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Consumer complaints and reviews about TEAMLAVA

Lil9yearold Send email
Nov 29, 2014

Asking for adress

Please beware of disney boutique my lil cousin told her and my adress I told her to delete it and she still won't delete my older cousins who r 15 go. On my account its fine and there coming to my house 😡😡😡 I am only 9 years old I don't want to tell my parents they'll pound me pls help me😰😭😭😭
Sarzz162 Send email
Oct 21, 2014

Dragon Story Black Diamond

Hello. Starting to get really disappointed with this game. 50 failed attempts in a row at 'Hades dragon' so I missed it. Dozens and dozens of attempts at zombie and witch - missed those too! Now I'm tryin for the weredragon and have had, easily 20 island dragons in a row! Sick of wasting gold on speeding up breeding/hatching! Sarzz162
Ekatawesome Send email
Oct 16, 2014

🆔 zoeunicorn

Hi I have this game called home design there's this girl that say rude words and bullies people. Her 🆔 is zoeunicorn
yuvid66 Send email
Oct 9, 2014


My 11 yo daughter downloaded a FREE Google game "FARM STORY". Very often during the next ten days my debit card was charged almost $500 I don't understand how this can happen. There is no justification for this. Google was not very helpful. They essentially told me to take it up with the bank. I did. The money has been returned to my account (finally, now I can make the house payment).
David Bingham
Glitter Send email
Sep 30, 2014

Chic Babe

Hello, there is this person called chic babe and she is swearing a lot on my wall and on her wall. It is not a good feeling and she threatned to report me she said i will get kicked off the game any minute now but she didnt report me please take her off the game. Im not the first person she bullied. If you scolle down on her wall you will see nasty things she has said about other people. Thanks. Buy the way this is on home design story.
Johanna Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Stolen idenity

To whom it may concern;

I have been playing your game Home Design Story and someone has stolen my idenity. This person
goes by the name Sweet Crave on their wall and their Storm ID is 6565555 Please
If you will delete this person from playing this game. I don't want to have to leave this game as I do enjoy playing
It but I won't play if people are stealing my idenity. This isn't the first time this has happened either. So if you can
Please do something about this. I think it's awful that people do things like this when your supposed have fun! I hope
I won't have this problem happen again.

Thank you,
Johanna Goguen
Johanna Send email
Sep 4, 2014

Stolen Idenity

To whom it my concern;

Hi I play your Home Design Story game and I have a problem of someone pretending to be me. This persons name on their wall is
Sweet Crave and their Storm ID is Rubby6565555 I am very upset by this as it isn't the first time this has happened to me
I would like them removed from the game as they are stealing my idenity. I enjoy playing this game and I don't want to have
to leave because of people who can't play the game properly, so if you can please delete them from playing this game. I am
Very upset at this. You can't go and steal peoples identity!

Thank you,
Johanna Goguen
Liby Send email
Aug 28, 2014


hi I am being bulled

I was sparkleglamgirl but this PURSON FLAMING wolf and her is 29 ( he said ) and he is bullying my and my friends one of them is Katy's world I am thinking of deleting this game cause I can't take it anymore what happened I said something on my wall that was NICE so he came to my wall and said "whatever attention wh*** " and all my friends ways saying stop bullying so then someone said come to my wall the he was saying "I'm rich I can report whoever I want and u can't stop me" so me and Katy's world was begging saying"please please no I'm sorry I'll do anything" so he never reported me ( thank god) and my friend sweet 16 reported hem and more people

So thanks for listening
Being bullied
countryboy Send email
Aug 25, 2014

not down loading

having problems downloading new gamesjust goes on forever and ever never download the gamehow do you fix this
Michaelpitt Send email
Aug 23, 2014

getting ripped off

Farm story 2 level 37 ID michaelPitt making a purchase Of diamonds you took my money but I didn't get the Diamond this is a problem that all my neighbors are experiencing I went on 37 flights I counted them did not get one thing but money you're supposed to get other items to accomplish some goals . There's a variety of other problems with the game with glitches.as I asked for help from my friends and neighbors I told them I refuse to buy anything from this game fearing I'm getting ripped off again. don't know if it's possible but you can check the history of my game and you can probably see me getting ripped off a few times. It has not been reported didn't think it was worth wasting my breath on. please I appreciate your help on this problem.
moonbeam Send email
Aug 18, 2014

ripped off

Hi there, I let my daughter play your game and purchase one lot of jems for 9.99 on the 11th of August.
However illegally 15 more transactions were made to my credit card which I did not allow or permit. The game was used but we did not purchase more jems yet were charged hundreds of dollars for them, The money was removed from my bank via debit card and I would like it reimbursed as I dispute allowing the funds for the transactions on the 14th and 15th of August, If this matter cannot be sorted out between us I will have to take these matters to court and Fair go, Pay to get the transactions investigated by the banks also. please email me back to discuss this further, at moonbeamc02@gmail.com
regards, Natalie Emtage.
gkfriendsaa Send email
Aug 16, 2014

being kicked off

On Monday some rude person logged into my bakery story acount and told my friends meen stuff useing very inopropiate language That I dont like Boeing used to my friends and now someone reported me and i cant get on my bakery to chat with friends and im sick of it I never did anything wrong and now I hav no bakery....I want my bakery back and my friends want me back so i need to get my bakery....my bakery name is G K and Friends AA cafe.please get my bakery back I never did anything wrong I promesa and u would hav to kill me to use the language That person used to my friends
tilo.agbetoyin@gmail.com Send email
Aug 7, 2014


Help me. This girl named 💃WICKERBRITCH💃 had me banned from the game because I accidently cyber bullied her. I saw some thing that looked very rude so I spammed 💃WICKERBRITCH💃's wall. She told me she was not a bully and then I said sorry but she reported me for apologizing. I even put a fake threat so I could say "just kidding" about the threat so she could laugh but she made a huge deal out of it. She kept on saying that I bully everyone when I accually don't bully at all. I kept on saying sorry about the fake threat but she kept on reporting me. I even tried to be her friend. I kept on being nice to her but now she's crossed the line. PLEASE PUT ME BACK ON THE GAME AND BAN HER. I deleted all that she said because I thought we'd end up being friends so I have nothing on my wall. My storm ID is tolaniagbetoyin. Wickerbrich's ID IS her house name except without the emoji. My house name is 🍦🍦🍫🍫SWEETS🍰🍰🍪🍪
hjs gramma Send email
Jul 28, 2014

Innuendos made by others

I DO NOT WANT MY COMPLAINT MADE PUBLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM NOT AUTHORIZING YOU TO SHARE IT WITH THE PUBLIC. My complaint is in regards to the way people talk to others. This one guy made a lewd, i feel comment on my wall, the next day after i added him as a neighbor. Don't know if you can do anything about this or if you will do anything about this, What is said was in appropriate, especially if my 8 year old daughter was to read it. She started the game and i have since been playing it. I know their are kids playing this game because i had one tell me she was 10 and wanted some advice. Which i gave her and told her it was a good game to learn to buy and take care of things she has had to pay for. I am going to delete him from my neighbors, and was going to ask if I should say anything to him or if you would, but decided just to delete and that be it. I added him about 10 days ago. His name is John storm 8 ID jayderby. I'm sure you can look onto my wall to see what was said. I will tell you what was stated after his initial-water be my neighbor,,2 days after that he wrote "I wetted you honey mhmm hope u liked it". I feel that this is no way to talk on a public game. I right then got the impression he was a "PERV". Next comment was w/10 then an hour later he wrote"how old are you", then the next day he wrote "hey cutie". I did not respond to any of his comments. Now that i have written this to you i will wait to see if you remove him or not. If you don't, I will go on his page everyday and comment on his behavior. I am going to delete him and hope you do the same. I have seen on other wall's of the community that he has said inappropriate messages to other people also. NOT till after I had added him. I respectfully do hope that you take some action on this or I will file a formal complaint with the necessary entities. My name is catlovergirl4.
kamii Send email
Jul 23, 2014

bad language and bullying .

i play home design . my username is 🎀ᑕᕼEEᖇ∞ᗩᐯEᑎᑌE🎀 and my neighbor 💖Cheer✨Stars💖 held an adoption center so i adopted 3 children and reserved them untill i could pay for them . then 💎GEᗰ∞ᗩᐯEᑎᑌE💎 went and tryed to buy them when they were already reserved so she went to my wall and said "what no i called them first" and i commented back "no ive been having them reserved " so she satarted getting definsive and talked to cheer stars but cheer stars said cheer avenue reserved them first . and thennn ... 💎GEᗰ∞ᗩᐯEᑎᑌE💎 called me a b*tch and started being really mean . and i was gonna take a picture of it before deleting it but everyone was all lile delete it delete it delete it .
Violet01 Send email
Jul 16, 2014



This boy in restaurant story (Shooting Star) is really mean and he called my friends a B*itch!
I asked my friend (girl) what happened and Shooting Star said to me that "it's none of your business. F*ck off!"
I tried replying to him but he blocked me and he said that I will report you and get you suspended!
I did not do anything though!!!!!

Please, I really don't want to be suspended.
Help me!

How many days do you get suspended for?

My restaurant name is Delight...❤️
My ID is Pearls123

~ Violet
Lazy Baguette Send email
Jul 13, 2014

WAY TOO expensive

dear team lava,

You guys really need to bring down the price on some stuff, its SO hard to obtain gems/gold, and everything is so expensive when bought with coins. Especially dragon story. I adore that game but OMG its SO hard to expand, since neighbors never respond most of the time and i cant get mystic maps. Also the habitats are TOO expensive. You guys cant be serious. I can barely progress in that game. Im breeding dragons and i cant buy habitats. What gives??? Ive been a fan of restaurant story, bakery story and dragon story and i have been playing for almost two years now, the former two for a bit longer. PLEASE think about the people who cant actually afford buying gems. I really hope you guys do something about it :(

Me$$$ Send email
Jul 12, 2014

Game not counting correctly

My grandchildren and I having been playing candy mania/blast and when the appropriate candies are collected, The number that appears after collected isn't accurately reflected or deducted from the top number to win the game. The children get frustrated as do I .I'm sure you could care less about our frustrations, but if you wish people to continue use to play, then better accuracy is needed! Fix it please.
Me$$$ Send email
Jul 12, 2014

Counter not accurate

Grandchildren and I have been playing candy mania/blast and when the appropriate candies are collected the count is not acccurately subtracted. Very frustrating for them and me. Children no longer want to play.
miss kitty 1987 Send email
Jul 10, 2014

calling me names

There's this girl named 🎇Dreamer🎇 she plays home desgin story and she calle
d me and her friend toddler and was talking about me behind my back and I try end sticking up to her but then she reported me to teamlava and I really like that game and I don't want my account to be deleted I'm really mad about this and she said she's not going to take me off the report list can you please do something about this sorry I didn't know how to take a picture of the crime
☀️sυммεя🌇sкү☀️ Send email
Jul 8, 2014

Getting blamed on ID

This player which I wanted to add again because she quitted so I deleted her and she's in a club and I asked the leader if she quitted and the leader said no because she started go play again and I told her that I deleted her because she wasn't playing anymore and that I wanted to add her again so the leader gave me the players ID but I didn't ask the leader and I added her and told her that the leader gave me your ID and then she wrote on my wall to not ask people her ID and even though I didn't because the leader gave me the player's ID. Could u please do something about this?

My ID: ymeta
My house name: ☀️sυммεя🌇sкү☀️
My level: 92
Lisaalsina Send email
Jul 1, 2014

Team lava losing purchased gems

I purchased extra gems on candy blast mania. Upon ending the game for the day I have say 96 gems available . Then next time I return to the game a good number of gems are missing. This has happen numerous times. Team lava say I purchased end of the game extra moves which I have never done and they refuse to credit my account. Something is not right here. I see a class action lawsuit in their future.
Pretty home Send email
Jun 11, 2014

Bad language and bulling

Cute girl,syds beauty,and Elizabeth are all cussing and bully each other and other people I told them to stop but they continue people are complaining that there feelings are hurt

Cute girl is meant to syds beauty

Elizabeth is mean to syds beauty

Syds beauty is mean to cute girl,Elizabeth,maddie z,and many others

Please do something
veronica Abbott Send email
May 16, 2014

bad laugage

On fashion story there a client that wishes harm to others and use extremely bad laugage twilight star she is not a nice person she bullies
kitpiper Send email
May 15, 2014

being suspended

I should not be suspended from fashion story! Not just girls has been harassing everyone and its a boy playing a girl game! I have spent too much money on this game for this to happen!

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