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Consumer complaints and reviews about Straight Talk

Rukkaboi Send email
Aug 24, 2016

Scammed By Straight talk

First I would like to say that I am starting a lawsuit against Straight Talk Wireless if you would like to be a part of this lawsuit please contact me at DRucker615@gmail.com This is the worst company ever and they are scam artist. And I advise anyone if you are thinking about switching to Straight Talk think again. A joint Straight Talk on July 30th with the $50 10 gigabyte plan on August 5th I received a text saying that I had exhausted all 10 gigabytes of data. This is impossible because 75% of the time I'm connected to Wi-Fi I switch to Straight Talk Wireless from another company in which I only had 4 gigabytes of data. Out of two years of being with that company not once did I exceed those for gigabyte. I called Straight Talk and explain this to them customer service was rude very uncomfortable and unwilling to compensate me for my lost in any way. They told me that I use the data and that's just what it was going to be. After arguing with them for 2 days I just gave up and said they got that. Next problem. On August 17th I wake up and my phone is turned off. I called Straight Talk and ask them why my phone is cut off and my bill is not due until the 22nd of August. They asked me for my phone number and look into my account. They say that they cannot find the number and asked me for my IMEI number. I give them the IMEI number and they tell me yes that I have an active account and my bill is not due until the 22nd of August however there is a different number assigned to my account. Basically what Straight Talk did was cut my phone off take my number and reassigned it to someone else without my permission. I asked for my number back they said that was not optional and the number was no longer available to me. After arguing for hours again with them I finally gave up again. So yesterday August 22nd my bill was due. I waited until today to pay my bill because if you pay your bill early with Straight Talk you will lose all remaining days of your plan. After I paid my bill on August 23rd which is today. I checked my account online and was shocked to find out that they were saying that I had exhausted my data already again as of August 22nd. How can I exhaust my data on the 22nd when I did not purchase the data to the 23rd. So I call Straight Talk and ask them to resolve this issue and again even though they are clearly wrong they are unwilling to give me my data back. They told me to wait 24 hours and I will see a reflection on my account with my data restarting back at zero. So I wait a few hours and I check my account again. Now my account is saying that I paid my bill on August 22nd which I did not. So straight talk is trying to cover up their mess up by saying I paid my bill early so they can say that I used my data before I received it and they do not have to give me my data back. However before I even call Straight Talk I screenshot all of my account information before and after. So I have the documentation showing that I paid my bill today and I have the documentation showing where they changed it and try to say I paid my bill yesterday. This is not acceptable and straight talk will not get over on me. If you feel the same way please email me and my lawyers are getting ready to start a mass tort litigation against straight talk if you do not know what a mass tort litigation is it is when Super Lawyers go after bad companies.
NUNYO Send email
Aug 17, 2016

Useless customer service WTF

We have been with straight talk for years.No problems.Was looking for an I phone through straight talk,found one at Walmart,there were issues,anyways they took my money then they told me the product was out of stock.
Thought to call straight talk and order from them directly. I explained that I wanted a phone and not the card,already bought one 3 days prior. "I just want the phone!" He told me the total would be 154.99 . No email confirming my order,then when I went to track my order on the site.It said the total was $210!!!!!!!!Of course the dumb ass added the card!!!!!!When I called customer service to refund the money,they told me no.not until I refuse delivery of the package and it is delivered back to straight talk then refund will be reviewed.
STRAIGHT TALK AND WALMART STOLE ALMOST $400 FROM ME IN ONE DAY.NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!! Of course look who I'm talking about.
YouPissedOffTheWrongGuy Send email
Jul 2, 2016

No Service - No Assistance - No Refund!

Call Stephanie (Reception) at Tracfone Corporate (Straight Talk Wireless is owned/operated by Tracfone) @ 305-715-6500 and ask to speak with Gustovo Blanco - (one of the directors according to FL Secretary of State) His assistant - Nicole would not allow me to speak with him directly, however she directed me to Perline (305-715-6526) (allegedly a Corporate level (escalations) Customer service rep). I am still waiting for a resolution.

I have dedicated 35+ hours attempting to resolve the false advertising claims (unlimited data, talk, text) at this point its been 29 days with non-existent to marginal service, (if calls dropping after 2-3 mins, phone not ringing, phone not placing calls, and texts not sent/received, and forget accessing email, webpages, or using internet based apps throughout the upper Midwest can be considered marginal service) My first 19 days were completely without data service allegedly due to the fact, I did not request my line to be "properly provisioned".
Additionally my service connectivity issues are not caused by my phone, it works flawlessly with a Verizon SIM card. (I've checked) It is not the service area, unless the entire southern half of Minnesota and ALL of Iowa, and Eastern North & South Dakota, are considered dead zones.

The Philippines based call centers are a stopgap to intentionally delay remedy to poor to non-existent service allegedly offered by this fraud of an organization. All the Philippines agent know how to do is tell you to turn your phone off and back on, or remove/install the sim card. These agents will directly lie to you and provide deliberate false information.

I.e - When I asked the alleged senior floor manager (Annabelle - Agent ID CEB1ANALYOS) in the Phillipines to speak with her superior, she claimed she is the highest level manager, however with more insistent questions on my part, she claimed her superior's name is Rain (Reighn?) and and refused to transfer the call allegedly due to the fact Rain was assisting other agents/customers.

However, when I continued to ask and insisted to speak with Rain or his superior, she claimed, Rain does not take calls, and is "only there to assist agents with customer issues", further in to her web of lies, she claimed Rain was not in the office on the date of my call. (also Rain was allegedly not in the office on the previous day according to Mary - Agent ID 518272, and Roglin, and Joey - Senior Floor manager. Also according to Joey, Rain's Superior (operations director) is Irene, but she does not take calls, nor has a phone number, email address, or any rational means of contact, either internally or externally)

When I called Annabelle out on her web of lies and stated both statements she has provided can not at the same time be true, she claimed her previous statements were not lies. (Lies about the previous lies)

I have no time for lairs and do not tolerate being directly lied to and having my time deliberately wasted by these degenerate and grossly incompetent call center agents.


If Tracfone is in the business of selling a service, deliver the service, and if you fail to deliver the service, I expect a refund! It is simply that simple!

Feel free to republish this information everywhere as deemed appropriate to put an end to this fraud.


allegedly one of the "top dogs" Karen Calderon, and her email is kcalderon@tracfone.com -

Keva M Hall - 305.715.6673 - kbygrave@tracfone.com

Perline - 305-715-6526
Delphine Bailey - 305-715-6581 ext. 11

Technical Support manager is Donovan at 305-715-6500 ext. 3912


TracFone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Ave | Miami, FL 33178

Foreign Profit Corporation
Filing Information
Document Number
FEI/EIN Number 65-0655753
Date Filed 10/10/2007
State DE

Principal Address: 9700 NW 112TH AVE. | MIAMI, FL 33178
Mailing Address: 9700 NW 112TH AVE.| MIAMI, FL 33178

Registered Agent Name & Address

Officer/Director Detail
Name & Address

Title D

JIMENEZ, ALEJANDRO C (According to Stephanie at reception this director does not work/direct, and never has, at TRACFONE WIRELESS, INC.)

9700 NW 112TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL 33178

Title D, T

BLANCO, GUSTAVO - (assistant - Nicole)
9700 NW 112TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL 33178

Title D

Cortez Gomez, Salvador Francisco
9700 NW 112TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL 33178

Title S

9700 NW 112TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL 33178

Title Director

Aboumrad, Daniel Hajj
9700 NW 112TH AVE.
MIAMI, FL 33178
bboyett152 Send email
Jun 29, 2016

worst company ever

Straight talk just straight up screwed me out my data. My phone gets shut off on the 17th of every month. Well I went and purchased my new phone card on the 17th and re activated it. Well its been 11 days and I hardly ever use my data unless I really really need it. I have used it maybe 3 times for few mins. And make sure I turn it off. Well they are trying to say I've used all my freaking data which is total bs. Worst company ever. I advice everyone to stay away from straight talk they screw you over multiple times and try to say the can't help u.. This is bs.
Rachaeldun Send email
Jun 22, 2016

Worst company

My name is Racheal....I purchase a iPhone 5s from Walmart....my phone was damage so I called straight talk they told me to send it back....I paid the $50 deductable.... I received the label and sent the phone back on 5/25/2016....today is 6/21/2016...and I still haven't receive my phone as yet....everyday I called and it's the same bull shit....no one to really help me just a bunch of stupid customer service representative... I'm tired of the run a round....I'm sick of all this shit ....I HATE STRAIGHT TALK...I need my damn phone....
bailster Send email
May 16, 2016

Still waiting for replacement phone. Straight Talk

Bought a ZTE phone in January 2015. March 2015 the phone would not charge. Called Straight talk and was told to send phone back with their mailed return label. Received their return mailing label and mailed out my phone to them. I received conformation from USPS that they received my phone. I called customer service and asked when would I receive my replacement phone. I was told 1 week from the time they received my returned phone. Well it's been a month and with multiple calls lasting an hour or more 3 days a week from me to Straight talk all get is the same old story.... " We'll send out your replacement phone when one is available. We don't have your replacement phone in our warehouse." WHAT? I contacted the BBB and wrote to my Florida congressman. Shaddy Company. I do not recommend this cell company.
Linalove Send email
May 6, 2016

Service expected from a

**READ BEFORE BUYING** I got a Straight Talk/Tracfone about 2 years ago and I didn't have many problems other than dropped calls but understood because I live on a mountain outside a city. I bought the insurance thankfully as a few months later I dropped my phone into a glass of soda making the insides sticky and unusable. I called to let them know and was given the exact price of phone, a code to go online or into Walmart and purchase another phone at equal price or pay the difference. No problem. Phone came in mail 3 days later with everything as it did when I bought it. In Nov. 2015 I bought a new phone from Walmart with insurance and the phones screen went white and was completely unusable. I called for a replacement on Feb. 23 and finally received one on March 15. By the end of the month the same thing happened with the replacement. April 3 call for replacement and was told again a replacement would be sent within the 'week' and a bag to return the phone. On April 13 I receive only a fedex bag to send the phone so I send both since I was never sent one nor even had a chance to send back the other. 2 days later it was received and signed for by them. So, now it's May 5 and still no replacement and I'm sometimes told it will be here 2 days from the day I'm calling or better yet my package wasn't received and my favorite. It still hasn't left the wherehouse! Not to mention the entire month of no phone I was not allowed to be refunded nor even the original option of picking another phone. So I've been waiting for over a month now! And to even remotely speak to someone that is either kind, knowledgeable or my by guess told to lie is the worse business practice I have encountered since a drunk employee on his last day. I have now contacted the BBB and FTC and tomorrow the Attorney General of FL. I suggest that any and every one having these issues to also do the same until they are forced to clean up their business practices or shut down!I am so livid (obvious by my rant) that I am seriously considering informing a lawyer to open another class action lawsuit. By all the complaints I've seen here and elsewhere I know there is more then plenty enough evidence and disgruntled customers.
fuckstraighttalk Send email
Mar 9, 2016


Help For Others/ Contact Information
This information has helped me when no one helps at straight talk and no one seems to care or want to help. I have spent well over 5 hours on the phone with Straight Talk and gotten nowhere. You have to go to the "big dogs" with these guys. Straight Talk conventional support will not do anything but read from a script. Especially if you want a refund or a number transferred. Also, important to note that Straight Talk is owned and operated by Tracfone located in Miami, Florida -- TracFone Wireless, Inc., 9700 NW 112th Ave, Miami, Florida, 33178

Main phones and fax for corporate office in FL -- 800 876 5753 x 6175

305-715-6500 x 6175

fax 305-715-6737

Karen Calderon is one of the "top dogs", and her email is kcalderon_AT_tracfone.com

Keva M. Hall --

Keva M Hall

Manager, Customer Care
TracFone Wireless, Inc.
9700 NW 112th Ave | Miami, FL 33178
O: 305.715.6673 | F. 1-800-821-0216

The customer service manager in Miami is Pearline, direct number is 305-715-6526 and the other manager is Delphine Bailey 305-715-6581 ext. 11

Technical Support manager is Donovan at 305-715-6500 ext. 3912

FJ Pollack is the CEO and Richard Salzman is on the board of directors. Their numbers are not given out, but you can call this number -- 305-640-2000 and ask for them directly. Also you can ask for their emails.
Lisa Fowler Send email
Mar 8, 2016

Alcatel one touch pop

DO NOT BUY!!!!! they have sent me SEVEN different Alcatel One Touch Pop phones they go into roaming for no reason. I need a phone that will work. When I called straight talk a manager told me the reason why my phone did not work was due to a 1 1/2 miles from my home was a dead area. What does that have to do with anything? I am on the phone right now and about to scream. I have been working on this issue since December!!!!!! It is now MARCH!!!!!! Save yourself the trouble and time and just don't waste your money by buying this POS!!!!
lisat2u Send email
Mar 1, 2016

thieves and deceivers

i purchased a hotspot device about a month ago they are stealing data and two weeks now cant access amount of data used and poor tech support i purchased a straight talk device about a month ago and every couple days the data disappears. then i have to call in to see whats going on. they say that their reports indicate that all the data is used, but that is only when they try to credit back data and the previous data that was on there disappears. for the last two weeks, i have not been able to even access my data usage because their server they use UMX and the straight talk website aren't communicating with each other. because of this my balance read zero for 2 weeks and i had to add 10 gb data resulting in $100.00. The contract pamphlet allows you to check your data whenever necessary and the umx server is attached to the data, but with the communication issues they are having, i can not check the usage. on saturday the man named danny from their columbia office was suppose to add back 3 gb data when it didnt show about an hour later i called back and a man named jeff id#522627 reassured me that the 3 gb was added back even told me that i had 2974 mb almost equalling 3 gb left. neither could email me the information verifying this. i went to bed and yesterday i woke up to no gb data on my device. i proceeded to call and nanette id #511539 did her tech support and my device showed up on available wifi devices as umx$050, umx$050 2, January, and then as some foreign language symbols. she proceeded to tell me that danny had in fact added only 1 gb of data instead of the 3 like he and jeff has said. She said when he added the 1 gb it erased the rest of the gb that were available and changed the ending date. danny's was suppose to have been a credit to the account for the "glitch" as he called it. she said that once its erased it can not be added back. she got really rude with me cursed me and hung up the phone. i called back in and got maria supposedly a floor manager like danny. her id#522307 and she was supposed to help but after being on hold for over 5 minutes she came back pushing the telephone buttons in my ear and then hung up. Today, i woke up approximately 8 am est and called markmuzl id#510639 transferred me to supposedly christopher that was supposed to be a manager in technical support and he refused to give me his id#. christopher couldnt find where danny had addded the 3gb data and said i used all the data and he couldnt help me. i asked to speak to his supervisor and then a virgillo id#5221375 answers the phone and tells me he is the supervisor in the refund department. he said he researched and i wasn't getting a credit back and said i had added the 1gb data that erased my other data not Danny. then he said he was checking with the fraud department. put me on hold and came back and said they agreed with his decision. when i asked for the ext of the fraud dept and to be transferred he said he was the fraud dept but earlier he said he was the refund dept. Then he refuses to help me gives me a toll free number to the miami corporate office which ended up being ack in the philipines. i called back in and got samuel id#515941 from philipines as well the corporate office number that virgillio had given me. he gives me two more numbers for the corporate office with extension numbers both of these ended back in the philipines. the 2 numbers they had given me for the corporate office in miami was 18668061840, 13057156500 ext 1029, 18006264883 ex 1029. finally after 3 hours today i got throught to someone named april at the "corporate" office in the philipines. after an hour with her and telling her i was going to report this fraud to the fcc she adds 4gb data back on my device. i asked her why so many names are associated with the device i bought and she said when people go into the account and work on the device that their name attaches to the device itself. i am starting to wonder if they take the wifi credit they issue out off of another person's account and thats why the date mysteriously disappears while you sleep.
melania1034 Send email
Feb 5, 2016

will not let me online at all very poor customer service

I have been with this straight talk for 5 years and I have never had a problem but in the past 4 moths I can get online or call or text or anything. I bought a new phone in October and this phone has gave me problems and I paid more for a warranty that I have to wait a month or more for new phone they should send it then I would send them mine they want me to send my phone in so I will be a month with out a phone. I would really would like to no could they go a month with out a phone. I have called customer they have told me that I need to go buy a new phone card when I just got one and I had minutes but they wanted me to spend more money for no reason he asked me right away could he get my card number did not even try to fix my problem they also told me that I had no GB left for my internet so that means that I could not get on there at all. ( I no it would slow down but it would not let me on there at all). I think I have been a very loyal customer after 5 years of being with them if they don't fix this today I will be going to a new phone companies ASAP. customer reps ID number 521540- 520433 one of them did not want to give me his id number.

dewey2 Send email
Jan 26, 2016

Phone Activation, Number Transfer, Substandard Customer Service, Questionable Company Policies.

I was a Straight Talk customer for over five years. During that time I had numerous problems with their customer service dept., as well as some of their company policies in general, but stayed with them because I could not find a cheaper deal that would give me as many minutes of talk time plus unlimited texts. During the last few months I noticed that I no longer had service on my phone in several places where it had worked before (including most of my own house! I contacted Straight talk about this and they offered no explanation other than I might need a new phone. I explained that i could not afford a new phone, but I had an LG phone that a relative had given me that was only a year old. I then asked customer service if they would activate the LG using my current phone number. I then spent the next ten minutes giving them the model numbers, serial numbers, etc. off of the LG phone as well as my old one, and answerring various security questions, etc. After what seemed like an eternity of someone i could barely understand entering all of that info on their end, the service rep tells me, "We cannot activate service or transfer your number to that phone because it was originally issued and activated by TracFone." I then told them that I know that Straight Talk and Tracfone both used to sell the identical LG phone that I'm trying to activate and that furthermore they must be a joint venture, since the start-up screen on my old phone states that "THIS IS A SERVICE OF TRACFONE WIRELESS." All I got was, "We are not allowed to activate a phone originally activated by Tracfone." Apparently, though they declined to say, there is some kind of non-compete agreement between Straight Talk and Tracfone. I told the service rep that I was tired of being crapped on and would not be doing any further business with Straight Talk. Later on I also heard that Straight talk and some others were cutting the power of their phone signal at certain times, and telling customers the problem was their phone.
Lauren.Wyman Send email
Jan 25, 2016


Well, I had Purchased a straight talk phone almost a year ago. Here recently my phone went black, and I called to have my Phone replaced. My husband spent nearly an hour for the lady to tell us she was sending a PHONE. we got the Box in with the way to ship it back. but, Because I have some crucial non replaceable items in my phone that I cannot lose because I Need those things. We called them back, and Trust me, I know the policy may be have to, but, I feel, this is absolutely unnecessary. We even asked if they could get the stuff off and they wouldn't. I am only complaining because There are some things that should be allowable. There are only so much they can do, I understand, but seriously not being able to help the customer even try to find a solution without a lawyer is kind of ridiculous. I have absolutely come close for them losing me as a customer. :/
VampRose Send email
Dec 22, 2015

I have been waiting 2 months for a replacement phone

I have been waiting for 2 months for a replacement phone and having trouble with getting it I am a high risk pregnant woman who is needing my phone because i am do any time and i would like to have something to call an ambulance or my mother-in-law to take me to a hospital but it seems like this company doesn't care about the stress they put on me.
AngelaClout Send email
Dec 7, 2015

horrible customer service!! horrible service!!!

I have gone through straight talk for years. The screen went blank on my latest phone, So I went to buy a new phone. Got home and called to transfer my number. Easy right.....NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Was told there was an error in the transfer, was told that it would take at least 72hours and a few more bullshiz lines that were told to me. I was asked to talk to a supervisor. So as soon as she got on the phone and I started talking she hung up on me! This is how they make there money! Hiring anybody they can for cheap (people that no one can understand and that dont care about human life) They all sound like robots and repeat themselves over and over. No one has consiquences for there actions (obviously because a supervisor hung up on me) Any other company someone would have been fired for that! People need phones for every day life! No one at this company! obviously all the want is money! Every time I hear about someone calling customer service they have the same issues! Maybe if there was better customer service the company would make more money... I give up! What a waste of time! I guess I should just go buy a phone and plan from a company that deserves my money and cares about my time and troubles.
Craig Barhorst Send email
Dec 2, 2015

Double Charged Credit Card

I received a text message on my phone with what I thought was a great deal from StraightTalk. It was for an extra $55 off the one year plan. That plan already saves a customer around $45 over buying monthly so the net savings was close to $100 a year. Seems like a great deal, right? A double charge on my credit card later and a lost opportunity to buy the plan on a second phone has me wondering.

The same night I was texted the deal I went on the StraightTalk website to buy the plan for my wife's phone and my phone. When I bought it for my wife's phone it erroneously billed the credit card twice. Two charges for $481 for just one 1 year plan were put on the card. I only found this out when I went to purchase my plan and the card was declined. It's a small credit union VISA with only a $2000 limit and the two charges didn't leave enough room another purchase.

I called up the credit card history online the next day and saw the two charges. One had posted and the other was listed as "pending". When StraightTalk was first called they said they didn't show two charges and suggested the matter should be taken up with the credit union. When the credit union ws called they said StraightTalk had already marked the charge as an erroneous charge but also had a hold on the $481 amount for four days.

Because StraightTalk had put this hold on the amount I was sure I would miss out on the deal by the time it was lifted. After asking if anything could be done to speed things up the credit union suggested a second call be made to StraightTalk and gave instructions on how the hold could be removed sooner if StraightTalk sent a fax directly to the credit union.

At this point things started to get fishy with StraightTalk. During the second call to StraightTalk they admitted they could see the second charge placed on the card. Strange how they couldn't see it during the first call but could now. The instructions and information for using the fax method to remove the hold were passed on to StraightTalk.

All of the above mentioned phone calls occurred this morning. It is now midnight and the hold on $481 on the credit card still remains. The deal is still being advertised on their website but when I went through the ordering process the regular price was reflected in the checkout, not the discount. Where's the false advertising police when you need them? It looks like regardless of their own website's advertising the deal is over.

The bottom line is that it looks as if I have missed the deal because StraightTalk double charged my credit card, then put a 4 day hold on the erroneous charge. I did get the deal on my wife's phone, but what should I do now? If I eventually buy the normal deal at the regular price not only will it cost $55 more, but won't I be rewarding them for this mistake and their strange policy of holding erroneous charges for 4 days?

Since it looks like there's no deal on the table anymore I'm looking into Metro PCS or Cricket Wireless. The StraightTalk deal would have put the service at about $40 a month including all taxes. Metro PCS offers a plan for $30 a month including all taxes, but it has less GBs per month. Cricket offers one for $40 but I can't tell if it includes taxes.

StraightTalk may very well lose a good customer because of all this. It's quickly become one of those situations where I don't feel comfortable rewarding a company for bad behavior. I switched from Verizon to StraightTalk and there's nothing keeping me from doing the same to them. If you are with StraightTalk I suggest you look around as well. There are other options.

What really bothers me the most and the reason I posted this is because I wanted to warn people about the danger of double charges, in this case with StraightTalk. I know I didn't hit the purchase button twice. It just happened. And what if I had used a debit card instead of a credit card? I imagine the money would have been drained from my account, only to be returned days later. Here at the first of the month that's a recipe for bills bouncing. The whole experience made me look elsewhere.

A few years ago StraightTalk was the cheapest. After looking around I found out that's no longer the case. There are many other options out there and some are even cheaper with close to or the same level of service. If you are with StraightTalk and it's been a while since you've compared, I suggest you look around. The cheapest plan for StraightTalk is $541 a year. Compare that to MetroPCS at $30 a month which ends up being $360 a year. Who doesn't want to save an extra $181? I know I'm really thinking about it.
Sarah0412 Send email
Oct 26, 2015

straight talk

I have a straight talk phone that I've had several years. The Samsung phone's microphone stopped working - no one could hear me. 9/1 bought new phone and asked to migrate my phone over. It's now 10/26 a month and a half later and I've been paying for two phones (so my number is active to assign to the new phone). So I'm out a phone number, $100 for two months $50 a month for the extra phone plus $100 for the new phone. I was promised everything under the sun - new SIM card, new phone, reimb for the cards I bought to keep the number active. What a HORRIBLE joke on me. My Haloween TRICK early.

Straight Talk has mediocre phone service with HORRIBLE cusomer service. The call back survey for 'excellent customer service' is a joke.

Please, please choose another provider. This one has made a grown woman cry over fustration of calling every other day and being on the line over an hour each time.
Ivy001 Send email
Oct 7, 2015


I purchased a Galaxy S6 Sprint phone with a clean MEID and verified with Sprint that it is paid for. Straight Talk says that the phone is not compatible and won't activate. I have an existing Galaxy S5 Sprint now in service with them. Checking this phone for compatibility indicates that it is not compatible although it is currently working on their system.
It appears that their current policy is to not activate a Galaxy S5 or S6 unless you purchase it from Straight Talk or Walmart, but they won't come out and tell you that.
UDON Send email
Sep 30, 2015

Straight Talk

I have been a customer for awhile now and have convinced others to
switch to Straight Talk. A decision I am beginning to regret!
I currently have a LG phone purchased from Walmart. It has problems.

After finally getting through to a live person I was told it was under warranty
given id # 1121554956 and was told replacement phone would be shipped
and arrive in around five days. When I called to check status,I was told(again)
phone had been shipped. Finlay received a box and thought replacement
phone was in it, as I was repeatedly told it would be!
Opened large box .. no phone! Only lots of packing, a Fed Ex envelope,
and a note telling me to send in my phone and wait another five to seven
days to receive the warranty phone! WHAT??!!!
My phone is used as a business phone! I have had to deal with phone
problems waiting for what turned out to be an empty box with promises
of further delays! I can not afford to be without a phone for five to seven days!
I spent another arduous time pressing buttons trying to speak to a live
person. When I was finally able to speak with someone they gave me the
run around about resolving my problem. Basically it was the company
line "SEND IT IN AND WAIT"! I asked to speak with a supervisor. When
I spoke to him he gave me no information as to his title or position other
than "a" supervisor. He was absolutely not interested in listening to my
problem, let alone helping to resolve it! I asked to speak to someone up
the chain of command and was told he was the only one I was going to
speak with! His tone nor his attitude is not conducive to good business!
All I ask is to be sent a "WORKING" phone A.S.A.P. so I may continue
to conduct business without more delay!
1) Straight Talk is deliberately misleading customers by telling them one
thing and doing another.
2) It makes absolutely no sense to send in old phone before being given
a replacement to transfer phone numbers, photos, emails, etc. ALL
would be lost.
3) What genius sent a 9" x 7" x 5" with a note telling you to send back
the phone first, lots of packing material, and thinly padded fed ex envelope
to return phone in. The fed ex envelope is protected more the the phone to
be returned!? (DUMB)

I am very disappointed that Straight Talk is ALL TALK when it comes to
customer service! I will tell everyone I can find (social media, business
associates, and friends) to avoid Straight Talk! Will copy Walmart as well.

I guess it's "THANKS FOR NOTHING"!
silverfox63 Send email
Sep 26, 2015

Straight Talk Customer Service

My phone was stolen at Walmart, and I called to have the phone deactivated, because of very sensitive information on the phone. Walmart located the phone and contacted me through my friend that I can come and pick up the phone. I called customer service at Straight talk to have my phone reactivated, and was told that it would take 3 days to activate it. I explained my dad has Alzheimer disease and I was going out of town and need my phone in order for the caretaker to contact me in case of an emergency, but the rep said nothing she can do. I requested a supervisor, Mr. Narciso, came to the phone after holding a total of 40 mins. was told a ticket will be processed with a request to release stolen status. I asked if you deactivate in a couple of mins. why would it take 3 days to reactivate. He kept saying this is their procedure, although I kept saying this is a medical emergency. I will be contacting the corporate office as well as the PSC and FCC. I explained that no one explain the procedure when I first requested the deactivation of the phone, so why is it so important that the procedure must be followed when I wanted the phone reactivated. I agree with all the complaints lodged against this company, no customer service skills at all. Why keep a customer on hold for so long without coming back to the phone to explain what you're doing to resolve the issue. They just leave you on hold hoping that you would hang up.
pamela06 Send email
Sep 16, 2015

buying a phone from straight talk

Purchased a phone from straight talk on /24/15 got it 4 days later was not. Overnight like they said. Phone i got was. A. Defect. Had to send it back. Today is 9/16/15 still. No phone. It took me. 4 hours.on the phone to cancel the order. And will take 30 days to get my money back. I hope they. Get sued and put out. Of business. This is AWFUL. AND WILL STOP. USING STRAIGHT TALK.
sdbower Send email
Aug 19, 2015

Customer Service

Alex2015 Send email
Aug 15, 2015


I had been a customer for a couple of years and moved to Houston. Calls got lost, the Internet was not fast enough to update google maps while driving. I would get lost because the phone was not connecting.

When I transferred service to get a usable phone back I was told they don't refund money. When I signed up initially, I had informed myself that buying a full year plan was low risk because they offered to refunds for the remaining months.

Jorge id# 535170 and his boss Joel#535678 were of no help and refused to honor the commitment made previously.
Tammy Send email
Aug 7, 2015

Customer Service Sucks Big Time

Straight talk customer service sucks big time. I don't know where their customer service is located but good luck trying to get someone that speaks English or someone that you can understand. If you have a problem and call in and want to talk to a supervisor about it they put you on hold for a while then they probably put the person that is sitting next to them to give you the same speech and no help with them either. They say they are going to transfer you to a different department that might be able to help but how do you know they really did because the next person that you tell your problem to give you the same crap that the first two people just did. So if you are thinking about changing to straight talk get down on your knees and pray that you never have problems with them because after being on the phone with their customer service department for hours or on hold forever they make you want to go postal and you didn't get your problem fixed and they don't care because they have so many other customers that one person quitting them doesn't matter to them. But if everybody got together and quit them or told them they were going to another phone company maybe that would wake them up but I doubt it. It all boils down to the all mighty dollar and they have gotten ours. If the owner or people in the corporate office had to talk to their own customer service people that would make a change and don't say a cuss word to them or they will hang up on you and you have to call back in and start all over with your problems. I'm about ready to go back ready to go back to AT&T because their $45 unlimited phones are not worth the headaches that they give you. I can't believe that Walmart sells straight talk with all the bad reviews that they get but really Walmart doesn't care either they got their money also, they will just tell you to call straight talk.
K Jones Send email
Jul 11, 2015

7 hours trying to get accurate service date for 1 year service and phone to receive text messages

I ported a phone number to an existing phone and existing account at straight talk. It has been an absolute nightmare!!!!! After over 7 hours on the phone with "customer service" the phone will not receive text messages (which it did yesterday) until the changed the service date again. I've given up on them trying to figure out the actual one year service date as I think they must work from a different calendar than the remainder of the earth! How does 365 days from February 20th come up to January 3rd of the following year? I have turned the phone off and on at least 20 times with various departments and there does not seem to be anyone at straight talk who knows how to do anything other than have you turn the phone off and on and dial a reprogramming number!!!!! What a fiasco this is!

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