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Consumer complaints and reviews about TEAMLAVA

πŸ’™πŸŒŒSkai highπŸŒŒπŸ’™ Send email
Aug 27, 2015


Well first the bully busters a group of people who bust bullies are busting the wrong people they told everyone I was a bully everyone thought I was a bully! Party animulzz,God girl,and beauty girl run it. Anotyer bullying complaint I have is when Samantha's home started bullying me and autumn telling everyone I seek rpdrugs and stuff so we told her to stop so then my BFF remy came and helped us tell her to stop but then autmn started being really mean she called cursed at remy so many times she used such trashy words towards her. I apologized to make things better she just kept being mean, Samantha isn't a bully anymore but she gets into a lot of drama but autumn was really mean I think something should be done.
πŸ‚AutumnπŸ‚ Send email
Aug 22, 2015

Bullying in Home Design Story

hi team lava my name is Isabella I am 12 yrs old and this game and all but I a big complaint there are bullies called bully buster they seem friendly but they r not my friend has been threatened by this girl name sparkles n she has proof that she's been threatened. Bully buster r a group of ppl that try to bust the bullies in the game. Things have gotten out of since bully busters came to to be. I want u to stop them cause they r threatening innocent ppl for not reason please fix this u r my only hope millions of ppl r deleting home design story beacuse of the bullies please fix this πŸ™πŸ½
luv 332 Send email
Aug 16, 2015


I have been playing restaurant story for a while now and have recently been receiving bully messages from two people named shamila and eea they are both new players. I noticed some people have a blocking option but some don't please fix this and resolve the problem of these two bullies.
spongebob Send email
Jul 30, 2015

not working

Hi my fashion story says I need WiFi when I have perfect and fast WiFi I can't get on my fashion account
spongebob Send email
Jul 28, 2015


Hi this girl city no.1 is being mean to me and my two friends she says she is going to report us for trying to tell her to not report our friend from city story
spongebob Send email
Jul 28, 2015


City no.1 is bring mean to me and my two other friends my name is ave my ID IS oca2003 if u want to see the messages on city story
Ericia22 Send email
Jul 25, 2015


Sparkle id is 5gurl33
Ericia22 Send email
Jul 25, 2015


I have someone who keeps trying to bully me on Fashion Story and I have asked them to stop and it got worst. I have been deleting comments left and right from them that are hateful so my neighbors or visitors wouldn't see the hateful stuff bc some of these people are young kids. My boutique is Southern Belle (level 70) and the harrasser is Sparkle (level 11)
ShadowThundering Send email
Jul 19, 2015


ShadowThundering Send email
Jul 19, 2015


There thearting now to report me and I have to delete there messages on my walls or they will report me
Enchants Send email
Jun 23, 2015

Bully, rest of the message

It's on dragon story
Enchants Send email
Jun 23, 2015


Her names Ledgandale and she started calling me triple six lover and that I should go back to preschool. I don't know her πŸ†” is but she is really annoying when I didn't do anything.
IPlayHomeDesign Send email
Jun 21, 2015

Just Add This Wall And See For Yourself

Add the ID on Home Design Story heartisbig it's so gross ban that person!
adiaha Send email
May 28, 2015

Random Bully

This random person posted on my wall b**** . Their πŸ†” is emilybarriee
lkloggie Send email
May 27, 2015

Tired of constant review of goals

I play bakery story and am at level 94. I really like this game. However, the game seems to want to review every goal met and not met. It can take upto 5-7 minutes to go through this review. This will happen every time I oven the game if I have been away more than a few hours. Today I accidently tapped the button to spend gems to reinstate that goal. It was 99 gems and I am angry that this is happening. I really like this game and think that you need to fix this glitch.

I play several other Team Lava games, and do not have this problem. I play dragon story, castle story, Farm story 2: Winter, pet shop story, restaurant story, fashion story.
KJK Send email
May 21, 2015

Farm Story shows REAL NAMES

Beware users of Farm Story2! If you log in using Facebook & you shop from anyone's store, that person will see your Facebook name if they are set to get notifications on their phone. If you're not logged in with Facebook then it will show your STORM ID! That's an invasion of your privacy! Yet another thing we have to deal with in that gave besides bullying, stalking, harassing & the many many sexting on chat walls. Team Lava does nothing about anything. People have multiple farms on multiple devices & create fake farms to use to go bully & they get suspended 3 days & are allowed to come back. Great game ya got TL!
Funone2014 Send email
May 16, 2015

Gem charge Castle story team lava

i did not buy 530 gems on May 11 2015 .i bought gems once earlier In May and I have 50 left.i paid 13.99 for on sale.Dont you try to charge me for gems I did not buy.i will call my credit card co. If you do it again.i have contacted I tunes.

I'd funone2014. Castle story.
adiaha Send email
May 15, 2015


There's a girl that keeps going around and calling people "b*****es", saying their house is ugly, and more mean things. Her home name is ✨SeaπŸ’™Princess🐬 or something close to that. Her πŸ†” is syco55832. This is on the game Home Design Story. She also was being rude to me as well. Please ban her from the game or at least track her wall and her posts to see if she continues to do rude and hurtful things on the game.
RhondaCasto Send email
May 14, 2015


I'm playing Bakery Story n being harassed by Hilltop. Just because she read my wall and one of my friends said she hadn't been playing much because of her granddaughter had been abused. Well Hilltop didn't look at the post name n delete Rhonda n left a message on my wall. When I said she had delete the wrong person then she got nasty with me. Now she keeps putting stuff on my wall. I did get nasty back with her after she did me. Looks like I'll be deleting my game, not going to put up with being harassed. She just wrote on my wall n said she reported me when I've asked her to leave me alone now 3 times.
emmatomlinson Send email
May 1, 2015

why was I suspended?!

why was I suspended from home design story? I've done absolutely nothing wrong all I was doing was sticking up for my friend who was being bullied on there!! you've suspended the wrong person it should be Beach Hotel and Heather's Dream that are being suspend from the game not me!! all you do is suspend innocent people and not the bullies!!! all teamlava games are full of bullies but your too dumb to see that and your keeping the bullies on the game!! all your doing is banning people who are just sticking up for the friends!! please let me back onto home design story as I've done nothing wrong if you don't then I'll never play any of your games ever again
markfive Send email
May 1, 2015

can't put someone on the hit list on the racing game

In the racing game there is a player "2000" level 241 that can't be put on the list. It tells you that they are already on the list. I've tried to put them on the list. And can't.
emmatomlinson Send email
May 1, 2015


this girl on pet shop story is keeps harassing 9 year olds into being her friends with her and she's 24, her pet shop name is 🐱Shae🐱 PETS and her ids pinkshae, so I was wondering if you could ban her from every teamlava game there is because I don't want anymore 9 year olds getting harassed by her
Bully Stopper 0987 Send email
Apr 24, 2015


A user named 🍭🍫 SWEET GIRL 🍭🍬 and 😝😘 Sweat as 😝😘 are saying mean and bad words to each other! Please stop them before it gets out of hand!
karlysshop Send email
Apr 11, 2015


Block on restaurant story, many people are being bullied,block option on all games actually!!
adiaha Send email
Apr 7, 2015


Team Lava you need to add a block button. There is an uncountable amount of harassment, bullying, spamming, and rudeness on the game Home Design and everyone is sick of it. When we report bullies and even send you boatloads of evidence: nothing is ever done about the problem. You guys say you can't handle it becuase you have so many cases: but really you can't handle it period. I have never heard of a single bully on the game being banned at all. They continue to troll on the game and it hurts people. The people on level 100 on the game are making designs that are supporting the idea of adding a block. We are all protesting. It makes 0 sense for you guys to not provide a block and report button on the most POPULAR game you have. We are honestly sick and tired of using the resources that you provide that YOU do nothing about. The people that put this game on the MAP deserve to have a block and report button in the next upgrade. And we are all DEAD serious about THAT Team Lava.

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