.com Send email
Mar 3, 2015

Customer service complaint

I purchased a service plan and cell phone on February 26,2015 and I have not received it by mail it is now March 3,2015 my service has been interrupted due to my service plan and phone reaching me in a timely manner. Now straight talk wants me to purchase another service plan.Which my records notes that I purchased my service plan on the 26 of February 2015. I Feel that my matter is not being handled in a customer care matter it is being discredited by straight talk .I have been on this phone with customer care 1 hour and 30 minutes waiting on a supervisor to help me and I am still waiting.
phreakbytes Send email
Jan 7, 2015

customer service error

i purchased a airtime card and called to reactivate my phone. they added it. phone never worked. next day when i call them they tell me that they added the card to someone elses phone and i can call that person and try to recoop my airtime card? wtf? really?
bwoods.pmsa Send email
Dec 29, 2014

replaced me phone for return after 56 days

Anxiety is high when I even think about it. After waiting 26 days for my galaxy 4 (3 month old) to be replaced, it was lost by FedEx. Straight talk said it's my problem and refused to reship another phone. 2 weeks later after filling a claim with FedEx they need a letter from ST. No, they said that's not their policy. Then I requested a refund from ST and told them 8 am prepared to go buy a phone and wait on the refund. Then they gave me a tracking number which wasn't active. I did receive the phone a few days later. THE PHONE IS USED!, I ENCLOSED A COPY OF MY SALES RECEIPT FOR $533.37 DATED JULY 21,2014. MY PHONE OVER HEATED ON 102914. I WAS SO ANGRY BUT NEVER LET IT SHOW EVEN THOUGH I WAS NEAR TEARS. I CAN'T GET MY OLD NUMBER NOR THE PAID SERVICE ATTACHED TO IT WHICH WAS 32115. I'M NOT SETTLING FOR THIS. THEY CAN'T JUST TAKE MY MONEY AND THINK A USED PHONE WILL BE OK. THE FIRST PHONE THAT FEDEX LOST WAS NEW ACCORDING TO STRAIGHT TALK.
IF YOU THINK I'M ACCEPTING THIS, NO I AM NOT AND THIS ISN'T THE FIRST TIME THEY LOST A PHONE. I'M PURSUING A REFUND NOW AND IF THEY HAD JUST SENT ME A NEW PHONE I MOST LIKELY WOULD HAVE BEEN SO HAPPY THAT I WOULD HAVE DONE NOTHING. I HAVE been dealing with a ST.CorpResolution group that got my story from pissedconsumer. Com and emailed me but I'm sure it's the same people in the Philippines.
Clay Lewis Send email
Dec 28, 2014

auto refill

Straight talk doesnt want you to know about the corporate office in Miami, Florida because they know about all the complaints and they dont want to deal with them. They instead put a bunch of people in an office located overseas somewhere and give them a book of instructions to follow. If you ask customer service about the corporate office they will tell you that they are not allowed to give the phone number or the email address to the corporate office; however with a little intiiative you can find this info:

Corporate numbers in Miami Florida: 305-640-2000 or 305-715-6500

You can easily tell that this is an American company because they are only open Monday---Friday

I called the corporate office, after being on the phone for 4 hours with customer service from overseas or wherever, and a lady from the corporate office fixed the problem right away. We pay them so make them listen to you and address your problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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