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Consumer complaints and reviews about TeleCheck

Frankman Send email
Oct 5, 2015


We opened a new checking account 3 months ago, there had been fraudulent activity regarding our old account. The first check 2 weeks after opening the account went to the supermarket that I've been patronizing for 20 plus years and the check was declined, but the debit card was approved!!! They are linked to the same bank!! If there was a lack of credit history why accept my debit card? Second time, no problem, third time a problem and when you call the 800# it's like putting your head in a vice!! WTF!! I am behind angry with these morons and there needs to be a solution to this issue.........Is there a lawsuit? if so, sign me up and if there is a fee I'll write a check!
medgeberg Send email
Mar 30, 2015

telecheck reported my check as bad

Telecheck did not present my check for payment to my bank, they flagged it after it was approved by the store. Then sent to TRS collection agency. My bank sent a document stating that my account is and always has Bee in good standing and active. This has been going on for three years. I want and need this to stop. It not only effects my personal account, but our business account as well.
GreenLantern100 Send email
Dec 16, 2014

Lawsuit against telecheck

Please add me to the class action lawsuit against telecheck. My email address is GreenLantern100@Yahoo.com. I am tired of telecheck telling me I can not spend my money.
GreenLantern100 Send email
Dec 16, 2014

Lawsuit against telecheck

I would also like to be in on the class action lawsuit against telecheck. My email address is GreenLantern100@Yahoo.com and I have also had it with this company telling me I can't spend my money.
MargeD Send email
Dec 11, 2014

checks being declined

I work at the Colorado Springs State Bank a branch of Herring Bank our main bank is located in Amarillo Texas but our branch is in Colorado Springs Colorado several of the Colorado customers are being declined at various merchants. As the Colorado customers order new checks we are having them put the main banks routing number on them. I do not know if thsi is the cause of declines but these customers are good customers and should not be declined. I would like a Telecheck rep to call me so we can figure out how to solve this problem. Today a customer was declined at Bed Bath and Beyond and also American Eagle

My name is Marge Davis with the Colorado Springs State Bank

ph. 719-473-2000 on MST 8 am to 5 pm

Thank you
ALP Send email
Nov 19, 2014


Wrote a check to Sleep Country USA for more than $1500. It was denied based on information from Telecheck. They said it did not fit their security parameters since they had no information on me. I then used a credit card to complete the purchase. I was so upset that I later returned to the store and cancelled the order. To add insult to injury, I had to listen to a lecture by a Telecheck customer service rep. about writing a lot of small checks to build up my profile. How many people write a lot of checks these days? Also, all my future checks will go through the same scrutiny. Don't write a check to any store using Telecheck.

any store using Telecheck.
ovbunnie Send email
Sep 28, 2014

declined check

For the second time today, my check was declined in a grocery store - once last year and again today. When we called we were told it was declined because I had never written a check through TeleCheck. My question is - how can I get approval from TeleCheck for my check written to a grocery store if I've never used TeleCheck before? This problem seems impossible to understand.
khayash Send email
Feb 19, 2014


Apple Computers uses Telecheck as a check guarantee company.
If you are a new small business, Telecheck does not have your company loaded in their system.
Apple had me get on a phone call with Telecheck to identify the reasons for their rejection of a perfectly good check.
Telecheck made the same claim that others on this board have posted... "you have no history."
Excuse me?
But who the hell are you to talk with me about my new small business history?
You have no position in the relationship between me and Apple other than what Apple Executives are permitting you to take.
Then, I do some research while the Telecheck people keep me on the phone for 20 minutes.
Telecheck just agreed to a $3.5 million settlement for violations of FCRA rules.

Quoting the US federal attorney complaint:
"The FCRA requires that, when a consumer attempts to pay by check at a merchant
that uses TeleCheck, and TeleCheck does not authorize the check, the merchant must provide the
consumer with a notice that, inter alia, (1) states that its decision not to accept the consumer’s
check was based on information that TeleCheck provided; (2) provides TeleCheck’s contact
information; (3) advises the consumer that they have a right to obtain a free copy of the
information TeleCheck has on file about them; and (4) advises the consumer that they are
entitled to dispute the accuracy of the information that TeleCheck has furnished about them. See
section 615(a) of the FCRA, 15 U.S.C. § 1681m(a)."

A copy of the federal Dept. of Justice complaint is published by the US DOJ here:
annaker Send email
Apr 18, 2013


I was having problems with CVS and Giant vis a vis having Telecheck deny my checks initially, then I have to call and literally beg to have it accepted. Twice it had to do with a needed prescription. I had the same problem at Giant, but the first check was accepted, but the check for food right before Easter was denied! And this after they had accepted all my other checks, after much cajoling. (nothing 'bounced')

I had more than enough money in my checking account.

I keep hearing the same spiel: Not enough activity on your account (so I started to write more checks). Or, don't take this personally, it's not about credit rating or your bank balance, it is a formula to calculate risk. What does THAT mean? I am at the mercy of a FORMULA!

I am going to pursue this legally because it had been embarrassing and literally humiliating each time I have entered a CVS or Giant (which I will no longer patronize - regardless whether I have my card or cash. No problem with my local Safeway, or other stores. I suggest that others cease to purchase from stores using telecheck - perhaps we should compile a list?

This is just plain discriminatory against honest consumers.
valleydale Send email
Feb 14, 2013

Good Check Refused

Last night I went to the Rite Aid in Hickory. I wrote a check for $53 (Ihave thousands in account, don't bounce checks, have over draft protection, excellent credit, stable employment, and a current security clearance) The check was rejected by Telecheck - in front of about 25 other consumers..how humiliating. I received a slip of paper that states "they are taking this adverse action ..."
REALLY???? You are admitting to taking an ADVERSE ACTION against me?? Oh goodie...I called Telecheck.. the explaination was - it's not based on credit history, check writing history, checking account balance...in other words..your abiity to pay huh?? Is it because I am short? is it the Jewish last name?? Why would Rite Aid do business with a company that has sooo many complaints.. and trades on INACURRATE information???? My only conclusion here is... Rite Aid must NOT WANT CASH. Maybe they are looking to shed all but the credit card customers... Otherwise they wouldn't endorse these arbitrary and capricious practices. Many stores have the check processing abilities that verify balances, thus enabling them to provide good customer service. I smell something VERY fishy about this whole situation.

Lesson learned..I will only do business with stores who actually want customers.. Oh, and as far as law suits are concerned.. I see punitive damages..Defamation of Character
Chelmac Send email
Nov 23, 2012


My check was declined for no reason. I have never had a check declined or had a check bounce. My credit score is over 750. I was embarrassed as if I had commmitted a crime. This practice of telecheck declining checks for no known reason. Is it becaus I live in Detroit or .. is it because I'm african american. Take your guess.. because it certainy wasn't because I was a high risk customer.
User705213 Send email
Apr 7, 2012

I am still burned about it!

Why would anyone with a debit card use a check in this day and age? If you have issues with check companies blame all the crooks who caused businesses to have to protect themselves.
User928567 Send email
Apr 7, 2012

I am still burned about it!

My wife and I moved from Indiana to Pennsylvania, secured a home loan with very high credit rating. We are both 65 years old and have been writing checks all our adult lives. Neither of us have had any trouble with credit, or checking accounts, until...Telecheck! Suddenly, merchants are denying our personal checks, on accounts with a local bank, who holds our mortgage and will readily vouch for us! But, that's of no importance as Telecheck says, "You do not fit our guidelines". I asked what "guidelines". They said, "You don't have enough history writing checks. We can't validate your check without more history on you". HUH?...
Telecheck added, before hanging up on me for the 4th time; "You just write more checks and pretty soon we'll be able to approve you." DOUBLE HUH?...
If they won't allow me to use my checks, how am I to develop a new record of writing checks on my new account? TRIPLE HUH?...
I've informed my bank's manager about this, filed a complaint with the Houston TX Better Business Bureau (home town of Telecheck) and begun to seek legal advise. Telecheck is not benign. It is a cancer, or virus, dedicated only to the destruction of it's host economy and personal/private commerce. I will do no business with any merchant, or service provider, who relies on Telecheck! And I'm seeking means to make my protest as loud, and broad, as possible. If there is a Class Action Suit, I'll join gladly. If not, I'll come back to let you all know if I'm able to get one started. Thanks! I really need to vent this...retdrj@verizon.net
Jhale5123 Send email
Mar 21, 2012

I am still burned about it!

Telecheck declined our check yesterday March 20, 2012 at a Meijers store... I was humiliated because the money was in my account, and Telecheck told me that there were fraudulent checks wrote in my name on an account from my bank that closed in 2010!!! Telecheck... had demanded they could only talk to me... and they wanted me to fax them photo copies of not only my ID but my husbands license as well when we questioned why and that we wanted to run it by a lawyer first they then gave us a PO box number for the lawyer to check out... Okay NO!!! I called my bank there was no other account closed at my bank in my name. I don't know what Telecheck is trying to pull, so I contacted Meijer and the BBB. I am not a threat when it comes to writing bad checks I can't afford bad check fees so I know where my money is... sadly telecheck is shoddy in their practices and the companies that use them don't seem to mind losing business. I won't shop at Meijer anymore I do know that it was as humilating as I would think having a credit card refused. Sad day when an honest person can't write a check.
Send email
Feb 27, 2012

I am still burned about it!

Attempted to pay for my $104 purchase at Wal-Mart with my personal check which was declined. This account had a several thousand dollar balance. I ended up using my debit card tied to the same account and of course it was accepted. I called Telecheck and after providing all the info she requested, I was told that somehow my check routing $'s and my account # got linked to someone else and she would correct it, but advised me not to try another check for 3 days until the computer system could update itself!

I drove 50 miles from my small town to that WalMart... what if I did not have a debit card or credit card to use in place of a personal check? I would have to drive home without my purchase, thats what would happen!! In the end I got my merchandise, but only after being humiliated in front of a long line of customers behind me. I am still burned about it!
FozzieFozz Send email
Feb 27, 2012

I am still burned about it!

There are so many merchants and service providers including doctors that use Telechex so if you have an issue with one of them, you won't be able to use a check at another merchant that also uses Telechex. What's worse is that if there is a problem, the merchant or provider more than likely will NOT be able to help you and you have deal with Telechex (and their collection agency, TRS Recovery) yourself. Even if it isn't your fault.

Here's my story. I went to my doctor and gave them my co-pay. The clerk put it through the Telechex machine twice and my checking account was debited twice. So I went to the bank and they could see that the same check number posted two times. They credited me the $30. Next thing I know, I'm getting calls from a collection agency, not even a week later, demanding that I pay them the $30 that the bank credited me!!! The calls are from an automated voice and the phone number given, when you call it, directs you on how to pay them on their website. Then there is another number you call for the collection agency. Thankfully, I got someone at the collection agency to look into it and I faxed her information from the bank showing the double payment. As of this writing, it hasn't been resolved and I keep getting the same automated voice call and letters. I tried to get someone at the doctor's office to help, but my account there shows I am paid in full and they have no record of my account being in default, obviously, because they received their $30 co-payment with the first time the check went through. They were not aware of the double posting and had no way of clearing it out because Telechex is the one showing the stop payment on the second, duplicate payment.

The most recent letter I received tells me I owe all these collection fees on top of owing for the second payment and my check will not be honored at any merchant that uses Telechex. Furthermore, my name and account information has been reported to the "reporting agencies" as well. Lovely.

Obviously, Telechex's system is so automated that there is no way to see when a check was put through twice and they can't even be bothered to pay a rep to take phone calls or hire a clerk to double check problems. Nobody called me from Telechex when the second check was credited back to my account. They sent me right to a collection agency.

Telechex certainly doesn't care about the consumer and really, why should they, because their customer is the merchant or provider. I for one, will NOT be doing business with any merchant or provider that uses Telechex. Oh wait, I can't because they already banned me from their system.
Eva Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible experience

My personal checks have been declined more than once in stores in my small community! I have called the toll free numbers given to me and they confirm the fact there is really no reason to reject my personal checks that can be found in their files...seems now the ONLY reason is that my bank (credit union) refuses to disclose to them or any one other than the account holder the amount of funds in checking and or savings accounts. I spoke to my credit union and I was told that Telecheck knows better than to ask for such information because the credit union is obligated to protect their clients private information. I was also informed that not only credit unions have this policy but many banks are taking on the same policy.

For those that state...who writes checks any more? Many people write checks because they feel safer doing so. Period! My other complaint about Telecheck...the practice of stores running personal checks threw their Telecheck scanner with no requirement of the check being completely filled out or signed per the check writer and no ID of any form requested!!! That is complete insanity...any one can steal checks and have a shopping field day.

If there is a law suit against Telecheck I will jump in...not for any money but to slap Telecheck back down to earth and to quit causing shame to honest people. It is terrible to be declined per Telecheck in a local store, treated like a criminal by some and listen to other customers snicker as one calls Telecheck in the store to find out what the heck and still be turned down. Small communities gossip and I am sure my name has been slandered horribly!
Jennifer White Send email
Feb 23, 2012

Terrible experience

Someone please email me at jenniferwhite5936@yahoo.com and let me know how to get in on a lawsuit against telecheck. i have had it with this company.

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